North Carolina Newspapers

    Till: Ml' HI'..
r y wiMi airitut,
He mount ii La laWd, tU mouM bu crept
1 forth,
PrutUim to Un east, to tli writ, sixl th north,
That Caucus eounu ovire, thin thrc stor.
Hmi phatant of ugrt, kfl dyed In the wool,"
Leflilmat democrat to
And h tdt wont lre4 In tht rtep of thi
tSool, ?
I (UnouncM bjr the whole tiitjr-4 vo.
lixtv-two I th number two mor thu three
' Who proml our freedom to guard;
From rt'porti we had heard, expected torn
" bOTe,
Put murtirringfurcci fori hard,
Sixty-two did I My i Oh ! their pardon I crave,
Who ent in their vote by friend
Be Mired Mi all fair, the vole thns to av,'.
' Of all uch, tf. could not attend.
Sixty fuurirrujpt yniUer ! fire doien and four,
Long nur you in hialory shine i
Should you fail in your eiJorU, lit god nil
dere, .
And liberty weep at your hrieOs!y
sttarhmcnt to tlicir interest onJ wel
fare." In the iumm;r of 1824, firr the
eitaWiihnKnt of peace, the Marquis
v'uiteJ the United States, with an ac
complished companion, Mom. dc Car
imio, i Knight of Maha, and Captain
of Dragoons, He armed on the 4th
of August, and remained till the 24th
of December duriag which time he
travelled 1800 mile's twice viiited his
adopted father, Wtihington, at Mount
Vernon f traversed eight of the Ud'u
ted Statcaf visited almoat every re
markable military aoott aaiiiated at
the forming treaty with the Six Ms.j harked toTftmu.tV nance, uU.o
thnt of Indian., at Fort SchUtftrtirfl linentf Congress ppointed "a. Com-
hhTMohawk, in company wuKlTiFdernltte of one memWlrom-eacftaUte,
;oncreia and from Fend. Mo receive tne marten, .. inM.
Our readrri know that Congress liai ps
unanimou resolve, authorising the President of
the i niied Slates to employ alnpof the line to
conrey thi distinguithed soldier of our Kevolu
tion to America, whenever be may feel disposed
to visit u. I hi i an honorable eatimony of
the affectionate regard which American ought
to frel for hi llWnm,. - ' - a""""
toMier of liberty j bi name will ever be cber-
ialud in the btart of aO true republican. I he
following brief iketch of hi charactrr, and of
hi service in our cause, we are Mire mint be
acceptable to all in whose bosoms there exiat a
ingle (park of patriotism or noble feelings for
if we love our liberties, we ought to love thuae
brave men who helped to achieve them.
M. Wnt. Cur.
raov m tu.iw a mm.
This illustrious man exhibited by
his conduct a single examplr to all who
sympathize in the misery and oppres
sion of foreign nation. He did not,
in 1776, content himself in declaim
ing in behalf of the ons of liberty in
America, as we waste our time in be
half of the struggling Greek ; but the
Marquis, at the age of nineteen, not
only approved our cause, but deter
mini! tojeopardize his life in the con-
test fr our rights.
In 1776 he communicated his inten
lion to our then unacknowledged am
bassadors at Paris j they failed not to
encourare his intentions, justly coi
eluding that his departure would aid
our cause. News however waa soon
received in France, that our army in
New-Jersey, dwindled to a hinriful of
2000, had fled towards Philadelphia
bclore the British forces, which a
mounted to 30,000. Our cause then
bectmc so desperate in the eves of
Europe, that our commissioners were
hardly able to hire a vessel to convey
this nobleman to America i and they
felt bound honestly to discourage his
project. He, however, did not des
pond, but from his own resources pur
chased and fitted out a vessel to con
vey him to America. This bold step
engaged universal attention. Th
French court despatched a vessel to
restrain hia enterprize ; the orders for
his return he disobeyed, and arrived
in Charleston, S. C. He was receiv
ed by Congress with marks of high
respect. When he entered our mili
tary service, he required that he ahould
be permitted to serve at his own ex
pense, and that he should begin his
service as a volunteer. After joining
the army, he lived with Washington
and enj iyed his friendship. In thus
leaving hia country, he exposed him
self to the displeasure of his own
court, at the same' time he tore him
self away.from tne beloved partner offt1
his bosom, then in the state of do
mestic solicitude.
HirmiHtArjnervires" are familiar to
everv well-informed American : he
Duties from Congress
sylvania, Marbois, Consul Gen
eral of France, and the Chevalier de
Cararnirn The" ISlanroit delWmrtd o
address in the French langinge to the
Indian Chiefs, one of whom, in reply,
exclaimed, " liehold this elt, receiv
ed from our father MontCaLm, some
twenty years ago, by our fathers j"
thus showing how deep and lasting an
impression .hid been made on the
minds of the savage tribes by the ex
ploits of the gallant Montcalm, who
never encountered his equal in the
Acid, till ha met Wolf on the Pljin of
d Abraham. Fayette, seven years be-
iVt, had been present at a council
wimicnt savagca at rort jonnson.
The Marquis, during this tour, was
received in every town and vilUg
with innumerable proofs of the sincere
resDert nH nKii!nr (gratitude f(
uur iiiitn. lie apeni several wceca
in Boston and in New-York : at the
latter city the disbanded officer of the
Continental army gave a sumptuoua
dinner in honour of their fellow sol
dier. His reception inIioston was
splendid, with the ringing of bells,
salvos of artillery, public dinners and
balls, shouts of the oeonle. and fire-
works. On the 1 9h rf October, the
anniversary of the surrender of Crn
wallis, he was invited by the Govern
or and the Legislature, then in ses
sion, to meet the two houses in the
senate room, to receive their congrat
ulations on his safe. arrival in Ameri
ca, and afterwards partook of a public
dinner in Faneuil Hall. One of the
we at so great an expense have purcha.
scd for thent.
12. May America never be ao in
sensible to merit as $9 past it unnoti.
The Marquis then gave the conclu
ding toasti ; .
The town of Salem May the ele
ment! compire to her prosperity, .
The evening waa coaduded with a
brilliant bill, at which the Marquis
was present
He extended hit tour as far east
ward a PfmoQth.
la DecrJbcr, 1T84, before he em-
name of - Congress to take leave of
him. Thry were inuructed to as-
... a . I
entcrtaio a high sense 01 Ms abilities
and teal to promote (he welfare of
America, both here and 10 Europe j
and that they will Dot ctase to feel an
interest lo'whstever may concern his
honor and prosperity, and that their
best and kindest wishes will always at
tend him.M The wise and virtuous
Johw J AT, then just returned from his
diplomatic labors 10 r ranee, was Lhair
man of the Committee. The Marquis
returned an elegant and eloquent an
swer. which is entered 00 the Jour
nals of Congress j in the course of it
he observed. ' May this immense
Temple'of'Freedom ever stand a les
son to oppressors, an example to the
oppressors, an
ltd "
of mankind!
In Septenber, 1695, his son George
Iraihtngitn Fayette, arrived in the
United States, and was immediately
taken usder the protection of Presi
dent Washington, and placed in New.
Jersey to be educated. In April fol
lowW, Edward Litingtoo. then and
now a ReureienUtive in Congress, in
troduced a resolution to inquire into
the Circumstances of the son, and re
ceived from him an affecting and well
wrif'en letter, expressing his gratitude
for 'the kind attention of the Legisla
ture of the United States, of the Pre
sident, and of every person to whom!
hr had been made known, and declar
ing that he had no wants, and was as
happy as he could be in his separation
t r .1 .1 1 I 1
continued to serve till the surrender of
Cornwallis. In November 1781 Con
gress gave him permission to return to
France, and expressed to him their
exalted opinion "of his judgment, vi
gilance, gallantry and'addrcss, and of
his , merits atct military talents," and
directed ' a pi-oper conveyance to be
iurni6.hett-. !mm;4ogiiM -retum.vta
The Marquis remained in France
three years fin Apri1,' I783, Cbngres;
by a resolve, expressed their satisfac
tion ''with the reasons that have pre
vailed with Maj. Gen. the Marquis
dc la Fa'yette for his stay, in Europe,
and have a high sense of hia constant
toasts was.
13. This memorable day Sara- from his father, then involved in the
tog and Yorktown." troubles of the French Revolution.
At Providence, Newport, and Hart- Forty years have now elapsed since
ford, he was received with similar the Marquis de la Fayette was in this
marks of aitention. nation. How would it excite hi won
He visited Sjlem on the 29th of der and admiration again to visit us,
October, and was escorted into town behold populoua and polished cit-
by the principal citizens, in carriages l'e flourishing on the spot where he
and on horseback, -mid thronirs who men attenaeu a council wn uic sav
icih uic air wiiii nccirnawuu. ni s " -..-
his lodgings he was waited on by a de
putation from the town and the conn.
nental ..Ihcers, who presented to him
an Address, to which he returned the
following appropriate and courteous
answer, which wecopytrom the man
uscript in his own hand writing :
" Gentlemen : From the early pen
od when you generously joined in the
Stcara Boat Maid of Orleans
' and thrai wAitrtate Store,
i Offi. e at Chrraw, l)ecepi!er 22, 1523.
riltlK Mld of Orleans (having been detained
J. fr repair mra than month longrr thai!
Mi tune ipecihed by written contract) hu com
menced her regular trip to tlii place, nd rri-
vtu tin day wiUi a valuaoU cargo 01 at loaat
' 130 tons Merchandize.
Bh U to be regular trader between thi plane
-m.I 'I . I.! - I
,ngers at ueorgetown, ami will top on the nr.
r lor any fmporiant freight. fth I supplied
wim itinera, ucn inner convenience m
warrant ber owner In atatinr. eonAdentlr. Uiat
he wiU be able to lay down good at either
PK.'? iit JttVrt.fHfrtrfcm Ml la,8 to
n-r nra have tirov'kled wharf and ware
boute at both place, covenlcnt, tale aj)(i4inuer
mnrr. Thrv will advance eh and ffwxl on
CoWon ami produce hipped by her, and tillut
cunomarv fommiwon, mj " "-'
anv onlera' at Charlcton. Ballimore, IliiUdel.
tuna. or new.iora. in cacii oi wihv. i.i.ifj
l.tnlicd hmiaeai nj thev auticit the
bfrtr1'1j.tMffffefortniIVt d their Whole
.I. Htt at tlii nbtre. only mwu thev can
i - . . .
make it their interert to uae the one, and buy
from the other.
Connected with the above lliat. the mbam
br have eUbCihcd It'htUtaU Xtm, ml a.
ure their etutomcr a bberal courae of deahnr
and fair price, very low, became tlieir goil
have been and will be aelectrd from the princi
pal markcta in the t'nited Waiea, and uwler all
poMible airan'ge for buying low i ami their
rofit ahall bt enargei who ngm
rht aa to make it the lnteret ut country deal
er nd other to get many of their aupplic
from thi etablihmrnt. Ily the Maid of Or
Iran, they have tlii day received one-fourth to
one-third of their purrhaae, (h:th have been
made'in New-Vork. Boeton. PhiUdelphla, and
at aome of the principal numifaetorie i) the
mulii of which will be received bv me nen
trip of the rWt, aay about the 6th to the 8th of
Jiiuary. Ilieir purcnaae run ( w ne iuiw
ing lealing an'ielr, i : 5tX barr-loC tJ'bia.
uxt i mt iiTxa, nonnero Kum i i do N. Drk ana
do i 5 do Jamaica do i 5 do V. I. do i 30 do Su
gar i 30 dn prime retailing molaaar i pi and
r. cask .ognae RhumIv loglieaU (.in, 1a
eria ami oilier Hinea, aome 7 vear old;) 100
piece Dundee Ha-ging, 42 in. t 2 bale twine
30 coil Kale k ; I'XJ bag CofTret 20 do
pepper and pimento j 20 ton Hwrdr iron t 1 do
Germun Steel i I do American do j 3 do plough
miMild 2 do (hot j 1 do bar trad i 4 do llolluw
W are, atwirted : 2 do hot, aiMirlrd i 20 hrg
llupont KF. ainl FFF. Howdrri 150 do wrmii(ht
and cut naih; 5tierte retailing Kice j 20eak
chuear ; 4 tloi. Philadelphia mill an I rroaa cut
8awi; cakk of hammer, f.'amlina hoe, trace-
chain, 1 row el, fce. Axes bumllr SpatU-a, Shov.
els ami Frying pan i bote t'andli-a, Soap, w in-
lowlilaui JDilox. W hittcirmrr' Cotton anH
100 do Wool Hit i 50 do Itoramor napt do j 50
do Reaver do Illk. and White i 20 do Children'
morocco dn i Shoe in trunk and rate, abor
ted j Crocker)' in cratr ; 20 barrela train or
tanner ml ; 30 Nixon' patent cant iron i'loiigh,
the brt patent in the I'nion, and w ell worthy
the attention of the iil.ntrn; ?0 barrel Shal
ami mackerel; 20 lo. Corn Kroonn; roc,
point and duflil lllanket.
Chrrtty, Prr. 2i. H2. W
HY Atrnioui TV.
AN ACT to autliori4 the Lwnif o,,i ,i.
Ing eenain l-yhlic l(,U I," uf. T'fc
lomia, , ' -
R-ffiui4i$ ViuirJ Ktai t uJ
Thi toast w originally written " General
Waahingoa t" but the late Dr. Orne, one of the
Committee, propoaed tliat " General" be expun
ged, observing that W'aahington wa greater
than any " General," intimating that
Ilia name alone atruck every till dead."
The amendment wa adopted.
noble contest, your efforts have been
so steady and liberal, that my regard
tor this town dates with my attach.
ment to the American cause. Im
pressed with these sentiments, I can-
notrbut be perfectly happy in this vis
it, and in your flattcriofr welcome.
" He pleased, gentlemen, to accept
the thanks of a respectful and afftc
He that tilleth his land, (hall be aatisfied with
bread; but he that followeth vain persons, i
void of understanding. Pmerbt.
Are vou a young Mechanic, Mer
chant, Physician, or Lawyer, and about
to establish yourself in life I If you are
wise, look to your own resources alone,
I and adopt all your measures accordit g-
Honestly suit your style of living
State of North-Carolina,
lOl'RTof Pica and Quarter Session, De-
J cembrrterm, A. I. 1823: lawrencr llau
er and John Stulta, adminintrator of Muttlirw
Snipe, vt. the heir at law of Matthew Snipe,
dee'd. It appearing to the Mtiafaclion of tlie
court that William Moon ami F.lixabeth hi wife,
heir at law of the wid Mattliew Snipe, d c'd
are inhahitants nf another State, it i therefore
ordered, that publication be n ade in the Wet-
tern Carolinian lor n weeks, succei'sivcr), that
the said William Moon and F.lialn th his w ifc.
apprar at the next Court of Hi an ami Qoartt r
Sessions to be held forthe count vol Stakeson the
second Monday in March next, and either plead,
a-iswcr or demur to Vsid petition, otherwise the
same will be taken pro confesso, and heard ex
pane, sguinsi inem.
it98 MATT. R. MOORF, r. r,
Germanttn, Jan. H, 1824. Price adv. $2
7 4
f the United itate. be. snd he ulie'reby,
oHd lo cauae to be opened, in the terWi
t Honda, a public road from I'enobj
Artine, commencing ,t tktr Point, on ,U
M iy of Penaacola. ami niimln. .1.. . . "
Trail tn tba Cow Funt, on Ue Choet.wlu
me, , thence to the Ochcae, urr, 0 ,U X
palachicola river i thence, in th.
practkalde route, to the site of Fvn m, umQ.
thence, a nearly tt pwcticltf tn the rJ tV
river at 1'if oitai vAien navi aiwil b j,1li,lr aid
dittincthr marked, a4 shtU be of tba widib 4
twenty -fiv feet. . - ;
, 1. And k U fuHl tnarlrd. Thai
rreiideiilbd, tndTrf u hereby utboruted li er
ploy the troop of tba L'mUd llaica stationed
Florula, In mwk nunner a be may tMnk nmiM
in ihe eirnitdction, or aaaiing U lit umiU:uM.
of aaid road. -
Xe. 3. AndUitfurthtrtnoded, Tbat.f A,.
fraying the expense of opening said r-w.1, ftlt
um of twenty thousand dullars bv, and the oar
la hereby, appropriated, to be pk! out cf any
money in the Treasury, nototberwia sppre.
Dir. 4. And b if furthr tnarled. That tU
President be, and be i berebv, authoriaed u
cause to be surveyed and marked out, the most
direct and practicable rout for a public rout
from Cap table, paaaing by Chariott lUrhnf
ami tlie Hay of Tampa, to I tie Punt wh. re it
Buwaney over will be intersected by the rued
to be opened from Penaacola to St, Augustine,
and to cause to be eurveyrd and marked out,
the route for a public road, from Cap Florida
lo Ht Ajigustine.
8 e. 9. Ami bt il oritur tnarttd. That, lit rV.
fraying the expense uf the urveys aforesaid,
the turn of three thousand dollar be, and th
same it hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of
snv nionrf in th t n
II. CLAV, -Speaker
of the House of Uepreaentativtt
Vice Preidrnt of the If. State and
President of th Senate.
Wathinft.n. F,h. 2K, UU.
Approved i JAMES UONROE.
AN ACT to regulate the surveying of tlie pnu
lie arui pnate land in lite souLucrn part U
r r.NACTKD ij th suufa,uirrj ,r
prrTHimim tk Vmitrd S'tt.t
tmrnca m Ctirrrtf tutrmUed, Thai all th
lamts in the sate of Alabama ahall be rlacliri
to the District of the Hurvevor of public land,
in the ta!c of Alabama, and tlie surveying of ak
fmblic and private lantls, in the aaid s'a'c, si all
lereaftrr be irade under his direction! audit
shall be the duty of the principal Deputy hur
vevor of the district, east of the Island of New
Orleans, and east of Pearl river, to return the
plst of all private cUim within the State of
Alabama, to the oflire of the said Surveyor.
Approved: Hiuhinstin, ttb. H8,'l8JI.
State of Nortli-Cnrolina,
Ol'HT of Picas ami Quarter Sessions, Jan
uarv Term, 1824: David Hradshaw t. John
8. M'Curdv ; original attachment, levied on land.
It appearing to the court that the defendant in
thi case Is not an inhabitant of thi State, it is
therefore ordered, that publication be made
three month in the Western Carolinian, trivine
notice to said defendant to appear at the next
.ff.rtinn. hav. IS . n mn rnnihininu.
may be to the town of Salem inexhaus
a a a a
lble sources Jbl happiness ann pros
penty. lA MILITK.'
H uraa then runrtril ihrnno-h an
... .. r-. , e'
mmense concourse, to concert run,
where bepartook of a.) elegant public
Price advj.'g.
,1 1 ' aa viilc s biiu ui il miaii s. ,w iiriisir m iuc
tionate heart. And I prav God that 10 'our income, naving no rrgaru wnat- Court of ,.eM ana Qarter Session to be held
he two elements uoon which vour ever to the splendor that surrounds you for aaid county, at the court-house in Concord,
i . t s r i.i : nn nia fintvt Anr nv nf ann nan vt ia MiiaBmu
id cuous in tne estaDiisnmeius oi your weaitnier , "f V , " 1 ,
, i r j -i- picau, or iiriuur, oincrwiac iiiuirneni nuai win
or perhaps poorer but infatuated neigh- e t nterp(, , Rainit hi an,, tion lw,r.
Dors. A lew years or patient aui-,eied acconiii.giv. Test . u. hunt, e. c.
gence and strict economy may nflord
you not only the comforts, but, should
vou have a taste for them, even the ele
gancies pf life. While, in the mean
dinner afterwhieh the following toast time' those butterflies that fluted
were jjiven, which we insert as a-me- around you with all the arrogance that
mqrial ofpjhe opinions and feelings of usually attend the thoughtless yotariea
ot tasnion ana pretenaers to nign me,
1. The United States. w D stnppea or meir piumage, ana
3 Cnncrres. Ilettnaked to a winter of wretchedness
3.-HisMost-Chriatian-Maiestvw ?n
i ' i ... i
4. Washington. , . 00ye aav isea, ana go on in tne majes-
. - i . r ' . i l .
5. The Governor and Common- y virtuous auigence ana persrver-
wealth of Massachusetts. ance, turning neither to the. right hand
fi Th Urmr w ho have bled inlnor the left.. . Give a deaf ear alike to
I U . mntm rtf V I aai slli rs CaflWl ff K a
OUT CUUSf BTKII OUUJJB Jivaauiv, twaau w.e
7." The friends of virtue and free scoffs and sneersotthelicentiousproud,
.Inm. thro.,rhout the world. who want the moral tortitude temu
P . . . . J . i.i .. r r. -. . i -
8. The late army ol the United iaie,anainereioreanewucpweyuui.
piouslv observed in her prosperity t" ihe greatest men are men i aimpie
lO:-?tar we never -withhold fromfmanBera. Parade. ..cerianonyJhoiK,
government the essential powers of and a profusion of compliments are the
dmnir ennrl. frnm n inloua aDorehen artifices of little minds, made use of to
"O n 1 .1 t- -r I .. . . . r
sion oJ domestic evil. . swell themselves into an appearance oi
11. May the future sons of Ameri- consequence, which nature has denied
ca sufficiently prize the legacy which them.
------ a w
State of North-Carolina,
COl'RT- of Plea and Quarter Sessions, Janu
arv Term, 1804. Iloyle, Son, &i Coxe, vt.
Samuel A. M'Ken?ie;' Oriijinnl attachment, lev
ied in the hand of Iluli Kwinp and William
Campbell, and on land. It appearing' to the
satisfaction of the court, that Samuel A. M'Ken
ic, the defendant, is nor an inhabitant of this
state, it i therefore orderedby Court, that he
appear at the County Court of IMras and4uar
tei sessions to be held for Lincoln county, at
the court-house in
Monday after the fourth in March next, renkvv
and plead to issue, or judgment by default will
be entered against him : Ordered, that public,
tion hereof be made three week successively
! th Western Carolinian. Witness.
VAItl'Dl oritr.E,
Prise ad. $1 3. i08.
AN ACT to revive and oonfinue in force an c.
entitled An srt filing the compensation of
the SeOTry of the Senate and Clerk of Ihe
lloue of Heprevntative of he t:lcrks tir
ploied id thVir offii es, and of the Librarian."
F. IT F.XACTKD l-v tlx Smalt and lleutr f
Itrprrtnilutivn tf tU Vnilrd Slatei tf
America in Cmp-ett attenbkd. That an act,
paused the eighteenth of April, one thousand
eight hundred and eighteen, enti'led "Anrf
fixing the compensation of tlie Secretary of the
Senate and Cletk of the House of Itepresenta
live, nf the Clerk emplojed in thtir otrues
and of the I jbrar ar," be, and the aame is herr-
by declared to be mired, and continurd in
force, untjl the first Uy cf Jnusrt', eijlitces
Hundred a-id tueuty-six.
Approved. U uthinpon, Teb. 20, ISZi.
Stale of North-Carolina,
TN Equity, October term, 823......Shcnood
Kennedy and Nancy hi ifc, vt. A-buloa
Hunt, administrator of the goods and chattrls,
rights and credits which were of James Hilton,
dee'd. t also, against John Jackson. Ilarlm't
Jackson, Wyche Jackson, Grceo Jackson, l'.d
mund Jckon, . Stocktrd, and Hctny hi
wife, Thorn and Naury hit wife: aho,
Jamet Hilton, 1 homaa Knglisli and Susannah his
wife; also, Jamc Love, Linney Ix)e, Abraui
Ixve, amcl Lowe, Starr Lowe, Keziah Lowe i
also, Jamc Plummer and Manr Plummer i also,
ls.iac Jones and Bctarv hi wife. It annearin?
to the court, that the defendants, John Jackson,
Harhiitt Jackson, Wyche Jackson, Green Jack
son, Edmund Jackson, Stockard and Bet
sey hi ife, ' I" " Thomas and Nancy his wife,
Thomas English and Susannah hi wife, reside
out of thi State ; it is therefore ordered, tlwt
publication be made for the sriuce of six weeks,
in the Western Carolinian, that they and each of
them do appear, at the next Court of Equity to
be held for the county of Rowan, on the second
Monday after the fourth Monday in March next,
at SalUbiirv, and then and there plead, answer .
or demur to the bill p.cpnplint, otherwise the
aaid hill will he taken pro coiifyssG against them,
and heard ex parte.
Ur.ORGE LUCKr., e. & . S.
Price adv. g2 53. : . itL. ...
titatc of North-Carolina,
niTTUcnvonn eonvTV.
T.TncoTiifdn, oiTlrToIirlh: T TtOURT of Plea hnJtOTfWTSeSsirjTis;
J uary Session, 1824...'.,Aaron Camp vi. rran
cis Coxe i originR.1 attachment, levied on lands.
It appearing to the intisrfaction of the court, tht
the defendant In this ense hi not nrt Inhabitant of
U 4. - -n- n - t- t j -' mirt.
that publication be made iathe Western Caro.
linian for ix weeks, that the defendant appear
before the Justices of out next County Court f
Pleas and Quarter Sessions, to be holden for the
county of ttutherfortl, at the .court-howse
Kutherfonlton, on the 3d Monday after the -4th
e. c.
State of North-Carolina,
J. McDowell: Jameyioore -ARurewr i
ttfld' ethers. ' In thi ease, it rt'owlered that
catioa.he made for six week in the. Weste rn
olinianthat unleasJame Moore and Andrew iler
ft. two of thrrhfendants in thi ease, appear at
the next Court of Law and Equity -to he hjeld for
the county , of Mecklenburg on the 6th Monday
after the 4th Monday in March next, and answer
or the bill will be taken pro conlesso, and heard
ex parte, as to thera. it'l
Price aov. gz. i. u.', r. n. t.
ii 1oik1v cf JJarcn ni-iL then jind Uierc to pk'iul
litoMJ o demur, or final wTH Ve a
cit'rcti up aniMM nun, nnu uic iiiulk.i mv.w
ueereea aeitiiMrw. wukjw
Witness, ISAAC CBATON.r.
Trice wiv. Jt;?. ;-mM ' '
"VTOTICE. I forewarn all persons from tra-
S ding with my apprentice, Les Has t lb"" ,
who do so, may expect that the law Wi'l be
enforced against their.. II. AI.M'MONU.
.1urc r, l':t; 3ir9H

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