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Mr(h 3 tlirce memorials were pre
vented to the Senate this day, two from
Georgia and on 4 from South-Carolina,
against' the passage of the larlf bill a
memorial wse also presented, from a so
ciety of Shaking Quakers in the State o(
Kew-VorV, against their performing mi
Jitla duty, on account of their religious
acruDlee t the Senate then took od the mi
Jilatr annropriatlon Mil which came from
the other house and after ineffectual at
tempta to amend it, was read a third, lime
hkAl then adlnurneo.
March 4 J a bill wai reported, providing
;"T for certain pecuniary claims against the
U. S.J a bill waa alto reported in addition
to an act respecting the election or Pre si
dent and Vice President! a resolution
waa offered, requesting of the President,
or the U.S. copiel of the Instructions glv
en to our several ministers, to France, re
latlve to spoliation committed by vessels
a r ' w-.-w- - - - - r
tion to the year 1800. .
torr Si the above resolution was
lorred to: the LIU relative to the transit
ration of aped fa the U. S. vessels, waa
. in i
taken tip, and postponed to Wednesday
-Adiottrned to Monday.
Mmh 8 ( Monday ) on petition from
:n i. wat tnii aa nrrwn rn airainai
the tariff hill l a memorial waa presented
from the legislature of Indiana praying
v wis, ------ - - - - - - n --
relief for the purchasers of publie lands;
a resolution was tHlered,' aothorlxlnjr the
purchase of three copies of the journal
of the old congress! tn Jot men too
tip the several resolutions proposing a
rnendments to the constitution of the U.
S. a motion waa then m4de to postpone
Indefinite!- the consideration thereof, on
which a considerable debate arose, and the
aenate adjourned without taking the quea
tion of postponement.
March 9 1 a message was received frum
the President of the U. S. relative to cer
tain official acta of the Governor of Ar
kansas; a communication was rereivrd
from thehon. Ninian Edtrardt, (lately ap
pointed minister to Mexico.). resigning
his seat in the aenate, and the President
of the senate waa requeated to inform the
Governor of Illinois of the resignation ;
the senate resumed the consideration of
the proposed amendments to the constitu
tion or the U. S. ; after some conversa
tion, they were ordered to lie on the fa7
ble a div or two ; the senate then took up
the bill from the other house, making an
appropriation f'r the purchase of cannon
See. to arm the fortifications of the U. S. i
tnd after etrenuous efforts to amend it.
- and along debute. thereon, the bill was
passed, 31 to 10, and ordered to be en
crossed and read a third time, and the
aen ite adjourned.
March 10; the bill for supplying the
fortifications with cannon, tec. was amen
ded so as to extend ita provision to the
purchase of field artillery, their carriages
nd caisons, and then passed. The bill
relative to the transportation of sperie in
U- S. vessels of war, as amended, and
ordered to be engrossed.
. ALwJh.l I -t -4- txv KU1-T- ffnnrfp A -r4
the judiciary committee, relative to the
supreme court of the U. S. A resolution
was ntTrred, for the judiciary committee
to inquire into the expediency of provi
ding by law for the commencement of the
next session of congress earlier than the
usual period ; which waa laid over for
consideration. A memorial was this day
--- - - r i
tMtMHi from Grfiofruu arainst the tmrr
Mach II; the resolution presented
yesterday relative to the commencement
of the next session of congress at an ear
lier d;iv than usual, after being amended
ao as to fix upon a day for terminatingthe
nresent session, was agreed to by the
aenate. The senate did not sit on Satur
day. )
March 15, (Monday;) a memorial was
this day presented from Georgia, against
the tariff bill. The bill to establish
uniform militia throughout the U. S. and
- to provide for the discipline thereokjva
- taken up ; and after a good deal of discus
aion on the several sections of the bill, it
was ordered to lie. .on table. . .'
March 3: the committee of elections
made a report relative to the validity o
Mr. Forsvthe's right to a aeat as a mem
' ber onhehouse7(be being'ltr'rf'rwhen
he was elected ;) the committee, s report
was in favor of the validitv of Mr For
ay t he's election. The house took up the
- tariff bill ; and being engaged an hour or
two on the ritity on bar iron, adjourned,
. within coming to an? decision.
March 4; a bill wws- introduced, to
""encouratre vaccination," and twice read
... and committed the houae again took up
the tariff bill and alter some time anent
ed from the Presideot of the U-. a. trans
mitring information as to the number and
position of the fortifications of the U.S.
March 5 ; the. house spent the best part
bf this day In debate on the tariff bill, but
adjourned without coming to any decision
thereon. .
Mirch 6j; nmotionof Mr. Owen, of
Alal)mj, a resolution was agreed to, di
reeling the committee of wavs and means
to Inrwire ln!o tta etneiency of refund1-
In to GVcre Jlthrr, a certain sum of
money improperly paid by Mm to the re
ceiver tr the public moneys at St. Ste
phens. A motion made, that the daily
hour at which the house meeta, should be
at II o'clock, (the lime now Is 13) but the
motion was ordered to lie on the table.
The house again took up the tariff bill!
ix of eight items of it were this day ta
fen in hand the proposed duties on some
articles were Increased, end on others les
sened t'nd the' boose adjourned, after
laving made greater progress in me dim
than on any. former day,,
-.Marck ij after numerous petitions
mtrm pr-mptfd, bll WM Introduced for
the relief of George Fisher, which was
twice read, and committed. A bill was
reported respecting 'allenatwle read,
am4 awajSMaaM!etBl A mJ inn f M P fnrk.a. '
pissi vuiistlllt icsj vi iiivsivii "a wt t
the committee of war and means were
Instructed to inquire into the expediency
of reducing the number of Auditors, c,r
secounting officers of government, and on
motion of the same gentleman, the judiciary-committee
were faatntcted o in
quire Into' the expediency of prohibiting
the employment of any person, except a
cititen of the U. S. in an v department of
government. The tariff bill was again
taken up and after considerable debate,
one-nf ctionofthe bill was stricken out-thls
section of the bill was considered a pretty
important one. and great efforta were
made to retain it. After some other un
important business, the house adjourned.
March 9, Mr. Floyd offered a resolu
tion, requesting of the President of the
U. S information relative to the aernunt
of the general and ataff officers of the r
bit ; and a resolution was offered, request
ing of the President a list of the n nnes of
till officers of the armv who have been
hnrtird, A joint resolution was intro
dur.ed, authorizing the Presidm of the
U. S to procure a "portrait of W ting
ton, to be ptdnted by Rembrandt Peale,
to be placed in the capitol. The house
then took up the general appropriation
hill r aevera! Ineffertual attempts were
made to amend different items ol appro
priation ; hut after a desultory debate,
the v all failed, and the house adjourned
March 10 ; a bill was reported relative to
the distribution of arms to the militia.
The home took up the general appropri
ation bill; and alter considerable time
spent therein, adjourned.
March 1 1 a resolution was offered, for
the purpose of fixing on a day for the ad-
onrnment of congress, which was ordered
to lie on the table, (and on the next day
was rejected.) The resolution, previous
ly offered, for changing the hour of meet
ing of the house" from 12 10 ir octoek.
was eslled up; but before any discussion
was had ttureon, the honr for going into
the orders of the day had arrived .and
the appropriation bi'l was taken Up. which
occupied jhe house the remainder of the
day. . J
March 15 a resolution was agreed to.
directing the committee of commerce to
inquire into the expediency of erecting a
fifhr houte on Shell-castle Island, in Pam
lico .Sound. NYtV The ftnrra appro
priation hill was then taKen up, ana in
was eneaired the whole of the re
mainder of the day on it.
March 13'A; the resolution, offered
yesterdsv, in -flVct to compel the house
to sit till four o'clock, was agreed to, aves
95. noes 89. The speaker laid before the
house a report of the commissioners
Nivv Hospitals. The house then took
up the appropriation hill ; and after some
AutA 15. (Monday ; a resolution was
offered, instituting" an inquirv whether
the atipulations of the commercial con
vention between the U. S. and G. Britain
have been contravened by either part.
which was ordered to lie on the table
A resolution was offered, ( y Mr. Cocke !)
for the purpose of expediting the receipt
of letters addressed to mem hers ot con
gress: and an amendment thereto made
and accepted by him, to extend the frank
ine nrivileee of members. The house
then took up the appropriation bill, and
finally 'Went through withr it,-wfcrch--was
passed and sent to the Senate. J he tar
iff bill was then again taken into consul
eration i and after sometimesTentttiere
in, arid -bine amendmehts adopted", the
house adjourned
Extract of a letter to the Editort of the
l-Ruhmoud Phruix 'dm a highlu rrtfuct.
able grntlrman oj the State of AJw York,
who it a member of the Legitlature oj
that atatcy dated "
ALBANY, MARCH 9, 1824.
" Should the power of appointing Elect
or be retained in the Legislature, Mr.
Clay wilt get half the votes of the state ;
tt all events Mr. Crawford hat no chance
he will not get any part of this State.
jnoi.a PHghtnot to hesi'ate in coming
out for Liar, for they ought tq be satisfied
ihatlCtiwfijfdtattnot be-elected." .
r - , t
If Mr. Clay is to srt one half the votes,
who will get the other hair, f be'.
The Legislature of Maine has ad-
journed, having passed an act giving to
he People of that State the choice of
Electors of President, by districts, (two
of them to be chosen bj the People at
Ma f s vurui CASailaua,
At a preti large collection of Ladiei
and gentlcm n, in the south western pari
of Orange ciinty,on last Saturday, after
some chatt'n on the Presidential Ques
tion, It was -oposed that an election be
held, txclulyfor the Utdirti and up
on the tellerKountSng out the votes, the
following wl found to be the result S
'for (neral Jack ion, - 38. .
For JhaQ Adims, i ..
- liars Ktvrr, MnrckM, 1834.
tna til yiirii;)
Mr, Whittt After yo
severe rrtucitro
An' rrtt m kT nter.c. 1 arAstmost afraid to
mkiB0(htr .uemptiW if I 4'U
the WW. John' Long.Vm. may think
1 neglect his addiess. I nust, therefore.
retaVn a short answer, aid leave it to
roil to rectify my r nimmM. But before
I to further, I must say,
"White, as
ftli are such a nice hand!
wlr nl try yourself on Mr
ig'e piece.
at ell as on nine? for it looks a little
awkward, too. Perhaps, thy', It IS One
af the privilegtt of honorable members
f Congress, to write as much nonsenae
s tbev please j while poor ak ward hands
like mself, mast le expoffd or.'may b.
yot have touc hed and polished him off a
little, too Well, let it be ao I confess mv hand is not ao well acquainted
with whie pa per, as with the plough handle.
N'o,'oiotne lo the point i Sometime
130, I wis looking over a newspaper, and
noticed that Mr. Long had introduced a
pe'iiion to frewi1' masters from separa
ting man anf wife among their negroea.
A; this was the first time I evecaaw of
Mr. Long' jiaking any movement in Con
i' (ess, it draw my particular notice. At
first, the tang appeared well enough;
hut a few minutes rc Or (tion aatisficd me
that Mr. Loighad made a bad beginning
and, for thi reason, I wrote the piece
against his nUion. He has cbmebut and
answered tries to excuse himself s
but I don't think his excuses are good
ones. His fint excuse is, that he was
rrquetted to da so. Now, Mr. Long. 1
ask you seriously, is this a sufficient ex
cuse ? Ja a nrn, and more than that, is
a member of Congress, bonnd to do a
silly thing, ecu he is requested SO to
do? i'uppose some 44 respectablesource'
was to request you to urge congress to
" . .1. , ,j1 - - , 1
pass a Jaw that no man anaii anouioj sen
his land, ualesa he sells LsoldJ his ne
eroes with it 1 would you do so f Now I
sk if Congress rant as well do this, as to
say that a master shall not sell his'negro
man, unlea . he also sells, at the" Same
time, and to the sime person, the negto
woman loo f It is the grievous m'nfvrtunf
of the Southern States, that they have
slaves X' but eb 4ong-s thia Js ihe casei
these slat es must be treated as property 1
and, aa tuch. neither Congress, nor Mr,
lyong, nor Quaker-meetings, have any
right to mednle in the business.
But the next excuse Mr. Long oners,
is, that if Congress was werej to meet
the petition, he says it will would not
jmr.t tm m ; V-v sofheen--egTjeT
the constitution. Mr, MHig Is n
far as regard tnv Southern negroes, for
I have but a small stock of them and
what I have, I would'ent sell, even to a
shell bark quaker. Out as to the cousti
tution, I can't say what one he reads, tho'
I suspect it is not the one signed by
Washington; for that one, I am sure,
4loilsJlj(reas iur.uaket'iect'
1ngfc,lb'"aay"man"ahalT"iiot sell b!a own
Mr. Long seems to speak shout our
Southern negroea, in a style as if he was
were not from' the South. It is like
ly he may not have the Southern interest
much at heart i but he must not forget,
that hi constituents are Southern people ;
and that he represents the whitci, as well
as the negroes
It would be well enough for Mr. Long,
when he offers petitions of this sort, to
keep in mind what a noise was made in
Congress when he first went there, about
the "negroes of Missouri -and how the
Vankies and Quakers wished to fix that
business. 1 know, Mr. White, that I nm
not . capable pf .holding , a hand against a
Cangrtttman Jn 1 writing, otherwise I might
call upon Mr. Long to answer some more
of his doings, tmce the negro petition :
that is, I saw his name on the list of the
little caucus that was held one night last
month. Certainly, Mr. Long was not
requetted to do this by any Quaker-meeting,
or any other 44 respectable source."
I suppose he thinks that we people are
not hi to elect a President, and that he
would will set us right, But as his ob
ject was to rtammend to his constituents,
I hope he will let the rule wort both ways,
and not get angry again, if one of his con
stituents, in turn, recommenat to him, in
iuture, .not., lojae, meddling with, negro
petitions, and theaj? ,nAf-caucuses.
P. S, Some 'Other writer, before Jd.
Long came out, also tried to answer my
piece 1 but he seems to make a poor hand
at argument. He tries to excuse Mr.
Long, by saying that one Mr. Stanley,
done did the same thing j in this, how
O, yea 1 we hare to "touch off' all the
piece" we get, whether from a clodpate" or a
congressman. im. laniinian.
ever, you let l1m rifttit. Cut even if t1!i
Mr, Stanley had done so, what does that
signify I It will not justify the hon. Con
gressman 1 and how do we know but tlili
same Mr. Stanley miy be tome Yankee,
or quaker i May be a ArAVy-quaker. '
fa tm WLTisv riasum.
A case lately took place, by quackerrt
in the vklnitv ttt I Jnrnlntnn. which had
very dearly proved fatal 1 a round maniwhIch mmm "y 'f"m, of
by the name of Valentine Hafner.the son
of an honest farmer pf I
had been from nis inlancy auuci
n aim
, 1 . 1
Ziilrfity. .Having tried a Mt-mnf
mean in endeavoring to get relieved from ,
ika aliaArder. but without effect, SOmC
ojotningcsmniyjioiaa) imii wiii
shot, for nine mornings Jn succession
then, after tbe expiration of seven or
eight davs, to repeat taking them, as
above, for nine mornings more and
again after the expiration of seven or
eight days, to repeat the aame for nine
morning 1 -who did so. taking,. in the
whole, 343 aiiot I Some time after the
first nine mornings on which he took the
shot, be felt unwell in Ms bowel but
was encouraged by some' person telling
him that any medicine that would cure,
must first make him worse before he could
get better. However, it finally brought
on coffee ftrctonum. After the com
mencement of this disorder, a considera
ble time elapsed before application was
made for any regular medical aid ; but,
at length, Doctor Simpson was called in
when, to every appearance, the young
man was la the extreme agonies of death
when the hiccough, and every svmp
torn of dissolution, we-e attendant ; but
after having suffered the most excrucia
ting torment that could be endured by a
human creature, thiough the great ex
eruon and unwearied attention of Doctor
Simpson, and the blessing or divine Pro
vidence, he waa relieved, and now appears
to be fast recovering.
Medical writers have enumerated lead
among the most dangerous of mineral
poison and the celebrated Doctor
Thoma, in Speaking of them, aays, " tiie
chief of the mineral poisons are Jnenic,
Oxy muriate of Mercurv,and trad." This
ought to be now generally known. .
It appear! now to be high time that
the Legislature of North-Carolina should
m knma ifirird in thai admonition vSn
them by the late Governor Branch, in one
of his messages, and interpose some shield
to guard the innocent and unsuspecting
citizens against the machinations of
Quackery i which not'onlv lewd xo tW
I away the lives ol useful citizens, but like
wise to defraud them of their property
I he State of North Carolina hat now ar
rived at that period in improvement and
education, not to be behind - her aister
States j she now requires practitionera of
law to be examined by the Judges of the
supreme court, before they can be ad
mitted to the bar, and regulates their
fees by law. And why not, also, establish
a Medical Board, before "whom all prac
t'nioners of Physic and Surgery should
TOttd-Hr UammanbnTtIrTrt,W-wh6mr,, . 77?;
h ahould obtain licencet before they
should be permitted 10 practice, and by
whom their fees should be regulated ?
Great impositions have been practised
upon the ignorant, not only by unskilful
practice, but likewise in extravagant
charges ; which ought to be remedied in
some way. To shew the necessity of
itatarl raubjote VMWiVarmtitW:'
by one of trie modern sons of Esculapius,
who has been practising for a number of
years in this county, and who has amas
sed a considerable property by his prac
tice : and who, when he commenced here,
(it is believed) could not spell more than
one word in five correctly in hisprcscrip
tionss and had never read more of the
Latin and Greek languages than what he
found on the labels of his master's medi
cal furniture ; and without any regular
scientific knowledge.
The following is the bill which this
doctor (if I may be so permitted to call
hint"," made out-against a man who is in
extreme poverty. who had received a
wound in the belly by one of his neigh
bors, but w hie b had been . sewn . up, by a
man present before (ending for the doc
tor, but in which he made some little al
teration on hi arrival; and which, amoun
ting to one hundred dolart, was sued for
( the peace) and recov
ered of the father of the young man who
had inflicted the wound, who had humane
ly assumed the payment of the doctor's1.
bill- Tbe mileage on the first visit, did
not exceed 7 or 8 miles, and the others
not more than 9 or I0..v.vix 1
Mr. JL W. Dr. by aaatimseti J. C. Dr. te J. D.
1822:' .
Oct. 2. Mileage, after higbt, and sewing1
up ;your wounds, and medicine 6 w
ana aressinir - - 1
Milesee.-vislti an4 dressing wouwU, -10
, Ol. ohve 4 ol, Kecine 4a..- . 1
"'flhealve plait. iS'Z .'V.'.'Ll
4. Mileage, visit, and dressing wounds, 10
9. do. do. and medicine, ... - 10
do. do. do - .... -. 10
TJal. Sulph. 81. plast. S4 4
12, Mileage, visit, and dressing wounds, 12
16. Bal. sulph. ol. olive, ........ 1
- 1 Amount due, IQ0
yvU the legislature not interfere, and prevent
mich imposture j1 Jn Enemy tt Impotttrt.
- JJncolntothMarch'iO, 1824.
EJillLWUllla .
VTt learn from tin palcigh Star, that a meet,
Ing of the citiien of the Elettorst dlitrkt ron.
posed of the counties of Halifax, Warren, Frank.
tin ami Nash, ha been held at Warrentnni t
, " aomlaated u a on tU
.rrt. foe TJmeinr tJ - ' ..1 '
I TiM .'MK.. i'lll ... . - " . J Jtr'l..
i - . - .
the meet'inf adjourned, tha fullowinf resolutiosj
ru passed r
Itf9-d .That the brilliant aerviees, tried
nroner Dersoo I
United lateti and that' tbi meeUne will ua
their aafluence in aupportinf bis election to Uut
office. , ... . . '
'A new Stet in DanetngA Providence
paper announces the departure from that
city of a Mr. Montaes, who professed' to
be dancing rasster. - It appears that he
opened a dancing school at Providence,
was well patronized, received Ms pay i
advance, borrowed about twenty dollars of
hi scholars, contracted other debts lo the
mount of 300 dollars, then u tliftfi'd hit
cable," and danced off, to the Jane of 44 tvrr
the h'Utandfartvy"tit his scholars
to take such 44 ttrfit" as they thought pro
per, with regsrd to the 44 French leave"
he had taken of them t and bis musicians
to "whittle for their fiay." 1 Bait-Pat.
MjHtieur Montact not only raorsisi t b
a dancing matter, but waa practically aa adept at
' the business, as the good citiaenaof our towa
can fully attest. Ha came to Salisbury, four or
five years since, and opened a dine'mf school 1
and, 00 the faith of hi subscription paper,
contracted debt to the amount of quadruple
the sum subscribed to hi school 1 he did not,
however, "dance tff from "here, till he ttai
rcnd:red a "valuable consideration" to hi pst
ron but those who ilttktd, fed and lodged hin
had to put up whb the empty satisfaction t hick
"Ma Ian" afford, in case of insolvent and
abtttnding debtor.
The Senate of New-Tork has by a vote of
17 to 14, rejected the bill f)f riving the eleo.
tkm of Klcctor to the People, which patd
the lower house almost unanimously only fire
I dient;n If ,vutnt et
wanting, of the corrupt intrigue of the caucus.
ilea at Washington, with the Kcw-tork legisla
ture, the conduct of tbe Senate of that 8tt
fumialir it i In the morning of the day OQ vhicft
the final vote on the Electoral law sva taken,
resolution vu offered, and pmted, by a vote af
10 to 15,. declaring that "a law mjktto pass,
restoring to the people the privilege of electing
Elector of Preaident and Vice President." No
doner was this decision known oat of doors,
than tiie agents of the caucus commenced a
most villainous tampering with the numbers:
ami behold ! in tbe evening, lien the final vntt
was taken, tw 8entor (Messrs. MaBarf :M
11 right, to their everlasting Infamy we record
..." 1 1 . 1 .l-
cncpuci 01 uir pmpic Mic curti w una
be to retain the appointment of Electors in tl;i
Legislature, where the cauensites hope to bribe
a sufficient number of members to effect their
corrupt achrmcs. But this is a fatal infatus'.ins
in tbem ; for, even if they get tiie vote of New
York, it is a moral impossibility tor their candi
didate to be elected;
Our friend of the FayeltevilTe Oliserver, hi
wrong in placing to the credit of Muntitiir
Gallatin, twentvfre votes for Vice President, in
the Harrisburg convention he received only
ten, and those would nut hsve been given him,
had the delegates been elected one month later.
We trust the Editor of tha Observer will cor
rect this error $ for we are frid, if there i too
much consequence given to thi fugitive from
the old world," that he may be so elated as to
give us a second hand of the aame game Mon
ieur Montaet has been playing off upon us.
, , Tiie Editors of the National Intelligencer say
that the residential Slectton-haatTrmMF our
" liead.n ' Now if Jlessr. $lei and Season will
accept a small tmendment to their declaration
only to atrike out the wori? iead,?.nd insert,
in lieu of it,ice we will " concur" with them ;
fur the Presidential election certainly ha
'" turned," or ttt, our nca against the rile in
tfigraroT theTadlcsr partyrfof srhteh 4he Mcl
Iigencer haa become theslayiah eulogist j) whose
disorganizing and base schemes were not fully
developed, until the discussion on the presiden
tial question unmasked them, in all their naked
turpitude,.- .And the We of November fieart wifl
teach these editors (who bar baea fattening
on treamry pap, till they have grown a insolent
as Royal grooms) that threeifourths of the
freemen of til atiorr hare i4 turnelw-their
-heads," or-UMtiryWagaiM.the. svstem of
fucDi dJcUtiim estb!lslicd,At Wiublnjton
rjj We this week give place to'tie,thirl
speech on W. Fishty antiaucu Itcsolu
tion; and as we tliink our reader hsve np
formed a pretty goodertimate of tire arguments,
pro and con, on the ubject;We shall deelitj
publishing any more of the speeche..i.""n'-!W
some of the others, from their matter and m"
ner, may be particularly wortliy of attention.

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