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NO. 200,
. a W I ' - jmhp -a- 1
. i it .- :-- u uLlraM of U HtrrUburc
I IDS vw " " ,
'convention, lotbeSrMla-citiniof U'ttW
m the noHunnuofl w -
in It.- J
a.- 1 9 VaikMu luf kc rrcnucuu vi
"The Convention I AJciegaies,
vanis. to form a electoral t'uktt, for
V Lr.L. f-Pr-kMr and Vice
President, have now performed that
duty, nave'Uecti amnjiuiidj by
this Coorention. wnnDm w
r,rri thir scntimeots on the approach
L Prlt'irnti.l Election. - It is a tub
feet of momentous magnitude, and de-
I ' ...... .V -f lkM
in in (J me serium uciuuim
AmcVicaa people "The dec'uioii may
;nnlve the Union and continued s-
cendancy of the demot ratic party, and
maf'vitUy allcct our loreign ana ao
fnititf relations.
i A nomination of candidate! for theie
important office! hai been made by a
small portion of the republican mem
Krr .f Conirrei! i and the party hat
been called upon to unite in their aup
port, VVe do not deiign to attack the
character! of individual! nominated at
Wuhinrton. nor imDutrn the motive!
w w
srlitb rndied may highly rpcita-
b!e gentlemen to enter into a caucui
eomnosed of a im M minority of the re
publican membera of Congress j we will
only briefly, but frankly, declare our
reaion fur duientiog from the notnioa
A Congreiiional Caucui could never
be defensible hut the echo of the
voice of the great republican party of
the Uion," It naa nitnerto eoniisica
of i laree maioriryof the democntic
membera of Congreis, composed of
the frte'ndi of all the candidate! enter-
ing into caucus, and surrendering their
perianal predilection! on the altar ol
republican ascendancy But, the late
unprecedented assemblage waj holden
in direct hostility with every us ge and
priniie of the democratic party. It
ha4nJ pirty object in view j it jtm not
a meetinir to concentrate the party in
luroort of the most deserving of the
of' lingw odi vidialf - new - in -ucr
disregard nd defince of the knon
.wishei of the democratic party in Cop
"gTeMpin throughout the Uini4 A
v err-large, majority of .the demo ratic
member! oi congress, muuruvcu uj
either the known .wishei of their con
itituenti, by their own disapprobstion
of ngrsiooJuV a.ucu?
TMainev under exiitioe clrcurn
r 1 -
that; when the leotimcnti of our lister
ttitei art expreieea upun n r r.T
recding at Washington, it! fnendi wtll
find they ni ai enurciy
Ujvintr. we hone, tif njflMrtfd tnn
it is not only the right, but the duty, of
tne rrpuoucan pnr, w yyw
nomination of partial caucui, wc win
now lubmit our reaaoni tor we oeci
44-4Uw ntcrtainrd by
m a 0 a
of th.t body, during the try.f per,
emphatically called tiv re. go f terror,
which preceded the po tucam . on
0np4rnt.f the raeri
in the Seoite of the U mJ eutei, he
wie chosen Judge of's Supreme
Cort of Tennenee ant'it the doie
of his military lerviccijCovernot of
Floridat and is now reelected to the
Srnaic of the Upio'a. ' V discharg
era an undev'utinc democrat, not in
name only, but alsu in practice and in
The present ii a period of awful
tn.Mt m all Iff ntililirn vnvrrnmenti.
They are every where, tiivadcd, by a
formidasle combination i tyrants, fa
ulting in their past aucccss, , Napfes,
Portugal, and Spain,, are reiettled io
the calm of despotism, aoJ the !orabre
noaumentioiiyranoy ana supmi
art elevated over th tombiofmartyri
ml nat riots, and the ruins of Coasil
. I'll, linhl tA
tUtlooal govcrnracnn, ft-"
Grecian liberty must oe ex'8cu
aa " a lurch of discord thrown into the
Ottoman moire.w The conflict be
tween the oppresior and the oppressed,
will not be coobuerl to r.uropc.
fleet! and armici of the Jloly,Alliei em
bark for American cati. American
republic!, bordering upon our own
country, must be sunjugneu. mc
veteran patriot, who pricei over mc
dcstu-iei of our country, has declared
that we must resist, and the nation
sanitions the declaration. Nor are we
left to bl.nd conjecture, ai regards the
Lichi in which this country is viewed by
id d'SDOti in Europe. One of their
Ambassadors lately declared in the
of his country la the hour of danger,
and the voice ol domestic lactioo tntc
resounded from the hall of congress
wai silenced by me matchless power,
grandeur and moral influence of hia' At t'c done of the war.
th peace e!hV.isJ'inent wai organized
hj h 4is at 1 1 I 4.4a i ,4ni;a
Sccreta of the War Detriment, by
the strict CfOontaiUityf rigid econo
my, sod admirably i!tem which ho
has introduced, he haa aaVed millions
-. Baas
in thr e Htinirv:
and fearless j and his views of mtional
policy are comprehensive, loundj libr
al and enlightened. His principles
and conduct having oeen unuormiy
republican, he may be .lafely called
one of the first men f the nation.
S.irh are the candidaiel whom Fenn-
sylvhoiaT respectfully pretcnts to the
republican party or tne union, anu re-
questa their coioperattoo, I he de
mocratic party ihould concentrate up
on candidate! fr the important na
tions of President and Vice Prendent
of the United Stateit Uh whom caa
they unite with greater honr ana
advantage to the country, and rooro
assured cothdence oi success, inan
Andrew JacktenjnA tyCf&!$Vl
itances, had refuaed to attend, and the
minority ihould not have attempted to
force them into nomination j or,
when they had assembled, and discov.
the naucitv of their- numbers, it
o their Hutv to have adiourned. It
tntAil not he auDDOsed that the friends
- if- . . . .t: n.tiit4 4M
OI all tne omcr canuiuaica wwu.v.
their pretensions ; that the majority
oniitl anhmit m the nomination of a
vuuiva w
minoritv. Sich a. meeting of th
friends of an individual might distract
and divide, but could never harmonize
and unite the democratic party. - Hitli
erto. in a contest between the federal
and democratic parties Pennsylvania
may have aubmitted to a general cau
cus of the democratic memben. But,
ali Ammm t nnt nnlv her richt buther
duty, to oppose a nomination by a min
oritv. without a sincle us see or prece
dent to rest upon, violating the funda
mental principles of democracy, and
leading to the certain dissolution Of the
renublicau oartv.
: - Tht friends of the late nomination at
-Washington would wisi to rest their
mocratic party, and triumphantly point
. I I f ...... uI.tniili
vp me proceedings oi aiaic
cvn that " PnnsVlvahia. M a reCOT-
mate Junctions of legislative bodies are
the enactment of, laws. ; As citizen,
they have a right to entertain, and toj
litical subject but it is to their ctM-
stituenti, to the democratic party, tnai
RenfeSentatiyes in Congress should
look for their authority to nominate
" etecutive officeriYv?Tlhe people are the
only source of th elective sovereignty,
agencies should be permitted to ton-
troul. or.. d irec t. the ir wishes, 1. P ut,
even a legislative exrjression had not
been obtained from a sincle itate in fa
vor of a partial Caucus, And we think
moer.ev of Pennsylvania for Andrew
Jackson,' i Preiidcnt, isnd John C.
CMhoun, as Vice Preiidcnt of the
United States.
The nreaentis a most Interesting
period in the history of our republic
A contest must shoruy tae piacemai
may severely test the durability of our
free instituvons f one mat may shake
the Union to its entrei At least four
candidates are still contending for the
Presidency. The friends oi eacn are
ardent, aeaious, and active j and, as
the crisis approaches, the public mind
is Inflamed. The Union is no longer
actuated by one soul, and bound to-
-tKr hw nne rntirclv OI interest.
cat and aeetional prejudices are enli
tJ. Bal th hostiU p-rtira are arr.v.
miMlieir forcea with increasing aniroo
sity. It becomes, then, a subject ol
startling msgnitude, who smong tne
candidates has the strongest hold upon
the au ctions of the people, whose sue
cess cyuld give most universal satisfac
tion, and tend to harmonize and unite
these discordant interests. It seems to
be admitted, that, if the President was
elected immeditely by the pcoplr,
a - a I f I
(ien. Jatkson would be trie successiui
candidate. What alarmii'r C"ne
quences would - follow, should any
combination bp permitted to control
the publ c will! An army oflegisla-
ton, combined to witnnoia irom tne
people the elective franchise, would be
more formidable than the iword or the
The people would rise with recuper-
ative energy : the reaction would be
irresistible j the country would be ar-
the elecrions to Congreas jone Lrancn
ff the government would soon be placed
in bitter opposition to another, and col-
liaion-mighiensue. tnai wouiu renji me
Union L asunder. 7 No man can be a pa-
triot,"br a dem-CTar,-who wnuic ai
mnini the 'dancerous experiment of
suppressing the will of the people on so
important a sunjeu,
FrtTTwr-mv four-years noneJiulaSiL.
cretary of the cabinet has been elevated
to the Presidency. We do n.t objci t
to the distinguished democrats who
have holden, or are now contending ior
this station, but we do object to the
uninterrupted continuance of a Sccrr.
ury dynasty. I he perina nas sujciy
arrivedwhenra- prcsidtnL-ShouldJie
elected from the ranks of the people.
If it h.s not. how soon will the Secre
taries claim, by usage and prescription
""WnUi,, of Madrid, 'that "the Uuiud
Prude,Kr' ,H .T"0"'1 L,a were the source ol all the Kev.
on was not soinvaiauiy sue- - , , . tlirKf.., lhe
inimniirv DruiLiuica m
cd all these important with grsat
aDiiny, wun -usuuie'uic;ii7 u,
reckless bfkardshipa'sf danger, or
even el reputation, as in every sta
tion, whether civil militsry, acted
with fearlers derotiu to his. county's
service, j : ,
""Tbi? fhi-aetef''of to man has been
so much rtistinderstod, as that of An
drew Jaclhon. lie us been repre
sented as i rash and diperate militar)
chieftain, regardless the laws and
ronstitutien of his coury, , No state-
mrnr t mi.r- unfoundrlio fact. An
drew Jachon is firm ad decisive in
ftrnitinv hi nlans. but WUl'lOUS. tnl-
- - n r '
dent j and deliberate in foming them
and ro.l and collected ii the houf ol
danger; If sue cess be aay criterion f
sfciir and prudence, w imm
Washinirton was not soinvaiably
ccssfiil as the Hero i Orlcai. Vic
mrv has alwavs oerched upo his si an
dard. If he hai ever aeeied to be
rash or orecioitate. it waiwhen his
desperate situation require a resort
tn ,nrrtrrtc measures. ' H has al-
0 -
wavs been aent on dtspcrateenterpri
ses, with means almost inattquate to
success; compelled to rely a his own
energy of character, and th resources
of his own mind. If he h ever ap-
neared to violate the lawi. v wai, that
he might shield hil counti? from the
most. awful calamity, llaj ne jiop
nrd a day. oerhaps an hour to weigh
the constitutional scrapie cf his ene-
mies in me scaic oi icci ic.iiuiv
Orleans had been a pile of ruins; and
its streets had flowed with American
blood. Andrew Jarkson. when hi
' . . ,
mi- and secure, are very dissimilar,
One fact spraVi a volume upon this sub.
ifn that cannot be misunderstood.
On the eve of the bmle of Orleans J
Un tne eve or uic wm" i v. --
when alard diiaffrction pervaded I patriots whom a grateful people Uo
. t . I - .-.-J - rrAvMrr iike to ' thai exalted station I
the exclusive right of nomination, and
from the powerful patronage, in their
gift, may be but too likely to obtain it ?
This artificial system of cabinet succes-
. i v.- Pr-irhnr' ia little leS! datt-
BIUII IV ftv vw.w-"-wi J ,
cerous and anti-republican than theUountry.
hrrrdifarvmonarcniesoi turope. ti
link in this chain . f successive secretary
dynasties benotbrken now,tnen may
we be fettered by it foreyeri' Andrew
Jackson comes pure, untrammelled,
nd unpledged, from the bosom ol the
;rh iim ta oi an aaareaa wm ui
permiuis !.10 sketch hivbrjlliant civil
jnn miiitarv u- "
Krn'f ViArii' tell in the Revolution t and
Anrirrw .lACKSOi'. iuc iaai ou '.
hi. tar, at the earlv aee of fourteen,
uta wnnnrlfH and taken prisoner.
H is subsequcntJnaiUtaqLferv icesjjtjs
A. 11.. i-.- TUmi.' ar
well known, and. duly appreciated, by
than in military stations. At STery
early age he was appointed Attorney
General of he South West Territory j
when that Teritory vras admitted into
bore an kbleand distinguished part in
thr CosventiWtt' whicvframe4Xoi: .hef
W raostlTiemoifati
the Union. r iWj 797, he was elected
the Erst RepfesVivtiye of Teonessee, in
Congress t and in 1798. to the Senate
of the United States, As a member
d hradsof Kurnpe," How can
we mistake the import of such a de-
.a, The 1 uds that darkly
the skirts of our political
horizon must soon burst. Let us then
elett, as our chief magistrate, u soldier
j . .....m.n All ihe otrer c-n-
liu av-. ----
didites, however distmguisnea tneir
nnlitlcal characters, are unknown to the
great body of the people ; but io An-
diew Jackson,' tftty wou.u .....
u,..,Ar, roi.fidcnce. No ooeof his
competitors hss performed so many
- f.ll-,1 .n mutif
important serines, nwi
distinguished stations, both civil and
military, with greater aonny i
discharge of every duty, aud such dc
voed fidelity to his couniry. His
claims upon the American people, are
second only to those of the illustrious
Ststement of the commerce of esch
st-te and territory, commenting rn ths
first dy of Octolr, 1123. nd ending on
the 30th September, 18.3.
Statrt. Imfmrt:
Maine 891644
N. IfjtnDthire 571770
17.607. 16U
A veteran of the Revolution is now
about to retire from the Presidency,
Will vou refuse to elect, as his succes
sor, the last of that immortal band oi
aav's -- -
h.. ritv. f;en. Jackson arrested a per
son discovered exciiiog mutiny in his
camp, and refused nun to tne civil au
thor iv. t il Uikans was aecurra.
For thirfTu.r, which-probaWv pr -
served Orleans Iron destruction, ne
was fined one thousand dollars, He
submitted cheerfully, and paid the fine.
Aa he retired from the court nouse, ne met by the enthusiastic applause
fa grateful people, who o.erea to re-
f.mH the mmev. He r fused tort-
Cc"! ve tf, admonishing the tk that the'u
. . . ! L . I C .L .
conduct eviSenceC a aisrejara i w.c
law, and of the civil authority : that
the example was dangeroui to the lib
erties of the Republic; that the punish
ment was inflicted by his country, and
a. t a . .
thn it was bis and their duty to sucnw
conduct worthy of the rather ot our
country. Otfr admirition ftr the victor
of Orleans, is lost in our veneration for
the victor over himself. ..
It is at home., we must learn his
. Waeter is a man t and ta his fellow
citizens, rtsiding it) his vicinity, to all
who .have ever Visited h hospitable
mansion, tie more brilliant halo of mil-
"V" - --- . ..... .
itaryrenowi is forgotten, in tnemuo-
-rraftianre cihianrivate virtues. . nis
soul is the residence of all the softer
affections tie. wncereriand i ardent
Mts A rm t k at nssn. the iindandin-
.1 .VMM " "
dulgent protect-ihe affectionate hus-
band the pracucu anu ptuicBawijj
. v.:..: ; Wo navV rlrliberatelv COn-
iTdered every pdftloohhebnTesen
an1 nn the mok unauestion able
authority, assure ourfellow citizens
that it tr "p tftiiiag his atay
at Washington thir winW-, the mists
that calumny .and prcjud:e had at
temptedtq throw arpund li i character,
have Vanished, and he as become
knowtt -..and' esteemed W th assembled
wisdom of the nation, Io ".less for
talejnts and Sf rvjees as a statesman and
a soUreivin4&
ging deportment.' " I '
; Aa rpirirda thi- nnlltica of Andrew
Jackson, theris is not one blot upon his
mm m c . ' m ''mm km
escutcheon, lie dm ever
rrr rlevate to that exalted Station?
Will vou erect the cold monuments
... .
over the tomb of departed merit, and
refuse to the living, the last (treat
- v w
debtxifL4Ptitud ever
pay to Revolutionary services f U is
this but the idle theme of boyish de
clamation. ...has it lost its practical effi
cacy, and hat ingratitude deadened too
soon the feelings ol American citi
zens :
Pennsylvania, governed by no local
pr sectionalprejujlices; prompted by
noiuil.g UUI liil liailuuJi vunaiuv.a-
tions; Pennsylvania, the most un 1
trusive in her claims for office, with
out 'a sinclc officer, in th c .bmet or
Judiciary at Washington, now asks the
presidency, not lor a feunsylvanian,
but for a citizen of Tennessee. Some
of our aister states must yield the pre
tensions of their candidates ; and who
can ask for such sacrifices, if not the
state tha has invariably made themr
And for what candidate can they be
asked, if not for Andrew Jac kson, who
has obtained so many signal triumphs,
rid made so many learmi sacrinces lor
his country !
The democratic nartv of Pennsylva
nia have, also recommended JOHN
C.(CA LHOUN, of South Carolina,
the test of their strictest scrutiny.
From his earliest voutb, he was dis-
the fundamental principiea oi oemoc-
racy. In the legislature oi nts.nauvr
state, he was the eloquent ana mere
nid advocate of nooular suffrage and
universal education. During what is.
called the wsr sessien of congreis, tr
- . ' J 5 I
was tne zealous, nrm anu ucicrnimcu
suppotrterr of -the,Admihiatration . and
whilst others were shrinking from re
sponsibility, by -the most irresis ible
appeal te arms; and as the chairman
of the committee of foreign - relations,
he drafted and rported the declaration
of war. "He was the iteadfast friend
Rnwle Inland
Connet licut
Ne York - -Nt
Jersey -Pennsvlvania
Delaware - -
Dis. Columbia -Virginia
South Cat olina
l.f orgia - -
Alnbama- -
MichiRsn Ter. ,
Horida ferritory
1,4.2 9i3
29,42 !,39
5 M
13 696,770
60, lit
4.96.. 7
188 958
895 501
237 70
13.683 232
26 Out
6.898 814
4 '-UO 6D
877,579,367 71,699,030
Aat. Intel.
Pubnc Debt of the United Stntet.
V'Tnrnt of tlift Public Debt of the United
States, on the 1st dsv of January, in each of to
years, from 1791 to 1833, 'melinite.
In 1791, 875 463 476 52
1 800,
1 80 1 ,
1 803,
1 803,
1 804,
1 805,
1 807,
1 808,
18 10,
77.237,924 66
80,352 634 04
78.437.404 77
80,747.587 39)
83 762,162 07
- 8u64.47V 33
79.228,539 12
78.4u8.669 77
82.076 :94 35
83.03HOW 80
80 712 632 25
T7 054 686 30
86 427 130 88
82 3.3 150 50
75 723 ;70 66
69.3)8 39 64
65 196 317 57
57.02l.m2 0
35.-73 217 52
48,00 585 76
45 309737 90
55.96a 807 57
81,487.846 24
99J33 660 15
J2ZJ34,933. 74
133,491,965 16
J0?,46ff,533 85
Of,0l5,566 15
89.987.4-'7 6-93,546-676-38
Wational intelligencer
Tb Worcester Yeomsn states, that
there is in that town a copper coin of the,
United States, dated 1792, on .wnico tne
hail nf Washington Is impressed, and
prefixes to the account the following sn-
ecdotef 4 W nen te eurrenf emoi -
United States was first establishesl, tha -limn
un hrnupht. to President W ash-
nn own iiftciit.s.. . iui 7 --
dered tne die to be4jroken-s new deTiee
was substituted for the coinwhich has
been preserved erer since." -c--

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