North Carolina Newspapers

    TIT-SDAY MOItMNd, AP Hit, 6. 124.
We Irsrfl that Col. ftM f Haywood
eounty, in accordance with the wialte of kit f. I-
Jow-eituens, ha eonatnted to b candidate fr
fclectof, on tht peopU't ticket, at Ik ensuing
PrtMiW-rii lcctio) and Ui Bur inform ut
that Col. WWa A rWr hat beta oml.
Mtad, 4 th Mm ticket, fur the dial net com.
eosed of the countir of Northampton, Hertford,
" UtalMt'tUt.t urn MMwrmni- Kf
meeting f t'1'"" of Wake county, farar
bU to Cn, Jackson' flection aa rrt sident.
7V CtnmU government A gmvtmmrnt
. iv rtpnr
Hit bill in Congret fur obtaining th necea.
tary turvryt on the subject of " Itoad and Cam
ala," bat given rue to many Uam4 and elaborate
epecchet, . lome of tkeae art ao very ingenious,
at to baffle tht eotnprelitnaion of common mimUi
and w doubt much wbetlicr certain of tka ort
. . tonthemarlve understood their own "profound
profundity of thought." M a observe that one
of the member from North-Carolina, (Mr.
gpalght) alao "rote to txpre kit opposition to
the biiL Our reader can pther tke ground
work of hit argument, from the following ex
tract i " If (tay i he) tkit government had tprunr
Into eiietence from a Malt f nmlwtV it had
denred lu beinf immeriatcly from the ppl
then, from ita very nature, it would have tk
power contended for (tke power, wa auppoae,
to turvey roadt and canalr.) it would have bem
IrJierent, from tke very fiirmation of Ike pov.
ernmcn,,, -Inatead of deriving iu ex
Iftcoca immediately from tke ppt, it waa tail.
d into brine; by fvmifnt I It it Die work of
ecrertijTii (1j gtani of power ejr ltrm, fur their
twn benrfi), and that of M people."
Mordccai Mannaaaah Noak, tke Jew editor of
tbe rancu$ "Advocate," kat often denied tkat tka
finpl were capable of exc rciaing Ike right re-
tained to them by tbe constitution but this is
the ftrt time we remember to have krard it
gravely advanced tkat tbe ff& bad no hand in
tbe ettablialiment of our government ! On tke
contrary, we had believed tkat all tke power
tier delimited and defined, were derived fnm
the peoplen.ind not, u Mr. ftpaight sayi, tke
"grtnl mvertignt f" tur notions on tkit
-eubjoct were takn from the conatitutiiMt itaalf.
The very first words of tkat instrument are t
"We, tke people of tbe United States" fce.
"do ordain and establish tkit const itution," kc.
But, according to Mr. Bpaight, " We, tbe peo
ple," must have been mirtaken..the "gmf
cornea from mtmignt .'" The are the her.
etical, nristorratie opinions of n representative
Of lOTth?esliiial mm. mk !! tarf,
and, U despite of the known Withet of hit con
ttitOentt, nru'ted with a desperate cabal at
Washington, in attempting to palm upon the
free people of the Republic, a man for chief
- magistrate who, by Jut intrinaic worth could
not unite one-fiAh of the people of the nation
in bis support.
The defeat of the tanemi ticket in North
Carolina (which event every day renders more
certain) will be the greater source of exultation
to the advocates of the people's rights, and the
friends of free elections, because of theun war
rantable asmmption, by a majority of the papers
(and, we presume, of tbe politicians too) in the
Union, tkat our state 'is "safe" fur tke taucut
candidate. We expected thus to be fingered
about, (n paper ) like a nose of wax, by tke
radicals and tke slaves of (Virginia domination j
but we looked for a more courteous deportment
from -tkose who profess to be the enemies of
caucus supremacy. Tke " Kickmond Whig,"
a paper lately established, and hitherto con
ducted with great ability and liberality, in ma
king an estimate of the States tbe several can-
didatea will get, says New-York, Virginia, Xnh
Carttinn, Georgia, and Delaware, " may be tet
Awe to him," (Mr. Crawford.) Not quite so
fast, gentlemen .......dont " set us down," in
tuck company, while we are able to stjd cr
among our good friends, the people. Wait till
after" November election ; and if It then appears
that the suffrtiget of the free people of the state
consign t to the humiliating station you now so
unceremoniously point to, we will then (hit nt
till (km) "ait down" atthe footstool of King
r The RherifTt in South Carolina are elected to
erve four year t the office, for this length of
time, in the city of Charleston, is worth 15 or
20,000 dollars, clear money :" as it Is thus lu
crative, it attainment it an object of considcra'
ble importance to an individual, at well aa hit
friend. About two month since, at an election
held in Chrlfr ;a-n-l .
. wmn Vleurf obtained a majority of 70 or 80
vote over Col. M. f. Keith $ but owing to ome
informaKty in the return from one or two of the
- pariahea, and the taking a few illegal rotes, the
board, of manager declared the election void,
and a new onr waa ordered. Accordingly, bn
which resulted in the election of Col. Clearv by
a majonty of 318 votes. From the time tbe se.
cond election was ordered, until it took place,
the Charleston paper teemed with electioneer
ing publications, pro and con ome of which
were uncommonly acrimonious. But tht clcc-:
I.OH it tl'.W fff I l W !' I'.S nail'a-
I t lilgrt raatim'U rrj..icrj at bring ft-
I.rvtd fot diaagreraLUl necity of printing
f.f tha adver parties, w4 shall be at the ar
rival of that kaliyon perio-l, when th WJcn-
W fn-o'M shall no longer ptrple our tram,
ami disturb even our social tranquility.
MlKtJiH Cnrnris-Tht Virginia 'confer
ence conf ened In Petersburg, on the lSth ult.
and terminated it session on tk 24th. , AH lb
bouse of worship In tin torn were tendered to,
and accepted by, the conference great num.
ben of people attended on th preaching of
the only bUhnp at thi conference, K gentrml
conference bliti lit Id la Bilujaorf on the
Ural Jay of May Best
IJcut. X7, who was tried by a naval court,
martial at Norfolk, has been honorably acquit
ted. It if said tkat this affair hat drawn down
upon tht head of tbe secretary of the navy, and
Com, Porter, the warmest Indignation of tka
friend of Lieut. K.
A letter from an officer of tke V. . schooner
Shark, Hate tkat a launch from tkat vessel waa
lost in a gal of wind, by being stove on shore,
at Vera Crux, South-America i and turttm, out
of eighteen of her crew, were drowned. Capt.
Steven, the commander of the Bhak, very nr
rowly escaped a wstery grave.
There hai hern to day a contlderakle
excitement in the Sente,on the auhjeel of
the late minority Caucus. The vencra
ble John Taylor of Caroline, who, uravi
oui to the Ciocus, waa represented, by
the friendi of that acbtmcat favorable
to it, haa thia mornim: nut every doubt on
that point to rest, by denounc ing the tau
cut in the moat pointed and forcible man
ncr. Thia republican patriarch denomi
nated tbe caucui 41 the IVoMnfton Hull
Dancef' and treated the distinction drawn
by the advocate af the Caucus, between
the private and official act of the mem
bert of Congrest, a puerile and ineffi
cient. H'attiington Krtiub.
The bill for the revision of the dutiea
on import (tariff hill to called) travel
iowly through the House of Representa
tive, and meet with many obstruction
in it preat course of preparation for a
discussion of it general principle, which
hat as yet been only incidentally debated.
If the bill passe the Houe of Represen
tative, a it probably will we don't stv
certinlv-the session will hardly termi
nate befere tbe tint of June next.
Hat. Intel.
There are fythe Albsnr Advertiser)
tf t at" OrM V k. ULdud
thirty Jive newspupertt and out ol these
there are but two, to far as our know"
ledge extend, which ire opposed to giv
ing the choice of electors to the people.
And yet Mr. Livingston, Mr. Dudley, and
Mr. Sudani, and Air. Stranahan, tnd
others, in the senate, say thtyhave no evi
ience that the fiecite detire a change t ! I
The several proposition to amend the
constitution of the United States, in re
lation to the mode of electing electors of
President, submitted to the senate during
the present session, bate been indefinite
Mr. Randolph has submitted a propo
sition to reduce the wages of the members
of the H. of R. to six dollars per day.
Mr. R's gali appears to have overflowed
more than ordinarily on this occasion.
Petertburg. Refiub.
We have accounla from France to the
31st of Feb. Spain continued agitated.
Victory still attended the Greeks No
other intelligence of striking interest is
brought bv the recent arrival.
The offire of 4th auditor of the treasu
ry of the U. S. having recently become
vacM by the death of Col. Freeman, it is
suid there are upwards of one hundred
applicants, (members of congress and
others) to fill the vacancy. ib.
An effort was made in the House of
Representatives, yesteiday, by Mr. Allen
of Mats, to call up his resolution to limit
the duration of the present session, but
the House refused to consider, iu Ia.all
probability the session will continue until
late in May ; notwithstanding the strenu
ous opposition of -M r. R amiiilpK," w ho de
precates the pestilential atmosphere of
the chamber of Representatives, as much
as travellers in Java dread an approach lo
the failed Upartree H aiki-fiemb,
To Corrthfiondentt.
We must decline the pubGoation of " Brutus."
a1jleFi84l!iec wige3, but are'hVfffi'ly0 in
jurious to the cause of the Gospel dispensation....
and more particularly ao, when carried on thro'
the' columns of a public journal like ours, which
circulates among all classes of the community.
We regret very much that " Brutua" should be
tbe character of the clergy of the present day ;
far he must, knew.that he thereby;, impairt the
belief in the Holy oracle themselves. " Brutus"
ia ' wrong, when he says that " Religion, or
Christianity, so called, has stained the page of his
tory deeper with blood than all the war that
h.vt U-i't.'.l,' 6t ether ' 'V. !
rrc.tiur, of ll.e worM"...-.H waslUa abu.i of ii,
lliat Cauwd all tlicfl '' 11 rror all tke
crimracommiUJ b tbo prtra'
ckiirtk. uotlior tiinrtanl other eountnt, are,
by Drutus" ckargtd uMn IM clergy our
Aa ami our country, uulnf tn u 'r ,
prrpostcroua, nl more variance U tb
tpirit of our free inttitutKm.
Wa have milted, lit tlu week' per, (
Journal of the proceeding of Congrew Tb
most promineut part of what Ihey liava fne, i
eotked in a few short article we kaveiopiad
from the Waahington papera. , J
uur paper Having bn bu4 eel ptiisiy '
to the receipt of the HiU Ufh r
obHged to kfr their liirtk 4il next week, I
The United State armor ( Spring
field, Mass. has suffered a taw loss by
Jlrel The lot it stimstrdtt gllXX)
the building worth 10,000 and tbe pro
perty In ll about MflOO. '
CHtaLSTOf, 31.
CttlHU-flori f ijt-ne e hat been in some de
gree restored by 'our late Kk rs frm Eng
land, and Uphuvf Cottont hive since evidently
been In better rfnifst. 11 mi.HU q lalitirt,
which Hal been previously kllinif at about li
cents, ha e tinea in nt nuances, gone on at ( tiJ (n,(t j, , p,;nl memplov rat rale work
13J a UJ eenu. Hi kigliea and lowest qual- ( ,rn ,v fnfm, inj ,ne pibrie may depend tip.
(ties, however, not apprarto bsvr va-ii.l In . on gciug u rMM 0rk excC4itel In my shop,
price, and we Q)rrrf.ire eontnue tke estrrroe ,l,c ;nf ,j .sht'-mMnr, as ever was ilone in
quotations a in t"ir last.
Extract frm m l.tvr Priee Cttrtnl, Fth. 21.
Cmltmn Ha'.s of I pla nK at If. 10, to 5
New-Orleans I to 4iJ j Ahtbwna an4 I en.
or aw f. 10 toll price bsitly ma'niaiiMd, .
ami not exprdrd to advance wilMMit an lm
prwement in Ritglaml. PHICT..,Mth 53
Cotton, 12J to 13 i flour, fine, 4 i snprfine,5
wheat, 83 a 90 centsi whiakey, JJ a J'j peack
brandy, 53 a 60 1 apple do. 3J to 33 1 cm, 42 to
45 i.baCun, 7 a 8 1 salt, l urks Island, 75s 80 per
biiiliel; nullipara, 26a 28 ; S'tgar, mn alo.9J
to 10 30 eoflee, prime, green, 2.1 to 24, 2d ami
3l qiutity, 21 a 22 1 tea. hvaon, gl 2 1 a 125 1 flax
seed, BOctSj tallowl$a7ibtt'Swax,3la32i rice,
3J to 4 per 10 lbs. i imn, 4 to 5 pr.lOO Ib. i
tobacco leaf, 31 a 4 . manufactured, 3 a 2i pr. c t.
In Lincoln county, on the. 24th Janmry, Cspt.
Aaron Slierill, to Mist Polly pa it. Hie
above niarriage has been hereti-fure ouMiaked
in our paper, witk tke addition tkat the bride
Wai inVce to the brulegroom j we WW again
insert it, at the request of a subscriber, with the
correction, that the young lady waa on I, niece to
Capt. Sberill't former wife. The Comer fact
waa communicated under a responsible name,
accompanied by a request that it might be pub
liahed i we did to. , If any of the partiet feel
agrieved, and demand the name of him who
to deliver l. up, in nler to exculpate ourseK-e
In M'aahington City, by tbe Rev. Mr. Lucas,
Mr. John Jmdg to Mia Mary CurtUnt AilanJ,
both of that place.
atoft Mfr contrive to grt plenty of land;
For one. we mar Instance Jrwia Tomt
But plump Uwer Ceria baa trick'd tbe wbole
And shew n us a Jrnai that haa XCUand !
- i
Wholesale HAT Store,
279 fine Street, pporitl the Merrknt'$ Uriel.
WVUmtin & Start,
OFFt.R to the public a general af.wrtmcnt
of 1st, 2nd, tnd 3d omlitv blacland drab
ltnver Hats,
oval, bell and bigh crowna, and corti i shaped,
wide snd natro brims, late fanhinns.
A!o, Caator llata, ditto; mrn'a ai 1 youth's
fine Rorsnt ditto, warranted elastic wi or proof ;
men's and vnulh's Korain Hats, of it inf rior
quality. All of which they warrant of their
own manufacture. J
Men's and bny't coarse, fine andvery fine
black and drab wool Hats i moroeeweaps, from
Philadelphia and New-York i latter's Trim
mings, Bow Strings, and Brush, &c. &c. low
for cah.
C'AarViiis Jpril, 1824. 13itl2
Charleittm, i. C. A. 3 A k'inf. Street. .
SMITH fc. BOBBINS have just received, and
are now opining, 350 PACKAGES, con
sisting of a gemral and choice assortment of
Birmingham and Sheffield Hardware; and have
also, in Store,
: Smith tools ani Bellows, Steel
Genuine Whittmiore cotton and wool Cards
Trace chaina
Vices, Anvils, Lad
Patent and Carolna Hoea
American & Englah mill and cross-cut Saw
rtrmatt and caland dswa
i i ,:n c. ci.. ',
nMIIU Hill, llllll .?W I
Rasps, common and patent Curry -combt
German, English and American Scythe
Wire and Hair fcievee
flu and wrongM yaila-
Hook, plate and raised Hin
Swinir and toilet Glasses, Bribes, "
snd every other article In thr fine t wbch
tbey wiU Uan tie.most accomiVxIaimg terms.
Prices, thow St e-iora m pbUiM-i nb'ia
j rehanU are partictiHrN rivited to
call. 4itOI
fareA 1,1824.
- - - Sale L Sale!.
ri'SlIB Commissioners appointed bylhe Court
a, or Pleas and Quarter Sessions fbnhe coun
ty of Davidson, will exoose-to Dnbl sale, on
llitrMdajrth'e ISthlofApTil nrtVthefemarnaVr
i ,4fte,tota, WMPM a.JJifi.IeJB,AfJfe3on
T?rmt of sale, si x, iw efve an"
payment in equal instalments. .
JOHN CI.F.MMONS, S- CsMfiLiisntrt.
ManhTtmi. 3it'f)
1 , , Jnt Nottrc
fp,fR f Vr, .j fllf
(Ua sreoml and Ut limr, glv nodre to ali
Uiw ind.-btrj to tl.s e...i, cither by
.,. ... , . ... . u.
nUcrw tbey will be plac.d in the bands of
ua nucriij ior coiMtcuon.
' r.uw. CRr.sK,
' Ti4 Krtculrrt.
P.NMd Kawtnv tWkt irtn ltl al I Milll
da ua i bvor by calling for settlement.
edw. cHr.ti,
Mmrth If, Krruln.
Oi at Tuhlic H:i!e.
1 V7ILI. be eokl, at public sale, at the court.
f , houH in Halib.iry, on rwLi Ik ft
Stiy f Jpnltoxt, (it being the lu-U of Kuw.
tOupcrior Court,) an elegant Vie, with plted
der Hcbools. deceased.
HAUIKL M'ArrEE, Krteut.
MtrtK 7f, 1824. ' 3it0
I7tlKKZEM UICKSO.V, bhnemaker, wiahee
i bis fmtHla, and every ImmIv else, to know
that b U removed into a new , a fe w ar s
nearer to the court -houae than kit old stand, and
almost immediately opposite the Hank, on Main
ttrcct, tialiabury,
I have now on hand, n 1 intend keeping, a
aainnlv lk r.rv brat iif l.r'i I'll Hit i and at
the tonof Haliabnrv. or in the Kta'e. I not
only engage to make aa elegant and durable
boota and shoes as any bly eUe, but I further
covenant with all who may ahed the sunshine of
tli irpatrtiliage on my shop, i do their work at
CIIKAP. ainL perhaps, a Unit i luraher, than my
brotW chips.
VarrA?, IR24.
House of Kntcrtainineiit.
, t 'l'IK ubrribrr infonnt bis friendt
(C. J I ami the public in general, that be
D.haa opened s Ilium r.ntn-luinmrnt in
the Town of Concord, s few rods totidi-eaat of
the court-hiMiae j where, with unremitted atten
tion, and a desire to plraae, he bopi-s to merit a
share of public patronage. Hoarding can be
had on reasonable terms, bv the week or year.
N. II. He has alao receiv
1 1, s lr?e and tic
rant asutortment of nem GOODS
Cancrrf, .Ifarr 4, 1824. 95"
Plantntion for Sale.
THE subacrilierotTrr for aale, s plantation on
which he now reaidra, 3 miles ami a half
foum CliarloMt. on the Lawyer's roail, containing
24J acres. There are on this farm, good build
ings, of all kinds the neceaaarv q m.tit of til.
table and meadow bind) a good well is sunk
near tke barn, and an excellent spring on the
lot. This plantation and improvements, will
be sold on easy conditions. For further partic
ular, apply to tbe subscriber, on the premises.
AUrck 8. 1824 ..ifuOr
Tli tu "nr.LiL kMJWN JACK,
T ATELY owned in South
J i Carolina, ill stand at our
stable, one mile al a half
r front HMM-ml, urtbt:aolin,
every day in the week, Sunday excepted, thro'-
on i me season i the aaon to commence the
1st of March, and end the 'JOth of July.
JMbun will be let tu marea at lu dollars the
season (but may be ilivlmrgcd with 8, if paid
within th" season,) 5 dollar the aingle leap, (to
be paid down,) and 15 dollars to insure, tlie
insurance money to be paid ahen the msre is
discovered to be with foal, or is parted with b
the person putting her. Particular can- will be
taken of marcs left, in preventing areiilents &,c.
Ctnttrd, Jan. 23, 1K4. 13i'03
TATEthe property of Judge
J Murnho, will stand the
enauing season (commenting
e.n the 10th of March,' and
eiHiing on the did oi August; st my stable! on
Sugar Creek, seven miles south-west from Char-
lot, e and will be let to mares st three dollars
the sinif'e leap, caah at tbe time of aervice ; five
dollars the season, payable 15tli October neat :
and 10 dollars to insure a mare with foal, which
w ill be considered due whenever it is ascertained
that the mare is with foal, or the property
I o those acquainted with Palhtox, and have
rained mules from him, it would be uselesi to
add anything more j suffice to state, he is a
sure foul-iretter, and hi mules are large and
likely. Great care will be taken, but will not
be liable for accidents or escapes.
Vatnory 25. 1824 8if03
W in coniniittetl to tlie Jail
N Burke, county, N. C. on the. 19th of the
present month, a negro mar), a a runaway,
who tayt hit name it Jim, that he belortgt to
Thomas Pool, of Spartanburir Dittrict, H. C. and
that he left his master but a few dava before he
(was apprehemled. He appears to be about 25
years of age, dark complexion, and of a ateiuler
make. The owner ia requested to come for
ward, prove Uis property, pay chargea and take
him away,
jOItrv l "OtTTTi n, wmr,
Mirch VI, 18V. 3it0l
State of North-Carolina,
COURT of luity-amuel Roach, . Hugh.
McDowell, James Moore, Andrew Heron,
and others. In tin is ordered that publi
cation be made for six weeks in the Western Car
olinisnthat nntessJamea Moore and Andrew iieiv
on, t91,oCbw!l!d"tdn,hi ffiP.pewJ
the next Court M Taw and F,qutty to be held forTf ji
the county Of Mecklenbttirg on the tn sronday
after the 4th Monday in March next," and answ er
or tlie bill will be taken pro confessey and beard
ex parte, as to thera. it'l
Price adv. 2. ). tt. PUNLAP, . ', .
iw yoai MttCH 2o.
fttfan. The Market ha inipruted for good
lot tun i Witliin tht last few da)aalrs to aott
t stent Were made, both fr tlpr!!im and
home uh, 'fliarbaip salrt were 14 a 14. A
alc of fair .Miiaiana Was mada at 16eeiit. t'p
Umlt 13 a 14) i Tennr t I?) a 13) Loumsv
aiuilairi AUbitlla l4J. ' ;
twattaaBss "
KKW.YOItK." ' i
The Albtnv Daily Advertiser of March
9. iairwVe jeaterdty oUerved thi
following notice po.tcd In the Atseoibl
thander I '
The rnernbett nf the legilatirt
fitendly to the electoral law, give notice
that they inin f, befurn the leglsliture
adjourn, to Issue an address rerornmrn'
filng l their foniiltocnis to mrei In ton-
' . ; i i . in hiiiihim
vein ton in ,'t toer or rrp inori.
for the purpose of nominating Candidute
for President and ice President, (lot
rrnor and Lieutenant Cote rpof, and Pret
ideniLl EUctort. March II, l4H ' " .
We can state, on good authority, that .
a great majority of the republics mem
tier of the legitUttitc, will sign an ad
d s of the above purport.. Cax.
The National Gazette tiyt, trie ticket
now offered throughout New-EngUnd, to
the Republicans, is, John Quincy Adam
fur piesidcnl, and General Jack son for
Vice Preaidetil. I he sme will be p'o-
posed in the state of N. Yoik. Good!
Halt. t'at'M.
Reverse it, and 'twill be better.
X.J. taro.
siz r rui rxBopr..
By the parket ship I'ortrs, Captain De
CoM, from Liverpool, the editor of the
N i'iorial Advocate has received hi regu
lar file of London papers to the 23d of
February, and Liverpool to the 34th, in
clusive. '
The only important intelligence br this
arrival it war bktw bkm aaoLaaa and I he cue are tdid to be a
refuaal on the part of the Dty to nuke
reparation for an insult offered to the
lonubr fl.g, and a declaration that ho
would no longer obene the stij ul.itimt
of the ncaty made by Lord Lxinoulh,
prohibiting the taking of t hristian slaves.
This little fUr will be soon ended.
The Algerines have no sqtiar'ron their
fortifications are not in tbe bcsl order,
and the moment a Biiiih fleet appears
before the town, thty will cui tf tho
Dey's head, and send it to the Admiral at
..n expl nati'.n in full Ac. Advo.
An oficial letter from Capt. Spencer, of thfc
British navy, to tlie admiralty office, then fo
lows stating that he bad captured an Algt rine
brig of war, which had 17 Spaniards ou brd,
whom the Algcrines were carrjing off into
T he Greeks are progresMng with eve
ry prppcct of final success j tbey have
issued proposals for a loan of 800.000.
and the tro.pectu observes" After a
struggle of three years, distinguiOied by
n serirs of triumphant successes, the ht
dependence of the Greek nation has been
eMabliahed, and there is every probability
of its predv recognition by the different
powers of Luiopc.
By the arrival at Boston of the britj
Arctic, captain Law, in 25 days from
Havre, the editors of the Boiton Patriot
have received Fatii papers to the 22d
February. Ihe intelligence tbey contain
is apparently unimpoitant. It mostly
relates U Spain, the situation of which
appears still unsettled. In fact, the pa
pers which ihev have seen contain little
else than speculation-! upon (he condition
of Spain and her probable c onduct in rela
tion to South America, without bringing
us to any definite result.
The following alarming paragraph ia
copied from " P. P. V. Dcgrand'a Boston
Weekly Report:"
"From Jirti rate tourer. -r a a is, 22d
ria. 1824.-7? raur of Liberty never
wot in greater danger The Aliie are
determined to put it down in the United
States, as well as in Europe and S. Amer
ica, cost what it may. England is trcach
croui to the cause of freedom ; Russia it
powerful; France and Austria, Mi'tsrrvi-
ent. Prepare yourselves to see a most
formidable attack on the United States
within a very few years. Spies will toon
swarm all over your land."
-Whatever danger liberty may ,, in . ...
Europe, we htive no fear for the afity of
the liberty of the Uni ed Statu, either
from the " formidable attacks," or swarms
of Spies," so Icat fully act forth in the
above. Baltimore J'alriof. '
Preiidential Fesf.We ropy the fol-
ot Tuesday, 23d'ult. " Messrs. J. and P.
Hone and Company sold testerdny by
auction a large quantify of black silk ves- '
tings, lately imported from France, slam
ped with preuy correct iikenesHt . of se?-..
eral of lh(Lcandidates for the presidency,
with their names printed bcnentb thjeif
busts.' .
Stephen Clearwater has been commit-
vw.t,.j.(oi,.- vtl.v-.a.2;ii'wvaii.-l'1ii-i-, Aaiti.ja,im.i-JjOiiy h-kh,
ted to the count yjail, STnavairNelVorli,
foTOe murder of 1
is the second murder that ha been com
mitted in that county within the last three

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