North Carolina Newspapers

    f a4 Tit vtW-Iuat trTMt,
ft'riilen i inwlMi wM rtuntty Utiiol Sttinl
, Itienj, is hi i return ft t1frtt. .
Iorn U th ruck and boundless is the wave,
'hert Ilia srlerj titters duf Napoleon' rav
A esttled deep the sea fur ever pour
A requiem round those solitary tttores
? No tender brother ttood beside bit bed.
No weeping contort held hit drooping head (
A few 4 follower, faithful to the but, . (
Wetch'd the quick changet that hit face o'ercaM i
flaw tlit fii'd eye with liifjfering tut rt view
" IIU boy' bright portrait, u he bade adieu t -
Itm mi.L with iflluU-JL,-
, lA en armies," and !r'd. v'
And U thii all that now remains of thee, .
A limple ahrine beneath willow tree f
Ncaruno imall fount in yonder glen of freen,
Where chlTi stupendous guard ihe ttxrtrt scenr,
And strangers tread ith neiaelcat step the glade)
Led tlie rude echo should thy rest invade i
Creat ahade of fame ! where bath thy spirit flee! i
Id the dark region of the enknwwn dead?
Where it the arm which ruled, with wondrout
O'er kinp ard kingdoms, in happier hour t
Where it the form, which on yon Alpine height
Hie Italian realm beheld with pale affright?
Which eeem'd to travel over apace end time,
The jrue of crowd the wonder of each clime j
While Europe trembling taw with hopeless eye,
The w.ngM artillery like a whirUind fly f
Where it he now ' Go tk tbe watchman there,
Whose armor glistens in the midnight air i
He pointt in ailenre toUie lonely tomb,
Where Berfrand wepfin agonuing gloom !
Oft wiU the pilgrim to the eatt pause here.
Muse- on thii imx I'fl thed a pitying tear.
That hit vasl genius and hit mighty mind
Should tink by mercenary foct confin'd.
Oft will the torn of ocran check the oar
And drop their anchor near thii tainted ahore,
Thro' tlit dark timling valley tlnwly turn,
And'pcntive gaae at great Napoleon't urn.
Here many a tongue will pay the tribute due
To Bertnuid't heart, to loyal and to true :
Who ahar'd hit glory, and who thar'd hit grief,
A voluntary etile with hit chttf.
Here F.ngland't genin yet may weep the day
TV illmtriout captive frit her cruel tway,
And lingering died, with tlow consuming pain,
: Aim to ftnjrhmd an eternal stain 1 - ..
Farewell, great chieftain ' Thy Immortal .tame
Standi yet unrivall'd on the rollt of fame.
Lorn is the rock and boundless it the wave,
Yet glory 's auubsaons rett upon Uiy grave !
frhe following linet, by lM Byron, are
hardly inferior to IlWcl'a medilationt in the
Look on it broken arch, itt ruin'd wall,
Itt chainbcrt detolale and porti f ml :
Yet, thit wai once ambitien'i airy hall,
The teat of thought, the palace of the aoul.
Behold thro' each lack-luatre eye-lew hole,
The gay recete of wiklom, and of it.
Can all that taint, aage, tophitt ever rit
People h; lonclt towei itt tenement refit
Webster's Dhtionarj.l in in i
mat?d in a Nev-H ven paper, that
Noah Weliver, F,.q. intends to pru
cetd to Knlanil, lor the purpose ol
pubiishiog the hrge Dictionary lie
promised in his nmall nnr, 18 years
ago,' in that country. Not uhstand
ing the peculiarities of Mr, Webster,
some of which no English ear or ev
can well approve, we have no doubt,
if he bestowed the attention to thr
subject of which he has evinced the
capacity, that he will produce a work,
which will find its way to a rank in
literature near the side of the gigantic
Peak's Washington. Mr. Rem
brandt Peale has recently finished a
Portrait of Washington, which has re
ceived the most Unqudificd approba
tion from all that have seen it, and is
pronounced by Judge Marshall to be
the most perfect rescmbl mce of him
that he has ever seen. Few men could
be more i irttimately -acquainted, with
the General than the Judge.
. FronLjnngljihpr
There is, in the church of Walton
on Thames, a curious instrument, pre
sented to the parish, about a century
and a half ago, by a person of somt
consequence at that time, whose name
VhS Cuester. It was intended totx
sjorn ;s a punishment by the lair sex,
who had ben guilty of- defamation
Ittw of singular construction, and when
fixed, one p rt enters the mouth, which
pTev "efttf the OTSTbility' of artkuktLon.
It Dears Tnimrrrpwn r -
" Cheater 'present Walton with a bridle, - - -
To curb womeu't tonguet that talk idle."
Its presentation arose from the cir
cumstance of the individual whose
name it bears losing -a valuable estatr
through the instrumentality of a gos
lipiog woman.- English paper, y
inr.v ygwc. t
The commcrtial emporium ei our
'country ii at thii period in n unuual
prosperous condition. To demon
urate this, U it only ncceiiary to state
that between two and thru thousand
buildings are now going up h ihc
city among which are ten or twelve
pleodid edifice! for religioui wonhip,
and a merchant' Kichange to cost
nearly million of doltart At the
done of the ensuing aeaon there will
have been expended on the; Battery,
S.t . . . . . I .1 ft.UK.aaf. ! MWbMM
tnat moil granu inu uca.miu.
enade) more thm R2fKJ,00(), It i an
aatonithing fct that "trie ficil conccrtu'0f landiCQ fcet cby) whh very few
of the city alone, are more Important 'lUill Dl y tlUirr nutianen Aw-th
than the civil rxpenditurra -f jnv two, tr v'lMt wl enable ui to give further
tatea in the Union, Thi U proved! priicularnf thit nnel experiment in
by a reference to the wonderful open- (hit qtrtAj Mlt'iough the grologiral
ciooa of-the-XIurporaU'jP.dufi"g in phrnnrtrna lord by the liborioua
gle fortnight, up to the 2d I hruary
Utt, in which the ch rccoptt ani'tun
ted to the enormout turn of
W. ,U SO
Expeoditurea in the aaine periu-1. I ; ' fi '
ft j "
The aam ratio of receipti wo.i'J
crire the extra-.rdinarv turn of three
m.lliona; four hundred thim-thne
thousand, three hundred .ifc.y.,rvrn
. . j n n
34-100 dollar., C-ty revenue per -n.
num. A recent N. . (.ffttajirak -
ing oi tne commerce, olncrvc tn.ti
out of the I irge number of vrtteU men
in port, not one was unemployed and if
twice tlie number were to arrive, em
ployment would be found for all. It
continues: " New York is going for
the whole f and if Congrets let ut
alone, the Government will be suppli
ed with thr meant of supporting all
its eaUblishments by the commmr of
this place. It would be the he ight -d
ouducss, o tariff ut out of existence. "
Cheraw Intelligencer.
Vegetable Milk. In addition to the
vegetable bread, vrgetahle butt "nj
cabbage tree, which have been lr- uht
to light bv rrcent travel!'-!, wr.imw
learo by the Gazrtte de Santa, f the
23 th July last, that M. de JlombkU
his discovered in that region m tree
which ahyndantly affords a rn'illt-ftiicf","
similar in its properties to the milk of
animals, and employed for tlie omnc
purposes. This I q id whirh was
drank by Humboldt, is st:itrd to be
derived from the pulo de lccie, (r de
Vjcn, a tree which grows al ntd.t.itiy
in the mountains above Pinquitn, t 4
the north east of Mar.cay, a ill ut 10
scsses the same physical q-nlnies s
that of the cow, with this only .dilf.r
t nee, that it is'a little viscous ; it ha
the same taste lso as row's milk.
A young gjrl from the country, late
ly on a visit to a Mr. H , a Qua
ker, was prevailed on to accompany
him to meeting. It happened to be
4 silent one ; none of the brethren be
ing moved by the Spirit, to utter a syl
lable. When Mr. 11 leh the
meeting-house with his young friend,
ie asked her. " How dost thou like
the meeting?" to which nhe pettishly
replied, u Like it! why 1 cn see no
sense in it to go and sit lor whole
hours together without spenk'ng a word
it is enough to kill the devil ' Yea,
my dear," rejoined thi QuaKer," that
is just what we warn.
The London Globe and Traveller
says, " We hive been informed (and
we think from the n.'tnrs given us us
authority, our readers may consider
the information true,) that the author
of Waverly has contracted with hm
bookseller to furnish him' with 3 nov
els a year for 3 years, and that he is
to have 1 0,000 a year for the supply,
and that four novels have actually been
delivered as per contract.
' The Paris editors in speaking of the
complaints of the English that their
style, of writing has degenerated sine;
the days of Burke, observe, thit it is
generally conceded that Washington
living, an American, is one of the best
models of the present day as an fc-n-lish
writer; and that the Sketch Book
nnd Bracebridge Hall, are worthy of
an Addison and a Goldsmith, for their
purity, and elegance of style.
Trom the Ntw-Haven Remitter.
Rats. Some time since one of Itiv
family was sick, and we set a candle
in a low candlestick in the fire place in
the same room. AtJfttrt midnight we
were alarmed in consequence oi tne
House being fiffedfwBK sniote, and on
searching for the cause, it appeared
that a raf-had taken the lighted candle
out of the candlestick, and dragged it
under the floor,- which set fire to the
louse and would have consumed it had
not the fire been timely discovered.
Itfertstirtg txperimerJ..Z,U the
poorfiu-ic yard of thu city, a com
mutt; of he corporation U employed
in b ing ihc earth, In March cf
ourt : of good water. They have pro-
Cetiu the depth ofiOO feet without
uccdit and in the whole of the de-
icenthave found but 3 or 3 feet nf
bed of lime-itonrf 250 feet
the surface. Some 70 or 80
- rww
own. 40 feet below the bed nf
river, a flu entity of marine thelli
j werctfo ,nd i 'the whole knlr of the
lit a . a . '
, earithroujh which the'machina hai
, nad oiovini? tu gcneiAi wv v
i , p taimo, -
nl .bDrH to be very
numeroui or trntii. -(J4. uaz.
H Jrrn (r h t,'M.wi, ht the beau
tiful r1iiior (fl'rriV,e I'.emt, ltelr
I PU ''"' " ' rt-y ty Mr. Wiley, U
1 ,w ' ' '" P" ') '"
' K !. ! ' ."S"
the- a ue terun th4l h- publithed thr
. p.( ( , . w
. lhe e t?eUie p,pCr a,U printing!
, MY. Com Adv.
Three sidles hive teen lately made
in New-Yffk for dit ingtiiohcd indii' u
alt in Sotjh America, which, for coatli
ness and beauty, exceed any article of
the kind eer manufactured in thit coun
try. IV pi ice of each, witb the bridle,
will beaboui 8200.
Tht common council of Ititton have
.tppoited n committee io direct letter
in twfdf of 'he rit council to Gen- La
Fuyetfc. requesting him. if not in onve
nient J)n hit ontempl led visit to the U
Mates' io land in that place, and to stture
ii'n it his reception will he worthy of
il.r riy which has ever held in the high
st carnation the ervies and sacrifices
ol theidopie I n of Washington.
THE CJtfci'.K HOT.
Cepj. Pii4lge, ut toe military school,
at Nuwich. ermoiit, hat generously of
fried tt Mippi'M and educate at his own
expenic, the (iieek boy who arrived in
tliii rismtrv year, and whne parents
.nil six bioiliirs were murdered by the
1'uruk at be io.
JV v Yvrk fiufter.
Priscn Limit. lb? Legislature f
,, . j - , artiar.
i g the limits oi mh county to be the
pri vy) l:0'ii)d, and prohibiting the im
prisonment of any white woman for
auii-r ucxrrvinr Ulirmion.ln Ol
lem, Mais, the Poor House is a ourr e
of income to the amount of Sl,30()
per annum. In Quincv, Mass. th
11 .c .1 r .1. ' i
laouis ji iiiosr oi inc poor wno were
aide to do any thing, not only suppor
ted tie sick and infirm, but also nai
the interest of the debt contracted for
the e'ecti-m of a suitable house, arid
every year a part of the principal o
that debt.
A lew Tngedy, entitled Supersti-
tton, ly a gentleman of Philadelphia,
is exiected to be produced in a few
days. At is stated, by those who have
read the manuscript ; to be the best
play ever written in America.
From 'he Savannah Georgian.
A soc ictvias been formed at Athens,
Alabama, ftr the suppression of elec-
ttoneertne, ind the members bind
themselves bv their individual signa
lures to an obligation rot to vote for,
or support any candidal for public of
fice who may use fraudulent or unjust
means, by treating or by" deception, bv
himself or his friend to obtain suf
frages. "Old V rginia" revolting !
Mr. Adams and General Jackson are,
at present, tie most prominent candi
the votes of the other three. We pre
tend not to any skill in divination, and
therefore vi 1 1 not undertake to calculate
which of tie two will gather up the great
est nuirdyr of dp relin " Our pre
cnt Impret"00 ,hat x'r. Adam will be
the stecensful candidate, aim u .... ..-j
best 'lib our wishes that he should be; I
bm; i h e is not we can onl y sa y , that we
do no entertain any of the fear which
we hsre heard expressed at the .sugges
trorr f Gekn!fc being lclated r te v
Ute fwdeuuf i. QnJbe contrary ehaye
eyericonlidence in nis naeiuy mmiciu
tion b the public good, in any situation
in wfich his fellow citizens may place
him. We prefer Mr. Adams to him for
no oiler reason than because he is a more
expecenced and accomplished statesman. J
Mbrolf: (Firginia) Iltrtdd.
iorlo Piano, for fsatc.
flltS r rate eecond-hand I'iuM, la ofTered
for late, Very low. For tenne, lie. apjily
to MICIIAFX Iiituvr
8aMry, '.4. 18, 1824. 91
Halo of Land, for Taxe.
f piIE following tmct i of I And, in flurke emin.
L tr. will be aold at nuhlie tale, in the town
of Uorranton. on Raturdar. the 7l day of
June nr it, unlrat the Use due I hereon lor the
year 1831 and 1822, are paid previous to that
dayH....,yli. " ' " "'
A tract bclongSng to Ceorge Thorn naon, 100
acres, lying on Ward 'a Branch, for 1821
One do. FJixabcth Tbompeon, SQ acrea, rying
on b,-fordo. t
head oiMuWy creek, for 1121.
for f e year 1822 1 ConraxJ Lyons, iw acrea.
Nil eaetk,
One ilti. John A da ma, 137 acres lying on Ibe
taiere of Kain creek.
On do. !aid Bnly, 70 aere. lying on the
watetof MuiMy creek. '
One d... Jamet Mt'own, 100 acres lying on
ftilter creek.
tine do. Thomas WCown, 140 wres 0g
on do. '
One do. Th9t M'Kemie, 100 acres lying
on Muddy Creek.
One do. William Twigs 100 acres lymg on
the waiert of udd creek.
One do. Holomon Williams 20 acres lying
on tbe waters of Muddy en-ek.
tme do. Jamet Branch, 1U0 acres ly''ng n
the watcrt of t'nper (,'reek.
One .Io. Daniel Keely, 200 acres lying on the
water, of Hinvall. -
One do. Michael Puncher, If) acres lying on
the aa'rrt f ('anoc creek.
tine do. Jcac Smith, 80 acres King on Ca
nor cretk.
One do. Itfijamin Wite, 80 acres lying "
the watert of I'aitdt't creek
tine do. William' Oavis 2'0 acres lying on
ihe alert of John't river and l.ooae creek.
One do. Ann IWdcr, JO acres b i"'g on tlie
watrrt if erek.
One di. Jacob Johnaon, 2o0 acrS ty'"! on I
main jt ctetk.
For 11 and 1822 s Reuben Stallions 200
acres b''ig on tiie watert of l.ooae creek. j
One do. Klizal.rth Winkle, 111 acres lying on
U)e watert of Loose crerk.
One do. David Sinirrrfclt, 100 acres lying on
the watert of the south fork of t'atawba.
Alexander M;ombs'of New-York. 1S.330
acres ing on the eaatern boundary of Uurke
coun'.y, not listed for 1822.
Murch 21, 1821 &t0i
State of .North-Carolina,
St'PEIUtlU Court, 'm Fcjuitv. Waugh and
Finler, vi. Charlea P. Oordon, Zacharah H.
(...rdoii, Jam? n.lnyoV, Ceorge W. Gordon,
Thninaa I'. S'jpplerjind Tttbfrea bit wife, John
Bron jLud1ar hit wife, and Sarah Gordon ;
Origin! bill, and hill of injunction. It appear
inir to the tat'ufaction of the court, that the de-
frmUiit are the inhabi'anti of another stale,
ordered, therefore, liat Diiblication be made in
th. V extern Carolinian for til weeks requiring
thr aid defi-nduntt to awar at the nni "iurt
of Equity, 1o be held for the county of Wilkes
at thcrtmrt-limite in Wilkctboro', on the arcond
Monday in cptcmber neV, -l rt-.l. answer
. .h-iiiur io aJm qui, or jildjrmcnt pro roiiti-mo
will be taken, and the tain net fur hearing ex
p irir. O. It vmUlUVc n. .
Price adv, S2. if03
State of North-Carolina,
SITERIOR Court of Ijiw, fall term. lfc...
Joab leandcr and Robert Krwin, execu
tors of William Brattic, vi. William Mritlain and
Marifaivt Beattie, executor and exicutrix nl
W alter Beattie, dee'd. It appearing to the tat
iafaction of the court, that there i not prrvinal
ettate to u'iafy the judn-ent nbtair.ed in thi
Cite, and (but William Mull and Matilda hit wifr,
Davi.1 K. Beattie, Walter I,. Beattie, and .lane
Beattie, heirs at law of the s.-ii.l W al'cr Beattir,
retile without the limit of this State: it is
ordered, that publication be made three weekt
in the Wettcrn Carolinian, giving notice to
the said he;rs to appear at a Superior Court
of I jiw to be htld for Buncombe county, at the
court-house, on the second Monday after thr
4th Monday in March next, then and there to
the cauie, if any thty may have, why execu
tion should not ime against the real ettate of
the said Walter lkatlic, dee'd. to aatiafy thit
Price adv. gl 75. it0
State of North-Carolina,
tOt'NTY Court, January term. 1824: .Toah
J Alexander and Robert F.rwin, executors of
William Beattie, to the use of John V4. Thomas,
r. H ilham Britiain and Margaret Beattie, exec
utor and executrix of Walter Bi-attie. It an
peuring to the satisfaction of the court, that the
personal estate of the testator in the hands of
his executor and executrix, it insufficient to sat
isfy the judgment in thit case : ordered, that.
publication be made in the vt estern t arohnian
three weeks, piinir notice to William Hall and
Mutildu his wife, Hand K. Beattie, Walter I
Beattie, and Jane Beattie, heirs at law of the
said Walter Beattie, dee'd. ; (who are not inhab
itaiifs of thit State) 16 appear ar'a 'counTy'court
to be held for Buncombe county, at the court
house in rAshcville, on the second Monday after
the 4th Moiuluv in Larch next, then and there
to shew cause, if anv they may have, why exe-
etition should not issue against the rtaTesTaTeof
the taid Walter Beattie, dee'd. to autisty the
judgment in thit case.
Test, JOHN MILLER, c. a. c.
Price adv. SI 75. it'O
Kroto North-Carolina.
CtOURT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Jan
) uarv Term. 1824 : David Bradshaw vt. John
S. M'CurV.'Vonglharattachm
It aDnearincr to the court that the defendant in
this case ia not an inhabitant of this State, it is
theMfere-deredihar publication be 'made
tnree nionuia in inc ciu iiiimii, ki.imk
notiei to'saTd'fdhiaa'hT toappirar, tf thi nextj
Court of Pleat and Quarter Sessions to be held
for said county, at the court-house in Concord,
on the third Monday of April next, to replevy,
. . A - 1..A . 'll
plead, or aemur, oinerwisc juujroieni nnai win
hi entered up against him, and execution awar
ded accordindy. Test : M. HUNT, c. e. c.
Price advt. $4; i'W I
I HAVE declined acting at a partner with J(,,a
Murphy, in the mercantile buwnrat la L'o.
eonl, with hii content, and have relimpiithed fl
claime to any part or portion if the profits of
the concern or Murphy ft; Sutton, 03 ,
furtik 32, 182. NATH'L. 8UT10.V.
ftv fttort, in ConcottA,
'PIIE eubteriher hee formed Copartnenhie
I with William lirown, in tbe mercantile
butinees Concord, CaSarrut 'county, North.
Carotins under the ftrw of Murphf U Jlrwt
whrre they are openig a fretb aortmcntf
jDry Goods, Cutlery and Hardware.
selected with much ear. In rHJtrWJ," J'
drt'g?i to" ContliMie the buaineae at Concord ft
tome year i and a Mr, Murphy will yiwtili
northern c'ulee annually, to procure eutmW
Itirlf Setuiwin lit will Ire gawcrwli aiwl will
ditMaed of at fair price for eaah, or on credit,
to punctual customers. Their friends and tie
miblie renerallv. are rciDecifullv Invito d to eatL
examine qualiUca, bear prices end wn fut
thctiuwlycs JOHN MIKl'IIV.
Jolin 3Iufpliy
la alto, at hit ttore in Haliahury, t Urge
aaortmeiil of (iOODH, to suit eitir.ens town ami
country neotile i to be diinoted of unutuallv low
! for eaah, ereoiintry produce.
New Assortment.
T'lR auhaeriber hat very recently receiytd
from Philadelphia, an aaeortmciil of
Ay (iifiU, Cutlery, and
Hai d- It urr, Domtttic t
which, with the assortment he espectt to re.
ceire in a thort time, will enable him to tell at
aaiiafactory pricet. I he public are rctpectfullr
invited to call, and examine for themtrlvrt.
SuUibury, Aug. 16, 18.M. 70
Coppers tnitliinjj.
The Coppertmithing. and Tin Plate buaineu,
heretofore tranaactrd by D. Creaa, ten. will in
future h conducted by me, at the tame plare.
ITioar who favor m with their cualnm, may
n-nd on having their work done with neatness
durability and deapatch. F.DW'D. CUKSS.
Coach Making.
THE ihtcriler begt leave to return hit
grateful acknowledgment! to hit frirndi
and the public, for the very liberal patronage bt
hat received in hit lite of buaineu i and inform
them, that he hat procured a number of work
men from Philadelphia and New-York, whick
enable him to finish work in a style rarely acta
in the western part nf the tlate. He alto hat
a continual tupoly of materials of the bet qual
ity and most faakiotuble patterns. He intends
keeping couttantly on hand, at reduced pricet
for cash only, Sulkies Slick "bikT Pannel Vf
l hariotees Coaehees IjiimUus Phrtiins Ba
rouches lAmlaulrtt, Caravans and Mail Stages
of a superior contnietion. Itepaira done at tlie
thort rtt notice, and in the bett manner. Order
from a dUtance thankfully received, and punc
tually attended to.
Charhttr, .Vntch 1, 1 824. 96
Uemont nnd .Wliilner,
Corner ffh,m li Sttttt itrertt. Vharleittn. 8. C,
UJWX. hiee constantly on hand, throughout
the tcason, a larjre awJirtmtiU of
I eat
w incs of all kindj
(ilanber SaJt
Powder and Shot
Iad, Ut. &e.
Whirh Iher are 'Vtertnined to tell ax low a
they ran posaihly he ttfTnrded, for tath. 1 allow
ind Hcfn received in payment, for which ti.e
highest market price, will h; allowed. Country
Merchants uishih to pirn l.a.vr Grirniet,
do well to c:dl and exuminc for tremtelvet.
,Vr. 2-1. 1KJJ. 13t00
Fulton Turnpike Kontl.
TN pursuance of an act of the General Assem
bly of North-Carolina, pased at Raleigh, the
22d day of December, 1823, authorising the
making a Turnpike Ituad from Asheville, by the
Warm Springs, to the Tennessee line, and Io
oharter a company for that purpose. We th"
underwritten aubscribt-rs commissioners appoin
ted by laid act, do hereby give public notice,
that books are now open at Asheville, for' the
purpose of receiving auhseriptinns for stock in
said Koad, which books will be kept in the han:l
of Geo. Swain, F.sfj. where all those who wish
to become stockholders will please apply.
The utility of making this Road, it it presu
med, is to obvimit to all, that it it unnecessary
to say any thing on the ttihject ; and as there
can be no doubt that the stock will be the most
advantageous perhaps of any in the state, it it
highly preiumable it will be tneedily taken up.
It wili, therefore, be well for those who wish to
become interested, fo'niake ispeedy appltcatieni
as the books will be closed, and the company
organized, a 4 toon as the amount of fifteen
thousand dollars is subscribed ; of which turn,
there is already five thousand taken by the state.
' Cfcft--.RWA1JJ..-...--....,...,
JAM F.S PATTOV, y Cimmiimtnen.
JtthrvWe, March 22, 1824. -- 4U02
Ulanston Hotel,
. . 117 HO respectfully informs the pub
(KlA f V lie,, and hi,. friends, that bt hj
li'shinent, "situated at the north corMP'Or' fti
Court-House,, (lately occupied by Mr. Jnmrt
Huie.) The. convenience of this Situation fi'f
biisiness i -eua to .aiiy..ia-.the..plapet Tlie
House containt s number of private rooms well
calculated for the accommodation of Traveller
and Boarders i the. Stabletarequal, if not tn
periW, t wv4n' 'rbei.plaee. wMLattcndfiL
h!ing ;ianjl.AttefltiKt il.Qstleri his table sJ
bar, will be supplied With the 'best tne mara1
affords i and the refi-ulations of his House, tucii
a he hopes will give entire satisfaction to those
a ho may think proper to call on him : and be
assures them, that no pains shall be spared to
render their stay comfortable and pleasing.
February 24, 1824. VJ -

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