North Carolina Newspapers

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po. 20a.
Drrmu) white,
i tHi n
, hi pwr diconibiud, inrept at tba actios
uf tkt Tauter) wiiil arrrafra er paid.
AlvcrtWiMMi a 18 V iMiic at f Ar cents
Cust fur the firti UaertioA, and twewtr-flvt
ta lur eeb tulaKwewt ni,
AU UtUjrt addrtwu-d U Lb TAUx, rrntst aw
ptotd, or Ujry will aot be attended to.
Gen. Jarlion and Mr. Monroe.
CwrrrtfuUnti arts Cn'l Jutlrn ju Mr
Qcyy ef a iH'er from Mr. Monro to General
jatltoM, daietl wat&Mif-oa, veccmbtr it,
1110. (
Diss Si j I have, since mr latt lo yog
lad pleasure of melting two Irticrt
from you, the last, of tut I3ih of Novrtn
Wr. f he advantage of Ike lata treaties
wiih the Indians i ii.rklcuIiMe . One of
tha benefits consists in putting en end to
til diaaatisfattion oo the prt of I'cnnri
ace, pros ceding from the former treaty.
Thit bat been done on very moderate
terms. Aooibii consists in enabling iha
gove.nmcnl 'o bilnj-jo market a Ure
r.4f of valuable t,.d, whereby tkt pub
lir debt may b considerably ditch irged
A third in extending our settlements
ekag the Mississippi mi towards th Mo
bile, whereby great strength wilt or ad
ded to our Union in quarters where it is
mot I wanted. At too our pojHjIation
gains a decided pre pond rnce in those
regions, r.ssi Florida will hardly be con
aidcred by at part of her domin
loas, and no iner power would accept it
from her at a Rift. Our attitude will dai
ly become mere imposing on all the
Spanish dominions, and, indeed, on those
of other power in in neighboring
ends. If il kecpt ihrm in kkk1 order, in
ur relations i'h tHrm, that alone will br
an important consequcticc. I Uc com
municated what you vhitve autrKeated ia
ipecting Ceneril Coffee an'l Urut (iudt
Jen, to the Pretident, who it, I tn tttit
fed, veil ditpotrd lo promote their tie wt.
Il it erjr i;rtif in tome to receive
four opinion on all tunjectt on which
7u iil have the rooH:iesi to comniuni
tit-tnnm-ajiwf ,k utmat
nnfidenca in toe tounnnevt of vou' jud(
rnant and purirr ef our lntmhn. I
will give you mv aentimrnit on Die inter
tiinr tuhjrct In queinon, tikeoita. aith
ou' rettrve. . I agree wiin you, tlerided
If, ia the principle ihit the Chief Mrl
Irate ought not to be the hed of a party,
but the head of lite nation itnclf. 1 am,
alto, of opinion that tle members of the
Federal pasty, who left it in the Ute war,
and gallantly terved their countijr in the
""'t 'if o u'""1 tt,jplJitrnKitm and
Machmnt to free jrovernmrnt
tie tbe'u to the highest rohfidrnre. In
dreidiug, however, how a new Adminit
traiion ought to he formed, admitting the
result to correspond with the wishes of
Ba friends, many mntidenfions claim at
tention, at, on a preprr estininfe of them,
much mar depend of the tucres of thtt
AdmlnTalratlon, and even of the Hepub
linn cause. We bare, heretofote, been
divided into fwo great parties. (hat
some of the leaders of the Federal parly
entertained principles unfriendly to our
at stem of government I have been thor
oughly '. nnvineed ; and thm they meant to
work change in it, by taking advantage
of fvtrable -ttrcumtunres. I am equally
atiified. It ftjpprned that I was mem
ker of Congress, undrr the Confedera
tion, just before the change nude by the
adoption of the present Constitution ; and,
afterwards, of the Senate, beginning
shortly after its adoption. In the former,
I served three years, and, in the latter,
rather longer term. In these stations,
I saw indications of the'kind suggt sted.
It was an epoch at which the views of
toen were most likely to unfold them
etlvetr tt, if any-thing fbvotable to a
fcher toned government was to be ob
tained, that was the time. I he move-
wenrirr Francetendedraltor thenrtoeat
the opinions and principles of men, which
were disclosed in a manner to leave no
doubt on my mind of whnt 1 have sue
gested. ; No darlne attempt was ever
nade, because there was no opportunity
wr it. I thought that Washington was
apposed to their achenuit, and not being
able to take him with them, that the"
were forced to work, in regard to him,
underhanded, using his name and afanH-
ws. permitted, to serve - tlwir- purposes.
he opposftion, which was carried on
iib great firfnnesr, checked the rtreer
f this party, and kept it within moderate
limits. Many of the circumstances on
)hich my opinion is founded, took place
debate and in societv, and therefore
"d no place in any public documents.
m satisfied, hnwever, that sufiicient
Pfoaf exists, founded on facts and pin-
of dhiingulshed bdivUnals which,
became public, to justify thai wblcn I had
Tha coatast between tha panlet nerir
cetttd, from In caramencemcnl to the
nrM il. d I think thtt It can
tx i !.',' a reaud. saw the
height tr whlr h the af aoaitkm wa urn
al in ikVfatt war) tha cmbarfasiment
il gsre to I ha' govern ma nt j the 1ll tt
to the enemr. Tht victory at New Or
leans, for which we owe to much to you,
tod to tha gallant freemen who foughi
under you, and tha honorable peace
which took place at that time, bve
checked tha oppoti'ion. If they have o;
oterwhelmed it. I mar add that thedtr
ing meaauretof iha Hartford Cotivenuon,
which unfolded riewt which had ken
long befotf entertain'-d, hut -never to ful
lr understood, contributed, also, in
eminent degree, to reiu e it ppp i i n
ty lit present ttate. Il i uitder tucti t tr
cumtuiiret thii the elei 'ion of a tocrrt
tor of Mr. Mivm hat taken pUci. and
ht a rear Administration it lo com
iwence lit service. I he demon hit
been made by the Itepublicau pattr, tup
poking thji it hat turcredrd, atidofaprr
ton knows lobe drvo-ed lo that cause.
to trull he act ? How organize tht Ad
miiua'ratioao far as depends on him,
when In that tttion f Hnw fill tha vacan
cies ciiting at the lime t
Mr candid opinion ia, that the danger
ous pvpotrt which I hare adverted lo,
were never adopted, if iher wer knon,
tpiLullr in the full client, by any large
portion of the federal p irtr , but were cut?
fined lo certain teadert, and they p'inci
SjIIt to the Fattwatd. the m-nl .td
triotic conduct of a great ptf pii-tiw ol
that ptrtr in Ike other fates, I mihht,
perhapt. tir, of all, wh had an npportu
nitv of ditplaing t Cotivinrini; (nool
of ihi-. fict B it fill. Southcn and Kas
tt-rn fedrrtlitt have hen coonc' ted to
grther at a prtr. have acted tonhe r
hrrrtofore, and, alihongh their coo1mi
ht been difTc rent, of Ijte eijrjji. jet
be dirinni')u beiwren rt tu'limit and
f-dcr.litH, rvm in the Nouiwft an I
Middle nd Wc lern Sit-t. htiol bern
policy ba adoptsd to It f tht only fiflVr
enta between tit seems to be, ha w ft thill
thai spirit ba indulged1 In the onte i sM
it will make yog hort.uhly acaintfd
with my views on this lit,tlf Irporjut
w4f that I htte wtirte m . tn
fVesly owJ, Qfjhe t en'hrns o(.wlHim
you have spoken. I think yosj U,tf
which I gsvaMtn proof wAeaj In Ihe IV
nanmenl ef War, by plarlnif him Ute
lioard of InVeis for rllcyMing mn-i erpyr
ting atrrem of diMiplirc for the .nnf,
and. afitrwar't, by oth lokint ).(un
dencr; ami I add, will pltiMjrc. iktj
ah.HiM be gntifird, 'igrig He lfl
init .Hid cjtui j(Mvei t'rd, to fioJ i
opportu'iity, a p'o.r li ne hre4rttr;
vttonli) th
Y aaritta lie 6, HIT.
Dill 3 I htve Iha pleasure a tr
knowledge the receipt of your MtecAf the
U h Darrmher UU whick kava rttd
with ('eat Interest and much tatlif.r tton
Your Ide i of Jht Impartafica ef the
lata acquired territory fram the (nolawt.
It certainly , coned tod ail lh impoe
tanrt yoti attach to It will be rralited
f he sooner thtae laadt are brought into
maiati, permanent aecurnv V ulr
rn o woat i oeero mott lmtortm, i
th i mr niui tiuiuie pari 01 Hip
Unton. thit country once aettled, our
forintatint of defence in ihe lower
tountry completid.all Kurapa will ceatc
to loos at li with an eve to conuum
. a
I..M.I. Ik. 4.. l ...... . ... I ' "
7 "7 ' V' , I here It no other point, America united.
" ' ' , . ' i thai com
and hlj'ii r't.'Hct for Inns
In i'ir f'j m -Moti o an adnioUt ration,
it rpcrt io me th
prl triple imi'ii to
tln Atlirr, ,1 lr.t,i.d II1 th- l.r1of
t I)pitt'nt,l. r l.rtr jfH' loui.j hmlil
be tkrn fioin th fui y.'e! etiorito
he t'l.ion. the' Kt, bt tKl lle, the
South, atfj the Wett. 1'kit piimitdr
thould hot Ke dherel to. (rrt
combined Fur ope Can aspect to In
vadt with tuirett.
emerjiiriet and trai.triht.tni t.rrni
w.iuld tUttt jUkti'r a ileprne f'om m
Out it would prnlut C a, t ff' t iw at
tend to it, whn prrtir.toir tarh p.rt
of the U'tinn would be ffV.ntJ ly it; and
Ihe kiigw.rrlKe jf local de its, ami
meant. wh. h woujd be thereto Lroiight
into ihe cahi iet, would br usc'A. am
no wise coropruinitted in reipM to any
one, hut fret o art, hrnild I h.e to act,
atcorditiK ' mt jti lrnrnt , in which I
m tl'4nknj for the optnont of my
fnrndt, and particularly ymj's.
On the suhjrrt of fotii6r tions, or
w.iik fir Ihe drtt nee of the 'Otst mH
frontirr, an arrrnttemet ha larly hern
made, hr re Pioidcnt, with hich I
wih von to He well arqiinted. Ynu
havr, hi rttufore, I presume. h -n ppri
srrl. that (.en. llrrnard. of the French
. or)s of Kiii.i irerv under Ihe recom' of fl n. ..rette, nd inn
o'lK-rnl grr.t IMliii tion in Fulce, had
f'lllv done awav. lo tvr iff I 'o r, e "ffrird his e'icek to the Unrd Statrv, and tecure it fn.m future
danger, otihi not its decided fitcndt.
ho stood firm in the d.y o' IMjI. lo be
piinci,1v tehrd on' V,m not the a
sociation of anr of their opponntt in the
administration. iielf wound iheit feelings,
or, al leatt, of verr many of thrm. to the
injur of the republican reuse f flight it
not ho ronsidercd, hy the other pity. us
an-offerof rompron.ive with tiinu, which
would letscn the ignommv due to ihe
-ml I it' ihr p ridmt liad hren authot
B d. b rtmlii ion of Congest, to c
tpt them, if) n k ni rank ta the grade
of ihe t hit I of nur 1,'orpt. This rrtnlu
lian being t oinnunlrt(t ia Or. Bcr
natfl, nv tne lulr Vrretary of War, to
whom he whs Known, he time rrver in
comi limre with the iniiation rhich ac
romojnlerf It. From Mr. Call. tin he
bround leifeM, -tating that he wat Ihe
r vmth in rank in ihe rorpi, and inferi
councilt which produced the Hartfoid i nr ,mt 'n reputtion and tilentt, if nm
( onven'ion,nd therabv have a tendenct nr,t- required much deli, acy in the
anvnermen1, to take advantage of his
knnwiuiire vn experience, in a manne
to revive that ptrtr on itt former p'inci
tnm and plea My imprcttion is, that the dmin c ia'i a' 'nfni'TiTir thitiiA ml. alfjjjji:!, on the re
publican part, indulging toward the
other a tpirit of moderation, and evincing
a desire to ducrimin.ite between it vmrm
bers. and to bring ihe whole into the re
. the repretelitativ, U((ffi r J
' 'IT T u "r,Y" ih -he candor of . fri,d
I am niui h gra'ified that ou raitived
h'm at I lr.temlcd It wat Ihe purett
fiiemUhip for you liiditldtullv, combined
ailh ihe good of our countrt, that dicta-
I'd the liberty I look in writing you
The impoittikce of the station tou were
ahout to nil lo our country and rourself,
the injury in reputation that the chief
m.tfuirtie mar sustain, from the acts ol
a weak niittWiry, the vatioiit intcretts
'that will arie to terommetid for offi'C
their favorite Candidate, and, fmm cxpe
flence in the Ute war, the nitvchief that
did aiiif to our national character hi
ickeiHat or wcaknrtt, induced me to
give you my candid opinion on the irn
portinre of the character that should fill
thit offii e. I bad marjr. for thit puipote,
the moM extensive n.quiry in mr pwer,
from the ntot impartial tourtrt, lor the
most fit character, co-nliinitifj twiste, Aon
or, and tnrrxv, with ialmt$, and all united
in the individual named.
I am full impressed with the proprie
ty at welt at the policy you have pointed
out of taking the heads of department
from the four trand tectiont of the Uni
ted States, where etch section csn afford
a character of equal fitness; where that
csnnol be (!ane, fitness, and not locality,
ught to govern ihe executive being
en'itied to the best talents, when rombi
ned with other necessary qualifications
that the vnion ran afford.
I have rredt with much satisfaction,
that part of your letter on the rise, pro
gems, and policy, of the Federalists. It
ia, in wr opinion, tviuet exposition- 1
am free lo declare, had I commanded
the military department where Ihe Hart
ford Convention met, if it had been the
last act of my life, I thould have pun
nished the thice principal leaders of 'he
pattv. I am certain an independent
I'Hfrrrrrigs, of Ihe ofiVtr. of our own
corps, who had rendered such useful ser
vi e, stid were entitled to the confidence
and protection ol their country. Ihe
" , , i a.
af courts that ba was nor wall fitted fort
stormy tea. 1 was Immediately branded
aith tha epithet Fderslisi,snd ymi slid.
Out I trust, when compared with li t
good old edtfct, of tha trea Ming know a
by Its fruit, It wt unjuttly srplitcl to ei
ther. To con: Me. . me riear air. my
hole iiar, wt ti ran on yoor eutrd '
against Amtrkaft McnproriinaVlhat ye
niight ricrcisa your own judirrrtcnt It)
ihe choice of your own ministry, by which
Vnu would elide smoothly through fouf
adminitirtiion, with honor lo yoursetl
ind benefit to yaur country, litis was
my motive j (hit Iha first with of mr
heatt, to tee youwhen I ant In retire
ment, endesvoring to nursa a broken ane)
debilitated constitution, admlnlttering iha
Lovernmcni with the full approla'i'n of
all good men, pursuing an undulating
course, alone dictated br four own inde
pendent, matured judgment.
Present Mrs. J. and mvsell respecful
y to rour lady, nd accept for yourself
our best wishet, and believe me to ba
your most obedient tervant,
AMiHr.vr j wesson.
Tht Hon. Jiaia Motaat, tr.
Copy of a letter from Mr. Monroe, dat J WtaVf
nigton, Mareh Ivt, to ta. Jtcktoa.
Data Sir i I wrote you a abort letter
Utaly by Cn. Bernard, and intended la
have written you another, but had not
time j indeed, to contlaatly have I beeQ
engaged, in highly impertant business
that 1 have not had a moment for mr
In the course cf summer, th
President offered the Department of War
lo Mr. ( lay, who then decline it. sine
it was known that the suffrages of my
fellow ciuiens had decided ih my favor,
I reserved to hiiolha offer, which he has
again drr lined. My mind was immedi
ately fixed on ou. though I doubted
whether I eight lo with lo draw you from
the command rf the army of the South,
where, in case of any emereener, no one-
could supply your place. At thit mo
ment, our friend Mr. I amp&ell, called,
and informed me that you wished me not
to nominate vou- In thit state, 1 hav
letolred ta nominate a a a a ihoughj
il it uncertain whether he will serve.
Hit expeiience, and long and mrtitvrioul
ttrvieri, give him a cltim over younger
men, in that state.
I- shall tske a person for the Depart
ment of State from tha Eisiwarrl ; wnd
Mr Adams claims, by long service, il
our diplomatic concerns, sppesrlri'g to en
title him to the preference, supported
by hit acknowledged abilities and inter
rity, hit nomination will go to the Sen
- tit
ate. Mr. Crawford, it it expected, win
remain in the Treasury. After all that
has been stid, I have th night that I
mblican fold, as rjuietk iosible I ' ""npemei.t adopted will, I think, ac
Mny .men, very dis'inguished for their 1 complish. fu'ly , noih obj ctt. He Pres
tnlentsl are of opinion, that the existem e ! ''!' n' h" it'Mi'ti'ed a Board of Ofl'ners
of Ihe federal panv is necessary to kerp j " consul ol fi.e mevber&, two ol high
union and order in the republican raols; . r-:'k n the corpi, General BernaeoV one
that it, that free government cannot ex 'Ki' eer at ecn station, ot voung vadt
isl without parties, f hi is not my opin ' drn- f,jr example, al Ne'w-Otleaiis,) and
ion. I hat the ancient Republics were i tNc. nv-l ffi. er com.mandin there
alwavs divided into parties, that 'he Kn
lisb government is maintained by an np
- ... .1 t.j i . .
arrep.,hle 'o Mmjtjrh
- a t i i a s t liailWIIII CI tJtlSfti t wt twtawaiiK ta-v s-r was. J,.h,,.g ru e, and regulation, for Ihe of s -f h
.,myofheLn,,edS,a:e.. 1 het. kind ,ni f r Wtt,
oi nun, niiuitgii inncu leurraiikis, air
really monarchists, and traitors to the
constituted government. But, 1 am ol
opinion that there are men called federal
lata that are honest, virtuous, and really
attached to nur govet anient, atid.aIibouin
(hey differ in many respects and opinions
with Ihe republicans, still they will rrsk
every thing in its defence. It is, there
fore, a favorite adage with me, that the
tree is known by its fruit Fxperi
svhosr dutv it i nnde to examine the
whole coast, and report such works as are
position, that is. bv the existence of ajr'e'',7 f 1 r defence, to the ' hiel
party in opposition to the ministry I j Engineer, who shall report the same iu
nc nirreiarv oi v ar, wiwi nis rem.'a
well know. Out, I think the cause of
these divisions i to be found in certain
defeclsof those governments, rafter than
in human nature; and that we have h-p
pily avoided those defects in our system
The first object is, to save the cui,
which can be done by those who are devo
ted to il anlv, and, of course, by kc.i ping
them together ; or, in other wofds, by not
disgusting them, by too hastv an act of
liberality to the other party, thereby
breaking the generous spitit of the re
publican party, and keeping alive that of
the . federal The second is, to prevent
the re-orirnlxUonAnd JtuvaLcLuhe
federal party, which if my hypothesis is
true, that the existence of party is notne
cessary to free government, and ihe oth
er opinion which I have Advanced is well
founded, that the great body of the feder
al party are republican, will not be
found Impracticable To accomplish both
objects, and thereby exterminate all
party divisions in our country, and
give new strength and sUhiiity to. our
eaauy-executed. I am, nevertheless, de
cidedly of opinion that it may be U ne,
ami should- thf -epemen-sfrv.l,-:.hall
cortclude that, its, fjilure a irnput ible
more to the want ot' correct knowledge of
ll circumstances rUiminn sttcntion, and
of sound judgment in the measures edop
ted, than tn anv other cause! I aure". I
think, perfectly, with you. in ihe. grind
otijt ft, that moder?iiii should Ik- sitev.
t9 the federal oartj, aud even a genaruoa
to b' UM lt-tore the ftestdent. Mritre
and i nticn are spoken 6f, for the iwn
first, who, with Orn. Bernard, will con
'inue till the service is performed ; the
two Utter will riunge wuh the fctHlinn
The General commanding each division
will he offi itlly apprised of this arr. nge
ment, that he m?y be present, when he
pleases, and give such aid as he urn think
fit. 'be attention of the Board will be
directed to the inland front krs, likewise.
In this way, if is thought that the feel
intra of no one cn be hurt. We shall
have four of our cfficers, in every consul
tation, against one foreigner, so that, if
the opinion of the Ufer become of an use, it mtlit be hy his convin
ring his colleagues, when they differ, that
lie hat reason on his side. L have seen
Gen. B' rnard, and find him a modest,
unas.itnng man, who preferred our
country, in the -present sute of France
to any in Europe, in some of which he
was offered employment, and in any of
which be.jiiMKhiprob8.blk hvrj, fojind jt.
Ht iriiderstarids: thaf he is never to have
r r,imm;ind of the corps, but alwas
LsiH rank second in ik.- m
J his letter, you will perceive, is highly
f nnfilential "a re latioii which I wish 1
ays to exist between" ui. Write me.
us you have done, without reserveand.
Ihe more Soothe more gratifying yout
bnvminications will be.
With great reaped and ainfiere regard, yotiw,
By this arrsngement, there can he no
cause to suspect any unMr combination
for improper put poses. Ea h member ill
stand on his own merit, snd the people
respect us all, arcprdingjo our conduct. -To
"each, I will ac impariinlly, and of
each, expect the performance of his 'u
ty. While I am here. I shall make tha
administration, fitst, for the tountry and
its cause ; secondly, to give effect lo the
.... . ... .... ...v ...R... ...v .w ..., fo(. (he ttfm of mf pmment, no, 0f
.... .i ..u, ...m.,,.. , ,ggrandiiemeni of any one
iouucm, who err tne crcaicsi irienaa 101 j rmm
Ihj.ll rnimtiir. t M.-I1I . ImIi In Ita tin . I ...a. - . -
r i . c- . f r l o I ! I""1.
itnre. i ne aenait oi nume naa a aem i JAMES MONKOE,
P'onius; America nas ncrt. vvnen,
.i t i i . . :.l - i
tneieiorr, i sre a rnaracicr, wnn roaniy
firmness, rive hit oninion. but when lAfHVtLLE, MARCH 8. 18lf.
r i ' a . .
ovetruled ty a majority, fly to support Dear Str l I had the plcasuie this
thai mjotily, protecting the eagles of day ol receiving your letter of the 1st
his country, and the security of its inde- iost That by Gen. Bernard I have
pendent rights, I care no, by what namelnot received, I learn by this day s
bo is called; I believe him to be a true m,;i d,,, ne fias reached Knoxvillc,
American, wormy tne connoence oi nis anj ,,il k, nn i0 - few diva.
country, ana oi every gooa man. urn
a charjetet will never do tn act injurious
to his country. Such is the character
given roe cf Colonel D. Believing in the
rrcomnirndanon, I was, and Still am,
My friend Judge Campbell was inv .
structed, and fully authorised, to make
the communication to you that he
did,-nd,-l ho)e,-g4ve you fully my
confident he is well qualified to fill the reasons for my determination and
oflke with credit to himaelf and benefit ta wishes on that au'bjet t.
his country, and to aid you in the arduoua I have no hesitation in saying you
itition a great ful country hat called you have made the best selection to fill the
to fill. Permit me to add, that names, of Department of State that could be
themselves, are but bubbles, and some mafi,. Mr. Ariima. in the hour of
itnes used for the most wicked puipo j;..i,-;tl l..n aM hplrtmata.. nrl
I will name one instance. I have, . '-;. j u:. .nlntment will"
once upon a time, been denounced as al - , , . t .!r
. I ;tlrMl n.tii.ral a a 1 1 c f r 1 1 1 m
cdcrU-U .wm.U .tm lewhen I name v-" " "T Til
- t .,B...ft.iM,.T 1 .Jifr,rmntmi"xnHm - f,wKwFstns'atit-'-'--
he eue. When your country put up r'- ;."'r"
oitr riinie in onnosition to Mr: M; f was mation than -..-.. Htrts. S
ence, and lor reason mat, in me event oil win, wun a virtuous zri, utstoaigw
war, which was then probable, you would I the duties of the.r.ffice Us far- aa his
abilities will enable him. 1 cannot
li -.guise to you my opinion on this oc
shioh my anxious solicitude tor your -
steer the vessel of state with more ener
cv. Ice. frc ; that Mr. M. was one of the
best of men, and a great civilian, I always
Sought i but I always believed that m-
oind of a philosopher cou.d nol dvtcll oi
Wood aud carnage wilt, any composure,
in declining the ftppvinuaent ef Sterttarf
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