EEN CAROL INIAKT. WEST 01 V. ITLZ-M5a,rrK-. Uftef heasionuw.i Mrawtl.(,tPl,lth.?HHm -.. r,M, .rtisemr limr a. crta tfiiM for th I rat InMrtjon, and tnrT 111 letters feklYMcd to ih TaVAot, must tt m mi riwnumi an tar. pdil, or taet ttUMH anenoasj NEW TARIFF. ar vtmoihti.J Act to anml tha Mtcral Acts fv? liapoainf duties on imrxjru. flE it mat ted by the tcnnlt and htute J , f rrbmrntativfi of the United Vj v - rtet of America in ccnrrei aitembled, fiat. r,a alter tne iniruetn uay June, one thousand eight hundred j twenty-four, i'i lieu of the duties imposed by law en the iraporta- n ol the trticlet hcreinaiier men ned, there shall be levied, collected, 1 paid, the folio wi g duties, that it ttrit. ban u.vf 'rar. hnr. PS and tlCXirnourcs, a uovy ui ii l I r I: i ail per crnium ad vjl rfm. 1 0 alt muf cturcs Af .wl, or of Virli wool sh ill K a componrnt p4fi, l ept wotiled ttutT goorls and blank r,Rh nh .II pay troiy-live per tn'um a1 valorem, a duty of thirty r ciitum ad valorem, uiitd tne tbir r ilV -f June, onr fiouiind eignt L:drrd and twentv-fivc, and after i t lime, 4 dut of thin). three aid third per centu:n valorem: Pro- fjfd, Thir, on all manu.actures l imiI. except flannel and bancs, the tiual value of which, at the plate hence imported, shall not exceed r.irrv.thrcp and a third cents per lju ireyard, h .11 be charged with a ity of twenty-live per ad va brern. Second Ori ill r of UW W i!f"uTi not Icmp, or rWon fljx. or iaterials shall be a component part, w e mi nd on all manuicturr or sur, or of ni.i j i fiat, l"ini ij frwnyooiLlhLCjEj'Ee l:.u .Siv akail tx: m comDUDcm ma ,f Good Hnp-, a dutv of twentv-five ier cenmm ad valorem, on all other ,n,ifarf.irp of i!k. or 'if which ftilk h ill be j e mp-nent material, Yr centum ad valorem: t nvwea, nit M cotton cloth whatsoever, or -1,iK. rtf which eot'OT shall be a c m- Wrnt mater'nl, ex-epting nankeeni Imported directly horn China, me on Clnat ro nf which, at the place whence imported, with te souiuon of twehtv per centum, if imported ...... - . . frnm the Cane of Gcx d Hope, nr any lr.1 rr ht--i.nd it : and of ten per cent- um, if imported from any oinrr puce, i-Kill lrt than thirty emu per sq lare yard, shall with such addition, be tken and deemed to have tost inir tv fmf n-r aauare vard. and hall b' charrrrd with dutv accordinely. And th.t all nnh mcned and ui.coioureti - - o - . . . - , . cotton twist, yirn, or thread, the ori ginal cost of which sha be less than sixtv cents tier pound. hall be deemed and taken to have cost sixtv cents per s pound, and sh .11 be charged with uutv accordingly. Atyl. ajl bleached or coloured cotton yarn, twist, or thread, th oricin:il eost nf which' shall t)e "lc8 than sevemv-fivtr cents per pound, hall be deemed and taken to have cost aeventv-five cents per pound, and "shall be charped with dutv accordingly : Provided, -lso, that the provision of th,l8-ttl9hll not apply to, or pe en forced against, importation of goods from norm or rdacea eastward of the filing nf CnnA Hone, or hevond Cape Horn, heforethe first of January next onsuing. ThirA. On wnnl unmanufactured, a duty of twenty per centum ad valorem, liltil the first dav of June, one thu- ids, uny 'or-rivenmttVf "Wcf antmM - J 1 - 1 ",uu,u u valorem, until the hrst o! Tune, one thou k..n.u,i twenty-sill afterwards, a duty of thtr That all wool, the actual value of hich, at the place whence Imported, na I not exceed ten cents per pound, -hall be charged with So)ty of fiftren per centum ad valorem, and fw more. Fourth. On all Leghorn hats or OBonets, and all haU or bonncu'pf letfa. bPt or uf hau v' r:"' ' ( fifl- , untum Hon itofU .... l n ti the place whence Imported iifiihi. addition 01 ten pti vefuutu, abiU nm . . r . , cost jell than oo dollar each, shall, . . . a a with such addition, tx takeo and deemed t have cost one dollar each, and shall We charged with duty ac cordingly. Fifth. On jappaoned wares of all kinds, oo plate wares of all kinds, and on all manufactures, not atherwite specified, made of brass, iron, steel, pewter, lead, or tin, or of which ei- therof these metals is a component material, a duty of twenty-fiva per Centura ad valorem. On bolting dothi, fifteen per cent ad valorem ; Oa hair cloth and hair setting, thir ty per centum d valorem j On nurble, and all manufactures of marble, tKirty per centum ad valorem) 0i all ppr hanging, forty per en''4m ad valorem j On cicn -, f or nthe' miterid, th.rtv-fivr pertrn'i'm H v,i-l4r-m f on all cihcr latrt, twrlvr and - btlf per centum ad valorem ) On lead, in pig,, or .luct, two cents per pouud j O.i Ua Irn hot, three and one half cent p.r pound On red or white lead, drv, cr grouuJ in oi', four rent p' r p. u d ; On BnieN, Turkey, a-'I Wtiion carpets and carpeting, fifty cents prr square arJ t On all Venetian and inra'n rar pets and carpeting, twcuty-five cer.ts per square yard j On all other kind of carpets and carpeting, of wool, fl it, lu mp, or cot ton, or parts of either, twenty cents per qiare yard j On oil cloth carpeting, and on oil cloths, of every description, a duty ol 'On afl"ofr",,,ID td ,)Tm I trv. an,i n" CarP-ta and carpeting. .k.ri.. Tvr f-niinn an vaiorru : Oo hemp, at me ratrr-xnrrt-ttr- rc ( r .1 .. c.. dollars por ton; On tarred ca'.iles aod cordage, four rcnis ntr pound t O-i untarred cordape, yarn, iwmr, pack thread, and seiues, five cent per r . . ... Pound' . . j On cotton baling, tnree cents am. three fourths ol a cent per square yard ; n.. imn. in har orbo!t, not manu factured, in whole or in part, bv rul - ing, ninety cents per hundreu anu . . . t twelve pounds 1 On round ir n, or braziers rod., of three fcixieentlis to eight sixtecuis of an inch diameter, inclusive t inf. on iron 1 in nail or xpike rods slit $ and on iron, in sheet, and hoop imn ; ai.u on iron, slit or rolled, for band iron,'dred weight ; scroll iron, .or casement rod;-, three cents per pound j On iron spikes, tour cems per Pound. .. L. ... On iron- naili, cut or wrouijiu, cents per pound ; On tack, brads, and sprigs, not ex- ceedine sixteen ounces to the thou- a I .1 airrl fiv- ents net thausaua ; e xt ing sixteen ounces to the thousand, I five cents per pound j iron orsteel wire, not exceed ing number eighteen, five cents per pound j over number eignteen, nine cents pc pound ; OnBcpaare-wtrer1.wa,n .-otjn-inu-frture of stretchers for umbrtlla's, twelve ntr centum ad valorem ; . S . On anvils and ancnors, tyvo n per pound ; On iron cahlesor chains, or parts .u...r Ur-p rent ner pound : and men.", ... 1 I ' no drawbacks shall be allowed on the exportation of or parts On mill cranks and mill iron, of wriyght iron, four cents per.pound; TV:-.!! AJ tl L jn mm saws, one uouar eacn j -On Wsckim ith!a h amm rs ntf rlg es. two ;md a half cent oer pound : On muskets, one dollar and fifty cents per stand ; On rifles, two dollars and fifrycents each 1 On all other fire arm, and on side arms, thirty per centum ad valorem j u uMORlj 'V. a TUB8PAY, JUXIpi 163 . . . . u.. .'.-Vlra and reipinisi i ...,dltt a of Iron or ic...u....7 r- valorem - ii;.. wood screws, thirty per cent aiale-Untt Oa vessels of cast Iroa. nt oher. wise specified, one and a half ccott per a pouna On all other castings of iron, not specified, one cent per pound ) On all vessels of copper, thiny-five per centum ad valorem j On auilli. Drrparrd or msnufactur. rd, twenty-lire per centum ad valo rem On states and tiles, for buitdinr twemv-five ner tenf. ad valorem t On black lead pencil, forty per ceot. ad valorem ; On tallow candles, five cests per po'.tid ) On ipermaceti candles, eigSt cents per pound Oo soip, four cents per poun! Oo lard, three cents per pou'iJ On wtiiai, tvutv.fitr teat per iiut'rii On oat, ten cents pernubrl; On hrt fl .ur, filtv ceots Drr hr. dri d weight j On potatoes, trn ceuts perbj-1 ; On ci-al, six cer.ts per heStd lash- i t w On fork, twelve cent per p'in l j Un pru. rile and other sm i.tmp irr, of stuff or naukcen, tstnt -five rnt per pair ; l.icnl b.K)ts or Uxjteei ore dol lar nttr cent per pai' j Oo imsetd, r-p seed, ind emp r- d oil, iwriity-fir cents per g:lioi ; Un caior oil, lurty tcntt p r gat un ; ( r Am K-t anil "iinlrr imnnrlcd in bo. lie', twenty cents urr Ballon t it imported o'hcr'iise than in bottles filtern ce-'ts pt-r pall'.' j On beef and pork, two cents p ncr r l ' - 7 " ve cent per pound On vineir, eight cent per alUir j On alum, two d. liars and fifty centi per hunnreJ neigh' j On rr fined saltpetre, three cent pe pound ; On blue or Roman vitriol, fan cents per pound , Oo oil of vitriol, three cents p e r nnund ! () i Glauber salts, two cents per lp - und; On Epsora salt, four cents per poun:l On camphor, crude, eight cents pel pourd ; On ca-nphor, refined, twelve cents per pound 5 On copperas, two dollar, per nun- Kin VyiVCUUC iiruui, fifteen cents per pound ; O i ginsrer two cents per pound , O.i chocolate, f ur certs per pound ; On currants and figs, three ceots per pound ; On plum, prunes, and Muscatel raisins, and raisin in jars and boxes, four ; ents per pound On all other rai link, three cents per pound; fin w ndow P USS. 001 aoovc cium inches by ten inches 10 sizr, three dol lar. r.r hnnHred sauarc fvet : not 1 ta Q v- a 1 t above ten inches by twelve inches in size, three dollars and fifty cents per jriy lci 1 1 s pii TTHhrvve-terl I hundred square feet ; and it nove ier inches by twelve imhes in size, foT a Tlaok dollars per hundred square leet ; in vided, That all window gla?, inyo'-- ted in pla-es, uncut, shall be chfgea ble with the highest rate of dut; here by imposed. O , bin k ho.1es. nof ccced ing tne ii.uty ol one qiiirt, two dol lars per grqee; 0.. bottle exceeding one quart, and not-mere- trian two quarts, two dollar andJiynts per ceeding one gallon, thrie dollars per grore; On -demijohns, tweoty-five cents e;.ch ; On nnntheraries vial. 'of the cap- ' f , j cityflf four ounces and less, one dol lar per erosst on the aame. above bur ounces, and nat exceedinr eieht Uu per troce i n ., . eul tt... not 1Dr. three cents cer pound, and. in other article! of tU. two per pound,' and, io additioo r reto, an ad valorem duty of twenty Jrctotumj ba all books, which the Importer fy make it satisfactorily appear to Collector of the port at which the - shall b entered, were printed Preyi 'to the year one thousand vhundred and seventy-five j and also,U all books printed in other Ian guapahaa Kngli-h, four cents per oIume,xcepi b(.ks printed in Latin or (rcrkyin all look printed in La tin or Ork, when bound, fifteen ens per p,und j when not bound, thirecn crntsprr pnuud On a.'l oih.r iKKik. whtn bound, thir.v e :nti nr i Tiund t when in sheets orVnids. twrmv-ix cents per pound ; On fulio and uua.ttposl paper, of a.1 ktftd. twentv rents per pound t Vn fooluap atd all drawing anu wriunK paper, scveoteeo cents per ,,,' paper, ten ecus per unJ, - ' . . . - l..n.liV and urintinff. rni.u . .1 . . . Un Shtattil. g pap, ' " Ih,x Uards, and wrapping paper, ol -il kind., ihee cent per pound 1 , On all other paper, hlieeo ten., a . .... llf n,r A duty ol twelve anu , centum ad valorem on .11 articles not herein specified, and now pay.og a . r ' a half per centum duty - c A valorem, -iihthe exception o pa tent adi.eivc felt, f-r covering ship . .wk .hall be admitted free f duty, until Jone tmrtitt , .1 Jiu. K.lrrfl ar.d twentv-MX t sano riyn . , , 1 Src. 1. And ve jw"' nJMHjnn-irr .... , That an addili shall be made to the sever. I rate. o. . r Mian - , j . - L...k.. imnmril unon the sever ClUlirs nm; r . . t .l. al articles aforesaid, which, after the ,aid respective time for the com of the duties hereby impo sel. n..i of the United aratt : rw ded, rhulTirisddiricmStll-it-be applied to articles imported in ships l- t I o . r vessel, not ol the UO'Ud otatcs, entitled bv treaty, or by any act of Congress, to be admitted on payment f the Mine duties that are paid on like anirle imported in ships or ves- m I of he l7nited State. Src. 3. And be it further enacted, Th.t there shall be allowed a draw back of the duties by this act imposed up n the exportation of any articles i iat shall have paid the same, within the lime, aud in the manner, and sub let to ihe provision and rentricuons, prescribed in the fourth section of the act, ei.titled An act to regulate the d'lties on imports and tonnage, n pas sed the twentv-eventh dav of April, one thousand eight hundred and six teen. Sfc. 4. And be it further enacted, That the drabick allowed by law on r,lin sillc cloths, shall be allowed, al though the said cloth, before the ex portation thereof, shall have been col oured, printed, stained, dyed, stamp, ed, or painted, in the United States. But, whenever any aus!i cloths, so im ported, shall be intended to be soco1- u red, printed, stained , dyed, sta m p ed. or painted, and 'liter w aids to i be ' imported from the United States, with oriv'ilerre of drawback, each package (thereof shall, before the same" shall be """' - delivered-frm-thc- pubJictareisjjM it I I opened and examined by an inspector of the customs, and the contents . mere. -nf measured or weiched. aud the quality thereof ascertained, and a sam ple ol each piece tnereoj rcscrvru .u the Custom House ; and a particular account or registry ol sucn exarnina tion, describing the number of pieces in each package,' their wtight'or met thcamplc thereof reserved, shall be entered in the books of the cuAtoa,.houMj.4ndilur uch m; ination, said goods shall be repacked in the original package, and the said original package ahull, he mrked with a custom house mark. And whenev er anv such good, being thus couler ed, printed, stained, dyed, stamped, or painted, shall be entered at the cus- NO. 211. um house fyr e pon-tion aad draw back, tht ' lame shall be ao entered la the original package, narked si aiore said, and not otherwise, unless, the peraoo, si entering the lame, shall nlvai ajiiiarrorv rvidPC to the toU . lector or cir A ciTucr, r i ne t.f them, a a a a that uih rirlginal paekgf ns ixta lu.t or flrstrivrd Wv .rul-nt 1 and tus such applicstloo for drawback shall U made, except oa me cantcms ci tmui packaresi and, upon application for a a a S . 1 ...a. such entry and urawo-xi, tne comcnn nf the ri.fl aires, so offered, shall be examined by an inspector of the cus mm.. and measured or weighed, aod compared with the original entry, re- gistry, and aampiesf mu such comparations and full examina tign, the collector shall be satisfied that the contents of esch packsge are the same identical goods imported and re gistered as afotcaid, and not cnanea or altered, except by being coloured, printed, stained, dyed, stamped, or painted, as aforesaid, then the person, so entering such gods, hall be ad mitted to the oatn prescrinen y iaw, to be used in cases of application for exportation of good for the benefit of drawbaik, and sh.ll thereupon be en titled to drawback, a in other cases J the regulations and formal.n, ifflVt tufore establ.hed. lor ci Rou. for exporutioo; with the benefit of drawback. And if any penon shall present, for exportation and d'a Uv coloured, printed, .tamed, dyed, stamped, or painted silk doth, know ,ng the name not to be ent-tled to drawback, atcorumg ro ...: 1 f this act, or shall wilfully mi.repre- ent or conceal the content or 4..-..,7 ..f any packages as aforesaid, the aaU r . J ..I.Mll llf Roods, so prcsenira or c - drawback, shall be forfeited, and may h- aeiltd bv the collector, .!' - - . forfeiture diitti- l.-.-.i m case. outee., . ... That the existing laws shall extepu ' and be io force lor, tne coueu ... ,he duties imposed by this act, for he ntctulijnJindunirhmenl of all of- df4ribulion. and .. rrmissio". of jj fines, penalties, and forfeitures, as ful ly and effectually as if every regnla tion, penalty, forfeiture, provision, clause, matter, and thing, to that ef fect, in the existing laws contained, had been inserted in, and re-enacted by thi act. Stc. 6. And be it further enacted, That the provisions ol the second sec tion of the act of Congiess, entitled An act 10 regulate the duties on im ports and tonnage," approved April twentv -seventh, one thousand eight hundred and sixteen, shall extend nud enure to the benefit of schools and colleges within the U- ited StatcF, or - ... ..t.r.fl nl . r the territories thereof, iu the same manner, and under the like limitations and restrictions, aa is provided in said ait, ith respect to seminaries of learning. II. CI.AY, Spe.ker of the Hoime of Representatives. JOH N f. AIM. A 111), 1 President of die Senate pro. tem , Wathinfton, Mini, 22 18J4. Approved JAMES MOMIOB. Stute of North-Carolina, ClBAHHl'S COUNTY." ' flOl'HT of Hlei ami Quarrer Sessions, April Hll- Cul.-U P." Alexander. i ih James I'icken; orij,Hn:l attacliincnt, levied oa lan.U, Lc. It appearmj; io the Court tligt the defendant in tins c.r is not an inhabitant of tins tKte, it is therefore-Ordered, that piib.ic.a- . ... ..... 11 t .. lion De inane inree n.niiiiii 111 me irrminn n- tliuilUlt gii0liiia!viJL(ld! .1... ,. 4 i' 111..,, u an.) fluarlMf) SL.KH't . . . . ... . ii . f..- to be bold for said county, at the court-house in Concord, 011 the third .Monday of July next, to replevy, iil ad, or demur, otherwise judgment final will lie en tred a'aint him, and execution awarded atcordinRtv. , lest : DANIEL COLEMAN, e. c. e. Price adv. . it'16 HV Wit 11- I V.UIII 'l I IV mo :. -iiltll -v - State of Nortli-Caroliua, W'll'KfS COV'XTT. ttOt til if Mcm nmi uuancr esnww, .way o,iKMiHlitf:hincnt, IcVied 4m I wo tractwrjaiul.. ?. .......!...- .,. 1 1., -ran rl ' Uiat tlie dtlelldallt 11 aup"oi.i., v.. .... . - ---- that publication be Di"c inr inrrr Western L'aroVmtar,, thiit 1heUfemlant apfwar at Me next county court to be held for ihe ce. in ly ol jVilke. atie court-house in V .Ikesboro . tin the nt Monday in Angnstnext. artil replevv and ph'ad to issue, or ju.lfeitiet d! be entered airainat Uiia for phmtill 's demnnd. it 1 k Ti. U. MA1U1N,c. w.c.a. n-mjjimaimtt, 1 7 tf 1 1 - i 1 i in HI I; h'l t M; y I e i A t.

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