North Carolina Newspapers

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fcewewt, fcaa tWite p
JM-, hmb recollected that the eon.
mii Mcncx Lkb took place U W.lcJh
bet hn,vanftdri the afpoovuivent of Jet.
aftui at the eneuing Auguat election, t eseet
gala la lUWgfc ! November Mil, to crplrt
tJto work. Te that the rtspectWe count
tourte ahould eppoiat Inepetlwri lo attend the
polk of, U eaaci where they have neglected
10 to do, the county eonoitteei should mike
The ftttmf of NofiS-CPoCn will surely
pet m rata, their tlforta in (hi ell important
ork, elee having- brought it so near comple
tion. Should they do eu, they would, in den
km, b likened unto U man ia tlic fable, who,
after having, with immense toil and labor, rotlc4
stone up steep ascent, carelessly luosencd Ilia
hold, end permitted It to roll do a again.
Within the past year, We perceive that the
people of Virginia have also caught the spirit
of reform, and are mw In a fair ay to bave
cownlioe called. The Virginia Legislature,
at itt lait ftroMon, did what our Legislature hate
laayt refuted p do they let the quest'.! II go
to the people, "Contention, or nof onvrMion F
The result of the Vote, at far U ascertained, ia
fjvro( a convention, by an overwhelming
majority. Contrary to what haa herrUifure
been customary, Virginia, on this occaaion, i
fiUrwt'f M but if our fneiult in the r'aal do
not rclai their opposition, alie mv otitairip ua
intbe aaJutary work of rrform. At will be teen
by hi letter heretofore puLHahed in tb papw r,
the iIlutriouf Jrfrrttn ia openly and warmly r
Conventioih not only admitting the juaiirf,
but urging the necrtaity of the mcawirc. He
duet not partake of those idle fears, bich seem
ao much to alatn some of our fi icrula in the
East, that the people will defray themsrKrsM
J fear they certainly are, if, in mli'v, they
art entertained, which we can hardly bel'.i e.
It if the doctrine of the " llolv All ancr."
that the people ire unfit to jrorern thrmsrlrrt ;
ai.d the Lifiern fiJki are actii g on the same
1f-rrx...'a.Kym. fsve
n wont enemic.H
Yft will only add, that it it wnru tilk'u
nua, to suppose that s free people, in the pres.
CM day of Tight a'd Itioahdgr, will dn any
thing to injure thrmselvri: and evrn if tliry
aliotild do it, thry have a riht to dispose of
them. Ives u tbi y plcane.
At a General Court Martial of the officers of
ie 1st Kit an regiment of North-Carolina Mi
Iilia, eurftem d in the town pi 8alibury, on Fri
day, the 11th day of June, 1IW4 after the busi.
nesa pertaining to their official capacity had
been concluded, it was, on aupprstion, agred
that the sentiments of the officers on the Pres
idential question be taken. Som conversation
ensued as to the menner of proceeding, snd it j
having "been settled that the vote be taken vita
vece, the result was aa follows :
For Gen. Andrew Jackon, 63
Hob. John Q. Adums, 13
Hon. Wm, II. Crawford, 3
Hun. De M itt Clinton, 3
Ifou. laingdon Chevrs, 1
Resolutions were thereupon offered, and adop
ted, nem, can. in the words folios ing, to wit :
m Rmlivil, by the officers of the 1st Rowan
regiment of North-Carolina militia, in General
Court Martial assembled. That, while it ia with a
proud satisfaction we ace ao many eminent citi
zens of our country, whose merits and talents
hare designated them as candidates for the most
distinguished honors of the Republic, we view
the age, the political experiences the "military
eervices, snd the incorruptible integrity of Gen.
Undrew. Jack-ton, as more signally claiming our
support for the Chief Magistracy of the nation,
than any other candidate now before the public.
"Itenhed, That we will use 9nr best exer
tions to Mctrretheeleetlon of the Pnpkr Tirkti,
in opposition to the eauevi ticket believing that
the success of the former would be a triumph
of the people, while that of the latter would in
dicate a prevalence of political intrigue dcro
r to the character of a free people."
Ti . Camd. and Pres. Court Mar.
T"t : pHI10 W.,t, Advocate
r.n.n u,Urdajr' Ma7 29th' at muster of
BcaL'JT'8 con,Pa"y' ve
.ucattie Ford. I. nroln mt. s.
aur,-A : :.,.t. ::t": "
t"HJr wnn regard to the next President.
theCvnC,0mpany,beinS drawn int line,
me vote was air. .
- i.Hii , wocn mere were
orJacksons 7,
For Crawford, 3
"tha rlVT U the more """peeled, and
me more -l. " .
nd good sen.- r Ti "'"""cnce
s ther "w?tf'hnpany, inasmuch
rearc within the, bound, of that
- yu.uic io mo inaepenacnce
tomptor uter.lwirm prtlaMcf Mr
( Nwfudiha haft ttn .ctustorucd to
citrtiM conslJenhU lufluentt on iuch
rr.sloftl. IJut With rCgitd 10 th DH
IieJctml elccttt,tb j'.ptt Mem r
4,u4 to iMk 1r thtmulin. 'trt
they cMMe,ind io v ia 1
tf Bobodr. Whenever my on rmlj
,t;t. IIne,d.Lt tht tcoiI Mklnr ht
his Mr. Criwlord don 19 eotltU hint to
M Pieildtnt of tht United Suter It b
V-r r-HT-'iT thin on
CttiUoT hit Mom rhtuh t It..i ike
ills ftgl U Ji-i,
lar thi f ountif j all know 01 he 11 v
hoodi and ilaudcrt pfopKtecJ agilnM
him, because be standi In tht way of
designing faction, who seem resolved, If
possible, iu force Ir. Crawford upwrlhe
people President. Verily, they may
reap their reward. It hi been laid by
the friend tf Mr. Crawford, that, it the
members of Congresi have now returned
home, matter! will change, end the mem
ber! will persuade tht people to vote ai
they please. Uul we think the people
hite more independence than lobe led
h ihit manner. We think it more pro
bable that the people will convert the
membeia of Congress tt io favour of
(it n. Jackson, than that those gentlemen
should persuade the people to vole for Mr.
Cpwivrd. The people have a cogent
method of logick which thou gentlemen
find quite irresistible.
The matter ii now Mrlv to be teited,
whether the people of North Carolina
ill go for ( ravord and Caucnt,oi Jck
4H jtid Llbriljra-fur the d'n lalion nf irtell
ia, and men tee king oftkes, or for
the tights of the eo)le at home ; in fine,
for the couch Ucktt o: the Acte' Tuktt.
.trrat, 9lk Junt, Ifci.
Ml. White: Dclitir.K '.lut wu are
fiiMed to publish any thine favourable
to the election of (ien. Ja(kn,n ai t'resi
drn I have ben indu rd to s'ate the
foLowirig farts: On S4turd week Um
there wa a muster in tie neighborhood
of the I'liasant Gardens; the comp-nv
ronsisttd r f upwards of one hundred men,
beside! spectators i there was a request
nude by the Captain that a gentleman
precr.t should explain to the companv
whit the taucui was, Itc. The gentle
nun very briefly, though latisfactotily ,
explained the raticui principle, and show
eil whai wis intmdrd to be effected by
the last caucus at Washington, he. The
gentleman, among other rrirMrki, infor
med the compsny who Mr. (ai.L4ti m
ws.j and took occavion to v something
"".we rnenis ind claims of the respective
candidate, r..w n. it . tr...
proposed to take the vote of his company :
the result n as follows:
Andrew JjcAson, 113
W H. Cnwford, QO
J g. Adams, 00
CLy, Ditto.
At a company muster in the town of Charlotte,
Meckh-nburjr county, North-Carolina, on Satur-
,he I2,, m , ro,e WM ,,senon the Pre-
sidential question the result iu as follows :
... Gciu Andrew Jackson, 95
Hon. John Qui kv AJams, 38
Hon. William II. Crawford, 1
At a muster, about 8 miles north of Hillshoro'
Orant co'inty, in this state, on the 39th ult. a
vote was tukin on the Presidential question :
John Q. Ailnn.s got
Andrew JacksiHi
W o.. II. Crawford
Dan'u I Kuffner, Esq. of Kenhawa county, Vir
ginia, who was appointed b the Kithmoiid cau
cus, a committeeman to further the FJection of
Mr. Crawtord, has declined serving on that com
mittee, as he is opposed to all caucus intrigues j
he is in favor of Mr. Adams' election.
Artr Forir .Governor Yates has issu
i i n I . : . . A .. . r f m
ea nia rrniiamanin iu ivii.chc ...c r.
islature of New Yoik.on Mondav the 2d
day of August inx,lor the ftirpose ot
taking into considcraiion the propriety Ol
Iterine the mode ofchoosmc Mt.torsi)!
since expressed our confidence that rei
ther the-Governor. r.or the Legislature
would be able to hold out against the f.eo
tic of that lUte. Aa. Journal.
Irr parsctnee of th lato act on internal
improvement, the executive, n is saic,
has directed a lurvey ol tne propose
route of the Chesapeakejnd Ohio Canal,
to its termination on the Western waters,
and thence to Lake Erie. General Ber
nar is at the head of the Commission,
and Capt. Poussivand Mr. Suhitkh are
said to accompanyJ-
The ctisDursemems of the tily of New
York, taking the average of four years,
amounted to 683,99$ dollars annuullv,
:wnj'!J t he tiu rse m e n I a of the state, up-
amounted to 459.671 dollars annually.
in loi.o, tne total disbursements of the
great state-of Penpsylvania, were. estima
ted at 494.000 .; and during the same
year, the wealthy state of-. Massachusetts
only disbursed X122, 135 : while the cttv
oi xxew-jtom, lor the bUfcrecmg yfar,
paid from their treasury 860.278 collars,
r t set k . - . "
A Ut fVira Wytsm:a, !TrTl cis'y,
to the tA Anrt of the lUUigh tJl st
awietrr of one of the battaUae t 0e avUie
of fliywcwL a vote wsa take di frssidea-
a a m
lUl oirstio wtxatt app ae .ae .
aVrd perwne vol- i M Oe. jumuimlf
Mie maa fascbUd, anJ h4 wai fce . Callioua,
Mr. Lvr(e baa returned to the hsident the
purloined answer of tliat venerable if sgia.
trato to Gen. JatkaoA. Ihit U 1 VKeJ
aiow that it was Ike rightful prornj of Mr,
Monroe, and that Mr. towrWoi4 never to
bu a re Ce'e de'- aaat rt, tome
im we oer advise Mrf Wtfirni (t'lp
letters, ke. closely lucked eptakenex,
"dUtmguiahed iaitiviiluals ViVtblm,y j,tf.
take of bis hospitality, but eke arc ol ,lllt,
in the camp."
Ky ettracU in tolsy'a paper, It 0 be n
that (ioV. Yates, of Nsw.Yofk, ku Uued a f
kunatioa, calling cm the meatbera of the IsgV
Uture of that lute, to bold an eitre srwion, oA
. i. . J . . . m l!.. . .1
the 3d ef A a gnat nest. The object of this ri
treordJnarjr call of the fogtaature, the (.". ai
lege, Is to rt store to the people the choice of
electors of President and Vce President, the
fgiilature having chosen tbem I a number of
years past. Our readers will recoiled, that ibn
aarne flovernor, in his measure to the fsgiils
tore, at their hurt session, dicouraged f vinr, to
the people the right be ia niw so aniioua they
should enjoy,
The sloop of war Peacock, Capt. Car
ter, was struck with lightning, af ki,
April 33, in !it. 39, longitude 13. The
fore acwl! were srrrckae, and
four aeanien kitted. Se serai otiei s were
hadlr burnt, but were e spotted toon to
recover. franklin Goittte
Grirral Cuffrmre Te Methodist
lienenl t'onfTeme, which Jil isern
bled h bil'imorc. elected fir Ret. Jth
lie Sour, od the Hev. hlija i iiadmif. as
Bii hops in the Mrtho'it. l.mopal
Chuith; aho. the Hiv. Nithn Hangs.
nrl the Hev Dr. tinory.'W'k k'e.nts, to
reside in Ne York ; and thr Hev. Mr
tin Nuier, book acnt, to icaide in Cin
cintuiii. 1
A new weekly work callld the " Ccto
mul Advocate,'' has Leen commenced at ,
Quecnston, Upper Cu.nada.and is tube
forwarded prituiiouilr to seveial dis'in
guivhed individuals in Frame. F.ngljnu,
the Colonies, and the United States
Among those to whom they ate vdiires
sed in the United Stales, are i.e Pttai
dent, Vice PieMdent.and Messrs. Ai'an.s.
Governor Di val, d Ftoilda, has re
ceived instruction from the Secretary ol
War, to aelecl and send to Washington,
some of the most distinguished Chiefs cf
the Florida Indians, on a vis.ii to tbc
The fifteenth and sixteenth Cantos of
Dn Juan, have been published in Lon
don- I hey are said to be to destitute of
any talent, that it is now senouslv doubt
ed whether they can proceed from the
pen of Lord Btkow.
The last Number of f" umir JILga
me, contains a Review of a Poem in the
French Language, in ten Cip'os, called
Xupol on, attributed to Joeph Kon
MUTE, and published, it it uui. in Phil
adelphit. It is vpoken of as containing
some occasional ijood thoughts, but. as
being, on the whole, a prosait o-poeiieal
histoiy of the late F.mperor.
Cotton, 14 to 15 ; flour, fine, 4; sni riine,
4 25 a 4 50; a heat, SV cents; whiskt-v, 3J a
32 s neach brandv. 55 a 6; apple do. io to 55 s
wm.to45,bac..n,Ca;aah , I urU Idand,
. ......i . i.u .,.,r m
c04,d0t9i a coffee, prime, green. 22to .'3.
, 2ti , 3dquali',20a22i tea,hvon, ?,1 20 a 1
20; fiaxseed, 75 a 8 ) cs; tallow, 6; beeswax,
31 3.'i nee jj toe p.-r iw.i imn. ? o j ,,r.
pr. cwt.
Cotton, S. Island, 2.1 to 30, sin .1 do. 14 to
1; siaine OO., t .o ... -
ole. 144 a 164 Whiakey SSaaOcts
; iiacon, o a y
ri . llama. 10a 11 : Lard. 10 104 Hhi!k'"'K.
dtTind tnTcrnessr(4i rne,)-4i-w-iii-ofl
Prime Green, 20 aO J Inf to goo.1, 17 a 1.
North-Carolina Bank Bills, 2 a 3 per"1
dia.t Georgia Bank Bills 1J a ?f per cer '
Cape Fear and Newbern, 4 a 4j per ce- U1S-
Csfianr. There has been much anio1"'"
the Cotton market this week, ad -w'
advance our quotations w puv;" "
a Iof ccmii wnicti is a cent lithe pound i
W advance our -quotations of pUvn 10 J
over former ratei. Thii impmvnent, both in ';
nrice and deman.l. haa Kn ncAinnil bv the !
fiimness evinced bv holders of lite ' article in
Europe-; the certainty, which nlv appears to .
eiist aa to the deficiency of our ps; the con-
6f exchanire all unitinir toeetl. they
' togetlif, tuey iiave
imparted a life and act Why not bare witnessed
in some week , ., I . '
Cheating At the spring lerm of the
Superior ( otirt of Petersburg W a man
by the name of Joseph Sane, was con
victed of cheating at cards, aid sentenced
to 12 months' impiisonmentb jail, and lo
pay a fine of 40 dollars. ' L
ft a 4 eW h kit AUh it 4
' uir In Ctnfrr.l,
I ka fu wtsl, my blythssome blatda,
Ye wi' the Ac4 ar heme haa U.J,
Or ca'J him kindly to your aid
, 0 fie upoa vm
tTt ridicule that honeat Lad,
Our member Jonny,
I'm lure he ae'tr yet anekt ye akalthi
He ha been true, and falthfu' baitb i
fe kt to wrong him, should be Ui'h,
IJy wonl or Wtter
l"or glir j I looae LI m,on my aith
YH ft no betur.
Wi' a' your canting, quti an' fun.
Ye ken na harm that he has done i
Kjdcnt an' study a the s-ia "
Has been hie course j
And should )ou cbsnge Urn, youtl get one
That may be worse,
You say at anlinr '"'s na cannie,
Awl etss ilie l i iivwth auW Barney,
Xu he., fwf t or money i
III.', jcn'rc mtakeni
fie never yet nked help ol mv
To save b s fl scon.
've had)0'ir VI ilhe, ' "' Charlie
Mi'V, ehile Uv did tmr us firly,
Au' f,'d te phsK ua. Lit in' ri'iv
John d'inr (.iit) the ssme t
An' tho )ou often baste him rly,
He's as to btali t.
Your fteot'ish Isre, je hae so mao'd it,
I doubt he timia unh ratand it.
fie is na tollman, aor nsnr such i
Rut gif you're udt-a, are wrote to please him,
To nlagiip, to puiir, or to lasliru,
Uie l to hiuj. OCIft time, in uuicn.
Br an arrival from llvre, (France) at
New-Yoik, information had been renived
that Georgia culton hvl risen in price
A cit'iien of lUndolph" ii received, and shall
be attended to.
In Burke county, on the 8ib inat. by Cyrus
P. Conntllv, Mr. auiv Htwman to Miss
.7iiuA ButUtt, daughter of Juahua Balluu,
1. all of said ci-unt).
In Imfcll county, on the 3l instant, by Vim.
King, fat). Mr. ium M'L'i-mack, to Miia
II Hen Cray
1)1 K II,
On Saturday, the ith mat. in Rowan
of a lingering sickness, Mary June lime, )oung-
tst daughter nf 1r. Wm Ituie, late fmm Moore
cvunti.aged scen years and three months.
She departed this life calm and serene, having
h.v.H--Y .ioTnrrtiTarl(ing ter)outh, alie
appesred to nsta correct views of the im
mortality of the aoullhat 'he soul would ei
ist bijoinl the wrtik of mal'rr ami ih crush
of aorkls. Such are 'he peculiar blessinvs of
i n
j (iopel light.
" llcr soul wsi made of s Pitea ; and ber tongue
" Was s it and gentle aa her soul."
June 1 ?, lrf?4. ioirii tTin.
Near (H-rmsnton, Stokes count i, on the 14th
ult. Isaac Dslton, r.sq. in the 65ih tear ot his
At Montgomery, Alahama, on the 16th April
hurt, Mr. Ckarlet Pram-font, brother of the ac-
cretar) of the tr aur) , aged about 47 vrars.
On M'ediK.-sdv tnoming W, at the rtsidrnce
..r'l . f ...... r -
... iiviii. irr.rrrux, C.SO. in HSU'lpI, Ol 111111'
mation of the bain, Mrs. Rebecca lladirer, cm-
. "
sort of Judge Radgt r, and daughter ol the late
Gov. Turner.
A Stolen Letter !
ilVF, Iiunili"t .L,ll, r-u.l -:n t- : -
huill'l''' 'Lilly Mal
X F ftir ai.v iiilcirniation that uut lead to the
detection of the Our mho s'olc a k-tter, written
durinif the rsion of the last legislature, direct
ed to a n.enibcr ot im lamilv, and p lire I in the
post-oftice in Haleigh, directed to Charlotte.
An infamous stul unprincipled scoundrel, hav-
, "1 " 7 1 . '
ng the exterior, and claiming to himself the
ciJu,Mmi) rc4c(,r,
uill be aaare of 'he grounds upon which nv
susiiriois have arisen. '1 he letter is at present
in ni) pJsscimion.
n'Jrmttd, 12M June, 1824.
Bar Iron and' Costings.
rpHK undersigned has for sale, at his Fur-
nace, a complete assortment of Jfir Iron.
km CattiiiFi ; which he will barter for such
-collnlrv .)nMlllc(. WM,,A ,he Mm-
as heretofore. W hen cash is paid to the amount
of five dollars, or upwards, a discount of one-
. ,... ., . . .' . ... . "
fifth vrilThe made oil wii-TrpivmefiT:
Yetuviut Furnace Jut 15, 18'.'4, 4itl4
State of North-Carolina,
OURT of I'less and Quarter Sessions May
- - "
Conner , Ornirinal atturhmem, iriurnt, t. it
term, Ia!4. John rieshit,. rt. l.harle I)
i8 ordered by the court, that the detendant, j
fulm is not an inhabitant of this Stale) nk Ins
n IIIOHUIIHIll Ul una Jiani .iiv
i,r..i... ti.. nut t.-rm f thiH r.nirt. i
answer miltJ
to be hi Id for the count) 'aforesaid, at the court-
house in Statesvillc, on the third Monday in
riie.. plau:t .Ml be
iitraespariC7ann - - ivejtiMicmTwi - w..Kwf
It is further ordered, that tins notice be pub.
lished for three months in. the Western Caro
linian. Test": - R. S1MONTO.V, CVk.
Price adv. g4. -' " t'-23
Forte Piano, for ale.
A FIRST rate second-hand Piano, is offered
for sale, very low. For terms, &c. apply
Mhburp, Ft. 16, m. 4
Ill HATt' It HAY'S MAI la.
new voai, Kit 10-Weire favored
with Gibraltar pijxrs to the 1st of My, '
inclusive, krouitht by the Pharos. Koth
ing is m!J in ibtm respecting tht aSalrt
at Algiers. '
Count Bourimmt, commander of tht '
French troops in Npln, left Madrid on tht
30th of April, for Pail. -
oifaLTAi,araiL 3 6-A convention,
relative to the continuance of tht French
Iroopt in Spain, was allied at Madrid en
the 9th fit February list, by tht Spenlsh
Mili. t, Fi.r.ien AlUi and iht
TTehch AmSsanor, rtrr-remi vyw.
Catholic Majesit n the 27th of the imt
month. The Convemionchlelly atipulatcst
That his Most Chtistian Majesty, la
king Into cbe side rat ion the losses sustain
ed by Spain, undertakes to maintain hii
troops at his own eipensertht Rpenlih
flovernment merely paying bt diffarenct
between the peace and the wir establish
ment, which haa been calculated to
amount, for the whole of the troops left
in Spain, to two millions of francs tr
month, to allowed from tht firit of Ut
ccmbcr, 1833.
WHt0T0. It'll U.
The C'.mmlrirr fnvttiigatitn has been
assiduously engaged, sinre our last, in tho
eiminiiiiof great number of witnesses,
in relation to the ma'.ters rrlcricd lo
It is sVid that the most clear and posi
tive proof iiat dvrn edd'iced, showing that
I'Mtni of considerable sum of mooes eete
nude by the Se. rttsri of the l'reiurv,
ir. I8T.J. seetl of the bnks In the
vl t ,S M'. an.
t)J part of wh.. hanot been yet tf
pai l ; and that a prt of what rrmains un-
pull. H IS ascervaiiico, i
ripaid at all-
Aa. Journal.
Mr. Cravonr, hr-ilih We are infor
med by a gen'lenwn who visi-ed Mr.
Crawford yesterday, that he la much
We have the pleasure to stite, that tho
health of Mr Crawford haa materially
improved within the last ten or twelve
days, and is now better than it has been
for some months past. Dr. Patter, a
sery eminent medical gentleman of Balti
more, has visited Mr. Criwford'several
times. On his first interview', he pro-
nounccd him to be in no danger j on hii
list, that he was Iree trom Disease, aim
with nothing but debility to recover from,
which he is in a fair way of doinj.
Ml. InleB.
Fjtmet tfa letter tf a grntlrwnn in PUI.nUI
fluu, iUard " .uaaia, Aprd 27ih.
"Gen. LaFavrtte has concluded logo
lo the United Statri. T he old gentleman
says he i: at a loss to express his feelings
iijkvi the occasion. He, however, de
clines the honor of going in a national
hip, and will tak iasa;c in one of tho
H ue Packets. !! is not quiie certain
i whit time Ir will tmliatk, hut I think
some time in June o- July."
Phiiadttfih a Gazette.
On Friday evening, the 4th inst. n mee
ting of the fri r(i l Mr. Aaiams his
hoi 'en at the Si. itc house, ii Newport, fur
the purpose ol orgaiiiz.iion to promote
the lection of Mr. A. lima. The mee-
,mk3 attended br persona from everf
! . . itr
town in the sta;e, Vcterl excepted.
khode-lsland paper.
The call of the New-York Legixlaturo
makes the fiuek Tail hiv their heads
use wutea ciob.iges. 1 heir faces look ai
blue as the blue lights of the Hartford
Convention..- .SatiomU Democrat,
Captain Chattoh, of the schooner
Expiess, arrived here this morning m 14
days from Jamaica, reports, that account!
had been received at that place from the
Spanish Main, bringing information that
Lima und Callao had both fallen into the
bands of the Royalists. The Royalist
force was computed at about 9000 men,
being 2000 more than the force of the
Patriots. Another engagement wai short
ly lo take? place and fears were enter
tained of the defeat of the Patriots.
Bait. Pat.- 9ih intt.
Wc-undcrctamLlhat Judge Vaw Nyss,
of New York, declines accepting the of
fice of rvtinh Auditor of the Treasury,
to which he was lately appointed.
Aatienal Intell.
Orders have been received at Norfolk
. - r . a k . at t im
irom in. " . '
immediate eouiDment oflhr. Nohth Ca It-
A 74 .()W y ln at ,nat ard, (0 be
- ,
r . . . -f-1 t
reaov for sea in ninety das. . The ob
ject ol luting out vessel is not Known ;
but rumour, which is always ready to
solve-all-ilOAiblful . qgsstioas, says, she h
biinging to th'iS United States tne Mar
finis l.Vr AYRTTE. -
To Journciiien Sliotiinakers.
IWJSlf o employ. a few"joumeym'en Shoe
muktrs, immedi-tely i good wages arid stea
dy employment will bo given.
Cinvrd, Mot 24, 1824. '09
' i

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