North Carolina Newspapers

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Wlf rii!RM.
1tYrWr art f.W ami Uut)' brv
Cat aim Hit ptlir ri m t
Ami love can break lu youthful vow,
.Aadicfaf tirtte'itWr.
Yc ll U lru i tht worU can ehsnft .
And kindred Mm! ffft
'Jln4 tome bteoint a dwell'mf stranjo
-Jk borJ yf nrr"
Yrs4t U tni the flowers of nor
Mjr pcruii m their bloom,
Ami glowinf hands I be pah nujr slop,
That ends tut la lb tomb.
Tat, t hankies world, I fer thee not
Nor shall spirit bend i
Tor wbataot'tr mar be mj lot,
Mmu shall bt my fiWnd. C.
the Btoi.Di.No wife.
Ifotm thuniltf howl, bl-it I'Jf Utlvi rf ntsbta,
A fain tht an e I ixtan daalua,
fnb, iky and art, Art waur, air.
Like H V Irlth, at Fir,
Art ail efat;ed In one frtii clatter,
And every partklt of matter
term airing wild with every other,
To make o unhertal pother!
Tlir rre-t fVjc rent, the rliMm displays
All Pluto's r gio'i't in blue j
Clbikkt( bc tplil the pole to ) live ft,
And til tin toUr i) item ijivrri !
Put Minl),il. tu' eli mci ! strife
ll naught, cutitruti'l with kvibivo win?
Juit to ber fpvue chJiI not betlow
One rut of mow ben he died :
Hit lift bad many flow,
Hiaf t! the briny i..iint it dried.
VI 1 i -
Graphic Kalridoienf.r.Kn invention of
fftret impnnince in tht arts, and piirtiru
jrljr in bank note enrnvin, h Ltelr
bn perfected br Mr. William J.
Stori, of Wrhineron, br ttbich an ei d-
lc rarirtjr of fijrurtt fun be produced, !
in a munncr thai f bcliere to br tnimi
Ubl. Wt ctnr't grive Iht reader bet-
ter idra of the r ylir powr r of ti.i. ma
chine! than to compare it to a Kaleido ,
copr, in nrmnig comWnationt ol the !
mot bnutifu! (! jurc i that can be imnn'in- t
ed. Thrr nre forrrrd of one continued
line, crowing and entangling themultei
in the rirhi tutietv.
Thit tj prtij it crrrnrKrd of two cr-
' IlndrM.nn thn nnr-fic nf wlicH Iricr ar ;
ittachrd, tuth inorerable !ulcrutrl anci, j
as the c linden pan and rrpati each
o'her, thejr thift the fulcrum in the evo- '.
lutioni.whichirive motion to anoihrrlevrr ;
of ainpular construction ; nothing tnat
we are acrj'Jiinted wirh, in ll-r nlr cir
cle of the arta. preent uch a !firmio'jble
ohtacle to to forprry ; ati(! f mc .-suicci
by the inventi r hfrrnclf, that no tw ma- (
chinea of tl'i 'eacription Can ever pro j
dure 'hr trne work.
Here, then i' i probMde, it the deidrr- i
atnm o lone wugit for by the hank of Kn- .
ghnd, and for hirh so tempting a premi-
m hat been ofTerrd. The inrmtor, e
ax told, It ai confident of l ie utility of j
hit ditcorry. that ho intend to repair to
I.on.Un, for the pn' poe of sunmittiiiK it
forintpection in that metropolit.
1 1Vah. Gaz.
A writer thus tlrsctibci her ter.dcr-
every thing clispleasrd me j when eve
ry object w;ts dhgtJftinn hrn mv
luffering h id destroyed sill the energy
and vigor of my soul j hen gi iff had
ihut'from my streaming eyes the beai
ties of nsittire, nod remit red the v hole
universe a drrary tonl; the kind at
tentions of alv ife were capable of con
veying a ar cm charm, silrot conso
lation to my trtind. Oh! nothing can
render thr now
rene and comfortable, nr can sosweei
lv aoftcn al our wots, s n conv'ution
that woman is not indifferent to our
from the XafionalJuurnal.
Charlei X A was presen
terl by the 8rltker,JjiJiixJl,,: ofliep
resei.tativcs, on Mondav, purporting to
be fiorn Louis Chan lis Due dt Nivarre,
Diwphin of France, See representing
rtrnivre v -f w t&uitiruate heir to ti .
French throne, and praying f'i iily
interfi reni e of the j;overiiment of tht
, Ujiitfd States in his rM'hMjf " '
At we have not seen this petition, we
idOi-np-.Jtnow--w.hJ,ii ,prciof he advances in
8'ippoit of nw .claim as legitimate nf'Ii'
to the Trench throne. We inter, how
ever, they were nbt'coriciuMve, as his me:
inorial was laid upn the tuble.
Aa the doctrine of Legitimacy is not so
veil understood in this country, as on the
other side-of 4he Atlantic, some think it
Would have been more 'to his advantage, il
the memorialist had made- application to
a Congress of the Allied Sovereigns, in
steacoC the Congress of thti American
itepublic. ( .
Tirr. AnMTi
Oaniak The f'llin proMH
ml Anniiintmentt in ihe Attny ha
been made b the PretldcM of ih L'nl J
tad State, witH the adUe an4 rooKntof
the Kenate, aince lh pubHciUga ol ib
RfjjUterin Jatmarjr lti ,
- tint Frnmml tMlitirry
lit lieutenant KHrounJ Klrhfi to be
3J lieutenant Jifln Dlmtck to le lit
lieutenant, lit ifajr, II34, vice Kirtf,
Jd lieutenant Dinlel Tf If r, to be lit
lienfrniM, 6ib May, lilt, vice M'Nfill,
Dretet 2d lieuteninl Andrew Klnnard,
10 b 2d lieutananf, lit Julr, 1823.
firerct td lieu'enani John Frlcf,
the 3J Artillery, to U 34 UeuteDant,
July, 1823
lit lieutenant N Btden, btevet rpcn
to b captain in April 1824, vice RfCb,
3J iieutrnant W. . U'illiamt.trM '
ieutentnt, lit April, 1824, vice leaden,
Bretet 2d lieutenant R. De Trevllle,!
the 3d. Ar'illery, to be 3d lieutenant,
lt July, 1823.
Fcurth Begimenl ArtMry.
Bretet 2d lieutenant Frederick Searle,
of the Itt Artillery, to be 3d lieutenant
It Juljf ,
burnt nrgimeni 0 P'.fmtrQ
Captain S 1) noho, bret inj r, to be
major, la! Hay, 1834, tice Bradford, re
lit lieutenant William Lear, to be cap
tain, lit May, 1824, ke, Uonoho pro
3d lieutenant Ceor?e Mounts, lo be Itt
lieutenant, lit Ma), rice Lear, promo
Fifth Regiment Infantry
Itt ' Kohert A. M'CaSe, to be
captain, lit May 1824, rice, Can retri
ed. 3J lieutenant Jotrph M. Daxlef, to' he
Itt lieut. lit May, 1824, vice M Caoe,
Stvmih Rfgimenl of Infant ry,
Itt lituten.nt John 1'nillirirk, to be
ciptain, lit My, 1b2. tkc Jones, it
. 3d lieutenant Kilpar S. Hawkins, to he
Itt lieutenant, 32d Jar.u.ry, . 1824, tice
IIo'kirk, (!iimited.
1st lir'oienant, Itt March, 1824, vice
Brnntugh. reited. 2d lieutenant James
D-iwson, to b Itt lieutenant, 1st May,
1824, vice Philbiirk, promoted.
William Macrea, lieutenant colonel, 3d
Regiment Artillery, 1 9ih April. 1824, to
be colonel by brevet, to rank 19th April,
182. for ten years faithful swvice in
tame erade.
I nomas Hamilton, captain 5th Regi
men' of Infantry. 21m February, 1814. lo
be major by brevet, to rank February 21,
1824. for ten year's faithful atrvite in
same fade.
M. M Payne, captain 4th Regiment of
Artillery, 2d March, 1814, to
Lv brevet, to rank 2d
March, 1814, ten
year's faiMift.l irtvice in tame (juile.
Heiekiah litadley, captain-tnnu rteRi
ment of Infantry, 19th April, 1814, to be'to fall in lrive with every pretty face I
major by brevet, to rank I9ih April, 1824,
for ten year's faithlul teivite in same
Aleandr R. 1 homson, captain 2d He,
fimmt of Infantry, 1st 'y, 1814, to be
m.ijor by l.ievet, to rank lat Mar, 1824,
fot ten year's faiihtul service in same
J hn Anderson, Topographical enii-
neer, to he lieutenant comnel bv brtv f
from V2th April, 1823,-bavinR ser
d in
V ) ears
brevet major, and ,)erlotmed th
oiiate duties of that tradt for ten
Isaac Koberdeau, ' oprtRTBpnicarKn
gineer, to be lieutenant colorrloy oceyt
mm 29th Annl, 183, tavniij seryeutn
a brevet major, and pn formed the appn
pri.tte du'iei of that grade for ten year
NVill'um Steuben Smith, to be paymas
ter, 33d March'. 1824.
Edwurf, Macomtto be assistant sur
geon, 2uth January, 1834.
George P Dobsoti, lo be assistant sur
geon. 4th March, 1824.
Jd-nes .. Pettivrti. 10 be assistant sur-c-on,
4;h March, 824.
(lovemeur Mirris, late cadet, to be 2d
lieutenant, 4'h Rtgitnent of Infantry,
24th.A.;ay, 1824. -
Dudley VV. AHanson, late cadet, to be
4in .-Vluy, I u 4 . ...
Jasper Macomb, late cadet, to be 24
lieutenaru, 7th Regiment of Infantry, 24th
May, 1824,
Ihe Gen'eraJ in chief announces the
foregoing Promotions and Appointments,
and directs the officers promoted to report
for duty accordingly ; those appointed
have received special orders from this of
fice. By order of Mjor General Brown
feting Adjutant tjwera.
rate m Mfidin mit rmi,
Mr. KJllrt The WIowIbj aketch.
ei are froi tht pen or geotlemao,
who reitrijr patted several wctki n
Waitungie. Ihejr delineate with
accuracy (e cabinet caaJiJatei. and
will provejotcrcating to tht man of
f oor readt, , ,
Sccr-tUt A-Umt men of ahart
itaturrpa; but pic aiinj cuotf oaoct f
plain tmarkeblv- miU'xtk hie mao
ncri, tnd tit ice. Sent think him
he u i ffloMy hat nothing
the cot4"1 Ait Hara't f mmn'
neri. Men ') he 11 of tcoU, pMegf
m,(r Jitpotiiion. He it bot look at
hit 'iunp twy thought brralhti,
t9 tr try word lurnt. lit ia grave
rrirrvedfrom hbit, oot from fee
risr i uo rrun hdt a warmer heart.
ofomrttmr whea ia the auciety of hit
litfrietidt, hit reierve wearaoff, hn eyea
kindle, ami he enters freely and
with animation into converiatioo.
Those whi have seen him in thcM mo
menta, aay he is the most charming
and eloquent raan they ever listened
to. All agree In considering him the
moat profound scholar, able diploma-
tilt and accooiilithcJ statesmea that
the country pmteaies.
Tou cannot imagine how much I ?t
ddijhtcd with Mr. Calhoun. Hi is
the most brilliant aud fatcinatinr man
to mannrri ana converssuon inai i
rvrr rewillulle i l)m rather tall,
with an animated countenance, and
black flashing eyes. His talents are of
the first oidtr. He is now forty two
years of agrf and hat filled hit present
office sixyors with unrivalled ability.
The present prosprct It, although he
w ill oot be he imovdiate successor of
Mr. Moora, he will, at some future
time, be our President.
Mv. Cratford is a man of gigantic
stature, ra.hir coarse sppearancr, and
ordinary but modest deportment. 1
was not mud interested io mm. my
opinion, as t his capacity as a states
man, has beta long in a state of vacil-
Jtion, and it it by no means settled
vet. . tie may have merits, and doubt.
-is his his faults; hut he is conspic-
umis lor nri'lier. In a word, 1 take
him for an ordinary man. Ilia ad
mirers, however, are' many and ar
dent." raoc Tt ivtoairw.
Jty m Ttung Lady.
1. How ought a young lady to act
when a grntleman, whose visits are
not disagreeable, pays strict attention
to her, .but refrains, for an unreason
able length of time, from making her
an offer. And what should be con
sidered 'an unreasonable time?'
2. When the affections of a young
lady are engaged are fixed unal
terably; under what circumstances, if
under any, may she marry the object
of her attacnraent. contrary to the will
r - .
a 'un f iitnueman.
1 . If I Bk J mysell prone, coiitantly,
meet,-will it be sate lor me ever to
a a
marry :
2. If my ajections lead me to pre
fer one young rldy, arid my interest
points out another, which shall I
choose ?
J. If I engage myself, and after
wards find the young lady to be not
what I expected, and that my hppi
o"i will be endangered by the match,
appro-'would Ibe right m breaking the en-
1 , 6 ""S
. gagetnent .
A Good Ctnicrrjcr.- How sweet t?itt
' slumbers of him who can lie down on
his pillow and review the transactions
of every day without condemning
himself, A good conscience is the
rmest opiate. The Materia Mrdica
not supply one half so efficacious
ail nlrasant t anrl all rho nahrKa
geter if they were to unite their for
tune);a one general contribution could
not purchase a similar on?
To jyrereA, , mihirf arirint; from the Site of a
Mad PS-
AVhere he excision of the part bit
ten can b immediately performed, it
is the bei preventative of danger, or
when thoart can be burnt out by th
danger IslikelyJO. happen. , Nothing
else is at 11 to be. depended Qpon.
American Farmer.
To perfume Linen.
Rose haves dried - in the shade,
cloves" beit to a powder, and mace
scraped j mix them together, and put
the composition into little bags.
Mnglith pafier.
MallnT.Hmttt Tailor,
AlXiPTS tbii t)Un ti Inform! nf Iht cititent
4 lalUbury, and in knlt;, lit ftiunl,
Mat be h C'HTiiiierMi d tht
Tnilorin Jlusinrfi.
In part ef John L'ltman'i butiM, tiiuatrd la
Mm let Ptrtrl, a few doots froea h rH tatatt
of the Court-ltogati vtbrrt be ia pnpirnl ami
tit be nanny to auommodatt any rrrrtUmea
fio are dniMMwd lo rNUroitlM him in hi line nf
I . - . . a
change ef faitunn ahaJ! at frx- mimJvJ
u k. kma left a e4MreiKittdent ia Uit l)i0Sc4 Ol
flumlMa, (wbtrt Wt m laal fro) who JI arnd
blra the faalwofia on, in Ibelr rtftilar aeaaona.
tit kopet by ttrict aitention to bualneia, to re.
ctivt a liberal Hart pu"c paironar-!
ia daUrn.ioed nothint; ahall be kfl undont to
render rnertl aat.afadron.
Mannion Hotel,
M1MI' mpetnifly infomnthe pwb
V lie, ami hit fnrwla, thai ba baa
Ukcn Iht eitenairt ami ckpnt raat.
. aitnated at tin) nortb corner id tht
CovrMlouat, (lately perupied by Mr. Jurwt
ICuit.) The e'M.i.Unce id thit aitnaiuin for
buiineaa, U equal to ariy In the place. The
llouta conU'uvi a of privalt rcma, well
CkuUel for lb arconiriMxlation of Traveller!
H..I linafle.ti the !blet ar erpial, if not an
tertor, tu any in tht Ucc, ami attended lo by
oblifinic ami attentive lli!ertt hit table ami
bar, will be auppUtd with the be ibe market
afford i awl tl.c rtjrulationa U hit llouae, auch
u be bo will re tnlirt aatiafaction to tlf
a bo may think proper to tall on bun: and he
aaarrrt iWm, tint no na ahall be narri! tn
ftmlrr tfirir ttav tonifortab! atul plcaunt;.
rrfrW..?4. - -
WholMale H VT Store,
279 Alnr .S'reef, wffmtt the Alfrtluml't Ihlet
VUtmnn & fttuiT,
OTl'TM U tt public a jrei.tral k-oment
of lat, 2ml, aiwl Z1 qnajity black and drab
Heaver lints,
ovtl,bn amlhirh croant, and eortet tbaped,
wide and narrow brimt, late fhint.
Alto, Caator Haia, ditto: mei' ami youth!
fine Roram-ditto, warranted claatic a'er proof;
men'a and youtb'i Korarn llata, of an inf. rior
quality. AU of which tftcy warrant of Uicir
own manufacture.
Men's ami bov't ciwrte. fine and very fine
brick and drab wool Mali i rnoroeco eapa, from
Philadelphia ami New -York Hatter Tnin
mingt. Bow 6trinp, and Druahct, kc. ic. low
fur eah.
CHur!eHen, Jfrril, 18?4. Mil 13
New Assortment.
Tltt subscriber haa very recently received
from I'kiladelphia, n itnicnt of
Dry Gtmdt,
r utlrrf. und
r M i
cen t in a ihort tunc, will rnie uim to
ntisfacton- price. The public are retpectfuiiy
invited local), and examine for themielvet.
Suhgburf, Aug. 16, 1823. 70
The fioppertniithinir, ami Yn Plate butineis,
herttofore trtnaacted by D. t'reas ten. will ir.
future be conducted bv mc, at the mme plare.
I'lioae who favor mc with their custom, may de
pend on luwnr, tlu ir work done with ncainrtt,
durability ami dcapatch. F.DWD, V.V KS8.
If f AVE declined acting at a ptjaner with John
Murphy, in the mercantile Dtsitimn in Con
tonl, with hi content, and have rcl;nuuithrd all
ulalmt to any part or portHm of the profita of
me concern 01 Murpny U Sutton. )0
March 22, 1824. N ATI I'L. SLT I ON.
VftYf Store, in ConeorA.
THE tubtcriber.has formed a Cnptrtncrship
with Vsilliam llrown. in the aiercantile
biiMness, a Concord, Cabarntt county, North-
Carolina, under the hrm in Murphy if Brwn
whero they are openig a frcth aasortmcnt of
Dry Goods, Cutlery and Hardware ,
telecti d with much care, in Philadelphia ami
New-York, and bought on the best tci nit. Tht v
dcspi to continue the business at Concord for
ome yeard j ami aa Mr. Murphy will visit the
northern ctues annually, to procure mppliea,
BUMrKW. la lbs nralral and anoat faahionabU
FF f-r. It. faUeraUK ZZZftZ'
km, fm VT'l'T a fr tr-l it aU tt .ml flew lit and f0f a.
tllcir "'rtmi-nt will be general! and will be
!1'"po,ri ofl" fair pricc r or ,on ee,,i,
to punctual customers. Their friends and the
pi(bic jrenerally, are respectfully invited to tall,
examine qualities, hear prices, and judiye for
John Murpliy,
Has a''o, at his store in Salfuburv, a large
assortment of GOOD1, to suit eitieensl town and
country people ; to be disposed of unutuallylow,
ftir cash, or country produce.
State of North-Carolina,
MORRIS rtAKKR, vi. Alexander Johnson,
'and James Paker, Sen. et alias: Original
bill in Equity. smears to the satis
faction of this court, that Polly llaker, relict or
Jeremiah Raker, dee'd. James It iker, Reuben
Baker, Lucy Ann Baker., Sccberry Baker, Nan-
at Ihav of the aforesaid 'L . " . wul
ordered, that ptiMvt-.V " tt.c
c.r.,1 r. in. nnh uhcii in Mtiisourv. ior aix
weeks, for the aforesaid parties to appear and'
answer, plead or demur, or judgment, pro con-
heard e parte. Witness James tiamorn, ciern
of the court of Equitjv for.the county and state
aforesaid, March term, 1824v ' '
JAMES .HATHUilN, e. & at. s.
Price adv. 2 50, U'13
House and Lot, in Charlotte.
ISOU sale, on accommodating term, the house
and lot in the town of Charlotte, which ad
joins Mr; John Irwin's store, on the north cor.
Apply' to
Cluv lQtte, May 7, 1824. '
Storc-Ifouse tx Jfoclsiiy.
TO RLST. 1 ,
t nilK subscriber wiabts In rent ih. f .
J .rr.perty,durinf t', m t 2
year, lo wit i A lot at Morktvilk, UonTrf
ty, oa tthkh a tpacioui atort boon, .V
eelW, and a lax Iwoiory Louie,
convenient ami useful apart me nit, art cren i
Jtnkndtk it Mar about ia lU
aecticm of Movan, known at tht I'orki Ani
art of coantry, both u to fertitiy Uuui
Mntai, Mr 77, 18 J4.
South Yadkin Bridge.
TUB Commlatiooert appoinUd by Utr
County Cw$ to bmbi a JHJr rr
BouUt Vikla river, bettveea the mwitbof hcco4
Creek and the Point, will receive prtmoatbj
buildlna; laid Brulp. Fertont ditpoted in r
tract fur tht aamt, w IH specify to cither ,4 ,jj
Cvmrnitaioncrs tho terms 00 which tiiey can. d
tht Job. Contracton ill undcrttand iLai U
it lo bt a food atone abutment at carb end tf
iht Briilrr. a atone nier In tht centre 1 tbe
lo bt well shiftjrltd and weatherboaHed. 1V(
bridrt wiH requirw to be two hundred tret iot
JOHN Itr. AUD, Jr.
Coach Making.
TUT. aubtcriber offers hiaterviecttotU rtiV.
lie in tht above lint, and flatten LnR;
from lona; eipericnct and steady application (
a number of ) eart, in f.urope and Amerv, t
rive general aatikfaction lo thuae who may Cct
him h their tnrk
Carriairet of all deaenptiont, Panncl'd anJ
Mick Ce, huJlcys, ix. n i'le and rrptire
reafina'dt temiL flAM'L. LANDKHs.
Salary, ,tri! 2d, 1 8?4. Jr4 .
N. 11. (.'arriajrea, of all dcKrirrtiona, buurti
and f Id, on commion.
P. 9. A jMirnrmtn wanted at the iW ba.
inrta, to wl.(,m food wgrt will be given. II
will be employed on aood-viork, altoctlier.
fr7The aubtcriber keeps two Ciri for Him.
which will alwait be kept in rradincaa, via
good hartieta, for tho accommoiUtioii of tlKxa
wbo may, it any Utr.e, wua to rule on plrsauja
or on buaineta. 8. LANDFRS,
Coach 3Inking.
1IIK mhtcriber ber leave to retirm 1,'j
rmtcful arknowli'dirmenta to bit frieivla
and thf public; r the very htorat patmniff M
ba rt ceived in hs line of butinew 1 and informs
them, Ibat he baa procured a number of tort,
men from Philadelpiiia and Newark, wbick
enable him tonnith work m a t)lc rtrelr vra
in the wcitern part nf the atale. lie aim hai
a continual supply nf material, of the bet omiL
ity and moat fashionable patU-ma. lie into'i
keeping conKti.tlv on band, at renncei.'-
(or culi onlr. Sutifl. ilek Paimcl titrt,
'roucJitK lJUWMilets, Caravan, amTSitiCMatrt,
... .iprrior conitructicm. 1U-pain done a'il
ahortcil iNMrv,, ami in tht beat -manner. OnJT
from a dittanee thankfully received, m '
tually attended to. J. G.
Ckarhitt, Maixh , 1824. 9fi
aVoUcc. y
LI pertont imleb'ed to fe zander Torrenc
as Ooardian of .f . fTtrl-e, are re(uee4
to come fnraard and make immediate payment,
or give new notes, payable to A. J. Worke, u
he has now taken a!! the note and accounts out
of the tundi of hU former Guardian, and U it
termined to collect his monev, or hsve it seem4
by rew note. Mr. Aleiu.ider Torre ore U m
tlM.riied to aettlr any accounts or note. The
amount of any dtbta'duo the aubtcriber, ilurii
the next three months, ami all notes, will be ki .
w ith him, at agent for me, during thtt time.
This is the last call that will be mule; sndl
not attended to, an officer w ill make the neit
Muv 18,18:4. )7 A. J. WORKE.
State of Nortli-Cnrolina,
SUPERIOR Court of law, April term, 1?4
Pavid Ulal'M-k. t. Nancy Blalocki petition
for divorce. It apprarii-g to the satisfiction of
tbc court, that Nancy Walock. the defendant, a
nut aiL inhabitant of lhia state, it it therefore
ordered by court, that publication be mauTttr
tne vteitern Carolinian f ir tluee week, uw
unless the defendant appear at the next Supe
rior Court of Ijiw to be held for Lincoln county,
at the Court-Housr in lancolnton, on the fourth
Monday after the fourth Monday of September
next, then and there to plead, answer or demur
to the laid petition, it w ill ,be taken nro confess
and heard ex parte. Witness, Lawson-Hendo
son, clerk of tsiel oortrt,-t !,Tnromton,-tTr' 4tk
Monday after the 4th Monday of March, 18-4,
and. M ,thg 48th year of the Indeppudence f
the l States. LA W lN. II ENDFRSOIt
Price athr. gl 25. it'll
State of North-Carolina?
aflOUBrof Eouitv. Anril brm. 1824. -TXit-
l5crhVuri;iniiitrtvTieTnexr friend.- rl-1
a ., .,1 . .... , .k 1
nam unnorets, 1. Hooert VI illiamson, snu oi"
crs : original bill, for allimonv. he. The court
being satisfied that the defendant, Robert Wil
Unmson. does not reside witli'm the limits of
state, it is therefore ordered, that publication I
made for six weeks successively, in the Westers
uruiiuian, Tnar unless ne apoear tvlj
Court of Equity to bt ImkU-n tor the county m
Stokes, at the court-house in ,,T. ;
the fourth Monday after the fourth Monuaj
u ... t . 1 ,..i'.r..,r or demur1"
parte. Copy fium lie Jituiutcs
1 ei : juiu, v..
Price adv. 2.
N the "night of the Ilth of April tobfc 'l
I .I,. K-rir,ee W IS brO"
mire fii'imr .... .nii.
and all hjYM tAansfwert
tirte to oetween seven l" - K" Mfrf
A U persons are uercoy "."".v.i -k, :
for anv note drawn in hi favor, and all
. J : .. lipTebV not"'
wnom tne noiea-wercgiym 'V. .1,. tub""!
not to pay them to any person but tne 1
CAfr Mtnet, x. v. y

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