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4.1 I.
,.... 4 L'.;n, tiij ci.cutioti
lull I. '.
. ' I
tj of Ncrth-Carolir-i,
. it i f oi' r r.
U Trrw.lS-'i! Ji'i nlr.n tJ.nUTorJ
- ij.'' ont ,o tracts ffl;i-v
t "ini r In t .e ffMirt t! ? U e i! i .' i ,
rt iiA , it ii rVnf re orJ.rrJ,
w.'-Lcation " 'c for thr-e snori
ths in thi
-,frrT Ctr'.-. 4-, ft the
' ! f r the conn
1 Jkf. at t! -e c r J i ;;irlirTj'
ft Cn U ! j in A ;. k', itj rt;.!cry
vf-ah-ad to ; ir, dt h ' . :,t -a.rjbe entered
.-kiatUml . j.!n: il'nl, -nsivl, it'lr
Tt V. HtllHN, r. w. e. .
.j of North-Carolina,
aioirs cocktt. ... 4
riotarcf r. rr, April tmn, 18:4. r.r.a-
ij W'b WiUan.o'i, br !.rr ntrt frien !, WiJ.
n: rijcinal kill, fur klliinos y, &c. Tb totjrt
'.cjnj teudtcd t' "t the drfcfkUaf. HoFert WiJ
. irn, Ao nrt iviicfe irhin the limit! of ih'.i
Vt, it m thmfjrt w' 1, that publictiot be
ir tjf x ctk inc .i iTrlv, in the W'erten
'ap hnkt, tht be : ar tX the wit
iwirt cf Equitjr to b Irf len (ur the countj of
Ukei, t Die co'irt l,.n.e in Gcmnnton, on
he txirtli JlnrvJiv fterthe furth Monday in
Vp'.r mWt nr it, nj jiltn.!, ;uwcr or Jcmur to
Ue bJl, the time will L uken pro cotjfctw u to
hem, fjt'l tl ttue be -t do n f r hearioj cx
' I1kelr. jn:;V C. tLUM,e
, wte. Copy from the n inutrt. 6itl2
'State of i;
"lOnnTof F.onity, Apnlterm, 18?i Ueuben
C Uoore, Vul.m C. !uor, MitVf lloore,
.7 h CUytoo inJ I'A jeth l.ii ife, "John
I'.mtv, Po'lr Itoore, t jhrii 1 Moore, nd L.Jeon
'.Jtwre by lii Giurjian, t i. flerjimin llaikins
mwI w'fc, nJ the II-ir it Lav of Villiara
Taj!--, 'eccaitil, ami otlvcra j .Petition for
! 04 kI estate. The court be'inff atiTicd
hat the 4efcniUnt Pcnjimin !!akint and
ife, and the Ilcin at Ij of Wil!'m Tar
Inr, deceased, do not rci.!e !:Jitn the Ln ' cf
he ra'.e,i ii thcrt.-re prilt-reJ, that puhhra.
Jinn be civic fjr i 'f ( !i aucctWively, in the
Wt''-ra Carolinian, thut unl? i they appear il
Ae next Cwirt of Equity to 1" tickle n far the
eount) of Stoket, at ' - court-!, a e in Ct rman
ton, oa the 4tS Moh. after the 4th Honday in
September ntr i leal, answ er or demur to
the till, the iar til be taken pro cnfc) ai to
( them, and tlie eaue be et do a fir tearing ex
parte. Copy frv:n the rr.;vis.
; Tet i j C. LL , . v. t,
rriee ad. 7 5 ). c .12 '
f . vit ie co: ;rr.
IK Fquity, Uk term, A. D. 1SZ i. Jlerrit
Biirjjin, w.'I'hilli;) Cm. IbrcaJ. . 1 pper.
7 to the aatibfuction of the court, th. t I l.i'.lip
CuO'lhread doea not rcaldc i'.liin the I..;.i' of
tjin State, It is therefore or ' red that pnhhra-
non be made for trre hhv 1 n snreessivtlv m
I the AVestern CaruliuWriT tii..t iinh sa ti,a s ' 1
Phillip Cloodbread appear ftt the next court of
we court-house in Moiranton, on th li Mon-
September next, then and there to plead,
Inawer or demur, judgment, pro confesso, will
M takeo, and tbe aame be heard ex parte.
V. ' S. S. ElVJV.c.Mii.
-Tnce tdr. $1. - - - .- 17,C22 -
tateofbrtL Carolina,
COURT of Pleas and Quarter e ';ot;, I'.yy
. term, 1824.' John Ncsbit, r. thavlff I).
.Conner i Drriginalttachn:ii(, r. .ui ..!, Lz. It
u ordered by the court,' that the? dcfcnd.u.',
lho is not an inhabitant of this Sate) Lis
twer em or before the next term t f this court,
Jo be held for the eo"-y. AJbreaail, at tlie Court
iioiue in Btateaviilc, on the third Monday in
Aoprsl; next, otherwise the pkintiir will be
Beard parte, and have judgment pro confesao.
r j rt rded that this notice be pub
lished for three monthf in the AVestern Ceo.
Iinian. t i Test t r. SIMONTON, CVk
,'Prtceady,f,4, h23
. 1
the night of the 11th of April last, the
Store House of the subscriber was broken,
"daB hAfe fiMi mere STQL ZV,wwa
to between seven snd eight thousand doih ,
AHpersor are tertby cautioned aiiinst trad..
JJ any no ,1 wn in his favor, it! alt those by
.hom the j Vre given, are Ir -by notified
otto pay them to anv person but the aubscri
:rlXqitk S. C. Mil S3, 1821. t
bwi, t' at Ii t 13 1
fa the Tifsturjr D.'fiit- rr.r, t:.t
iUtlt teho,! tr.ity ihJl til citcej t?.t
torn t,f,T.e t'.
Ku...!;ci t-vj
tf cJ -;ur j t -r t
13 t. C t i .CC CI I. .3
t l . r . t
clerk, whoe lalary ih-U cot extct
the um f.I ;'.t Lj" reJ dolhrt, sr.
mi'.um t'j t..c thiel clerk,
l I m a
ry exceed tr.e lun cf f ju
hur. IrcJ i! -.'...ri j rr aanutn i
In lhcf". ,.flh- I. fli A i , !, ( c r
Cne clerk, wlio-e i!ry ilu'J rot ex
CfeJ cr.e thouiand fjuf hunJrt J Io!
Isri, an! two tlctli, hoc talariei
re jpec lively, ha!l . not cxcee-J, cne
thousand cue i;unJred tad Lny dol
Uri 1
la the Nary Department one derfc
whose tatarr ihill not exceed one
thousand collars j
lo Iho cCce cf the ?. ' Comm!.
sioneri, three clerks, and a Draught.
rrun, whose salaries, , respectively
shall not exceed the sum cf sac thcu
land dollars per annum
Iq the t.T.ce cf the Postrnnter Ctn-
cral, four clerksj hose salaries, re
spectively, shall not exceed the surn c
one thousand dollars and two deris,
whose salsne, respeetircly, sh st
exceed ihe su n of eirht hundred iol-
ars per annum, ' ;
In the office of the Commissary Cen Subsistcrcc, two clerks, whose
salaries, tor-.her, sha! t?t exceed the
sum of two thousand one hundred and
fifty dollars per ar.nuraf
In th- Lngineer 'Department, two
clerks, hose salaries, together, shall
not exceed the sum of two thousand
one hundred and f. d-"ars
num f " . . t . ".-.- .'
In the o.uce of the Surgeon General,
one clerk, whos; salary shall not cx
cecd the sum of one thousand cne
huDdred " and Cfty dollar per t an
num t
In the c ,cs cf the Commissary
General of l'urchases three clerks,
whose salaries, together, snail not ex
ceed tha. sum cf three thousand fire
hundred dJLrs per annum
..Set. 2. An'd le it further; enacted.
That it shall le lawful for the officers
cf the Depariraer. s to eniplor.ia their
respective offices messengers, assis
ts; s, and othc persons as "follows,
th is to say I . '
I n the office of the Secretary of State,
one messenger, and e istant,atacom
penssiion not exceeJ' --j one thousand
and f.ft? dollars per .
i IV ..: '.;.,., cj f.acl.i.-iist,
at a cu -pesatic ot excee-.fij seven
hundred t' ilars, and one'messenger,
at a compensiiisi r.ct exceeJing four
hundred d '!ars j .r asDum r
In the office of the Secretary of the
Treasury, one .r.csserjer, and assis
tant, whose tc. jensation, together,
diall not exceed one thousand and fif
ty dollars' per nr. ..una J 1 " ,
. In the office of the First Comptrol
ler, one messenger, nnd assistant, at a
corsper -itbr. tc';t', net exceeding
one thou:; 1 ;;i-rv dcllara ; -r rn-
nu: i
In the o-Tice cf the 2d Ccrp'.roller,
are nerr.rr
r, tt a copper
ion r.;t
T3 p:r
hundred c
Ii theVr.ce cf Cz Tint Audit;
one r.icsscr."er, et a cc.T.pen alien r..i
M -
ra per j
In the c
d Auditor,
nation not
one tnejser
exceeding seven .LuntVJ dihars per
annu"i j- - " 1 - - -.vInthec.
cf' e Third t tor,
one messenger, end t s!..tar.t, tt a
compensation, ujuher, ret exceed:
fcrff thouiid and f:y "...if 'rn-
nnrn i " - -
la thetffice of lit Fourt'i Auditcr,
one me!erer. at a cor:":r,sat;3 rt
exceedir; scAca hu
(j .
d:::n i
drc l e- i f f.y d ."m rcrs;
Turn j
la the c."ite cf the Her
t:r tl the
t i t
r. SI R t ;.
aV..--.-;.da-i I'ifCJ
brs j r
In t' e tT.ctcftheS'eretary rfWcr
tr.e r.'
er. SHl
st - - s
C f ' '
cn. t
-'ihtr, cot e;
cne t'rj'jnd
d Cfty t
a t
T i:
In the
of tv rayma'.ter Cen-
erai, one . tweucDger, at a coraj ,.-
tioa pot exceeding; seven r.u.. red dol
lars per annum j , ,
. In the r.r.ce of the . Ccmrr.'ssary
General of Purchases, :.e meuerer,
t a compensatica rot exxeedirjicvcn
hundred -J . liars per rnum
In the ci Secrenry cf the IVa-
vy, ctiC n-esusger, a-. J anutir.r, at a
compensatlcn, tceiher, rot r xceedir j
one tr.ousi'-i i. :1 t..:y U...ars pr r -.-nam
.In the c.Cce of the Ccrr.msi
rcrs ti
a ccm-
.wvy, o
:r, at
pensition tot
sevta l.un-
urea doasrs per a-.::"m
I i a
?n i:.e office of the Postmaster Gca-
ersl, one tnesstnger, ad -t a
compensation, together, riot car- dc
one tnomana ana i.ny aoiUrs ; r kn-
i iff fl
cum i
In the effice of the Secretary of t
Lcnate, cr ; rr.essecer, at l Coinptc-
sation cot exceed!: seven hundred
In U-e effice of the C -It cf the
house cf representatives, i. iee tlrrks,
at a compensatiou not txcecJirr: cr.e
thousand five hundred di'ltrs tath ;
and one messenrtr, whose f !ary shall
not exceed seven hundred dollajs per
Sic, 3, And le tl further enacted,
That the sum of Eva thanr
unarea fe-a utrrpten c,..-is tna sev-
enty.five cent is hereby appropriated
additional clerk in the-Dep4rtinect cf
the Jvavy, and for fcr addtuooal
clerk in the General Post Office, in.
I'm or the sum of nine hundred and
thirteen dollar and rwenty-five cents,
due for extrrclerk hire la the General
Pist Office d linn j one thousand eight
hundred' and twenty-i vo, and cne
thousand eight hundred and twenty,
three; . - "v
. , Epeaker of tlie ITouje of Bepre ; ntatlvcs.
. . : jjnt 0f tj,e iLnlc pro tern.
rTatVnfttn, JT.iyt 5? lCi.
AN act in further addition to "An act to estab-
i'sh an uniform rule of Naturalization, and to
repeal the acta Leretofort pKd on that
'ubject" ' t ' ... ,
'tJE it enacted by the senate end house
of representatives of the United
Stcte of Amer ica fa congress assembled,
Tl..'. ! i r. 1 ...l!
j nai any aucn, ucjnga irec wnuc per
sou and minor, under the age twenty.
one years, who shall have resided id the
United State three year next prece
ding hi? r-riving a the' age of twenty.,
oneycars,and whoahall have continu
ed to reside therein to the time m- nny
vzzit application to be admitted a citi
zen thereof, nay, after he arrives at
ie se cf twenty-one years, and after
e th-H 1 ve resided five ve?rs within
,e Ckaf' i-dii; j the th. e cars cf
:3 r-iciitv, cc; i. :..;i lira & citizen ci
e Ucued Sir.:', vrrdt 1
-2i. the dcc;.;r-..ia u..u.
;:d in the
tut conU.Jon cf the first sc.
a of tli
ct to which this is t
ears rrevic.: to !us ad. t.'-. eat-Pro
vl!;df such rlicn fcUH rr' the de"
daritioa required there n .a' :t....ecf
I...:.,:. , . , - I f -r
re, cn c
. u t .
Lr ti.i.e
La t:' 'the'
ii Llic.i to be
. etion cl tr.:
srtr.t'p: di-
er.a i. r::onci
come a cili. ?3 of the United States j
and tha!!, in t!lcih-r rcperf , comply
with the lrv.s in xc. .d t) .-tu...l.A-ticn.
' '
i : - -.
A lit it f K'.rr r:
- t
Tl.atlhe t
tut c - 1
ti.ntf ; -tliiiin,
fla r !r
I ly
i l t
it in
fOe C
i ,
fit! ! !
Ltf.ri t'.e said Ce 'rt, x-- -rtiv
Ltc. 4. A i He it f r'.'.er t
11. t a dec! ra:i., a l-y tn.y s'.'.-n,
a frre white p rr .-n, cfl i ir.t, . !
t!.'n n Le a.'....'.:;. .1 a c.:i-
n cf
vi.e Ucite d f, .:-t, r i i f' :
ner aril f .m r rr-cri d 1 1 t' e
condition f ,-tcifir .1 in
t'.e f. ret aectirn
of the set fa which t? Is it i't i IZ'.ihn,
two cars Lcfre i.'i ad.i.ision, t!.-.i
Leas j ffi ci' r t r .r. r !' " re wl th said tin
r'in t'
i, a
y thi
1 act, cr in
sny s
ret, f ti - y
ANa't ri; '
f r t:-. r,
I'h'r f-
ti' f tf n a-', t .'' I ,,A a-t
i th t, :.,in, . .-: . 1
, r I lotl 'l ' f'f i
., . !..c TkV. i.i.e r. . -i.i, . i L.-iiui
ui i:.;, cr.e t!.',i..l i j.l Ls.tiJ.tJ auj
'f if trr.ctcJly thetcntte cndhu$e
cf reffienl:Jivc$ cf the United
cf America fa or.jre:i csier.Hcf,
Thai the proper accounting officer cl
tV; Treasury Department h', and he Is
ii c ..?': uc
ti.a to the art cf the f urth c f Thy,
ere thouii
e thouiand ci, ht h Irtd ar.d Ucu,
y . ...
ty-t-ro, as t
rt ita rrovi:icns t'..i ex.
t'nd to t'.e t cl the vcljntecr,
' ' ?, t- 1 str.Tr
cers er,ed in t, -
n cf ei rhte cn 1 .. 1 ?nd
'.fen, srauiit l..c
sr.s, i i-x rones
or;es rr the r ' cev ry
c-juipage thereof, in the n-- ""t t :rn
tioned in said act if !, also t'
claims cf the volunteer c;"cers cr scl
diera in ;-.nriiI - ti r;r.
said, who, without any fa-It cr re-'i-
jence on tr.cir part, respectively, 1
horses, or the necessary cr- --
thereof, in battle.
Sec. 2, And be it further eroded,
That the proper tccou-.tin officer ci
the Treasury Dcpartnent Le, tile
is hereby, authorized and direct, a
audit and acttlc the c!';r.s cf ti! o i,.
ner of wagt'es asd teams, and ch
ers, for any horse or herscs ir pre 1
into the public aervice during the said
Seminole campaign: rr;:L'. ?, TL;t
luch impressment, and the v.!-: r I
said horse, cr horses, Le satisf..:::!.!)
proved that such horse or 1 r s v : -not
returned tn t'Ir c-r"'-,
lyc ' "iAticn ' w Lii.ii ny t , :
been a'.lowcd and paid for th
cf said horses, after the ti : c . i
impressment, be deducted.
Sec. 3. And te i: further cr".:::d,
That the amount of such claims, e j n
ditcd and aettled, when s-:: tr.inr .!,'
shall be paid out of any r i
Treasury not otherwise i -1.
Approved s 11 jua n r.'ti . v- . '.
AN act supplementary to an f ,
.ild t !
1 B t t ).
1 ! , . , '
thi third day of March, cne t!
liun-.trel ana nineteen, eiiu.a
riding for the correction f r r
entries of land at tiie I.m l c' . .
fPEJt enactri lj t' c send: c::J hv:i,
- of .representatives eft'' Tr '
37air 0 America in congrr-s tr
I hat when eny rmf rt. ' : it
the correct rumlers (try? '
land, not exceeding tip :; - :1.
section, r.ay have 1 i her"
made ly ?y rtrrth :r eft'
lands cf the
sale, end "
. re ci-v
'.1 Lav,
"... a.
L. C C il t ' "
Cry, i-1
n.ak! t
y r.'utakc, c' v,h t
r .i
has not been L, .iud, t
the p
r f t'.'i r.r?, 1
re t it
, i . .
1 j
viiio s
of t!
t i
and si
e t
. -.irt.i, t
' -
' 1 r
r r
i i i
caics .f:::i f
a tr
It f 1,
3 I.. . "
i f the ti .,tt
v. her t'. t.
!, !-rs.
' 'ft s. ,
i i '
crs I.:
j.vrs i
ere ii
is t
fi.. i
r :i I
t ry t i 1.4
f -c , V
ti e tr?ct err-;-
ch:itr f.r ..rt'
her, or the'r
t ,'re, f r t ! , ',
r . ) t
1 t ;
i C.
f f t'
i.i 1 i
i .
.) 1 1 c
. .re or t:t:r tv - j
1 in t'V c c .
r, t
.; it cr
e i J c r-, : c ss r: i I
t e
r ; i V f f
trsct intended
I i
everr reatcr.w'-.e rrcri .... n - If
t'-rj had been Uc d 1 1 a . i 1 t
n lt!i the Itegister ar.d Iuceirr (
hnd District within h t
of land is iiiaiicJ, who shU t;
tlie evidence submitted la them lac
Ci5f, tr
er with their written
jon L'th 8 to eft1 e r
and the e rcdihiUry c f each j c ri
lifyirg therein, f t!;e C
of th r,?p,eral Land O.'ice, v.!
te t-....Iy Balls fir J ti.qr.ii!
been triaJe, and that every r
precaution sad exertionha j be-
: t:i-
i r .. i
to avci
shall be z'
char.r ' ...e entry, ar.d trir.if, x th
tner.t hern the tract errmeut; ..y c '
Cd, to" that intended tile ..:.. rc ",
uosoid j but, if a -;!,T, to tr.y t.
fialte to entry t lr a"'-d, Th't ' t
in rn ci"
ce r
r r -
re r-v i
V, in
tl ; a ci cr,lry t .. rr:
1 hat Eothln-j herein c
fret the ri;ht cf third i ..i
I.J, hit father c
Tl te-'
r .-.ay ; '
r the J ; .::r cr J.r 1 1. r
' ' ter s il t -t! to I x --,ii
provi''-- i rf t' is ;ct, cr 1
oa, knowirrhy, tvi". ;!!;,',
every p'
t f
y cn cry crt.j (
sr.ntcre,! u r.m cr t... r v r t ?
-visie.r. cf this act, aha!!, r a ir.Jict
rt ar.d conviction f r t jch ,T r,:e,
tJ t; ti ? s;
;r..h;cs cf V.
:c. 3. le tt firthcr ei::Ldt
t, f.r every c.sih e ! ministered tr
d-r t
i cf'1 ;s act, the Ile-
'' et'j
'1 tt
r .a ,.
...ts, rt If
Irtd ... "
lr 't..
r I ' 1
ty.'l ly i
fcr a v
rr: i!S B A K F, '?, r
a i 1 J Mi'.'T,
Ahx '-r
'Ml. tt Ul SI
t a . a i
it .i
I '
1 I
1 3
1 1
. .f (
1 . .1 u
t .)
i .

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