North Carolina Newspapers

    Tl.iKt l'oik CommertU Alvrtl'
Uf Mates' lh fl!rlrif anec dot (f l id'
icn (ifnJHIt while on bit rstf in the
tUirti t t from Philadelphia la N. York.
C'liUr n Cratidtill ii I hi agent of i.e lfy
lien (iovernmenl, who Ltd com here lo
make arrange menu for Ihe emigration lo
lltrtl or aome of our free coloured pop
uUiitjfi i
w Being scilcd it table, Cliiten Grand
We tu rudely epoke n to by a Ueuteo
tnt from the south, but took no Dot In of
Mm Mil he va addremd in move
Kuiik end Jntultlng manner. ' Upon tblt
Immediately aroe and oUerttd, that,
IFA) le hit tountry, ll smj An Are
vW- fe faff fioJy Ihtte lUytien
who inmttri itnngrr" U then Id a torj
handsome manner apologised lo the com
pany br reroerllng,thi ho regret'ed hav
ing broken tho rule of iht country at ll
rcpeclcd propriety and good breeding,
and I be rt upon left iba Ubla. Eighteen
of tho pataengei rose lmultmeouly,
and ordered another labia "to be spread,
bleb being done. Cltlccn C. vat Incited
lo dine wiih lhenit and iba Lieutenant tcfi
t ibe frt table alone I He, however,
much lo bl credit, tent an apology to
Mr. C to which the Utter replied I
vWrriBviT tithe tvul t ravoa. on
marble." I hi aotwer would have done
ere dil 10 Napoleon. It If luflklenl lo y,
that he treated with marked attention
during tbe remainder of the day."
Judge Van Ness having declined the
appointment of Fourth Auditor of the
Treasury, Toblai Watkin, Esq (late
Secretary to the Board on the hpanUh
CUlm,) tut been appointed In hit place.
The Wend of Mr. Ctar have aent
forth a circular f-om Wabington, in
which they declare their determination lo
adhere to him to the end of the pretidru
lia! contest before tho people convinced
that he will he one of the three candidate
returned to the house of representative',
and that if be should Douby will hold
the balance between the other candidates
control the event of the election, " and ae
cure to (he country a republican admin
ilrationH The circular estimate the
electoral vote for Mr. Adm at 51, Mr
CaawroRD 43. General Jacksom 47,
Mr. i'Lki 46. . d leave N York.
New Jrncy, Delaware, MartUud and
South Carolina uncertain. I hi estimate
ia certainly eiruncout. Fewer voUt are
probably given 10 ''r- Adams than be
will receive- More are put to the credit
of Mr. Crawford than he will, in all hu
man probability, obtain ; he can only Ret
the votes of Georgia and Virginia, an 1
may be beaten in the former, if not the
latter, b General Jackson. Mr. Ci af
ford will not succeed in N rth Carolina.
The estimate it far below the truuiliei ol
otea that Genera! J:icknn, even if no
further change in hit favor should occur,
will certainly re- eive.
Mr. ( raw ford will not, in our opinion.
nronertiei are. It acciiriry gaint meucccru even i i r.iia; r.u...
llcen Fly, the atraw beinu aolnl 5 or 6, nouc oi rrprricu-a ,r. ii
inche above the ground, where the Fly I would therefore do veil tourrcnder him
Lvti in other wheat, crowt rank, re- t onre. ana ceae to urep me roir. m
nuirei hnt 3 rer.k of eed, and yield ! a turmoil bv a liople contet in bis la
a to id tuhel an acre, wfihina vor Franklin Cazrttt.
from 60 to 64 lb, a bushel 1 hi ac
count i Riven bv Mr. Ira H pkin, of
Brutui : he think the grain a native of
the South of Spain, and unquestionably
auperior to any other species in ue in
that part of the coun'ry.
The Commi'fte off at 'eviction harj at!
Unik IrruUnateJ their tilt'in, and hava
tnade a brUf rrport, which, with the evi
dence and doumviilrec(Ucd during lb
In'julrfiWiH N printed forth ue of Con
re i, in puriuatice lo a retolution paivrd
at the cUe of the Un. Trontwhat
we bv gathered with rcccl i ihU re
port! ll Kcnerallt ttmtrm (he former re
pott of the tame (ommiitf e, at far a that
wcol. and give (he reault of the tttimo
fjy whkb ha been r.lvenla during tbe lii
Itiif Jgl terminated.
1 o titi It appear loUate Mr Crawford
la rather worse condi lt.n than he w
ft In by the rrport, Inasmuch the lit
tle additional evidence) which batbeen re
lfedr-4Jl-eJsea-b bw Hope
whUb M created, that the public would
aiuLn no ultimate los from his unauthor
ised and UIkI luia have turned out lo
Lo or mature and dcrcptlou.
ll prove that there bat been a criminal.
art lniurku UaJty in lb administration
of tho Treltury DrflTtment, leadion to
con sequence which never would have oc
curred under the management ol an ciiki
ent aod vigilant head.
- - Htthtnfton Rrfiutlicn.
Mttkwlitt CUrcA. At a meet'iny; of a
number of tbe Itinerant ! Local Mini
tr and laymen of lha Methodist Fpi
copal f hutch, convened in the city of
Jwliimoret from dlncrcnt part ol the
United State, for the purpose of adopt
Iny; tuck measure , in their judgment,
hall be bet calculated to effect an im
provement In the govern menr, of eaid
church. Dr. S. K. Jrnnin; Wat called to
the chair, and Or. Franelt Water p
ttolMed tecretary i when after due delibe
ration, and a free interchange of Meat,
the following measure were agreed up
on i
7raTo institute a periodical publi
cation, cniiJcd I be Mutual Kiithtaof ihe
Minister and Member of the Method
it Ep'iKopal Chute1, to Vo conducted
by a committee of Minister and Lay
men. SrnnJly To rale tocietie in all part
of the Unitd State, whose duty it shall
be lo disseminate the principle of a well
balanced church government, and to cor
respond with each other.
7)iry To appoint a committee out
of their own bod y to draft a circular ad
dretsed to thfe Minister and Member ol
tbe Methodist Fptscopal Church, and lo
forward tbe tame forthwith to all part of
tka United States. The following per
aont were accordingly appointed Dr.
Samuel K. JennitiK, Btlt'nnorej Dr.
John French, Norfolk ; V Smitli. New
York ; Gidcoti Dvi. Georgetown. D.C.;
JoSn Wesley Iloardlv, ani Philemon 0.
Hopper, Eq. Eastern Shore, Maryland.
While Flint IPirofT A new species of
wheat under this designation, hi been
successfully cultivated in Cavua covin' y,
N. Y- for ome year pist. Its e icellent
Ite accounts from Natche inform,
that the swell in the Mississippi was ajin
subsiding, and that the appearance of the
ro'ton crop in that vicinity wa very pro-
a m r t ' . '
A Hoc k ol saxony tneep, Jim impor
Extract of a letter lately received from a UJy ; ted into Boston, are to be old on the 1 5th
living in Madison ounty, AUb. to her tncnJ . cf next month
in this city
I never heard of worm doing so
mu'h mlKhief as they have done thit
arnine;. The Army and Cutwormi.
They have not been in our neighborhood
tery much ; but they are not far orT ; they
go in armies through cotton fields, wheal
patches, rden and gra lor. Thev
aeem almost like bringing on a famine in
some pUce. People have got to dininj?
ditches for them to fall into, and then kill
them by bushels; tome scald them with
hot water. They appear hard to con
quer." Raleigh Rrgitter
From France Captain Snow, in the
brig -New Hampshire arrived as Norfolk
on Wedneaday last in 32 day from Ha
LVre nform-ib'at3bere--.waa ..nopolIucal
news of importance at the time of hi tail
ing ; every thing being tranquil about the
capital. The market hacMateJiJinrjer.
r,f It. We understifj jtnry, hew1
r, thai nothing It rtiitded of the fur
mtr rrport of the committee, and that It
It further distinctly and unanimously de
clared by Ihe committed thai they htv
discovered, In the course of their Investl
ration, rtoikinr 10 Impeach the integrity
of ihe Secretary of Ihe Treaty, or lo
Induct them to believe that hi ha not
ably and correctly administered tho af
fair of the trcaiury. fttm. hfiuk.
8fialmKtk arrival ll Dottoej from
Gibratttr, bring Intelligence to the mid
dle or May. 8plnandPortufalltmi
art hot! dctcrtrlrd u'rpakt at trTorl f
the recover of ihclr.iraniaiUo'Jc.poa
ession,and certain tipeUltloo are or
eanlud for that DUrpote.
M It I very certain the Spanish King
htt been enabled (ootwltkstsndlng bit
pertinacity In refuting to recognlxe the
loan made by tbt Code, or to provide
for Davlntr the Interest thereon) to nego
tiate a large loan In Pari aome million
of which had been appropriated to in
outfit of tbe expedition to South Amerl
cat and Utbon Utter so to far a lo
name the amount of tbe force, and the
name of commander who are to com
po lha Portuguese expedition again
flrxllt, which wa to tail forthwith. I
was mentioned, that Commissioner fron
Bratil. residing In London, were in ne
gotiation with the Portuituese Goven
meat, on the concern of their count7.
It I added (hat tbe King will not recta;
nize cither the government of hit ton or
Ibtt of the Province in opposition .to
r.trr.TTr.rn.ut rRtczx, J 24.
Cotton, 14 to Uii flmir, fine, 4. toperfine,
4 2J a 4 50 1 wheat, W eenta( wl.kev, jn a
Z1 i peaeU brandy, 55 a 60 1 apple ilo. 5U to 55 s
corn. 43 to 45t bacon, 8 a?( aali, 1 urki IslarvL
70 a rTJ per bushel j nobiae. i6 a ?H. "r, mu.
co a 10 ; cofTee, nrimc, irrcr2Jto iJi
2d arvl 3d ou.btt, 30 a 72 1 tea. h hm , Rl TO a 1
70( flaeel,75 a JW cUi Ulkw, 6t bee was,
31 a 32: rice 34 to 4 peT I JO lb. i iro u 41 to 5 pr.
1 ) lb. i tobacco leaf, 3 a J J i mantibwt-ired, 5 a 20
pr. cwt. Oinrvrr
Laniii, kt Vulilic fiaic.'
it npH C
a urli rc4 fe
1000 ftrrt'ii rUna
OH 1fUf, bt tl rwit .ipHi Cowrl ot
Ak avmty, still (. urline Ut aU, i
li Lourt llu Of SaM (OUN
cone tome favourable changes for U.
States' staples, particularly in the article
ofCoiton, which was quick at 30 sous per
lb. thus affording to the shippers at least
Sf per-ct. nctt. profit.
Worthy if Rrcvri. On Sitoday, last
week, Mr. Frink Robert of Boston, hold
up for baptUm at the First Church in
Chuncey Place, his ninth son, to whom
he gave the name of John Quincy Adamt.
On the same day, five others ol his sons
received. XntvMJMtoW&fXXU'
Jldnroe, and Andrew JacUon. A corres
pondent remark that the above compliJ
ment cari hardly be matched io the U.
otates. Batton Patriot.
The Greek- CAronr'cf, published at Mt
olonRhi, has, for its motto, a sentence
t'keafrom Fraakliu'a Works.
Five person at V'evay, Indiana, msde
during tho last caon,no lets than 5500
irallon of wine.
T he Albany Argus contains a list of
47 new momed institutions for which
charters will be asked at the next ses
sion of the leirislature of New York. It
is said that the whole of them will he
granted, with privileges of a similar
The Chancellor of New York has re
fused the motion for an injunction to re
strain the steam boat Oliver Branch from
navialtqi; the waters of the Hudson riv
er; a privilege which, until the late dc
cision in the "Supreme Court of the U. S
has- been exclusively--enjoyed by-asinfie
company. The Chancellor opinion Is
given at. .Jenjjlh in,. the ..papcrs-nd -has
put the eleami boat controversy finally at
In this town, on the lat inat. by Stephen I
Frrraiid, F-q. Mr. Ccorge Trciler, tu Miaa Polly
In Wilkes, on the 17th ult. by Jl.n aln(elair,
F-ir. Mr. lemuel Moss, to SJias Marta Iwa.
At the seat of Win. G. Reaty, Caq. on Tbtirt
day, the l'Hh inst. by ihe ReT. Will m Hooper,
Isaac Croom, Rmj. Attnrnrr at lw, of Lenoir,
to Miwi 'arah K. Pearson, if Ho an.
In Imlell couMt, on the 17tj hut. by T. Axa
lUa'U Mr. Milus IUirtTr,. Mia Nawey Mbea.
At Dakertrm, in Tennessee, on the 12th uh.
afer a lifrinir illneaa, iw thw 43d rear of hrr
jjp4 Mrs- Mary Blount, wife of WiICc Blount,
Ei. f nerly I Hremor of tlal state.
At Bal'imnre.on the loth m. alter a Imrer-
injf illneas Mrs. Anne Vile, wife of Mrirliah
le Editor of the Register, aged about 44
In this county, on the 22d ult. Mr. John
Wackwell. aired 74 year.
(jThe exerciaet in Saliib-it-ii .Uadtmy w ill
be returned on Mondav, the 19th instant. '
ON Tuesday, the third of Atifutt next, (it be
ing Wilkes county ewirt week) the undrr-
aijrned commisiionera will -ll st Public Auction,
in the Town nf Wilkcsboro', r-ecbly to art ot
Ataertibly, several lot, bid off fron the public
square in aaid place i two of hicb are the moat
eligible stands for businrsi in 'he town. Terma,
nine months credit i bond and security will be
required, and a lien upon the property will be
retained, until pavment it made.
Also, at the same time and place, the said com
miikioners, by the authority afxretaid, w let
out to the lowest bidder, the building of a trick
Court-House; the undertaker of which wtl be
required to give bond and suffioient securityfor
the good performance of the wine. I he fi
and site uf the Court-House will be maje
known by either of the subscribers, wheji t,)
plicd to.
June 26, 1821, 4lt'16
la 0iity, of to ti ltrt q,uLif f,r rrs,
or farming, t rrms, 0n l.alf iU prda mo.
ry oatalki tn tuna rtwrfill.a, the Mbr half In
vivhif ra snoftUk. tkid aad apn4 aaowtty,
ic-M live a lo - lOti'J
m in, ii na.K n, i, vr'r.
V Im M ().i wsk, lo do JuMua to
H ftUbtsttowan laturday but aliall have tnv
(-U tf k la shut Mil for U4 purj.t,se.
Dr. W. II. Trent,
i If f lAVINQartiMbimartfatUwint
Vvrmm, oflert hi atrvlca to
'l tho iidtatiiawta wf she tMy, ta iba
- I ,M vaeiwiat aWptrtmcnt of 11 prvfts.
" '- ,
Ilba ( good auppty of MsiicrVt, wlith It
ill dt-poM uf oo rtaaonable trrms.
fi,IB24. 3,11 J
House anil Rin Painting, r.
(1 r.OIK.r. W. r.RIWgf informs hia
I and tin public, tlul he fill ruatioott to
Clecuta all kinds of House, Min, WnvJ.
tor Chair, and Omanx-nfal i'aintinr, in a tyl
of worknianaltip equal to any in the country.
Oiitlemen having work to do within 50 or V)
milet uf Halithunr, can enirare tba iubacnber't
scricrt on ery abort notice.
Ihe aubtrriber takrt tbia oppirtunity to re
turn his sincere thanks to all uoe who hare
generously mended tlirir foia to him i and
b hia faithfulncas and industry, in future, htHt
still ta merit their (rtrndJup and patronage., Jlu 3, IB;, 'I
N. II. Ihe aibcibrr will keen on bstxl, fur
Ihe Washington Itej.aUisa of the filth tilt,
(on'sint t report uf U, tomn.!tte of lnrst.
gali'ft, on lha mrMrial, lha doewmantt ac.
ompanylrg lha f.jrt are vtry voluntinmu.
Tha rrport ittctf, we shall endeavor to pubUH
A aneeting of th fiUndtof Cr"'I rvl
Callitin, wst la'ely Cailtd in I k la ace couary,
Ftknaylramai ni lo when the day rama, lirV '
mra aMmded tlx being ill I'm radicals that
Could be muttrrcd in thai COuiHy, which con-
Uins a po(uUtiHi of I ,r) anula !
a .
Mr. rewards hai resigned hia offlc a minis.
tT to Mriico, '
The (l'umfi'4t. K letter from an offi
cer on board thit vessel, to hi friend in
Portsmouth, confirm tbe report of the
lost of three of her fjfirrrt. by the yellow
fever, vii. Midshipmen Afairt Saimhuie
ahd MunJlrlJ. Xoroli ll eacon.
Land und Milh.
IOFFr'n fur sale, mv premisei whereon I re.
side, eall'd Mid ('.rore, WinCim Rocky Ni.rr,
Ca'iamis rounty. Tliis lrvtif (n. roni.i t.
-e. ... mannrr of cirrs Prr,..r.d VT
(tr ne acconimotUiiun of thtae who may wish
lo do anull jobs of painting, but wlm nay rxil
hate the p sin's or t spent nee to prrpare thrrn
All Kxcltant', or Sale,
P 4"0 Acre of land would he made bt
aubarriher, -f a sniisbleutTrrslunild He p.
en. llus Iran iirt in the rnan lamt, tors
listrirt,--on tl intcrw-ction of to public
mata. One is the rosl Ita-ling from Yorkville to
Charlotte, by Thorn's frrry on the Calaw ba.
Ihe other is the d r. ct atlj main nad from Ij
colnton to Cnl. n, by t urkurt;c Konl and
l)by's bndr. Twrnt Acres of thr trart are
cleared ami fcncel, and iff cabins rrreird.
The toil it (ftxl fr cotbin and irra.a. HmmitIi
not of tbe vrn Grst qnilitrit it Lrk, ami eaw
ly tilUd. If it doc, not yirld truttriant croiit,
it does not yield Jitnur. 1 1i" nimaniic hills,
that skirt it, are not more th alixlr of health
than is the tract itself. I lie land lira vrry l rl
generally, is ftnrlv timbrr,, and wrll wa'rrrd
with its own tpringt. No store or Tsrrru I.e.
near thr pLcr, a (fnilrman of rntrrprite
oukl fiud the CrttJluuU a taluable ie.
As a station for kruttk, for f.'i,i, and for the
decrnl aupport of a fainilv by imsr, thi, trai l
ought to aell well. Industry, economy," and
tat could make it most desirable -rai lrnce.
Adjoining it, be the besutifiil ps. siinif Mr.
Pcttua, aome years ago a Ki-prrsrntativr in our
lyrrialature. This property would not be d'upo
sed of, but under the expectation, that a farm
on the W. of tbe Catawba, and Mir tbe Acad
emy, could be obtained. For terms, ami other
particulars, applies' Kin may be made lo Janut
Harria, Esq, near Flint-lldl Church.
thmtscr Academy, Ttrk Diitrict,
X. C.June lOrk, 1 8!4. Iw
ol irtaturHir-a, natural to the clirnale.
On these premises are marhineries, whkh ar
in point of income, equal to any in the Hiate
ii, iim corn null, ami a French tlurr a aae
mill ami a cotton n'sch'tie tint, a Taw tard,
Htore-brMise anl a mith-ahp. There is slso a
romfiMiahle delli(ig h'iw, with all aecraur
mil houses, suited to the circumstance nf any
person wishing to purehatr. 'terms will b!
maile accoin rioilaUng lo the purchaser.
Ill'l.ll HAVK.
25, 1321. '.Vl
M. MMKON IJI.VI.NS like notice, (u-
on the vcoml Momtar of Heptcmbcrnesl,
I uilro.1 to take the drpi mn, if John Mi-i r.
I dward Colhia, and othan, at the Court-llouw,
in KuMcUtillr, state M Kentucky, to b read at
eridrncr in the sui by petition in U'woln 8upi.
riorCiHirt, North-i sndiu wljyaj am plaintitr,
ami ycMi are difemlant ; wlivli an I w here you
nu) attend, to cross i taminr. REVINi.
iv ir., WA. 4it'U
A List of Letter
taTOW remaining in the loat DtTire at Salia
il bury, N. Carolina, June 30th, A. D. Ii4.
A Stolen Irt'ftt-r !
OST. humlred dollars rraanl will be girrn
for anv informa'ion that may ka I to ihe
detection of the llurf wlo atolc a h-tirr, wnttn
donng the artaion of the Ul Irgislaturr, dirti'
ed to a MK-mbrr of my ftmil), and placnl in t'e
mis office in KaleigH, directed to ("harlot t-.
An infamous an 1 unprincipled scoundrel, h.
ing the exterior, ami claimoig to hiniielf lh.1
character, ft a gentleman, is nw mthrtted and
h-n this communication rrachet hia evet, V
will be aware i4 iKa grounds upon which my
suspicions hare arisen. The letter is at presci.t
!a my poSaeasiou.
lf Alnrd, I2M June, I8i4
aosroLK, rvnt 22.
Extract of a letter from a gentleman on board
the U. S. Sch'r. Grampus, to hit friend in this
place, dated
" IT. 8. Sch'r. Gaamrra, ?
Mttanttu, Ma 3Ut, 1824. S
"We have just arrived at" this place,
from the American Colony at Cape Mes
aurado, on the Coast of Africa. We
were ST dv from Cape to Cape.
"We found the cnUny all healthy, and
making vast improvements in agriculture.
They all aeem perfectly satisfied ; they
have a most deliehtful Uuli?a JL-
The National Intelligencer of Tuesday,
received yesterday, announces the ad
journment of the Investigating Commit
tee on the day preceding, and remarks
Tbe Report of tbe Committee was im
mediately laid before the President, and
we have not beenatTe W obtain a pemsal
" House aritt Land lor Sale,
TilE aubtcriber i fully authoriaed brthe burl
will of Henry Bruner, dee'd. and also by
the leral renreaen ative. to tell the well known
Plantation whereon the deceased did hveabyl
II rnllet east from the town of Salisbury, on
the south tide of main Yadkin, containing 189
Ixicke Atwell
Jacob Adamt
Margaret Allison.
Tho. Bracking
Henry C Rurka
Adam Reck
John Bird
Alexander Brandon
Lemuel Hall.
John Carter
Kly Carrol
Judy ('. Chapman
Jim-ph Cast low
Clrmial Johnson
J. K. Jarrett
Samuel R. Josey
liufua Johnsoa
Thomas Jones.
Thorns, Kent
James Kinraid
Isaac Knitrht
John keslrr.
Elizabeth Lemlcy, 2
Janes liwry
W illiam link
John Low.
Chrk of County Court Robert Mcnire
1 hot. it 11. Cowan
Conrad Casper
Charlet Churcbell
F. rastut Cae
Wiiic Coaia ,
Mary Cridcr
John Craver
Frederick Cope
John Campbell
Alex. Cunningham
Daniel ClodliTter
Jarrad Coggins.
TJonglat Dudcn.
Henry Kills
James F.aton
Marr F.vcrette
Frederick F.llcr
William F-drith
Phillip F.aglc
John Eagle
.lamrt Elllt.
Mtrv Frohock .
TreeTaruI fMlge
William Furtr
G. L. rrtcman.
James, tirimes
Wm. Glatcock
Charlet GrifTeth
Jolni M l Jinan, .
George Murr
lUvnet Morgan
John M'ltae
John Martin
W'illiim Montgomtrv
Joseph Maton
lhinLin Magill
Alexander VtaiMcr
Wilim M'Cargo
John Mengt-lberj
Wilim Moore
Timothy Milbourn
F.lja Martin
John Martin.
Villiby Nicholt.
Nancy Owen
W illiam Othrish.
Jacob Pool
Enoch rhilllps.
Catharine Kandlerrun
John Heed
' L; Roae
. John liamllemtn.
Henry Sossaman
Nathaniel Smith
James Stew ard
-Jamet Smirri
Andrew Snider
Charles Glover
Goodman Wm. H. Stoirdon
acres t about 60 of which it of the bett river , ,j uiJe. 0f (j,e m stcelman
bottom in North Carolina. There is on the pn- cunpios Court, 2,
miscs, a gooa aim iarje uwc.iiiiib uou., j0i,n Holmet
barn, apple and peach orchard, witn many oto-, vr illiaamson Harria
er coatreniences, to Justirv me in saying tnai jifd llama
is One of the best Plantations, agreeably to the Mary Hafr,'
number of wcica, uu Utw rirer. It it now ofltr-1 Charlet W. Harrit
ed at private talc i the paymenta will be made john netidly
eaay ; a credit of one and two years, or if a pay- j uannah Hill .
ment it made of one half, a credit of two Vtar. Jjuliei n.jJcndricka
But if hot sold at nrivateVontract, it' will be oF-1 .,rh,l Hirw
fered at public Auction, on the premises, on "the i )0C;r i andsford
4th Saturday in August net. Any person
wialiing'to purchase at private sale, may, at atiy
Private Entertainment.
THE Mibscriber ha opened a houte of Pri
vate Entertainment where Travellers can
be accommodated. He promise all who call
on him, good treatment, with a plenty -of the
belt to eat and drink.
, W.w6rej', ufi3(Al 1924.
Douglas P. Iladen, 2
George llearn
John Hughe
John Harris
Math. Howard
John llmrard
Siniud Hughey.
Philip Jacob -J.
II. Joyce
John Jone
F.ppt Spain
Edward Southard
Itobert Rpence
.lames Stafford
Wm. Klt
ltachail Smith . .
Henry Sloan
Wm. Stephenson
-Eluha Simms
George Sniithcel ,
Henry I.echler
Henry Stirewalt.
Mary A Townsend
l?ltiVri't!'11inhn.'ra .
Christian Tarr.
M ood &. Ki ider
Alfred Wood
Absalom Wall '
Nathan Wells
Richmond Wall
Ely W. W ard
Robert White
Peter Walton.
State of North-Carolina,
COt'H r of Plraa ami Quarter Session, May
tenn, )8J4i Jamrt Clark, t. Jamea 1). Wal
ker - Original attachment, levied in the hands
of John M'Uiuy. It appearing to the court thut
the di-fcnilaiit is not an inhabitant of this State.
- . . - .
it Is therefore ordered, that publication be made
three months in the Western Carolinian, giving
notice to thr said defendant to appear at tiie
neit Coirt f Picas and Qnsrtcr Seaiions to be"
held for aaid county, at the Court-House in
Charlotte, on the tburth Monday in August next,
to replevy, plead, or demur, othcrviiae judg
ment will be ent' red against him, and execu
tion awarded accordingly.
Test : ISAAC ALEXANDER, c. xt. c.
Price adv. 4. 3nuV:4
Laud for Sale.
(.Ur.F. Bl-V to the hurt will and testament
of H'ui. I'atteruin, dee'd. will be sold, at
public tale, on a creibt, a v,uMc plaolatioii,
coiilain'mg 400 acres ly ii on both sid. s of Sn -gar
Creek, wi'hio 1J niih't of Charlotte. The
fertility of (Ik soil, the elcganre of the situa
tion, and the irnpmvenitnta, all serve to render
this an object nf at'.ent 'in.
DAVID M'DON.U.K, Fxtcntor.
we21, 11M. 3it14r
Suite of North-f arolina,
T a Court of Pleas a id iiurer Sessions,
May acasion, 1824 ; H. bert lllai k tM. st
William Hartt 1 original a'achinent, levied ,n
80 or 90 acres of land. It appearing to 'lit court,
Uial lue oticuoiov m ucae t nor art trmm
tant of this state, it is therefore ordered, thai
publica'.ion be made tit weeks in the Wi-strro
Carohniao,- that the defendant appear at our
nett Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions lo be
held for the county aforesaid, at the court-home
in Charlotte, on thcjtbmdayjnjpist
forfpTevy, plead, or demur, otherwise jMdpiwnt
firm I will be entered against him, and execution
awarded accordingly .
Teat 1 ISAAC ALEXANDER, e. x. r.
Price adv. 82 6it18
State of North-'C'aroIina,
flOt'HT of Picas and Quarter Sessions, .Tiiue
J term, 1824. Andrew Rowman, v. Robert.
Tinsley: Original attachment, levied on land. It
KA ..iiLT....i'...n .r ,t... . , .1..
the defeoilaht is not an inhabitant of tlul state
it is therefore ordered, that publication be made
in the WesU-rn Carolinian for three monihs,iIu'.
unless the defendant 'comes forward before thj;
and plead, that judgment will be entered, pro
confesso, and property levied upon w ill be con
demned to tlie plaintitPs recovery.
Ry order, MATTHEW R. MOORE, c.c.
Price adv. JJ4v - it'25
Wrajipinjf J'ajier,
OF a-good finality, fijr sale, at this office; some
at one dollar twcnty.five ctnts, and a larger
kind at tw o dollar, per ream.

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