North Carolina Newspapers

I tat kiuviu () twitu.'
41 lit! It tii pun t MnU of health,
TU k4 nfrbr f th summer bear i
tvf he cold lutsi hrt th hrighteuirg
WnU I k, ililrftintJ, ling' U hriak,
)lnc th tmb knit lata fore i
And ftom On boJ'i parity, tb mind
Itagoive i ecrt sywrpaihtik tid.
.1 who marries mm, may b
Pardoa'd hi Unrtalty t
11 aha atarrie talc, U J"
Kut IT 70a tWtkl 11 ol
Vm) bif thrice don't prt At lad-
flag Idas dog Urn back to tctttioLm.
Thra thing giro try charm to We,
Ami mry grWf eontroal 1
A (Bella wtae, tnuCnf wife,
AaJ m aatalntad ton! .,., tscfia.
M. Bertboltt, lb aoa of lb philoso
pher of tkil name, w young man of
aoptrlor tlentsj his Menus enteruroeq
high expectations of hit fiituro euccen
tut Mlihcr th rank to which hi father
had attained, hla own brilliant prospect,
Ivor tht llirry society and srnusements
of Paris, could tacurt Mm (nm that n
Dul and weariness of llf which at lat be
Can Insupportable. II lucked him
aelf tip io a anull rooni, and doting the
aperture and crevices, lighted barrel of
Charcoal, and tested himielf be for a ta
Ue on which h had Uid aecond watch,
with pen, iok and paper. II then noted
down with exactness, tht hour when th
charcoal wit lighted, lh first tenaationi
produced, and th progrtM of tho deliri
um, till lh writing becam confuted and
Illegible, d h U4 ul upon tne
Hoot, London fiafier.
The following la from Blackwood'
Magaaln, a work not noted for prtiwlif w
to ibis country there doei not eiUt at
this time, on the whole fare of the earth,
any district more flourishing, more im
proving, or mora enterprixlng than the
Stat of New York. The great Canal,
Which beggars to Insignificance all simi
lar undertaking io the world, and In point
of extent it the largest tin of continued
labor la th world, after the wall of China,
it ofitselfa sufficient proof and illustration
f th bet."
A strange custom prevails every where
la Chili, at balls, public as well as private
Ladies of all ranks who happen nut to be
invited, come in disguise and stand at the
window or in the pssMges, and often
actually enter the ball room. They are
callad Tafiadat, from their fares being
covered, ami their object is to observe
tho-- proceedings of their unconscious
friends, whom they torment with rnali
clous speeches, whenever they ar within
fring Halional Gazelle.
England may be denominated the
u. Great flanking . flume", of -Europe.
Within lh last few year, ah has loaned
to other Stales over Two Hundred r.d
Twenty Million of Dollars. 1 he fol
lowing is list of loan paid, or contrac
ted to he paid, in IB?
French, (. 19,900,000
Greek, . 892,000
Mexican, 8,800,000
Spanish, 5,000,000
line. 500.000
Dutch, 2,000,000
Columbian, 4,000,000
Brazil, 2,500,0(10
SOaOWt Keptkn,;00u000
- " p "
Peruvian. 2J20.000
Total, L 50,312,000
BuanosAyres, 100,000
Droz, Genevan Mechanic, once con
stituted clock which was capable of the
following Surprising movements : There
was Ken oa it a negro, a dog and i shep
herd. When tbe clock (truck, the shep
herd played aix tune on his flute, and the
Ana annroached and fawned UDon him.
Tbe clock was exhibited to the King of
Spain, who was delighted with it. I be
gentleness of my dog, uid Droz, is his
least merit. Let your Majesty touch one
of the apples which you see in tbe shep
herd basket, you will admire the fidelity
of thii animal. The king took an apple,
and the dog-flew at hia hand and barked
io loud that the King e'ogrwbklna'a in
the room, bogan alao to bark. At this,
the courtiers, not doubting that it was an
HVir nf witchcraft, hastilr left th room.
. m . . a aaaiav . t a
The Minister oi marine was me oniy one
that ventured to atay. The King having
desire 1 him to ask tho negro what o'clock
it was tho minister obeyed, but he ob
tained no reply Droz then observed,
that the negro had not yet learned Span
lab, Upon t,fc Mwawt Ik
question in French, and the black imme
diately answered bim. At this new pro
digy the firmneta of tho minister also
rnrv him. and he retreated precipitate
ly, declaring that it must be the work of
Singular Suicide. A. alave, at Lynch
burg, (Va.) on the 25th vlt. being threa
tened with flogging by hi maater, for
refusing to work, run his head furiously
against a wall, which dislocated one of the
joints of hia neck, and broke another.
He died in few days.
Baltimore flaper.
f I AVE declined acting a a p.rtwr aid
ft. . I u 1 .L. ..i.l. kuantM M tVt'
ewt, whb ttoeontent, ami air rt!.ivh'4 aU
claim t y part or portto. at U. rrfct U
U tone rt t4 Murphy ft Button,
.War, 3J, IbJ4. NA 1 U C IUT10N.
'Vtfcton, In ConcotA.
f flltEfcikarriWrhM fcmd aCprtitnip
I with W ilium Brown, to the urea'H'ja
U.nM, at Corword, CaSamia aoont vNorth.
Carolina, under th Irm tMnrphfU Srtwmt
her they r opealg a frh aaMfUaent ol
Dnt GaaJt. Cutlery and Hardware
tvkcVd Hh much ear, br PhiUdclphla and
New-Yarx, ami oougtit m in wrma. 1 7
eWign la ctiin 0- tMina at Cnr4
mm rears 1 and a Mr. aftrrphf wtfl it th
northem eltle anmnlly, ta procure aupprira,
their aaMrtmcnt will be general r end will b
diipoMd t t fair prtow f eh, or on emli',
l imnctual enomm. Their frkaiU and lb
public generally, are rpifuHy urid 14 rail,
r limine qualiuea, hear pritn, and Mri t
lUmaelvtaT JOIW MURfUT.
John Alnrphr,
Ua at hit store in StluSury, a Urge
Mtartntent of GOODS to auit citiirna, town and
country people 1 to be disposed of unutualtylua,
foe rMh,. or country produce.
Nflw AaanrtinenL
THE aubecfiber hat vtry rreenUy received
from Philadelphia, an moAit of
fh-y itU, Cmllrry,0n4
Hird-IVur, Dmrtu$i
which, aith th aasonmrnt ha cspactt ta re
ceive in a short time, will cnaVIv btm to aril it
si'iafu-inrv nnrft Tha nohlie are rreoectfuly
invitad to call, and examine for ihamaefvc.
SaCtiurj, Jyf. 16, 1833. 7U
Tha Cor.irmitlitnr. and Tin PU hrT
lirfeiorur irantaded by U. Creea, ten. will in
Tboae who favor me With their ewetoea, way da-
pentl on having their wore aone wun neainrm,
Uurabilitv ami Urtpatcb. kuwii. tKmn
WIwIcbhIo HAT Store,
779 line Street, pftil the Mmhantt Quiet.
AVWtAmfin & BUtr,
OFFEK t the public general aaortment
of 1ft, 2ixt, and 3d quality black and drab
Heaver IIat,
oval, bell ami high crowns, and cortct thaped,
wide ami narrow brim, late faahions.
Also, Cator Data, ditto i men' and youth't
fine Koram ditto, warranted "lattic waterproof
pvn't and vouth't Roram Halt, of an inf. rior
qia1it . All of which they warrant of their
on nianiifarture.
Mcn't and bov't coarse, fine and very fine
black and drab wool Hat i morocco cap, from
Philadelphia ami New-York ; Hatter's Trim,
mingt, How Strings and Druthc, Lc. &.c. low
for rah.
CAarVafea, April 1824. 13U14
South Yadkin Bridge.
rfriE Commiioner appointed bv Howsn
A County fkwrt, to btttM a iiWee aver the.
south i akin river, between the mouth of Second
Preek and the Point, will receive propoaala for
building aaid Brklg. IVraone diapoaed to con.
tract for the tame, will '-ecifv to either of the
Commiaiioner the term on whit'U thev can da
the job. Contractor will undertard thatlhcr
- i i "7 i - .;'-t..T . i. .i t
la io dc a oou none aotiirociii mi tin mu m
tbe Brklgc, a atone pier in the centre i tbe whole
to be well (hingled weatherooaniea. me
bridge will require to b, two hundred feet lung.
JOHN HP.AKD, jr. ,
iaa'ifary, June 7. 1 824. W
ON Tueiday, the third of Augtiit ?evtt (it be
Ing Wilke county court week) the under
signed commitnionert will sell at Public Auction,
in the Town of Wilkciboro', agreeably to act of
Aiaemblr. aever&l luta. kid oft from the Dublic
aquare in uid place two of which are the moat
IigbJ atuwla loe niw " tnim erm,
nine months credit j bond and Kcurity will be
required, and a Sen upon the property will be
retained, until pavment ia made.
Abo, at the tame time and place, the laid com
missioners, by the authority sforeaaid, will let
out to the lowest bidder, the building of a brick
Court-Houee; the undertaker of which will be
required to give bond and sufficient security for
the good performance of the tame. The plan
and aixe of the Court-Houee will be made
known by either of the subscriber, when ap
plied to.
HAMILTON UROWN, f aiener -
-Jua2l,ll2V" 4ifl6
Uouso and Land for' Sale,
THE aubtcriber i fully authorited by the last
will or Henry Brunerrdec'dTand ahd-bf
the legal repreaenUitivea, to sell tbe well known
Plantation whereon the deceaaed did live, about
12 milea east from the town of Salisbury, on
the aouth aide of main Yadkin, containing 89
acret ; about 60 of which ia of the best river
bottom in North Carolina. There ia on the pri
nutet. a rood and larre dwellinir-houae, and
!" -r-fJjtanil ar.h rrhanL with IMnv Oth
er convenience, to juat'ifv. me in aaying that it
ia one of the belt Plantation, agreeably to tne
number of acres, on the river. It la how ofler.
ed at private tale 5 the payment! wUl be nude
easy ; a credit of one and two years, or if a pay
ment ia made ot one naif, a credit ot two years.
But if not told at orirate contract, h will be of
feree, at publlc'Auction, on idle premise, on the
x" -saiuraay m- Auguai eai. - -ny ,
wishing to purchaaeat private aale, may, at any
time, apply to JA. FISHER, Exectr.
July 5, 1824 . 7if 19
Forte Piano, for Sale.
A FIRST rate second-hand Piant, it offered
for sale, very low. For terma, fcc. apply
SaStlury, Ftb. 16, 1824.
AlMAb, notickm.
Coach MaLin2.
TflE tuf acrifitr feffrrt hittervlctUUie pib.
bo la tbe tbova tine, ami fl iters birutclf,
from lig (iptrienc and steady tUika fur
a fium'tr or jtu w imw ana Amenca, so
five fVrd MUrr.tUiti to ihoaa abe mj (aver
iia u their work.
Cantagei of all dVscr!ptilrt, PirmeTd and
flikk tort, fulkertf t., aaule and rrpcared oa
rcanVU Urma, I1U1, US Df-tt.
ai4 wf, Afel 58, 1 8J4. 2U4
' N. B. Carriage, of all daacriptioai, Uwght
ad aU, aa euanaueaUa.
r. i. 4 JotirneyaM waatad al th abov bu-
tinee, toiMMa fo4 waa; w,U iv
will beaipW)4 W -"r'
STbe enhbef keep tww fc lllre,
UI alr b kept III mdAV with
road hawets'lor th ecaomiwadaUea of those
taa at y titaa, wiah to '""V""
H oa biM- i. LA iv u CO.
r a iV..l .. a. Snlfwntlf tt tha boVt
--nmnT mm mm I - ,1
b,i,aa. ywng maa front 14 to 1 yeara of eorrrcs ani iromwwi amu,wn
rrff tha country would be preferred t to whon
t ipud cbanee ba gv
Coach Makiuir.
THE. aubriber beg leave to return bia
grateful acknowkdgmenta to bi fHendt
ltd the public, lor the very unarai pwrwp m
U received la bia line oi buaines i aad Worm
k. tk, Ka )iu nntftirrA a BUmbcr Of Work-
Uea front PbiWUIplua and Newark, whkk
enahlea bim tRmB worn to a aryie raveij acca
t- .v.. . nrf rJ tha Bt&le. lie alao hat
. M.t kihI nnn nf mmlrrvAla. of Ifla KH Uuu-
tw .rvt moat fuhiofulle MtUrna, He intenda
arapmg eoaatairtiv oa nana, n rruutcu
r., rui, nniv. Huikira. buck ana rannei uii
Cliariulees, Coachees, Landaua, Pbetoeta, ba
rouche, Uadaulctt, Caravans, ana sua stage,
,J . BiK-rtn nnw ruction. HrDairt dooa at tbe
ahorteet notice, and in the beat manner. Order
from a f atane thankfully received, and pun-
tually artertilca to. j. u. auiua,
ru4a: Jt-.l 1. 1 824. Of
. Via PULidtlmlia-
miltl ilk mmrMt.Mm infm wia hia
JL fricad aad the public generally, that he ha
Jim mciTwti QIC iaicl imiihw irv, innwn, ,
way of Philadelphia, (ientteaiea la ttii vicini
ty, and th adiaeertt country, w'uhmg Caahiona
Ll clothes maJe. caa bow be accomoaodatcd br
the aubaetiber oa a abort notice. All order
from distance, tot making any kind of gentle
arill Ko nunetuaBv and eioedi
tkattaly cseeuted. and furwarded according to
'. - . . . . . ,
uuTcttona. uentlcroen are invuea o giv me
tilxrnbrr'a aknn a fir trikl thev will then be
better able to judge whether he detervee their
patrojura or not. luustaa v.cjuiu.
SaH,iury,Jfril 19, 1824. t.
eMatWii F. UtTeU, Tailor,
A DOPTR tbit phui of informing tha citiieiu
il. of Saltbiiry, aad ita vicuuty, ta general,
that be baa commenced tha
Tailoring Itasincss,
in part of John Utaman'a houae, aituated In
Market Street, a few door from the East corner
of the Court-How t where ba i prepared and
will be happy ta accommodate any rantUmcn
who are dipoed to patronise him in hia Rae af
buwneaa, in the Beatevt and moat laaluonable
atyle, or to pica fancy. He flatter hiinaelf,
irom nia nn j'rimm, uiM'imn nw
few, if any, in tha country, that caa aarpaat him
in the eiecutioa of bi work. A aur trial ia all
he akt, to pruea tha above attertioa. Tbe
change of fashion ahall be atrictly attended to,
a ne naa ten a correnonueni in uie uuirtci oi
Columbia; (wbereti it taatfrorn) who will tend
him tha faahiona on, in their regular aeaaon.
He hope by strict attention to buainesa, to re
ceive a liberal share of public patronage, at he
it determined nothing tliall be left undone ta
render general satisfaction.
&atiiry, May S, 1824. 204
Carpentering Business.
rTlilE subscriber ben leave to inform the
..X. .iaianna.o Rawa and lLa adjaimsg; coun-
ties, that be intenda carrying on tit Houae Car
penter'a Butiaeaa in all its varioua branches,
tnd it now ready to make engarementa with
any person wishing to have work dona In bis
line. He will employ none bat the best of
workmen i and be flatters himself that, from his
long experience and strict attention to tho busi
ness, be will be a&ia to discharge any aucb work
U U mum Athionable atyl of the Jay, and an
the moat reasonable terms. He feels do heti.
tation in ttying that those who may favor him
with their' custom, will be fully utufied ta to
price, durability, aeatnets, and deipatch.
SaKttmry, J,m 14, 1824. f Ur
Ilouse and Sljrji Painting, tyc.
a i tUKUE Yf. inform bis friends
U and the Dublic that he (till eontinuea tn
execute all kind of Rouse, Sign, Coach, Wmd-
ar cnairand urnamental jfatnttur, in a atyle
o workmanship equal to any in the country.
Gentlemen havin arorW tn Ho within D nr Vl
miWs of Salisbury, ean engage the subscriber's
, 'the subscriber takes this opportunity to re
turn hi aincere 'fhanlc to 'all thoae' alin la w
genaoualy extended their favors to him t and
by hftfaithfulnea and industry, in future, hopes
still tft merit their friendship and patronage.
SaMutyTJuTySriS:. '13
n. by 0 auDacnuer will keep on hand, for
sale, all banner of jftatrWe and colors, prepared
for the accommodation of those who may with
to do smak; jobs of painting, but who may not
have the pamta, or experience to prepare them.,
- aXotke,
A treoiMlndebted to Alexander Torrence,
XV as Guitisn of ' aid ;
to come forwsM and make immediate payment,
or give new rites, payable to A. J. Worke, as
he has now taien all the notes and accounts out
of the handsof hi former Guardian, and is de
termined to mllect his money, or have it secured
bv aew. aotallr Akxandcr Jorrce is an-
thorlzed to settler any account -pwiotear The
amount of any debts due tne auDscnoer, uunnp
the next three months, and all notes, will be left
with him. a ant for me. durint; that time.
Thia is the Ust call that will be made i and if
not attended to, an officer will makehe next,
Jlfae 18,1824'r W "A. J. WORKE.
Shcriffi' Tax Deeds.
EED3 for land sold by Sheriff for arrears
of Ttuut, for sale at tat varouauuv omcc.
DTt imtfTM fiKHS'S I Tail w4' Uts1
an the mv1 itixly f lepten.beraett,
I intend to Uk the drpiiio U J"
Ward Cotlina, and whera, at Ut CurtJIouea
.h u.,Brlnai. iAta U Kn.ikr. to ba reft a
evnletMia la tht auit by peUUoa ta tiucola lupe
itu Court,, wher I tat pbunuir,
tad yoa ar defrndant i wbaa and wUra )UU
mt attend, to cm tnmlna. t'l f
Jw4nn. r.i.lZAnr.i it nr.viw.
Ktatp of NortU-Caroluia,
uirtLiaivia eooTY.
COVIT of ricaa and Quart ar leatinn, kfa
Una, 1124 1 James tferlf. l. Wal.
ken Orinii.rA ,pwd UtU haiHl
li'fctMUM M not snUub.uMtrflHu;
C u r. lUt nuLKeatloa b anaua
Ihre inonll lit tha Mfettara CaroCnian, givtog
Mk t tbe SaU krfwUftl I appear a iav
r-.M nm and Qoarta aecaion ta a
ackl for aaid eiuity. at tha rourt lloua i
Chartasta, lounn svoivuy in r-
ta rpU7, pkad, or demur, atberwUa Julr
taeat will ba entrred afainet h'ua, aad aaacu.
tioa awarded accardiagly.
EXAXDtR, e. at. .
Priea adv. R4.
Sute of Korth-Caroliua,
rIOURT of Pica aad Quarter Beeaion, June
L (en) 104. nuiw "
rmaleyi OripMdattachmaat,lcviedealand. It
appeariag to tha aatMdWctkm the court, that
tha defendant ia aot aa Inhabitant of liue at la-
it is therefor ordered, utai pubucano a snaua
ia tbe Wcatera Caraliniaa for threa saoaths, that
anlcae tba defend at come forward befur the
3nd Monday of Septao.ber wait, tad replevy
and plead, that judgment will ba enterad, pee
coraVaao, and property levied upoa will be caav
aemnea w uie picanun a iwn,n.
By order, UArTIIEW R. MOORE, e. e.
Prk adv. 84. W2t
State of North-Carolina,
MtcKiaBiao obtt.
AT a Court ot Pleat aad Quarter teaaiont,
Maytrauon, 1834 Kobe ft Black again
Wdliara llarttt original attachment, levied oa
BO or 90 acre of land. It appearing to tbe eourt,
that th defendant ia tUU caca ia not aa inliabi. t4 thia etiie. it ia therefor ordered, that
publication be mad ail weak in tbe Western
Carolinian, that the defendant appear at our
nest Court of Flea and Quarter geetion to be
held for the county aforesaid, at tbe court -houae
in Charlotte, oa tha 4th Mondav in Aurutt Belt.
to replevy, plead, or demur, otherwise judgment
Dnal m bt catered againet mm, and ciccuuon
awarded accordingly. on ia
State of North-Carolina,
COURT of Plea and Quarter Be , April
Term, 1824 : Caleb P. Alexander,
Jamea Pickeni original attachment, levied on
land, dc. It appearina: to the eourt that tbe
defendant in Out cae a not an inhabitant of
Uiia at ate, it it therefore ordered, that publica
tion be made three month in the fFrttern Car.
tbman, giving notice to aaid defendant ta appear
at tha next Court of Plea and Quarter Seaeion
to ba held fur aaid county, at the court-house in
Concord, on the third Monday oi Julv next, to
replevy, pirad. ne demur, otharwla Judgment
final ill be entered against him, and execution
awarded accordingly.
Tetti DANIEL COLEMAN, c.c.r.
Prv-eadv. S4. h'16
State of North-Caroliaa,
1 " i
OURT of Plea and Quarter Seanons, Mty
nTerm, 182lLJLamct Ira in w-JcAaMtWf!"'
oririaal attachment, levied oa two tract of land.
It appearing to tba court that the defendant
Uvea out of tlut state, it is therefore ordered,
that publication be maIc for three months in Uie
Western Carolinian, that the defrndant, appear
at the next county court to be held for the coun
ty of Wilkes, at the court-house in Wilketbnro',
on tbe fint Monday In August next, and replevy
and plead to issue, or judgment will be entered
against him for plantin 'a demand. it '18
: Ttt- R.- M A RTI N. e,-w, cv ."
State of North-Carolina,
avaaa covair.
IN Equity, March term, A. D. 1824. Merrit
Burin n, t. Phillip Goodbread. It appear
ing to the aatinf action of the court, that Phillip
Goodbread doe not reside w ithin the hmitt of
thia Sute, it it therefore ordered that public
tioay be made for threa-raontlu tucceaaivtly m
tba Western Carolinian, that unlet tha laid
Phillip Goodbread appear at the next court of
Equity to be be Id for the county of Burke, at
the eourt-houae In Mornnton. on the 4th Mon.
day of September next, then and there to plead,.
anawer or demur, judgment, pro contctso, will
ae taken, and tne tame be beard ex parte.
S. S. ERWIN.c. at. I.
Price sdv. g4 13it'22
State of North-Carolina,
COURT of Pleaa and Quarter Sessions, May
.ternvl324iQhn. NeabiL . Charlca I).
Conner; Orriginal attachment, returned. See. . It
ia ordered by the court, that the . defendant,
(who is riot anliihabitant'of thia Stated file hia
answer on or before tbe next Urrn ot this Court,
to be held for the county aforesaid, at the court,
house in Stateaville, on the third Monday in
Auviiat nYt. nlt,rwiu ttto nlain,iT will ka
heard ex parte, and have judgment pro confesso.
K is turther ordered, that tbia notice be pub
lished for threa month in tlie Western Caro
linian. . Test: R. SIMONTON. Cfk.
Price adv. $4. U23
State of North-Carolina,
lacuon 01 inn wy - -rr tS, relict ol
Jeremiah Baker, dee'd. jaracl fluker. Reuben
Baker, Lucy Ann Baker, Seeberrv Baker, Nan
cy Baker, andJeremiah Baker, infanta and heirs
are inhabitant of another atate, it is therefore
orreM,'tha pubneation be niade in tha We
tern Carolinian, publuhed in Salisbury, for six
weeks, for the aforesaid parties to appear and
answer, plead or demur, or judgment, pro con
fesso, will be taken against them, and the cause
heard ex parte. -Witness James Hathurn, clerk
of tbe court of Equity, for tbe county and state
aforesaid, March term, 1824.
JAMES lUTHORN, c. & . .
Price adv,&2 50 -it'H j
IJMTJ-:il BTATI'h' laWH.
AN A1 tnuUng a tract iif Un. l U.e
tama m ui i uiw ia rutni loupce, na Uft
taia eoMliiion. - .
BP. il mm U4 4y lA &mH mnd , JU,
I Cammm mttemrted. Thai lLa .J
m m
United Bute, bi trart of land, lurty arptM
fran. Hruia lh Stikunii rt. .
back tba detitk at turty arpea, tt rrraaiahiaj
bend oa auJ river, be, and tU taaaa U UtU
granted la th Inbthitaau of lU ParUa f yJ
Courvea, wi'hla abkh said bvl h ,iu,i,
oorwhtloa that aaid farU aaall, at all CL.
bareafW, keepC a goad and eufttUat Wtar u
baueVaJuntV ran.'tU'ttr W!-.wLT
. --w ' ' . mttil
10 keep up tuch good and BuflVUat lei.tU
laad abafl revert to lh I'aited ntatet,
U. CLAr, -peaier
,lh flout ef Wrprata!iCM
k rreaidcot of th U, f tatas sfkt
, rreaUaattaf tUaaaau.
rTaeVafta, Ms 26, J 874.
Approved i JAMES MOXRog,
AN act making appropriatioat (or deeataing th
Channel kabng Into the harbor of Prtwi
lale, and for repairing plyaioutb Beach.
BE if tnseled hf Me Hntnte tn4 tUum m.
retentmUvn lk United SttUm JmT4
ta Centre mttrmhUJ, Hat lb vuQawiag WM
of raoaey be, and tbe earn ar hereby at are.
priatad, out cf any moneys in th 1 rtatury, a4
ataerwiaa appropriated, end flarad at th da.
poaiuoa af th I'nhr d Bute, fir th purport of
ceompriUnr tha objert hereinafter meatioa.
ed, to ait i th deepeiung tbe chaaaeL Iradine
mta the harbor of Prtatpi lale, ia Uie stale e
Pfimayrvania i and the aunt if twenty thouawMl
dolUra, ta repair Plymouth Beach, ia tht aui
cf Maaaachtiaetta, and tbrrvby prevent the bar.
bor, at thai n'ace, being dratroyrd.
Approved i HaLmpn, rfaf Jfi, m
AN act to allow a aalary to tha CoDccton of t.
Dittrict of Ktntuckat and Ptawaaota, and
ahouah tha ode of Surveyor of the Uiatrict
of Peoaaaola.
BE af emacud r A Mmmm and lTnue l i.
mnoAvM Me Vmiked Uuuet tf.lmmn
in CmTTM OMemiUU, That from and afWr i!
Eaaaagc of tht act, th following annual stlarir
e, and the tame are hereby, allowed, to ait,
To the Collector of tha Port of Entry lor the
District of Nantucket, ia the atate nf Mawchu.
tetts, the turn of two hundred sad fifty dollar t
and to the Collector of the Part of Knlry f,tU
Uiatrict of PencacoU, in tbe territory of Florida,
tbe turn of five hundred dollar.
ec. 2. Md Uurtier enacted, Thu!. from
and after the thirtieth day nf June next, the of
fice of Surveyor of the Port of P.ntnr for th
Diatrict of Ptnaaeola, ia the territory abovenica.
tioncd, be, and the tame ia hereby, ahobihoL
Approved t TaeAtwrfa, May 26, 13Ji
An Act to alter tha Judicial Diatrict s of Pctia
fvkania, and for other purpoaet.
BE it enacted v Me Sencle and Ihtite ffr.
rrtmlativn if Ike United Stale f.1merit
in Cmjrrtf $emtled, Tliat tbe folio inr, eoua
lie in the atate of Penntylvania ahall ceac to ba
a part of the Rarfem Judicial Dittrict of Vaa.
yKania, and attall ba added to, and form a part
oi, the etrm Diatnctj that tstoaayt Butriue
hanna, Bradf.ird, Tiotra, I'aioa, Northuiubcr-
tand, Cotumhia, L lire me, ami l.yeomingi anl
that, bettdet tba terms of the District Court di.
reeted by law to be held at J"ittbtrrg, far the
W estern Dtttnct the Judge of taxi Western div
trict shall hold two term in every year, at Wit
Gam's fort ia tha couuty of Lycoming, which
shall commence pn the hrst Mondays of the
months of June and October, in each and every
year, beginning in October next, and be eontirj-
ed ami adjourned from time to time, a the Court
.... - r ,-r-jii t r . . i
uccm eipeuicin iut iuc ueipatca oi uc vum
net tbereoi.
Approved : fruVan, May 26, 1824.
AN act supplementary to "An act providing ft
Uie examination of titles to kind in that part
of the stale of Ituiaiana aituated between tba
Kio Hondo and the Sabine river."
KE it enacted y Ike Senate and Htwe if Rtf
resrntativei the United Slate f .tmtrut
in Cnpru aowHi l"hat the powers gLvcat.
and duttr rrrjtnrro: olbe wegtsterand Kfeet
ver of the land Office south of Red River, in tbt
state of Louisiana, by the act of the 3d of March,
eighteen hundred and twenty-three, entitled
" An act providing for the examination of the ti
tles to land in that part of the state of Louisiana
aituated between Rio Hondo and th Sabine river,-
ba extended ta all that tract of country
known and called by the name of "The Neutral
Territory,' lylnsj eaat of the preaerit wester
boundary of Louiaiana, and west of tbe bruit to
which tbe Laud Commissioners have heretofore
examined titles and claima to land in aaid ttei
and in the examination of claima to land withia
the aforesaid limits, the Register and Hco -iver
shall, ia all reapecta, be governed by the prow
siont of the aforesaid act.
Sec 2. And be it further enacted. That the Be
gister and Receiver of said Land Office shall, se
verally, receive, at a full compensation forth
duties required of them by this act, the turn of
two hundred dollars, whenever they shall have
finished tbe buainesa required to be performed
by them, by thia actA and the act to which thit
a tupplement, and have forwarded their report
to the Secretary ..of the Treasury.
Approved: Washington, May 1824."
AN act making an appropriation Tor The' useaf -tbe
Library of Conpess, and for furnisluog
rooms ia the Capitol.
T E it enacted by the Senate and nnutetf
a J rftrntnliiM mf tht United State T Jimcnt
in Cn?reu tutemhled. That the sum of five thou
sand dollars be, and the tame it hereby, appro
priated, out of any unappropriated money m
Treamrv. fnr Ihr mirrliaM nf hooka, under the
direction of the Joint Library Committee, for the
useofthe Library of Congress.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the
ftfo fcWI8 felKrcbyappropriated, out of any un
appropriated money in the Treasti ryilbTtheTlur'
clae af furniture for the new Library,. :
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted. That the sum
of three thousand two hundred and. ehfbty nin
dollars and fi ft v cents he. ami the same i here-
hv. annrnnritptl Tn"K'no!il nut of" uivQWJ"''
in tbe i auryt uatrw ppoprM;u'
furnialiing the room in the centre builiTinff
the Capitol, under tlie direction of the Coinm
sioners of the Public Buildings.
Approved : - natianirton, May M, i"
WraTiDinff Paner, .
OF a good quafity, for aale at this office j vm
at one dollar twenty-fi ve cauas. and a larger
il n '
kind at two dollar, per ream.

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