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received by Mr. lortirr.
trfbuthn had been leviea "7 .V"
nnt of tU Republic (Induing the t
ry) and eorpnrotUt, of q;""
dcJhr 00 each poll. male and f "' I and
L....uinoa mltrt biff J"Ur
cpitl oer trtr JoII.r- Tb proctu T
collection wmm7i nJ
btton ot to Interfere Uh lb or
dinnr cone en of pemmM.
A trtf c.r aiif bctireen th foem
tnent of CoJotnbU Bueio Afrct,
h.4Ucn r.ti&ed. The be wrffrtjaii
disr iDDeirtd to eiUt beteo thi 1 Bil
ti'h teot Jh Kwe"""1"!1... ur-
dli of tho Bnthh oemroroi in ior
nwnf rknoUdinK their Independence.
The United State continue to be bib
Ir rtinccted. nJ denominated the cUttic
union fUtbe wettern nemiipoer.
A public dinner hod been ren to Gen
erol UiDAiiKTA.on hUeMomin tbe Su
pre me command of the Deportment of
Zo!l. .
It hod been propoted to oboliih the per
pefuitr of the o of femlei oho uke
the rcll. and 10 allow them to renew them
erery third or fourth yeirf or to rejoin
mocitt j Cmtittri.
- - . Trrnn Heico.
Arm 0mt, July 27-A letter dated
Perotte. M June, from a reinecteble pe
on employed b the Meiicen govern
went, ond oddrewed to a jenileraan of thi
city, bo fovorcd ui with a neroiol of U,
atttei that tnere woo 01 en v-m
French frltjote which wai uid to have
brought on oent with powero to treat
with tlie author'nieo. There were aho at
Altorodo four KnRliih friafei at the die
poaidoa of the Mcxiron gvversment.
From Lomlon popen. .f
The monvtroui obutc thot bare Crept
into the Uni'e-I Church of England and
Ireland are oueh aa to leore it little to
booit orer the Roroiih rtetni even al
lowlng'ibotan which I reported of Ihc
lotter ii founded on foct Below we read
Inn himself on onnuol income ol nearly
nine thounnd do'Jar auOTert the cathedral
over which be i placed to go to ruin, ra
ther than curtail hi eipenditurea on
monfaihionobir ojeci v I hn Dean, too,
tnut follow the example of hi iftiritual
auperinr, ond fotteni ot eae, while hi
DariohlonrM f iimh for the want ol bath
le m mi ril wd Ipi rl t u 0 1 c 0 mfort:
The Cithedral of Deny; In Ireland,
i In ruin, the Cathednd of a diorese
whoae rental Is estimated ot 20,'OO pounds
terlin. The BUheh who erti SOfwH
jtoundt ottrtfnf fur avium from tlir t'io
eeas. km not been whin ut wul- w many
yeo. The Dean, who hao 4000 lOtindt
sterling, has not performed w- vire i' ii
or two near. A late number ( ic
Dublin Fvenin Pist enntoino l.Mer or
the subject, from a member of P-iilutntnt
from the county of Deny, a minis'trul
1st and supporter of the Church, in which
be t-ondemns the conduct of the Biihup,
DeoU, and Ch'pter, ond mtmionsihat thr
Church,Iitiand- u lAe
richctt n gurofie, and that wh-ht the t's'A
edral of Derry had betn fuiling, the endow
tnenttjf the Bithoft and Deanery had been
iacreaung in wealth." .
Madrid, Jane 29 A kind of Congress
formed of the A mbasTSrorrblthirHol
iMItHiice, is Bow talked of. I he hciuI
situation of Spain, tbe occupation of Ca
diz, and the future destiny of the Balea
rioo Islands, we said to be subjects -upon
which the conference will take place. It
is not known what part England will
adopt, but fear are entertained that she
wiU not foil into tbe views of other pow
ers; ' . .. .
J It is said that tne king jsiore deter
mind than ewr not to TecoRwze the in
dependence of xmy of hii .American pos-
'1 hp. chain of cohvicto set out to-rlay for
the galleys. Among them "are youths
only 1 5 years old. A number of these
unfortunate persons, who committed no
o'.he crime than expressing themselves
in favor of the Constitiirlonrare confoun
ded with thieves and murderers, and most
of them have cot even been tried.
rtr.vnzsTUi nzxt
ll IifHf riJiiubwi U ttJ
Uff.t4o0tfrloi cftbe V-Mafe-
htUrtottr, -not lt.i charocur w
. a? f f .
ho are the tupponc't
focd-otltbe rtUf4 fptti't nfn '
ll Is intimated, tft deilCCOiy
IMI " " " ' " " ,
In foe of the Cuf erwJil I wr
our counlr f ttvU J ell l mm 10
it.. k.i k found amonc th PrU'
ut i w - - 1
Mat d U trtttry W V I rtaurr.
Uck of UU of ttnUctiMA.
i.rrJiVd A lttr from S.Cir
out4 t Mhf U conirtry to mj hi
lUr. ftliiivtiBli wror AIb mm, wert
Hi ia u tk.i or oihr camlkUt tbtn
1 v 1 . .
Ct. JikivM uM rtccl M luppon
Suuth CaroUnUni art lmo uiwnimoul
fr Mm."
There oooeor lo bo but oni MRtimcnt
here o the preidentUI queoiion ; Jt
om ond ('amove will receive the tinon
ifonua aupport of the democratic party.
Ciavrofto'anameitocarcclf tneoticmeu.
The Providence Gatctte havlnj decla
red for Mr. Cnvzford, the auUcriber to
it In Smith field adopted rcantutlon to
ony more
of the Cotette. So much for public aeo
timcnt in Rhode I aland !
LWi-SometSinr wai lately toid in
the coucua paper of paucity of the
friendt of Jock too in thit Uote, partlcu
larlf in the county of Jockoon. Thi waa
one of the weak Inventiooa of the enttr.y,
ot the following will hew t
Lrlrml f m Uttrr frtm O gmtlrma Jutkttu
nlp tm lJU tthltr lit IIHmmt (imlfitr,
frinUd mt ULtmmnHmm, daU4Julj 15, 1824.
The county of Randolph, I am 'well
aiiured, will five decided majority to
Jatkion. Tbe next would be Adomt or
Clay, but Jmtkm atjainot tbe field olanda
cood. Jatkttn in Jackaon county will fro
about fiv to one againat tbe whole to
Pofiular Indignation A correapondent
inlbrtnt that a few day oince two mem
ber el tbe Auembly from Seneca coun
ty, were bung in efliey, and afterward
burnt, and Navn powder having been
deposited in their u mental mapeiioe."
We have no objection to aeo the whole
Junta Party blown aky higb through tbe
ballot boxe . Aro- Jerk paficr.
Two-third "of all the member of tbe
legislature of Louisiana, ere atated to
be tbe avowed frienda and aupporter of
General Jacxior. tb.
A new paper exiled The Ifettrm Vol
unteer, i about to be published in r rank
feH, Kentockrrand will tuppott Gcnerat
Jacksom for tbe presidency.
It i a remarkable fact, that three of the
Presidents of the United State, viz :
George Washington, Jamea Madison and
James Monroe, were brn in one county
In Virginia. I be county which hat been
tbusprolibcin great roen,i ll etfmorclaud,
At Upper Canada paper asserts, that a
boy swallowed an adder three feet long,
which was destroyed in his stomach by
the application prescribed by a physician.
Fables of this cast are frequently fabrica
ted to puff ofT quacks, who have no other
way to obtain celebrity.
More Gold. We hove een, in the pos
session of R. Clendenin, Eq. a piece of
fiure virgin. Gold, l.itely found in Lincoln
County, N. Carolina, near King's creek,
a shod diManre above the place where
that creek enters this State. The piece
was found rcidmHy,mo wot about the
size and shape of a grain of Indian Corn :
No further search has yet been made.
Yorkvilte Pioneer.
The Norfolk Herald describes a ma
chine, invented by Mr. Cbaile Brodieof
that town, br hich the workmen lately'
descended 18 feet under water, and re
placed o plank on the bottom of the Del
awute 74, which had rotted in conse
quent e of the accidental removal of the
copper thereon, at the lime the ship waa
hunched. On the old plan, it is said, the
cost of repairing it would have been from
25,000 to 30,000.
Toast drank at Ballston Spa. New York,
by a back woodsman, on the last Anniver
sary of A merican Independence.
W -Lt.:i.7iXT-1&?zr;x-?r-
Kmgs, Queens, and KNAVLS- Let at
receive tbe Yankee malediction :
" ComstatVs twiat your half, '
Cart wheel roll round you,
. Creat dragon Carry you ofT, .
And mortar pestle pound you."
S cheert Jiogufi Jhrth,
. mm. m m m I
r. 1 uJim 1 -
uf our t J prml U
(W uv. 3 tWi Vort k
Mum MM m lb Porf.fic.tkn of Wf W
kfaM( rttry ll k Ut t rtk of !
Urn, k rrs V coi-ot i '
To mr -tnA mr tU rot Mouotaln,1
w otsH btWfy rrph, by pondy'toff
ki ova doftml Km i
Cape, sttrtcb, woWr" m yi Sftay,
YH, vtry vH J" loow
Vr. 'U. Hit a frwo NO ooaa,
Jolio KhAtrv, my Jot,
We retuni lha eomimiucotiM U the oflico
whr k vm aooilel
"Uv '
We kavt iltd a Urjo spoea hi thU week'
piper, to tbo delMW the roreptto ot, and the
honor Jiowa to, Gra. La Fayette, H city
M ..-i6rit fVi tpmm brkf wotteo of tie
ccrrmonxs attovlirr hio drputaro t
foreoatwori Wt thought could awt III
o portioa of aer eohimno mora acceptably to
our readm. ' fko um of t Fmyrtw la ao
cloKly bkntifStd with lU atoat iaUreoting era
ut tho hutory ot tbe U. S tbe otruftHo of
our fatkew fur a aattoiul ttioteoct i bWotrvicea
in behalf of our beloved coun'.ry, at that dork
aitd portrttouo period, were ao aclfdeToted and
airtikli and bl aflorto ia furtaereace of lha
riajhto utj Cberties of oaao ia every quarter ol
the rlobe, aoa ao diotntercoled ond puilaatbro-
pic, that we ohouU ouppoM there vo aot a
rtaJ A nwrica io our atk, boa oranl would aot
be delighiad lo are thi UluMnouo lorttrner
Itailcd oo the benrfactor of Antrriro, oad the
firfa bieadoftbo libettir of fea people. How
ever we may be divided by tbo political fault
of tho time, let aa untta ao Jmrhtmiu, in paying
bonure to that noblefteoa of soul, oo character,
touc of tbe dipntjr of bomoo nature, bkb
prompted lai favrHe to renounce frienda, for
tune, honuro, and every domestic bliaa wbkh
could catlear life to man, for tbe haxardoua,
ond at liaf time, olmoat bopetea uniggta of the
British American colonies, against tb tyranay
and uourpatioa of tbe mother country. If wo
feel a lov oad veneration for the immortal
WaaaivoTv, by a natural sympathy, we cm not
but extend at lemat a portion of it, to hia diotin.
jiiiijird and intimate friend and companion. La
Fayette. Patriotiam, morality, and Religion, all
combiaa hi prompting ua to rvrerence, respect,
oral honor to seoloua on advocate and champion
SifJhclitira. iia!ttjm4lkrighii of Ire e.
The following result of different balloting on
tbe Pre side acy, have been received since our
Sneedsboro', Arwon county, 18 for Jackson,
79 for Adams, 2 fur Crou ford.
CaptiH ahon's company, m Granville-, f t
Virginia tine J all for Crawford.
Hunter's mill. Gates county, 100 for Jackson,
1 for Adama.
Elizabeth City, Pasquotank .county, 270 for
Jackson, 30 for Adam.
Murfreeaboro', Hertford county, 130 for
Jackaon, 12 for Adama, 6 for Crawford.
Strwartirille, Richmond county, 18 for Jack
aon, 89 for Adams, 1 for Crawford.
Rutherhri-' William Green, senate. John
Carson, and James Graham, eommon.
Halifax L 'Matthews, senate. William Ala-
ton, Robert B. Daniel, commons.
inaifcWilUauiv ,8cnatCi JU Jw. Good:
man, Jamea Coxe, commons.
J trihaMpiaJno. Pccblra, aenate. Roder
ick B. Gary, Thomas Bynum, commoni.
7 own tf Halifiuc Jesae A. Bynum.
Hertford I. Cope land, it-nate. Iaaae Carter.
John ann, commoni.
G'rtie Jcise Speight, senate. Richard H.
LltarperClmrei Edwanls. commons.
Columbia Thomas Prink, senate. Luke R.
Simmona, Itichsrd Wooten, commons.
A Presbyterian Church ia about to be
erected at St. Augustine. The Trustee
will receive Proposals for buildinc the
walls and plastering the Church, fcc un
til the lit day of September, next.
. , Charleston Courier.
M..a0a-; .
One vtte inert fw Mr, Crawford,
Let ut 9ove it-lct u't count itiue way
never look ufion it like again.- The Ra
leiirh Register, of last 1 uesdar
at a rausterrgrou3d"In CraM
tn- a place, vorttertng' pn the Virginia tine
mark that! elrery member af Capt. JL C.
Walton' company, and a number of old
and firm planters declared their prefer
ence for WnS.IL Crawford. Some of
those on tho borders are not clear of
their shackles yet Cajolinia Obtervcr,
, . ,i- inH
Mr. Ii I M your taper oi a
In. in, I. a (i'imnt v
a vw'i w ' I
k, i.a isirn mi
tote 01 l"a t,o wiin,
county, giving lJe ote as follow t for
Jackson, 464 for Adams, 9 traaford,
of lha bliliii ofT.cer oi -too
iM. statement It Dubilihed with the
express design to remove on Ill-founded
pinion, thai thlt county it h favour of
Adtmt.M l be comrounnauof,
lished la your pr ImmedUtely over
the abovei wa not forwarded with any
design to lmpo4 on tbe community at
loegef they wore merely statement of
facts, and will bear t cernprl,0Q
tbe above for cot rectnett. " ;
' Tbl Regiment of Cabarma consist,
at ttiosont.of II comnan!ee of MllilU, I
do. f light bfontry, and alto Iroop of
cavalry the above la vote oi o miino
companies, and I cavalry, giving jocasoo
484 totrt, leavrmj ,r tl the? wet wnat
crulned which, by giving Jackson an
thing like an equal proportion r the bal
ance, would give Kim an overwhelming
majority f a four fold vote over Adams.
Now, air, to try the correctness ol
statement, let ut examine the whole
vote of lb county, at taken In by regular
boxet, opened for the purpose, at the
different election ground, oo the 2nd
Thursday of thit Instant l Gen. Jackson
got 460 odd, and Mr. Adams 270 odd
and nearly, if not all, voted who are enti
tled to vote for Elector for President.
In subscribers statement, a little more
than the balf of tbe county, he bat 57
votes, 464 of them for Jackson. In a
true statement, made by the clerk of the
different electloot, there were tut aoout
y bum two iMff unty, ane
not to many for Jackson as the subscri
ber gives him of a little more than balf
of tbe county. Iet our good friend, a
subscriber, reconcile these facta with a
desire of removing an M ill-founded opin
ion" from the mind of the people.
You may, sir, receive the assurance of
the frienda of Mr. Adam in thi county.
that tbey will not jeopardize their own
right by dividing the People' Ticket
between Jackson and Adam. We will
unite, heart and hand, in electing the
Elector brought forward by the ople, Kememen presented on tbe pub
which, I think, he will not be able any more .lron.i, dittoed to aunnort C,n.
to get to tne ugnt, that nts aeeos may be
made manifest
Where be may sit la darlnesa and despair,
Bearing that punishment too great to bear
Cursing the day that ever be woo born.
To bear tbe printers' laugh, or bear the plough
boy t acorn.
Mput 25M, 1824. PUBLICS.
Not baring a state of the poll m nw
possession at preaewt, I think the abovo io ouu-1
stsnUaily correct, r.
roa ri was-raoo csoousuw.
Mr.dUar: U is to be rerretted that
there It oo Hitory or Geography of
"AiT Sb as ? V . , . .
.onn-arouna. n is true, mat not
! ft i . ..! t
many years since, a air. s v imamson puo
lished, in two octavo volumes, what he
calls a history of North Carolina but I
am certain it does not merit that annella
I he geographical sletcKes hither
to published, are, if poasible, worse than
the History 1 nothing haa been noticed as
worthy ol attention, but tbe miserable
products of fiitch fiinetni ground fient !
I he hxecutoraof Ikniamin Warner.
of Philadelphia, published, last year,
uaroy edition of Brook' Gazetteer, in
an octavo volnmc of upwards of eleven'
hunrtretf page. irif trated irrth entitle
page, that ample additions and improve
menta have been mode in thit edition i
but by an examination of the content,
the same old ttory of the ground-peas
ana pncn pine is repeated 1 and the same
account of Salisbury is civen, that waa
written 30 or 40 yeara ago! and to ofl
neorly every thing else. This i humili- a legislator in his own taie, and a Sen
ating, and ought to be uflkient to arrest tor in Contrres : all which he dischanred
the attention of our literary and publick-
spirited citizens.
it win be readily perceived, from what
W. a . . ... I
ha been atated, that we want a Historv.f
Geography, and a Map of North-Carolina,
The History and Geography miithl be
eomprRecT iri one WTwd volurnei.
i hope this subject will receive that at-
tention which its importance seems to de
serve. HOMO.
When God from chaos, gave this world to be,
tmi-uituin luiiu uu flkiunii a aim iq tic rree. i
Mr. Unite: his tha hann nrivilecr.
of the American people to be free in the
exercise and right of self-government ;
and ata republic, our welfare and pros
perity ultimately dependt on the wisdom.
virtue and intelligence of the citizens. It
is, therefore, of the utmost importance in
our public functionaries, to have a aingle
eye to those fundamental principles of our
institutions, on which our government is
w.. I.UIVII vu (i,i iiuiciii ill
founded ; and which can only sustain our
r. -SI. ' .v 'i-
poiiiicai laoric. more especially, in se
lec ting -those to w horn we -com mit the
IfusrM orgatft of the Administra-
tionrwbetber itr the legislative, judicial,
or, executive departments, &c.
I he time is nearly at hand, when we
shall be called on and directed bv the con-
ttition tf our country, to- elect a Presi
dent and Vice President of the United
butei an imperative and solemn duty,
I'UbUr r w.Mol.Iy, 10 trUff or ii,fy
j .... ,tr1f . u, ,ilfj
. i w
I ..f iki , . i .1 . - rit. t.t f.ii, riil..K.t .... .
in proponvon lome njfjiiHuua oi th tf
Cce, In our preference of a c!iUn b4
talent and atili.Ut would f II the meatnre
t pear at postiMe. On reading tL pi
r:r from the different part of the tif.icn,
discover great coovuMoo w the potiil
cal atmopbre, confiailt.g opinion, .
riout cotnblnatlort, and much caniasoin,
who t and who i not, worthy lo all the
Presidential chair, after tbe ensuing tle
lion. And it evidently appear, Ia4 ih
frienda end opponent have tough! out
many Invention in giving tit, In detail,
the light and shades, In high colors, ar4
dlmcilflf joint by Hn, tnatomlilr r eta
ry nerve ol tbe standing and t a y f
the several candidate l oomlealioa lor
President. But If the trumpet give aa
uncertain aouid, who ihall prrpare bit,
tclf for the Utile and, witbaQ snd after
all, their ttrkiuret htvf left tit nearly
where they fouud ut, In the poset4ri of
the high privilege of M we the people
having right to exercise our conuito.
tl'tful franchise, to judge for ourselves and
our country,
But with tbe many aearchet, and re
ftearchet, and inqolrict Into the merit
and quaKfi(aii)M) of tbe several candidates,
1 have not teen e tingle proposition of in
quiry, oor hat It been ttked, who tmoog
tbe number, and If anv, who It the man,
that fear God and eschew evil f Wfc
make KrtifiTn the rule of hi heart, and
guide of bio lifef ( Which mut be ac
knowledged by all, a aupreme qualific-
llmt tie a rkUf iri.o. A-W
combined and aosocuted with alrq'iate
powers, would be a President indeed,
worthy of all acceptation but without
which, he who sect all thing right, ha
pronounced all, without exception, u
sounding brass or tinkling eymhol."
Yet, with due consideration, and the rev
pect we entertain for the alvcral candi
dates, our charity excites'st to cherioh a
hope that they all, indiscriminately, weir
the cloth of their country, and subscribe
to that excellent system, laid down in the
scriptures, as our national creed.
But with due deference to the merit of
Jutkltn 1 Preirlent. Hit eminent ser-
I ,,. l:. rnnAM.,A ,n...u in
fence of bit country, the rspldhv of hit
movement and exertion at tbe points of
danger, well timed ond successfully exe
cuted ot the propitious moment, leaves
conviction in every mind, thot he polari
se distinguished military talents, and ia
a military capecity, has done all that mis
could do for his country t While in some
in the annals of history. From his mili
tary operations, and successful adventures,
many were accustomed lo view him in
the same light that Virgil did Scipio, it
the'tbunderbolt of war; merely an' aV
I ... r
lracl military character, raiaed up and
I . ' . . . . .
appointed by an invisible agent, to defend
the rights, and repd the insults offered to
our injured country, and then place hio
all the honors acquired by bit military
But since be has been brought into
view, and proclaimed e candidate for the
highest office in tbe gift of the people, hH
light begins to thine, and we willinelr
subscribe to the old proverb, that it u tb
property of good metal, the harder it it
brushed the more bright ond brilliant It
wurappear And from the most full ata
- " ; --- -"" ..- i-
free inquirv into the talentt and abilities
oi wen oi.wnon, i nara (van 10 nre vnr
clusion, that he poesessei th nereasary
-f r i . l , - - --
quahbeations for President t that he com
bines and associates the citizen with tha
soldier, having filled highly responsible
offices in civil life, aa a Judee, a Governor,
with integrity and ability. And from tail
hard earned experience in the different
deoartmenta. it must be believed he po
aesies a comneteut share of eeneral in-
formation, having tasted human life in
euch irreat variety, in almost every shape
rwdToFrnTlmust beeffef eaalified-i
know, see, and feel the want and necei-
titles ol hi Tellow-citizens, ana oave
mars nrfirt knnivlilirii of the interests
of the nation, than if he had been,,plsced
nd let in the cabinet Troni his youth up;
"p "iu ,u pyj.i... nm mu - ,
ympathelic feehne for hitTeUovTman pt
ltres, or in danger, the bet dispow ?
of the human heart yet it it remarked
. i & i : . i ..: !:.:. - inniucios
inai no is rauicr tihuiiiv wy
whan irritated i be this as it may, he that
is without fault among us, let him cast
the first stone. ' '
With the views, here presented
have concluded to cast our mite or i"'"
enr into tha amle of Andrew Jackson
: , 1 --- ... , L ', n
for President, sincerely wishing tMi
xih i i k , nm.. in: fill W
or atiy other that comet in, may lu
executive aiid administer the governmen
0 .La
and bit coutry. . . :.
Jin old warrior of tne fievow -
Uameood ca. J . ft Aug. 17, 1824.
Law Suits.-ht.a a man pe
lm he 'need never expect to
back a?ain,n .

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