North Carolina Newspapers

fl'fit.n In Kmiuikf f-f Cover
r.of Ciofnof, fteprcsetita
lUrllolt U' and national legislature,
t,,a rctcntlf terminated. Central .
JrA tit Urn fUtttJ Uomnor,
Mr. trsjrt cow
i'Jf rUi majorities. The f!!olni n
iltreocompo lh lepren!ttl'n from
Lcntuckf t lb IJthcorrtti Mtttr.
)evld TrlraM. TkV Metcalf, Ilcorf
City i Rotiert P. Utchefi Jsmtf Johnson,
Jostbh Utomptt Tbo'i P. Moor, It lea-
H A. Ilockncr.C. A. Wkkllnt, IWIt
Johnson, KoUrt I. Ifcnrjr, and PhlSp
Thomson. ' ' . , '
JriUf Trow taint Coupet to fcen
lie mm la Kf Orlesne, ty u I n let
lament of Mr.' JuHcn Poydrtt who lately
fled here ut been opened. Il ap
pear thai ibi food. I rut excellent nun.'
made the following le;cirtf For Col
ks Point Coup fciO XWO Fr mar i
rlC portion to poor girl of il J Parish
f,Jn0-. To each bf hit UM ioni and
(tod diucMcri.fjtOOFormtrrtirtpor
tioni o poor girts tf West Biton Kwjt
30,000 To llit charity hospital or Ne
Orleans, LU bouso on levee, between St
Lout tnd Contl street, tnd hit house la
Bottrbo treet To the Poydrt Femtle
Asylum, all Mi boose In Poy dnt-ttrtet
and en (b Bailor To Mit Ctllailn
S 10,000 To hit t tumcntiry executor
who ere Met. Cut Richard and Bctudur
liyfiL Th rtmslnderof bit fortune
joe to bit. family."
T1) Baroh de Chsrnptgne, of Utile
Switzerland, hit trtntmittrd to the Cor
responding Secretary of A4
Board of Commission rt for Foreign Mil
lions, the torn of 8300 gtOO of which,
it for the Amerion Education Society
Tb rerotininji 300 are Intended tt pre
trntt in equal part, to tbe Rev. Hiram
Binehtra tnd Tbot. IJopoo, at the ntnd
lch Itttndt. Tbe former donation! of
the Barnn de Cbtmptjrne to the Ameri.
can Botrdi amount to R873. The Biroo
it wholly tinacqoalmed with our language.
bat fcelt tuch an inter tt In our reliRtout
inatitution, thtt be contribute! liberall
towards tbeir tupport.
Southern InteWatctr.
Jlhlarvf trme&ti One of the treat
ett inconrrnienret in our cHmtte. tt thit
action of the ear, tt occttioned by the
anla cttilnjc on our drctcd provuiont,
hch miket them renenUy very dit
tuttlnr, panicultrlr to delicate pertont,
and preclude t the tdranttge of the ute of
cold mtttt, which are mott tfreetble to
. w . .
wtrnt weather. The method it extreme
It liaiole. conreoieDt and ufc. Take i
wine gltt well cleaned, and place it in
your ttfe urnide dow and put the d'uh
or plate' which contain your meet on it.
It mti be here balanced with the grrttett
aafety, and I will warrtnt thtt tt will be
free from tntt, provided you tike care
thtt the meet and diih or pltte, be free
from them when you place it in that lit
ation. The aboTe mentioned remedy
wtt diKorered by t tufTcrer after trying
all the common remediet.
X meetine wat hrld it the City of
London Tttem on the 26thof Jnne to
eatablith a line of ttetm p.cketi to tail
weekly from the excellent htrbor of Vt-
lentia, In the with ' wet extremity of
Irelind, to the rity of New York. The
harbor of Vtlentia it the nearett point of
Europe to the American continent. It
it 507 mlt morewcaterllbjia- Ftl:
rrjTOthr.aiid:nj--W' Jeacttcd from Lon
don in SO hourt tnd 40 from Liverpool,
by traveller, ho wrH thut tavexllthc
diawrreeabl riaka of channel naviEttion.
The packeta are to be IQOO torn burden,
and renerally to brine 400 tone of coal,
beiidct ptMengcri. They ire expected,
when eaisblrsbed, to reach New-York in
little more than two week. Mr. Ran
solpk wat expected at the mcetine t but
lie did not attend. Franklin Gazette.
Io the Houte of Lords, on the 94th of
June, in answer to tome rrmarkt Hr the
Jtarquit of Lansdown, respecting the re-
toniuon or tne indcpenqencrot poutn.
America, the Earl of Liverpool taid
Thtt his majesty'i government wtt un-
Am .11! . - : : . - I . ...J
w no ooupauon wnneer, wnicn couia
prevent the recognition of the Statet of
South America, whenever it thould ap
pear to be consistent with the interest!
nd character of the country to make
iTCh recognition i that hiTMaiettv'a min-
tert had to obtain the necessary infor
tuition respecting those States, tnd would
tct upon that Information at soon as they
received U.H
Tkeodorick Jlland, Etq. has been ap
pointed Chancellor of the state or Mary
land. Tktmai Xell, Esq. of Baltimore,
bat been appointed Attorney General of
. Irteltigence Jrora-CUjl, to May 1. an-.
m ncet the appcrtntmetit V Mr,a mm
tninister "from tbat country -to the
tnated States. A French naval tquadron
expected in the Pacific, and the, Asia
7 nd brig Achilles, Spanish men of war,
ero ajo ipokjtjr 0ff the Ftlkltl bland.
. ' franklin Uazcttc.
ttrKiN'.nN'cof f.rr.t.
Tli trutad iJ luuitutiurt ire Ii3p
py ta tiinouwt ti 11 put'ic the ilectlon of
DtKlur Nti!l. ff I'MlidcfrihU, to the tf
f',a of IVhdpil of ih I acuity, in il.t
rton tf Mr. M.aon, rt)ncd ) and that
Uf. Nil!l bicccpidtheppiritmetjt,
Hitdutlct will commence whhthftntu
bf MtaiwOf oa the ftrtt cf 2k)xc ruber
Eotr n. Dcittr, Hfj. bo Ute!
died tr PioUarci without lMUit hat left
iht whole of hit real eutte with tbe ex
teption of few email leg tele i to the
town of Pnldncet f r the bcocvolc&i
purpoie of erecting 4 ylum, and tup
porting the poor In wa; that thai! am
Ibrtte their coouliiyn. Hit propcrt it
citimtud lo be worth COOO dollar.
Lxlrmti a lUr frm tin lilcrite J tSt HimH
tf CmUum, t tit PkUtr ih CUum.
DiAti bit Yotj tiy thtt report art
afloat and Industriously circulated with
von. thtt Ceo. lack son Is to bo withdrawn
at candidate for th presidencf In favor
of Mr. Adams, and tbat Mr. Calhoun and
hit friendt are to tupport Mr. Adam in
any event, cither the one or the otber
of lb propusuioot It true, and are pro
Citely tuch at are raited for the purpose
oi ocsirovma; ana oiviaing me irienat
both of Adimi and jKkson, and of to
wekening their tnfluenco a to make
..,iurl.WWw.n.i,. vra-ioru. II
ucn report it the ire to Dave weight
ii. in enugnunea cmtent o. vour p.n
M iKo all Oil a antliitl It MaMt o. Ieta4tM
k. .... r . U.UU... .-t.
wb.-.. -Iuwa-i (a m,K!I.H M.. ...
norts. Thera la. bmL. ..... l ,k.
Uitloo where ihi genUemao tut fewer
Mend, and nona where ha haa a few.
who are more owvrty hit devote rs.
Ceru Jackson vultnat withdarw, and
his own character and firm nest and the
character of hit friendt are on abundant
guarantee itinit uch an atpcrtion ; un-
Its indeed tome greit and unexpected
national good could be promoted by it,
or some grei natiooai evu cooid thertoy
a a a a .
be avoided. Should it become indUpcn
sably necessary to keep from tbe pre si
dent itl chair an aspirant whoso adminis
tratloo would distract and expose tbe na
tion, who would set tin for aale bit nub
ile oflcc and stain that tctt which bat
hitherto been holv tnd Dure then I
would hope that Jack ten or J Jam, or any
other great and distinguished patriot
would magnanimously withdraw.
l-eoeral Jackson and Mr. Adami and
-! ..If a al
mcir inenns, re utterly mcapsDie 01
tiooping to coalesce ana otrgaio lor the
nignoinceaoi toe govet nment, ana equal -
l I -1.1- I. SjT- --11. j I
ij iui.aiuiv nr. vainouq anu nil
cjl I. r .-! l-. j! r.t -
" The litter gentlerain i known to be
Inumatclr and conbdenually friendly with
Gen. J.ckton. Ha it believed, in
the tame tituttion at it rerardt Mr
Adams. They hive long tnd faithfully
served in the tame political cabinet, in
the laborious, able and faithful discharge
known I
of their public duties, and are
J.Mkit to baved - tcl
aam enlightened rv.lic. which has dia-
"" '" r "v--w "
tioguished, supported and irradiated Pre
sident Monroe's administration, redound
ing alike to his immortality and tbe good
of the nation. It was therefore natural
that the? ahould have become, in tome
, . ,;rj j . i i i
araaaaaa iirirrrr. iiiFiiiiiiru iiir.ii aaa a
irr '. ' i i '
pica ana ujniucuii,.cicu ucu iucv
But at to bargaining and coaleacinn and
T vm 1.
chaffering for officea. among eacA asm,
the thing never did, nor cm it ever exit!
Between wen Jackson and Mr.
Adama, Mr. Calhoun ia tbe mutual friend
nd atands neutral, a honor and justice
IC'IUI T lillll iv Diauu. juih-x.hi vu i
na and Pennsylv.nia, bc. the great bulk of
requires him to stand. In South Caroli
Mr. tilhoun't friends will tupport Gen.
Jackson, though many of his other friends
in each state, will support Mi. Adams,
nor could he, nor will he attempt to con-
troul them in their free and unbiassed
choice." .
TcBt Fevtrin Charkitn. The existence of
this dread diaeate in Charleston, ia ap reading
alarm and consternation among the inhabitantt
of that City.' The Board of Health hu reconv
mended all those whose meant will admit, to
leave the city. On Saturday, the 14th ult. two
new caaet were reported i on Monday, the 16th, 1
oneuaJl'uesday. thtl7UuioiirtJYednc5dy.
18th, five and on Thursday, the 19th, three
new cases.
Cotton, II to 13) t flour, fine', 5 ; superfine,
5 50 s wheat, new 80 ct. a 90; whiakey, 32 a
35 1 peach brandy, 55 a 60 1 apple do. 50 to 55 1
corn, 45 to 50 i bacon, 9 a 10 aalt,1tirks Islamb. ;
70 1 80 per bushel ; molaases, 27 1 29 j sugar, mus
covado, 10 a 10 J i coffee, prime, green, 22 to 25 ;
Sd and 3d quality, 20 a Vit esflyton, jsl W il
20 : flaseed. 75 a 80 ett t tallow, 7 a 8 ; beeswax,
31 a 32 1 rice 3, to 4 per 100 Ibsitrbn, 4J to5 pr.
JOOlb, t -tobacco leaf, a 4j t mamitactutjed,- w
pr.-ewt. oBiTiar
Cotton, S. Island, 23 to 26, stained ,do. 14 to
18 1 Maine do, 23 : 8antCe.f 22 to 23 1 short sta
ple, 13 a 14 Whiskey 29 a 31 ett. i BacOn, 8 a 9
cts.: llams, 11 a 12; Urd. UtUii lagging.
" A (il i 14 1 ?! i CV
11 l ..f. ii !, Hal",
a it. I at fcrr km
11 trfrr'ia lunk H i 3 a 3J rr . .
Ci lr ami MUr, 3 1 a 4 ptt tt.
(VfMMM trw aUt U rl t'i'.i.l.
bt t tliU ia.k.VHill at 11 ru
nftnur 'ul.tUt UtiM proW) lt M Uhv
- - - .
On the 34 uh. by Wat, NraUtt, t. Me,
thuitl &lfl to Ml Tvmj f prtccr, da!f
4 tk IU. Wtt, percf !! lWkt cotaniy.
It kW4l county, the 30tb nit. by Jfm W.
tttj, fj. Mr. H m. VT. toibtrt to Ifm CtW-
tit founor,
.jiznrr,.;; -.
, At Cbtptl ll'Jl, en lamr-liy, the 21 t W.
Mr. t(M Mnatoa, In the I9ih jreaf iVhUara,
Tbi young f eatlrmraj waa t native Ruat
County, and waa, fur ahmit two yrtra, a (xipa
the ktmUmy of thit tow. fur imuUcMM
Stpomium, mMin uf tamper, irvl HhaTreU J
pkif, we never knew him rirclirj
la Abbtin D'tatrict, . C. on tl.a ?!
,UI of a cancer it her bret, Mn. j.n,
w!kP. relkt of Mr. Jovph Walkup, of M. ek.
Wburf county la Um ataia. 11trw wtrt but
I dayi txiaeca tU death f Mr. WaJkois ami
ItUtu but (. tg,i chUMren ba t moum
Uu) deatli of tbrat alectioaU ud ifcJulrti.t
I oa kiow(r
k M tn tjotr iterion Tni2,;p , Moronxry
county, PeonavWinia. tl VenrralW (M
y rjr. u ,jlt 9Slh h, llf
WM J ,ht ,(rtllous rtf ; t
I '
mmn eonacaea who ute uorj o Amencan
Ir-lepaa-lence Jearrve more honor lUn IJ. in
I referenco boh to kit Pu.Src mmI pria mt
rre,-7 U UeoU
117 tonrreaa, tbe hurl eiLlnca of
'xxlr ld f 'be country, and tbe pmonal
rnptoftl'betanJTtUttofie Amcr-
I A't. Cat
I In Frankta county, MUouK, on the ntit of
tbe 6th uh. Jm JtTt, Lq. (bratber
of the Preaideotof the I'niledSutei) Dewa
a mat of warm heart of umloubted iulccntr.
I m 9
of plibed education, anj incatlmalle onh.
M: ItitlLpnrtr.
Tbe hat ICIUboro' paper aanouneettbe death
of tbe Rev. Dr. Dm4 CaUwlt, of Oiilf..rJ
county, In the hundredth year of Um tf e. Dr.
1 CaUveB waa, perhapa, the oldest preacher of
I tbe goapcl In tbe United Stales. Foe more
I that fifty yctrs, he haa been a feithful, reapec
ted. and revered miniiter of Cad. Ir
his memory be cberibed with tWnxiat affee
tfonate rerorJ, by the citiiena of U.tfurd, hk!
tl) v.
I tmt.tlv In rmtmu fmm lllinnl. m nLrt...
I to the 18th Conm, bv a bandwiaie maiuritv
er Mr. Bona, ne ute Governor or that ue.
Mr. Bond v. as au.pected of being fricndl to the
IcaiicM meaaarca,
We learn by the Boston Courier, that
,ne 'P Capt. Woodbury, arrived
- - - ' - r r. .
""'rc' nng papci. iu JUi,
The king presided at t cabinet councii
on the 1 4th. the Chamber ol l'ccrt
assembled on the same day, but no bui
nessof general interest was transacted.
ihe Uuke de la Chartre, duel gen
iiciiicii oi . I iic aniE a viiutuci ucu wu
I - f . L l : 1 . ,1 i..H A-A
the utn of ;uiv
.-. . . , . ,
I.r..7lT.. .(,,.l.l .....
their acatt and
I stand their chances, on accepting public
" K j .V .
function, for re-election, was negatived
in secrit committee, 177 to 130.
M. Ue Valleio, Spanish minister at
Naples, lound upon his arrival at Byon
ne a prohibition to proceed further. I he
i . . . . . .
P.tion was tinned by tbe trench
r ... . . . f. t.
a tsv .itl eaiivj vuvn wa aveaaa w.
drid on the 5th Jul? for the waters of
Sat ednn.
A man was condemned to death by the
court of assixrs upon conviction of issu
ing base coin df 10 mus each.
An attempt hud been made in Corsica
to poison two priests. I he two conse
crated wafer had been replaced by two
that were poisoned. An emetic being
immediately taken, they were evacuated
and the piiests were on the recovery.
On the 25th" June, the populous and
6ourishine town of Waalwvick, in ilnl
la ndw tilde sola tcdbyadrcadfulrcj
which destroyed about 50 houses, inclu
ding' the two town halls, and 16 barns.
About 70 famuiet were depuved of shel
Iiurbide. On the 10th inst. an English
brig arrived at Havana that bid Conveyed
the ex emperor Iturbide from England,
and landed him on the coast of Mexico
nc wat suia to dc tncog
The Board of health of New Orleans,
KPOJtsd QQ.Jhc,26th.flf, July, one case of
I-4m Vver-but "it-, is added-that :4 rro
other case than the one reported, is known
to exist ; and although the excessive heat
has durationthe parallel of which has
never been known, yet strong "hopes arc
entertained that we shall be jecmpted
from an epidemic this seasoa." .
n i- ' i 1 f ,r
ffl , I ' , (.11. II,
a . a i
the Ctaih of C'l. Jo mn Ttuea.of ttro
hne, w:a iienarted U,l life, at Lia i.t 1
that county, on Saturday evrnlnf lt
.'urine, I"": M utlul life, C4.T. had
filled variMis Important puhlle t)U;t ottk
credit In hlniwlf and bcniftt to his cmin
try and wa Uk 3i4inguUhed a a law
er, ttatesman, tnd erricnJturUt. IN
wtt Senator toCoflgrctt fiom VlrifinU,
ai i n nme oi nil Oram. H'f. lUrmli.
f1" . . i ii
" . 'J
Taclcti for I'liilatlt lnhia.
rtinr. wiirarriber bating a linr f
a rtfifit betaeea r,baa.tlj.tlit an. a.
minflon, ft. C. lakes this WMihud ta trfpiaint
in pmiir, ium a veaarl WUI ra H
fur fblUdrlphU evaty Um iyt. fft-hjet la.
tvtdd ftjetWconveaac. Mill ka mvik..!
furwarded br Uunraa Hpaoe, fan. ef ray.
Hie. lie, ft. C. ami Mrvvt. fttoAe k It biitier, f
Hilmmfiox, C. at the loweet rates tf freirtrt,
tnd WW rni- po.ble. Itavtng three jrw-l
trrl In the tra-te. rewnankrd bv tuttulttL
tilni, writ t")ua:nlcd ft'tih lUa Coaat, and Cahina
rii nuati up u tbe arrojftltxm nf -
f. He tlirrt tniu lo av-a wtibfMUHir
k'rmrnt. MnUUIj.liia anl Its environ, hu
"Vme an freat t fniiKif. Ijnnf plaee. that
OAtoneaa brauU to aofnae slant ami advanlaf t
to t oaerai the cnunHMn being, at prea.
tnt, al...H laenty IAimmimJ bales per anrmn.
u viii, no utxtui, be am r.r rjvrr.
' Sltrrt, ftuhtJrlhUa,
iiHoIulioii of (!oiartncn!iin.
VI V. ruparlncraltip lMtrr14or esiating unUer
the firm t4 tare a, KuruMti. ia UiU rlav
illjt.t, by n.itual ronarM. All prfanna kav.
ilt eUima airaiiiat tie n firm, vitt prvaent
thrn for .xnn , rvl all tbove ikbtrillO tbe
atne, a ill ilrae to cat) ana arttla the at.
com in a frtiliaiih, to their agent, Wahrr J. Kanv
, in ttalitbun, aa it w irnlioenabl that the
buaineaa aliouU be rocediK cbned.
iVrti -r. pavacm,
Sattihurf, SrfM. t, 18:.
Clock find AVatcl
Tbr '. e bww'K-.s connected a lib the aiU
vrrainithinK, in all it tanoue branclirf, will be
tan-.rd on in the rttiblidintent furmerij occu-
pird by a ar & Kunwnan i and every esrrtion,
in reawn, nuile tn rive aatitfaction, by tbe pub
1 i....i.i.. . '
'Vftktn up
4 ND commiiicd to ihe jail of Cabamis un-
il ty, on titer 281 h mat. a nrirro ntan, alio aa .
hit nmne i. M, tnd brbmra lo a Mr. Hrtiben i
Limlary, U,-k,trbn eM.i,ty, North Caroli-1
iic ui ne i aiHHji Ai)(tn om i nr it a
Uius i fci-t 41 indict biv'h. TIm: oa ner it de
ird to prole proerty, pay cbargct, and take
Iiiuj out of jxil.
JNO. E. MAllAN, JtuJcr.
Wank of StulA-Cftroiitt.
Af MtUF.AS, Counterfeit Note of the de
I V nominal iant of Sl'W arvi of git), puqMr
tine to Lava bea iacl bv tliia Itank. have ht-fm
discovered to be in circulation of the former, :
during the Uat year, and oCUie latter, recently
ihe Hank, Iticrvtorv, deem it atlvuablc to rau
tmn tlie public against receiving any of its IlilU,
of, thoae two denuminatiims tnd requcata the
At Oilers of eticJi aeiaf Inem tn. to be eichan-
ged for other Hills, The Hank will not iaaue
any more UiIU of tbe aaid to denoniina'iwns
until new. plaiea can be procurrd.
June 6, 1823.
(T The Public are ftirthcr informed, tluit all
TTfeTinTs'orSTOTuwl V.ioae oT glO, which
a 're called in by the above notice, are etgncd
by the late President, 7'. J-htw, since which the
Hank haa procured new plates uf the denomina
tion of glOOj w bich Hills are aigned by the
present President, Stating .v.. and are now
I . . , . '
in circulation
ro new Dina m ftiu nave been
issueu. IHU. w. HAtOT.
Catnier tf the flrti.t f South-Carolina,
r' ..m.rf it iuu
' V n Tb, tTl.,r nf n.n, ! X-.rmlC.wi
Carotins, GWl-ffiaamrTcn.Kaaee. iiu.yre.Klcr a!
armcr to the public, by inKrtinrthe above In t
their columns 4ifM
rnHF.KE will be sold, at the late residence of
1 Jacob Albright, dte'd. ten miles aoutli-west I
of 8aliburv, on the .9tli ol October next, all I
lie personal nmurrtv belunt'inir totlic eatate of,
tbr 1. rr.n-d rnniiitinir of liorscs. Cattle. Iloa-i
and Sheen i a Watrrm tnd tJcirt,- Mheat.
Corn, Oat and Hay; Household and Kitchen '
Furniture, and sundry other articles Terms,
made known on the day of aale
Due atten,
dance by u,
JOHN ALniilttHT,
Soli,hury, &. 3, 1824.
State of Noi'th-Curolinsir
KNOW all men by these presents that I,
Pleasant Epos f the hiaia and county
aforesaid, do certify, that Daniel Conner, of said
county, never did ateul or. pilfer any corn or any
thing else from me or any body else, as I know"
of. Given under my hand, tins 31st day of Au
gust, 1 824, in the presence of William 1 aylor,
and Eli Harris hit
lw. mark
Uoftcli Making.
THE tubacriber bega leave to return hit
rrakiful acknowledgment! to hit friendt
and Uie public, for the Very liberal pairontjre he
hat received in hit line ol biisineat ; and informs
them, that he haa procured a number of work
men from Philadelphia and Newark, which
enables him to finish work in a style rarely seen
in the western part of the state, lie-also luu
a continual supply of materials of the beat. qual
ity and most fashionable patterns, lie intends
keeping cuiistautiy'.on hand, at reda.c.ed,.prtef i
for cash only,"8ulkiei. Stick and Ptnnet A&g,
Chariotees'"'Coaehee8, Landaus Phwtons Ba
rouches l-andaulets Caravans and Mail Stages
of a superior construction. Itepairs done at the
shortest notice, and in the beat manner. Ordi-rt
from a disjiancu UuwkJUlly received, and punc
tually attended to. J. O. MOUSE.
Vharhtte, .Harsh 1, la24, SJ
it it wiih uticht.ed rrrrei t tfcofd
A Fitu.itlon, x-nntril. '
4 fi ,Nfi r.n, ), it t.t rrtC
1 na.t m a ' ,d,a i fr r.y
n-rt in t a..i..t, r tt Aft-Uiny, II .i
V'f t UatH all tU.I t larM 4
'lr n.ira. A b fr it rrr 1 1 . it. tut,,
IU,lra44B ewutt, alUl, aittk4
(Jlifttp Hclifpom Tracti.
f IIJIR aailcnlf baUf beat apr-jMr.l trvM
I -vt) Aarwnlvir-l.i,.kM..
Ceivad f'n tbe enerl iWpis.lwry, I ywat V.
rUy of intrrvtMif rl'MS Trail, v.UmIi ba
it iiiairwied tnard al ti.s rate t4 lutarraiaea
ftni, (Ai pajca .. n rem, kt. MinmIvis of
ib OjnrL l.iatrueter of toiith. henevulrnl aa.
ieil-n4 iml.rU uU, art rMpeelfuty iMMrd ,
pubricatiinit. ; liAMfcL t Mi,
DvtiL'l.t'n 'IlitnloTV.
fllllltl J..a-lvel.bratd aoH has ondetrmo
I aevra or eirht tllliin k fnjfland. "ItU
n pMbUhed tKeni n a pocket form it bee.
tog been preiioual at. retypel, m artav and
rfiiarto." t. t'onvrrae of Ncv lltten, haa por.
cbaard the eofif Hrbt of rt.i. annal rtift
Jk, fr tbe I nWrtl Siatea, and hat already
pubtitlied tan or three atrrrot)p etbtiona.
Mire linn one hundred cupUs of hit editions
have, within a fcw months been circulated h
vVeatera Carolina, M ia bebevad, t the turner,
aal aaliafactlMi of au!rnHrr, The Prevent
editwn ia, hi tQ respect, lo be epial to bit (W.
rr biuia, Iba Pfiet of the Dreamt an.l
ftiiure etjitiona, aril UhiimI, ia I'Jeven fkdlara t
aubacnlwra, I afie UIUn lo non-aiibacnhara.
nubrhHioM to ba paid oa tba acbtavy of tba
IWk. in Ieetnber neat.
fcibarftptiont received by the genttcmen who
took 'ben taat jear, and in general by the Cler
gy of Concord rrediitcry,
.fi,j It, 183. r.i2J
rptlg aubvenber having bem diiry appnirrird,
I .at Incoln Court, Jury anaton, KM, Ad
tji'lor, ,4 t,e efltle iUnn,
dec d. Ute of m rnjm;, m ,rr wWv an nv
are irxIcMtd to die ertale, lo co-no fur ant.
iiliMit drlay, and make fiavnient. or enter in
to ete ajrranaMMma aa ilt ba aatiataHorr anl
tafc to tbe Admiuiatratiira. All iUb ilnrh
may nt be o anangrd previou to tlie I jnroln
OHirt m fKrtiJK r net, ill be put into the hands
of an Attorney for colU-ction
jkir, all pertiMia bating elaima aesini
the aaid eatate, are invl'ed to preat nt tlx m for
artilrnirnt, jimperlv authen'.icaicd, aiibin the
time prcacri!ed by Ua.
jomn r. mtr.VMtn,
iJHttlt ca.(e 3 ltf, 184, 6.IV6
(ilintt .MlvVtll" ltliiltia
VU " 1UU V ,UUKU' Uine8
nni-;'l"ir. auuicniirri rranecrniiiv miorm the nnb
! 1 lie, Uiat thty mtewd earoinr on tbe CuU.
HH ALilntf Bnmnr, in all itavamma branches
at the old stand lomicily occupird by A. Frew,
ofipoaile FM M. HroiMOti'ti lie re they (will
keep constantly on haml, 'tidrHoanta, llreaiia,
Was fables UeibvcatU, Cradlra, Cribs Watli
aiid (tandte-atands a.c
Tbrv arc at tliia lime annptied with the beat
wood that iHia cutintrv anurds and e inert to
receive, daily, aolid UahoKany, and Tcneecing
boe, by tbeir superior atvle tf work, and
strict attenfon to buaineas to merit a aliare of
public patronage.
t.toiM.fc KIClIt)L?,
Ckir14i, vf nt. 22,,1 824. 3123
N. II. 11ie subscriber also intern! camlnr na
Fancv and Windsor f'hair Makinr. harini? nro
eured firatrate workmen fmm the north.
-Store-House Mwkrfll7
t HUE subscriber wishes to rent the mlloaing
i property, during one year, or for a term of
yean, to wit : A lot at Mocksville, Rowan oiin-
... i i . l . ... .
W'T ' P-c,ou mx-no,,ae, wi n a gona
cellar, ami a lam-twntorv huikf. litrl.U.I .ni.,
convenient and useful apartments are erected.
. . , V ,
MtckrtiUi ia near about in the centre of that
section of Rowan, knoa n at the Forks Atthat
V? COUIltryboth U..ttt fertility
of JKd-ait-
"1"'"?n: " r "). proHsnta
R.",..?!hL.b "V1 fom rwda
taiaoiiaimieni aj inai piace. Miitiemen ia Uiat
Dimness anu wianmg a airuaiuin, are invited to
call and view die premises tnd judife for them
selves. KU51AIIK Ml M. f KAWNOV.
Sffktvitl,, Muf 21, 18.4. W
Anotlicr Wutclt Stolen.
gTTAR stolen from the aubwriber's bed-room.
by aomedarii.jr villain, on TueUy nieht.
Y!,c 10,h "Mrt- ,',v'r' f"1'. "P" d
"'rA - n,"e u "on. LiverpcKii, ino.uuo ,
and, also, at the same time, a black fur hat.
about ball worn. Ihe street window or the
room in which I usually alrep bring left open on
that night, the hardened rogue crept in, and
took the atch tnd hat from one tnd ol tli- room,
while mvaelf and family wi re asleep a: the otli-
.fl Ld-A rr awjiable rc waii jBLbr pauUor.
apprrliemling the thief and returning the stolen
t rticks or lor Ihe thief alone. All waUh-ma-kers
and others tre requested to stop the watch,
should it be ofliered for sale, or far Terror.-
CIIA1ILK3 litf F.3.
Saliifmrg, Jug, 13, 1824. ' 19
P, S. It is ascertained that lr 0ua,a Pint.
way from Henry Allcmong, (who is described xy
I.. J .v ' jL 1 l. I 1
nt aiivemaeinem j v ine tiui who ruuitnii
house of the above-mentioned articles C. B
fn.-iMi24, 1824.
Houe and Sin Painting,
GEORGE W. GRIMES' informs hit friendt
tnd the public, that he f ill continues to
execute all kinds of Ilouae, ?iffn, Coach, Wind.
tor Chair, and Ornamental Painting, in a stvae
of .workmanship equal to any in tlie country.
Gentlemen having work to do within 50 or 60
miles of fealiabury, can engage the subscriber'
services on very abort notice.
The wibacriber Ukea thia opportunity to rr
turn bis sincere thanks to all those who have.
generoitfilv TSfendd their Favors toliinr! and
by bis tailbfuuicaa and 4ixlulrym Julure, hopes
still to merit their f rietxlid tip aod ptiiMUMjc
SUibury,July 3,1824. '14
N. B.' The subscriber will keep on hand,,for
sale, all mannier of pninti and colors prepared
for the accommodation of those who may wish
to do small jobs of painting, but w ho may not
aavc tnu paiuu), or expetieuce to prepare them.
' -
x. ":
. " ' ' ;
i ;
f .- V-1
" ;
ii 1
yf .
. ' - .! j

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