North Carolina Newspapers

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U liri-Ub ! ki t r j !,,r. Iff Iff d U
trfrt"!f frofrt I s!irvu!H f, 1 H!lf4l
fliklh July mail. rp(aiti Cl.tinh rem
I p h Itii V m( finnj( wild llit Iftlr
I.e., and poind, lun.Uhrd til ulih lUii
piper to If (h lm: whkh conul rs
f(!from l-ftfulm paper to Jgfy y(h.
Jnrtu.lfe. The Packet kft J'aWovtli ot(
I fib tilt.
loimea.ictT li.
Mi our painful duty to record lh di
loJullofl of M Sandwkh hither, The
nd event look ni tcttrrfif momln
hiw". wi, me uovcnor,anj
ike ml erM it nn iu(jjonlm iil(r
Jlortl Matter lee ( the Cii of th .,.
A I ! Mjey perctletn iU kxif of
J1 tiitoiuiioe io ijiprwi, be ffjiLtjud
me t rents genu, mm vno eccompapied
lm to thli country to e iprtu Mi earocti
desire ibii Mi remain, together with
bo ef kit Uif beloved wire,' hoold I
removed lo hit native Islands a Kwn it
the Governor end Mi attendant were uf-
Scleutl recovered lo wt ihit melancholy
duty performed.
No final decision t understand hit yd
been com to by Hie Majesty' Govern
ment tpoo I be tubjeel of (be application
of the Ulna; of Portugal tot military aid.
The nie(ioo, alibo' one of considerable
difficulty and great delicacy , hu ot much
of itt poUikal Importance bjr the declare
lion of France, that the bit no Intention
cf Interfering In tbe elfalr of Portugal,
and that br Ambmsdof. Hyde de Neu
Yillc. exceeded bit Instruction in offering
xntlrtarr uitterwe to Ibe June.
Turley OrteeeXh Creek are
endowing, lo rle an cipediiion to pro-
reed again! the Turk who oerupf aev
ertl point in Macedonia but It it feared
in! ,oj . ii...iu...
defensive for the rreent, at the Vu he of it preparing lo if ltd a fleet lo Can
.. ... J ti l
as manned wun nutininana iaiy sat
The Oreek bare, It it aaM, resolved
to deote a great portion of their loan
to the vetsels, which Hiejr will convert lo
lo vessel of war.
Since the death of Ird riyron, roost
of the F.nglish olTiccrt have quitted tbe
Creek army. Among the number ii Col.
10WDOW, iCIT 17.
Bf the private lettert from Cab otta of
the 16th of march, it apneart that the wir
with the Onrmete would in all prolMt.ilitj
prove one of rontiderble tnairnitude end
he CfOvernor Cveneral 1 ww intHnr d to
tk a terioutview of the aflT-lr. The ad
vice atate that after the defeat a bod of
tbe Burme and Atumeae bv a detach
mrnt of native troop under M.jor New
ton that oflficer'a partv bad been empow
ered by a superior bode of the enemy and
OH K.rk with aoma Icm.
.f, JWy I t-Ttve Miniatert of
xraoce, rtuiini, Rotiia and Frutaia. at
Johannisburjr,. continue their - confer,
ince. No Engliah Plenipolentlarf hav
ing joined them, tlili ciicumitance give
te to unou coniecture. It it howev
er firmed, that Sir. II. WeUetlev, Bri
tith Miniver at Viennara invited tike
tbe other Mioiatert, by Prince Metternich,
to vitit Johanniaburg, but that be derl'tn-
. r(,-.-- . .
" The dnly'reiuirof the r conference yet
known that ihoJVVirtemburg Minister
lonrelgia AnjTr ha succeeded In hi
m'mion, to obtain the eMablishment of
the diplomatic relation between the cabi
nett of Vienna and Berlin, and the Court
of Wirtemburg.
xrw ORt.EAKS, AfO. 9.
bite been politely favored with the
' following Iettcrlroughf Ty thePot:
Dor - - .......
AUlt, AVG. 4 til , 102.
T rAe EJitort tftht Mrrantile Athertiter.
Cxntlkkcx : Br t!ie shooner Perse
verance, just arrived from Soto Lamaria,
and through Mr. Capaz of New Orleans,
and capt. Capas of New Orleans, and
capt. Castagnola, I have obtained the fol
lowing information, and have not the least
doubt of it authenticity.
On the IStb July an English brig arri
ted off this port, and in the night the Ex
Emperor Iturbide, in company with an
Italian by birth, bearing the title of Cen
tral, and two Priests, came on shore from
the brie. Iturbide was soon recognized,
Mi the-wboUof thoao that landed made
prisoner. On the 16th they were sent
to a town in the'interior called Padilla,
here on the 20th Iturbide, and hit com
panion, General, were shot. The Priests
ert still io prison, but It was expected
ieJL.wouldare-mlUtfiteiIhc 1
w.'fe of Iturbide and family remained in
the brig until h Mm ho
where they remained when the Persever-
nee left. - Those gentlemen gave other"
particulars which I have not time to give.
; I remain your obedient ejrvan,
&ro.f. This animal was een by
1wo gentlemen of Portsmouth, (N. II.) on
Wednesday afternoon, near the Little
-.BoarVHead, North Hampton. Uis pa
ge through" (he water was exceedingly
wiR, Teavjng a long wake behind.
A ii.oiMii- itu'n.r. -A
If iter fV (;fttn nitm , ,
...Mr., .Hq niuiMia. K Th were
p "tf a i.r ih wen f .r
ilf emph,ed tolflngbitk dturtrrt
ana were overtaken. I he a.d,?irt ,
detr rnlted rol to ( tikn, md when tke
hdlant rame within muikn rfl.unee,
wine. nf Qi,4nr rcoult I
S-dJrenkHlcd j
IndUni Co 4
"mii'iiil ii i ... .
-Aiwurtelbt Cdilofl oflhtl rjanrrln.
form thm of the deceaM of one efVtlr
labKrlUrt at Nahltochei,LoyI ana. In
the titlef tat comprtbtotlvo termn
Mbrottvoo Mill it dead. If wat
&M44f4 in or loa a few nlhi.
l OBLIIVI. 4C0. I.
The Board of Health are under iha
painful herrniir of announcinr la iLa
ci'lsemof New Orleani that the Yttlm
fever bat made in appeamnr t, and that
Ihejr bare mry reaton to believe that it
ill rerjr ooon become epidemic. 1 her.
nr re lore, bee; leave to tri?rt lo tucb
ttranger a are In the civ the Drotutttv
of leaving ( at toon at poMiblc.
The Qrrtk T.fcar-Mr. William Pul
lard of Black Hork, Pennsylvania, former
ly an lrMer In the Navy of the United
State, ha received from the Oreek an
Ihotitiet io London, commWtion at Can
t .ln In the Grecian army j and will em
r-.l.V k.. '
Mir mat tuunu j.
Cm. I Fayette. WhiUrGenerel I,
Fayette receiving vitit at New York,
an elderly Cart man, in hi frock, anpHtd
(or admittance, ami wat refucd. He de
clared he would not go out of the room
ithout speaking lo the raneral.and at
ler.gih got into the room. Waiting a fa
vorable moment, be went up lo the Gen
eral, and opening, the breast of hit frock.
aked if he knew htm. i be General rccog
nizrd him, railed him bv name, and ci-
teti'Iine; hi hand. A l, M Ye, you attiMed
meulTlhe Eeld of battle, when wounded."
The chooner Charlotte ( ordat, captain
M'liean, sailed from thit port yoterday
fonllaytt. Prom fftr to a hundred free
people of color went patsenoers in her,
and we understand that upward of two
hundrrd more are waiting with Impatl
anc For a rnnterrnre.
Our ci'y it t warming with negroes,
hose condition is deplorable in the ex
treme, and without any ptwpect of Im
provement but by emigration. They
have become too thirk to thrive.
In an ofiVlal letter from the Secretary
of War lo the Governor of Georgia, ii is
announced that the United States has de
termined at an early period, to direct a
survey (or a national road fiom the seat
of government to New Orleans.
Comfirtition Two mer-
chants from New-Orleans, were in this
village, last week, offering Orleans su
gar, in large lots, at rates something low
er than the New lork prices. I her
proposed delivering it by the way of the
Misiouri, Ohio, Lake l.rte. tec We
are informed that, owing to the immense
rem petit ton io steam nvtgtiuft on ihose-
rivers, this, is practicable, and at very
bandsomc advance lotho owners.
Ltnr fianiaee The Russian ship Bo
reas, tw hundred day$ from Lisbon for
Rio Janeiro, put into Terceira, June 25,
with loss of roaintopmast, tec. and in the
greatest distress for provisions. This is
probably tbe longest passage on rerord
the voyage between Lisbon and Terceira
usually occupying about tux days.
High Prr$ure.Yt have already,
says the National Advocate, referred to
the rivalry existing between the North
River Steam Boats, and the importunity
of agents to induce persons to take pas
sajerln one ortbe other ofthe boatsi
Some complaints of assault and battery
have already reached the Police ; and we
learn that passenger was so jostled be
tween these rival agents, that he fell into
the river, and both sides had nearly lost
) 'V.t. - XULt COTTOW.
aloud ov cotton oune present year a nop
had alreadv been broueht to market ; and
we remark that a waggon load of cotton
of the ptesent crop was brought to the
warehouse at Hamburg (S. C.) on the
17th of the month. In the latter case,
tho arrival was i month. earlier in the sea
son than ever known before. Courier.
JOforVlVw. A packet of Greek hews
papc raJately, eftived in LjOndon 1 ,t he jpptt
Vge of whicVwaionly ftf 0s.l:
Tt riur M 7f ".'TiJr it ti l
luiuta'tii r,
fOf. whLft'rJff.t
kfn atttn.fcd io M wtfa, kf Utn
UnuiU,f 4id over liil ixt iratt, Thrv
hII all rcrde aiMitloi. j 1
iirae, a ttnif merlti may .all Lr.
WH i . xm
Pr. 1M pT-. ifme o
apeetkr AVkrereJ U the It-, tf Z
ma M iffwajure, m ttr. rirri k.'k,
ru"4nr tt KfW t?PrtUi
"7 '"'Unf rrvaUewtMl la 4 y
frm,ij,vun4 a tihoMj l, tit viae SVH
hl, tUt they may thereto U hMurrd a iu
J-rerklaf4MietiUafWr Aad
U fdrr thai Mr reader mtt M UHv ad fairlv
adiUtC of lU wkg Amutvt Ky fma.
aa.1 1 hie mhm o4 wkked arkeoiei tftlmM
the rood peapl f the falftdkiaUa. U.aJl
pwbt few inofa of the apterket dkrd
la our Lm IspJtiur en the aul.ject, aa Uing
lb mtM ehVta J ntran w,i1ji, am reach, al t,U
tie, aiTueUj Ifceaa ike aca4ruew.
tioo, ,
roiry of ft tUr.iT.
TL at uf l HI I1 rfeeltofi a
anrmLer 4 ilia (iim.. im, ij
ltroch of llrji, it, tltW sutr, Ulrfatra aa
incrraae of poniiUl , M lacreaae
al vvraaa, la tM mtitmt Ura. Jt toy
Foe Mf. I'ottae, 23
Mr. Bywini, .... 3
A jeara tinre, die tnetettfj ramlkUif r.
eeired hut voe. W rvjrelure, Out a
t, mumXm f al the n ia tku ..:.
49 orr, lUi and ,(,. in IUf f.1, Ua
at rmirh Miiir rifHit aa mm fJUmanil wlute
Oiwt hre, in tuinjr tA ih cmnlift.
n"'skr.r r.vj) nr.M
rme of the onj., jetton, ob-
jret to liia vote in tlie t u , Mnie, oo
.nrra rum. lie oed to ferrate tte duty
front the then r tiitina; lar rT, to 41 fenti Jcr
gallon. We Uit tlM-re ,t' mme r-aaon by
tliia roe ahmild bo unpnpuUr wtth tlie hvert of
forrirn rim (or herrafter they will l.e to pay
a fi w centa more on the fallori 1 but, on the
other hand, with tbe dmkrn of vKttlfy it
xirit lo he pofMiIar. Abte all, Ibe rtaaia,
rrukdo, otirit not to prumljU at a vote kick wu
intended, and U calculated, lo rtiae 'he price of
h'i corn and email rrain. Nor can the moral
tat object to tbia vicar of tbe eubject. If the
People of the I'nited Statu will drink apirita.
ia it not better to conaume our own prodocta in
dinj it. than to import tbe fury element from
me wear irwiear
We will further remark, hat It appe art
atranre tbe friendt of the f jwf eandMUte
aitouu object to Cen. Jaekaon for voting to
protect uomcatic apinta, waea it la known that
.1..:. 1... t... .i.- pLix. a...
... .............. , ,ur .
ai'rwr fUllalln. aetoallv fomented an Inatmretion
airaiiwt lb fore-wnenr. hee-uae i-onpeaa, ou-
ring the Presidency of On. WaniTea, laid
a amall iu on nhi'trey, the Moniieur'i darfing
beeerag. Lr them remembtr the whiakry
inaurrcction, audaay no moret,
SL.mhn 1 boma Bnkia, arnaie. D. lTn-
dcmoml, and n t'nimplar, commona.
Catn .afcralwni llarrel, acnitr. John Wal
ton, am Y. S'cdmao, ronimona.
trimiwtck -J. . naicer, Knare. Altred
Moore, sml tacob Ionard, commona.
Jila hn P. Shipman, aeiute. Mr. Sineleton,
ami Me. W'MilUn, commons.
H-thiVMt Cibba, aenata. WilLam Wat-
aon, aod Ur. Jam 1, conimoi,
The election in rrrferrf county, it appears,
waa cloaelv contested :
.1 ..f..l r.mli.kte 1
till W V.jl. w..
for the Senate received 151votfi; the olh",
127. Now Int many countiet are there in the
weat, that rive from twetre to finn hundred
aenate votea Yet UrrifurJ baa N1 weight in
the General Asembly with the largest county j
in the State! Thia ia equality, and Rcpubli
caniam, lor ye ! !
At tbe General Election in the county
of Lawrence (Alabama) for Members of
the State Legislature,: tho vote upon the
Prudential ouestion was taken tne
election prcincls7wlHClneiuTleorfotH
Clay, l-
Perhaps there i no county in the Nor
thern part of the Stare (remarks tbe Ala-
pled all the other Can&Utet together.
A letter from Wajne county, to the
Editor of the' RaleiiA Star, tate that
4t a muster of Capt. (irraway's company,
at Revells, on tbe 29h of July, tote on
the Presidential qtistion wataken;
when Jackson received all the votetof the
company,, with the-.fxeeption of three,
which were for Craford- '
Another letter, t the Editor, ' from
m m m ...
yinii ;-.n.w,,.itfl,,;lfw f
t.f tin. J(kn it PftuJtM."
U llllLll I.. t ..l . .. I . .
.tt: 1 t 1 M ttt
publtc IrtlMl part of lb country ,
re.peetlog ,N condwe, tf ih. Hen... I
their 1.1. muU. On. nte ring h. tom.
iractid bur att.m ... L. ,
l.f .. w,iMf
"K irvm puow,. approving r.r,
und ,hem LUtle J llcSX if4 Crft
1'nlae arrifalbf id l 1
Um i, . I nrwi hh even
taifted IledS. d and tk..,.r ,k ....
kin be Ulli commenced lolling, nd
w ...iiiunr Null fauni .
bled. Mr. R. thoueht Ii hn.,1..! .1...
. n, peopie, nowerer, loofi purtoL
soout 3 rrnrrrwjftr A.7) kliJl Mug
In effigy before tbe boos. Ii U a.U.
rnostw inemcmhen from thltptn of
I it a a ft . a .
.... . nare Taiea the canal, lo avoid
the village. ! tmdorstand, however, tke
uochefer boy art ore oared i l,m iK.m
uliabl reception on their arrival ibere.
MP. 8. tloiavi. A few more ipecl-
Ztn,b FAk Mon. At Urov,
Hr. Redheld'eoen tiilaee. ba wat ii.ra
yetteraay, m vut Mtjt ndeedt (
vn Mlieve to indivUual In tkia.lIrUi.
uare to advocate the t ooduct of ike senate."
TATtTTTMlir. MiCKX, y. 1
Cotton, II U.J3J, our,f,o.,4li auoernne,
Ji au e-w j a II rt., bU,, Jji ,
3i Jrh brtidr.tJW.airt.Uijii.
!TV 1 b". a 10 , aah. Tiirka ItUmt,
e oraOo. (J s lOf , coffee, rmwe, r een, 3 J io 21 ,
1 StMt II n.,,t. ?,,..
Hi tnr.LriiSOrliil .Itiw T, k... .
31 a M, ru-e 3 in 4 oer pJOlla. 1 Iron, 41 to J f.r.
HXJ lb. . vWt0 U,f, J , jj , majmrVture,!, i . Jo
c.i.errav pictAt- so-
Cotton, . Man.1, 23 to 26, Wained do. 14 to
Hi Maine do. 23 1 fi.ntee, 33 to 21 1 abort aU
ptejla 14 Whiakey 39 a 31 fit, i Baron, 1 1 9
ct. Hams 11 a 17 , lard, U a H, H..rrNC.
Dundee and Inrrmeat, 41 inrh.) 24 a 3S , 0t
ffire, I'rin Green, IH 19 Inf. to rood. IS a 17.
Nurth Carolina Rank B.lta, 3 liar? cent
dia. 1 (rf-orfia tlank Itil's 3 a 3J Oer cent. T.a. t
Cape rear and Nevbem, J a 4 pee rent. 0.4.
Citu Cofit'miic nomintlly tbe same aa tarf
week aalrt connned lo tome few kria of C
Umlt. . Cttnrr.
In thit eoonty, oa tke 33J nit. by Mraback
I'ink tt on, T.u. Andrew Swicernod, Tm. nf )-
tn thia town, on Welne!ay, th. tat inatant,
altera tedioua and protracted illneaa, Mrs, Eunice
Taylor, a(rel upwardaof ane AtmirWarora. Site
waa the oldeat inhabitant of the town 1 and bad
, ben a retidet of thit phr as far back aa the
memonet of our oMeat chiaena extend. She
VM t remarkably induetnoua, frural. and wor
thy old lady.
( Alao, in thia town, on WVneaday tle 8lb inat.
Mr fhaHee nii, in the 3th rear of hia in.
I ...
Aiao, in una eoumy, on tbe I at inaC afters
nmlrtn '.li.u ki. u..k.-v d:-v
r .- a amta- a a) iifkwviit CM
0d knt rrnectble citiaen of the coontv.
Alao, in thia county, on the 3d inat Mr. Win.
Swann, aged about 20 years.
Alao, in thia county, on Saturday, the 4th inat
Mr. Jamea Julian, ajed about 22 year.
In Lincoln county, at hit residence near tbe
laland Ford, Mr. George Smirh, in the 30th year
of bit age. He had been to Charleston, and waa
' on hit return, within 100 mile of home, when he
I waa taken sick with the South-Carolina fever) he
had no one with him but hit little ton, Noah, only
nA years old thia child waa obtifred to drive
and take care of the korae and waron till he
pot home, the7 whole dtfance of 100 miles, his
child wai taken aTck, wTtlim one mile of horne
and the father died aoon after felting there.
' " "'V " "K -P'"7
people not to go sotith so late in the tcaton,
In the village of Markaville, Louiaiana, in Juno
last, on hit way from IxMiiaiana to Georgia or
Alabama, aAer a short illneaa of eight days, Mr.
John W. Monroe. Mr. Monroe wu a native of
thia county and, about three years since, wu
preceptor of Salisbury Academy.
At Richmond, Va. on the 2lst ult. after along
indispotition, Pr. William, aen. per
haps the oldcat inhabitant of that city 1 a moat
accompliihed Physician i the Postmaster of tlie
city 1 beloved and respected in a high degree by
alhrho kmnrhim-Hewrat-iiHhe-ffthyear f
hia age.
v nnAm, mum nf tnlv 91 and Psria date to
the a4tn ot mat momn, nave oeen receiveo in
New-York. The war between the Brjih and
unon them bv the natives. An expedition wu
preparing at Madras to obtain possession of
Rangoon. The summer hu been very hot in
England. w
A Turkish squadron of 70 saJL for the Inva
sion of Greece, had arrived ott the island of
Scopola, the inhabitanta of which were prepa
ring to defend themselves. The intelligence of
the recent defeat of the Turks at 1 hcemopyla;,
tud been further confirmed by accounts receiv
ed at Behrrade and Scmlin.
, Talaru", tlie Trench ambuSador at Madrid, , ii
said to be appointed minister of foreign aflairs
by the king of France, and Chateaubriand a!out
r.. UlM.n f,.- iL, . , .
f H i t", a n--'d a.;...ry af
;'-c-f n.Ta.
rPtle U ..t.r.1, UuttnkZ
and all ' 1 T. T' M 7
rtH t ft tKirXn iw,
""T ".f"" rw.
fjnw wnwiiM,
mi mat, Aip f, K rnvt
irl.ka.a.,4 at rVe..a.k,fi,en
' " in r af va
FJIKSIl aoom.
milt aber.ber U welrlftg al a
ktnrt ami rrneeJ uiMd r .rt 1 r.
7 , w b akdey, tnm Pb U-del,-
aa4 N Vk 1 ao4 kaa aaa. aeeaota.
we U r.e..a fa Mh f,Ucea, mmA, any
funker aupply that y be n-Wor.l
itk rare, and laid U al trk iLi kin ...i u
kim to arH vary low. 1U mwomert, and tK
pubbc al Wire, are eeanecirullr initJ 1.. ,.ti
etaxninr, and Jid fur tbeowcrrtt,
. , A . . J. MtHrilY.
Xati. Krt. 1:i. lUita
H. R. t ogfHrr Prodoee of tl klrwU m...i
in etcl.tnre.
Vnlimlilf lentil, for 8a!e.
IVlT. auUrriber,; to rernor. to the
md -a .Jt - . . .1 ,
- ' " enneaaee Me lime in tl.e aonnr
IW1. J1 ten, at a.te W. at U d.rf.
JTi,an lh day ivuer aest,
e plutfano bemm be now Bret, conu.iv.
"C l3 ar rra of Und, on bb there W a fo
fltllme booae, ham, and wil Kootn wnud
roeadi a. and an orchard. Vti an
Of rlrared land, fit fur cuhitalion, of h.rk 40
on aibicb there la a rrat ipiantity of mk
riluaHle fur raila ami boiUtng i lb aod, lou, ia
of an etcrhVot quality.
Alao, saother tract, adjwmnf Tneotafcl Inti.
Ane oerwMi oiablnr lo nunktaw.good
ill do well to rail on the tuhtcrihee, eomHin
prevWwf to ibe aale, and view the pren'Mr.
1 cmta vill be Raadc known on the dav of aale.
aVAaW, 14, 1824. 3t?S
N. It. lie will alao aril, on tl.a tame day, and
at die plafc, a great (juajilily of eicclknt
TUB ibcribera are reeeirine;, and onenine;,
at tbeir STORK in Cortconl, direct fmot
rtllwJrrptnwwnd MwVork,w4argw aod general
aaaurtment i f
All kinds of Goods 1
and have made arrangrmrnta to rrtJie front
M place, tmnitu'y, any f.irber aiippt that may
be nrefwary elerted with care, and laid tn at
price that will enable them to tell very low.
Their cuitomera, and the pul.l at tartr, ire
reapectfiillr invked to call, rttm.nw, and yudga
rue tbemaeives. Mt'UPIIY ft BKOWN.
Cemnl, Srf. 1824. t48
(CT Country Produce, of til kinds, received
ctrbmee fie Coo.1.
For Sale,
A TRACT of Und, oa Dutchman's creek, in
i the Forke of tbe Tatlkin, formerly owned
by George Slumlord, Eaq. and by him aohl to
Droailfoot, containing about tre bundrcd arra.
For terma, which will be liberal, apply to Baa
well Gaither, Kerf. Mnckaville.
i. M. HAn,.ff,ra, fit.
N. II. The public are cautioned aipunat tres
paawtig on, or trading fur,ud Und,u 1 have a
warrantee title for the same. J. M. HAM).
.. K, 18:4. 3tlS
Runaway Negro.
NOTICB. Taken up, and lodged In the jail
of Aabe county, a. c. on ibe J b inat. a
negro man, who cafla liimaelf llukm, about 5
ft el 7 Inchce high, yellowiah eomplrxion, about
26 yean of age, and aaya he belongs to William
Johnaon, of Snredsboro. "The owner wouk) do
well to eomr forward, prove. properfy7pay
charrea-andukjehimawav. . .
Jfern, a. e. Aug. Z 1824. 2mtJJ
I WILL pay an adrqoate reward to any per
aon, ho will apprehend ami secure in jail.
a nerro rirl named AW. She ran away from
me eomc time in August, and ia believed to be
in company with a negro man named Villy, the
Dronertv of Jamea Huie, of tbia place. She i
of ordinary aize, apt to amile when spoken to,
and ia between 25 and 30 years nf age.
Suiirr, Sf. 7, 1B24. 3t25
Negro Kcllace.
RANAWAY from the mbacriber on the third
day of the present month, a negro man by
the name of k'ttlat e, about twenty two or three
years of age, nearly sit feet high, inclined to be
yellow, with long legs and arm a, and otberways
aIeWermiuIe, and" atoopaToraird when walk
ing 1 he hu a scar on the side of the instep, oc
casioned by the cut of an axe, has one or more
knota just below the shoulder blade, speaks
short and not plain. Ako, wns taken ahoot tho
time be ran away, ont of my house, about fotir
hundred dollar i one hundred and fiftv-two or
thece dollars in sirvrr, thirty odd dollars of the
silver in cbanre, and the balance in billa, a, one
t artfiina. arrotrier- ntmdrrtr oointr tJiii'tfn ttta
Dank, of Darien, or the Mate Hank of Georgia,
and tlie other fifty in amall bills. Also, t Aen at
the same time, a number of papers and note to
the amount of upward of thirteen hundred dol
lar and bUla cf aale and titles to land.
One hundred dtlfart will be given for the re
covery of the above papers and money, or in
proportion for what ia got, and tventy dollar
for tbe aaid negro, if secured in any jail so tlial
I get him, or if brought home, all reasonable
charges paid Any communication on the abovo
A:mA tt. i v.i -1.1
District, South-Carolina, wijj he thfnkfojlyrcV

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