North Carolina Newspapers

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pl(riUni for W. It Cre.fard a rWdtwt,
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ft the -nM tkket, Ibrattd hjr t eombloalioe
cf firing fAfkl
rm TktW John Paitoo, R other
rlt llnWk FriuUin, Surry t Kobert
Wlttlamsntt, Lincoln! James Ugrend,
MoMromrry Abraham Philips, H
Inrh.mi Air Gray, Ratvdolpht Deni- II
Covington, Richmond Tbo. RufTio, Or Jonc. Wtkt J John
11.11. Wirrtni Ccortt OuiUw, cn
lurtli Chi. E. Johnom Oon i Tho.
V. mcifdK Bufori John 0en,
Bl0n i WillUm DUckUdjc, tea. L
rtuMikait from thr cha'Tmin
.j aw lkioa cMnnnltct fr the r(f
Obio, tothe kcrcUrjf uf Jck commiw
Sl I I m olicilout ol opeftinf cor
reipenHcoc the Hendt nduppof
ter of Gen. Jf kvft, In Virginia, md not
UlnjfperooHr acqualnJed hh pt gen
tlemn oflhal MU ho WpuMicIf knoo
to be n d e of bW eUciion to the
ext Preilency, I hm tAcntbe liberty
cf widrtlng you. In the firt place, with
k t thai object. The fri?idi aod
mpportert of that Incorruptible patriot
nd rM.viaieot republican, in thh aectlon
of tho Uowo, look to Virginia at lUU time
v rontetnDlate the political moerotnta
f your atate with mingled feeling of
ri,!e and pleature. W e a powerful
fwiy,whoM priociplet and conduct are
ncooitent with the Mr knd marki of
the great Republican Tamily, errayea
gainat the People in aupport of tho Cau
cus Nomination at Waahington. And we
view with pride and pleature IDC txer
making for the Hero of New Orleans t
but we are without wy psrucnur anu
certain informaiioo on the subject.
In OAio, the cause of Jackton ha ad
vanced with a rapidity and success be
yond the moat sanguine eipectationtof his
warmeat friends, until it is now reduced
n .'nor certaintu he will obtain the
electoral vote of 4buSutcWilhiil ) wo 1
momhs, he has thrown Mr. Gay in the
back ground, tod is now ahead of cither
Clay or Adams ; so that we calculate with
great cooEi'ence, not only that he will re
ceive the eli i toral votes of the state, but
that be will obtain them by majority
over all the other candidates. The abuse
iml calumnies which have been poured out
incessant Ir upon the public and private
character of this distinguished chieftain
end statesman, by the partisans of Clay,
bat produced reaction in the public sen
timents of our people, which has prostra
ted the hopes of the Kentucky caudidate,
in Ohio, forever.
Indunn, within the last three months,
has come out boldly for the hero, and pla
cer) that state on the same high ground
which Ohio now occupies. In Illinois,
Jackson is sure of two of tbe three votes
of that State; while Missouri, ihhe Leg
hlature chance the electoral law, and give
the choice of electors to the people, will
be for him by large majority. Tennes--tr-MWfcippiraad
Alabama, have-long
been for him. Louisiana, having come out
o full in his favor, at the late state elec
tion, Is helping us very much, as It has
already had a very perceptible effect in
all the western states north of the Ohio
ricr. ,
It is now seriously believed, here, that
Mr. Clay will soon be withdrawn, as it is
n ascertained that the vote of New
tt ill ha piven to Mr. Crawford, and
of course he (MfTrClay)cannot gef 4nto
Congress as one 61 the three candidates,
in nrh an event, all the nine Western
eon, which, with, Penn8ylvania, North and
Soulh Carolina, will make hi in decidedly
the strongest candidate. If it were pos
ible for tbe votes of Virginia to be given
to him, we hould have much conhocnciB
in his election bj the Electors.
T. ft(.".-i cf ymif ca.rf.;. "
h.u ijUft.tM'l-M''?11 t1
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IVf,. lUt w. !.. kw
htMtii thtre ae " ---
v:i yon re im gw'- " , ;
glre me tuth IofaritUi of tht rtU'ire
Haiti nd U MarjUnJ. M ? w y
pooer, end wch whar UUmatlmi m 04
I km iki hohor to be, air, wlk tf,u
1 W jMwaOt.,
It 4 xaia " "V"
raaiwet.AVO. 16, IIJ4
I received tour Utter of lat month.
Votl may U ared Mf. Crawford can
rxx gt the oaa of tW. M woda
lrtomtanre. CeB. Jackioo, from all
the Information I Can fcaUl, M !
tote of the atate, ! ihla county, end
...k klUi. Adimiwlllauccecdlbut
at we vote bf General Ticket, Jeckano li
tar lain of aucxeae.
A roe ting t Vloreoee In AUUma, at
Kirk Ctoaral John Coffee prtiled, re-
olre) that they wwM PTof1 funeral
Andrew Jackton (of tko offrfe of Preal-
dent of the Unled 5ute. ai ' in
tttimttiv a lA kr Wij4e. In
Lauderdale county , In that atate, the ote
wtm 51T for General Jackauo, 31 for
Mr. Adam, and 7 for Mr. Clay. At
meeUnt In lIunuU!e. propoUiloo w
atihmitted to declare Mr. Claj the aecood
choice of AUbamta Imji the meeting de
eld.J thai at General iackaon would cer
tainlv receive the oie of that atate, It
would be be i pedicel to make a aecood
At the late atate election, lo Miuourl
poll wa opened for Pre Mdeot in S
Charlea, the nreaent eal of roernme nt
and the mea were 96 for Jckon, 13
Adama, and J3 Clar. At St, Francii all
the votes were for Jackson but one, and
that was for Adams.
Kentucky The sheriffs from sitty
nine counties in Kentucky, convened at
Frank ford oo the twenty-aiilh of Augui,
lo make return! of the election of Gover
nor and Lieutenant Covernor, agreed to
compare sentiments on the pretideniiil
election- The result of the firat tote j
38 for Mr. Clay, 9 for general Jackson,
and 2 for' Mr. Adorns. Leading Mr.
Clay out, the result of the second vote
waa 31 far Ceneral Jackson, 20 for Mr.
Adams, snd 17 for Mr. Crawford. A
vote was then laken for Vice President,
aeveralofthe sheriffs having previously
left the room, end the result was 25 for
Mr. Calhoun, 14 for Mr. Sandford, and
9 for Mr. Gallatin. Taking these votes
as fair indication of public sentiment in
Kentucky. Mr. Clay is her first and Gen
eral Jackson her second choice for Preai-
dentt Mr. Adams is me mim, ami r.
Mr. Adams is the third, and Mr.
Crawford the laH ,Mct olAer, tWfMf .
for vice Pre
tident, Mr. Sandford her second, and Mr.
Gallatin Arr last. Notwithttanding the
rreommttulation of Mr. Sandford as Vice
President, by the friends of Mr. Clay in
the Paris convention, it is believed that
the electors of that state will gie their
votes to Mr. Calhoun. We think that
the office of Vice President has been In
second fate bands long enough t it n time"
th.t ii were restored to its original and
intended dignity and importance-
trankhn Ouz.
In an address of tbe N. Jersey conven
tion, by whom electors favorable to Jack
ton and Calhoun were nominated, an elo
ouent and powerful appeal is made in fa
vnr of the hero of Orleans. 44 Venerable
remnant of revolutionary patriots, (say
thev.l Jackson is one of you. At the age
of fourteen, his tender arms shouldered a
musket in his country's defence, and with
vou. he csn expose his scars as a memo
rial of his participation in the eventful
struggle. Children of the heroes of the
revolution ! his blood was mingled with
that of your fathers, nobly shed, to pur
chase the liberties we now enjoy. When
our frontiers were invaded a few years
since by bands of ruthless savages, and
whole families were butchered and seal
ned in cold blood ; when children were
tern from their mothcraibreails, an J their
brains dashed out in vindictive malice, or
cruel sport, Jackson left the comforts of
his peaceful retreat, and. at the head oi
his brave volunteers, appeared like a guar
dian angel, and brought security to the
distressed inhabitants. Days and weeks
he marched tbe trackless desert, deprived
of food and rest, and returned not till a
series of brilliant successes had dispers
ed and yearly destroyed the ferocious foe.
Need we remind you of the eighth of
January 1815, the most glorious day upon
which an American sun has set since the
was the presiding genius on .that trium
phant occasion, when Briton's choicest
troops bowed before American valor as
grain before the sickle ? Need we recall
to your recollection New Orleans saved ;
an invading foe exterminated; the repu-
& . a .
Ait ihtte i::g,H'' dil ''"f1'""'
AmerUM gfit.M!t finnm n. . .
r,l,tf, Uf tJ k'S" i"f "
Antxt l,ih M wlim4 the
b,.ia U fsttrt t w
aow atterxit Ms wiy , gts wa Mmst
trails th.t wt are M ogitiW, Mt M
the tls of Jkaoo lht lie unrimtro-
Ma I hi U ei tsuca7 im f rTT
i.f rjrtrrt.
I A ft.. t.eJbiAfementi acooot
of ike waatker, lh spltwUd
General UF.u? tiiwh place UMfte-
nine, the deUf hating g' uw '
ltftUtefPrstlotia. WebalartfWtwng
la Mt log, that U was t.he tnoat migolBctW
tcte. glrefl twr ftrrir, in i;o "
T- . kdcuuate deacriMiofl, II iny
lima, wouW be Impossible , end, it ptf
...i . .... ..M kitten inccao wi
i rtt an Met of I festival,
which realiaes all thai wereaJ Wtne i ar-
alui Tales Of .r.biin Nights, wftKnoai
fUd the etc and bewildered the Imagto
ation and which pioduccd so many power
ful combinations, by migniDCtm prep"
Utoo, as lo set dttcfipuon alownl et de
A Urge painting wit eihlblied over tht
r.1 ih cattle retreniing em
blems of liberty, but aAer lbs General had
entered, it was rolle4 up, aim oemno n
was eahibited I trsn-parency repeenting
(he t a le of U Gtsnge, In r ranee, un
demeith waa writitn k komr. The f
fcrl of tKi vtll tlmed and delicate me
meow waa ry pfcaiing i in le midst of
Ma naiiwnl family, it reminded him or
hit rutWe Itnd and thye inmates who
.hared In hi pleuufea by aiuUlpHn
A gentle btrtie of .ir w felt through
the embraairea under the walla of ihe
cattle. Tie muie ws in a gHery
orer the entantc, and the auperior band
from Weal I'olnt UeJ their beat pieces
tu-tween each colillioo. The dancing
,nm.,w.f i in eirle hour, and ai
ikeurH iha number nrem was eonsia
between tit and
roCK), there wa still abundant room for
the diaplay af laaie anl skill in thoae who
tripped It ol the liuhl fntaik toc.M
We never saw I. dies more bnl.untly
drcsaed; eery llmg that limon ana
elegance could devi.e was used on the
ocra.ion. Their head di esses were prin
clallv of flowers with ornamented combs.
and aome with plumes oi ovrun ic..ei.
IVkii. .nd 4.lAtk lace dree over satin
were rnoailv worn, wi h a profusi of
Heel ornaments and i.eck chiina f gold
and aiUer, auspfnded lo which were beau
liful gold and aiher baHKe meHjN, bear
ing a correct likeliest of La Fayette, man
ufactured for the occation. 1 he gentle
man had auapended from the button-hole
of their coals a eimilar likeness, and, with
the ladies, had the same stamped on their
cloves. A belt or taah. with a likeness
of the General and entwined with a rhp
- . f ... .
tered about ten o'clock, and were rcceiv
td with acclamitiotis. He mrch-d
rourwl ihe auacious ares, Divine hit re
- W '
eratulationt on the occtsion, and apptr
lu iu , .
ed to be highly delighted and griified.
We arc m naible tliat detcription Ullt
short of the reality. It demands the pen-
ul f Il pkioterrtnd. Ihe-uknt of-4h
port to comev an adequate Idea ol thit
truly mwiM itK cnt icmvai. nrsiaes " me
lechnic-litiesof hich the original design
ers and investors ol the dccoraiiuiiS aluue
are matters.
London leasts of its Vauxhall, r-n of
its Chamfi d'Elyitrt, Naples of Sal Carlo.
Foreign gentlemen present admitted that
they had never seen any thing to equal
thia fete in the several countries to which
they respectively belong. The blaze of
light and beauty 5 the decorations oi ine
military officers present ; the comoinaiion
of rich colors which met the eye at eve-
rv glance j the brilliant circle of beauty
and fashion in the galleries s every thing
in the range of sight was inexpressibly
beautiful, and doing great credit and hon
or to the managers, and all engaged in
this novel spectacle.
The general with his suit retired about
two o'clock, and went on board the steam
boat James Kent, which immediately sail
ed for West Point. The dancing was
I kept up about an hour longer, when the
com pany gradu illy retiredTnigMy det'gh
ted with the entertainment.
We have frod of fairy places, says the
Gazette, but Imve never teen any thing to
compare in splendor and magnificence
with the scene which we witnessed last
evening. Words are inadequate to con
vey to the mind even a faint idea of the
The following is the manifest of tho
careo of the ereat ship Columbus, which
lately sailed from Quebec .Il is peuh,$S
the largest cargo ever smppcu hi
41 pieces of oak
425 do. yellow pine,
2800 do. red pine,
54000 staves and beading
55000 deals.
. f wj 4 w g
UK1 MouMsufxrrr,rra I. Is-'.
A'l mst
A e A "I '
. . L... . IhU mtit lull M
, ' I IK 14 k J kt. W th ' ""
Ae aw, k, U a ,-r,"'
ur. oVat.! aug U Ite P"7
i'- iU.i ka oia k
Mr AiM itt4 rraVyet
be kJ- tMa ateaaaf. s he W Ikrt
11 M WpWla . Ad iwJ
NurtkUa eJ tbaf .swjT-n
oartf. nwaliaAth,d;Uetke
Moo!, (thai the If eoeakke p4 p 'Ur
klkaaemredfatJ. Aad HW the W attawl
J A-klaJ. we WMOaat. thai WIS Uw-dei el
b Ike aaal awe that Wed ftclU a Aars
UktheftWadaeJaekaoo. ,
The ajUtJ maiJef La fayvttt
hi thla cry, taMol fad af atrti"f Ike at-
Ub J all rrti ead a-y prw-t af
Mhts to kvfiaie H w J fh a asoral a-poH
to Ike owe of ! Jry tkwfW Ike wUW
civilMd wavkt It wil awtwsB awakee ike
tttwiMW JlU a Tati- aad tora lkrf
ftrtioM Aaera-4ke frado we enjoy.
td ike glncVooa tevoHitwe by wkkk It waa
tfhterL Tky wdl kw led to awmpare tMr
tot,i vHk aM wJ s.rt M
mrni a iImm poliiir. awl ofl kUiap akiek
trt eoMetprwl om iha rWow ef cur l'"
liMt. M mt aU aifel the atlewtkw of the
kie ami Wtpi of furofw, tie IWy Am-
mtr"-. it ,n ri,f Mm ae pwMMTW.
. . . I IN .1
dj.Ur a aaual gnuitlr, W rW acLWre-tt
,. of aD otkers, 0y mctUj Ureaa ana arte,
U rettt aided U afo4big. U tUa
Wralent HJrk; wbal they Kara cobitd
Thit dcayMl ratio of aaticml fruUl, win
tho rtfiite an ty'tntc Vf WwWated, (and
kick k U the policy rkinp and arUotrata to
inculnte) wamelr, thai tUpubHct art eneTBte
ful." Thia maiim (fuf H kad pwi ime one
kaa kmc bren Jirwrei! la the failed lutea
bMl in Rortipa, il ' o thia day erected a er
tbodos i and doublleta U kaa, on snany oecMioot,
.K.l . t.mnr M tlic aMor of Datriot'rim. NoT
can k be denied that the kiffory of the ancient
RrtMtblica, fum'.Jiet apU proof of tht tmth
of thia nrrteful charge the fte of MkitJst,
.fnK an.1 mur oK, wko, after bleeding
for thir ewintrr, were perveeuled, esilcd, anJ
trrtrl r.krwtora,--thow,llat wW lbct He-
ptMc the ehtrye it too well grounded i but the
ihntU of our country fnmih abuwUiit proof,
that r Rrfi'lic it im nffratrful.
Amrri-i, on the occation of the vit of Gen.
U Ftvette, a a ell at in many other reipeeta,
b ill ttaud to the benijflited nationa of Europe,
m a cloud by day. and a pillar of firt by nifkt.
to g,iile them on ibeir march from the opprea
ion ol tlieir tsak-maatera, lo a condition more
consonant with the tlijrnity and right of man,
Wa inite ecry frrcimn of Northirorina,
whether a friend of Jackton, Adams, Clay or
rinr, to read the following circular of Gen.
- , ., . ,. x.i ...i r..:.
r .he irntiment and vieai of
an old and rterling Hepublictn, in whom there ia
not ihe fminlett shadow of deception liia emiwe
will be now, aa it ecr baa been, atraigbi4or-
wih every one of the candidate! on the peo-
plc't ticket, woiikl come out thut unequivocally.
that the people might know wA and whul they
are x
Ti the Fritntb tf Mr. Jackton
There it no one who can wish more
heartilv for the success of General Jatk
n. than mvself. I prefer him, because
I believe that he is capable, that he is
honest, that he is just, and more identi
fied with the people hemselves, than any
other candidate : He is emphatically the
tieofilt't candidate. He is not flunked for
ward bv ereedy expectants: no hireling
nrinta are bribed to trumpet forth his
praise : it is a movement of the people
alone; and their voice, I trust, will be
But let the consequences be what they
may, I deem it proper, in order to re
move false impressions, should any un
happily exist, to declare, that my consent
i a 1 .L. 1 . a 1 L a
oi oeing piacea on inc pcuyio
was. and still is, solely with ihe under
standing of voting, if elected, for Genera
Jackson as President. I feel myselt
bound bv this understanding; and I re
ioice that I have not yet out-lived my okl
fashioned republican principles, that tke
rrfiretrntative it bound to obey the voice
(or, if you please, the .trr'oni) of his
Candor and fair dealing with the many
highly respectable gentlemen in this dis
tiict, as well as in other parts of the state
friendly in the Aral instance to Mr. Adams
demand this declaration, that it may be
distinctly known that no understanding
to vote for Mr. Adams. I make this-de
claration at this time, because the crisis
seems to call for it, in order lo silence
and put to shame certain of the bfifiotert
of General Jackson, and not out of any
t sry
in c-. :
i I ."tr , 4
it tr, I ii.iil,
f, urn
i . . .
' ' , . of
e .1 t. T : . k I
rrnce U, I ttui.fc, st.i.-icni vur.,r
at ie ihe court they will curtut, Tktir
policy j pears t U our polity w tlt.
Uk the sms: principles i snd we are Utk
Ike Mends lo lb edu b'utrstloq cf tk.
prtteH tcnaraU Cklsl nit,i4tit.
T but embarked lit the same Political t .
U wt sWm.14 wot qurrl about (
AteaM..pcrdttrtturf tlurtAf ik
coote it, w mlghi b cU uj-oo ike roc kt.
aad ikiu fU aa tMf priyiolk fdrL
rem, who epptar too aovermg irounj
ut. My Mtttlmsnti wun ft jar t Mr.
Adims, are known 10 m oi my at-
cjotlourxca. Dut eves U be postetted,
la mTtsUmalloo, superior ci,irStot.ea
eral Jacksoo, there k I conctlve, tom.
iking Itnprvpey la a ikkel so vwr
by lb (muds of both, with any other
lew than as General Jackson tnsy U
prtftrrtd by tktm to Mr. Craofurd.
Mr Ulnar placed opon this tlckci,
through ihe solUUaiioni slot) of l
fiUnds or Jackson lo IMS dlttrKI. lack
nowtedge oo setrtl committee, or twutm,
t Kaleiek or elsewhrre. If such etitt
or kat eiistod. of the fi tends of Jackwa,
lion has been cooCntd lo the ,. f
ihe distriti to no others do I out. or an
I willing to owt, any allegiance.
(Wt saw a pwbtrfaiUm la tb HJiki " Tret
ttm a few wka ainea, I w,
rtft-lwVa eat the panph't tick, to W k
deckrta, ttnequivoeaDy, that be s UL if tWcicl.
volt for On. Jarksuo. And e enoVrtJ dM
other caiMtWlaUa oa the peewit's tkkat ill aum
Jtkrt ihcmMUea la tke tunnel,
rtrniEK indication.
At a awrfer of Capt. Panial lutliTan'i aO
lw company In tke lower part of David cavi
ty, nljoining tht Randolph kne.on lb lthk .w
tt taken on tht Prcadcntla quevwa.
tbe iMif waa at folio s ;
for Andrtw Jackwm, St
rUlitmll. Craa ford, about li
J'tLn Quinry AUmi, 21 or 11
to Ti tairaa.
At a meeting of a number t the eitiiert tf
Bumpier Dwtrict, I. C. tht Wtfx litis m
Stttetburg, oa ifie 8th uhimo, to a BarW,
here wt ttpetel to find the nott of 0
poU ia fctor of kJUmt and Cravlord. it i
propoted to ttkt tb opinion of the ptvfU ti
tbe PrvtWWntial qieatlot s CoL Jtmc G. aj v
,u called to tht cliair i and after aererl kfri,
sd able apeechca were ludt un (he subject.
.or of different candidate, Ur. StrpVa U
M.ller, one of our tc ntrra to tb tit lep.'.
turc,re in forof On. Jetton. H.itnen
ii lengUir, and ipprared to cut it waj tl.r.f
til oppmitkm. Mr. Miller rated tlt I
penonttly trqutin'cd with tlit GenenL tl
titen voted i and on emm'ing tbe mr. it "-
pwrd there aert P9 for Jackaonjli.
tmt i and 5 for Craajjj
There were a irnn-herof Tankeet pmert, t
appeared warm in the caute of Jifkxjti.
Yourt, retpcetfiitiy, tr.
&ft. 10, 1824.
rHr.-1he grand jury of netlm"?
.... . . -L - . ...
county, S. T. at the Ut tern ejneew
emrtf' b.llolrd for I'rtVutrffl of lh Iti
and. Governor of that state the two itten.U,
eonttahlci voting with tbemi the reiult i
followt :
For PmiJenU Andrew Jtcksem, 11 1 Q
A danu, 9 illiaai II. Cmforl, 2 ; He?
For Gn, De Wtt trmton, 10 j v"
Young, 4 1 John W. Ta vlor, 2 1 Daniel D.Tomr
At a meeting; of the officer of the lt nw
batUlion of Albany county, on a ballot, JaeUw
receivel 30, Atbunt 15, Craaford 2, blank 3.
At a meeting of the republicani of Phelj
Ontario county, it waa retolved, that the con
duct of the Senate of tliat state, in refusinr
give the election of electors to tbe people,
a high-handed attempt to aubvCrt our Tepubt
can institutions. On taking a vote for Preside
the whole company were for Cen. Jckw.
save one.
These indications plainly shew, tliat 'ie f-
pie of New-York would prefer two, at Irm.
the candidate in preference to Mr. Lra'"'
hut vet an aristocratical Wfiiilature, probWJ
rlisreprd the will of the ieople. and a?-
point electors favorable to that gentleman
Wr ,
We perceive from the Newbern Sentinel,"
the 18th ult. that WilViam 9. Waekledge, M
declinea Handing at a candidate OB the Peop
ricket and that a meeting was called, to
heM in, Ncwbem, on Uie 23d ult. for th
pose of nominating a candidate in the pi
that gentleman. Mr. B. waa not i?uC
to decline from any cnange oi
the Presidential queation for he is as
... it i... r.iJ
ly opposed to the caucus canuwaic - -
will aupport the ihe people--b '
otherrrive be though
the people's cket, in preference to lua
1 he gentleman to be run on the ticket w
nominated by the people tlicmseW,
meeting In Newberw. "
f f t la I r.

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