North Carolina Newspapers

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. Teach M Um) war of km aad peace,
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A fed aa lb coeJUra of dM irara
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nal !.!Tir piof,
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cvfdief to iht set or Uiti cl (hfl Udr
Tb'n bit pin of iht ojxruioci I
po4J o lipt r r IB ( to
httrhua htlr frnhaed lujj Uooca,
htlit saothcr pr tKDU l round t&if
for. orsimcottd Uh prtcioui itoeci ,
fKtrl f mhUh mirror, from th want of
, il furmtd of compoililoa of
wi ncuii, to which wu giua ao
eiagiiiti Doltih. Tbrr wert tome
liact to Urp to reflect tbt pcrtoo
from bead u loot.
A coupl of deitxrtdcxi ir tnrcr
log our couotry tad tnk)og dreadful
btroc of propen and tlci( of old
iBdjounr. Taev bare aire ad r lUin
mort oi toe uoaoiuou uaa wen imo
ia battlei, and jxriihed io priaon abtpt,
dorlaf iht Aoaencaa war) and at the
lima lima they, have waited more
lubtUoce thaa would pay tbt Batlooal
debt. Their atreonh li iaviocibU.
Tbtir rnethod of attic. W to atnkc
people oa iht head then imtaotty to
trip op their bee!, pick their pocketi
and continue their blowi oa the bead
until they hart quite beat out their
braini. Though they infcit public
bouaea chiefly, they art alao at private
cloim of prirate bovtct. ia workihapa
of necbaoica, and la the fieldi of far.
men, ! aomt iatuncei wbott fami.
lie bare fal!ea victimi to tbeie murder
I ffjr, '.tt I .f l!ft t'l a
li it luoy it rtitrttd for t
dt t atcuit pjfj)
U'mj, ie mun ar a!ott lU Iiu!-ntu
of ih world, and aim at a lofucr rrit.
"ft fcrmi the txculur bos&r and
exctllf nee of rtHgloa, that it aceom
annate a to i'n f rvpeny cf our nature
that It hoUe cut a ptia luiud to
ur blrH caKbe that thert la irua.
OCUr IS 111 CX'jfviRf wimu '
lurpaaa tkt Ima jiaatiotv ihit it di(ai
Ce tht tircaeat aceaa ly cocoe cilng it
fl - f .l,t!lb.HA.1Mlt.i
wita iierBiij
of faiih tbt fioriea of aa unperiihatle
world and bow, from the high -eml-oeoct
of beirto, a cloud of witoeMei
re looking dowa opoa the earth, not
ai i aceot for iht petty aotUt'tei of
time, but ai ipUadid thotrt for the
amuiuoa ol immorui iptna.
to rotrriL '
Let oot tht leaava of youth b bar
rca of improveraeou, ao citeoiial to
. . m. a mm
rour feucit? and honor. lour cnar
acur ia now of your owa lormiog
your fate la. Ia aomt caeaaure, put In
mm f
te rour owa panda. lour nature ia
ret fcliant and aoft. llabiu bare
not eitiUiihed their dominion. Pre
judicea bare not preoccupied rour
uaderatanding. I M wfirid hat not
bad time to contract and debate your
affcctioni. Au your powera arc more
ngbrout, diaembarruaed ana free,
than they" will be at any future period.
Whaterer impulat you dow rire to
-i j- -
four oeatrei ana paaaiovi, inc oirec-
tion ia like!r to continue, ft will form
tbt channel ia which your life ia to
run I Day, it nay determine ia ever
laatinjr it toe. CooaSdertbto tbeera
piormeot ol tbie imporunt period ai
tne nicneai cruai wmcn anta ever e
committed to rou t ia a treat mea-
lure, aetuire oi your oappineaa in
time and eternity. Ai ia the auccea-
ioa of the aeatooi, each, by the in a.
liable lawa of nature, afTecta the pro.
ductiooa of what ia next io count j au,
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enj oar, whole towni bare beea ra
Tt lit Mtmij m idmUfiitfJ tmiMf. I r iged and ruined by the tn. One poor
, wr jrna-ay utMrw. w.uBi. imao bereabouta, ibat bad formerly
kWcr ! iaia aop cf nna, thla (ran ataae.1 beea aa ioduatrioua thriring mechanic,
- mark , I hit latl kfflt mTieTA Ti tVim tn
Hera lea tbt W rta of poifjokJ trk. a manner too ibociing to relate and ,a hum.a lf ?terioJtf f ouf '?r
r. yeaa hr4 aua'a ap a If'J aad trod thert art eerenl othera la tht ricinity ordmg ai It li weU or ill apcot, i-
n- pot, aack k4kkmtk, u tk Houte af God, aho hare beea lately attacked by them, an nappmeaa oi mm woicn ia
mm oata w tfvi aer mi rroa aia acar
Did that kt araytr our lavwur taatkt deout,
" I " I 1 - I A t
At km Um kour. whk UWd Unda kt cried. . iU reanrcia ao. lo!nt! KanH!. tht BOunaniog mannooo i
n, C-fdoai eome; tbj .Witt ka U. - and . alarming itapor had tucceeded, and hood. P14". r "f,f wl,thout "f
:: f " - they are already braught to death'i reapccuble and tranquil old
n - -. . -- -. .... - ..,!' j' ii., ,-,-. ; aer But whea nature ia turoed out
JHSCELL.1KE0U3. t&lTSfiS rr , dld.r rtM
I ojLEf or A BOOAN LAD v. , t outlandiih miacnanu, who mock at P'.af e 10 thf moVJu,t V
1 "
rav T i ana caura.
Within a few wejbka, a black man waa
wantonly atahbed in the abdomen, and baa
ainet died of the wound. The perpetra
A wrmill mit miifilw nrt l.airTn I linn tnmnl iinnn tV am!m
bed," which ibe did about 10 or II righu of men, and equally bid defiance po bloaaoma, io the aummer there will
- o'clock, repaired to her batb. After to the law and goapei. Thenamea of f and autumn no fruit :
m'!ii. ik.r. r. . - r a r f.. So, if youth be trifled away without
r ... ,.r.,n. ,kK- -:.k . nt rrfc.'.i. . improvement, manhood will be con
ativ ww tmm ai a wui a mvjv va w eaaa aa va i w w s"lsk aa r rtaaai w a a aa ... iU' .
tnicione. ihe came forth to paia in- third i and all of theae perfectly inno- temPllbIe od olda8e operable.
. I mm, . . .
to the bacdaor the mmtUi,' Theae (cent and good if properly improved,
coinoetea were alarei, who pnaieaaedlBot the iin and cuilt mil ties oa the
many excreta for preierring the . tkia unfortunate victim, who ruma himiclf
ana ccmpiciron, idu woo ucnvra mia j" uicui. iklkwti.u.
, oaine from the Greek word KotmotA . . j
which lignifiea beauty.' (IVaw IV. OaWa &riaii a a. wbita penon, byhenaroe of
TV- .V lr ta mM i A l.i toorawn, ia conooea in mi. ye an
. r .4u. . . !kJi,.j .vt. .:.i. r 1. 1. .u- told that it ii a can of deliberate murder.
r.. p. .tKii ts..Llrt;n- r.k- n:M.-.j.rf .M.t - Oa Thoiaday erenbg Uat an aged wo-
. r-rL7fVv;:."; " :.::r: "" t i abot byber aonin:i.w,iB h-
hcc, wnKB-auc wu u u.7 wnca rHiuuuiy proclaim, u. , a ao noiaat lower part f our city, and It ie feand her
ahe wnt abroad, or an the arrival of yon to listen , to the.complaioU of the wounda may prove mortal. We learn
a etrar-crr j io that the poor husband poor, or the mormura of the diaap- that about one hundred abot have pent
a . a r a mm t a m a . . . . . . -
couio never see ms wue witnout ceripotaiea. lite your lesson from tne itntcd aer aoouider, lace and head. The
f. in... k!n. riw.r.A Kllk ihll m..V I irria fmwrtrlt Af.fiirhiii. . C. Vtm I rvpntralnr. tW KaIi.w.. frm - what kit
vi !ch ahe often replaced ia the erening placed In a prouder eminence than he I been said, waa partially deranged.' : He
an ttr f j- lhrnnhmil ika . Ca li I BJIO II III CU 11007.1
r'.trht from the contact of the air. in brighter colour, than tvtr A.A Two Instances orrery honorable Bght
A aaA. ah. fiat Inilrtt. . I hia .rl Iffiamaalinn - imm timt I " "-- M w. ' v uv a.
.lav. removed it . ad bathedher
with a apunge ateeped 10 as.esmilk, and flattery can be.tow-and after you tw0 gtnllemel .nJ . My who tre now n
whilst another endearoured to giro to have auffered thia pending exterior to enstody, charged with counterfeiting and
, nc nu au puMiut iiciuuMi ujr run- ibwis na ucvciuumcas upon vuu, en- patting, as ma current coin oi the coun
; bing it, according to Pliny, with the ter into ita aolitude mark hla busy, try, bate metal of their owft manufactun
'ashes of snails, or of large ants, burnt restless, dissatisfied eye, it wanden when we recollect that every grand
' and bruised in salt, with honep io uncertain on every object enter into jury Is beset with complaints against the
' which the bees had been smothered, I his mind, and tell me if repose or enlno(orous ""eceit and shameless con
with the fat of a pullet mixed with on- lioyment be there Vsee him the poor Nuctofthe mingled group of choice spir-
laui. ma idsiiv. wim iue mi ui iwan. iwiciira oi cnairrin ina aiMuinnti r - - - ,
t omtnit Lit !- ; ,
OAU! while the breath ef life cob
tSnueJ, our Lr other rcapircd by theet
his tut breath li now departed f to tbee
a yield him,
O Water! thou di Jit contribute to
the life of our brother! thou wait one
f bis sustaining eletneoti. Hi rf
L i arc now dupericdi receive U.y
hare of him, who baa now made aa
crcrlaitixig tight. - , '
Ia our Western dim, where we
breathe the air of iadrpeadence where
wt art not aubject to the caprice of cus
torn, or tha restraint of JanJyUi, so
lsr irons aegtoeraung, wa ara
progrrsilog to tha career of all that is
mmlr and aoble.
What art the vocations and amuse-
meats of the inhabitants of the wcit I
Tbey all art of the' manly kiod. ITie
chief employment it that ef agricoliure,
which is the most ancient and tht most
honorable that trcrembraccd the sttcn.
tioo of man. Besides, there ii some.
thiog mort elevated and sublime ia tt
thaa co attach tcxanr other vacation.
Every year be beholds a little creation
of hia owa i crcrv rear be can tretify
the risualorgaa with the ricw of srain
aa a 1 ..
bclda, orcnaras. ana pasturea, wnercia
horses and cattle are rrsiiogi hs has
but to stretch forth bis hand, and as if
by magic, Cultivation puts forth bcr
bcauixs and enchantments,
Butwlutdo bia amusements coo
si st of I1 Not ia pulling oa a pair of
beaver elovcs, seisins a silver-headed
cane ornamented with a pro union of
tassels, and emitting on the pavement
with precise and formal step. Wo, he
asiuroes the hunting dress ol buckskin,
and with r.&e and Cog. explores the
recesses of the forest, or rangea the
extennre prairies in punuit of the pan
ther, the bear, the wolf, the deer, or
turkey and when night orertakes him,
he it neither alarmed nor uneasy. In
a moment a blazing fire ' is kindled,
that cbern the forest and disperses the
gloom of night t a slice of venison is
thm roaitcd before it, and a plentiful
aunper ia enjoyed, which ia rendered
delicinua to a keen appetite, lie then himself before the fire, and
reposes soundly till morning dawns,
unless perchance, he is disturbed by
the howl of the roving wolf, allured by
the odour 61 bis venison, or the scream
cfihe solitary panther, breaking on
" the night a dull car, which ia to him
music t he instantly grasps the deadly
rifle, and it is well if they do not pay
dear for their unmannerly visit.
A journey is not here preceded by a
ong routine of shaking hands, sighs,
tears, He. j hre minutes are sufficient
to prepare for a journey to Santa re.
alifurnia, or the Pacific Ocean.
Such are the hardy inhabitant of the
forest, oucn are the children of the
West. Illinoh Advocate, ,
Ail Luull of Coo!1:
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M. t ) !a ''' '" -"f t r !...; ,
U IWrT J "U f.fa, t t,
mtfl tmt awl ttimhU . a3 ,r 4
W tutmnt. aM l!. -.M, m U'f .!'r la'i:4 tacit, rii,! '
u iu-i. nitnir a iu i '
Cr4, lft. Mil. til
(TT fwtry IW, 13 imU, txttr, , .
i uu.ricri ui. vur tiir. wiia puna. Diiioia.
TO wn fn mCV lUiriUUICU inc nmnrnTinnri r.n nrart lr rmipaTfi ir inn 7 'i- . 1
f : 5H.. . tr. .-l.rl.,U. v:.l. - wuuuuitwmo terror oi nopw
.r.. . .Itv. tr l A i j .i. A and orderly part of ciic muy ,rfa .ipaii ana-a uua,ii vra mve aoi ieiracu,' IM toj,,, e,nnot refrain
Uieceoi woouencioin, aieepeaiDoitoi irucai ana most anecunir cnaractcrs.lln.un.n.m.nnril..
the neighbor
to. warn our fcl-
Ina-uu. .t-ala AfnuKISi.
"4 ' 'r ".. . i . I.L . -- a a. . m . 'I 7"
rQiiCS, aoQ to rcmwB ircvaica im aiuiai even in iqb 11411 Hue 01 & irium.l rnonls. , - -
1. - 1 .l I. I - . a . - mi .m I . . . '1.-
acmnintr oi aneep-saiiu mixta witn pnant amouion. man laooun lorthti rouueal subiecti have of late drawn
. . ' ... IV-. ... . ' . - , - . I
the honey of Corsica, to which was Wood which aatisheth not. . . off their attention from their own tmme
aometioiea added the powder of fran- What meaneth this restlessness off diate interests, and in the confusion of
liocense.' tyi t a yK ; I our nature! What meaneth this un.toaguee, toe aim amaii voica 01 virtue bas
This ODeration finished, a . third ceasinr activitv which, lonea'for exer- LeUftM ?? cn aeardtor made .at least
alive anoroached. 'nrovided with a ciae and emDlovmenr. even after eve. . -
ie and employment, even after eve. ? a " ira?5'",0V! .nT
pair of pincers, with which she mcr. ry object is joined, which first roused ISZZl , .Tle
w. - .... -a a a 1 . - j- .. " . . 1 v uuu aai ucr b r niia 111 cvuii.
cuessiv piucaea seven me minutest u 10 enterprise t vvnat mean tnoseun.i i .
nair irpm ine jace oi ner m SCRTlCtiL
mis uuijr oi iwiiciic wver, ina. uiivaiiua sau cxiingu sn, aca -wmcn 8lu(l
JVaia At tnitinft LUtabtik Smith. L
The hand of a friend imparts ines
timable value to the amailevt token of
remembrance,. but a magnificent pre
sent from one unloved, is like golden
fetters, which encumber and restrain
not the less for being made of costly
materials. v ; ;
. Imagination, , like the setting . sun,
casta .a glowing lustre over the pros
pect, and lends to every object an en
chanting brilliancy of colouriag but
when re. ion takes the place of ima
gination, and the Sun sinks behind the
mountains, all fade alike into' the night
.fj'.-l ! . . ; .,.y', . ... .-. . -
wi ittsappoiiiiincDi. ' 1 .' -'-.
Study is to the mind what exercise
is to the body s neither can be vico-
..... '. .L ' 9 ...
rwua wiioout ccruon. , .
Mtnton Untt,
uusBinr, .wtmtc.iiinu.Yj .
lT.T If l,aaUrarf,U,,K,lki
'"I f.likfalU tttfntiv(,n4 itrj,,,, "
laakHMIHl, ftUaiaa ml U,f Mrjfia 'rr,r, u ,
Cowt-llmM, (latlf eccult4 tf Ur, j, 1
Huta.) . Ik eonTtdenra c lW tium. j'
UaiMMt, ia tjf to any h iU j,tw, r
tlwM iontaiiM a aumbff rritu rw,, , ,
eakuUtnl fur tka ateommwUilgaj xn :
tad OoaruVrti tha liaLtft ara eut, If
ptrkr, to U tha ile, aa4arar!f 4 w
atCfinf al attrfrtWa llialcrt J
kir, il be auf pHad aiik lLa bm iL 4t4
alTordii aad tla rrpdmlimt tt LI tMHi . t
m k bfa lll ina tniira mlifacii u &,n
aka awy think proper to uti a Mmt M w
aawits the at, tiat aa pair aWI k t;ir.4
rtnJer tlcir atay eonJ'oruliW tad tkiar
aryH fff74. ti
Uoot and Bhoo Kstallishmcit
EftrNCZER DtCStONuVealbUal ,
Vna bia ca4oovcn. and tbt jA; (
krrr. tbal ka haa retnaved L' iW.i l f,,.
tha kmaa ka turmtrly etcMplftt, anj Km i.i ,
tha konae awaad ky Mr. Ikommi Todd,
oppowta Wat, II. felubteraa boon tf f.ft.
tajnrDtmt, oa Main-atrtat, SilitWyi abrr,.,
lt cany on, as a mil, tba Doot and tlx ,
kinr buMitcaa, (a aQ ha varipua brmnchri, (
WTMC4 acatneaa aad oaraLUtty back, WW
Crrca. cannot ka aurpaaud ky aay la lb
AH ordtn from a diataace. fur work ia ka U,
1Q ka ftuthfuny aiteadrd to.
Prirate Entertainment.
TUB aubaenber Ml eprned a boutt f Ti
vata KmcrUnmnt abcra TmcCmaa
ka acooaimodatatL fia prwiuars aO t4 tj
oa kirn, good t-ratRwat, witk a pWaty af tt
beat to cit aad drink. . -
14 If. B. IATTXEW rnn.
Mouse and Lot, in Charlotte.
IOU tale, oa aeeomnvodailn trnn,1b W
and lot hi tha town af Charlotte. alucS mi
joint Mr. Joba Invia'a atore. aa tt noni e
acr. Applr Io JAMU TOUUENCt.
CharkKte. May 7, 1834. , CT
Stato of North-Carolica,
' " iMtDiLt (ourrr."
COURT of Pteaa and Quarter Sr aaloni, i Ti
term, 1934 1 Robert Slmonton tern M
Alexander , oritpna attach mat, rtturnrd V
oa land. ' It M ordered by tbt Court thd ri
tha defendant in tbi suh apprar Wnrt t!t
Court of fl" ami Quarter Scmlorw to be M
for the county of Iredell, at tba court bew a
StatfSTiUe. on tba third Momlar ia Nomkba
ftcrt, aod plead, tlif plaintitT will have juilc"
pro confrtao, or a bearijip ex parte, at ti
notka thereof be puhCihea Uiree ntobtla is tt
u enern CarobniaA. . .
Price adv. f?4. . Smit'ST
State of North-Carolina, .
i mtDiLL tourrr.
COURT of I'leu and Qnarter Sean'oni, At
term. 1834 1 Kobert Simontua at. tUvi
D, Gait her, original attachment, returned
on land, kc. it b ordered ky tha court, tt
Sublication be, made for. three monthi ia tk
reatem Carolinian, that unlet tba dHenoii
appear before the next term of the n'x!
to be held for the county afore laid, at the k
hwte In Stateiville. ait' third Stond '
Norcmber next, and plead, the plaintif
beard exparte, and hae jtidpnent po eor.i.
Price adr. i. ' 3mt3i'
During the funeral ceremony, which
' . ! 1 I . ' a Mm
the treta commencca. wnen iresn continue to agitate the heart of man! is solemn and effecting, the Brahmins
water waa found insufficient ta cleanse even io the fulness of plenty and of en address "the respective elements in
them, they were rubbed with grated joyment? ' If they mean anr thing at words to the foliowioffpurDort.. v -
pumice-stone, or marble dust, a meth- all, they mean that all which this worldf O Earth ! to thee we commend our
m - ' r . . . a
od still employed. The use of tooth can ofier, is not enough to fill Up his I brother: of thee 'l.e was formed, by
brushes was known at that period f and capacity fcr happiness that time is thee he was austaioed, and unto thee
the coaettet-cf the time. like those J too anisJl him, and he is born for I he now returns.
lir-GcTioarthere are regular ttai1-
nage-broken, who have pocket books
filled with the names cf marriageable
girls, of different class, with notes de-
scnptive of their figures and fortunes.
These people go about endeavouring
to arrange connexions j h they succeed
they get a commission of two or three
per cent. upoK the marriage portion,
Tbt contents of their memorandums
are said to be very curious. '
.General Zaremba had a veryjong
name. , Hie King having heard of it,
one day asked him good humouredly,
"Pray Zaremba, what ia your nameP
The, General repeated to him immedi.
ately the whole of hi long name,-
Why said the King, the Devil him
himself never had such a name," I
should presume not, Sir,, replied the
General, as he was no relation of mine,
State of North-Carolina,
SUPERIOR Court, in Eotiitv, Reptem. Ttra.
1824. John Ilrvanvt. JoaeDh Pourter.if
cia Pourter, Airnn Chamber and Lotti to
wifi, Jamea Pourter, liezekuh Hall nl
hia wilt! M illiam Pourter, John Cornell and N
cy hia wife, Elijah Cornell and Elizabeth to
wife; Mary Johnaon (widow,) late Mary PwrW
and Jane Gamble (widow) late Jane Pourtcfi
Original Pill i It appearing to the aatiifctio
the court, that all the dcfemlanta, except Ji
Pourter and Fraocia Pourter, are inhabi&n"
another atate, ordered, , therefore, that jm
tion be made in the Weate-, ' Carolinian fr
weeka. requirinff tba aaid di..endanti li'it
of the state, to appear at tha ne tt cmiit
equity ta be held for the counfy of tTiike
tha coiiruhouae In U'ilkcaW, onjhe
Monday in March next, andpleal aiir
demur to aald bill, -or judgment pro. con.:
will be taken, and the aame act for heriitf
parte. O. BARRKlT, e.fca.-
State of, North-Carolina,
IU Equity, qctober term,' 1824. WiUma
niahandrthan v. Pollv. Miller andothef
Petition for tale of land. It appearing n
court, that Joaeph Sullivan. Cornelim S'l"
ThoroaaSulliran, Bctay Sullivan and Knty
nvan, defendants in This cat, ate not inMxWJ
of this ti. it ii. ni1ott. hat flllbliMll"" "
named patrea appear at the next term -
court, ta hm hM an the thin) Honda' trt
fourth ' Monday ia March next, and fJelZ
twer or demur to the aaid netitloii. er it '
taken pro confeato, and act for hearing t P1' ;
aa to. them. -' :- -
Price adv. gt 50.
. Shcrifis Tax Deceit
DEEDS for land told by ShcriiT for
ef Texc,, far aala at the "faW b

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