North Carolina Newspapers

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Wvt t. i'ry.
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e.f ftrarl Woolf.
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uu of tartl rjJ!
Em -ifU4 to pre rr & Jj
went alibi n ft ttm prescribed by , or -
Mrf l ka ktlTdl NWfrti . .
i Ua' Estate.
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1 LL mno- UJebt-d 4 w W XWW.
Sal,.;!! rrrf tbm, prrHjr mO
U4, fir Mtttonem.
I AMI- LELT, ? il,
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Vcltoci for Bale.
I'. ti . .11 K -Ll oa McxmUt. lk
ft 7rr:i. u. wf
j L .rtaSTof Itobwt Iteird. dU I hchf.
k .iMntail iccordtiir to
CW Mill m .""" j,,,,,
rwv and Watch Making.
Mr. J. II. CUrk u (next door to tb r
I . ' . r irir r t. k
dwiwd, th Wlowinr trtkW of H"
' ftl tM dl IW DOOM X - "7
CottM and Cor, lUy, rior, c tmT"
nd nunr fftrimnf tool l ?nm ftftyw Co
. fi. .i . wwl L-Mr. ke. IlC. A credit
will tw ie, d eunty required. Tern
mrft know on the dtyrf ). 8ktob
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COqUbumI I root (HT w j.
All ptrtont indebted to nU eWe. are re-
urtted to pr tnr ocwjj im owuwn wm
pe preot tkir ceooia, properly uthen.
Seated. L.H. ALEXANDEl..a-V.
Jl-nbr 6. J 824. .
Yadkin Navigation Company.
ACENKItAL mectinr f the Stockholder!
of tbii company will be held at the boute
of William II. Slaughter, in tk town of Jalia.
bury.ltowan county, N. C. Saturday the 2Jlh
dar of December next.
' A. D. MU1PHET, PrmJtnl.
Oct. i3, 1324. S37
Estate of Jos. Hamilton, dee'd.
rwu v .Xmlim tuvintr Qualified, on the 21t
1 day of October, 1134, aa the tiewitora of
Uie UK -will ami irawneiw wi am i
Hamilton, deceaaed, do beroby notify all peraont
I,..;.,. 1..1 Atn.aruL amiiui the ettate of the
MM.MIj ni"IV.pHn B
tMM UttAtor. to prent the tme tbf p)nxftt
viinin Ue lime prcacrioea oj w mwrwwc
lunwli aiwl all thoee that
are indebted to lh tatd eatatc, are requcatedto
nan uuncujaie pmriucnu.
wArW ce. A". C. Ort. A 1834. , Tt3;
Yntlkin Navisration Company.
AMEK11NG of the Preaideot and Directora
r .i... m'.n K hrU at the houae
of William H. SUughter.ln tbe town of Safiabury,
Bowan eownrj.on i nuaj, ui .u, w -
cember next. . ...
A. D. MURPHEY, Treddnt.
Oct. 25, 1824. , 37
Yresh Goods.
THE aubKribera are receiving, and opening,
CTftBF. in Onneord. direct from
riiihtlclpbia and Ster-York, Urg 4
aaaonmcni ui
All kinds of Goods :
. . ' 1. . , ;
Ana nave mute arranjjcuicina .
& .1.... .nu fiph aimnlv llial mav
be neceaiary aeleeiod wVtb caret, and laid in at
K.r K-tn nKla tim (n aril verv low.
I'. IVV . - - - J
Tbeir enetomera, and the publio at larger ire
- . ..i". .11.. n .11 Av.miti. .nil .iiftv
for tlieiiiaeivea. avurni onunn.
Ciucflfvi. SeJJf. 1824. . t48
(CCofintry Produce, of all kind, received in
exchange W Gooi.a.
The MVWUa liftvs,
RF.V1SED and publiahed tbia year, under the
cSirction of the- Adjutant General, and
.Miiiioi 't tit l.ura nasKcil bv' the General
Assembly relative to the miirtia, up to th'ia date,
r- a .1 a. . . !!!.
.Jor aale at the omce ot ine niratnmraK
Printing, of every description,
PROMTPLY executed at this office, in a atyle
i u: - ."!(L (I..
TO Cor.vmY Mr.uciiAMH.
. Ar rAtrniitr-
ry (is a.. T.j
.4 i wbkb thy twi iu tuif u
fmbIi .-r,.,r MinilLL It Co.
- . - - J
r.ik on. HIM. 36
J, F. , John Lippctt,
ara-rtl .rJLtLK. UBOCRMX. '
HAY4TKCCT, rayetteUk, Nortb4J,
fee foe aaKfcfoaA orproAie,
JJ bbk do. '
JUn Coffee - , ,
30 ai pepper, albplco ad fp
30 bftda woWaaee
Si bbk N. C Rum
10 do. Nortbeni Ci
800 k.p et lib and brada, a-aorUd, 44 to 40d
30 Um$ Iw4m Iim, aaorUd
1000 Ibe Oennea tteet
UM do. blUtored OtocJ
350 do. cart Steel
2XJ0 do. duxe Mould
1JO0 do. boop Iroa
3000 do. elct Iroa
1500 twabela Liverpool Salt
TOO do. nound nan
40 Voice No. 10 oottoa Carda
10 do. do. dwwol Carda
50 do,byl0andl0byl3 Wdow Claai
100 ream Wrapping paper
2J do. Writing do. "
. 50 kega ffT DMpont Pawdcr
S do. Shot, aMortcd
3 do. bar Lead
10 bbU Unnera Oil
SO do. Vackercl
90 half bb la do.
t eratea Stone Juga, aiaofU
1300 Dm BaJTperre
500 do. AKim
500 do. Brimetone ,
!- tv.l. .fwf twine
DTMTim. y
Abo, a cmatant aupply of 7rAiM Ce.
0130, 1834, BO
wrxH turn tUe tact arrtrab fraaa
11 N.w.Vork and PbiWdclplua. luonhrJ
lioou and bnoes,
well Htocted for th'm market. Al
100 doa. Poeket-Booka and Walleta- v
30 do. Goat Skin
15 do. coloured Morocco Skin
13 do. lining akin
50 ream Writing Paper
10 case wool Hat
90 itm. imnMfl Hftta
40 boxea Muacalel Kaiaini, ace.
An of which are offered at wholemle, at 1 mudl
. . . . . rMMv ttrrtiinta are re. I
40 boxea Meacatel Raiains tc
ffjuweaiavw ajavaaw ww v r -
pectfully invited to call and examine tbe abee
rood aim pneea. -.
Hardware and Cuttlery.
DAVID a CRANE &. CO. have juat ree'd
their fan imporU ... of HARDWARE
and Cuttkry, direct from England. lUeirpre.
ent aaaortroent eonaiat of almoat every article
. k . nna .tul I. H&llh
niuaiiT acp in wnuj
Urger than uaual , bich tliey offer at whtlnalt
to reaponaible country dealer, on a liberal
ojettrnfr. Off. 38. 1834. . 9t39
JAMES KYLE, formerly of Richmond, V'irg.
ia now opening, in tit large brick bouae,
formerly occupied by Hugh Campbell, Eaq. three
hundred and cijrlity nino package of
Dry Goods, Hardware, Groceries fcrc.
kU of which will bo offered at reduced price,
a a a . 1
DT VMrttur ana mo.
S wftmatant tainntV rt 1wat Bohinr Clothe.
Good will be received by every arrival iroa
i'ayfttrtalfc.A. C. Off. 27, 1524. 4U4
TVnV.vt 3a(tTft &ya(V Co.
WAVE received their fan importation of )RY
ruin, tM Vnirl.iul anit KeW.
York. Tbeir aaaortment includea almoat every
at I am nuMinii in m miniirv wiuiott
Tbey invite an reiponamie oeaie ro
Ami OUT, on aa iiucm ici im. w.
Other house in thia town have imported o
i . r.. .VArla th.r anv former
time in our experience. The atock of Craeerie
equauy.exwn.ire. -
aTt.Ka. laaaaai eTtaWaO aftaa n warn rnini nRRE
dvantairet now thim htrttoforc, in thjs market
... j.a a-M Ai4fl
Fayettenlle, Vet. i3, lox.
New Sunnlv of Fresh Goods.
W iiirj euuBViiwv i vwi. -g" '
X large and gferal aaaortment of all kinf
of Gotdi, at hie store in Salisbury, from Pbila
J 1 t. ' . I a..- V.V . .n.l h.. m.rt ,mnM.
hiiiv aihaM rxAoi aa waf'aaivincF aiui eirie-iiiii ir m
oripnia auu ncw-iui.i nu ihh o -
menta to receive from aald placea, mtnihlthtnj
lurtner auppiy max may oe ncccawj
with care, and laid in at pricea that will enable
him to aell very low. Hia cuatomcra, and the
public at large, are respectfully invited to call,
examine, and judge tor iuemseiTc.
c .Cat 1fi9l 6mt48
N. B. Country Produce of all kiiids, received
in exchange.
t tOlIi ol. 13.
Cy tUrmMh lckel iblp Tan-
l,ta, Cart., Ifom MJ r.,
wbtnet d.l 1114 oo int w
. ..r.k. Ma Yark Dailf
Adrertlatf fcat ttcatrca
Undoo to ih. .ybw i - -
. .- .. V- Otttbtf 9, 111
At tUcoramncemtot of .
" ..l.. ... itutl uul bat llut tm-
V4nIUV IJBI f BV wawer w ' .
unM fxlng fcrard I tMt
Teiierdart b)wcer,
(bare wu rood .tttndanc f bgtn,
. . . . .4 ft. ..Hitnv Ibai low COitTl
WDO Wtn CBWHy , f ,,
.i .Arte, fbr wklck ful
prkol im oUaiwd, tut lor
kluda and au otbtf Macnpiwoe "
TL. t .,1 Cmirier ttf tb Til PUV
k.t AMtt nun eicro Ardcrod lor Drwat
.r itia tlunlt aal of Ik HaytlaO
IcoromlaUoMrtt aod embrtcd on thy
Awat, M4 aHod to otit Aanur.1
lMr A(T M.rtlnlnoe. Tstrt WCIw
Lllf W W-w. -
ma imam te tha imiB an ana lbv wnvtv
in vi ?j wlsv v- wr . a J
lafk aVA n rVimlniTA. It wat hteodwd
blw w wr w " .
to t poaakH W omt wrona;
ot baaUhf parti of ib co at, ino men tu
tor lolo negoclatloni
tv. TiMaAfibe foIIowInrtJir mti.
avay a) Hi w ew -
An itttnpt U roakiof to rreito m lUrm
ln.n. Il..n ahlrk r beticVCt thcr II
DothlnjU fact r-rther from tbi contern-
.M.. ikJ.k.ntii ftf It. ho continue and
La. ....r,k ini. lettert rtrcited
WWI. vi
Mbf;ii-befor from Hatfe, Hate, that
nmli aw loaxJing thcrt r tai ihihm
frelrhtedln Bart with tniJur itorti md
rquipmeth for citalry, kc.
Ont oC the HiyiUo ijenu it stiu to
Fnncw, aid th4r Is probibUity of the
efoclitlii cootinulna; under the new
Tb AinantMi iff uM to kit been
debited July Utb. Tbt Kbg torn
manded Ae Aabintee. The BritWh il
lied fort i were commanded by Lieuten
ant Colonel Soatherland. TbeWctoiikut
105 killed ind 400 wounded. 1 bo ene
my bad adtinced to norm the Caatle.
On lh S3d of July, oothlni had: been
heard from tbem. It wu luppoaeo ioey
had gjone to tkeir own country.
ft.nArt. bad reached London by ex
preii from LWerpool tbit Cinterac, hod
been dcfeited by Bolinr whhtn 30 mile,
of laid to hate been totil deleit.
Aecoonu receitid it Genoa from Cog
nianl Mate, tint the NoopolHan Conaul
had been landed it that place from Algi
erit the Dry bid made demand on the
Neipolilan Coeernment for gJOOXK).
Mr. YTnrtado. thfl Colomblao igent, U
..U k. K-n received in Paria in I
h "
matntr bly flattering to the indepen
j.i In Rmith America, lie Dk
dent catise in South Americi. He bai
returned io London.
p.r'. niiuti meniion that aomi chan-
i j- - ,
Kei were, about to take placeunthe Min
istry. , Qne of them remarka that Mr. da
Vlitele haJ not tranaacted busines a ui
...i aitk ih Kinir on the lit of October,
and another speaks of the recall of the
a. Wt
Duke ol Montmorency and ucuuuo to a
ihare in the administration.
Extrart f Letttfdated Zante, Sep. 3, 0. S.
I shall begin by informing you, that
all the troop which have been this month
in movement iRainst Eastern and Wes
tern Greece, under the command of Der
vUh Pacha, and Omer Vuons Pacha, have
been entirely defeated, in two battle, and
the few who were able to escape the tury
of the; Greeks, disbanaca tncmieivce,
and sought refuge by flight ; all thii is no
iKinir in vnmnariaoft of the defeats sustain
ed by ' tbe fleet of Constantinople, in two
' .aa ai a.
Mtal tohbati which too puce oeiween
the 3d and! 5th of August, O. S. I am quite
eentaln tost II this news nao reacnea you,
you will look upon it as a fable ; but I am
able to infornt you that this coromunica-
lion euraiuwi nuuuui.
. . a i . . i i
l n former comoai iook piace near
n..kT. nnrt rf C.mna 1 anH the latter.
a Vmrhrxraat ("Straiti.! near Samoa. In
i ' i .
.... , T mm. . ... T
the lortn ermine-i urxs ioii-i-tcasci-oi
the fine and 2 frigatei, blown up 1 cor-
veite ina i ong, uacn , v iraiispuris,
burnt, Mirk and taken.; And in the latter
combat, 3 transports total, 74 vessels,
blown up, taken, burnt! or sunk. .
A report Is in circulation here, that the
Creek fleet had defeated tbe Egyptian
fleet near Rhodes.
Accounto are received at Boston, by an
arrival from Hayti, St. J)omingo, that
great preparations were making at the
Cape to rcsiut the French if they attempt
ed an invasion, which ioW believed they
rTliV lfOHMSaN0Vr.Mnr.H W.l.a.
- - La LrA Wt.WUy in I"-
iK- tJectote of Prtknt ail m r-
deni of tb V. B. tt U lblr tff
dtntef tbe V. B. meet I lb refute ... IU t'aloe, to gil U tbeir tote. M
tboM oflUera. C. - M '
. ...L...ka .Wiadbt the electoral eoile-
ana uw . . . . . , 1
. 11. ran count, we tUiftX, iu w '"'I
total oaflegH 1 n4 ifl. erae, V
11 lunrMentatitHby fcr lb hlglieau 1
AaJUdepead wUony -poan.--..
er ka b aUctad by I rot of Ce peoj la,
I ... ' . 4. ..K.I
! Hi uraaaal Twme, I
. . . u .L . .la m f tVa.K. I
A national roao irora ne " - 1 twoup M I eomnronny uw naa occa ktij u4
lnttoo to Nt-OrleinH is la contintplt'K titUej M u lubject of tUTrtaUenr,.
tiM. It location 11 n' "'-
but It IS luppoaed M P411 ,."T2'I("
ttutmioa In this stite, Ims'Uw la To-
w . - a aiaAaamine)n wwi. 1
Mitee, ind UonlstlM A'5' , ' "
ptxpM w ine "w "7" : . u
aod idopdng neuurtl to purs It. W
cation In thai rulon. '
We extract tbe aW rfKtbrt tb
Mm of dd. mOm of cy 7-'
curre "VaTi7
of the great aelkmal road from WMluogto. city
toNewOrfc.-. Tber..rU,r
t.rty of ip-aonta --
dkioo.vx.uow of irr.r
Ute bee. prea.n.ed J.
State. Tut ai tarkioa an their opinion ce
. ro-u tbu Ml bed
in the bdiettbat it wiH p ,N
Tenoeaaee by Knoxtiue, ,aoTMie,aw.
BtlMj k. .krm. But
1 w bi 1
A.eUUr('. y,rrtoi, P - -
Hude of her power and iniuence Imot
Wkhf- rtobe. ae Jtawi-CWkito But ah
;ii La kmrtit to her rirbt mind btfiire many
more year roll round. Tbe late Preai.lential
aWiloo in tt.le aUtr. will kjoeew the acalea on
ber eye i aotbat abe will be enabled, with a
clear tbion, to tiew NorthXaroCni a alie ahould
ka Wed a indeoendent, aoTereign atate
But we are under the ImpreeMoa. thet tbe
nannW of 1rriuia and Temeaaee are wrong in
upMaingtbaltho aatiooalroad will paw through
... ..... Tmnaawa. hi auDDort of onr
BaWT aa w "
MunWa. wa would refer to tb letter of Mr.
r.rtwiua ta (Ka Governor of Ccorria. TbatkV
Ur waa written exclusively m reply to one from
Gov. Trout to tbe President of tb U. S. Gov.
1 irotiv U writing, wa to aertain whether
the President intended (aider tbe law of Con -
greas autbonaing bim to procure auco surveys
of routes for roada and canala, as, w bit
toe MSI iA urvrjw biiuwu y - -
r t. .... . .I.-..1J ..rfu!il ! tlia
advBntsre held forth by Uu law of Congree.
Mr Calhoun, in hia reply to the Governor oi
neorria'a letter to the President, atated that
tbe President would, at an early day, order aur.
rey to be made for the route of a national road
from Washington city to lSew-Orlesns, toosi
iArar Crarria in h course. If it were not in
tended by tbe President that the road sliould
pas through Georgia, why should Mr. Calhoun,
in his letter to the Gov. of that atate, mention
the intended establishment of tbia satis,
fy.the Gov. and people of Georgia as to their
participation in the benefits of tbe act of Con
gress on the subject t And if it were uncertain
hethcr the road would pa through that atate,
why ahould lite Got. and the people be satisfied
with Mr. Calhouna Utter t From these facta, it
would appear to be a settled point tbat the road
is to pass through Georgia. And if it passes
through Georgia, it mwiipmt frvg Sftrth avirf
Sulk CurtliMt for ahould it traverse tbe
rugged and mountainous country of Western
Virginia and Tennessee, it would leave North
and South-Carolina, and Georgia, entirely to the
We shall, at some other time, when occa
sion prcsenta, endeavor to collect such fccta as
win enable ua to convince tbe executive of the
claims of the route by Salisbury, Lincoln ton, &c
Out we hope tbat, in the mean time, the citizena
of Salisbury, and the adjoining country, win
hold meetings and make proper representationa
to the President.
It may be contended by many, that, when a
man is politically prostrate in the dust, bower
ever renrebensible hircxreer may have been
when fimirin a- uoon the political arena, he oifght,
in charity, to be passed by without btTng"Tr6d"-j
den under foot But, although we feel aa cnar.
itably disposed as any man, we think the good of
the puMie requires that the character of "KH
fcllow fJeue Benton should be is fully deveto-
nJ as Dossible that he mav become aa noto-
II T .
riously infamous, aa his conduct ha rendered
him dismstinely contemptible.
We find the following article in a Columbia
(Tennessee) paper, of the 6tli inats:
A change of men, but not qf measure:
The famnua Jesse Benton, of Pamphlet
writtne memory has announced himself.
a a candidate for elector of President, kc.
a .rmnii time. I If .elected, he' dedces
himself nov tp vote for Henry Clay fori
President, See. Mts reasons, poor man i
aret that he has not time to -get tie peo
it to U iu; jKiio J tint the -".., b4a
taken tl wi'l l,J' th t!tJ, ami bt$ rr
imrJrd him icrof Jln tu lit erii.
1 1.-1
Tbrn b 11 Intenae ail1; bft, and at pr
. a 0 I a .1
fl r U
rf rrttLUnl Rkctioi U New-Yotk. I.rT
u ,l( lL. cndxUi, U aU.
mL. .1 .t 1
reeor ane oeckMB, i "fit a.
t,.. (ikirt 1 auxb. W
.bly, Hereby it.Jn at bJuev, b
. ..,. MUit-
hjcwiial chair with ttl IntamatWa J tb
of Baoreaeatarttaa. 1U Wtxa itwl iU
T ""i. . . ,
a " - v - -
feMi that are titertained wilb regvd to Hi
choir of tlcctef to Niw.Yort, ar iuirtl
ii... I.- .....
4H md ber ftcat atrrngtb fciiimd , ,
a w 14 y Un i
.a ai mt a
I bet of tHab t ippotot tWtort-Ut tbm w.
krg three parUee to 0 trgtaiatore, tloNUL.
JJr, wford) and .acb pnaZ
fc . .
'.Uattb leg-Uture would break up witko. a.
Uf Other, tlink, (ad w, bop,
erB J,, u
; - -
w. ut . tkkt u b...
e.y elect him in tU Electoral cre. ha
Kf .Tork ,U aJ ff
r J r a i
Vi ATtbe U
r . - -
of eiprcaaiaf their preference for tbe dJTmw
U. Muntail out. tbeiw anoeanJ
P" .o. J! 5
For Arew Jack f, J
WiUiam H.Craaford, 7!
Henry City, 6
I Tbi i the tote of only one townaliip : fnm
j, ecimen, what might we not txpttt hum
I w, vndmibtel1y hear, by Satunlitl
mail, who get Net
York, if abe chooaci Ckc
tor at aH
It b truly amoaing to notice how tery hud it
roc with the Baleigh Regiater to acknmtledrt
the triumph of the people. On Turwlay, tbe
16th intt wbei leml-weekly Regtter tu ia.
J (Ut(j lt W(J wejj ttM)entood at Raleigh that th
p,,.!.'. rcket bad succeeded t ret the F.Ji
I 0f etr look great pains to scb-c
1 ou, (fKj pybfiih the return of such coonlies
WCT( ttTorbL. to the caucus, and by this ari
yf Crawford a majority of more tlim
5AooTOtMj On tbe 19tb haw. when the officii!
I .
returns had come in from every county, In
cepting Haywood and Duncoobe) tn TMm
of the Rrebter took car to publish onlt s frv
of them, giving the ppU' Utttt a mrjoriiy rf
only 147 vote ! Tbe Kalfirk Sler ot the urne
dae, in an extra sheet, contained tbe full offi
cial returns from each county, firing the
pie ticket nearly 5000 majority.
These little artifices of the Register sn ns
y understood, when we learn from Albany tbat
tbe 1-egialature of New-York ia waiting to he
the result of the election in North-Carolini, b
fore they would determine the vote of that utr.
Mr. Gales was writing for tbe Van Retires mir.
ket, when he declared, in bis paper of 'lie W'.h
inst. that " it is impossible to say, with certaintv,
who will receive the rote of this atate," whtn
it was rcnerally known in Raleigh, at the very
time, that the Crawford ticket would fcil by
nearly 5000 totea. Such tricks as these, art
worthy tlie cause they are intended to fvor.
The editors of the National Intelligencer nsvr,
over and over again, taken upon themselves t
assure the public, tbat North-Carolina vsi tan
for Mr.Cnwford, and that the Raleiifh Reg
ter was the beat mrtliority they knew of, oa tlwt
nuestion. Bv thia time, we-presume, tiieie m-
pient editor have discovered two inistakfs-
vii t 1st. That North-Carolina doea n go
the cniicw candidate ; and, 3d, that their "be
authority" ha turned out to be very H
thority. .
The Richmond Enquirer, too, was aictrw
of North-Carolina. as of Vireinia itself. AnJ
- Monlecai the Jew," of the National Adwe.
laughed to acorn the very idea that ISortn-cv-olina
would pjut from the "ancient dominion.
... I -r... t .ti tli.u ttrmnt mcnTiave been
OUl, ai l"'V . m.m ...
diaappointed. Northarolina has set tip S
bxraelC andas ill o longctJRtgcjiULie ww
of eitlier Virginia or the caucus.
. ifcawar.-The legUlature of the State of
nelaware. on the 9th hit. after numerous w
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One candidate received 21 votes, which
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majority of the whole number in tne wb--rnan
the two other received 15 est""
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for the two highest, ind elected them. A po
Hon of the member entered .protest tgs"
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! fitjtution made no provision ror 0 - .
.!tor) c eiection was nn.l. and wgl-t to 6-
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