North Carolina Newspapers

'I'm: mi'm:.
lurriMs-i, i
Trfl rr-v, V 01, Smiting plains, ,
Vf ttrwr.l tnl ervuwl,
14 wt.i. b f NahmS W d !
Cm faf M MM r
The wild bird eard etrr lit.!,
1 Intu ttiti mt blew.
And FUturv't awful eborm
f, titiM tut ) ab
I onertlwnrd Ixrre, ebo nH ry
Vt n' bright appear.
And br4 timid psiu ay
JI light diOMB4 by ,
4. I questioned rrfemUip i FtkeJaUp sifted.
And thui bar unif p i - .
TU lav boa fortune a-wer tersed,
Wmltbr'4 baths gravel
asked if Vice cooU fcn W-etow f
Vfi IxkiuJ loud and U,
lliil fading from kef withered row
lie borrow 'd roecs UH
' I slight of FMlJf.f. If her ikni
. Could " U wosnded areaet,
Ad found her mourning, bint Mil 1(22,
othera woes dieireaa'd,
. q-eiond TiHim i Virtue. elgVi,
Ke boot could ah dispone i
Not Virtu aa br iim, 6e cried,
llut bumble Penitence,
I etieetloed death t tbt grialy aUde
KcUi'd Ik brow severe t
And I m lappineV be aaid,
'1 Virtue um! tbeeber.' D.
' JlfiirWife, fX J Orf. 37.
Tie Mowing It copy of the direction) oa a
letter, which pmmti through tbe poet wffice lo
tlis piece, s few days sine i
To M HlCUm. 1 laboring men,
Who shoes cm mai, tod leather tin,
Tbie brier anvst p lo, afe'ef tokicky,
. A pbee called Lrxintn ra AVUaret."
irate uovi.
TWe first numr of the Sonth Af.
lie in Journal, published at the Cape
of uood II pcv containa me very id
tr; deu;U mpectiog the Lioni
of tn toootry. The writer uyi, that,
beyond the Iimi.a of the colony, the
are nciun:ed peculiirlv fierce and dao
genutf and he thiuki Mr. lirrow'i
rrprttcnt4tionit that tbey arc coward
Jr and ireacheroui, it a condution
drawn from limited-experience or ioac
citrate informatioo.
' The itreogth of this animal (he
observes) Joea not appear to have been
evcrrukd. It it certain that he can
Aro thr heaviest OX. with ip. a con,
-O - - r j
aidcrable ways and a horse, heifer,
nr hirteheest. or lesser orer. he finds!
W 9 T
no difficulty in throwing over his shoul
der, and carrying off to any distaocingthe horse, aa he had allowed him.
he mar find convenient. I have en A I sell to get away, but the felonious ah-
sell witnessed an instance oi a very
young lion conveying a hone about a
I ..I . L . L.L.l Llll.J
tniie from enc a put wncrc nc nau Eiitea
it. and a more extraordinary cue has
been mentioned to me on good author
ity, where a lion, having carried off a
heifer of two years old, was followed
o: the track for five hours, about thir
ty English miles by a party on horse
back ; and, throughout the whole dis
tance, the carcase of the heifer waa on
ly once or twice discovered to have
touched the ground. The Becbuoo
Chief, old Pevhow, (now in Cape
To vr,,) coavrrsipg with me a few days
ago, id that the lion very seldom at
tack if unprovoked j but he will
frrquei.ilv approach within a few paces,
and sunrv hint strudily; and some
times attempts to gtt behind him, as
ifht could not stand his look, but was
yet desirous of springing up n bim un.
. If .
a waits, ii a person, in sucn circum
stances, attempts either to fight or fly,
he incurs the most imminent peril
but if he has sufficient presence of mind
coolly, to confroot him, without theap.
pearaoc e either f terror or aggression,
the animal will, in almost every in.
stance, after a little space, retire.
The over-mastering effect of the hu
man eye upon the lton, has been fre
quently mentioned, though much doub
ted, bv travellers j but, from my own
inquiries among lion hunters, I am per
fectly satisfied of the fact and an anec
dote, related to me a few days ago, by
Maior Mc Intosb, proven that this fas
cinatiog effect is not restricted to the
lion : An officer in India, well known
to my informant, having chanced to
.mU1. inA . timt 1 1 ft .1 m't Y cv
. j O J J -
countered a Koyal Tiger. The ren
both sides, and both parties made
dead halt, earnestly gazing on each
other. The gentleman had no fire
arras, and was aware that a aword
would be no effective defence, in a
struggle for life with such an antagon
ist. But he had heard that even the
Bengal tiger might be sometimes
checked, brooking him firmly in the
ictf. He did so. In a few minutes,
the tinrrr, which appeared prepared to
make his final spring, grew disturbed,
sknk aside, and attempted to creep
round upon him behind. The officer J
t .rrf Jf !'
tn I. i i
1,1 (I.MlHUf
J H if.tirk f"
itjnct f tut drt',flnta V t ih.tktf,
and Utu'.ng lath ia a d.HVrtnt
quarter, Uprnrtrrtd.f rfw half
Knur, la (hie. altrmht tO f BUh ll li
lurpriie till, at last. It f-irlf yielded
the coflteit, and left tht Etntlemaa to
punue hii pU-awrt waJ. Tht dirre
tioa ht pow took, iy be catly b.
lievrd, wit straight to tht tcouf at
doutU quick time."
After relatipf several terridc stnrSct
of eocoveters rth lioos. tha wrlier
concludes his article with one not quit
so fearful, related hr Lucas Van Vuno,
to Vca B'f, Mi Gcighbour, si the U.
viaa'a rirrrt
. Lucsi was riding across the open
plains, about daybreak, and observing
a lion at i distance, h endeavored to
avoid him by roekiag circuit. Lu.
cas soon perceived that he sru not dis
posed to let him pits without farther
parlance, and that hi was rapidly pp.
proachine to the encouaur, and be in
without his rotrt (rifle) and other!,
liul inclined to any closer acquain
tance, he turned oh at neat angles
laid the aambock freely to bis horse's
bui, ana puopea ror inc.
horse wis fagged, and bora a heavv
man on hit back j the lion was fresh
and furious with buogxr. and came
down op him like a thunderbolt! In a
lew aecondi, ha overtook Lucas, and
springing up behind him, brought
horse and man ia an Instant to the
ground. Luckily the boor was unhurt,
and the lion was too eager to worry
ing the hone tn pay any immediate at
tent ion to the rider.
' Hardly knowing himself how he
escaped, be contrived to acramble out
of the fray, and rjsde a cleao pair of
heels of it till he reached the next
house. Lucas who rave me the de
tails of this adventure, himself, made
no observations on it, as being any way
remarkable, except in the circumstance
I the lie s audacity in pursuing i
"Christian ma,w without provoca
tioo, in open day J But what chiefly
vexed bim, in the affair, waa the lost
of the taddltl He returned next day.
with a party of 'friends, to' take ven
geance oq his feline foe j but both the
lioo and laddie had disappeared, and
. - r i r
(nothing could be found but the horse's
straction of the saddle, for which (at
Lucas gravely observed) he could hsve
no possible use, raised his spleen
mightily, and called down a shower of
curses, whenever he told the story of
this hairbreadth escape.
MADAMR rruRniDr..
Extract Utter t m Ctnllemnn tkl$ City,
dattd Barrataria, Ocltf-er ith, 1824.
" Madame Iturbide,the ex-Kmpress
of Mexico, has been domesticated with
us for the last tro days. She landed
on the Island from the schooner Uni
ted States, ia 2b days from Soto de la
Mariana, from which place she was
compelled to mske a precipitate re
fer the execution of her hus
band, (the newspaper accounts of
which are substantially correct.)
Though in an advanced atate of preg
nancy, she sustains herself with much
firmness under her misfortunes, and
must have had considerable preten
sions to beauty when young. She has
eight children, six in London, and two,
the youngest, with her. Her atten
dants are, a priest, a nune, a French
chamber-maid, a Spanish cook, and an
Italian valet. She manifests a strong
desire to make herself agreeable j but
her utte.- ignorance of every other, save
the Spanish language, compels us, in a
great measure, to take the will for the
deed. She is so little in the habit of
administering to her own wants that if
a fly or mosquito rest on her hand, she
will call a servant to dislodge it ; and a
cigar appears to rank with her among
the necessanea of life. I said she was
domesticated with us 1 1 should rather
have-atated that she-was thegaest-f
Mrs. Patterson, Commodore P a la
dy, wh is here to avoid the prevailing
fever of the City. She itoea to New-
Orleans by the way of the lakes, the fint
wina mat serves; irom whence she is
destined to Baltimore and New-York,
which ahe will reach by ascending the
M ississippi and crossingthe mountains.
After her accouchment, she roes to
London, where a yearly pension, of
8,000, allowed her by the Mexicans,
is to be paid i but names Italv ss her
ultimate destination. -V. Journal.
Prosperity ia a stronger trial of virtue than
Tl - in.iiirj !.t ll-e :n1
r.v rf t! ynnutf ti land U! -r.--irf
I tU Cl.mhof Ireland,! a da
ymen nf fcirfiJ Importance, nd
wMJ cannot fl, "ho'dJ ihlal, K
drsw, t sn tttf period next setiion,
the mot seriun''ift'n,ri;smentl
The Pfimar, Lord Ji Beftiford.
ArthWshop tf Arnih, hu 1W1
C3,rjQ- acres, of which mart, thso
JOXX) ire ar!.le. HSs Craci Is
msa la mliJli lfe "
consiitudon. - 9-tP hl" V ru9 '
life init t ho Uascs let try hit pre-
dccessori. hi wouM hsvt tke power af
ruiniog tKrhsp Hundred laanmes,
and obtaioiac for himself a rack rent
of not less thsa '0,000 of 80,000 per
Tht See of Dublia baa upward of
10.000 acre. Much of this being
tar the Metropoli, mut b consid
ersd a; of aa Ixtrsordinsry alae.
rtr. r thino ia etliosed by Der
ry t-.thert we have 94,000 Irish acres
appropriated to my Lord the Bishop
little short of 1 30,000 EogTisa acres!
and should hit Lordship, at the be cm
oicf of hi lacumbency, have thought
m at av 1 .
at to run nit me agsmsi m irnann,
he would now, at the expiration of
twenty years, possess a Urger rent
roll than any subject ia the world.
Yet it was this very See which begged
assistance towards repairing its own
othedral! but which, by the horror
into which It threw Mr. Dswson on
tb occasion, has produced we
pect, thit aalsury exposure of n evil
which must be removed.
Tbo BpuUb CxmI at Chariceton, Mr. Pe
Artin, bao regrd hie office be one in H.e le
ftxitm of tbo ae rcpibRe of GoaUmata. Ti e
follovinees'.raetfroai bUaddrets viHetiev b
loof Cpo of coatrmpt be nakee at bii nvtcri
I would not leave the employ of
Ferdinand of, Bourbon, for thai of any
other crowned executioner j under the
persuasion that all Kings are bd, and
that the best is unworthy of exmrnce.
Neither would I protest against all al
legiance to bim, for the want of faith
in treaty between ruler and subj-ct
I nor for the injustice shewed my fa
thernor lor tnc snameiui situations,
(that it for government) to which, as
Spanish Consul, I hare been so often
exposed and to which my colleagues
in those states are daily exposed, ow.
ing to the little integrity of their gov.
ernment, because were my actions gov
erned by these motive, their already
existence nany years, I have the most
mortifyioff certainty of having lost
eis-ht years, the rnrt precious of my
life, in the service of so insignificant
Bourbon, who, to use the expression
of a well kaown pott, 44 tleaerves nei
ther praise nor censure. , Finally, I
cease to serve the Spanish government,
because I am an American.
M. Jacobi, a print dealer at Berlin,
has formed a collection of portraits
of this great reformer, amounting to
no fewer than twtlve hundred and
Sve ! a far greater number, we appre
hend, than has everalien to the share
of any other individual that ever exit
a l re a
ted. lriese emeries are arranged in
various clarses ; the first of which con
sits of portraits properly so termed.
comprising many to be found in tide
paces in various works; The second
las contains historical plates, in
which portraits of Lnther occur the
third, satirical portraits and carica
tures ; the fourth, representations and
monuments, medallions, &c. contain
ing effigiesSnd likenesses of Luther.
It is to be hoped that this valuable col
lection, will be preserved entire, and
become public property. r
Is nothing but the knowledge of the
most excellent truths, the contempla
tion of the most glrfrious objects, and
the hope of the most ravishing plea
sures t and the practice of such duties
aa are the most serviceable tovour hap-j
pinets, our peace, our health, our hon
our, our prosperity, and our eternal
Two men having a dispute in Ohio,
one of them said to the other, 44 1 am
" not able to fight you ; but I will meet
44 you with a musket any day you dare
meet me." This beinr deemed a
challenge, he was indicted at the late
term of Belmont county court, found
guilty, and sentenced to imprisonment
and hard laWin the Penitentiary, for
three years that being the shortest
time prescribed by the law of the state.
for sending a challenge to fight a duel.
, ji'' it i. :.' i r v. '
II., rr; it-l r i f ' '"!
I. 1 . I Mill I. M. V.
Aiwl f-e t. ..ui n4 rA ai b
rrr tif u-i.-o WW.
1 1J aw 131 tMh-!-! torart a-4 M
M4(rf, t..Ulrl(.Ui ai rii nf
Aitr.1 U S7 SrtipJ Vrit sad tt
U Hf,LUt iliromWi ike V, buie. W Mre
Mf be tkwl, r' ramf ,,ur tf
r.n Twrnmik SrWJUtH. At t'
f ink iMdiiM, wkb ttnfH' 4
wMi. aa. t)e. Vjjbf mm'i eUU-
led uiMMhi VXiir of IWalik-A tM cur f
iJu wuri. aailiiM. MiM M lb brvaw, it
the Stoewb, d) arta. bl eomtilaioU, dt
taiefT.fca. TreeorrlnraadftrtyeeiHipr
bottlo. Df. lUiUnaDa's VtjrubU Kerwts
CeUUf, oe Kature's Craad lueJoraue- -MMtbUd
lor ibe Mrs of ftenous eow-t;t
reaeraJly, Uotrd wteAoeta, dreoaioa) af tbo
apinta, bead arbe, tremor, fMiUoejs, byaterk lia,
Mrvous dability, huiporaweo, fceteory d
eaae. bmpotener. d-o reow icae,
ko. Trlcm ooe dolUr ad tftT ol Pf boetW.
Dr. Robortaoa'a eelebreied Uwt sad ftbesowt.
lo droptv-A aas sad rcol car for the
root, rtrMni-)i, but.bnr o- v4 cnrcl,
VfUrfits and veakaeettif lU joi" ap-aiiM,
bnM-. naiM lo tbe bead and face, frowed fret.
Ike, fiito to d4Jars per bottto. Vr.
rtaao'a ktMMclik l4tera. CelebTaled S
atreurk'!: a weak otoojaeh, laereaaijvjr the
tf.nrtiir. aad a eertaifi pretcoiali arain-t tbe
fet and aeiie, he. Trie ooe iWlar per bot.
tie. Iff. Hubert-uo ltf.rcLW Worn dewmy
Ine rot rfirff . A saediciiM oairerrmfly eweeow
t far eipelTmf mry speetes af worms fwm
ibe btmua tJr. Prleo aftv eeata pee !
ei larre porkares erne dollar. lr. lyot'i
pateot Itch liintroeNt. f i ple-aaifeea, safety,
ttedition and eertmintr of core. Is ontrlWd
bv any otbrr medieine ia oar, for the removal of
.i V ll- -i If K. a
no oapleaaant amell, and Bay bo ooed ot (bo
ounret hi.n( with aainr. me uny eew
pee bos- Ir. Dvott'a lnfUUblo Tootb Aeh
Drme. friee ff'Teestt, imaU rials tvenr4ro
teati. Dr. thotrs Ami DiImnm rula, obicb, if
admioif rred M time to rmoe U0 ble fmcs
the atotnadi, will prevent aQ biHom eowpU'iMt,
manirnani ferert, true and fever, bilUma cboTie,
f brSrv. worm, drerirtrrr, brad acbe, heart
bum. ! nf appetite. cnUa and cotrht, drvpen.
aia or MfftrvviMi, baUlual enetiveneea, ke
Pnce ta-ntiv-Cve eea per bos i Urr boxes JO
ernta. Dr. Vielter'a Ointmcat fur the core of
tbe Tetter, wf Worn, IjC Yntt 371 rent.
per box. Dr. Vicber'a Kmbrnealxx (ne Ibe
Kheamaticm. ke. Krfee 37 eeota per botile.
Dr. Codbold'a Vrretable IWJm of Life. I'riee
one dollar per botue. fUlm of Iberia. EHrac
ted from ait Iberian frirrant plant, for reokovini;
defecta of tbe tarn, and tinpravinf (he comnlr
ioo. friee tvo tbrfUn per bottle. Tbe Bet
rative for cleanainr, vbiteninr and
preeerrinf; the teeth and tMma. Price fifty
eente per bus. Tbe Cirratauui Ere vVate
Celebrated for rurinf mnet dirder of tbe eyes.
Priee firiy centa, email viaje Iveotytve rent.
Mahav'a approved fleeter Cloth. A eovereie.
remedy for all ulcere and eorct, aore breast,
bilra, anre Wrt, sa ell'in, eprain, aula, bruiara,
paiira in the bark ami breast, com on tlie lrl,
ke. Price taentvre centa, aftr eenrs and
one dollar for eacb aiiie placer. Approved and
recomntemW bv lr. Iliiah end Dr. rlir, m
Pbihlrlphia, and by the moot eminent of the
faculty in tlie I'mtvd SUtra.
Take notice, that in order to prevent imprvi.
lion, all and each nf the above rrnnine oedi-
clnea are neatly araled on wih full direertone
for wing Ihem, and aignrii on the miiaide cover
with tbe eiffiiature of the aule proprietor,
f inre t!nritTvliietion cf tliear valuable led.
ichea into tlie 1'iutcd ?tatet o: America, they
have acquired the hiiHirt Aecrte of celebrity
for their unparalleled uccei in alleviating and
ciirinn dinraaca, ahull, in a vaprty of instance
had batted aome of mir mod ciprnrncrd pliy
nciant. lite cxtrntive and incrcaains; ilrmand
for them throughout the continent, for thee
twenty veara part.teitifie their intereatiiiR efi
eary and importance to the public. For fami
lica and iiMlivKlunl loe rvaUlence or cireunv
tancee place them bevond the attvantare of
procuring a phyiician, they are peculiarly adap
ted i am for a boae convenirnce they are accom
panied aitlt every intniction appertaininjf to
the tn-mntoma of the tliacaaca, and proper di
rection for urine; them.
A conaiderable diacoant will be aTloveil to
DruerfSate, Country Merchant and thoae who
purcliaae by the quantity. Order promptly at.
tended to, and the medicine carefully packed
and forwarded to anv part arreeably to direction.
A conrtsnt rttpply of the above medicine
for sale by John Murphy, calubury.and Murphy
k Itrown, Concord, N. C.
00 DoWats iVeviatA.
RAN AWAY, on the 16th of
October, 1824, a negro man
name! .hlum, aged 27 year. He
wa lodged in the jaitof Randolph
county on the 19th or 20th Inct. 1
and . taken out of aaid jail on
the 8th of November, 1824, by the
aelbwrihcr. and taken on home.
with a pairof hT)d-curTi on. On arriving at the
ubcriber'a hnuar, on the Oth of November, 1824,
he was left in a room with a mall boy ; whilst
the family waa at supper in another room, by
some mean Adam slipt out of the door, and
msde his encfipe. At the time he waS taken up,
he hd several fire papers in his posxeamon.
The aid Imy Adam has a Knr on his right
hand, occaaiom d by a wagon wheel. He had
on, w hen he went av, a emdT-COlored surtotit
C0atwith haiidiiCy-wciLthctted. lie. ha 1
heretofore passed a a bnckmakrr,and as a free
man w hen last taken tip. One hundred dollars
reward will be riven for tbo apprehension and
delivery of aaid negro,
Dnviitton eimuiw, -V. C. JW. 9, 1824.
A Tanner, .wariUA.
afiNE of sober, industrious babita, who can
come well recomrnended, will meet with
encouragement from the subscribers.
Apply aoon. THOMPSON h HUNT.
Concord, Cabarrus county, 27
N. C Oet. 4, 1824.
House and Lof in Charlotte.
FOR sale, on accommodating terms, the house
and lot in the town of Charlotte, which ad
joins Mr. John Irwin's store, on the north cor
ner. Apply to JAMES TOHRKKCE.
-ChaTtoUc, May f, 1324. 07
in r.i .'fifrt '"i
Bm.tb TiU.r 4 'J, ll.' l
! ' a r r, nUr,va
1 av tKfinU of I 4 C'ltUm
4 ne lji biJ.U of f n i
6 ae ItJA pwi ' f rrtm M T
lbs fw a Of l"t t' Wla.l if M
ri.f, teeny UtlcoMnyi lf, ;nU, Mtg,,
aaail iialrv bhrf pmpefy bWg"mg laua
eate af SnMb iU. 4ft'L.H a r1t f
rWty awLr $ bawl aad arrptevad mumtj a 4
be rpurd turn lh pietUr,
All peranfil bavinf cUIm ip Mt tbe Sa'-d ,
late, are n 14 10 pee4 Ihem t sad !.
ladMd to tbe ev, ore benby rwfxr4
aaaka pa) exeat, a tbe eaeeeievs are el.teMaia4
so niW tle eatate as s early a perVl a
javm a-nif. x .
M y. A, C. fC 13, 1 83. M
Istxlttt VnU YflAon.
rpUR ouWnbcn bavt j., rtfelred. rW
X Mr. Cbaries C V) at, of Pb.ld,li,b,
tb Wtt faiblons of that 'y ( a4 th
tbesaatlvee of tbe roe&eot epjrtuaHy of Mum.
Uf ibetf cwetearete, and al otlwrs U 4
(U'ltenalte clotiies smkde, that they are ,
perperM, aa Neva!, 0 esecete aS ordVr awf
iM af bnalne, la a Style tf orkmanl4a
which, tbey bebevt, will bear a tomparW,
with sty ka tb ato. OmWi fre a aVu
wiH be pemcteatty ei rented, and protest (,.
vardrd to soy part of tbe eraintry l!ia mt be
rewpilred. CAKtKf k TCMPUTUK.
Jbftwry. (Vf.,lB3. 57,
Moct. i. M. fcnugittT,
nAmO setlted Mmeelfiar.
r Jt, C. offers Hie ervirn
so tbe irdmbHants of the To, an
Ita vWalty, ia tbo verio branrbee
of biatW.aaion. H mar b lA
at bis eh, one door fwrtb of the rw oew
etcept wbeo aWnt on prufcaMma bwaloe.
OH. 4, If .4. 3a
Hoaso nnd Sin raintin, fa.
( tKAHCP. W. CRJMP4 inform bU friredi
JI and the public, that be rin
eseeuio ail kind of Honae, aign, Coadi, Wmi.
aor Chair, ami Oraameartal fmthmr, ia 1
of workmaaabip equal to Mr io the entHHrv.
fntlemeo baring work to do ithi id t(Q
miles of aWiryt raa engage tbe ubribr'i
aervice 00 eery thort notice.
Tbo oubecriber lakes tbte nffrtunity tn re.
torn hi eincer thank to all titrae U bave
renemoalv eitended their fcvor to bim t 14
by bia CaiibfumeM and Uduvtry, io future, hopt
atill te merit their friervd.hip and Mtronag.
Kalimrf, Jut) i, IK4, 'J
It. ft. 1 be auhtrribee iU keep on bend, f e
aale, all manner rf palti and rolura. pn-f art I
fur the acrommodatio) of tboe al.o mar ami,
to do email job of pejvrtinr, but ho ant
bave tlie painta, or eaperience te prrpre thm.
Munnlon llottl,
a a
nT.t f v Co, an
J" I-1, taken the ei
reefteetfurir inform theejmh.
and his fnetfd, that he ha
ettenaive and elegant evU-
Mimrnt, situated at the north corner of the
Court-Hunae, (Utely occupied by Mr. Jamr
tluie.) Ihe eonventenee of this aquation fr
buainraa, i equal to any ia the plare. The
llouee contain a number of private worn, tH
calcutatol for the accomm rotation of Tmvelim
and Hoarder 1 tbe StaJilc are equal, if ant m.
perior, to anv in tbe place, and at'ewlrd te by
obliging and attentive Hostler liitb!e and
bar, will be supplied with the beat the njrkrt
arTofdt and the regulation of h'a llotise, avk
as he hope wiD gie entire aatiWUction to thee
ho may think proper to call on hitnt am be
astiirr them, that no pain ahall be spared to
render their etav romforlable and plcaiine.
VArwer.34, iSJ4. V5
btatc of Nortli-Curolinn,
trorts couttrr.
COURT of Equity, October tc D. IK.
John Kvtn and other r. Charles Ihttna
and wife, Itnbert VVinaton and other. Original
bill. It having heretofore been aujrgestrd mas
that Charico Dahon, one of the defendant ia
thia caar, hath dicdt ami it appearing to us 1 list
his heir at law do not reaide within the limit
of tlits state, it i therefore ordered, that pub
lication be made in tbo Western Caroliniin,
printed in Salisbury, for ait week auceeaarrK,
that the heirs at law of the said Charlea Datton,
deceased, appear at the next Court of Kqiiity tu
bo holdea for the county of Stoke, at the
court-house in (iermanton, on the 4th Monday
after the 4h klonday in March next, and shew
cause, if any they have, why they ehoukl not be
made partiea to the suit 1 otherwise the bill will
be taken, pro ennfraan, a to rbem, and the cause
act down fr hearing ex parte against them.
Witness John C. Ilium, clerk and mattei1 of the
aid court, at office, the 4th Monday after 4tb
Monday in September, A. D. 1824.
Copy from tbe minutes. citSr
Price g2 75. JOHN C. BLUM, r.w.a.
State of North-Carolina,
1 km del t tovurr.
COUnT of Pica and Quarter Sessions, Anp""
term, 1824 1 Hobert Simonton n. Elnl
II. Cuither 1 original attachment, returned levicl
on land, k.c. It is ordered by the court, thst
publication be made for thtve months in the
Western Carolinian, that unless the defendant
appear before the nest term of the said cajrt,
to be held for the county aforesaid, at the court
house, ia SUtesvillty. on the ihinLjloM;
November next, and plead, the plaintiff will oe
beard exparte,and have judgment pw coniew. .
Tttit u. Biwmnwtu.
..1- ei
I 1 WIT. uilt.
State ot Nortli-Uarolma,
f mr.DtLi eovvrr.
COURT of Pleas and Quarter Sessions Aogiirt
term, 1824 : Hobert Simonton trrimt John
Alexander 1 original attachment, returned levied
on land. It ia onlered by the Court that unless
the defendant in thia auit appear before the
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions to be held
for the county of Iredell, at the court-house m
8tatesville, on the third-Monday in November
aext, and plead, the pJaintifTwHI have judgment
pro confeeeo, or a hearing ex parte, and wax
notice thereof be published three months is the
Western Carolinian.
Price adv. 4, Smit' -r

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