North Carolina Newspapers

    mand could procure horsea fit for the en
terprise, I did not pretend totake.coov
rnandof them In that detachment, but
weBt as a common soldier, without' at
"tschirtjr, myself to any particular regi
ment, and being privileged to march In
any manner that suited roe best, both be
fore end after the battle, I 'endeavored to
ascertain the strength of our detachment,
and I am convinced that our number in
the battle did not exceed 700 men, oui
cert included, and the number of the en
' erne wai 1187..':
1 cmoi' believe that Col. Campbtll
1 acted cowardly in the aforeaiL4lUet
..and Got. Shelby, in his publication, ex
presses the same opinion.
A he had the chief command, the du
tfekof tnal aDDointment would necesiarl
1v draw hi attention to part of the
conflict, nd, be therefore could not be
..constantly in Hunt ot vol. aneipy or ym.
" Sevier, and if such en implication-had
been made in hW lifetime, I do not doubt
but he could have Riven "a satisfactory C
count of hia conduct. " '
' Neither do I believe that Gov. Shelby
or Col. Sevier had any insidious design to
ellipse tbe military fame of Col. Camp
hill in this battle. Letters were written
but in uTI probability they might feel a lit
tic chagrin at North Carolina for not be
in it so liberal to'them anA their fellow citi
xcrii.of equal rank, aa'Vlrginla waa to
Col- Campbell, though they had dischar
ged their, duty as faithrully, and perhaps
a?, importantly as he had done r for the
manner of the attack andahoHTduTaUon
of the cocflict, put it out of the power ol
the Commander in Chief to display any
extraordinary tactics or manoeuvres, and
that chagrin might excite them in their
private1 correspondence to write tnpre
freely to each other, and . to mention cir
curpsUocea that might raise some doubts
respecting the valor of Campbell and
soothe their owu feelings, by placing their
own reputation as conspicuous as Col
, Campbell's, than they ' would have done
if thev had expected their letters would
be published
- Gv.vrhelhyV mistake in' Statin the
imntherof-ur-meiniBy-etily--he ac
counted for, by the length of time that
elapsed between the battle and the lime
he wrote his reply. 'No doubt he knew
-vtKlwMliVpf menlhaTcWsMid' the Blue
RUtee under his command, and also the
number of Col, Campbell's and Col. Se
;'icr's men; and calculated tne number o
tne detachment accordingly ; but many
LJhue-ei h4 nor horses fit for a for
, ced muvh,ahd therefore, remained with
the fuo'mtu ; but every man that could
tet 'properly fixed, marched off very car
. ly in the morning, and there waa no lime
..on the. wy jo. lake a Jut of . their tfames,
or to ascertain their number in any other
.i . aw.
way, man oy me metnoa i pursued, wnicn
- was to count them as Ihey marched
I also think that any man that has paid
of undoubted veracity on trials for assaults
and batteries, riots and affrays, where
there is often not only' a contrast, but pos
itive contradictions in the evidence
a ' a b
gona men, occasioned oy eaij seeing
different parts of .the transactions, and by
- bustle of the bye standera and the aeita
- lion of thtir own minds, not being able to
see distinctly and notice deliberately, eve
ry part thereof, may easily account for
any unguarded expression contained in
to. ....:,
my-twn observations ; thai day
and from all
jhfUSK'1' 1 hyeheard
since, .tailing alt together, I believe the
chief commander, the several officers that
jComntandeojcoluHins, and almost every
ofticcr and soluier of
soluier oFlhelihole deTach
- tneut, louifht bravely, and deserved eaual
honor, according to the sphere in which
thi-aUciUJift a'yiwr7fjwii.4sr
carious, custom. has established a rule to
consider every officer's reputation at
. stake according to his rank ;. and in case
of victoiy, the glory will centre on the
highest in command. '--
1 am with due respect your most obe
dient,. ll; : ; .;,-.
- : - - WM. LENOIR.
Jcmt i M'J)netU. . .:
In a kttcr -aio'a member of Congress of the
Kew-York delegation toj his friend at geneva,
in that state, we find tne following paragraph t
. . uTpoiiuciTlraTOirm
(uf rf in conrM,-whictt at once settlea
- the quesliod of 4he preidenuil election.
'"The three- candidates having t he jr,reatest
nnmber of votes, and from w hom, the
:T6ntituAi.M prescrines, ibe president ibull
be choset, are, as you doubtless already
know,. Jackson, Adams, and Qrjwford.
. Mr. Clay being entirely .out of the ques-:.iioajbia-lea
E,,,tf t Jtickcon, which addition to
his previous strength- at once kive Mm
a majority of-vfte a-t tK4oufter-at4 se
cures bis, election. - Cien.urvndre w Jack
;sonp will-therefore b-ne President.
-Yours, &e,
raow the eotcaaua bsbbvseiU
f.xtrct of ietlrtihr-lt- member of Congress
to lila Friend in this City dated Wwhington,
3d January, 1825. " . -
. M There U but one expectation here and
sbroad Gen. Jackson, will certainly be
Elected. My own belief has alwayVbeen,
that Coneresi eaunot resist the declared
..... . ......
will or the reoplc i ana that u win do im
possible fur any combination of minorities
to acconiDluh the election of any ol tne
other Candidates, tor independent ol
the tendency of our Republican System
to sanction the voice of the majority.
there will be other considerations wblcn
mut weaken the force of a minority com
blnation they must know and feel, that
even in power, they could not witnsuno
the shock of public indignation, all must
soon be overwhelmed with an opluon
wholly lrresi4vble.T.J;j.
.., TiTtTTKVtLLI, fiw.'IS.
On Fridsy last, the Steam Boat North
Carolina, on her passage from this place to
Wilmington, In turning a point about ten
miles from Wilmington, struck oft i sttag,
and immediately Jlkdvhe.boat had P?
board, Joablesoi xoitoor3Ja barrels ol
flour, and SO casks.of flax seed, a smaller
freight, than had been taken down by
either of the boats, at any former trip
this season : and of this, only a few bar
rels of flour and part of the flax seed will
be injured.'
The'passeneersi I2pr U in number,
proceeded immediately in the tow boat
without loss or inconvenience.
It is probable that the North Carolina
is now in Wilmington. ubierver.
Mother Steam-Boat oaf. But a few
days have elapsed, (says the Mobile' Re
the mortification of noticing the loss of
oneof our finest steam-boats, by fire . We
have now to acquaint our readers with
the lostof another. On Friday morning,
about an hour before day light, the Mont
Komery, on her passage up, with a full
cargo, ran on a snag, about 43 miles above
Claiborne, on the; Alabama' the boat
swung round, and (the nag penetrating
her bottom) sunk so suddenly aa only to
permit the passengers to collect their
baggage and effect their escape to shore
We understand most of ber cargo to be
lostj end considerable portion of that
saved very much injured, ..,. ;
Charletton City Gazette.
Lm.,Dmtd :.ri'cir(r. We bave the
pleasure to state, says the Raleigh Reg
ister. that our Legislature has continued
in force certain parts of the act for the pro
mbtion of AgrfctittfiR
Manufactures," wltrra'provision that auch
counties s have not yet lormed Akrtcul
tural Societies and entitled themselves to
participate in the bounty of the LegUla
turr, mayyet have an opportunity of doing
so. Besides their sha e of the money ap
propriated for premiums, every Agricul
tUral Society which' his been mognlxed
by the Board of Agriculture is entitled to
a complete let of ttiat taroaWe- Agrrcul
turaLWork, the American Farmer, pub
lished by Mr. Skinner of Baltimore,
which is in five quarto volumes ; and a
member of the Board who contemplates
a journey to the northward this summer,
is authorised to purchase for each ot these
Societies, a large and a small plough of
the most approyed construction, as sped
mens ) some seed wheat of the choicest
qualhyf and a quantity of such grass seds
as are best calculated for cultivation in
the, southern states.
la it not ttrapee..that ourJfrnMrjin
many part of tha State arc sa blind to
their own interest, and to the interest of
North-Carolina.-aa not --to - nUce - them-
selves partidpate in the
advantagea thus- gratuitously - Offered to
them by their Legislature for effecting
what is so very dciirable,-an. improved
mode of cultivating their land, by introducing-
amongst" us whatever- has been
found advantageous in those of our sister
Surtet hich bavT taken the lead in AgrL
cultural pursuits?
The following abstract will afford those
at a distance, some idea of the trade of
Fayettevllle t
Produce shipped from, and merchan
dize received at, Fayettevllle, from
Uct. to 1st December 183.
Bales Cotton 4848 Hhds. Tobacco
207 Bbls Flour 4897 Casks Flax Seed
980. Kegs Tobacco 564 Hhds Sugar
1 66 Bd gs Coffe e 6 1 3 Tons Iron 60 1-2
Bus. Salt 49,190 Pieces Cotton Bag
ging 347 CaiVs Lime 470-i-BblsSpirils
- M r. Sanders, of North Carolina, . has
moved an amendment to the Constitution)
on the subject of the election of President
and -Vice President. The distinguishing
features of this amendment are aa ibl
Iowa: . ..
I . The choice of Electors of President
and Vice President teylhe People by dis
tricts, and on the same day throughout
the Union. ' '
plurality of votes, if they amount Jo one
!bkd of the whole number "of Electofa.
a third of li tne velIIouae Refi.
resentative to choose from the two pet
sons having the highest number s of votes".
A letter from Washington received at
Philadelphia, says, thai General La? ay
KTTaT is resolved to visit each of the twen
ty-four States before hii return to- France
The fljnk of the United States, on the
Id Inst; declared a dividend of two and s
balf per cent, for the previous six months.
JVattonat Jvurnul,
CsMOKV, JAaT. J.- '
A lot of prime cotton was sold in this
market, yesterday, as high as U cents.
. - , . . ; Chronicle.
Our singuine expectations ot the con
clusion of a treaty with the Creek Indians,
by which a large tart, if not the whole, of
. . . i i . i ... i.i
me' territory w men mey occupy . wunin
ouv limits, was expected to hire been ac
quired, are at an end. The Commission-
era nave returned, without having been
able to effect any thing. - 1
(mmw&smthtrn Rteatm
"TJri Frldaf MOtm booxllbr ttibtcrip'-
tTo"nT.tQ 'the 'afoiU' of iit"Dr&vdfi ni
Hudton Canal ConrpanriTcapiuI 21,560,
000,). were opened at the' Tontine Cofee
House, New-York, and before two o'clock
the whole amount was subscribed.
Ajf . Journal, 1 1 th intt.
tn the case of Mr. Fauntlerou, condem
ned to death, for forgery, a writ of error
was had, ' wherein the grounds taken
were, that the indictment charged the
prisoner with the forgery, and utterance
of a forged deed, and upon that account
he had been convictedwhereas, the
proof showed only, that he bad forged a
fiowet of attorney, conveying. away said
Chief Justice Abbott recognized the in
renuity of the argument for the prisoner
I'he argument on the other" side being
heard, the Judges reported to the Privy
Council, that they had overruled the
grounds of appeal. Their decision was
cpnfirmed, and Mr. Fauntleroy was to be
executed on the 30th November last.
Charletton. Cottier.
. A London paper complains of the in
crease of Auorniesahere being 154 ap
plicants at one term. ..
What would one of our western hunters
think of the following advertisement in a
Paris paper.
u-To Siorrimen. For sale, leh active
and healthy foxes :" And what would an
inhabitant of oneof our. Atlantic cities
' To Morrow, (Sunday,) there will be a
grand Combat at the Barriere du Combat,
between dogs, wolves and wild boar,
kc. and a bull and bear bait; to conclude
with fire-works.
At a brewery, at Kent, (England) a
quantity of tobacco has beenproved to be
used in the composition of a stuff called
e present population of - entire
e, is four mil'ion. ' ib.
PhifanthrohuTht death of Louis
XVIII, has caused to be made known an
act of generosity on his part, which is
honorable to his memory. For the-last
four years he annually appropriated 1 5,000
francs, for the relief of insolvent debtors,
chiefly for such as wereartisahs, deprived
of the opportunities or labor, His chari
ty was unostentatious, and his name con
cealed. In the course of these four years,
nr'? P0" debtor, were
thus sef afliberty:
- Cotton, t?-a 13j; flour, fiK, 5 1 superfine,
4i to Ji 4 heat, ne 80 a 85 ct s whuk, 32 a
85 ; peach brand v, 40 a 45 : aiple do. 40 to 45 1
! corn, 45 to 50 1 bacon,9sia lalVTurksWaml,
75 SO per bush.; mousses, 2c a 30( sugar, ttiiis
covadoj'lOl a lljicotlee, peine, green, 18 a 21 ;
2d ami 3d uualit. 17 a 3o tea. hvaon. Stl 2U x 1
25 1 flaxseed, 00 a 92J t tallov, 6 a 7; beeswax,
& a.?Pi.rice3Jtt 4 per 100 tt&VireMi 1 pr.
100 Ib. i tobacco leall,3f a 4t manufactured, 5 T20
pr. CWt. tftSSBVBB
' Cotton, 8. Island, 26 to 32, stained do. 15 1
18; Maine and Sitntee, 34 to 26 j short sta
pie, 114 a 151 1 Whiskey 26 a 28 ; Bacon, 6 1
7 eta.. Hams 10 a l Urd, a 10 Baggin
Dundee and lnvemes, (42 inch,) 20 a 23 1 C
fnme Green, 18 a 19 Int. to good, 14 a 17
Northarolina Bank Bill, 1 a 3 per cent
dis, j Georgia Bank Bills, 1 a 2 per cent. (lis.
- CsMsftf Businem in produce ha opened Tl
good earnest with the New. Year, 1 here h
been a good demand for Upland, at an advance
of about half a i ceht 6ti Ibrmer rttte.n Weiww
tqae "SeS-tdandVat 26 to-32 eentr rMainrtnd
Santees at 24 to 26; and.UpIand at 11 to 15
aLKew,Tork; on Friday evening last, by Her
Dr. Feltus, Mr. Alvah Finch to Mis Harriet
FredericB Weed, eldest datijhter of Wai
Weed, all of that city.
; A goldiUcA, late, in searci of Keds
T.Xxplord rural bowe.. ,
And found amongat luxuriant waedi
A little modest flower. .
On the 24th ul'imo. Mrs. Rebecca Brevard,
contort of Capt. Alexander Brevard, of Lincoln
years, was afflictedVith rmich sicknesa for fnoM
pf thst tune. and her health v uniformly deh
cate and precarious. She had, notwithstanding,
railed a large family of children, to whom he
was the kindest and most affectionate of moth
era. f bese, together with her venerable father,
her affectionate husband, and many near rela
tives and friends, are left to lament their irrepa
rable toss. . atawba Journal.
The following appointments have, we
understand, been made by the President,
by and with the advice and consent ol the
Senate l ,' ; v
Nicholas Diddle, of Pennsylvania, Man
uel Evre, of Pennsylvania, E. J. Dupont,
or Delaware, Henry- Lcklord, of New-
York, and William Patterson, of Mary
land, to be Directors of the Bank' of the
United States. .1. . ''"''. : . .
William Simmons, of Florida, to be
one of the Legislative Council of the
I crrltory ( norida. -r- -rr
William M'Ree, or North-Carolina, to
be Surveyor of the Public Lands in llli
nois, Missouri, and Arkansas,
Claimt en France.- Tfo correspon
Message of the 23d ult. to the House of
Representatives, concerning our claims
upon f ranee, discloses no ground of ex
pectation more favorable to a speedy ad
juslment of these claims, than that com
rouBicfticu uunng me last session.
It appears from the letter of Mr. Adams
to Count de Menou, Charge d'Affires of
France, that the French government had
offertd to enter into the negociation with
the government of the United States, con
cern ig the claims of its citizens on that of
France, in connexion with an arrange
ment concerning the 8th article of the
Louisiana treaty Mr, Adams observes,
iriT'eplfrfhatl longregoctaTldh-wtlblhe
French government on the subject of this
8th article, has resulted in a thorough con
viction that the claim has no foundation in
the treaty whatever. The American
government is ready and willing to re
sume the negociation whenever it may
suit the views of r ranee, but, M while con
vinced that the claim ' is entirely without
foundation, they cannot place it on a foot
ing ol concurrent negociation, with
claims of their citizens, the iustice -of
whirh is se unequivocal, that they have
not even been rrude the subject of denial."
' ' Savannah tirortetan.
(tJ Look at This!
I INTEND removing to Lexington, Davidson
county, N. C. some time next Spring i in or-
raer to settle with my creditor. 1 now offer for
sale the IJoue and Lot wherein 1 live, m the
Rast square, on th- Mam Street in Salisbury
If 1 do not sell at private sale, before aur Teb
TnaTr CuUrtrrihan then sett at Fublic tale-, tm
Tuesday ot the Court.
JUin ALBuIliliT.
Jan. 21(f, 1825. 3t44
ALL persons are hereby forwarned again
tradinir for the followinfr notes, which were
executed by ma to William Hogg, in payment for
a tract of land, which 1 purchased from him i
which land he had previously conveyed by a deed
of trust to Charles Hoover; of Devwlson county.
Vis One note of thirty dollars, due the 1st of
March 1825 ; One do. of thirty-seven and a hair
dollar, due the 25th Dec. 1825 1 and one do,
of one hundred dollars, due the 25th dec. 1826.
A the said notes were riven for lands which
the said Hogg had no rirht to convey, I am de-
termined not to pay either of them.
January 17, 1825. 3t44r
T Han Away
FROM the subscriber, about the 1st of Au
1 gust last, a negm fellow named Silui, aged
about 24 years, ia about 5 feet 9 inches hiirh,
tolerable black complexion, and stout built.
He ran away trom I tinrnaa M'Kwen. trom whom
I .bought Uim. aud .paid.00 fur bita. It.ia exi
pected be lurking about the neighborhood of
Mr. Geo. Hartman, dee'd, or between there
and John Black's, on MCaubin creek. A rea
sonable reward will be given to anj person who
will either deliver the said negro to me, in Ca
barrus county, N. C. or secure him in any ja'il In
the state, o that I may get him again.
Jan. 19, 1825. 2wt43
For Sale,.
rinHAT : valuable and well JcnoTH
-1. louse" and Lot in the town of
Charlotte, occupied for the last six years
V Uowan ai ail, as a House ol enwnainmeni.
Its central situation in the town and vicinity to
the Court-Housei its complete order" and Convj
renient arranrement for the entertainment ot
travellers and country custom i its capacious,
well framed, two stoned stables ; it highly im
proved garden r it twat and convenient two
toried kitchen j its secure frame, smoke house
and lumber iroom, with-its large cellar, secure
and dry at all seasons of the year, together with
a never failing well of excellent water, conve
nient to tlse bouse and kitchen, w-Ul aflordty
one wishing to keep a public bouse advantages
not surpassed by any In'the tate. Any pcrwn
wiUiiug to. purcuae,.ia , requested to view the
pwwse-tht theynmryeal
.. Also, about 40 acres of valuable land adjoin
ing the to vi n lawU, thirty of which are inclosed
and well adapted to the culture of all tlie pro
duct of the country.
I am disposed to sell the above premise upon
hich can le Known oy
applying to John Irwin, merchant, of Charlotte,
or i nomas l. uoan,oi sausounr.
Charlotte, Dec. 3, 1824. '42
;H3tate of "Nortlt-GaroHnaf
Korjit couurr
r AOURTof Pleas and Quarter Session, Au-
A "guil tirhi,:i824.'r John .Scott Mt. Willism
Lamm i original attachment, levied on Una. it
appearing to the Satisfaction of the court, -that
h rfrfrmlunt in this case is an inhabitant of an-
other iiiaieYlt Is .ordered bv the court, tliat ad-
vertikemcnt te mwue tnree wees., uctcwcij,
in hr Wrairrn Cnrotininn. printed in Salisbury,
thai the defendant ajeaf t Mir next court of
Pleas and Quarter Sessions, to be ncuijyir tne
MMintv of Rowan, at the court-house -hi Salisbury,
on the third Monday of Febraary next, then and
thereto plead, wr demur, or judgment wid be
entered according to thtf plaiutifl 's demanL ,
ioiLS (.ILES, .tjrk.
Soutlicrti IVcaclicp. 7
TUP. luhtcr'iber lui rtct-ived a few copies of
this admirable collection of tcnnoni. which
he offer fur tale. I'he volume it well printed
and neatly bound. It contains an animated and
interesting view of the great outlines of the '
fjoftpel. All the terntons are above mediocrity i
ami, moat of them e)ount and nervous. JUey
are equuity intereiting to , the t Episcopalian,
Presbyterian. Methodint ami Hat) tut. ai tliev are
the production! of these diH'erentdenominatioiu,
ami advance nollnng that can be ollcnsiva ta
either. Hie desire to encburage the literature '
of our own state; we hope, will unite, with ret-'
pect for the authors, clerjjy.iien of our own and
the soutnern state, and, a wih to poess this
animated and inte resting epitome of cvangclU
eal tQidi, to produce a sprrdy sale. , The lndux "
tntMia, pious and enterprmnf puuiwlns has a
claim on the patronage of a generous and en-
Cirhtcned nubhe. . ' ' ' . '
a ft ' . . ftf 1 1
agrof aiHad,i;iaipllJ.an4.KhcL.boota
Among them are the very excellent geography
of Morse and TVoodhridire." Tlieae works nave . . ' ' 1
celebrated teachers and literary characters, ira
the thihexf States. They hsve etch their pecu"
liar excellencies, and are accompanied by atlases,
of s superior kind. The geography by Morse,
ia an entire new work, the joint effort of the
father and his son. It u an admirable work for
jTsrssziv scu iiic uuiiiuiiiiiLU Miirirsjifaausjis sjb sue nnni r
schools, academies and colleges, ami the teach
ers will find most of the defects of other works,
here supplied.' He ha, abo, Whelpleys com
pend or lil-tory, with notes and questions, by '
the liev. Mr. Emerson i Blair llhetoric, with
quetion at the close of each chapter, by Rev.
Mr. Plate j Conversations in Natural rnnosopny,
with notes and nuestion. br the aame i a bi-aiu
tiful epitome on the Clements of Astronomy, by
v ilkins i alpey s ureck trammar i cneap, yes
neat editions of Milton's Paradiie Lrt Cow
per' Task Thompson's Season, and Wilbur's
These works he will sell a low as they can
be purchased, singly, in any of the northern
tie continue his Classical and English scnooi
at the old Academy. Parents ana guardians
may have their children and ward instructed
ia auch branches, as they please, of euwAeri e
common literature. JON. O. FUF.F.MAN.
, Saliiburg, Jan. 17, 1825. 42
To iVUchaiuts.
WE have lately received a general assort
ment of cabinet-maker and joiner Toob,
consisting of all the kinds of Bench moulding.
Beading, Sash, Flooring and Ceiling Planes,
uch aa have very sehlom been kept in the up
country abo, Hand, Pannel, 1 enant, Keyhole
and Fritt Haws, Kdmondnton's superior Screw
Augers, &c. which will be sold low, by
, .,.JUni$hU9.n,JC.,C
: Jan7,W25. 3t44-
The fine, young, thorough bred Horse
DECIDEDLY the finert
looking hone of hi age,
ever produced in the western
.part of the state, will stand
the ensuing season at my stable, in Rowan county.
ten mile north east from Salisbury, ana seven
south-wert from Lexington, at fifteen dollars
the seaMM i ten tlallan, easb, U wnkle eep
and snecial contracts will be mad for insurance, .
suited to particular cases and circumstance.
The season will commence on the 15th of Feb
niary and cpntinue until the 1st of August He
will be found constantly at his station, except
T when taken to 1re shown at Tmblic places, amf
espcciallv during the term of the Superior and
County ?ourts at Salisbury and Lexington, at
which places he will stand .several d0' each..
term, if convenient, for the accommodation of
gentlemen who have not seen him.
Deieriptitn Aeronnut is a beautiful mahog
any bay, with black legs, mane and tail, a star
and blaze in bla face, fair years ok! next spring.
nearly sixteen hands high, remarkably heavy
made, uniting in a high degree, the nze, ele-
ganre and grandeur of his srre, the imported
horse F.agle i with the great substance, symme
try and compactneie of hia grand -rire, the hn
e4rsonJ1iefat itrengt,Uanl
weight of body which - he. will acquire at foil
age, will entitle him to stand hightras a horse)
of power, than any imported horse that ever
stood jnjbe cntyeicept tlw imported horej.
Liown. ana 10 mm in inai respect nq nu oe as
leat equal. l. "
He had a few mares last season, from which
it appears tTwt he prortii-e falrttr attsirther
reputation of a sure foalgetter i and from hia
youth, the excellence of hi constitution, the fine
,ize, figure and performance of the stock from
which be descended, he cannot wed fid topro-duee-as-riitc-eolt"
as any horse In" Artterie; "
Imported horse Eagle hi dam by the import d
horse Dion ; gran-dam by Expectation, one of
the best son of the imported horse Diomede,
out of a Medley mare, uniting the blood of tho
imported horses Medley, Fearnought snd James,
and the thorough bred horse Celr, from which
it appears that he must be very nearly, if not .
entirely, thorough bred, and descended from an
ancestry, the most renowned of any horse that
has ever appeared in England Of America, as
will he seen by Uie following statement t
Battle was considered the finest and fleetest
fhbrse in England, sine h days of Guilders,, .
anu ill winning amimiiicu ,u niiKt j-uirvs uivu-
sand dollar i he was rot bv .yulunUsst-Vohm--
ttertj Eclipse, Eclipeby Marsrrae and Mtnrrao
by the UevonsJiire or r lying cinuiers, me neei
sst horse ever known in England. Faale' dans
was got by Higliflysr, horse little, if any, in
ferior to the above ecteBratea cenftse, gener
ally admitted to be the best horse that ever wwa -in
Entrland. or perbap in the. world, a appears
byuieTiiaemerir-mafle in im rccmiimenuatiow
and pedigree now in my poscetsion j h'n gran-dam
by Enquirer, fcc. Dion was got by Spadille,
one of the best son of the same celebrated
Highflyerf hisdanibytlieFiKsie He v. as
fmed for hi great, speed. jJid,.bltom, . baying .,
run with such unusual honesty as to win four
mile heats twice In one week he wst the sire of
(ittalin, Don Quixotte, and manv other capital
racers, ail of whn h united wiiUU Uhitot tU
above famous horse in America, vis i Diomede,
Medley, Jainea, Fearnought Slid Ciicr, coHsti
tute a pedigree bifrrlor tp fewt if any, horses
ever tied to .Arberica;rf:-H';."
' "All reasonable wteasores mill be Jireated" to' .
Crevent unfortunate accidents, but no responsU
Uity will be admitted for my that mi ccur,. : ;
January 20, 1835. ; . 4t45t ,
For sale at this Sffice.
. i i. i
. 1
, 1,..
f :r-.-.
- V -
F ,

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