North Carolina Newspapers

    he exhibition, of which no nation hail 'Ati meeting it the Ju3es of the Su
ever yet been grat'itied, and the consc prema Court vT North Carolina, and of
quences of Which are ret to bo developed, the gentlemen of the, bur practising in the
YVa once be fore I In our history, bjve had Supreme Court, the honorable the Chief
I limiUr proiprct presented to the na-l
lion, but it vanished under the influence
of an unexpected change in our foreign I
relation!!. It remain, to be seen, whether
unforeseen enta taajr not again defeat
the chance of the? experiment, of a rov
ernment embarrassed aa to the manner
in which it shall dispose jdEJu, wrplu
funds jfbfj after every feasible application
of them, within the constitutional powers i
ol the Roverpment, ir an n estimates, tan
out right, ano ma oicsing n pnci n
ilV!2 x. re. IU m - m
" u" i" I
ijf '' r -,.-,'
J Me
PrtUn(Ziccvunt4V know
sol when we neve been a much pleated
we were wttn tne Messnee iransmuiea i
WCbhgreirlJOiBrrrenerable' President l-
on the Ith Inst., and noticed in our piper
of yesterday. There Is a. Spartan like
dignity end simplicity in this document,
which must exact the homage of admire
lion from every mind capable of apprecli
ting human worth. -The chief of a free
- and mighty empire, Inffrm and bending
under the couble weight of time and trou'f
ble, Invites the assembled representatives
of his fellow-citizens to scrutinize a life I
dedicated, almost from aoolescence, to
their service. He neither ak applause,
-uorJears censured-all he requires Is, thai J
his pecuniar transaction between him I
retires from public life, in order that the
remnant of his day may be passed In
quiet. , " A citizen," says he, w who ha
long served' hi country In it highest
trusts, ha a right, if he has served with
fidelity, to enjoy undisturbed tranquility
end peace in his retirement." Would to
heaven It were consonant with the spirit of
our institutions to cheer, with ell the com-1
forts that can spring from "affluence, the I
decliningdaysofthe father ofour country,
rfuur. 1
-NEW--ADMlNI8TRATI0Sr..rnr!lnot so much, and this nimiing spectacle
We have various rumors In r irculation
lis ti the fSrmatio of the next Cablnef
If Gen. Jackson is elected, the change, it
seems, will be very Inconsiderable. Mr.
Adams, will remain where he is," provi
ded he consents to remain aa a aubordi
nate situation. .Should he withdraw, Mr.
Clinton is to be brought forward. Col.
Dt avion is to step into the cast -off shoe
of Mr. Calhoun, as Secretary of War.
Mr. Crawford i not to be disturbed, un
less he should wish to follow the probable
example of Mr. Adrast. nd Mr. South
ard wiir remain at the bead of the navv
depdnment; If' Mr. Adams succeeds
. Mr. Monroe Mr. Clay (llon't . stare -reader)
is to be Secretary of S ate Mr.
Mr P. P. Birbour Secretary or " hr
end Mr. iiout hard Secretary of the Navy.
Such are the rumors of the day. But
we apprehend they are mere rumors, as
vents' wilr hew on the 4th of March
next. - Petertburg tiefiuolican. .
Mr. Noah, of the N. Y.- National Advo
cate, close some remark on the con'tera
Columbia River, in the following men-
.--Per.rT-v"- ' . .
We shoufd say that .our-.... niliortat
stride retoo' rapld,'that wemndertak
- Quixotic broiects: but so we; said. when
f.; the ''grand cnl "wj fir sf attempted;"-For
eighteen months we wore bur eyes, hair,
no nnRers w nW;.mK, ... ""'"k.w
ruvQ inafc .nc va.iai iicvvr wwiih vw vim
Dieted, hut aba. the more we wrote the
faster thev worked, and had actuallv, the
t08tr-flMr,-nd tbe-ioU uathereeV by
ine time wa arrivea ai ine conclusion mw
-the. thing. war.impossible... We. doubt
whether a boat road can be made from
-BuftMo to the .Columbia, River, ind wbe
-4br posLcoache,..wUhlglas window,
il Se established ; hut it may possibly be
-Tlmei and we will consider nothing as be
vondthe bower, reource, and enter-
prize of this country-
"TK' fonowmrNoticeitOTfd bt tw
. hundred mtmbtrt ot the Br of 4he XUy
' f K...V,rk. and addrcaaed la lhase svhallWl ItCtlOn 01 OUr.KeDUDHC- JiQtton fat.
re really unable to pay their debts," is
pnhlished in the newspapers ot mat place t
We, the undersigned Membert of the
iiimpresied with the impolitic cruelty
...of confininif. persons Jn prison, fotsmal!
'k1 i'hout ont adequate provision Wll uken on the judgement or the courti
"oriuplylng tHem with the nrrriiartri -jj, gfibTiharthnawonheiaiKk
4riand i egrettidg ita legalised and ln stool waa one of those tc. ornr.
continued existence, do hereby pledge
ourselves, u cauea upon, m give our pro-
I fesstonal services gratnrtouslyi: eich : ot
!,the ubcnber Tor himself to procure tne
' dischartre of each of such debtor from inv
rnprlsbnmenlVln the course brihe"enuing,lt wt Mya lne sentence of lhe lower
twelve monUs-A tt,.(.
" JTmrtirriir.In the Lerislstore of t hi
State, there has been an atteropT In bb
Houses to procure addresses to the Gov
ernor to remove the Judge of the Court
6T AnbeaTsr
the prevailing party in the State exceeded
their prerogative. In both Houses the
project failed by small majorities, the re
.uiiite majority for such I proceeding
Veins two-thirds of both Houses.
.. '; 1 ' " "" 'v " -
Justice, wa requested to takeahe Chair
land Francia"L.Invrki7ET' appointed
Secretary. Tha following resolutions
were unanimously adopted t c "
Hetotved That the Individuals cotnpo
inithU meetinufeelunfcienedtorrow at
the caUmitou event, which since, the
a,t term has debrived the Bar and the
State of their esteemed jssocUte, Moses
Mordecai, Esq."
Rtivtiy Th, , maairsttIon ( their
. c for lhe deeees and for
hif M'they will wetr crape on their left
arm during the pi-esent ternr.
J&MNtry 17, I8?5.
JVw Orfrorw-Our tit 7 already exhib
Its a moving scene of life and activity.
The pestilence that like the destroying
angel, lately stalked, through our streets
and entered our dwellings, has fled far
away and Health, blooming Health has
again .come to sojourn among us- The
voice of toil and-the hum of business
again salute the car the golden tide 0
commerce begins to pour forth Its floods
. forests of masts" are crowding our
port, whilst old ocean is whitening with
the foam of many a keel pursuing its re
pld ourseJtowardsthia proudmctfopolis
of the wcsUThe-tiiadfls of-.inclancholr
that but so lately bung over
lour path, and cast a sombre hue on each
object around, have been dispelled, and
I given way to prospects of sunny bright
Less. The streets, the levee, the coffee
house, every place of resort swarm with a
living multitude ; new throngs are pouring
in upon us, every day, almost every hour
is adding its increase to our numbers;
strange faces present themselves, and old
acquaintances, jutt arrived, extends the
hand of friendship at evenr turn. This
nowever, is out ine earnest ot wnat is soon
to "tome; In one hort month,"- nay
" prT " ln ro,our
:trwtive Jiefy wiU then beeeir weavHe gomg up to- himv dweovered that he
ing, every wnere, her roneat garlands
the temple of pleasure will be thrown
open for the worship of her votaries, the
ball room will reflect the full radiance of
youth and beauty and loveliness and the
stage will exert its magir power to smooth
the brow of care, to exhibit vice in her
own frightful mien j to hold up folly in
derision, and to paint virtue in the colour
of Heaven. Low ttana Advertuer
A correspondent of the New-York
Statesman give the following beautiful
xccoimt of the' great xanal- from Schen
ectady .
The magnificehce of the "scene at a dis
tance, may be Imagined, and its beneficial
revults partly conceived but to have a
just estimate of the genius that planned,
and of the dauntless perseverence that car
ried this mighty work into successful
operation, it must be seen. It shoots
across rtte plain with simple grandeur,
leaps over the vhllies, and stretches
through high lands, fields and forests, in
a silver, currrnt, a it were, by enchant
mcnt. To re the exhaiutless wealth of
ertise of j-it v native energies, tlingXon
with, a steady course, and dispensing its
beneficence with .a., eenerous .hand, is
enough to make a man proud of the Char
BC,erl,,ic tMtrptM cf his country, that
aimort ,ie, w",tf, nalqre a h, 9Peration
The Cultivation of augar in Louisiana,
iilw'jeMOtt tyMUVlJ
at a valuation of aeventv five dollar i
hogshea'd, li worth three millions of do!
J lar. The next article of iroportancet the
cotton plant, na prooucen, tne past ea
son, a crop, valued at nearly two roil
lions of dolUr. Such already i the pro
ductivene of a etate, but very imperfect'
,eU,cd' ,he PPu',t1' " not averag
ing over inree person xo a square mue
nationjo anticipate the fuiuw gwodeur of
The Ducking 4Voo. Our reader will
recollect that Nancy Jone wk semen-
ced to be ducked, as a common scold In
Philadelnhlaome time apo. An anneal
CiUied by the mists of the darker ages,
tnd whichj h(ld .dhered to our escutcheon
TnMWeWi nlhherioTthe tobre mod
ern 0f ighl tnj liberty. Judge
Duncan of ih! Sunreme Court on Mondav
HtBfti nbservlne; that incases of euch bar
barous retribution, he wa not disposed
I to attach hUchala to the duna cart of Jhe
you. But what does the learned Judge
mean by the M dung cart f " If he con
gert of legittaMii firmer of Judges,
plough boys of. lawyers, and Wrw of toe
peoplest large for whose improvement
the common lwv, alias dung, was intended
EaUimori Patriot.
If ibis shall ultimately prjv to be the
genuine plant ; and Mr. WttliamY, Lewi.
who first made the discovery, informs the
ditors of the New Orleans Mercantile
Advertiser, that, from e comparison of
the seed with that of the China tu plant,
there remains not a doubt ot its being the
genuine plant, that there are several small
plantations of It now growing in Louis-
ana, and that it thrives most luxuriant
y, it will be an' important addition to
our national prosperity end wealtl. The
plant nourishes in Chine in rflucl hieher
atitudea than Louisiana, tar from 31 to
40, north Louisiana being from 3 J, to 33
in medium lauiuue 01 coins, mere can
be no objection is to climates ttideed,
VlaWereStrailirpllof might WiTim
tivated in Maryland and ftrgima neber
of which -arenas bigh' north tome Arts
01 tne icn-growior laniuaes 01 loihi
Is at least a subject worthy .of attentloV
ana, as Diamiuons are ' now erowinr
specimen ought to be obtained for the
purpose of testing Its character, we sug
rest that it be submitted st once to
tea-pot, not only of Or. Mitchell, but pf
tome of our revolutionary ladiety who so
patriotically sacrificed the hixune of the
genuine plantj fofltveir country V good
if it bear this lest it is genuine to all in
tents and purpose. Bait. Pat.
During the last week, the following
tentlemeo obtained licenses, from the
Supreme Court, to practise in the Court
- ' ivrxnoK COUITS.
Henry Ai Jatflrrj of Beaufort ,H'illiani
Litllrjohn,Crmm9. -
William IV. Hull, of Anson George D.
llintton, Stokes; John Jj Poindexter,
Caswell; Daniel IV. Cou, Rocking
ham; Jamei Q. Sieari, MoLkfenbiirg. '
A man by the name or Ho gh Johnson,
yesterday morning went into the grocery
store pf Mr.- Richard Roberts, of this city ,
and after taking a drink laic! himself down
upon bed in an adjoining room, where
he remained some time without being
noticed. A few hours afterwards, tome
was dead! An inquest was called over
him, whose verdict was, that he t me to
his death, from, txcetihe injoxicutiun I
v e learn -that . be hU, iof , .some ;: years,
lollowed gambling aa a profess'on. He
died without a cent in hi pocket.
Hattigk Rrgitter.
A ReSe.h leaden ball, extracted re
cently from a Revolutionary soldier, has
been shewn in New York by hi ton. It
appeared thai the hiker waa aoloter Of
the revolution : and, at the battle ol
Springfield,- (N." J ) while teadifrg bin
musket, the ball atruck him on the left el
odtred in the cavitv of the stomach, where
it 'quietly reposed 48. years. The old
soldier died lately having given previous
orders not to be buried with British lead
in him i accordingly, Dr. Ward, of Bel
ville, N. J. extracted it.
The- Paris Journal dtt Dtbatt contain
arepjorL ol the, tria!iand.onvktion at
Marseilles of a man charged with the t
horrid crime of murderintia girl of twelve I
---T-T-,-r.i. n ...-4
eart..oi . agei ana eaung ner ncsn au
heart. The mad confciteef the crirne,"
and declared thai he-was-induced to con-
mit it from in irrealttable thirst for hu
man blood. It appeared that he had in
dulged.this cannibal appetite in the most
barbarou and shocking manner.
f' Cotton, TI'rl3v Wr,-lnet j winerfine,
i to 51 1 wheat, he w B0 a 85 d. i liUte V.T.'i
85 1 peach brandy, 40 a 45 1 apple do. 40 to 43 1
corn, 45 to 50 1 bacon, 9 a 10 1 wit, Turks Ulml,
75 80 per bush.t molasses, 28 a 30j sugar, mns
eovado, 10 a llicotfee, prime, green, 18 a SI
2d and 3d ouaUtv. Ui'Mt tea. hvaon. 9.1 20 a 1
25 1 flaxseed, 90 a 92 J t tallow, 6 a 7 beeswax.
32 a S3 j rice 3) to 4 per 100lb.tiron,4 to5pr.
100 lb. t tobacco leal, 2 a 4; manufactured, 5 a 20
pr. cwt, .. .; . ... . easaarta.
Cotton, S, Island. 26 to 32. atainc d do, 15 to
18t. . Maine and 8aiitee,.24. to .26 1 short sta
pie. 111 a 15 i Whiskey 26 a 28 1 Bacon, 6 a
7 eta. i Hams, 10 It i Lard, 9 a 10 1 Baggini
Dundee and Inrerneas, (42 inch,) 20 a 33 1 C
rnmeGreen.lva l inf. to good, I a WV
NoHh-Carolina Bank Bills. 14 a 2 per cent
dia. i Georcia Bank Bills, 1 1 a 3 per cent dis.
m Wake county, (In this state) on die 10th
instant, Mr. Shadrack WedJin, aged A to Miss
Fanny Nichols, aged 16. . . '
la Charlotte,ss the Uth iosUot, by tbe Ret.-
Samuel C. Caldwell, Mr.Jt.AMva Irwin to Miss
Sank Zo'tsa. r . -.-.' ' . ' ; - - -
Ow'the Mb' watllo 'CaUrruscoun sl tiie
seat of. Paul Barriorer, Esq. by the JVer. Jhn
Robiaois, Miu JW,y4 of CUrloiU, to. J'iks
In France, Oct. 21st, aged 70, Rtbert Chat.
Datiaiflbqi Jbnaarly of the laland of Jsmalcs,
and the author of ... The Ilittory of the Maroon
War, tercival, ; Aobrey.V lie. Re' wis the
brother of the late A. J. Dallas, Esq. tbe able
and patriotic Secretary of the Treaeury of the
UniUd States.
ZLttzxfli nsftfen.
juc rcsun 01 tne voi in me election or t
! I. ! .t . - . . 1 . -
Member tA Congrew, to supply tlie vacancy 1a
iu ujtiiuax (imricu is ; ' ,
For Outlaw, . ; , 1132 , v.
, Tor Alston, . ,' 899 '
"yl ' Majority tor Outlaw - 233 ; .
From the R.T. Mercantile Adveriier.1
By the paefcet hln Edward Our$nel.
Cept. Hawkins, which left Havre, Dec
4th, end the ship Young Phenix CaDt
Uunbar, from London, which left the
Down, Dec. 4th, we have Pari and Low
uon paper 01 me ?i oi mat roontn, omi
-lt ppear by the latest mcowrtv rrem
mat tne ureex naval vic.orie
.WorfO, Complete hlvebeCTTrwn'towyifiedn both nartsj-etKf the tet)erttv
ed,- Acjetter from Uoy d" Acnt-r I
' "S"bv
the rTurkishTfleetnd; CreektTuvETnvov wiinarv aid Minister Plent.
, wiin oui iiiuo a 4 ma re 10 eiincr-t
!.L I ' II ..I - . . ! . L I
nt n nflVttl KulUiin frnm fnnaianitnn I of
of October. SSth.atama that the Can .
Pacha was in the Dardanelles on the
' ' -r
, in his own ship of the line, with 15
vessels j and that the Egyptian fleet,
strong, was before M ytelene, un
command of the Viceroy's son,
ho wus reported to be a prisoner to the
Greeks.) The account adds that this fleet
was watched br about 60 Greek vessels.
who, pn the night of the 6th or Tlh, burhtUi!jJjK in iheyaaa as wlrfwdTli8ut
a Tlinliilaw las.sSl'r'ana.CTU. !MldiffMJitfdr
K " ' I
iJn authorlt?.
. By the Prerident if th United State,
Watatis a Convention between the United
States of AmchCa and his Muieilv the Rmncror
of all the Kutsiu, was concluded and signed at
St. fetersnurg, on tbe httb I seventeenth day ot
April, in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and twenty -lour ; ftluca Conven
uon is u follows i
lit the name the mint htly and IndivitibU
The President of the United 8tates of Ameri
cm and His Majerty the Rmncror of all the Rus
ias, wishing to cement the bonds of amity
.. wianing io cemem .ne oonos oi amuy
"hem 10 wf th!!?
the invariable maintenance of a perfect concord,
by means of the present Convention, have na-
men, as wis rxjciuRWcnwrw ipia cnecwio
witi The President of tbe United States of
America, Henry MidiUeitn, a citizen of said
States ami their Envoy Extraordinary and
.linisrer rieniporemiary near nts imperial Ha.
. hi i
jesrv, mna his jey. .nperuroi a., tne
... ... .i . 0 .a I
Count of Mnelrvle, actual Privy Counsellor,
Member of the Council of State, Secretary of
State directing the a.lministrtion of Foreign
Anairs, actiuu Chamberlain, kniglit of the order;
of St. Alexander Ncvakv, Grand Croat to tbe
order of St. Wladimir of the firat clas, Knight,
of that of the White Eagle of Poland, Grand
Croas to the order of St. Htenhen of Hungary.
Knight of the order of the Holy Ghot and of
St. Mieharl,and Grand Crow, of re Lesion of
Jlonor of France, Kmjrht urand Cro,s of tbe or-
ders of the Blark and of the Hed Eajrle of Prus.
ia. of tha Annunciation of Sardinia, of Charles
iiLof Spain, of SC Hfffin
Naples, or the i.lepliant ol Iienmark, of trie Po
lar Star of bweden, of the Crown of Wirtem-
berjr, of the Guclphsof Hanover, of the Bel
spc I .ion, of Fidelity of Baden, arid of St. Ceo
stant'me of Parma i and Pierre de Polctica, actu
al Counsellor of State, Knight of the order of
St. Anne of the first class, and Grand Cros of
the order of St. V ladimir of the second i who.
after ha ine exchanged their full powers, found
in good and due form, have agreed upon, and
signed, the following stipulations t .
' aKTrctr msT. .
' It is arreed. that, in any. part of the Great
Ocean, commonly called the Pacific Ocean, or
frowth Sf.-the rtamcliveeittaw-otauhiaclafl
the high conUmctiogpowera shall be neiUier ibs
turbed nor.restrainedV.f ithet in navigation oe in
filling, o'rin (he power of resorting to the coast,
upon points which may not already be occupied.
for the, purpose ot trading with, the natives aav.
ing always the restrictions and conditions deter
mined by the following ntielcs t -
With the view of preventing the rights of na
viration and of fishihg, exercised upon tbe mat
Occam Vy he Citrni aAobjcti of Jhe highJ
eoniracinjf powers, mnt Hcunnnf iuv prwiaa.
for an illicit trade it is agreed that the citizens
of the United Btato shall not resort He any. pout
where there is a Uusian establishment, without
the permission of the governor or commander i
and that, reciprocally, tha subjects of Kusaia
shall not reoH, without permission, to any ea
tabrisbment of the United States upon tbe North
west Coast
xwncis Taiait.
It 1 moreover agreed, that, hereafter, there
I shall not be formed by tbe citizens of the United .
Stales, or under ine auwonty oi me saui Kates,
any etublMimnt upon tlie.. Northwest Coast,
of America no in any of the Inland adjacent,
( the ntrth of fifty-four degrees and forty mm
utea of north latitude ; and that, in the same
manner, there shall be none formed by Kusaian
Mtbjects, or under the authority of Russia, wuM
of the same parallel. -: -
- aatictt rocm.
" tt is.' nevertheless, TBhderslodd, that, dnTmg l
UimofjteByesrAioujrtingfrornjhs Lfisns'nreof,
the presem convention, the ships of both powers.
or wnitn ociong io uicu- ciuscm vr iuiijccii.
respectively, may reciprocally frequent, without
any hindrance w hatever, the interior seas, gulfs,
harborved-eekr -upon the coast mcuLoned
in the preceding article, for the purpose of nsh
ing nd trading with the natives of the country.
Ttrit virrav
All spiritmis liouort, lire-arms, other arms,
powder, and munitions of war of every kind, are
alwavs excepted from this same commerce per.
mMef hyllwTpreeeding article .. Jnd the two
powert- engage, recjprocauy, neuuer 10 acii, o.r
sutli r them to oe somto me natives oy tneir re
fpective citizen" and subjecbsnor by any persoi
who niav be under their authority. It u like
wis Atijiukied that tbis.rciAriction shalL. tkcrer
aflbrd a pretext, nor be advanced, in any case,
tu authorize either search or detention of the
vessels, seizure of the merchandize, or, in fine,
any measures of constraint whatever toward
the merchants or the crews who mny carry On
thh coraiaeroe j the high ctmtracthiy Fevers
rectprocatty tf scrritty to tiunwclvea to dVtert
mine upon the pen:uTie to be 'incurred, and to
inflict the puninliiDents i ee of Hit contravene
Uon or tins article, by their KipecUve cituewt
or subjects. -N .
' . aBTtrts ttxre.
When this Conveliiion shall have been AuW
ratified by the I'resklcntof the United States
with the advice and eoment of the Benntff on
the one part, and on the other by hi Majerty
the femperor of alt the Russian, the ratification S
shall be exchanged at Wanhington ia the space
of ten months from the data below, or sooner, it
poasib., in fcuUi whtreor tha respetivf PlenU
potentiaries have signed ihia Coirveotibn, and
thereto affixed the eal of their arma.
Done at St Petenburr. the. Anrif of the)
year of Grace one thousand eidit hundred anj
Ia Comt taintss Da Smtiimoes,
JIM HI. .WJ BUttTO W. ,,
whereaa the id "Convention- hat bee
rificaiion:r the aroer were 4usiutnrd
Wawhimton, On the eleventh dv of the c resent
Secretary of
MM M the I iiitrri Ktata- an.l Hiat- nmn tlm
juncnuarr - orTiiirinmenai niiewn on vn pare
a r I . . i . -
their resnecUve Government! 1 ; ''
Ue?re, be It known, that I, Jam,
Mmrvi, President of the United States, have
caused the said Convention to be made public.
to the end that the name, and every clause and
article thereof, mar be observed and fulfilled
with good faith by the United State and the
eititens thereof. - ;"' '.'
In witneat whereof, I -have hereunto set my
' hand, and caused the seal of the United
States to be affixed. Done at the Ot
of Washington, this twelfth day of Jan-
r.k. ,...i i r.u. itf.. J u....
the fort) -ninth. - .
By the Prmident i
Jam lipucv Ansaa, . . ,
Stcntarff State. . '
Good Shoes and Boots
"I AN be had at my shop in Salisbury, low for
January 29. 1825 3 weeks.
Ten Dollars Reward.
RAN AWAY or stolen from the subscriber,
livinff in Rowan county, on the 12th of
January lant, a .light bsy fcrw", about, fifteen,
hands liiarh i no marks recollected! The borsa
hitcfied n MXq0gliey.yaid:and
must have been takenout bv aSme'neraonor I
L. IJ t 1 ! t. r -L ' j
noum nave neara oi nun oeiore na.
GT Look at This!
T INTEND removing to Lexington, DavidsoS)
JBL. VVUIIT V ailra SlSi n t lffsiMK I taaj vi
wUb , creditor. , nw wffer foP
- ... Main Btrrtin Haliaburv.
,f , An , fc r. ... -X
L.,anr Court. I .h. I then aell 'at Public .le. en
TmiUv of the Court ' "
Jan. 21 rt, 1825.
rVo Vttfit.
WB have lately received general assort
menf of cabinet-maker and joiners Tools,
consisting of all tlie kinds of Bench moulding, .
Beading, Saab, Flooring and Coiling Planes,
wcbai, liavA jreryiK;lb
country 1 "also, Hand, Pannel, 1 enant, Keyholo
and Fritt Saws, Edmondston's superior Screw
Aogersu&C,. which will be sold low, bv
JJnclntn, A". C.
Jan 17. 1825. 3t44 .
ALL persons are hereby forwarned agaln(
trading for the following notes, which were
executed bv me to William Hogg, in payment for
a i:act of land, which I ..purchased, from bint
which land he had previously conveyed by a W-ed
or trust to Charles Hoover, of DavltLon County,
vita One note of llurty dollars, du the 1st of
tareb 4835r-Owdo. ef U.irlv-n and a half
dollars, due Ihe.&Oi Dec 1825 1 .and one do
of one hundred dollars, due the 25th deft 1826
- As the said notes were given for lands which
the said Hogghad no right to convey, I am de
termined not to pay either ot them.
"January 17,1825. ---44
For Sale,
rTllIAT valuable and well known
ZT -JLl House and Xot. io the rttf..
illf A.Charlotte, ocoupied for the last six years
by Cowan k Vail, as a house of entertainment.
Its central situation In the lown and vicinity to
the Court-ffmrser its eomnlcte order and con.
venient arranrement fur tbff entertalnnitnt at '
travellers and country custom Ha capacious.
wu 11 'ui.u, iwvi Muncu muiic hi nigniv lltM
preyed garden its neat and convenient two
storied kitchen 1 its secure frame smoke house
and lumber room, with its Urge cellar, secure
and dry at alt seasons of the y ear, toretber with
a new Liliug weJl of excellent ja-ater, eewve- ' -nlehf
16 the "house andkHcbeh, w IIT aUbrd ii
e4wwsthing to keep pubbe hvuae advaatagefl
ikh surpassed oy any in ine state, - A ny person
wikhing to purchase, is requested to view the
premises, that they may speak for tht-nvetves.
Aim, about 40 acres of valuable land adjoin,
ing the town lands, thirty of which are incloed
and well adapted to tbe culture of ail the pro.
ducts of the country.
M am disposed to. sell the above premises vpott
accommodating terms, which can be known b
applying to John Irwin, merchant, of Charlotte,
or t'bomas I Co van, of Salisbury. .
CharUtU-, IW. 3, 1824. '43
Stater of Nortli-CaroHnar
DAriosox covtrr' ..
COURT of-PUsa and Qoarter Sessions, Dee.
teem, Item. David Endey, ten. e. David
F.nslcy, jr- original a.tachment levied on land. '
It appearing to tlie aatl-factton of the court, that 1
the dcfqndHt . iis 1 rliis esse is an inhabitant cf an- :
other, rtule'.'insjheftorl: wJcwtl by the;jeou?t,;':'''' .-' 'J;;,'J;
that advertiseniettl be made Ttrwsjes"ieeeai"
sively, In the Wertern Carolinian, printed in
Salisbury, that the defendant appear at our next
Ccrt.cflSJ intl Quarter Session,' to be held '
lor the anility of tfavkliohraf 11i Cotm Jrotimr - .
in Islington, oh the third Monday in March
next,, then and -there to plead, or demur, Or
judgment will b entered according to ptaiftifT'e
demand. '
149 D. M0CK,Cl'k
At i
. ... , . -r..: ,.. !- 1
W(ti & 4
; ....c. y..- j:

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