North Carolina Newspapers

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fttr m fi.ifcr-i 7 vuar a mr,ol the united States, and out ol the J'l
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4uikhiMai ecruin rrimr iftin ilnl'ni
UU tuic t4d O Jr purport. .
R (i macifd by ih Smatt 4 Ittuit
Bttirtmtatlvti of th Unltrd Statri
tAmnkk i Cvrrtt utmt(tdt. J
(nf pertonor penone, whhlntftr fort.ltrerf perton, to offending, hit or ber
:ock-riro, ntvr-fifd, irieni. rroorrioricoaniJort tdrtOr tbettort, tntii i
Weninelbe ti( whereof it ceded Icldetmed gvutf of felony ind shall on
ltd under tha iuriiJlcilon of, lh United I enaviciioa thereof, bo tMinlihed by fine
it - . 1 . m Hft.t. I
ZMituor on me ute oi iny HKj-oouMinoi czcecoint; nt inouuna floiurttiaa
fjpt other needful building belonjjlnjt tolbf Imprltonroent tnd confinement to hard
be United Statca, the tite whereof it
fted to them, tno under thtir juritdic'liothtaggmauoo oilheofrence
i?i it iforeiaul, thalU lirully and ma -
couMr, ourn any aemnj noute, n
Pjowon noute, or any aorr, o.m. anoiv,
iher building, pared of any dwelling
k mtotion hoMte, ery perton i Ol
ne, ble or her coantellert,.ldir,
ltd abettort, tbtil be deemed RtiUiy of
cjony, ana tnaii, on coutkimto inercoi,
offer death. . . , , . , .
Sec . Jnd bt iturtkff rnoctidi That,
( toy perton or portoot. in any oi metotber fast, fired to any anchor or moor
. . . ti
Iaeetaroretld, ahall. wUrully and man
ioutly.act fire to, or bum, any artenal,
raory,ttiiKzlnc,top walk.ihfp-houte,
art-boutf, block houte.or barrack, or
oy itoro bouM,barn,or atable, or pr-
ei or uwei.infr waotr, or any ouer
Kkmi oi imi act, or ny imp or veaici, Jment to hard labor, not Mceedinij fire
4iilt. nr riuil.-iincr. ftr hepun to b hullt.l...n tif. .r..
I C n
pr rcpainngror any ojrdi nouir, ot.dc-
on, or My Umber, cablet, rigging, or
-ithtr materitlt tor ouikllng, repairiag,
.r Biting- outrt-or-Mttele,- .et-UfJ
-tie of wood, he tilt, or otler lumber, or
Iny military, navtl, or tflctaaUiogitoret,
aruit, or omer nwnniOTi 0( war, CTerr
Verton, to offendint;, hit or ber counte!
rt, aiders, and abettort, thall be deemed have been felonioutly taken or aloleo,
uiliy of felony, and sfu'.l. on coniction from inr other perton, knowing the time
,Utui.l4 hr fiiMt sced t ha, ben so uken of atolan, eery
ig fire thotiwnd dollars, and by impria person so offending; ahall be deemd
tvmnt and confinement to hard labor, guilty 0f misdemeanor, and may be
oL:exteeCJnjrjien:year, -ccowKngtQ proaectHed therefor, althongh the iliwi
a aggravation of the offence. . T pet offender ehargeub!, o eharged with
'SrrSai It U further 'nntedt'Thix the larceny; shall not have been Brown ;
finy offence thall be commined, in any
f the tlacrs aforesaid, the- punishment
X which offence is not SDeciillrfprorided
for by any law of the United States, such imprisonment and confinement to hard
iffe'nee r'shanV'upon" contiction in any Ubor, not exceedinj; three- years, accord
court of the United Statct, having cog- ing 10 the esgmation of the offence,
nirance thereof, be liable to, and receive, Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That,
ho,same punUhmentas tbtlwtpf the
httle, Irs which siich fort, dock-yard,
pivr-yard, arsenal, armory, or magawne,
Y other plare, cedcirisfbrtsiidrrsit -
juaxcu pnrviae xor tuo oww, uirsu, wnicn snau oein aitiress, or,wnicn
committed, wuhio the body of inyojintj
oi aucn siate. - - . -
-SettA.-And be UfufirHffi. TKt
' any Dcrsoh or persons, upon tin high
ta, or in any ami of the trt, or in any I
river, laven, treck, b'NitV. or bay, within
the rdoiiralty nJ iiiariiime junndiction
of the United S'j'es, n-l out of the juris
(fifties of any jr.lular state, shirll com-4
mil the crime ot wilful murder, or rape,
or shall, wilfully and mslicwusly strike, I
atab wouodtpoison, or ahoot at, any
cr person, of which striking, stabbing, I
grounding, poisoning, or shooting, such
person shall afterwards die, upon land, the sea, into danger, or distress, or ship
pithin or without the United States, eve wreck, every person, so offending, his or
Fy person so offending bis or ber..coun -
ellors, aiders, or abettors shall be deem
fd guilty of felony i and. shall, upon con-
viction thereof, aulTer death. '
'StcTstM Hii iuriKe f re f Thit
( any - offctlce ehall be committed on
Mard ofany sMpWVesStf:ieloginjr to
ptatea, while lying in a port or place
phhin the jurisdiction of any foreign
stale' of Sovereign, by any perton belong
pPjUQJbtLCompany of said ship, or; any
jpsssenger, or any other person belong
jing to the company of. said ship or any
!Hhr passenger, the same offence shall
oe coimtzable and phi by tn I
in the tame tray end manner, and under
the same ctrcnmstknceifas if said offe.njse-
had " beenommTtted bh W
ship or vessel on the high seas, and with
out the jurisdiction of such . foreign, sov:
ereign or state i roiH't, a-ffj That
offence,' and acquitted or convicted there
ofrin inr competent cbnrrdrsucn":ibr-
eign atate or sovereign, he shall not he
subject to another trial in any court of
the United States.
Sec. 6. And be iMurthtr. enacted. That
ff any person or persons, upon the high
I sets, or In any arm of Ihe sci, or In in
rUer, haven, crttk, basin, or bay, within
the admiralty and maritime jurisdiction
rlsdlctlon or any fcanlrular title. shall
br surprise, or bf open fortei vWlence
1 escn
' vessel belonging, la whole or n part
, ItO tht.UfiUad Hales, or U any cilltCB
Mit(ilri)i tneftof, of to any otheryer'
tiiatKtfr, iu, n Intent unlawfu
ly to plunder th time ehJa or vend, or
pa aetjxnj wf owner or owwn inerro;
- ( (tdrn on board ibcreoft or thtll, bf fnrci
I or violence, cf It putuoir In fetr, muw
e1 fulJr plunder tnr tucb thlp or TettcK or
iletl ind ctrnr wtr inr rnoner. roodt,
bir mmbindiitt li Jen on board thereof i
labor, not eiceediogr ten yetrt, tctordinj
1 fiee.f. And. kt it fnhtr morrrrf, Thit
..IMnM ef rtn uoon tho hirh
MMf 0P ,nr tft or the placet afore
L, with intent to kill, rob, ateal, com
- lmlt a ran or to da or ncrnctratA an
,- f.tonr. ahatl kreak or enter n
Lyp, teatela, hotU or raft or if any
i perton or penone thai! UrulIy and ma
Ilu-touilr cut. tnoil. or detiro. an roe
jaffe. cable. boon. boorroD. headfatt. or
' - , - -
aeu belonrinir to anr ahln. !. boat.
or rifu ertrr nerton. ao onendirir. hit
or her countellort, aWert, and abettort,
,b!t be deemed eutltr of felfnr. and
thall, on 'conJction thereof, b punlthed
by fine, not exceedinc one thontand dol-
. Sec t And btii iuriier rtacUd, "fhat
if nr neraoo or nertona opon the bieb
teor In any other of the placet afore
MW. ,ktii btir. reeelre. or conceal, or aid
I in concealing, anr money, goods, bank
i notetr or other effect or thingt which
mav bo the tubiect of Jarcenr, which
ted m conricted thereof r end hall, on ,
I conviction tnercoi, do puniMiea oy nne,
hot exceeding one thousand dollars, and
J if any perton or person s shall plunder,
tel, or destroy any money, goods, mer
ehandize or other cttccts, from, or belonc-
4ing - toe - ny - - hip - r.,t esseU or.bwst, or
j be - wrecked, lost, stranded, of cast
-iiwar' tipon- the aea, or -unon-anyr.Tcct,
I thoa,!, hank, or rpeks of the iat qr n
any other place within the admiralty and
mamime jurisdiction of the United
States or if any person or persons shall
wilfully obstruct the escapoof any per
son endeavoring to save his or her life
from such ehip orvestei, boai, or raftf or
the wreck thereof ; or, if any person sir
persons shad hold out or shew any false
otb-Ilight or lights, or extinguish jny true
light, with intention to bring any ship or
vessel, boat or ran, belnjf or tailing upon
her counsellors, aiders, and abettora, shall
be deemed guilty of relony, and shall, on
conviction thereof, be punished by fine,
not exceeding, five thousand dollart, and
imprisonment and confinement to nard
Ubor, no etceedjng ten years, according
- loe kyAMwwi???ce;" " " " '
That, if any master or commander of any
ship or vessel, belonging, in whole or
tin part, to any citizen or citizens of the
United. States, shall, during hisbetng
ble cause, force any officer, or mariner,
of such ship or vessel, on shore, of leave
him behind, m any foreign port or place.
to bring home, again all such pf
tne omcers and mariners or such ship or
vpssewhpm he carried et with him-as
arj! in a condition to return, and willing to
return, when he shall be ready to proceed
in .his home ver7
qr, commander, so" offending shall, Ton
not exceeding five hundretTdoIIarst'or by
imprisonment, not exceeding six months,
according to the aggravation of the of-
fence. - ,
Sec 11. And be it further enacted,
That, if anrTwmuiornerions ahall wtl-
fully and maliciously set on ae, or biirn,
a a -J
on fire, or burnt or ctherim leatny ej,
or aid, procure, abet or sail t in ssMrng
on fire, or uoming, or olbrul cf'rt
ing, any slip or vessel of war of th Uni
ted States aflot on the high aeaa.WlQ
any wrta of ll let, or U any rlt, ha
ven, crttk, batin, or bey, wlihur tha ad
inlralif Jurisdiction of the United Stats,
an i out of the juriadiciion of nyptnlea.
lar State, every pcrsonj so duckdln
snail bt deemed, goiity or fioos arw.
ihaIT,Ml conviction thereof, t affer
Pt9viitd That nothing herein von
shall he construed to take iwar or i
the right of any court martial to
any ontoce, wmcn, oy in law o
United States,
nay be punisbabJAby
Sec. 13. And bt It further entc
That, if any officer of the United Sta
shall be guilty of extortion, under or
color of his office, every person so offen
Ing shtlw on conviction thereof, be pu
Itbed by fine, not exceeding fir bundret
dollars, or by imprisonment, not exceed!
ing one. yea, according to the aggrtvaj
tlon of the offence. ,.
or oi lie rent devtror, or ci'ni to ba in
Sec. 13. And be It further naetedVrtyttf note, or other puWic securitv
That, If any person, in any rase, matter.
hearing, or other proceeding, when
oath or al&rmation shall bo required" io
be taken or administered under or by inr
law or laws of the United States, thall,
upon the taking of such oath or agina
tion, knowinrly and wllllnely swrtr or
affirm falsely, every person, so offen4ng,
shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and
shall, on conviction thereof, be punLhed
by fine, not et reeling two Ihoutanddol
ars, and by imprisonment and conns-
ment to hard labor, not exceeding five
years, according to the agrraratia of
the offence. And if any person or per
sons shall knowingly ocwUlirigly prcora
any such perjury to bevoramlued, 'very
person eo oflTendine shall, he deemed
guilty of su)Of nation of perjury, snrf
shall, on conviction thereof Je pudshed
by fine, not exceedingjwo thouaand dol-
art, and by imprisonment and confine-
mennbhard "thborrnofrexceedinf, fire'
yrtrt, according to the aggravation of the
See. If. And be it further enacted.
That, if any perton upon his or her ar
rtifrnment epon any indictment before
any court of the Uciied.Sutea &r r
offence, wot capital, abali stand mute, or
ill not answer or plead to such Indict
ment, court shall, notwithstanding, pro
ceed to the trial of the person so atanJ-
ing mute, or refusing to iMwr ar plead,
as if he or she bad pleatled JH "ftuilty,
and upon a verdict being returned by the
jury, maf proceed to render judgment
accordingly. And the trial of all offen
ses, which shall be. committed upon the
high seas or elsewhere, out of the limits
of any state of district, shall be in the dis
trict where the offender is apprehended!
or into which he may be first brought.
Sec. 15. And bf ft further enacted,
I That, in every case where any criminal
convicted ofahy bffedteigmsttho Uni
ted States, shall be sentenced to tmpris
pn'ment ' and confinement; ;to hard- labor,
it ahalibe iBwfuTTorthrebtirt. by which
the sentence Is passed, f o'of Je'r Ihf aa'me
to be executed in any state prison, or pen
itentiary, within the district where such
court ls hoiden J the use of which prison
or penitentiary may be allowed or gran
jyrd bv the Legislature of soch state for
sucF'pur attend-
ant upon tne execution ol such aeotencc
shall be puid by the United States.
Sec IS. And be It further anaeted.
That, if any person who shall be employ
ed as president, cashier, cRrk, or servant,
in the .Dank of the United States, created
and- established by an act, entitled " An
act. to incorporate the subscribers to the
Bank of the United States,' passed on
ine icmn usy.oi Apm, lo tne yearvnw
Lnrd tme thousand eight hundred d
sixteen, or in any office of discount and
deposite established by the Directors of
saia Pin), iivany iiaie or.icrrtiory m v?v
United States, shall fclohiously lake, ttet,
and carry away, any money, goods, bood,
bill, hank ..note M. other. note,check?
draft, Treasury , note, or other" valubl
security or e ffecU, belonging to stu'd baLkj
or deposited in ssid hank ; or, if any per
son so- employed js President, Cailiier,
Clerkr or aervaoi, ahlL Jrawdvikptli ..em
beczie, secreted or maka way with any
money r goads, bondy bill, bank notedraft
Treasury note, or other valuable security
or which shall come to his possession or
custody by virtue of such employment,
every person ao offendin r-vhall be deem
tton therelb punish
ceeding five tlrousand dollirsrridby tm-
priaonment and confinement to hard la
bor not exceeding. ten years, according
to the aggravation of the offence.. 1 .
j. bee. " 1 7. ' And be it further , enacted,
The, if any person or persons shall false
ly rmle, forrr, or otinterfelt, or cauie
r procure tj te fJtely made, forged, or
ivuwifciitucu, or wiiimj'ir aia or IHISI
In flily nultng, forcing or counterfoil,
ing, any svaper, wriiinjr,, or Inttrumcnt, in
Imitation of. or .purporting to be, an U
dtntf csnUUatf.of rha puuirstocit, or
CeW, l rtaanry note, or other puwic s
corltycf the. United States, or any let
Ur patent, istucd or trafited the Pre
tidenfof the United Stales, or any bill.
check, or draft, lor money drawn by or
on the Treasurer of lb United States, v
Uy or on any other public officer or agent
of the United States, duly authorized to
t- j . . .
mm, or , ateepi, or pay me aanic, on
behalf and for account ef the United
States or if any person or persons shall
pass, u'ter, ofpubliih, or attempt to pata,
utter, or publish, as true, any such (alte,
fored, or counterfeited piper, writinr,
or inummrni, a now ing ine same 10 be
ulsr, lorte(l, or counterfeited, with intent
to ilefrtud the United States, or any body
politic or corporate, of any other person
or pertons whatsoever; or if any person
or prrvMit shall falaely alter anf indent,
certificate of Ihe nublic stock or debt.
of the United States, or anr letters pa-
inttnt. itied or rranted bv the Traiiilani
of the United States, or any bill, check,
or droit for money drawn by or on the
TrMMr of tne United Statea, or aey
other public officer or aiettt of th Uni
ted Statct. duly authorized to make,
draw, accept, or pay atirh bill, check, br
draft or if any perton or perton t thall
pai, tatter or publish, or attempt to past.
utter, or nabllia, as true and unaltered,
any such falsely altered indent, certificate.
Treasury note, or other public security,
letters patent, or bill, cherk. or drsft,
knowlne the same' to be flely altered
with intent to defraud the I'nited States,
or" any body politic Of corporate! or any
perton or persons whatsoever j every
such per tor. so offeft'Jinfr, ahall be deem
ed' guilty of felony, and shall, on convic
tion thereof, bo punithed by fine, not ex
ceeding five thousand dollar, and by im
prisonment and confinement to hard labor,
not exceeding ten year?, according to the
aggravation of the offence.
Sec. 1 8. And be it further enacted. That,
if any person or persons shall falsely
make, lortre, or counterfeit, or cause or
procure to be fattely nude, forged, or
counterfeited, or willingly aid or astlit in
faliely making, forging, or counterfeit
ing any paper, writing, or instrument, in
imitation of, or -purporting to be any Jet
ter of attorney, or-other authority or io-
etrument to aaaign, transfer, sell, or con
vey, any share or sum in the public stock
or debt of the United States, or in the
capital stock of thr. President, Directors
and Company or the Bank of the United
States, or receive any annuity or annui
ties, dividend or dividends due .or to be
come due on any such slock or debt ; or
to receive any pension, prize money, wa
ges, or other drift or turn of .money due,
or to become due fiom iho United
or counterfeit.
or cause or-pTctre to be forged or conn
terfeited, willingly aid or astiat in forging
orcouhterfeitlng, the name or names of
any of the nolderfrpropnetorrofony
such public stock or dcht, or of any per
son entitled to any such annuity, dividend
pension,-prize money, wages, or other
debt or aum of money, as aforesaid, in or
to any such pretended letter of attorney
ftthorh-yvoWfrMransenr: or shall knowi
ingly and fraudulently, demand, or endea
vor to hare or ubtuio such. share or sum
in such publio stock or debt, or capita!
stock of the'sn'id hank, or to have any
part thereof transferred, assigned, sold,
or conveyed, or soch annuity, dividend,
nension, prize-money, wares, or other
debt or turn ofinoney, or any part there
of, to bo received or paid, by virtue of
any Sin n false, forged, or counterfeited
fetter .01. auorney, awnoiiiy, nr.: msuu
ment ; or shall faintly and deceitfully
personate any true or reul proprietor or
hoMerof :h;.sbrejirumjn0ch pub
tteocliUr br ''capital stock of . the
said Bank, or any person entitled to such
annuity, dividend, pension, prize-money,
wages, or othejr debt or sum of money as
aforesaid, and thereby transferring, or
endeavoring to transfer, such puhttrsjockr
or debt, or capital stock of the aaid Bank,
or receiving, or endeavouring to receive
the r money of - soch - true- nd. lawful
holder or proprietor thereof, or the mon
ey of such person tir persons? really end
IfVlljr.-l ;nlMie4 " eeetvo-uch--.annuiLy.i
iiKiuenu, fciiiii, prize uiviicj, "k9
or other debt, or turn of money, a fore
W,w4fotoffemerttc ndJM
to: eveiv person. 'ioroeholnjtllliait'
anwd :gior:le.Jtfhttm""ion
... ' i M 4. .V'i'',"'-'-'l''v.,.-...V..
conviction thereof, Ve pun he3ry riie
not exceeding five thousand dollars, and
byimpritonment andcotfinementtohfd
labor, not exceeding ten years, according
to th eggrafat'ion of the offence.
Sec. 1 9. And be Ufutthtr enacted, Thstj
If any person pr persons shall faliely
make, forge, or counterfeit, or cause of
proeere to be falaelr made, fcrttd, cr
cownwrfelrrd, or wilUngly kJ or ei,t in
falsely making, (t'gttiK,,or courrferfcif
Ug, shy ,4nitrtitoeni lo imlt.ilotl t, or
pnrponing toU an abstract or oilkial
copr, - or tertiCdat of. the recording,
registry or enrolment ef any ahlp or tea-"
sei, in th office of any collector td ihA
custom! of the United States, or I license
te any aMp or Hvstl for carry imr -or, i
coasting trade, of fishery or fisheries of
the United States, br.a certificate ef
otbershlp, Bis sspoTt, iea letter, or
clearance, granted for any ship or vessel
Mer tb authority of the United Statei
or a permit, debenture, or other official
documrnrrgrtnted by any collector or
other officer of (be customs, by virtue of
bis or tbeir office or shall falsely alter
anyabslracl, official copy, or certificate.
of any recording, registering, or enroll
ing of any ship or vessel In the office of
sny collector of the customs of the Uni
ted States, or any license to any thlp of
veise! for cirryinren the coastinc trade
or fisheriea of the United States, or any
certificate of ownership, pats, pt,port,
sea letter, or clearance, granted for any
shin or vessel umier the authority of the
United St lira. an avrmit. debenture
or ourer cfficul dorament rranted ....
col tec lor, or other officer ef the customs.
by virtu ot nit or tut, ntv , await
pets, niter, or publish, or attempt (o pass,
niter, or publish, as true, any such false,
forced, or counterfeited instrument, or
any such falsely altered abstract official
copy, certificate, license, psss, passport,
sea Utter, clearance, permit, debenture,
or other official document ea aforesaid,
knowing the same to be false, forged, or
counterfeited, or faWelv altered, with an
jnjent to defraud the United States, or
any otner oooy pontic or corporate, or
person, whatsoever I every person, so of
fending, shall be deemed guilty of felony,
and shall, on coovietlon ' hereof, be pun "
ished iiy fine, not excetdln- one tHouunit '
dollars, and by imprisonment and con
finement to hard labor, not exceeding
three years.
Sc 30. And he it further enacted, That
if any person or persons shall falaely
make, forge, or counterfeit, or cause, of
procure to be falsely made forged, or
counterfeited, or willingly aid or astitt in
falsely making, forging, or coonUrfthlng
any coin, in the resemblance or simili
tude of the gold or tilver coin, which has
beeni or hereafter may he coined at the .
Mint of the United Stalest or in the re
semblance or similitude of any foreign
gold or silver coin, which, by law, now is.
or hereafter may be, made current in tha
United States ; or shall pass, utter, pub-,
lish, or sell, or attempt to pass, utter pub"
lish, or sell, or bring into the United
States, from any foreign place, with in
tent to past, utter, publish, or tell, is .
true, any such lalte, lorged, or counter
feited coin, knowing the same to be false,
forged, or counterfeited, whh intent to
defraud any body politic, or corporate, or
any other person, jor persofrsf whatsoev
er t-every person to offending ahall bo .
deemed ruilty-of felony, ennsalptx
conv icIT6SeTewrW-ptmthe
not excct'dmi live thousand dollars, and
by imprisonment, and confinement to
hard labor, not exceeding ten years, ac
cording to the aggravation of the offence
, Sec. 21.. And be it further enacted, That,
if any- person er'iwrsOTr "sfialr 'falsefr '
make, forge, or counterfeit, or cause oy
procore, to be falsely made, forged, or
counterfeited,- forging, orcounterfclling:
any coin, in the resemblance or simili
tude of any copper coyi, which bas been,
or hereafter may be, coined at the Mint
of the United States j or shall pass utter,
publish, or sell, or attempt to pass, utter,
publish, or sell, Or bring Into the United
States, from any foreign place,' with in- v"
tent Wpsss,' utter,-pnwish,-or selv as
true, sny such fnhe,. forged, or emmter-
feited . coin,srilh intent to .defraud anjr
body politic, or -corpwatc,
personror" persons, whstsoe ver; e'rery
person, so offending, shell be deemed
cuilty of felony, and shall, on conviction
thereof, be punished" by fine,"nof exceed
inirncLthgutand dollars, and by impri
sonmen nd confinement to hard labor,
not exceeding. three years.
J5ec, 22vwfrd be it further enacted, That,
if any person or persons, cpontarrhtgrt---- -
acts, or w any.attn,9, ,Wx$JJ,PX-.-riyerihayenf
creek, basin, or bay, within"
States,' end out of the jnrisdictionof any
-r,ertkridr---state-oB-hoari toy... vessel be
longing in wholo or in part to the United;
State,or any citizen or xithemr thereof, r.
shall, wkh daneet ous weapon, or with
hrnTerftto - kiiixaljiie,K keMmmJi ?
mayhem, or rcpe, or to. perpetrate any
other felony, commit sn assault on an-
other, such person shall, on conviction
thereof, be punbhed by fine, hot ecetdr
. , . i
' S
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