North Carolina Newspapers

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t,.ordiurr ir.piicloni it lliirdor
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Jam'.ipi w f tanduclin ihtUBiif.
Aijrteibir to year urucn, 1 tn.u km t
till ptc fofWhlnjtoii without ro-
ctmrj dclif f4rit Uk-n meiiurti
to obtilrt all irji teitlmonjr ntcciurjt nd
uch rhteo eiWcnci at I tuppow um
! ted Sutcii thill holl uiVMlf rttdytejuv
tiff my cooduct in eftrjr p4nicotir, not
1 cnlf tf the ! Of nation and of niiuref
and bf b!bl approved precedtnt, but,
If oecanarr. by tht order or lht Sccrt-
' ur of iha Ntf. '
To uaa the emphatic hngtiige of Mr.
'Admi;uB all the l.-iof noutralit;
nd war, at well ta of pruJenco and" ha-
: ntar.lif 1 wat warranted in chaitiing
who had not on! tftomt the alllca and
ftrptectoit of outlawt and pirltc but our
active enemiet, be the Imprlwnmcnt tnd
forcible (felrntloo of aa American officer
while h the performance, of hit du
Uet. u There wilt need," (continue! Mr.
AdaxI.) mB0 Citation from printed trea
-tliet on iwernailonil law.lo pioe the
eoTTfdneii or thi priotipl. it It en
grtved in adamant on the common acnr
of mankind.' No writer upm the law of
nitioot eer pretended to contradict it ;
none of any reputation or authority ever
omiued to inaert It."
' fam' willincnir, to tnbmit tnr con
' ajactlo tbli aJTalrto the ttrrctett Intettl-
. aiid il.I cinnof full iuitilv it. I
"".rlT cheerfuMr-iwbtnri to the-t'erert
" rui.Uhmenr ihaVcan,'rj"'.11icteM. df.lP"lmlU -Thet4iaa beeO reduced Ui
ff it thall appear that the mrtliea which ,ne mo?1 exaCI coooift and ttrict ac
inOdenccd me were founoed in Datriot- counubllity, far c iceeding that of any
hm thai the necettity for m conduct
really exiited, ani that my tinJic.tion it
wrhtenlo eiery ptge of the liwofna-
tiont, it well aa the Cm la of nature,
- telf !e fenced 1 ahail then hope that
ntonement will be made lor tuia forcible
rirhdrawal, fn an atkH f(mtt from 1 brM feniarkt are naa, not
tnr command, by fettwirg me to my rilh of euloijiaing, but to do jut
former iiition, and allowing me o retire ,ice 10 diatinguithed itateiman. For
" "from h in l-mmner more honorable to
-mulf fntihtr. irul Im, ii iuil
out to"m) Klint and character - : . -1
This, ttr, wiil be an act of juatlce that
. I hope will not be denied to me. "
J have the honor io be, with great fc
. apect, your cbedient iervnt
Hon. 8nl. Im Sarratan.
A Secrcta7rthc Nar)-.
rani TM jrTiojA jntraxii.
' The following grnrruf tirdtr of Com
' tnodore Rodgrrt will, we have no doubt,
hivenlbtarf -effect; "Oar Naf lias
. . kj , It;.r- 1a iu.... k-.i 1
- been deprived of tome of. the beat and
-rit--wvw. U.4kM.MJLr kw:m ririf fit
kaiO bmmv aai-2tMaal I at at t ltsirM .
- . . l)a, HINT) niuiuu. luai VI iiwiivi , w
ir dispensed ;tn ii our emcers ran in
Kitl rati In A-tmrm nf th5r rmin-
- try and while wo mourn their loss, we
-.ellotaheit deedi jf .yplur, and apeak
- '-proudly of their 'o.icrable death".' Bat
how is it when ther fall, not in the do
' fence of their country tor by the hands
- .r An rmm v. Imf Li fnnt, thp an
i. I .k. i..u-.n t
blood-wbcre two have together braved M Ifetl mover wat, by the"confea
. tha hattli, anrl tonlni. ut,H hn ha... uon of all who beard it, the most tnum-
tidebr tide, and under the tame' flae,
sustained each other in the hour of dart-
eer-when these meet, and one falls br
ihe hands of the other, wbat are ouV feek
...... . .... An-. iiolm- i7tK i.n H" t 1
r Sla t. The UsCTtion wn
-which have unfortunately existed in the ted lor horse teaiingr.",""r mrM--
TivyranirpaHlc:olarly tmxjtithe junior Mr. Milbeit, hu. aentto, Parli an im:
oncers, fqr several yean past, originating moose number of subjects for the Muse--atilliuupposcdf
in the predominance" of urn of Natural History, collected in Amer-
fcahii t which have instduoutly crept intolicar
thm s. Wiccbir the most improper and
unjusti'able relaxation of discipline, seem
at length to reqoire particular notice. .
-Tn ptevatente and Irequency of fight-
engnd qvafrlling. emoRtome of . the
w wflga3icer$j, and the detettaLle prac-
' 1 Vt i H-a-tfsvrVa Ma kMattteualtiatlaw I
I1CC uw IllClai HU Viire wi AJkuiuit uuviiifnnwBiiimi niiwtttvtvtttAjwiiiaL
. jdefatnirjfc e wnerf wna assuming , io
- themMlvet th e KK
bK.. a... a . . I
. r e . t . . . I - .f . am . tfm 1 I
. . a r- - - 1 t
-sOWetwrJt nnfle
7 eiriieam-boats, and other, public placea, the populace. - -.--.; . ...1 .
have been carried to aucli an extent for London, ftb. 1 8. -Things are advart
aome time, past, ai 10 require resort to cing rapidly to a crisis in Spain. Ferdi
measuret the best calculated to proddce riend tTnding, like Canuteithat even kings,
- ( have, in, to reqoire of all though the vicegerents of God on earth,
(fflicera who -arc nor, or shall hereafter have not tbe atfributeof omnipotence
rv,,!, M ff; 'ft
J i i i,io l e til-
it Ml.tlt, II, tir tn'.nf
iimir , ujo tt f tl
(Hi. a last h.J rcguM
li.iol ntflff rnl
provided (of the govaru-
fil ton,!or of tbll irfTK crt end ofhm bo
lunging 10 It Nf of the United Htsllts.
At I am cucrniintil front thii da'e not
la permit the slights! violation of tuck
.,Mnj regulations, with which Irnif
Ueome icqSalutcd, to p..l unnoticed.
bcltcnh ofTx-incf IhUor in wher
0fw mfui(t l( e.M.Aftd I vouXa
llTe t further un(Jf W0JKj, ,t fof .
,4lj00 fcf lbJ order w tnT Ktr, I th.U
ftJ l0 pt lht Uwt f fofct itiloil
hjm ,0 htif ttJm0l eiler,
johw RODCCBI, -
Commt'vljnf C. I. Kl IVwi in ih MH-
tmi, ind Com. Officer of tbt l'. I. K.
To V . , '
" '" r t "vimi,
ftiM AJimitrMin fiktWur Jiepumtnt.
aJminiitratio ol Mr. Calhoun, of
,b Uepirtment of Wr, being fcrmina-
lad majr now be apoken of with greater
freedom,. without Incurring tba Impuu-
lion offlnery.
1 f1f "irmed, that no ad-
rniniitrai'ion hit been rnor tucceiiful.
en tht late Seretrjr came bto tbt
Department, it wit without orgini4ilon
I1 " In commplele organUation.
tied account of nearly f,iifiOOK)0, til of
wbich, cirept tbout 3,500,000 are now
ictttcd. The current bntinett of tht Dt
panment, inifcad of being then krpt op.
w" tominu,lr f-'K " rren. Br
him It hat been to completely kept under
control, that he hit left ihe Department
without a tingle untettled cate. The
armr- wat then inn ttate of dittnetion.
It it now in that of nearlr complete har
mony, tnd ilt discipline and tcienre to
much improTrt.lbat it roar be honorably
compared with th matt perfect miliUry
ie'aoHnruenia. wr nat no neen un
l mindful of the t!itreTnenft of thoUe
prng period. It may be almost
'ally affirmed, that the money ippro-
P"ted by Congreta hat been applied to
obiecl for which it wat appropruied,
Dot onl7 twompUf and economicaJy, but
"houl lot of a cent to the goremment.
their accuracy, I.appeal to all thote
whoe situation hat afforded them the
rncant of orminga i correct judamenU
Rr the arrival of the packet thip Globe
.t Philadelnhit. from Livernool. the edit
or! of the Frceman't Journal have recei
ved their filet of London paper to the
2(Kh and Liverpool to the 2ltt February.
Kumourt bad been promulgated that
Russia, Austria and France- were about
Ojrecognize the Independence of Greece,
anj. that an army of the former had been
land that an arm v ol tha former bad been
deinatched towards ConttanUnoDlc
Sp nd Purtugal welt W U divided by
dO 0f AllWOCe
These accounts are
;.Jllr... Brougbam'a motion in the. House
of Commons that the Roman Catholic
Association should be beard at the bar of
ihe House "by themselves, Counsel,
AjrtTrtTjand-WivMaAetT-'-wa lot ;.ayes
69 noet' 333. One ot the papers' says :
Mr. Secretary Peel answered Mr
Brougham in one of the ablest speeches
he ever made : but the renlv of the Hon
Pnn,8nd m matter and manner,
th mol loqent recently dehvered In
Priiament. In the language of those
k1? f " VX"??!?!
Probert. who haa been lmnllCated in
Among them are 200 mimmuera, of
which 45 are alive ; 400 species of birds,
100 of which were wanting in the Muae-
in 350 epeciet of reptilat,o of fish,
$00 shells, of which 80 are new apecics,
and abourSTO riew instfets, icrnd jo-
UniotI iktK n tirm WH vnVtr at t m 9 tawat i ev wu i
-w louoiet. Mctuierau scriousnaiuro
en a . B. . k m a.
J t l
.. Ir UM. V .1 VY hi. lAIT.. I nil
r!c(-i'f I Ii t' tm, jiTt way, !i i.'cmi, hf
inch fi tf j in! .n. i ' l l.i !'. fa it In j!,,.
Utmost darker, lie i tenth I its ,,
''i.rj the Itoyi'Wt V'c! ..' i'cr at l'.run.
i , n J dii.f ii the I j ltoo; of
lint front thi city !
f n'rwi f Uur tt""t lfiAVf, !. 1,
Hi M.jMif Ii very ill, mdi-M.ri.l,
tl.rm Ii iclt fwr iha cuikeiflenceiof iMnftnpH-o, ih Wimtnaw lu-partar." i
illncit, ild to hate been produced by a
violent M of pinion, into wMch hit Ma
jetty fell during a I'ooncll f Stale on the
affalrtcf Sptln. It It retittd that M
miittty even deplored tM ltd fate ehlch
na4 placed lim at the ttti or ibt Cot
ernmtnt. He ccmt4aind Witttrlv of htv
Ing nctec betn tccondad by bit Minium,
thougn K had m Writ d them from the
pertoat tnott attached to kla.- -
u Laitly, according t- the tme report i,
me King taki iha4 4 now uetb tier cry
txvl; deceived tim, and that kt wit not
without vneiiincii for hiioaa) ttfiy,and
.a. at a m a. . '
mai ot hit rami:.;; .
a a . . m m m a) ".'2'
a latter iron ut&on, of an. 3 J, tayt,
We oo not yet obxrre anf ;blng to lo
dicate that aa Ijiglith divitLt will come
to keep girrlion here, tbougi it It gen-
Madrid wat very tranquil at tell at the
rest of the Kingdom, but comnkrfiil tf
Cairo completely at a aland. '
. The Lmperor of Ruttla iiit yedured
the duties on varioot produciiora of the
country weceiury for ihe manulVturet,
and imposed a moderate e sport duw upon
them. The promotions In the Ionian
and Austrian Armies continue. I
The Viceroy of Peru had addreied to
hia Moat Catholic Majesty his rtaixtlful
congratulations apofl the rniirt rttioru
lion tAa Ifgitimte fivotr
The Mining Shares are ttijl rising,
and the improvement in tcune of them.
during the last two days, bad been con
Another new Company to be called
the Guatemala Mining and Trading Com-
oanv. hat been formed, and the Shares
tre eipttted lo come into tie market in
a few tlayt.
A letter from tSc Globe,
dated 2 2d uliimq, ttatet Upland I'nitont
at 9 1-2 a 124. Alabama ai l Teunesec
at 10 1-3 a 1 2d. and a ttiU firther adtahce
at expected, at the deiiatid t be
coming; ureater- The damabd fur Cot
ton through tfce- previous tck lul been
eiircmely animated f jilet smrMitiwl 4
37,800 bilci) of which 6,001 were Amer
ican. Fnm Ca'rvH. From Mr. Warren ConU,
mprrrargo of tht brig Bramin, tlie rditor of
NeW.York Gaactte ht received the following
Off tbe Sand Heads the kVartn tued tha
company's njuadron, under. Com. Haves, bmtnd
to Rangoon to co-opcrala with the land forces
that left Calcutta soma tiuta ofevtoua.
A spirited ar aa rarinr betwearn tba Com
pany and tba Uurmcte aatioa wbea the Dtaoiin
iltd. . ' . I - - -
Cotton. 8. lilantL 35 to 50, atainrd do. 17 ta
2? Uaine and Santee, 31 t 33; short sta
le, 17 a 22 cts. Wh.akcv .3 a ZT ; I'-acon,
cts.i Hams. 8 a 9 1 tlanl. 8 a 10,
Dundee and Inverneat, (43 imh.) 24 a 26 1 Cnf.
fte Prime Green, 19 a 20 Inf. to good, 16 a U.
North-Carolina Bank Bills i a J pr r cent.
dit. Georgia Dank Hills, 1 f a J per cent. (lis..
CtttwnM. e have adranetd the rates of
t'nlimla to 17 a 22 cents. Nothing can by had
for !ea than 17 cents, and ttc best cjmmamh
21 ami 83r-t Wwiuned ppce baring, brrn
obtained in two or three inatintcl On fiaturdur
Co Corrr fcjionf nt?.
J JceftttiCfJlcrmMc. h U eruTIfrp'Tnra'
SetHertfor publicatMW (J we
ngmiycoinc a ; n oe. g........ .
m.t !. - J.r. l .r.1 i,-.. i,
dtttitn spoils it all.
If our correspondent t T. T. J. P. lie." ( it
as nuHiy-'Bainea as. the Grand.aihsw has tail.)
wishes ua to publish hit lucuurationse muKnecTcina'mf again during lhe"wt'ol'wJ
lesrn to use language mora Ucorous and rt
spectfal, at well to our readers as to irwHe.
His attempts st wit, and his arguments, are ot a
psr, and well worthy of each other. His course
wit reminds us of sn observation of Dr. .lolimon :
" It gives at little pleasure to see a person at
tempt wit. and fail in it, at to see him attempt
to jump over a mud-hole, andfall in !"
A Voter" is inadnmaibkv His Unfuage ii.
chaste, and hit argument sound s but the per.
tonality of his femarks .is too palpible. We
heartily agree with bimVtliat the dort'ine vMch
mnlv-it Ik iluiu mt. Rehreactitativet rPect the
have alviavt inculcated such a JoctrweV ana
shall continue to dp to ; but eomsion prudence.
at well as common courteft, req'r 'hat it
rihould' dune without a too ire Pr
Our late members of Congresihave, we be
lieve, to a man, offered for reflection : they
ara now ia tba hands of the aeopfe end with
tha people we are disposed to Me tbem, from
whoww wo dcaibtt-thes' wilt reflr.ry tlwir juft re-
wsrua r according to be ueedt done in .
the City of WasTiington
' the Bev.
fr O, Freeman r4 WiHiain -4dMaaw4li
A nri C. Ma'cCtinntutrli6V.
Iq Burke cenhty, on tlie 4th Inst, by D, Tate,
Esq", ;Mrt Israel Baird, of Buncombe county, to.
Mis Mary Tate. '
. Also, in Burke county, on the ith inst. James
M. O'Neill, Esq. to Miss Elit Avery.
Also, in Burke county,' on the same day, Mr.
Archibald Urgent to Miss 1fcinda A. BcacW'
. I aa i i i 4 i
'. !r. M . I I .J;.-''! Ii H ( I,,..
. imf. It IS lift. M.trm If
in Un '.! ... Iff. Crftff II r !. f.I.drt
3 lui.r.i.
ihe '.Vli 11ft, M. W. luniM, t.Jili rv I
at r.lilt J. II. t'.lnrr.
At Wton, In Ibis .', on t!. 2J Jnrf. MJ
7lor t9nK. ard 71 vcan. Ha a a an.
tt Ibt K'irbarnlina bi dunn tha war
of the HrtoMiofl, and toil a dtirtfuiJWd
part la It UuUt of fniaw tpfinrt, Untulj.
wina, Briv Crvrk. and acitd aa Ai-A-Cnp
U a. ti4Urr ha Ika baitla as MM, a4
wsl ia vario.ii ether naronnterti be arrtcd hit
country In tbt ftetd titt tht pef 15 1 and
waa, prtUMs to bit death, the but anrilng
(laid afneer f4 tbe old Nortliarviina ln. Iha
eitUeitt of MiTtoe, tfter bit otaaaw, krld a
b nrtig, and ptjacd ttmltir ttprait
thrlr tt ; t -ynrl Ttiwrtijwa of lit fmata
wonn ana rtoiuiiflary amtret.
U9 Satum? svwi
Cea. Bernard, Col. el river, MJ; rtussin, aad
Lieut Dutton, of tbe U.'B. corps of Engiaeens
arrivad k RaWigw on Satarday tKa 9th ia4 aad
WA that aw tha litis, on the ncoanoUace of
tht great National Road.
The Ne w.York Americaa of tha 6th intt. aavt
the anitala from Engtrnd hatf act all tha buti.
heat part of trie city in a txittle, oa -irg to tha
great riae of aottsn, eofTea, autr, ipoii, tie.
I an eipreMta arrived in Baltimore front Mew
York, late yrtienlay afternoon, to aomt of our
nvrcUntt, abtch caused Isrra (luantitiet of
spoilt lo chan owners. Kspreaaet ara rrpor.
led to hive gone Houtb and Wh of ut, but
prrhat it may be a ell fur speculators to ba-
are of a ra-artMM. BalL titt.
Ity in arrival at New-York, tdvktt
htvt been received from tendon to tbt
fin of March t We mike a few extract!
from the Baltimore Palriot. The intel
ligence most important to thit section of
the country, it the in the price
of cot ion.
Letttr from narrrlona state, that Fer
dinand hat published a decree which had
piodured great aentsiion, ordering the
merchants of Barcelona, wlru are miking
out . claims for injuries done to Spanish
romiiirrcc uy the result of this country
TO Include iti thoAe claims all injury tus-
lamcrl frin,i Jiouih Ameiican privateers
wkicn coulJ -be proved to nave sailed
from ports of the Unfvd Slates. Mr
Willte i force, from bud health, alter being
45 years in Parliament, is about to re
sign his aest in Parliament.
The wbove arrival brought accounts of
further advances in the price of Cotton,
and of a probability of tbe price rising
.till higher.
Tbe German papers announce the death
of Duke Frederick IV. of Ssxe Cqtht.
Greece and Turkty" he Journal du
Commerce, of the 28ih of Februiry,ifitei
on the authority of accounts from Augt
iwrg and Nursrobarg, thai the inaurrcc
I Kn-of Coiocotronl hid bren completely
tuppretsed, ai d the Creeks are vigorous
y following up the blockade of I'atrat.
France and South America. . Paris
Paper of the 20th Feb. states, apartment!
ere preparing at the Austrian Ambassa
dor'i lor Prince Metternich. " Hit com
ing to Paris hat given rise to a report
j that a Congress was to be held, consist
ing of the Ministers of France, Spain and
Austria, lo take some resolution as to the
New American States. - Several persons
corortig to Paris to learn the opinion of
lMXIPcJ!Li-.lll net ai to I, reece. He i
i In rrm . in at P .rl.iill T ... n X I. Vn
m tonwd there
. .
jnterv;,,, between the CtnPe-
i oil of Russia and Austria.
Urcrhool JiJurJtett, Frb. 26."
Cotton. We have had a very anima-
the week for Cotton, from the tratfo as
well as on speculation, and at gradually
improving prices, and the market haa
closed at an advance of Id to lid on til
descriptions. The quantity sold amounts
to 4't.OOO bag.
London Market, March 3.
CoTroi Tho purchases of Cotton
yevertlay were nearly 3,000 bags, at still
hiphtrpt icier, and this- mom i new further
impulse Lis been given to the Market by
the account! received "Tfohf Ne-York,
which state a ereat rite in the prices of
cotton, in consequence of advices from
1 I r I
yrrconsequrrjce per lb. on
the prices oi yesterday.
RAN away from tht subscriber, on the 2C(h of
Mitrcb last, a nryiv man HmMtd CF.ONUK,
formerly the property of Jno. H. Frecling:
licorge, ij alout 45 or 5D yean of age, about 9
fcer or-9.incbe; high well set, bas a down
look, and a fine voice ahen sh:ayly spoken to t
It lr thought he will make jM.wajrtr Tcn
mm. rAn, mhiu mlia mill take t ma nrirro.
and put him In jail, or deliver him to tlie owner
C. mU be ressonaoiy rewsraeu, ano a exren
aidL7-ivjXt?fr- B. VniiSWrr.
bohe)s of Oats delivered at White
Hall. N- C. nine miles south-wet of
Cfiailotte, for which ?5 cents per bu-bel will
be irireni by- DAN'L. AI.I.AN1V
n:Dhiin:iui ir.v.ixr.rv:
la air.
flIlr. ailfr'!Mf k.tuf nrnttrnrtA t.a
I. niinf,rfitfft t4 .!, I! iiiU, fcr, na
mHii-ni, U, i rinUr ii, ,,,.! tny quti
iif Cif fv Vis iff ditrrttMHi of Apf(Wa.
r. n ,ilf t,!, in
poil.tiMwe' ViJ., l.vni o dra. la f
, falrat Mtdia Tial, cf every rwrffitlow.
tlactura Buttle, aih r.HKl sitfpjwrt, Inwl '
lulf fnl la Ma f Jk,
ptr.a 1UU, odh Uq iffeJ ftrrt, fionf
half a-nt taa g'lmt,
PrUgra' rtikiog riittles, wide ami narn
v(l,, f.,, ,,,f f.,n la laa g;Un J
Acil AiUkt, aitn frvtiMl to.p. r.
TmjI,mi ff mw paH U twa g!l xti
t'oiirrcloe tkjw n -Ht. s i. Aa, '
kkbag sU Krr ; ae. wratftrt and -lurid
overtvpa, frani baaf pint ta one
gklkMt. ' , "
-QiwwtandlutffalU folk. , ,.4,-..
. Kaaliiiift'in, 1a TtV, IrtnVJin, sSifT
, fisnlLn, Agrkiiharal tad Mamr, Cor.
w viiina, mrnrm , SWI avtamon
fibUnd IVbat flaaka.
. SalUar tTaltr, Maatard and Cayenne TfHi ,
! A L ! . I - I . .
Botllct. . . .
HiiUtT, Blacking tnd Ink llottW.
Hith every other drcriptiin of YU! uA tM'
llH aaada ta order aa tht et rrawmaSle rris.
" ,TV W, UYOTT. -
If. E. earner of Hecood k Race Mretta,
PbilaJrlrk4a,Ori. 12, 1IJ4. 41 f
frr lubmrt Ihroukiiout the Vnitcd P'trt
ho adrru for T. W. Drott br tha vtlr.
will pleaac Inwii the tlx H UU Mil
IUt. Mr. ,NYUtTAtoon,
1 r.Yf EW of tlia Sermoa prtaehad baAjra IhA
JIB, n.i.Ia Sorletv uf rtortb-t.'arolina, tiv thi
K'tht Rev. John K Usvenacroft. D. 1). Bi.Kr
of tht dtoeeM of Kcrth f arolirs for sale at th
office of tba Weatera Camttman, rrn-e 2f rli.
. Tha proceed of thU work, aftrr nVfraring
tbe ripente, w all bt gien to tbe Hibtt uiety
of NortbaroTina.
"1 17 Hi bt gl vee f rba appear mjAn
If Itvary lo tba subscriber, at Wain loo pof
office, Ijurtna dialrici, hntith-Carolina, or fur
securing in anv jail, and riving infonn'ioi t
the aubtcribcr, at the ptre-shoe-fnenimed.
lo MsJ. I. TsrbrouKh, Salitbnrv, N. C. a St A. HO
FEU.OVV by tba name of Mm, but ailt proba
bv change hia ham j br ia quite black, 22 or
23 years of sge, $ fret I or 6 incites hiafh. a
little croas-eyed, has a small scar on one snle of
bis face, one oTb.s ankVa-bonrs prnjrcts out
cofwairrsbly, tpeaki plain, and ia quite Infdli.
grat.- A reward af tew dllara,aa above ofTrred
will be given for hi apprehension and confine
BMBt and infurtuation given, as shore a tted.
" tTatfrhm, Tjmreui di ttrict,
.f.C..Wanr41l,1835. " !57
- -
ISJPOHTF.R1 of f ry r-nnrlt, are now ,reeiv
ing their ttiring auppKet from Eitgtaiid and
New-York, which, aitb those on-hand, ill
ComprUe an txtentive aasortment, and alford tn
eountr, axix.UuU an opportutiily nf mka;
good nWci'ioit.' A liberal credit iU ba t?yrn
to respAnible dealers whom they mttc to nuko
their purChasrs in thi market.
.1f,wr 25, 1825. 4! 56
lfivit tt. Crnne & Co.
ARE now receiving their ftpriag ImnorlatioB
of Hardware ami Cuuierv direct from I'n-
gland, comprising a grnrral ataortmentjif snrh
irootla as ait usually kept in 'country stores,
which thry offer at wholeule, to responsible
dealers, on t liberal credit.
FatHtrvUle.MtrrhZS, 1825. ' 4t58
1 1 i r f f r.VA a'
A SUPERIOR Jack as a foal-getter, will stand
the er suing spring te&'on (to end on tho
Itt of Augti-t) at my atabk, on .tuear Creek.
seven miles south-wrst from Ctiarlutfr, and will
be let to anaiws at five dollars tbt season, and t
Ua t. rnare with foal. .
- threat care win oa taarn io prevent arcmenra
or escapes, but I wHT hot bt bible for either.
.OalTyfrei. nV 3, 1825. 6t58
1JI0R the benefit and, enconmgrmentiirME
. CflANlSMi in the Vt estom part of Nortb
1586 TICkTi'f S, AT g2 EAClt'"
ATr m o jiLLvrs to a Pknt
1 Priaa of 500 dollars (a Phaeton and Golfed
Haw ',in) is 9J500
1 do. (P.mily Coach) is 30f
1 do. 9350 ( is 250 .
1 do. ftlav (do.) . is 180
1 do. 130 (do.) is TJO
2 do. (aide Dotrd and Cotton Sav
tiin is 200
"2 do. S80 (Gig and Sociable) ir m -STirRM'rPedstea.taY
is 40
3 do. gl4 (a set of Tables) is 42
"2 do." SJ2 tYTindsor Chair) ia - 24
3 do. 10 (two Latliei' Work Tables and
one Pembroke) is 30
1 do. S8 (Bellows top Cra.Ui;) is 8
10 dti."6 (6 VbwKhs, ft Stre el-Lamps; ami
2 Lard Cans) ia CO
ro'-riiii'---' " ta - - -
1 du. &4 (Caiidlestand) fs"' "'""
1 do, S3 (do.) is 3
-?trdor-8J W.V- ii CO.
300 dd.
i (25 cart steel AleJ, and 275 pair
Shoes) is - 00
gl Tin Ware, Jewefry, .Bhoci, he.
be. is 431
tickets tin bt hud tn iianatUf tlia undaci.
signed ComnuaaioJiervby.Jctter, Lposfagepaid
itjcipsing. jJiR.nQicy Cm MKtm'f
iia4bibury,...8ta!trivi.l!e, , Concoro, Xjiicolnfoiij
Vorkville or Luncastcr j who pledge' thcmielvea
to" psyche pdif s ar lortb iartba aclwinc
mowy to prchers of tickcti, provided, tho
scheme ahail not be drawn.' -""'r" vr
' N. B. Explanatory Hand Wills can be had of
tho Coouiuuiunctiv 41

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