North Carolina Newspapers

    JiJifflaal CtlftraKcitf.
romiu vr ji'tr.
At t pull M1inf (tf lb itUlM
mrf, 4 rkioft U ll Mart., 0 iM
nrb . eMtstteemrtfvmeirta were tt-d
M M eWVtng lU pproiUig anniversary
Ahie Ud'peadewM, A Mliitle U
prvperw. fcavetl another 14 l lb ery
prang M dinner, el third e ft
eJ kMf IWIL, arpoiattd. A
" rWiM4 Wf I QUStfWJ fW th lltk,U r'
Ud, Wwd k MMMUd, to Otkm M tV
iM Ml tU eecsei.
' , rpJl iU4 l
M .rJI'LrtmCttJk'CQMO.
TU of Csbarrw Cowiy having boe
A4wet h ee.wt
f M rWbnIBnM ffl We"! W
. .1.1 i J socrV
tl action. HtmhJ. that the Me
liik.iwi fc iiud trodM th observe.
. .MMai to read lb Deelarstiow of Ind.
wwde, Ur IL AWaaftder to oVBver the
I Cot Jams A. Meo ppiu4
Utarahsl f lb Uy, 4 D"d. CXlem as
OrJtrfJ, That th Cptio of the I jgM Infan
try b ftjutl o pJs his company
m thai day. trdrd, that lb Captain of tb
Carelry V rptd ui parad hi company on
U eccato t iH Umi lb iw. of w wuwj
I - A In iiiia In nroeeiakn.
Oa motion, r4rrM, that llM surviving Palri.
fa of 7A, rldng in th eoutfy, be particular.
W Iwvited U attend and partake of lb fcatiri.
tic of the day. rralit i and aorortlnrly, (hy a
vU J ttb dinxrfU b fnfwla4 bJom
rMMc rrwJM U Jar. and CcnX Paul
rfnrr Vk PrKUnt. lln procak U1
aa4at llVlik.
On aaoiMMi, MttthU, ihti theaa procdjnp
. J.L.BjUlU),ir.
We, tk Smdenu ut tori U'JLntt
JctJtmv. called a meatinr for the pur
mm of making tultatlt arrangement for
tka crlrbratioo ol tba lortf Pintn annirtr
aarr fif Amrkan Independence : where-
udou, FicUri . Fortune wat called to
the cbalr, and lha following reanlutiona
were adorned, ritt Jamei R. C NeiiU
to deliver aa ontlonriuluble to the occa-
floarJerefnlah S Uaugh. to read the
Declaration of Independence ; Richard E
Fortune appointed Prrtidcnt, and
'Tboe, D. Spratt, 1ce Preaideot of the
The corom'ttee appolated to draft toan,
eoniUt of Meir. Richard E. Fortunei
Henry Kfiit, Thoa. D. Spratt, Jamet E.
Xrr. Jaan J. Hicklia atut Sml Har
frare. Those appointed to preserve or
der.dorjntj the celebration, are Aleuts.
John McJimiejand JonJf. Ilicjiliat
John McJimsef was appointed to deliver
otr-rntrodiittoTy aprech, -prtvioot to the
delivery of the oration and reading of the
Declaration of Independence.
Since we hive taken it in'o considera
tion to celebrate the 4th of July , the citi
seot of Statesville, and ticinhr, are res-
Eectfully invited to attend at the court
ouse, rtd participate with us in the ex
pected celebration. -
The cititens of I-awrtncrviJlr, Montpomf ry
countr. held a Rieetiiir, a short time since, and
etcTCftJnia axragato Air vtrbrttAr -the
eoruln; innivemrj of tne UecUraUaa or taac
pcsdcooTk . ' ' - - '
jrr.VTO.W and the CREEKS.
A writrr in the Cliarlwton Courier of the
28th oh. girrt the flloin)r atatement of facts,
reiauve to the treaty with the Creek Indiana : .
44 The following 1 believe to be an hon-
n nf aI Tka fftmniiuinn-
era went out authorlied to treat with the.
proper uthonuei ol tne wnoie creea
nation. They could not treat thus, and
one of thent went to Waahington to ob
tain instructions, which would authorize
a treaty with a part of the nation only.
Such instructions, the President, (Mr.
Jlonroe,) absolutely refused ; but be al
lowed Hhe commission to be kept open,
and the treaty was renewed. An agree
ment for a treaty) waa concluded, with a
part of the nation only ; and, indeed, it
wuld seem very unalL fiarl-mmott ctr.
tainty a minority, in whatever way the au
thority tjf the nation may' be 'diitributtd.
This treaty waa reported by the commis--sionersi
and waa approved and ratified.
And lastly , the chiefs who aftned uere j
:: murdered.. .. :;;r" r.z : :r:
; Holy Alliance. Account from Milan
of the 24th March, state that great pre
parationa weroatakinf for the reception
of their Imperial Majesties. " their pre
sence has attracted vast number of
strangera, and severe als bad been
hired at high prices. It waa believed
iRniTbr Itatfi;eprth ft)prwottW
meet it Milan. ' There was to be a tamp
In the neighborhood, composed of the
freiier Jrt f the Austrian troopi In
-teria! Mateitfeiereto visit-Floreiice,
but nothing was aid of Iheir going toj
Five Dollar BHU oUhe Planters and
Mechanics Bank of South Carolina, alter
ed to Tens, are in 'circulation in Charlea
ton. ' . "
jfu: ami,
M cur-a kurJiLH.
Ws UUsims, U primus U a .ftUi. A.
UrmntaiM, cnaMnce tke plUlM at the
eoMrwervy bltn Mr. Kr et a4 CUy.
We Imri Mr. KrtfJs ktiir entire la ttW
MnUr a4 alaJ Mr. t"lr'i ftf'
U evf Mit. .
van e vhtim eiaatitiia.
- e. mttttiSTS aniMUM
. TvdtUu m tie nui.r and f tt a eons.
bmo a4 knfonn) ijm W at -enm.veuldbneapMn'iMMa.
fvw auMeiane
pcrj'tcird UtUiort eMt,rlu te&mifrit a
atandr4 af witU aaJ aMamrvsat nc eni.
turm, uncUrgi&U, Vi a.Ufrtd M tUe 0 of
tJniamnMiai'r Kirlt"1-'--' f tl..t..
of lU IjrUiie swt Una wry Kw J
gtaMd and rrancn, U acvtr f Uvant mk S
tiaiMiard, h ls I r1 evaawo, Inrir
March. Tie count of ikua dtffUttlty tUirljr
thfaei f. No kmrULIe Oandard eiMsln an
two to kick can alf and frwfteirtly re
enr i 7. It U tttsoMibl to eot y br wordt only, j
an edtQ'iat idea ol etUrnt, wvibl of dimt a.
tion i 3. A andrd, hrtlt, 4 0M be
mad and drMwicd in mm at euro pUet uxor
ding tn IikK all tln wm b4 Mkioncd. In
lha im!tipleatinn of eopir, H wooM be re.
utuut of iWfpiotil and iftirxfant error Jd not
arcur, bcn eWlrr thai, for tl mn part,
tbev muat be tot of copiev and Ckeviae tbe
vanationa to vbitb matter i ukjvct, both In d.
mention and wirit, utvler drTe rent drrree of
beat and eoU, and GKtrta prewuret of the at
HmI a mj object U not to enumerate the d.
leuhir to be eneonnierrd, or tr oboiacle to be
overcome, t anal) return from tbi difreioo to
the eonaidemtion of weights and meaMrea, aa
By a kw of Uiie otsle, entcled preview to tba
Amcriean Mevobrtion, and vhirb ia yet in force,
it la ordered that na pervm ihU puke one. In
trmfirtf;. of any other weight or mcaurr rta
re wwiie and wH aeH'ig tv rbe itwnrftrrd fn
Vtmcirtti (the kingof Great Britain) errAry wr,
and the atatittet of lgUnd in that rate prori.
dvd," fcc. The anUrd 4 a txihel (of which
there re aereral) in the Knglith eichequrr, a
appear frorn areunte neairenent made by
akilful and eminent srtitta. differ verv consider
ably from each other. For these aiflVreace,
no adeqiute rcaoa oan be aaairncd in the per.
Whtbtcnr of the materials i tor some of the
wUcat standard are Ike Urgeat. But notwitn
standing thto diertiy ia the atantUrda of tapa.
citv, Ui Winchcater btiakel, a elimler of )"
Incbe diarmMer, ami tnchr depth, lia alwaj
been recogniied by the Legitttie of tla e
eral l'. Bute (except Connect irtit) u the Stan,
dard bualicL A meaureof tkeao dimcnaion
contains 3I50TV cubical inches. To
make a measure of ihit capacity ufTtcieDtlr ac
curate for common uae (or for a rnr atandard)
with a Cumer scale, would not be difflrult to s
kilful artiat. I aay with a Gtmter's wale, for,
from the great number of tleae acales cattered
over tbe country, and the eaaw with which they
may h eonrared ith each Other, and with oth.
er measure of rxtrMimt, Ur ai"l an
accuracy scarcclf to hate been eipccted..
But here another Afficuhy w to be encounter.
ed. Unjfinmtjuf weights sndTneaaure tone
knnwledred to be an object pf primarj impoN
tance. Uniformity with what, or whom t 8ure
ly uniformity among them, between whom there
v intercourse. Accordinr to return made by
the Collectors of custom in this stale, to the
Secretary of tbe United State, tt appeara thai
the bushel oaed at these cuetura bout differ
from the Wincbi-ater bushel, and from each oth
er i" their capacities are aa follow t
That at Edenton, 2160T8 cub, in.
Newbern, 2U3.60 do. do.
Ocracoke, ' 2111.10 do. do.
Washington, 2 1 28.0 i do., do.
-.j-- "-- 8357.50
Ave wjM contents In cub. Tii.cdT
,0ic butJiel uedl the.cus-KatSWe'..
torn houses in this stste, C.
-Thi aversfje measure i lei than fheWin.
Chester busheVby 1 1 TJ etib. In. a diflerenee
of 10 biulicl in meaurirr 3000 buthela. In
tliii calculation, I have emitted to
mcuurcjiscdal PlfHKHttli,baue there muitbc
an error in it, for it contain 100 cub. in. more
than, any other. .
liL MavssUr .WanwpaictlHMVJtaewia-wt
1M .Mil H m wn.
bushel being known, these may be easily lounu
by iUbdiv'uion.
I - may examine the subject" of " weights
sT some other time. Suffice it for the pre,
ent to observe, that 1728 cubic inches of
spring wster, at the temperature of 56 degrees,
weigh 1000 ounces, avoirdupois: Consequently
2 1 5'0TV5 cub. in. (the Winchester bushel) eon.
tain 77 lbs. 12 oz. Ti drams of the came water.
Measures of extent are made to so great a de
gree of mathematical exsctnen, that we cannot
wiah them nearer perfection for common use.
1 have made these observations, expectlnr
thst eome person better esquainted wrJ this
subject, will suggest a method by which we may
arrive at uniformity o desirable and necessary
in weights and measures. METBETES. .
Note. The bushel used at the custom, hove.
in- Clntrfertoni 8. C.eontaine 41 7i7fg cubical
inches.- In Norfolk, Va. the collector of cus
toms uses a bushel containing 3 1 27 -i ptr cub. in
The extra session of the legislature of Ceer.
f'oxcommence4 t MUleslffeville on the 23d ult
It would seem from the following extract from
the speech of Gov. Troup (which is very char
acteristic of the matt) that ti t resdy io ui
sou ne ai. "--a- knait thner'nersl o-
ernment. Cor. Troup speaks more like an in.
of a free stste; " """ """ ""
' Since your last meeting our feelingi
have been again outraged by officious and
impertirit; hf intermeddlings with our do
mesuc concerns- ocsiaea sne jxspiuwon
oresented f&r th consideration of-the
Senate bf -Mf."Rinjt of ' NewYork it
understood that tne Attorney-oenerai oi
the United States, 'who may be. presum
ed to represent his Government faithfully,
end to speak as its mouth piece, baa re
cently maintained before tlie Supreme
jCn-jVt,iCtrtnet fi ll .Jai.f,
U w.Uid by tt I a ,a,tt
if J'ill any Ut lb t'or. jte,v Wft
dicr, le Ji a hil tni'f tn .
ogt ctt to ikctnc!'ri f edil!r or
Of Oft Kr ,f puUt nd (Utit the uul
f.rfto lractk bf K fleMrmat af the
Unled Slates If h wjbt. prmdele
etlabUsbed whlck il dre not eabtlk fef
lisetfi case Is made trtke (hcSupreae
Cemtt, and the triectplt f1 OleJ, the
set of Congress fallow (rN Sooa,
erf ajoo, ibotsLra, th V4l.Suus
(;ormmot d.KrJiof ! Nik will
tJy Utd ilsefto cerr.lif ln tf fs
eiia h, tU destmiW Hff ekbg
vaJusUie la ike SotttkiW Cestttry-
tnovimeot of I be Ctk ttaxAuii)y
nxi.aBdaHUIoat. XirBforiuoelonrSr
null Inown yooNswlulioej that tba
lublect aball ne4beiccUdbylbm,Uiri
at their peril but br ha sacrtd guarantee
by the costitutloe we nsver would tvove
become parties 10 that kulntrneal
Uia taocaeol yo vtruU teH eaake your
selves parties to any eonsai ui leai whboui
n t coorst70o wui novo pny so
from the movot the Geral Govern
ment shall wake thai nsewtiveat
' M If Ihk matter be la 111. U J or
wo-4f It be a ain, we M Implore tU
forgivceaeof it to rirrwe it, we ask not
either their sympathy ir aUtaoce il
may be our pkysusl wmkne it Is our
morsl arengtb. If, Uae f Creeks sod
Komsns, the moSMat we etase be mss.
ter we are alsves we tfxtcefon minis
ter like the modem lulUrl to the luiury
end pleasure of our maste poets, pain
tors, muslclsna and aculptts we nay be
the moral qualitiea herVvee, which
,wouiU ruase us Uir pi is Verse the gran
deur of a great empire, wouk'be ttone
We would atsnd stripped ti desolate
under a fervid sun aod upon igenerous
soil, a mockery te ourselves, ! the y
contrast of what, with little firmness
and fvcsigbt, we miM have ben. I en
treat you, therefore, most earnetly, now
that il is not too late, tf atcp fth ) and
having eihaustad Ike artrwrnen, to ataod
by your arm. An what tien I
It appear to be an established fa, tkat &
M'lntosb wu bribed to tell the sqntry tf the
Creek te the tnited Statea, J tkm se has
f4ca a victim to the fury wkioii Vt earrifkc; J
the interest of hi tribe asepired ataonf the l
diaaa. Il anoenrs that a krre majsritr of the
nation was opposed to -ttf tbN land in
Georgia, and removing beycJ tba kiiippi.
MTntoab was aware of the ndfvpoi,' f th
tribe to remove i and the fcrfriture of kie W
wu tbe consequence of bis tiithJcsneie to bis
people. -
We are glad; (and it nuat g UdiLa th bear!
of every American pbilanljropwt,ih tie cor
nipting practice of treating profusely vstla tplr
itout liquor during the electronoering aeaaon.
i becoming so generally reprobated, thst tt hu
slresdy been greatly lessened, and rourt soon bt
entirely discountenanced. '
As one smong tbe msny proofs of th truth
of the above observation, the Cmfld Jury of
Franklin county, at the late aprmf term of their
county court, made a presentmevt on the nub.
ject, eonchiding with tbe foDowirsr resolmiorn :
Hetohvd, thereore, wnines)rVt-That
it is the sense of this Grand. Jury, that
the course practised by Candidates for the
LeRiltnre, for several weels before el
eetions, of buying and profilely giving
way spirnotis mjuars, mu ngt i
is called, is a moat denlorabli injure to
fmoral ami society, and In its cjnsequences
ia calculattd.ta destroy the ry basis of
Republicanism, by putting it out of the
pvwv (; prudent man of small prop-
nf T JiBfiWhTt Wt1iftne"eyjT'T rtfrtf
while the rich man alone on support the
expense of electioneering."
Retotvtd, unanimously, That as individ
uals we will discountenance the practice
and to thia end, we mutually pledge our
selves, each to the other, upon our words
and eacred honor, that we will support no
candidate who may hereafter fallow the
practice of attending public gatherings of
the peoplerespecially (br a few week be
fore elections), end there profusely bujipg
and treatinr with apiritoua liquor.
Reiotvrd,vnanimovity', That as a part of
the people, et friends to our Republican
Institutions, as friends to morality and
good order, in society we:. do sincerely
and humbly entreat and solicit our fellow
citizens to unite with us In checking end
oplio&irTlliirbaBkful practi&e.
Signed by oil the
ie fury.
Bjejeaa Mr. William Albertttjn, late editor and pro
prietof of the Elisabeth City Btnf, hu relin
quiahed the estabUAmesb tolu aOo, Benjamin
aivt The paper. kaslarted te a-roval
size i ana rrur,iar additions) rerMeaa to
patrons, and increased profiutiW proprietor.
A mafThy Qiemme
time last year, after having defaced the good
people of .New Brunswick (N.iUaey) out f
sboutrg8000, decampedf -wety to. New-York,
caused an, afiecting account of bis own death,
b drowning, to W publislledsn the'Evening
Post, the more effectually io iicck the pursuit
of the suffering New Bran4bkra' shipped
aboard a vessel bound to LetrW ie.
Tand-wh'ere he was arrested laWly, and wiU be
brought back, to be dealt witi ss directed by
the laws in iucb case rosde and provided.
J,,LJ P, T. U ansiM I hs t
Ws.-i'v (X. C.) UttmUf, a (-L-lt I
ti't" t1,t st slrVt (Mpwd af lb cever
B b,J Utm II, 4a, Pat, Trl
l .) U tbe Mil Conges sf ike
Vn44 ret.. T. If. IHB. U U ea.Ute.
A divkUnJ f for per lent, on ike f Hal
of tk Hate Bank KortkCartSna, kaa
be cteelarei for the bat ail month, wkkk
de paysUe at ike prmaiej beak ee
Mon-Uy.tke etfc sttie acytralbrao.
bbealA days tWeefle,
1 M etiuat Of Wama'U, M th.1 atate. gat
a pwbKe (toner, oo ibe 2Hk eh. te rfsaj Ml
kr, rVpmiou lekh oVpsrtgr, tbirge
oVs'Arsire from the I'niud tat U CH Be
pul&e of CatiamsU, at wbkb abvul $0 gtmle
ave ware ft.
At lU last term of the Superior Court for
IWlifai eosay. M tbk slate, a citd mi, tgory
Wftsoktr sdnunisirstor, w a detiiWd mf
of Im pUot.ff, ene dUUw damages wlxk kad
beediWe ftati in aourri lb cU sad eipee
ars of uit wrre e4imud at to itumtU aW
Lnf bb t there's a gtoriou aalMtactioe ia go
ing te lie I
" AdmJret't" eststie Wok I belter U
manoscrtpt rtiaa it would in po vd tbe fol
lowing turn of It, verb, ei bt.
Oh t lovely Martha may a youth,
tMtrird by beur, wrged by truth
Ih-oiot the secret of a breast,
U'boae ancbiou apim cannot rest.
New we so much diJ.k to beeome tbe d.
v,ger tA Mcervtt,M Oiat we cannot censrni to
disturb tlut hich serm once to bae r paartl
In the - breast" s. - j k- T
appear rcsUi UlKlrr any luruxr wwcmsnsi
n -'
Failed to arriv on TuewUy lat i by this
mail, mort f wir pspen and krten from tl
anrth and east are reeied. cor.soue nrfy tw
failure i tbe aourc of s good desl of disap
pointment nd vesalion to our citiiene. Its
nonmval last week wu the more provoking,
a tUr wss a clcsr sky over head, and a eom
oleie Bowfinc tircen under foot. We are told,
Lioevcr. that -r W.ter (which appear
much an to the tran-portation of lb
maiV the tint .Va wst to tbe march of Pba
raohandlbe Kgtptian luat) wusoneikd,lbat
tt could not be lurded.
...... . TJIE 3Ui,KET -
t iTraviua, jcs 2,
Cotton, ?S a 77 cent. rWon, fa7J. Can
dles, mould, 14 SIS. Coflre, 18 a 2J. Corn,
6i70 lou,4). Iron, 6. Molavsr, :7
a 40. Nail, cut. 7 a i wrourht, II a 20. bu
er. comnon to prime, 9 a : 1. Salt, liverpool,
10 a 90 1 Turk'i Islaml, lie. 70 a 7 J. Steel,
American, 8 s 9. Tobacco, leaf, 4 a 3.
Cotton, S. Island, 60 to K?, slainrdilo. 33 1
43 1 Maine and Santcr, 33 to 63 j aliort st
pie, 23 3X tv-Wbskry SI o-tOr-Bacon.
6a7 llama, I a 0, Lard, 0 II t Bagging;
Dundee and Inverness, (42 Inch,) So a 29 Cof.
foe Prime Green, rvi a 21 Inf. to rood, 17 a II.
KWlh-Caroboa Bank Bills, 2 a 3 per cent
dit. Newbern and Cape I'ear do. 3J a 4 per
cent. u. i ueorria uu. i i n per cent. ui.
Darien Bank Note 7 a 9 per cent. di.
Csi. During the patt week, up to Friday
Upland vu extremely dull andaalea could not
be e fleeted at less than one cent per pound re
duction on previous rate i holders beinr unwit
ling to submit to this, very little waa done.
rhe accounts received by the .fWiAyir, gave
new Lfe to tbe .market on Triday morning, and
several Iftbueanir bsg' cb'angadhai-.ffi, 'chiefly
ior export, at .0 a cents, princtpallv at
a. 29 cents for Ruddling to. very good i tome
very prime lots, in square bales, vere sold at 32
cents, and the rsme quality in round bag at 30,
s Si centr In the afternoon of Friday, the d.
mand aubaided in some mesaure, and continued
alaek on Saturday vtil! factors continue firm in
their demand, and no further decline at pre-
cm is imicipaicu.
Mr. Morse, llr. Landey K. White, of Iredcn
county, to Miss Rebecca Fletcher, daughter of
the Bev. James Fletcher.
At his residence in this county, about 5 miles
from this place, on w edneedav, tbe 8th instant,
Capt. Mn Hon ard, in the 73th year of hit age.
He waa a staunch whig snd a soldier during the
struggle of our rather ior a political existence,
from 76 to 13 1 he buckled on his armor, and
bared hi breast to tbe storm of war that howl
ed through, our country at that gloomy aud por
tentoss period. Thin are those men, from
whom we inherit the bletsitip of republican in
at itstiona, dropping into the grave i and toon we
may, with melancholy truth, exclaim, in the Ian
gtage of diviiuty, M Our fathers, where are
tieyi'L . P.
In Mecklenbnrg county, on the 29th uk. Mr.
Samuel JIarrit, vm of the oldest and moat res
peetabbr-inhabrtarrtsof said county. He died
!.L. o.i r l . . A . i: : i
m the 87th year of his age, after a lingering sick
nessof five weeks and four days, lie diedaa a
christian, supported by an unshaken and well
grounded hope of eternal blisi and happiness.
He hu left an a red widow, many ions and
daughters, and a large eh-cle of friends and
neighbors, to mount then irreparable loss. lie
. I. - I . ..iMMriJa
s.;tv. He died, as he lived, much beloved by
all who knew 11m; Mark thi jpertect man,
ittd behold the uprightj' fw
that man ia peace.. . -t
In Lincoln count V, very luaaeniy, on ne i jih
u1t.ihe Bev. Daniel Asbury, in the 64Vh year of
hit'tges- - - - i---
- AvTiak of Satldle-Uags
1Y7AS fuund on therbench- hefure the iu-j
ff scriber"! store, early on Wednesday mor
ning, the 24th ult i they contain articles of clo
ing, and psrt of an sccount book. The ow ner
is deVd to owll, pav for thi advertisement, and
take them away. MICHAEL BROW N.
ln. 1 a ftteue d.n4 at 1rwrUt, fson.
it u alt. ( rhe TTi a be 4 Mr,
tnl.n si ym Cenese. ad Utd4 asm..
if I Ibare le ef tax ibtii fm there be In.
tondeJ l preeeed ! tjyte fiti.burgi a
from r.('4ifr h as ! k 0 uk h Lrn
tim of ib lake, and ptui de ibe Bw .
iota eaai.
t. L sj 1 - - t i' . . a
of AlsbwMe. CWmrwf C Clsr Is a rMdt
nurpar, ss a f aavswuse t iiorer"
fwews sao emrtbere tUrtrtrt a thai si si a
Ibe swsl Congrei, s ppMio4 te Ibe oM
mennert rv.l H1 , ri. ft .. R, Balk, .
auitse. f t r,
' aw m. m ax F .
ltrrrtv. lam I Inn nor, ia rff r- naurvr,
wrriH so vM Onvsmwevno t-gntnm w wi
lle a owe 4 ike Jw.!g of ike luper CoWV
ki w arched by b taretbrnry,
It e Ir sre thst tbr 3'g has resigned, with e
vkw of frMinung ibe prwrttee of lb law in rbo
supresn iun, and in co"l m ue supw
ing esMintwa, and will fur thai porwwae, cslab.
bafa bsmntf ut lbs cty. MfjUur.
ralvlo Willey, k'sq hsi been f hosen
United States Senator from Connect!
cut, In place or Air. Mnmsn, whose
tern of service eapircd at the last srs-
sbft. Several ineffectual attempts bad
been made, the two branches of tbe
LeeUlaiure di treeing Us their nomina
tionsthe Mouse adhering to Mr. WU-
Icy, and the Senate to ilr. Iamani the
senate at length concurred in the election
of Mr. WUley.
The IndianspoU Gnette give an ac
count of singular phcoomenon which
Arprll- About I o'clock, a. m. heavy
sound, like a discharge of artlllerv, wis
hesrd, apparently descending from the
Meavcr.a. This wis followed by some
thing Like discharge of musketry, firing
in defile and in regular succession. An
intermission of moment theo look
plsce, which was auccceded by long
snd distinct roll, aa correct as the !! of
drum, and accompanied by aomelhing
like a feu it Mt. 1 he sounds sre si id
io have been heard in towns fifty mile a
apart and the evidences of the fad are
sisted to be some ol the most retracta
ble citizens of IndieruK . . Ae'j JoHr ,
THE undersigned, commissioners appointed
by the County Court to insprct, and reject
nr accept, the new Bridge serosa Uie souiii l ml
kin. hairr yesterday viited th Bridge, feel
. . ' . .i i , . i . . . it
grstineo in announcing io me puunc tuai u win
be completed by the Vnd day July.
On that la), the t omnuevoner will ipm
meet fur th purpose of receiving tl Bridge
from Mr. Jf, the contractor i when, it is
Hope, rillt as many of rb rtltaena sf ll. ecnin
ty si can ipsre time from tbeir accustomed a0.
ca' ions, ill assemble there to tee whether tbeir
rJlf)ny lUteeo cfuajiJrrdIn erecting another
uacless ikeleton of a Bridge, or judiaonary ex
pended on a fabric that will adorn the county,
facilitate tbe immense intercourse between the
fertile section of country above, and that below
the river, and long stand s monument of the
Jiublic spirit that caused its erection, and of the
iuthfuliica and skill of our fctlow-cilUca who
built it.
Altrn C. Harbin,
John MVIcltand,
DavWl MT.uire
John linn,
Swti 9, 1105. r63
John Beard, jun.
Rnbt. Macnamara, .
John Scott,
DaoT. Ileirer,
- Art ViWtYciTr6si;
WAS left in the Cmirt-Houe bnSundav!
before lit. the 3th IWt. a new deep blue
silk Umbrella, with an ivory handle. W hoever
has it In possession, will please return it to the
iubcnbr, snd receive the thank of its owner.
Salisbury, 9, 1823. 3l64
THE aubscribers beg leave to inform the cki.
.... , fil!HktiMr .nit Ka tMikTl a, I.m.
tbaS uey awre-wvwencw Unr atxrre tiusuiras
in the town of Sslwbury, on Main street, next
house north-tast of the Jaih where they will bo
prepared to execute any Job in their fine of buet.
nees, or the shortest notice and most reasonable
tcrmi. 1 bey hare on band, and will keep, Paw
neland Stick
Gigs, Sulkejs, f?c.
of a nest quality as any ever made in the place.
Any kind of Carriages can be had by applying to
the subscriber: and they hooehv atrict stu.n.
tion to business, to receive a aliare of publ'i
Rcpsrrsof any kind will be done In a rsi
and handsome tyU. Orders from a disfaneo
will be thankfully received, and faithfully exe.
cuted, by the public's humble servant.
wx:srr &
Saliiburv, Jim 9th, 1823.
I?K0M theiubacrilicr on th4thf Derember
. last,' an apprentice brrv bound to me bv hi
father to lesm the Taylor's trada, about ! 9 or
20 years of sge, by the name of Fnuikhn Alex,
andct j he ia of a small statue, fond of pUving
hussel-cap, drinking drams and idleneos i making
petty Uades rather than attend to his business :
thU 4o-oifrAajrtHh fill Hbfif
1 SI! JJ T.. a rrsrsrd of two dollar, and
alt Tearonante- expense,-rrTorrgetrTrrrne jail or
(Jfncdi. tht;fc:sv
same time I forewarn all persons frorn harboring
bun, giving him -meat or drink, or en-ploying
lu'm either at his trade or any mlher busmen,
under the severest penalties and puHihintnt of
m,miiz3xoKSmi s.
' Concord; June 2, 1823. 2l63
. CominiUetV4ii.le:Jft--i
OF Davidson .county,, on the 2b i)f March
Ust, a negro man, named HOB. The owner...
i i requested to come forward, prove property, pay
charge and take him away. .
Lexington, May 27th. '3t02,

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