North Carolina Newspapers

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tact wlb Ibt Ret. Mr, HofrUo, it
YJllOf, TM paper M tt bt printed mi
Lrrt "sheet, fJio fbin m adttnlt
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tt U aubservtd by U I. tht ftkt, $3 1 tt
10,1 tdtanct.
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pkLaJy MkMlM that fb report ef r4V
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tUMiiil Uri fk subject, la fttit jb.
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Vx had Ikirf up (L4 B pltO but we BOW
has 4JfrM lb truth la, "A.
. lit ttiratrv . B4 a9 ekt fas this part
, re cowrfr, reeelt 4 bit bwprsssiewt afk I.
, poet, ami 6tt mIif lb aVpcrt berkf, bul
Km Mfttia lUmtj Lck were pwbrUkad la
lb Swspptra, Sd hkh ar I now to be
tjesawr UatCWtal. I MM prlB lb ex
twll, B4 t)y tk t aad lei ma, V I the
rnaeof tb aVpprt are perriHed ltd chawfrd.
Owiaf to shew gvitcd c!rscs, trt incited
I k& Bch UjvBUce Ut ba doftt lo !f.
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it via fj hclC Md fcr vkM U it
Mnijl f Mr. O. ! w vmth UiportiK, tbt
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dk rport U''f ' tnofl rmwt it." Wt Jrm
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tbroofk by MTM of 'bt tocn'T So-
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U firtiw f.V ' Ij (f, tKt Mr. rr;ntfj
H BOW opin (rokfvcsl Wtt). H
pfl ihrrwfh ihii lct a few b)- aiocc, and
tool a C4rcuit lruAi(U lite upper put of the
covatjM-Uiicd KvenJ of ha noted pUre
amoaf theie, cr Um JS'onvW N'i, at Jacob
aaJ Rollcj'a. Wt understand bt J return
la tb coup of eight or Ira aad then
tint lb tick ficlda of ctolcjry ia the adjaceol
coMtilict ao'b-M of IkU lae. ")ircaixer
K viatta, tKe ciliaYna ahouUk aflord'lum aa'ri
aid and faciCl Tot th proaceutton of hit re
earchea. It aboald be femetnbwd, thai liiaj
errke are Uoftther tjatultoui to the public,
aj bit expenac only are paid by the atatc.
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1 1 If V rt:l. VtiiJ 111 rrffiia in I t'-..i'
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t fiUif. Ml. I ! il..,.
Iy lltnry Sl.i.k, jia ffft'ljfn Q
! Ibe Unit, , f
1b day om lktoe eWba'44 o't'b Owti
piril at rajf'irttfct t ibe Ctta and iUa.
ryi by avafaoi oflVa Urf. a &Me vm
arael oa.Uf bv(V, t leva 1 fro lb
nw; Mta 4k oe tb jora4oa, arbMt
lb IUlbf 1
Oor tlner Siatea tt tb Smtit fy
Ibty Mtf f ae to rmmUr,tbat he
In oir f real oafdr U Vt political
ak eef Uift aa4 tb rtxb f oor ead-J
Tbt Crtta P?rWii V.r nKtn Hit
Sempra) of eld, If l!!rtd tt U, uir
4on ifielr tr mr! of libertr and cruili h
It mint tbeir ItrbkHtnpfeatoft.'
Til Sov'b AmerUit Central BoUrirt
Hit tyranuef Kuropt Ibt lemtailout
of Eank, could not corrupt lit patriot -
Or tht In Vkt PrtitJtM Tbe Stait
rf North Carolina, tht toll vhrrt.firat
Iht ij'lrlt of IndcpenJcnct it tnklndlciL
Wt 1 Haiti In our neititakt aomt potkt
of Iht eclcbratioe) IntlaUigb, tod tthtf
parte of tbt Situ mi Union.
Tbe tuiifiM of Frank bn,Trwi. fare, on the
1Mb ok. t fwbfcc dinner lo lb f too. Me II.
Im, on of lh Icnat of I Congrroi fro)
Ibotbiat. 1te autloobf lota.aonf otbere,
er drank oai the ecraioti ,
Central Andrew Jjckaon t'oiils tbe
valor and Brmntt of iht aoldier mm tbe
bt atandl tbe It in gc refuutlw of tht doc
. .
trine, mat in eocrnrocntt lilt oura
ttilitanrttirtfi trr (tarrfTDtt."" 4 -
I bt reopie 11 11 tneir rtPit to rule 1
ibej.ihouW art a waithful ere lo thrlr
centv if honret, tbry will not care 10
be atcbed if di Jk.ik(, Ibco do they
detcrtt 10 Dt watencd.
The annire rary of the Declaration of lixle
peatlencc aa trlebrajed in the town of Cbar
krtte, by the Ufayeite Artillery corpa. A
omptoona dinner aa fif en by tbe Captain of
te corpa, (Tttomaa I. PoIkr Eaq.) al bia.dwcl.
A - latere mtmber of the cilirna of the
town joined, aad partook of the munificent hot-
vitality of the Captain. After the cloth wa re
aoTed,avnuiubcr of patriotic toasts a cre drank 1
among them we find the fotlowint;:
J John C Calhoun The aplerwWnf hi
taicnia ur ri.ltc.irippotntment tothe
importanct iorhichl( waa deaigned by
the framera of the constitution.
The Heroof Ntaa-OrJeawi-sTht mea
"tuTeef kU twrorJi etinlHlelr
Go. Troup-4 After exhausting the
argument, if lie it r!npoaed to stand
by Mi arms, he will find that the sons
of the Heroes of 76, yet live in the coun
ty of MexklenburR.
Tbe day was aim celebrated by the citizen
of Lincolnton, with a patriotic zeal not ex
ceededtperhapa7 by any town in the etate. "1A
well-equipped regiment of vojunteer caalry,
paraded A.diicbarge of .musketry announced
.the da A of day i iaft fuavrlftvt grand .federal sa
lute was fired 1 'at 12 o'clock a procession wu for.
med, and proceeded to t erore,-where suitable
preparations bad oeen made, and where a large
knimber of ladies had assembled 1 the Declara
-tion of. Independence waa read, and an oration
pronounced, by the Kev. Mr; Bell j afier'whicb
a dihner was pread under a booth- erected for
the occasions after the dinner, a number of
sentimental touts "were drank to 1 we relect a
Knowledge The etsenccr "of "liberty
and the bane of (yranny 1 May it flourish
mider the -genwl wrpkeavti oitt 4tt io
.ThojQpppsert of Internnl Improve
tnentaMaytbe justly 'receive tht'an''
athemat cf an enltKhtened public - -
ix- roLEEJtts'--
"Bjr John DHolTtiecopr
their voice tter prevailntheir rights never
be usurped by political demaRogues ; and
rosy proud arislocrata be plunged into the
depths of jiusnianimoua'deprada'tion.
'-Bjj'Mtirj M'BeeV Esq Way that
firm, deliberative,. energetic and liberal
patriotism t possessed!' 6y fon. Andrew,
r We aut again bpeak lb paticoc of our
e-rrepofkIenui 1 we have Mis meek enriched
our toituMu a Kit tbeir podocliooa and, ia ou
nest. Intern! again to appropriate cmaiderabie
apace, lo llie'r for.
r spa
Mttkbntuf, X. C.
M U2i.
Mr. II kite: At ihe Wctiem Carolini
an IM in every Instance, advocated
thoae meaiurc beneficial to the Western
section of this slate, and held iit columns
opto lo 1 free and honorable discussion
of every subject of political, religious, or
municipal Importance, io which wt are
Interested t hope you will publish en
address to ibe ckiiena of tht western sec
lion of Ibis sts'e, which appeared Jo the
catawtM Jouroai.01 tot aotn 01 jane, on
tht subject of a State Ttoad 10 FayntrviUr 1
and, also, any subsequent pieces which
mi appear, on that subject, of on tbt
subject of internal improvement gener
ally. - These tre subjects of tht highest
national impnttanct to tit; and at this
time, ought to be as generally diffused as
possible- The tonnnuonee of our board
of internal improvement, mrr. upon
concurrent sentiment of its utility and
importance among the cititem general! 1
as to taxa, doea not tht geographical
situation of thejmtrr admit anelligibl
ridge east of Iht ladkin, affording a dry
level site, which -would -answer better
than the present route to FarctiQ ? Your
attenrion to this subject,-1 am confident,
win meet Ihe approbation of tout patrons,
and will obllztt at lean, one of vour
" IP". Pilld4bouc,IWfi0',ni
abover will be fottnd on the Art page of this
day's paper : it was communicated to us for pub
lication : how readily it finds a place in our col
umns thoae who have observed the interest we
have always manifested, and tbe bumble efforts
we have uaed, (in our rphere) for the further
ance of all rational aad ucful plana of internal
improvement, need no further proof 1 and thoae
who are not aware of tbe interest we feel in the
improvement as well of our roads, and rivers, and
agriculture, as of the mnda tht ptpit, cannot
Better satisfy themselves of our real disposition in
regard 16 the lubjecV than by affording as an
opportunity to commmunicate to the public,
through our columns, any useful or new views
that may be suggested to their minds.
mm. J.u,i.i,,uuj,i,lj.ji ., 1 ., .. Jnt, JjJ-iNJiiriJ;
The following letter waa, written by a mem
ber of the Virginia Legislature, to one of his
constituents : its orthography, and its Bchn,
too, nay. excite the risiblei of some of our read-
But have we any thing to hngM m NWth
CaroKna onthia score f Let us east about and
aeTif we7Io"or end
every session,- who cannot, to aave tbemaelres
from perdition, put Uwirldeaa on paper 'in
(ftyle dne whit more elegant thoji the tinowi
f ibdii TiawiNCusTtn Ta. asrtauciii. ,
Mr.-, Sir after rhr respects io you
and your family Sir Inform yoa that 1 am
lollurable well thanks be to god for his
tnerCys hoping that lheju lines may
reach too and your family WK
wise my ineno ano nis iam"7 w'"
I wish you to give mj best respects to
V'.rr ?J rt ru.rMiiri
bss !ifH a I'fii i-rtl tt lMt Uwt
!tl la ! h-u I .1 '2 utf lm,,r-
'.t i yl tit t ut . .? e U-i os
up b it tv. atU I i; ;-" ti f Mm
it i.l pa at fr a tt N 9s of
Ibt fft;U tte a 1 apfil l r b ksr ll li
t rot joffjiy cf tie !';' last aUSas
of rA atnl Jf ibsrf )i a rwirf ef iht
psj!i tbst wlibsi It ihajl Jbt f -f
rJJi tt tbt I'ssilit V'tr Ukicg kt
pole U tbta bt m li s t prwUame
lion I tbt tt(i sir ibaft It $ mUt
subject fttlert tbt bout that i tbt test
of gto. Lav Fayttlt lb Dpeodctters
at york ! vbick girt 1 CtU.icmbU
Cfrntait In k boos wlu tar llibtH put
or not and to C padt twt f Ibt trtsirt
BitMrf"r4obl5tf IM U itwK
bt taken out of laf publi frr4a 1 bart
ppoe4 Ut ln U U In ihspeita rci&4
tbt antrtef that aot t lovatacbta fia
I 1I4 gU Iv l'a;eU It pay us nlaii
It fa dy'lrUk Ul tt atti&Jcd to
iik tnor tiptott lor tht pdA vbki
ft It btufu to mt tt ibU Umt tt tt frvll
Uklng tbt public money way b tbt
ptaplt bai to hard lo nuke tl boo asart
at prtstaf Ut rtmala yours kb rttpecf
Carr. Pitraiavig Urs Uavt rtsptct
-full to tnfurm ibe puMU tbat ibe Af
ran L'trtrii, SdnitiAr, and blliuri
4rdrmy will bt opened for tbt rereD
lion of ifeodrnti, al MldJleiown, 5ate of
Connectkut, on Monday lb 2 2d of An
gust nest, wuUt hit personal directions
and tupctlntendne.
tapt P. require t lho young Cenile
an ab pmput bcorrag Member's 6t
lb Institution tbt present season, It prt
ami tbtmwltes fof admission al iht
r,it!ru'3 rntetx, Ki
r a !! t, r.j is rt, . . t a. JJ ta
1 a4 S,-', I) i r.;i a
i , a it 1 kvf ;t a V t r -,
t T, iu ati t., t s Hi C-a -t,
tt'.a S'l U'4, H) iwts.) ;1 a '.6 1 I -4-
t,:r t.nitis turt,itn
r fibt ',.f. tM, 41 a I pr
il l 1 NUrw a-l Op Ut 4 i I"
MM C 1 1 fff a tV, I a 1 ff ta4. aU
1"W" Jtf pria4. A,
t fiM.TLt furtn mi hmnIsws 4x9
bv as boLUfs a ai f H
lK at lM arwe aawli k
Ut bn aOJ trn M i jjj t -e f
W t , s mm Us a sfSM ar brU t lb
knee sww 1 A Ua aM Ma4 U any
aa tWs wU bait a) are af 4. 4
alia) tb asit at ptM,i rsiea. IrM.
after at may be.
the monument intended lobe erected
at Philadelphia t 1 be mtmort of Wash
Wctoo, k aiaatd U t4 g4TXOO U
will bt constructed of rparble, snd will le
13'J .fect hUht and its model rt taken
from thai of tbt CbortgU ifaoument of
Thrssybelirt at Atbcnt. , It U said that
iht corner atone is lo bt laid bs Geru La-
raycttt early ntit month.
Tht Codt of Civil Law p-rosrrd for
the Slatt of Ix)uisista, by Howard Lis-
injtoo, waa publicly aird foiouilr pr rn-
ilvaiail al NatB-flrLrana mi lK 2fHK Umm
-logo, into tfTecl boot month from . IorfrtfAiP pl,.dKdsaJud.bmd
, j . and regretted by all who lnw bww.
In tVaurort, B. c. 00 tit ..! hst. lie ee
rentric awl well known Mev. M I- Iftrmi,
tb aolborof a life of VYaahinrta. and many Mh.
er popular works aanong ibcm,tne " iJruAk
ard a Looking Ulaaa," lie. ic
" t?sr t.I.a tit Hit IML Jtriftt4.nx4
U aa atr. V, tt T'ih. Ibe tat an hw
parsbbr, kaad aaottwr. t bee als saw UV1
1 chewing kwlurt aM drpU4, as aatrwawit
eaak ef tbs Siikl imI aa4 H' on
0u tV?J Lrtrg tU Uc. it 1 prrpaeatory ttg
t tnnrt ervt at 1 pre aaab ibaaa a
bWaAf , atU tU ua U tbe b;naAWra, and
Ik tbrvt t ikmby piff be
kcn wf evtbAg bappMa la ktat
lbW4 tvwtlsW taJs leap,
14 by Jtwaa, aa bi akrep
fe wkvlk blest daisareeVr,
T ibe arMfs Var lavwiiif
I U:i b fmf4 1 rest 1
Asms i ya, y b la bkt,
IIW4 are ibry ibat & la tie Ld fbey
ae bia a b as, aw4 r wrtH jm stfMpeaka-
lb is etate bar nMurntnf isali4 aM
raUliwM. (tawaraif ti.
K r ilMnriaCV tl . on ibt 34 iaat
Mr. MrUhaane HotSiNkead, ar4 31 years,
tmn 0 tk vrwrtUg rtUlibnMaH of Ik Cape
rr lUeorder.
la lautbAebL on Taesday tks Jlib 4sy of
Jqne, Doctor Stewart rUtvwnb, ar4 twraty
ibl yearw. U IbU Cewtteiwa wte Sjile4
Suim4mm a amtWt, tfW fwtaart H
p..a, . ! S. S4. , Si 1 1 furnty
skuful and aSNWon la lb lntrrceira of pri
vat r.f, d.giR4 and amiable be at once
etwmwawifd reepecf aa4 attrsel4 affetioa.
ftece waa lb natural and ji mH of Ibe
quLt t a b waa hi tbe midst ef a eafr
anaHrdhy avltanrt 0 .JTrffw a4 inereaM
a prolta, when disrate, w birb b bad to ofUt
anealcd h eabera, prod fatal t bmelf.
fne, w.rtbwaafioail f Put;Up
He, Hi lb aa of New Wk, wber be baa left
v7y wear reMWea, lo who affectiora be waa
endeared by ibe sneiuory of hie yevthrnl dra,
the fair presaana f wkM-k were nobry lute lkd
la t) prrformsnr if bn rasnbood. '
h will be a foetaoUtion to those Ttuuirea,
ere la tbt ti mult uf Jbtir "d more
Iban a conaulalion 'tea calmne shaTl lare
aurreeiU'd lo arfaiion, to learn, that he rCriv.
d in bia Ulwrta aB the aid wbk skill rowM sur
that datt
Tbe Haiti Chronicle rf the 2d
inst. says, Wt art nappy U learn that
tht Secretary of tht Navy has despatched
an efficient force to scour tbt Coatt of
North Carolina, In search of tbt piratical
vessel supposed to hart been committing
depredation on our commerce. This
prompt movement - looks well, and we
trust success may attend the expedition.
Ant. Jour.
The seven young men who have been
tried in New-ork, and convicted of bt'
ing concerned in the death of Mr. Lam
btrt, have been sentenced to seven years'
imprisonment in the Penitentiary ; three
months or the term in solitary cpnbne
ment, and the residue to bard labor.
Ami. Jour.
A let'er from a -professor of ihtr Vni
sershy of Virginia, states that il ia ex
pected that Chancellor Ktar of New
York will supply the vacancy in Ihe pro-
fessonhip of that lnsiltudoav 1 ii.
Col. Joseph M. White, of Pensscola,
has been elected tht Dele fata to Cod
gri Xcom.:lr'erida..
Inother Steam-Boat ateidmt. One of
ihe flues of the. new ttetm-bcal Constitu
tion, from New-York 10 Poughkeepsie,
exploded on the 20th lt. by which three
persons, belonging to the boat, unfortu
nately lost their lives, by scalding.' The
commander of the boat atatet the cause
of. the accident Jo be the collapsing of
the boiler, that is Ibe coming together of
the flues. There were upwsrds of fifty
passengeca on board, none of whom, howr.
ever, were injured... , , .v.. hi
ThY reguYar army bfFrance, "aecofiling
to a late statement of the French minister
of war, is 231-000 men.- The claim of
ranceuJoonSoiirji fot dtsbursementa in
thevrori "of relfslatlhfi Feiidiriandtetr4'
niated It 34,000,COQ of francs. This debt
was the subject of a wery interesting Jia-1
cussion in the Chamber or ueputies.
he Opposition asserted that it would ne
ver be: paid, end tbt Ministry did not ven
ture to say positively that It would.
TVs Cod -..1 r? fittt st 4 r.'t
I'll 'i !y. !Uo fw s,!t bi4 Mr
wii at a mrft si s ' -f tsMiuot fifcrn
K f.rmr rafet, but b.l!ft wf
thtUlpafiifj front tbt small k il p-
trttWbf ibt ecift.ymers, ttrntwtJ 4e
mini Uf tan4, H 9 le. Tsr r ws, Ar-i'ft-l
ar4 Ifutle, If, tte.t ne.ff.Ual.
t1 J - . i 1 ' 'i !
Urtat U-ATr';nn.
flMIE ewi,rrtk,f tm aW b-s 4
L tf,lnb, tKf tHk Uil
b-a tULif sad af .wb44 rr!r, aJ
wrfb a wnksM a4 M I !' traa, tt rwr
al tta a4 l4. lU wb-4 an n b.'
Iw JVrt 4 7m atrs-s, a-rjiiMif o i
taodi t4 Bt,r 1 r ay kt IhertU; I
"1 UsLi. m Ceslrtr 4 S If teVwt f
lU vrw iiW a I iWa-i4ffi bw
IU tbotf Sb-W ISA KnK 7 Ner
S frsl fbef fret's all " tb foe.
A great ntrmSer tj skrr lrw " kl, Kf u i
d.lUrM pr 4 lb ews4 IrwdeB, AO ibt
rrwiuwUf aa sy Mfor 27 bs aMrWf. Casa
Jl It OTHt T wraeTpK 4 jH)
.lerrmsi al tbe aK fpsviy; w3 b fee-. '
a4 at al one, two, a! Urt null, ft
ks 4e4 wWas a 4&4 Ik atffttf
evjr tHnarwWty, a Ike iwribascrs SiUiatl
two k Ufa ikty ty.
coiirar wonite.
Wt bavt discovered that tht differ
enct of escbang, In New-Yotk, between
tk tottof 4h North .Carolina Stale
Dank,. snd. those, of !hc Newbern. and
Cape Fear Banks, waa a mistake t we
were deceived by iht f. Y, Daily Adver
iter, which is, In ibis section of ihe coun
irv. esteemed as a cotnmrrtlal oracle l we
I pcrccivt thai that paper has, io Ihe last
" a a. .. t a
number received here, corrected the ful
ty figure which deceived us and others.
The Dank of New hern has declared a
Dividend of ftwr per cent, on-its-Capital
Stock for tbe half year ending on Ihe 30th
June. . . .RaUigk MegitUr.
Samuel King, Esq. we understand, has
declined being any longer considered
candidate for Cwgrtas, . from the 13th
district. M. FrsnUin, end L Williame,
are now the only candidates in that dis
trict. What will be the. result, time
only can determine.
Ceo. Hay, of Richxnond,Va. haa been
appointed by the President of the United
States, to bt U. S. Judge of Ihe Eastern
district of Virginia, in place of St. George
Tucker, resigned.
' On the 4th inst. the Directors of the
United Statea Bank declared a dividend
of 2 per cent, for the last half year.
- General Ia fuyttte haa, it ia aaid, ac
cented the invitation of Ihe President of
tbe United Statea to return to France on
board :the U. S.-frigate Brandy wine f and
ia expected to embark, from this City,
about tht end of next monthsburn.
To t drivwii lls sMonttos"
The whole in OXR DAT, - .
1.T1 V the Imfrtrff 2hJt Dminfi secured
J by letters rat en I urulcr toe Scalar Jha
f. Stale.
Of MJRTLl.S'h.X:$t ;
Tbe whole to be completed In One Daw, and!
will poaitivelv lake place in tbe City of Bolt)
sasrs, on Uie Ttaof July.
Highest Priz R40,00all.
From the Faretteville Obaerverl July 8.
riiB 'market, r
Cotton, ! f Nentsi now mal. Bacon ; f
IS i Candles, mould, 14 and; 11. Cof
fee," 18 a 81. Corn, 80, scarce. " Fldiir,
Lime, 3 al 40;W6!asts, 37t 40.
Nails, cut, 7 a 8 r wrought,' 18 s 20.
Oats, 40 a 50. Sugar, common to
prime,-9 a II. Salt, Liverpool, 80 a 90 ;
urk'a Island, kc. 70 a 7Si rce
in, f k g lo io 18- hWhttcJL2fL
3d is Bald at least thirteen bun
ciiircns of Philadelphia arrived in New
York, to attend tht celebration of tht 4th
in the latter city. There must have been
lomtjting - very attractive in New-York,
to induce so many of the people of the
City of brotherly love" to repair there
SiTihU iky r- -" - - v.-
- By letters from.Gibraltarwe learn that
the king of Spain has refuted to recogi
nisd Mr. Mcmigwmj lb recentlv .,p.
consequence t his having joined t he na;
Vionar militia and takenjirmi . during the
atauggle of the cormtrffiSiTrsts -in that
' By an 'arrival at NcW-Yor, French pa-perrs-
to thr ?7trr-of My have bccD r;
For tttkf ut VUnta
f MIR auUnikrr wWve I a a rewt that
X trcl A ki4 wi'b i iwntwrmeii'a. tK
tanth e smI of rk Tadkl ttivvr a HW
MrWJfV. 7f spakai ft) aces la tk tiw
awl about AO a fOrlewrrd.
Iber ar U a Barge and tmmfom cwef.
tin; bowa a4 ibt cutlomavy awt bouse aetr
lb bndf.
Tb bows l ph new, having We knit! aav
h a law year J an4 being dewigwed hf a
bona wmamaMaai ia wtl! adpu4 to tkat
pwrpoa, both fr Ma Wie4lt and Ur Tk
MtuaiiaMs la reaaarkabry pWlM, and we?eWit
for furtkef narticolart, apply 1
JO tl BtAID. J.
Jmhli. laUS. - y
Tlir. Crfrterblp heeetoAie ettatiwg be
lwei b autMceibera, Wr lb firm
.f.trsf U V. U ibt day diaautved by aw.-"-loal
eonsrnt. At) p Hsdekted lots are re
quested 19 rom forward, and make tmiwetsa) -pitmen!
amt tb who bar awy dewwiwta,
prsseM lbwt (or pa1!.
The kiiinri of ibe ffrw will be "settled by.
Firs Afiemoftf, who h amborited 14 mke art
tlewcjau ! grant (baKbarft. ...
3U!mrf.Jutp 1,18:5. CI
Retuma his moat wnrer Iban as to Ike pdUtt
in rrneral, for p4 Savor, and inform thnt
that he baa purrhased 11m
Htock of Mcrc.MntI izfc
of Allrmong k leke, which i now very eott
plete, having jiitl rretlved a frb i.pfy front
Charleston, and which be amar fur ral opera
IiKe mI naiarsM sum , Vtm stand fowrrs
ccttnied br AllewMnr k Locke, at lb txwta .
comer of tbe cowrs-hottse. The fa of tbo
who naironjj him wiU be thankfuPr ackwowb
edgeJ they maj uVpetxt that every exertion era '
ba pari will be ward lo gire genera f aatlsftctlow. -
r 0flOO
- V-50;
21,043 rrizei.
40,000 77rrr.
T 8o,ooo "
- 10,000 "
4,000 - -10,000
. ,aoo
- -. io,ooa-v-.-
(ty 1he Brilliancy of this Scheme.' f beina on
the Improved Mode,) ia aUtgtther smvreaVirreaf.
Adventurers will remark lit low rate of Ticket
ihe very trifling risk incurred, r then tut i.
inf tne Blank It PritetJ and thai the Capital
rme oi rrty l atrn iMftma, m or a magni
tmle hitherto unprecedented for ao amall a aurn
invested-abovell, boweVer, ia Ihe.certaui?-a
tbtaiuittr at Itoit it 2'ritt br the nurrhaM rt
two Ticketror two Shares (owe Odd and) -
F.ven Number,) and In the aame rath) of eer
tainty in the purchase of a greater number of
Ticket or Shares.
Whole Tichti 5 00 Quartet gl 25
llahw . 2 50 FJehih, . 62
(odd aodovcoV it.
Ltttny and Zxcluuige-OJire, A. 114, Marlcti
ttreet, Jtnmmtre , -
Where In late State Lotteries, were told tbt
Great Capitals of 100,000 LtUaftUl 40JK1O
. 2 of 20,000 J)ol.-5tf 10,000 -besides
no le'S than tvclve cofiilnl of 5.000
llaUatu.t6jm(L'aihere titer Cafil tut Priie
hare heen eMtfCti!biC4 sce r
jtmrua. . . .
fc JJ3).OnlersJi orn nn v part of the United States' . . -
or 'l'emt,orevirgT'tI lUah or'.Trues ln-r'-.T"
any of fhel.6tterje', (port paid) will meet our rT
lacMitomed prompt iwirfaeA4iJr
. . .j.. cuhb Jisr'JJuJtunere.-,
CTT AWnturer at i duiiatiee may at all timet
with confidence forward thtir Remittance tor
drkxrn when their ordera arrive, .the amount en
closed will be returned b- the first mail, or will
be invested in die mot advisable Scheme, next
to be drawn,
Jinkinwrr, July I, 8W- ; 2J -

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