North Carolina Newspapers

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nifd. at ih'ir anna! wrttiaf, I M'n
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eiefulf Urt la crnltia the utal
Ur of r it wht die m year
After''n.nj M eaonihi the b-jd
r 19 t ft Staved 11 the gTIC, The
rwffttfJ object U mart their
ricods and fwitHWre from tlit ilefre.
ijatio! efth Meditel Studraia. ,
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r.zuA ALi.r.MOKc,
8tork of Merclmndizc
t AlkwMty k Lock, wbicl k in m fw-
lutirj jo rwWtd frh Mippl 6am
CbtVftp aM vVirll h oflrt for W apM
naX rtunh) rtm ! tK lUftJ fbrmrrfv
wcwpWd by Anraianf k Ltrkc, at tb Morta
tomcr iV tlv eowtt !, Th fciw of (Ho-e
hi N't UI bt BKd to fi ffirJ Mtnf-iKM.
; Trust Sat.
BT of a of rrw4 to mm etewit nl,
r Montfurt Htoktt and Bjc1 lita a-ifr,
and tof tk porpfl tlKtain mrntionM. lin
. axpna t nj ab. a (ha H iUjrof AtfuM
Wt, at tHa rort.KiM i U 'tlkMWa', to
' acvaral trartt af Wn ayutuitHt tl kadi of taii
town,. aM lyirf aa tM ladim aw am! Cob
, creek, cootaiiuiic; kt aQ, about om ihooaaotl
aarrC Tkt aaid land art deurablr, a wall pa
, account tf th . ouantity of whwbl low
ftooAot wkich tkay tmLrac. a their proximity
to ti iourUWr'j villara of VVilitbor- Tkey
vill i aold at a credit of twelre moniha and
ttro rear. . uch pmoat aa are dirui uf pir
elating, can let aaid Jnu on or before Uia oy
of Bale, by applying to un. totrt.
b. F. CALDWr.LU Trwlr.
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. :. ; rr'uW ami tot i thetotii on
f!?V 111 SaCibwnr. owwite MrWra. II
""If ir 3 ci.iirHirr'a hixiw of entertainment, in
Iriendly Mifhhorhood, and (rood aocicty : the
bouae ia two rtoriea hiifh, with ftar fire pUeti
. in (hola er .ttArjvaM tS In the upper : the
- Iumim la Wfa aid coovcnlenU i'.h a kitchen,
amokr.hqttie, corn-houic, and ataMe,.with an
eiceJImt nrden ami back lot, "all in good re-
tair. I ill drnoae cf the tame on the mint
- etmrtanmiitK teriataW Ct4 puacharr a.t.l-am.
determined to remote to tne country nrit Ull
N. B. I alta reqtieat alt peramw who hare any
Ccmanqa aramtt me, io caijina receiTo nrw
, pay i and thote who owe in by bookf account
or otherwtar, will do me a uvor by calling and
aettunfr their accotintt. . -.
Yot 8ae. or Went.
f nriV. autr inhc t a-H or rent that
""JL tract of land with he improtr mention the
aotith1 Weft tide of the Yadkin Rivsr at Ocard'a
. JU-iihre- There are about 500 acrea in the tract.
only abou( 60 or TO cleared.
. - 3Jw are bnit bwte and, egmmodjoua 2wel;
ilng houae and the cuitomiry out houara, near
tba bridge.
The houae ie cjnhe near, hatine; been built on.
ir few veara ago, and Jteinr deaiirned 4ur a
MyCgLffl"tltwjw wtll adtpltdtojhat.
r)ijrooe."botirfrom7tt location andibTrfn s The"
at.uation it remafkabTy Bleaantj lnd convenient
to Salitbury and Lexington, being 6 mile from
the former, and It milcr from the Utter, pfcuie.
Jor further particukra, apply to '
ftlud Worse, f ot ae. .
afXJl iJ August court nest, will
iiyYY be aoltl at Uia etmrthtni h
iJomri (a irt)n) the property of Elisha Willi m-
aoq, ueceaaca 1 a cretin 01 nine mourns win oe
pYCTf "n giving bond whh approved eecurityl
July 9, 3t68 '
Book liliiaing BsVnes.
THE subscriber beg leave to inform bia
friends, and the public in general, that he
, haa eoinmeoced the Bwk Binding BntintH in
Salem, North Carolina 1 where maybe had, on
the ahorteet notice, all, kinds of merchants ac
fount Books, and B lank-Work of every deicrip.
tioo, and old books rebound. '
. .Mm, Ju lMf lt2$ 2rat75
L... .rf,
m, kA lr ntif u.r!. m. i rfa'urw. k-
a- if4. 4w4 1
Ittik H af aaWl 4tJ.
tU t fwl . 1 . k
m4 ftttt Mf l )til '
tU'H lunJili Wvd Mf Mfilt !
rtti tiriftJ QmU ffw Mk
Irrdrll Cnnntf lliUo Horirtr.
mL iW iUf 4 tiWf MM
am5i i. 11:1. i
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tfrxrntft for ttvt
Inff 0 ink T WOttt cowMj tmtti.
II. ITtICr..
, Notice.
lajcrtk k C. b ti.b da; 4Uff(4 kf iMitiu)
MmKi tW todtktH to awd Bn art r-
W -
rtt-r4 to toak rtikttM to A. II.
Lrvm w Jyt WUnk.U Mornai(M.r Uk1
ftcovtrt a4 Mtoa Mf k kMl Ul tt ftsmla
a. il crhtn;
xa ifrnjniTH,
4. 1 Mi. t6
Wanted to 1 1 in,
A NFT.R0 toM. aa a himtt Vmnt, for
VhU of Alex. Ion Ate A.
jL.lari,UM 1m( Ula AlutMkr Lone
ktc of ltoaii cauRtf. dec 'J. at tbt cotk! T
EUaa ami (juartrr ion fof ib tl coxnir,
rkl on lha IbirJ MikxUt cf Novrmlwr
MMlrr i tVrf hr ffivrn. that all prnrm hiring
oasaW tvw K Mid otatf, are rroirrd lu
acriM-4 by a. JAMU L I.OXU, JEx.
Jrf. 3i. IKZ4. 41
linn alwftN
I 'he aubwiher, Elng in Iredell rom
I ty, about 3 mile bt low Rherrill fnrd, at the
LaUaba, on the IS bvt. a nepw fellow b the
nao of Prtft 1 about 6 fret high, tparo raadr,
hat lost tUe Wki of one of kit eyet, (abkb ae
not recolkrted and a while ietk in th pudU
nf it ahowatwry p Via 1 ht U i1mkI If or 40 year
ot age, it a mogn r-ptriTr, a no make coara
ihoetiktwiU try to mak hia .way to Pwnntrl.
raaaa. H atwVrOa rain kia ftwtdoaa. Ttm M
Ion reward will be rive to any peraon wko will
tale him up, arcwrw kim, and girt mt Informa
tion, directed to Kallitowm roat(nce, IrtdcO
County, N. C ao (hat 1 gat him, and tUekargrt
aVnr Leather and Good Shoes !
ttBRKKZEtr DICKSOX bega Ware apia to
I A ak the attention of the public to hi bbon.
He hat Jwt receited a tnpnlf of the firat rate
Lenihrrhxm Philadelphia j which he ia prepared
to ibaM up to - . .
Boots nnl 6hoei,- -
of tbe rrxwt durable kind ami newt tfyle."" All
penon w ho want - Bnota 'nd Sboet, either
coane or fine, may reat aawred that they can
hare them done at my ahop, from leather a
good a anv in the country, and ia a at via of
workmanip equal to any thing io North-Car.
ollna.. Ladtaa' but alioet mado aa naat and eW
gnt, and wore durable, than any in the jtorei,
I tender mv mint rmleful acknowledrmrnta
to'tho ptmlie ior the Wral awppwrt.tLc- Wv
hitherto riven me : and will aUavt be equally
thankful for future ftvora, either in rhe way of,
new w-orr, or in payment lor oiu woric.
a .
-State of Nprtji Carolina,
nurntFoD coviirr;
COURT of Pleat and Quarter Seviona, April
tC'tion, 1825. Itoroaa Caple i. Jeac
Martini original attachment, levied on one aide
aaddlo and aome feathert. - It mppearing'to thettgni4 : ability hlcn have ' teldotn
auautciiun ui uia court, case mania ia Oul
an inhabitant of th ia atate, it ia therefore ordered.
that publication bo made in the Western Caro
linian for two months, that tha defendant ap.
prir at, oyr county court of. pleat and quarter
aeaaionv, to be noldcn lor tbe county of llutlier-
ford, at the court-houae la Rutherfordtoo, on tht
2nd Monday of July nest, there and then rente
vy, plead or demur, or judgment final w ill be
entered. upamaUajadllie .property jQ-kucd.
rdtiiffrr; tTltncririoiicThavetakeTrptsartnen
laid court, at office, the f - The " colony in ' Liberia - coniista
Crttonr elerk of our
3rd Monday after the 4th Monday in March,
e atn ainnfla in Miirn i
1925. - ISAAC CKATON, t'ir.
Printers feo S3. 8to8
fttate o . XottAi-Oarolhia,
GOUHTjof Equity April Term. 1825. , John
'Held it. Iteniaiuln hlierwood1 and olhcra.
It appearing to toe Court, that several of the
defendants in thtreasertowltTJonai; Ltarher.
van and Martha hiaavife, F.iekiel Clemmonaand
Ihoib hit wife;. Xeyt. KekV JJictunoMr Keid,
Tliortiai Keid, Polly Keid, Nancy BcldVanct Geo.
Ceid; tone of 'Whom' are minors," irt not inhabi
tanU of thi Jtate, .. It ia therefore ordered tliat
fiuhlication be made for tlx weeks successively,
n the Western Carolinikn, that trnfew the per-
tons above named who are cf nil) age -appear by
themselves, and tbe nynors by Uuardian, at the
next term, of thia court to be held at the court
house in Stlisburyyon the first Monday after
the fourth Monday in September next, andplead,
answer or demur to tbeeomplaJnant'i bill, it
will be taken pro confetw as to them, and de
creed accordingljriC" "
" 5t6 I 8AMV SILLIMAN, e. jr. 1. i
KarJiffi,. 1825..;., .JL .. hicc ais. g2 U, 4 1
.vrrxtc. i.v tr.t c vn t jft..y xn nr. rr.
w .1 afciUa V A- f! . .
a,4ir- A t! ai " af A'
., kt (hmM lUt tw pw.
ar4 af lUt i'J M M Mft
M auxy af f P !' I t Va axWj4 par.
lW.?tt art t f'"a U rit
af tka lay, ? "TVt AfiiM
lry rll-U4 at WatJatto t", Jaf Urf
oUtrUo t W SaarJ af ktaaafart,
Tkt AawrUm Clollilo (ocUljr
a rprJit4 at Int Clif ( VaKirc
loc,l l)f tffi J 1 1 1. .Ill Hon. H Jth
rvl Wkin(int Mpktw of Cn,
Vakwjv tni tW JJ tf
M lupttlM C'tt lk U. i. it kl
- ,
UxS,l4 Ccoftil I Hon. iltanr CUt t tf
C. lUrktrt, n4 lloo. luu kUXlm, .4
kltryUwlj Hen. Ml MarthtU, CbUI
Jouka cl tkt Unli4 StaUh Caa.Jokn
H.Cockt Cen. Cktrkl f. Mmtr, a4
Woa. I). rwik0lk, E4. of VlrfUU, U
! Mtcrtl Mbr (51witWl dilwni
kal'Wtbjt l difltrtal ptiU ftf lh L'oloo.
Tka tiject of tb Society la 'td la
it Mod rtkU ( ill eoonliuilon, U I
Tkt.trbit4 to wkkla ill atltmlofl U to
U U prmo( and
xcvtA plan fef colonUinf lib tkeir
cotorai) tk it (Ar f reil
dirq if oor country, la Africa, or mch
otbtr fV" Cit(rM ahoil dctna moil
lipadiW. An4tk Social lb. 11 act. 10
affect iKK objeel, in co operaiioti with ikt j
rtaara! rttromeot, and taih of iba
atitci tijwf bdopt rffUooijupoBbf
lunpctu ,
Min Iba EliiaSetk aaltril jth
two i(di for tba U. S. Coenjmii, tb
Soeieiy'iarnt.iftd about 10 arrtTjranit j
but arriU ! aq onfarorablt Wtvxn and
ar let line for a umuorirt rcuJcncc ao
unhraliht' tL-ot. tha tkret atrnti. and
twr nf jr fflir attttert, died in lha courta of
i M-ia- i ru uuionuDiie cipeai-
lion rrcadr diacenjrajd lha public mind,
lo 1831, Meaara. Adeoa aod Wiiibui-
errioatKf partehbaSocUtftantl Metr.
wm. and K. Dcon, tht U. S. aptnta.
proreedrd lo Africa with a contidcrabia
reioturcf mani ot toloniatt j and in obo'
dianca lolnunictioaa, aougbtaod olxai fl
ed ermitaion fa tha aettiera to reatUa at
Sierra Leone, until their fitgotbiio hh
lha nail tea tnii;hl prove tuccettful.
Fiuitleta effri were maJe by Metr.
Andrewi and Oacon to purr ha e land in
tn oatttcouiMrr ovj ,m.,....a.r ..i.r
Ma return to Sierra uaw, ma Krmer(p-pcr,of the(,h. Tha editor of tba Pal
died 1 and. wataoon lonowdoy Mr. anrtiUrtium hlff cn u, (h- f0ow;n
MrtuAVino,intajHbeiwnly world. Dr.,,,... uimat
Ayrca twe rppointed agent for the
Sodt1rl"h company with Lieut.
Stock loo of tba United Statet' Vcboonec
Alliirainr, proceeded with great retolo-
tion to effect the object of tbia inttilution.
After much perplexity and deity, the per-
tevcrance and ability of thcae two gentle
men were loccetaful I and the natives ce
ded to 1 he Society a tract which wit eli-'
gihle, and, for (he prevent- tuukiently
Ckicntive. locludinc Capo Mooiserado ;
which affbrdt a site belter adapted, per
hipi, to iba purpotea of a Coiony.than
hy 6(bcf . ititioh on tbe wfodward coast
of A frici To' tbit terriioryi afnCetafrcd
Liicrli, iVe colonlatt were jmmcinatrlyl
removed ; and Dr. Arret, after tuperln-
tending tbo earlien improvemcnu of tlwi
leulemeot, retomed to thia country to
make a atalement of its wants, and obtain
the requisite tuppliet. Before bit arri
val, howtvor, 14 r. i. Athmaa urat on bit I
way lo Liberia, with 11 racapiuwd Afri
etna, and 31 colonistr. tie arnvrin'
time to prevent the extermination of the
colony, which wa repeatedly attacked by
the .natives, (amounting, at one time, to
1 500) in December, 1 823. About thirty
coloniitt'ooly wrre able to bear arms. .
The defence uf the Infant settlement by
Mr. Aihmtn, aiiil aufTerinf the effects of
the fever of the climate, evinced a cour
aver, been surpassed
'In April, 1833, Dr. Ayrea revisited
Africa, in te Oswego, iccompanied by
CO . (polpnista.' In. December, of the lame
year, be was compelled py extreme in
nets lo return. On the tOthof Jan. 1834
tbe thin Cvrut tailed with 105 ernitrrtntt
Lunng me present year, 0 coionisit
,. o-
neariy tuu inuiviuuais. oince tne visu 01
the Society' agenr, in August last, it hat
enjoyed'a decree of prosperity, and-been
mrked.' b7-.t..fapidify of Jmprovement,
which has rarely been exceeded in the
history of anr similar establishment-
tioa Bsirgfyeitrfil j 6IeialXfW
ot the stranger. Is struck wuh the rah
boMi. on Cane Montrtrado. atafldinfr inToa"rdtced by the preaent Foil Mia
lonelyjbeauty, tchristiinillafrer Theri
flourish the Tirtuet of the Gospel, defeit-l
ded b the Almitrbt fjflm 1 ho inflnrnrrs
of Paganism, cherished and refreshed
by the dewi of his grace. There U In
the colony. prevailing, iricreising spirit
of obedience industry, enierprize and
piety. School are established, churches
are building, government is respected,
agricujture receivea general attention, and
the wilderne r retiring before the
face of civilized mim"
Preparations are jnkkjnj; by the Socle (
If, t9Mfc4 tr n r,r.f f ?""- f.ff.
r.itta i' A(, I i' t t'wii it ?a as
t'.lrj Au!ftil. ,tj-flrf hitl'i;M,
ihtltke W fl'-fdv cf iriAirrftitin
ttnm tha t'il'd huiri toIiUfU
t irat4 ES fuf ImtltUgti. la tki
fUUifb ftfUttibf lha liblM. it i wa
led, ikat rof ff tba iaa bl tha ccUh
t!(j(ka ScUf, festy U triiUit4, by
toiil, of ly y 6rer.ttat fflaia (f
turlir.ta Mr. Dtnltl HtUnk.
or to ItUbtrJ tmiib, fan. Treeturtr f
Ibi ran at Social;, at WaMato.
Tba N. Y. tftt.irt: 'ct b NetlTtd
rariiivaprrl la tba Uik a II mm t a
tt lik May, by tha Mbat abt Wt,
arrttad M Wedacwby tecninr. Iba
!cly. lotartn wblcb
tbey eootaia, rtlatet to im ortem wko,
a era mttb pteaae4 ta Sod, bad gained
ne advantagei wear Iba Invade n an4 la
at bar retpectt wart foingoti proa pa rout
y. Tbey obtained ltl flctary e
tatter ear, oar iba Seraillit IlcKhlcl
Pat ba, an4 comptlltd tlm lo retreat to
nine. Tbey bad alio captured, war
Soda, three TuikUh taaaeli wlib ama
nliloa, and lereral Avttritq icttcli that
we ra tooveylnj proliiont to falraa.
AWul Hamid, bclr to tba Ottoman,
Tkrooet of boo Hi father wn aitrt ma
ty )e ejoui, bad beta got rid of by eko
ient death, and bia brother li denxer
ootlflll. Theteoteorteocet, while they
favor tha tlewtof tbo oreekt, kad eaua
cd much grief among hba Janlaurlea,
who were very fiturwt of pltclag iba
deccaacd on tha ibrona. 'It ould teem
tbaitho Sultaa did.jiot.fcf I altogether
caty lit ronacquence of tbcao tlolett
meant to Inwire M aafety, tor rjert bad
been, auji-'cnjy Jttucd to countermand
the mrtbof tba troopt dettincd for
Tbetulf. . ' .
I ba Ring of Sweden wi eipected to
folio the eitmpta of Kngltrrd, in rweog-
nitinglbo Independent Statciof South
Tba Snancea of tbabelored rdl
fland werab ao depforabta a atatc, that
ha judged It eipcdicnt to dispence with
lha tniaon of an a itraordiary Ambetta
dor lo attend tba coronation of the
French Jung, at well at with the Spaaith
AmbaMador at tenna, follow in j the
Emperor of Aottrta to .Milan.
Kite r?atf Eunorr,
The thiu Urerpool Packet, Capt. Cof-
fin. aaa-rlaraf4 at Hoif am ft rV7 ta f 7eLat
, 0 the 0:hr v f)d brorJtht Amtterdam
t ai
toUt PMj.
Tba pa port contain tbe particulars at
length of the Coronation of jba King cf
r ranee at KHeima, wbKh took place on
tbo 99th of May, with all tba pomp and
ceremoniet. umal on aucb occasions.
Tbo ArcbbSahop bleated the crown and
placed it on bit mtjesty'a head The
Prelate gave him tbe sword of Charlem
agne the Chamberiin put 00 lha Purple
boots ihe Dauphin put on Ms spurt, kc.
The horaet of the Kirrg't-carriage ran
away with It, and be owe. hi life toiha :
oftiIspVaiilVion and" coachman. 1
Qenc talXutiaI wei-.tbrowft rTranv&li
General Dordeaelo was thrown twice,
batt received 10 injury.
In Lngland, the speculations in foreign
Stocks atkl the various projects seem to
have prouueed a scarcity to the money
market. . ' -
-The Dutch frigate- PaHarwhhr the
Duke Diiiaxt U'ctmr at a ptssengerq
sailed from talmouib, EngJIay 2 Ti lor
A Frankford article of May 21,' states
tbal the Egyptian atmv, sent against the
Greeks, was in a perilous situation at
Modon. V
Tbe great timber ship Columbus, on
her way from England to St. John, N. 21.
was abandoned at tea. a wreck on lha Jftji
of Alar. MY.Mer. JJv
Since the. 1st day of January last, no
lesi than T278 new post ofTicea hive been
established. . Independently of -this addi
tion, lays the National Journal, one of the
great mails formerly transported but three
majlt and other irrsngements,-equally
valuable, have been made to facilitate the
arrivals and departures of tbe mail in
other sections of the Union. . Yet, not
withstandingjjiese addition! to the annual
expenditure,-the" revenue" of the Post
Office Department, which haa for" aome
year a pnuaie ea iuadequat a to iko-MtMmdMslir. zmt -iiHuf W-tr
ture, will, thia year, we tinderttand, in .
e !? W-Wf aomewnai axce
them. . Balifmorc TulriOl.
Af the late session of the Leghlature
of Rhode Island, a resolution wis passed,
appointing four attorney a, with instruc
tions to kue' the State of Maaachusettt,
tbe' Courta of the United States, for
the riht of jurisdiction over7 a tract of
and on trie northern boundary cj that state.
and a counsel Tor prosecuting the same
to t unai dectstoff;
a s 4 a . '
falmnt of tne prc-ttdiof?i whiebnttt
tr to Ata ia rcunoo 10 tne luijtct U
tba auihcriilti of CeorgU. Mtj. a
lit 1 that Vt impeoiiofi Ii ulL
from courtcty o tbe authovirln
Ueorgia, whi bia rtMitrdr is
urgteil dcmsaJcd It tod t) ,
wiii wnnarawB anauia tne ua,L
nationi rctuU la ir riuUiiKmeaf
nit IpnAtntr,, Co?, Troup Ii
tncatttea at un, aao naa ooKiilly u.
. '. r . J .k . - I , sir . . .
iivm sow iimij vi war pbhi
Aodrtwa, thai all intercourse keiwrn
tht lauer io4 lb Cot eminent of Ce.
gU la loipendcd ktleging aa a ret.
mo fur fnia measure, that if Mil. 1
hat acted wlilln tht letter or iplritai
aa . o aka"
hu lattructiont, " It 11 oltvioui ii
tht quiiuon tahkb bt arai chardi,
Investigate bad Uea prejudged u
Washingtot! before bia drptrton frr
I bat City, )od that cooaecj'ieatJr tht
goweraiiirst of Georgia gaa ao loagrr.
cowtisteotly with III dignity, bold k
urtoune with that o&ccr."
faijctttvilU Oittn
Cot. CrowrtJ, who wit not perm
to appeir before tbe com ml tin of tst
Georgia Legislature, appoioied tolooifs
Into kit conduct, nor afforded aa oppot
to nit y of confronting slag! ',
rhir ipwired agalntt him, bat UvkH
tbo Commltsionara appointed by Geor
gia, to attend tbe enolnatUn of bit
nestet, for the'purpota of putting la (ken
any quettionaln rtfcrrtMt to hltdrjotv
rcnt,lhat tbey may think proper.
bin letter to tbe Committlotier, be tni
In giving you tht invitation, an
yoo dittioeUy to uodarttaod, that It it bm
giving utxlor tbe impecttien that ft a
your ilgtrt ineo I biva not beta coo
fronted with witnesses against me 1 liutu
give under a full conviction of being sblt
fully to establish my ' frmoeenee, by wit
nesses who tbrlna. not front the eroel
of a rrote-c lamination, and to ahow yo
that my defence rrttt Dot, like the acta
saiioot against mr, vnoo tht fiimsr tone
dation of garbled evidence, arbitrarily ts-
ken, and improperly reported.
Jajitw Journal.
The Georgia Patriot, of June 98, ten
ihe expedition that lately marched frott
twiggt county, in pursuit of tbo ladiiov
having gone ai- fir aa tbe V-ders froa,
Gfixthc CiitifraufTered -theinraV
finding no enemy, nor any hostile prep,
rationa, have returned to their borne,
The aaree paper sddt, that ail account!
agree in'rtpresenting tbe nation at per
fertlr peaeeableandlraoquilt Travelllnf
continues aa ..frequentlr jt . formerlr.
through the nation, without iruertuptiuJ:
front the Indians;
The following It TortpY letter to
Awdi'O ;" rW-l-' '
. - . . BTtrcnri nrtiTam?
. Sir 1 . 1 call your attention to a letter
purporting .to be. your and addressed n
the Agent in extenuation of your condttt
for the act of suspension, and public
in a paper here of this morninz called iba
Patriot., If tbit letter be authemic, you
will considerwil mtereoutt between yow
telf wnd-h Govomment,. lutpendcd
frbrcflfif .moment of the receipt of thi.
T. P. Andrews, f.
Sfniil fre Ciw Jnicy,
A very extraordinary event 1 related ia
the Vermont paper ; It It stated that 1
little boy about 5 years old, in tba Town
of Randon. Vermont, was frozen to dcttli
in a imotf a'ojrw, 00 the 7A 0 Junti ''
An j(4houe waa destroyed by r'
Philadelpia, on Friday last'. It '
framcbuilding up warda.fif. bundrt'l
fecrlong, and contained a Urge tjutbti
ty of ice, the whole of which melted ia
lets than an hour. Aational Journal .
. Mr. Conover, the pnprfaorot the Cberaw In
telligencer, endorsed -upon the margin of k
paper of the 17th ult." that be could bo lonjer
exchange with us becaiu e, aa be sUeg.'
evliice jttaw w tlie "ielf K
tho Town of Fayetteville t and, by his manner
r. , - 'it ck.Verr.
villa, without abusing Coera'w I lie baa also it-
elared be can no longer exebapge
.he Gaiette accidentally diwHtidtogivetheClie-
raw paper credit of having tint publiahmg 'W
mpwUen feet of green corn liaviojr beCn
uM in the latter nlace on the iOuVult.lf lr
Conover meat bavO art tsalted opinioii of the
value of -bia paper, if he imagines that thedi
continuance of his exchange with the Georgr
town Gazette, and the Western Carolinian, will
be a source of grief wlliatditor of either u
or tbe CetKfetown paper,
t.i,;f ui wi.un the i.,ftf
liCta the Uttr ibi l el stUra t.
prndeil fff'fli 0- e, an oinoli tu
pffttctiof the torrl corrrttMa 4
ll. Jt.fNl1! -.ti1.lfff . .4
l! W

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