North Carolina Newspapers

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I eaf a lie Mgfcif !!,
7 wtify ntUra af ihe Ufe
" Wat aaula itki 11 tkat
Aa4 r at U afeitt.
Fr kiair iUlraa iilat
V7.a idlf mJjti a tka a!li
Aad a'J; la aoa aamUe ht4,
Oa rail UWi Uj tl ka4.
"" 7T'uftM itafclitwr bmki iw mi
Ka ImiUvi 41iU Ua UeaM
III k, Ui a4 Wi
Art ail kl lopt kU i e. '
Kifal Ra ' W faKma mtt,
r4 tfe t mx u kmU U Mia
TW fa rti arw M la fU.
l km rp In ft tkM Mbvn f
A4 lfM W7 ! it'(KarkJ Jul.
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Oa CJitiDf m; rvti rad ihi room
thrid..ldcof7attk 0,r,ih.tee.
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ry oa of ih compiay w aa aimuiuoc
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Ylt cacH la discreet arac of the
word. Mine boat a ia the act
drawiof JUf of ale from a cat! tbat
tood ia tke: comer of theroow, while
I vti fluictrv drawia a L.ll. on tha
. 1 . i .
.fj rdla placed arrota mr kocc by w$y
of ft dcak I , Mlu Alfelljr waa WaUy
employed la drawing the cunaina of
tbe eute bed, for the accommodation
of ai asaajr of the tnnlltri a choae
to be fcaU4neai the pott bojr waa
drawing the cork af a gta bottle with
appropriate rijor, while the acullioa
waa atiQ more viproualy em plot ed ia
drawiar tbrjSre with her flaonel petti, i
coatt the cook waa drair.e the bow.Jto a formed, It cannot be eoppmrd
r t. i
tla out of a fat r the fircidc t ' '" " npeuuitr couw nm prt oic
and the nurae wai dr.aiar liulc Tom. 1 , ntt. cknKM and aontinicenciea
mr .but the room ioago-cart, myl7hH)JT.9 tPF """IT"
t ,, m . " . . r he admitted that the human mma it In a
fflhiw tratcne;i were in the act of , of Ure lmprevemenl . con.
driBR lota nf them aho .ld KqupnlJf ,he .p,, ir, m (ln , Male
K6..rui 7 ui u. ,7 .j.rc uta, uniic
an artiit looking pern ogc, in the n r.
ner, wit urawinjr a akrtch of the mot.
a a i
ley group around nimi the dra(V:n in
the corner waa tn the-poiition of draw
InghU cTjtUatto brighten ita blade,
. and. corparai FUoijan, by bit. aide,
wai drawing tbe trigger of hu piece
"to try the lock j mlnehoitesi waa leia-
u rely employed drawing her coogou
ia the tea.pot and laaUy, the village
apothecary waa drawing a jaw-tooth
from the tweet mouth of the dairy
maid. So, Mr. Editor, with your ac
customed candor, I think you will al
low my hotel, pn tempore, the polite
.appcUAtion of a 44 aramg room."
Put four pounds of aalt butter into a
churn with tour quarts ot new milk,
and a small portion of aroott.. Churn
them together, and in about an hour
taka out the butter, and use it exactly
as fresh butter, by washing it in water
and addmg the WstdftfaYytjiiantiry etl
aalt. This is a singular experiment.
The butter gains about three ounces
in each pound, and is in every respect
eqaul to fresn butter. It would be
greatly improved by the addition of
two or uree ounces oi nnc sugar, in
powder.. A common earthen churn
anew era the same purpose as a wooden
one, and may be purchased at any put
- ahop...-,'.,....;wl.. ;
- It is common to aay, that a liar will
not be believed, although he should
aprak the .truth j but the converse of
this proposition rqullv true, but
me-iinfortuWare f tbat a mm who hs
tsined a reputation for verarity, will
not oe oiscreauea, aunougn ne snuia
utter that which is false but he jtbat
-would make use of a reputation for
: YcracltyTtat
fire trrthe temple of truth," with sf fag.
raoaj tea aaTaaaaa . asoaetaw.. .
Publisberx of new spa pers sometimes
receive " qtwer letters conccraing th c
Tttte oribmcol
lowing note, pithy and to the point,
was received by us this morning from
the country:
Jfnr, 1825.
Sir : The paper which you send
to this office for -, ia not taken
out one of the. firm having run away, '
and the other I think not able to pay;
f on hid better,- therefolreyifcTp-if ;
We think so too.
7ff com l 1 '.v I f i r.v I
Ma. I mtpM He somm" q,,,,r
lUi Ma. kr aio fasM, il w7'
mti fjf tw-l Mr ;ih f ii" I
but those kshgd f
tai. h t,Uu at a mMf af eafa,
(Hat ti ilitiWi -otj4 It rttlttdi
i o i4 wlu lbs! prttt ml fck
It imptMe fpimi!f demands
VVhh tbis U, I Mt lemmtncel lh,
wib lU erpttsila Hit ill iM
reslftWaaW Ike niiMtl will lead tktlf
aid, aad ti1 iWlr Influetwei te Kcm
pUs aa etiicl h whkb wry J ff
ranf, itf'nirt, wtn (et deeply
Utrtit4. Uitberta, IU qatatJoas bet
Urn Mr diao4 i'an4 il hel weea pew
kdkJ to M HcjU to well Ttrittf f
Ibiia, fKst ikrf ippri Hnw room i
44 nj m 4 ia attijatt. .But It
li U 4mj of f rf UtA a food f q
traiMM. an4 af evart Natih farofiaUn,
U Uth lnirt(J for IM tkir tr 4
K iiait,aa4 tHa pultikU prl.iUftial
lit tifluna. to al aoorw eeM w
rtli lit pfawnt ujn ifti CMJa
coAtik utUw. A llit iwopla art tHa a!
Urlilm.ia fgau! af twt a aa h
U from ikim tb4 ifca corii!aiWal
cKartar ofwkr wfcltli ikat lla i 44 1
t U urictlr contootnl to a rtpaUUan
xr lt u W.VZ
art ni &rmminl. IK CtOfO'Ka l'0
i ., t..i . k .k.
I lull V llUt lWH Mir.-.
I firklid.) h people of North Ciroliaa
afftv, uniltcnblr licicrfnUKd lo meet
float rnuon aal htm a cootutuuxt more
(perfect Jhm th ;wtirctr wet mM tm4
r!Ld in 17701 al which lil a ori
f . a - . l .1 .
i... .4. ...j .! r it,.
jimri Jij wMck.fe.lirc. . .
Ike prtwni eoowhuilon formed
vkca (ail countrr wit lnoIrd in r;
al a time Hcn u cannoc b tuppowd
lKi iKa miada ef the pcopla were h ibi
atite of cool nd cahn deliberation, wbitb
if aboloclr ncceturj lo the ie and
correct formation of a tuie conttitution
And bad the countrr be ca ia a t'ate of
profound peace al the time the contti:u
0f uniTerul prace) better ouaJinecl to
hrm a conttitutbn lhn they were fifty
i ycara apa. In a atate of actual war.
I '
1 In enumerating the many rntrancei
under which the people at prevent labor,
firbt.nd moat prominent, ia, that of
repreientalion in the General AawrnMy
AecordJnr tf the preaentTttfo of repre
sentation, a minority rules tSe majority of.
the freemen of North Carolina. Thla it
directly opposed to the fundamental prin
ciples of a republican government; whoe
maiim ia, that the majority mutt rule.
This proves, incontestibly, that we sre in
a atate of political vemlage; and that
there is no other method by which we
can gain our political freedom than that
of a convention. 1 he Importance, there
fore, ef this measare, will be readily ad
fnitted;by eery discerning and candid
pexior, t:o matter in wkat accttoa'or ike
state he may be aituated.
The convention question is at present
warmly agitated in Virginia, and there
can be ou doubt of its final success. Ex
perience hit proved that their state con
stitution i extremely defective; it wa
formed at an early period, like that of
North Carotins ; and '.hey arjnow de
tertnined (as wVare) to expunge i'tTira
perfections. Lucius.
. July 1835.
rao raa KiTiowAi tin.
Specimen eaAev explanattri, Dictitnary, xehick
hot nal ntr nr vill be pklihet.
-DRUM, a. (from lrinkl Over th By hW
acaa over Hot Hijfh Pamleu Cut hhave.t-
Jainm'd I)iiTiifd Damare ComedSniifly
"wiped Smoky Cocked Half Cocked
Jut o Unstf ady I on Heavy Fuddled
H'rhGron Sma--hed Crank Skied Sal-
ted Down swipesy How tare ve on rrte
hrflurch Quite witty Gay All aula et
Burnpieai Three sheets in the wind On a
pree W ell under the way WctToWt to'TTv'e
niowinjrt mil keeping it up Doozy Ma.
kinft Virginia fence.
RUM. (a.) Oh be Jovhil Oil or Jov The
Comfortable -AuU-tuirinalioSomcUan(C tai
drink SUmuIus OpodeWoo Eaay to Aatur
The Creature9team of the Jug Hawk
Eve Jonathan Obediah- our- noae off-
Tangle Legs.
For the -gout, toast and -water;
whooping .cough, ipecacuanha i bile,
exeretae-f-eornneasy-anoes ;otueJe
Vila, blue , ruin t rheumatism, new
flannel and patience tooth-Qhe, pluck I
u out j debt, oraltc acid oye, roatn-
mony,-" - ;
RoaiTtts nniaf sriiira) enarRvtR .
At a recent . Squirrel Hunt in thb
town, the following number or tuad
rupeds werakilled :
Squirrels,r 466 j Voodpeckers, 48 j
Crows, 36 ; Foxes, 7; Bobalinks, 74 ;
Pigeons, 64; Woodcocks, 23 ; Hawks,
10 ; Woodchucks, 49 ; Owh, 4 ;
Sk-unkir.12 Partridge I. 'Whole'
numbers 784, ''
; 1:4 k; tU tnUt ImmUt
1 11MB . Wiwi Hii, mjttf.&r U
1 Mm U a-lt t U U mmtt4 im.
atttnl f trti-d a the IIJW' A4
M, M uf eMM!(t af taia af4tMi,
TW lrf4 kak Wa a,Ji k
Tmf U i "( cr ai U l,i:tar
wt Ar4ri aa ta fwaaaj a4
fW tM iWt witt aaart tiaawale ta aaae
Urra ettwfcfeaf tm wa awe be eu
trf ta Hmv ear. TW IkMat wUI k nmirl
Oa ta af the amt anvre4 CImUt
lalaia mt trntnM aWk the ajlnriUn
hate Ua aM Maa pariiraW ifvf
to. T(k 3 Va arpart4 f rh lpha.
aaare tta to te taWfefy. The aUl
be AvtiUd la inar a Claaara, al mm
'A k altatil f Iha who bf ana mm.
Wr af aae af lh rrguiu laatai tia araaai
blaf MrrUd for tHa ahaaa UJrl W la ab
tah a eaatlHt and tWnl dcaiia.
tiaa, Talrtf Dathrt par mmw, rtrn
Ml ataaaa. ta be paid eiwarf aa advtara.
ikat 4 m be baJ at Ta DWW aer laawtlt.
Ta a imata af ta nmtug mwi an
bck aa the lM Mv U iolf. ti
Aal!L wiujam iionm
CoAth aaUng Uua,ntn.
THE eubirriarre brg ka la Wanna the rili.
aa af aJUbary, at Iba pU al Ufa,
that rVy ban cataaMtd tha ahota buiincw
in tha Urwni lbtirr.aa Mu ttrftt. arit
beaat tawth-aajt ef tbr )ail whrre Ihry a ill b
t ..k am A mm .Ah.
atas aa lha aWlai aaiira and aa4 rraMMabfa
tana. Ihrf b a bamLaad a Jl ktarv Pia.
nataad tt
of aa fttat stulajr m any rf Mad ia tha par.
Anv kitwt rrf rarriae raa h bail hv irihltn In
tha aiibacfUf. th ha b alrirt aitra.
t at ta amftacai, ta racvwe a anar or Matte
lUpai.aaf any aiad will b doaa ia a a at
and hjarfwimr rl. OnVra frai a dtwaae
ill b IhaalajDv rrrrirrd., aiwt fa'tihrol? U
eaifd,bythepalibVaHiwlla ffuwa,
Uhry, ) Qrft, 1923. 63
nETtCTfl IXY ac)iii at their frirrxlaofivr I erritorira, eorloa'oa; the f aah or Prlart in
ilitmrr and tbe public ftnrrallr, that any of thr ltT; (jat paai) vi!l aiett our
they bare Commenced tba Tmheinw ri
tbe Taihrinr Pwmnrtt
In a new nop, txnlt fr the parpnae, altuated
in Mini at real, next door emtthweet of Mr. C.
Creaa' ateee, like viae onpoaiie to Mr. Ilwaui
AftitotS t ore. and qiiite eanveaient to every
fore In Tewwi a here they are better prepared
tlian ever ta aeeommodate anr genttrmra w'rtb
TaiUtrinr. and in the moat faaliioaeble and ne.
teat atyW. Anf perMM wiahina; to vary fmm
the prevaJla. fnmne of the diffrreni Katuis
aa Vavw thrar ftaaiaa atutad by giving nceca
aarv (fliretioiia.
RrwtiU TemplrfM have pat themarlres to
coaaHlerable trouble and expeaae for the par.
poe of navinr a complete and laatinr catahhah.
ment in thn plaor, for which it appeara Ha riti.
xena have been long In want of. ' There wiO be
no neceaity, for tbe future, of any gentlemen
putting thomaelvea to the trouble ad inconve
nience of going or aendin(r off to other naH of .
the country foe their clithinr. when thcr can
be eo'ially ai welt accoramorlated at home,
where ther ret their own amport. .The nuh.
Co lilt pkaae to recolkct, tkat all the inrrjiui.
tyand taMe neavwary to our bii'incis ii not par.
ucuUriv roiiCned to pne fct of chka or tiitrn-i-tlmt'TaIihtfrf
haa wahaaet aivl we flutfrf p,,r.
KSta we will mtabli'h the fact by the work
which shall be turned wit of oar ehop for the
We hare become wihvriben, inminr. fiir
ten yeara, to a cmnle cf rentlcmcn in lliilatlcl-;
phia. Who make it ahuvneaito aeml the fsth.l
'T? i.?nT rT VnJ,e,A8:mtM: the ?Un
complete, that snv perl umlerstamling it tho.
ron(Wvranc! foaVirroriciiera;nuit.od
prartice of cnttin?, and the treat art of outline;
dtTercnt (farmer H tojrether, (which we boldly
aort we rtol can rive to their eustomcre the
KfTerent fashions with is much accuracy and
taie as they ran he rot in Philadelphia or any
other town in the I'nited Statea.
We have just received the latest faahionr,
which r quUt JJTereiit tn those of.
season; Mcewiae, one of ua ha just returned
from offa tmr to a number of larre northern
towna, and nade it a buainess to go into a mim
ber of 1 ailors' ahrma in each town, for the pur
none of ifaminr all the information possible, an
prrtainingto emr bttamewii' We hope, by pay
ng that a'tf ution which our busincs requires,
to receive an erjual share of public pammare.
Wie "Kere return oiir amcere" thanks to those
who have encouraged us in our line of busineas
auice aur commencementjn thia place,
We would be very glad to take one or two
bojataihe hualnesa, who can come well rccoro
DiefidcdTand BbtVei CnwyeiTlllTu.""t,'
JiineJ,;..,.- , 61 .'
Ordinance JDcaTtiocnt.
SEA LtD. PTijp6saIi"wilt 'cTwcivedTy7this
Department nntil the Hist day of June next,
tor fumiahtng the following Cannon Balls, viz :
Seven thousand five hundred 24 pounder Can-
noir TJBBrttnohn)tf ;flrti:pchiwre,
near Newcastle, Delaware . -.,
- Six thousand 34 pounder Cannon Balls, to be
delivered at Wew4Weam'-:----"-Tsi.-:ilJ-
,irThe' Balls vt4 to be east tn irwn , wmildsy and
lobe delivered aft:or before the.fiwt 4j,v,jof-Pc.J
tober, 18J6. They will be inspected at the
manufactorio, and at the expense of the United
Statea i but tbey are "10 be delivered,-at'the
places mentioned, at the cost and risk of tbe
contractors. '
The Proposal should be made separately forj
each parcel, and should state the price per
Persona deposed to offer proposals win be
furnished, on application, with the dimensions
of the balls, and the rerulation for inspecting
.them. GEQUBOMFQHDa ... .
Brevet CoL tn Qrdrumce Senice.
June 4. 171
M... I, ,a ;! i ", 'i. t; ) tk
I a. w. W nun ta t ja kte K.
f f.i .13 ta lU'r l.U
( At M U lva U U,)
7 (Mt ba aa Ii4 LwJLlt,
A Uf tff af lUaM,
To AttvYin t aMonlK
BV iKa naad ii ftrmmft tr4
bf IXtwa faiaat aaUe the i4 af tba
t, uira,
Of r-0 ti-Kt, I.
TVa viala ta ba atWi4id a Oar Day, aa4
Ut fMauitahr taae ptatf Jf tkf t ef JUM.
iiijtrriiKB 10,00.0 !J
1 EtiOOO g4O00O
! JOO " 1000 '
10 1,000 J0XK5
100 , 3iCO
10 10 3,300
too :o 400
3)0 0 3.1C0
500 e
10300 4 10)00 '
tlr043 Fritt:
40j0no 77rirr.
Z? 1 be UHmar af I Km irbaaaa, ftW aa
tha laiofwtd MoiW.) U rfat ra-wiV.
A'htnUtrrta U rrwaib tb kw raU af 7Via
tba Inlipf rk a4nff4, aw
f aa jfirab a PrittJ aad tbat tha Capital
rn Tarty Taaaaaaa Wort, If of a BtajnH.
tak hKKr no anptcvdatH fur aa amall a m
lnflrl aKia aB. bearttr, ia the ttrimmtp a
t4fuint H iraal aa iv hr tht panha of
M twaaia aa to (aa (4aa4aaa
i:c .N'umtxt.) aad li lla aaaa raita tf tats
laiaiy in tha purr La ef a praUr awakWr af
laitauaa aaataa.
Hllt Trlrtt gl 00 I Owaraa gl ?
Ta b ba. ia tha featrat aariny of NuiuWrt
i (dd nd ea) at
Lurry and, X. Hi, .Korlm.
itrtrt, fiuttl mi-T
Wbrfa in ta'a tiaa f (lanaa, wra aU tl
Oral Capital of WJM M,"t g,UJ
1 of 20.0W AJ.. 3 of 10,000 W
hraiikf na lra than rwrrV ffot!$ of 1.-V0
Mbrt. &r. 0f. aaa arArrw om Captlkt "Wf
At Arra aAiaW fJUa al ' ttArr tjlrr ia
tJrn fnwa aov part of tha t'nlVfl Siilra
! aCcuatomca prowipt atlealKMi. Ailrraa ta
i. I. CtHIF.N, Ir.BMmr.
fT AdmtttTTr at a ilittaace mar at all tiit'a
with confidence foraenl thetr Heniittaneea to
rW Oft i fur if the cheme alwiuld be
lraan when their on!era arrire, th amount m-
rlotrd will be returned by the ftrat mail, or will
he inverted in the meat advbable Scheme, neat
ta be drawn
OX tla 5th inft. from the nibarriber In faHa.
Irurr, a cbewui! eoloreil Arte, tolerably
larre, 7 or I yean obL blind of one eve, ail ff
hta feet wbde, and ia branded on the left ahotil.
dcr whh an 9, and aomeihrng'VHe not reeollec.
ted. Any peron who will return aaM hore to
the Mibatnber in SifiJiurv, or tfwt information
he-e he ran be found, altall he well reco'mpen
aod for hia trouble and evpenaea.
Ulnsn AVfttc.
TO Dnijrgtatj,' Llilna tlrrcfuntt, .Country J
Storekeepers, ami dealers in GT.uare.
21,000 (;roa Ajothrrarie Viala ; 15,
000 do. Patent Medicine "o. ; I0P0 do.
olcer water bottles s HOOilo. Mmtard
and Cayenne, bottles J 7CTO dr.rrn Qunrt
hottlea i 5000 do. halfoallon r!o. 300
do. Washington and EaKtc pint flks ;
1 3000 Jo- V" E"C!e do. do.;
pOUP dp. Dyolt ancl Franklin do. do. 20OO
do. Shin FraukTin and Agrjcul. do. ; 5CC0
do. assorted liable. Ice. do. ; 10M do.
common ribbed do. ; 4000 do. Engle,
Cornucopia, kc. half pin: ; 4500 do- Jars,
aasorted, all sizes ; 5000 do. druireists;
and confectioners' show hollies ; 5Q00 do.
drucKWls'.packing botOet, . aojrt.. sizes j
2000 do. acid bottles, ero. stoppers :
W0 do. tincture bottles, sisnrted sizes .
3000 do. mineral water bottles ; 6000 do,
snuff bottles ; 5000 do. demijohns, differ
ent sites. - ; .-
With a variety of other Class Ware all of which
is manufactured at the Philadelphia and Ken
sington tilas Fncfbrlei, indirt Quality and worlt-
maniiup ta conairiered equal, and in many ot the
articlea,-aoprior to English manufacture. -
For nle bv - T. W. DYOTT,
CernrraiSccaWW J
with constant employment and rood ware?, by
appl ing as above.
Editora throughout the United States who
advertise "for T. WT Dyott by the year, will
pleae insert the above till forbid.
ATttrrh l; mas. :. - MHf -
TYiehty DoWats lltiwatd.
"-Xl her, Hiving about five miles
weal of Lincolnton.J OTnnff
dav of May, a ncrro boy named
-iriXmbout MO year of are,
dark comnlexion. about five fret
. contiderabl y . sunk in his head
he "has no other tiartiailar marks, except a aear
on the inidelof his lift thltrh, occasioned by
the cutof a knife, and several large wirts on
hia face ; he had on (when laal seen in the neirh-
borhopd)'a blue broadcloth coat and pantaloona ;
he waa, raised in the neiglibochood of Petera-biu-g,
in Vhtnf a, and it ia probable that he is
trying .to get back again. The above reward
will be given by me, to any one that w ill deliver
Kirn, to me,-or Jo Bf$urehim in any jail m that
I can get him arain. CUARLES SllOlX
Juki ith, 1825. 4t69,
mu nr 7 fir it r t ik,
"Hie . un M .-., I wUco, Wft'...
rVr, l'rii. an I Scaler, were 1
a k af a
r( Ki-49 eatn 01 wn ,m r.r,f u
i a a
the wet a wit cf tf ra!'0( - fnm
MoWa day, k'ria'idar, an
uar, f trace tne mmra ef fj
, MonJafjTueidair, U'tdatJ
radar, I rtJar. aslSatu'daf, '
Cotton Ginning,
fttllf wWvU fptfgBf kvr, fti eai
1 ckaai af Iba taaa af atrfa,fr. A . faraMfl aflat atva4JaHiaai, li i,.
H U4 a tar .kW,31 by tUi i.
mtmf Cmn-, ta ma ky ( , a4 W v !
aataaaw aaaa aae pat aof tiftom m Okaaa.
BManetv Jf aarlct. Ha aaains i.ia jya.
di have rbetr ewttae packed and pt ep ia 0j
eaattet aaanaar. aad ia U kan at timw a.
bU. aad aa the lawai tfme al aka ik.1
by ethers, lie aiaaaawrrvi ttiae wVaafada,
tva ta bia Ca, tW a atH be kept pr'i
eibera, thai tbey wiS be aare ta grl the
caUMi rhey aead. IU baa bwatad aa4 bHa,
etabUihianl, at b M4t llaatatioa, tae ai,,
fram nauaftary. IK , Tfx
IS. f74. 3
V.a and lioMa VatiotUt
ft atatT.
awW'iWr fcavW eaawaeJ a.
JL mai
aaaaafartara af Vkk, ftotttea, ie. aa H
iire atU, U ta.W4 ta anpplr an
lily of Iba fwlioairig (Wrirn of Apwaar.
rW and ethee i;!aa Vrt
Apheearka ViaU, from ana dra, ia
aawte i fatwt MnUine Va!a, of every 4,,.
ttoai f Wtara latika. airti r 4
rem half pint oe gaOoa i apetia LWiK
w,ia laoqwreti tere, waoa ae ie i(,
gaol IMifrwti' fVVUg floKbt, -.U 9
at row moutba, tn half ptwt to taa ftfiu,
Acbt fWtlee, tb ground atorrpetvrt:i!
Dam;.. fraa aa Ouart ta toe" rxJLm'
v anirtwnrrw tatrw rwurt, anc pTriga ,
fickCng a4 trarraaf Jtr. nrfn
tamed amtnrnj. from KaV pint t me fV ,
Quart aad half gajnn bot)ri M abirn,
Fayette, frank)in, afnp fraathn, Afrm.Cvii:
and Maannk, Camncotka, American TirV.
ami cotamoa Hh5an4 i'ackrt flAi Whs
M'otee, MaataM -and Caaeai a Vrfr
finalT, fllacking awl Ik rWtVi Wi-hi.
other dearriptiua) of 1"U! and Hortkl n.adt w
tvflf t Wta MtaJnB ltOtbjfeW WT'we" W
V. if. XlfOTT. north art rornrv-af reraai
and Rare erreeta, millaiUlpUa. Oct 12, ICC
. State of Kortli-Carolina,
M$raoMtr eoinrr.
CQVnX of Pleat anl Quarter Se".OT'. r.
eaion. 18.'5. llerrv tela.noth r. Ann C.
iroith. ilKa NiU, Jane T. Kail, and Ca'olia
f Kail j ordinal attachment, led an Wndt.
ft appearing that toe defearlanti ate laHttnaMi
of another atate, OnirrrJ, that pulrititon l
nn.le ia the MVnern Carolinian. pnnM h
laliahunr, for three month, that i)e Ibe
frmlanta appear at lha neat Court of PVu ar4
Quarter 8erowa ta be hekl for tbe cnuny i
atontg ornery, at the court-hoe in Laarenra.
vJh, m the 6rat Monday in July neat, rrj lrrr
and plead ta nie. Judgment will be eutron)
acainat them for the amount af tba p!aimi
ilemanil, and the property levied on a ill m
connemned and oi to hia rermrre.
Teat i JOHN B. JUAltl '
Printer'a fee. 3m6J
State of Xorth-Caroliua,
iKtotit co'vxrr.
ptOfRTcf Plea and Quarter Srn'ont, Mir
V' term, IK5. u rat ley MeynoUla and Co. t.
HoM. 't etrrnorr land : ortrtnal attachment, V-
tied on LuuLand KaUuuticl tlohb rumoww x
rarniahee in thia rxf. It annearinr ta the pi-
Haction of the court, that Robert Weetmortk!.
the drfrtMiant, lian abarondrd, and 'f not in tts
rfite, it ,theTrfvrr fcred, that publicatioi W
made tVr three Toontba ia.tbe U extern-Va.
nian, that unleaa-the, difcndant appear at tht
next mtvi to ae hebl at tha eourt-haiMe a
tatcville, cn 'lie 3d Vmnlay in Auru't rtf.
n l plead or tlrTur, er the plaintiff wiilhavt
jutlgircnt entered according to hia demand.
.'mt72 . RWT. flMONI ON.crk.
State of North-Carolina,
svr rorirrr.
ar0rTt?7,TiaJ Quarter 9eiaaa lav
J arfiou, A. I). 1X25 1 Nathan Chamn u.
Joseph Sateri judicial at'achment, levied on
land, SC. l appearing to the satisfaction of the
eour, that th defendant m this eae ia not w ittS
in the limits of thia state, it b therefore ordered,
that publication be made for three anonths, sac-cea-ively,
in the Wetern Carolinian, giving
tice to the defendant ta appear at tbe tour-,
houae in Kockford. on the second Monday ta
Angurt nest, and plesd or demur to slid attach
ment, otherwise judgment will be rendrml
against nim Tor aaid piaintifl 'a demand. "
nes Joseph Williama, clerk of said conr.
office, the second Monday of May; A. I. li
3mt71 JO. WILLIAMS, c. e.
.... JuKPiit tovsrr.
riOUTtT of Pleas ard Quarter ks-wh. K
James H. Houston r. RnOc"
levied, fcc. It is ardcred bv the. crurt."to whw
atUfactkn it appear,' that the defendant h
removed beyond the bounds of thia state, that
the aaid defendant appear at the next term "
said court to be-licUl at the court-house m
SttoaviHe,.on tbe third Monday m At'eust nest
replevy tho property levied on, anil plead, l'"
erwiae the plaintiff will be- heard ex parte an1
JiiajU(lrrrK-nt pro coiifeao.
ii i est t K. NIMl). II
. ,.-uu.j,ii4fiiu...rarvf,r.T-.
S0UllT of I'leaa and Quarter Seaton AF'
rmri823 1 ATexander F. pussel W.
"SBgRtrvorlgitial ataebinentrledM'
It appearing to the coiirt, that tlie fat' ,
not an inhiihitnnt of 4bia state, it ja 0iwV
theefiure. that publication be made m the Wen
tern Carolinian three months, giving notice
said defendant to appear at our next court ot
Plesa and Quarter Sessions, to be held for
fnnntv nf PiIuitiii ,1 tho rmirt.koupe in CC1'
cord, on the 3d Monday in.July next, to Kp'f j
vy, plead or demur, otherwise judgment-X" .
be enteaed arainst him, and execution awarded
accordinglv. 7"tfAC0a3AN;TT'."T''"
Pfinter's Ice, 4. - jiwuo
' - -

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