North Carolina Newspapers

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VV i blitk 1 pkxi'd rack blooW flora
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Atkvart tha iflooa MiU abrd am i . '
- Aw! aft, arkilK my km krtrt it cktcis
KseaOi tk tctiMa of nfu y cart. -
' Ami eaa tuck tbourhu tKa mln4 ttnplojr,
'J! Vor thli.k of aia tb rr if Joy.
For gulk Teaa kcatt la py etl ataed,
' At in ha houn of quietude.
' Na'ct karbon tkottht 'twould bluih to ow,
- - - To Conejrrfie4 worida Rkal iuoa,
Caa natura'a acenct aoch jo inspire, ,
. ; - Mor Wad the thojHt to nature' ara t
"When la each object that wa UaT-.'l- ..
' T aaturt'f lod, la mIui Inta
T; tn Inaeatt ikti hi ailkea win;, . . .
'-. la boddinr flowrtt of be iprinf;, .....
In leaf, and rprar, and bUda'ntoat araifl,
lisaet IkV U itiped on oA
Lo ! from yon brarek Jtnrkm hi,'
' And cjrefinf; web UU vifur pliei t
Wka tao(lu the HukvarciuUa .
. - Ha rrnie fabric JO erect f
' Aad ao eoatrac4 -lbat U BMf
Enmcth ir unnupectir prer f
Minda rcflectira, prone to moae,
' Suek train of taoiirkt will oft-tiaea chuaet
' It leads to patbt vkkh aivraa trod,
: Thrw' nature up to natire'i Cod.w
Soar to that Liffh, that koly mount,
tVlienrc 'uwtea lifc'a eternal fouot t
It points to that asylum blest
Where, cia'W $nw, thoid't hare reat.
TUra, thv evry thought h known
Thrrt, W huh'd the " orphan's moan
And should ll worldly frirmls forsake thet, .
""-Tr one mho nn"ilf fatt the.- - -jy
: "' Thourt i acai orsoitb'' cloearound,
Tho' fraud and viTUny abound,"" "
Still trut in Him wbe guardian care
" Shut! free theryet from mry-anarar
Ilia time then wait, nor mora rrpine,
Tho' erery hostile power combine.
With Him in sweet communion blest,
T Ttonrt orr the rrock of awa" rest:
h Vworocnu rkh7 whalblisi.Io yiin,
. Which comptnute an-are of oaiu:
The tweetl) :pinful tears that fall, '
Obliterates and cnncels all:
Cold neglect, and treaeb'rv's wile,
And villany's eiufting smile,
In that blast moment all forirot,
And hsppy b the orphan's Intcs-ri':
Then," Hyireia, whilst of llm posfrst,
- With competence.and iruileicaa breast,
f Content to Hemxn I'll kyive the ten."
Hardest bur urOa the tmenififr
aaiaetiimeLioQfe 'rlfth
counties, JUord Norbury, it is( stated,
t actually congratulated Uie , grand juFv
that no newspaper was printed in their
county i and hoped they would use
their influence to prevent any . being
established. - To this circumstante he
attributed the tranquil state of the
Lord Norburys on this, side of the
water. Jiantuchft Inquirer
Iwr hm ! i.ter bf t- (V
earlier ike af sow ia lhl
! Isrser ! tU tt foots susid
It 0ul4 b J wutb Jrpof1tet
lilt 4afiWSf 'hff
dr Uirarlfi Imk i u,
cspeciiny la tUmitca, Upo
M or frrsJ gtouiJ, Uejr iff lJ
swM trr thsa r M i J ",?twJ
K.U Tkow5k such U lK kuJ 9i Unl
best iJipt4 w Ibt riUb of Turn-,
vet 0firi ctiltirwutl trw 7
Icart e.f soil ia t II UuS.
Tht grwni UutJed for ih pro
faction f TumlpU 6t rotate j m
oo, tujht to U df47 ptwgwi,w
Ufi U that rough lute, lo rtcttrt ih4
barfiia iif tbt riottf ffOlU. C f
la the April followiof, wk Jc it Jk;
ftrh.rroarlt m.WU It till
th mib of Mt;, wkc It .hooU
haft toother del? 1otigh.og oao,
or cooltry wise U the former , the
C.t rek I Jun kkfTOar U
tAw.rJa thff tttd Of thtt tnOOth,
th- field i llfht coal of wtU rotted ii
ur. anil tmoiuuy plooth It w
ligtal 1 fur wbitli ih aoU td -
wtirhtw harrow.
1 be time of Mwiojf f roeodi muck
0 tht applicative j wbea taroipa are
iottadrd for early CMont4oi. they
stay b saws tooa' after lb middle of
thli month the jratra! mode, io
the) iHMidio sutes, U to begta to too
bout the 50th of jolj , and to cor tl out
owinj, as conenicDtt from thia tlmt
Co the mlddU 6f August, or a few
dart after. ' -
The qoaotlty of etds town on an
actea h V1 lurJP'P farmers, h
oe er leta tnut one pound i rowrt ire-
queotly pound aod a half.' and by
tome two. If erery rra!n wit ' to
come to pewctiae, "a quarter of
pound would be more than sufficient
but having, to encounter, to, many
accidenti. a pound n the least qaan
thy that ought to b sown on one
JJilttn Gazette.
IBuatrated k SlrAstlra f P"""'
sp.-r. rour aags were several.
Irsnade to swallow two parts. loar
and narrow, at porr, msttoo. eI aod
beef. On killing them so hour after.
wards, the port bad lost ten parts, the
mutton nine, the real four, and the
baefnone. '"
Exp. 2. Four dogt were made
severaUv-toawatWw tho aame "ponlons
of tb same meats, and were killed in
two hours.. The mutton had lot 46
parts, the beef 44. the veal 31. and the
pork SO; y--- ---z-z.zz'; ''iX.'.Tv.
Exp. 3. Four dogt had the aame
quantiuesr aod were aided in vthrte
hours The pork had bit . 93, the
mutton 87, the, beef 37, and the veal 46.
tip. 4. rour doge nad the aame
quantities, and weje killed in four
hours. The pork: wta whallv" diets-'
act, the-'ftitmttn had toft'lH, Ihe beef
75, and the veal 69.
Exp. 5. Four dog were several.
ly made to swallow two parts, Ung
and narrow, ot oeer, rabbit, tod-bsh,
and cheese. THeV were killed in two
hours, when it jraa also found that
the beef had lost none, the rabbit none,
the cod-hsh 74, aod the cheese 20.
Exr. 6. Six doer were r seven
made to swsllow 100 oarts of nuscle,
skra, gristle, sinew, bone, and fat.
They were killed in 4 hours, and it
r .1 . . r v' .tt . i
was ioudo mat me tax was aiiaigcsteaj
the muscle had lost 30 f the skin 22 j
the gristle, 21 1 the sinews 6 and the
bone J... In UnotheiL,experinieot,'jb:
whole of the bond was digested in' 6
These eexperimepte, performed by
bir A stley Cooper, show that the stom
ach of a dog can more easily digest
pork and fish than antr: other meau j
and we see no experiment nor hypoth
etical reason-why tt should not be the
samRwhh rthelham
that of all earnjycroua animalsr Jn-
fl a t 1 t m a I f
perimwts bti)reformed miott thtf hu
u' ,.
Would it not be -prperi for the gen.
eral benefit of mankind, to try such
experiments on criminals executed lor
murder f ' ' :-' T
A set of buttons has been made in
New-York? of NdMh-Carolrna Goldt with
the head "ol Washington on tbem as a
present to Gen,. Jufiyette.
sumUr'tii Uf. a 4uff09.
ffitl'rf txli! tnsl
. a a a f
the disease tf Cic; :.cAa tin ui
asuakfttd l way reocra.Iy
v..- t ...1- t 4
to adopt asl rlutlaa lc0
mended la toco uses, j aoi bit Wtund,
which m Uthe arm, batten mlTcr
.A lL The df wai scomj,
aodiubeo,enUy dUd
eibibltiaf the aioua
kvdrobhuL'ta. ,- . .
irmptooa of
Dr. WUtrrittTt wri tt ttJa c
My' Thai i tiw ft-m aoy dj, dy
bi iuvdellUniUf. citaattacM, taa
laivtet ipectkC poise laisa
.v.traa.U t U b CkUcdW ov Mate
I deny. I bate, la ,te miadt of
' !'. I. ...tail Ml l'if M
menrcu irteeua, mi i
ooloioos iI hate ieerf VoaBdcace,
ahart f L3tvtrv. la their ferrectacst i
othcrt harebeea pi ea
st d to term the moat dreadLI of h
maa malsdiet presumed tt of baniof
ter me, tt competeat to dnUn that
aa t - .
imitioattoa Win, ar least, mi mm
shue U the mult.
' 1 hare Jat returned from tiewlng,
In company with rveral gtndrmea, the
improved mow? machine of Messrs.
Ezra Opt J'Thomae Uocpes, Jr.
.U(1V and hirhlr rfffracious.
laboravie machine f as will appeai
by the fact, that It mowed an aCre of
good grass n thirty minutes. It cuts
a swarth of J 1-4 feel, and bye the
grass haadwru tlr. NVbw ubcW full
way, it cut, ef that widtn, SO rous in
length la I minutes Ten etree a day
msv hi mowed ifiih It taijlr. It can-
not fall k ought not to fail to recom
Mad itacY to the enlightened farmer,
until it gets fato jjeoeral Use " "
The rrvstvlaiK horse rake in use in
this also valuables
it will rake an acre of smooth j land.
:leaa m 15 minutes, and hai tlooe it
this week leu time. J...
" Si IVttUhnttt (Tenn.) paper.
rv i. r.:a r . ..t.l
a n iuh'jii vi in a.i u, i
19 nave wen uuudutin, vj uiutii v.
the Pacha, on a scale equally extrn.
sire with that of cottrrn f snd as - the
sail and climate are af ike favoumtde to
the growth of -ik aiilbe rry and -the
a r
that there will, anno remote period,
be a vast Increase, la the produce of a
commodity now in such universal re
quest throughout Europe.
rwe M&r. ms. trujut .
, The kt Bv. Mao L. Waeraa, Wba died an
l ev a . a ra- .i ra . a .
jo o mt. owiun, . v. wu i man
paai-aa ana oina. ins MUbuithropny ana
kcrtr)aajrc nera anbouoded. . ariy in life be
liberated hb patrimonial alarea frora eonlen.
tmus molieaV-and rohwUrily ootamaaccd a ea -
reer of inoaaamt bodilr 'tud'U disaemlnata
moral sad rakrioua kooki m tarloot retnoto ant
destitute portrona ot the omiiitry. From frnn.
ayTraaaa to ma irowuata s Caoraia waa the prm
pal tkeatra of kia indcbtirahie kbori and it
aqppoaedoo rood sjittiontr. that W the course
of hi blebs' ba been Inatrwnontal In circu la
tin aeariy k atilboa of copira of the acriptnres
d other tkluable work. That in thia (a bo.
nouf rallis ka was principally actuated by an
einandad DUIlantkrorn, W kv hi.
TWfect'of tka iweaii of ' acmwnlatmr-a- )trre
m . a . . . '
rery eoeentricrtiea, (for fiiEn uav could not
be calkd) were t!a eccentricities renin and
beneolenca. He tuaJly fcU a martyr lo hi nr.
annua exertion to dv road, and died in the lull
enjoyatent of faith, and a bleaaea hope oi im
morhthty, (caring behind a numerous snd afflic
ted fuouly.
' nrjURr.mii.E wcr.
It la remsrtuble, that since fit treat aarth
r take of 167, trrwkeat wilt arow on th aoart
or ienu In sonvtjilacevjntlcfd, a little i rar
ed, but it is very unproductive. Rice, on the
contrary, yield a great return. Before the
earthquake, ou grain of jbeat . yielded 300
The Dey of Algitrs has resorted, to
angular mode pi cOnqucring-the
love of celibacy, by ordaining that ev
ery bachelor of more than 20 years of
age. shall rewire, at least once a day,
ia public, a mndjloggirig. -
Lady-Lightfoot, - fnotr . owned . by
Charlea Wonr Hsll, Esq.; f of New
..r ti
w6rd a fit Mpc tolt, got by-L clipse;
ltJI jalt-A.JmAk ialaataV A.tAaaaU!rWA..aTi
TW -r-r inava. Vltrqr W IlllWf f
i - rfcra - , ,
cm niaies, xna ikoui uose; ooservauon
ving ail. inc pne jwiuia oi aire ana
damhe is of course handsomer than
either. ' !' . -,
u What do you call potatoes ln Ire-
'em at an ; and sure Uiey would nt come
If we did S" replies Pat. ; 5
taihrror tne worm, it tt trTTrrrTjTTjf nn.LUM .ifmv.
fflmnmnUUMi Is
1 1 4 f.4uuCJf
14 . t - l .1.. ... ('.mill I
t! .C 1 lfm l ' fliimm v
CIL. .
N. R. Tad Vm Wt.neM Oot
Mr. Sauodeie.UlCe"Jlo, Apil
I. 1111. l. aoTia.
Ua r s--r
ka M4s atm.Vsl 4-f-k .
fM. tkwM anipaaiM H.
an dm. J ema saw rani a to fan
m.4 U 7wat aU't !W st Wnf prfa.
ai e ".' i""""
atoat jUivaU s4
Ttoimvt, s4 ! tkw
at atfta. af fwtai wf o.r
tU S ta aVBaw
cm Wo tk. tWiea auM ky St
iZJunmfiUm We p-t tWa-tVs to
eaWW tr-aUa s4 eiy--J fc f'
U kaf s ropW 1 Wanf Lt
Uae U tkJ. t.U. M wkkk h spwaws ks eld-
k.. loa la srsat ac imsih
m ataWir, tk dn.f sy fHksra
ikUlMi ia tka tiawUa al
US CMMry fit V UKlmmf, ww j
U aa wrR xawMnUlrd at hm;
wketw tWy pi tk ww app-- Tka p
U aUl pVa-J U rwa-4ke. Ik few UV btwa-J.
tlrwkrlr 44 tw - s ft eita or laa
that UlJtrnrr ka a tliars i M we latut al
rlrrs we w.S rafkr-ls 0- f.d kr tka watt
k Uk akanke aamd a a e ak fc. tka
MWa Wa kw takarrars. safjajjlf U
Ira tears to a -'ple of ftatkwta U n'
.ki. la a kukarae tw sar4 Ova fa
f . .f, f.t. .4 Stain j Ika
kkktk7 kaw advp'W tt a . r..,t
caaapUla. thU aay ferw wtaiaajB sa
aifbt ad pAaarwaine; aa.nWat Uimiitj and
pontics at ewttb;, and tk frat art at f)f
tLnWM ptftaawu tofaekar. (a kick w koU!y
atarrt wa do) raa fwato tsarar-aajaunacrs l
lElfcrant laalinna wwk as saaarh aniraet ami
Ua aatkry
othrr tpwiji
Wa ka
wbkh arw Ui'e
' - : I i .L
MTM iiiwrawoaMiHwinp.pi
rr-r"'- . - .7 . . . ' ' . ' .r i
trr that atterrtio wara ewr immw wmfm
Hi-rreeW M H .at af awM. a-rwr.
Wa Wrr ictwr W ewteore Ikanks Ca Ikoae
wka kava ncooraead v la our Cna of- kwiacc
tinea our enrpmenccment la tliis place.
We would be rry td to take m or two
1 bora h lv twinrn. hcaa caane weu
i . . .
T?0t pnbWim in Wlkeaboroo(t", N'ortk-
Jki iniiiiwii.TTi; ' I '
I III' a w oa mm a waw w
rtK X is t J U
caa ho cl tu!auclpkta vr S
1 U,f fnivj luiea.
ra jnat nvnted Im lalrn uvuuars.
dtrert4 to ikaM of lh k
- ...... . . ...
IIMIIicrKwamimw; iw wrw,.iTn
ka krewnea a car-Mata fcr tka r'f
pubB to rie a taiM oui&ar of ik U will
tmraitc. for u4 Kklitorof tka Itnaer to do
this, will require b'nt few word tand he wul awtj
mulliplr proousei, iet, oy ineirmuiupncT, wry
deprea) In h. h will ko auKoeui fur
a a unl SV.S C llkal araalakataMwaaat Afl KiSB StataaTfl.
win iv sirfiMt in iiTf .-,...,. -. rn i
rrirt cWutcr aptuJI mr Kmtvui ii.Ublf t
I " a a a- i n l. .1 ..l
tiona shall be rjch si mrithtr in offend the-defi. j
ca'e, to drnreaa ttie feeble, nor pais the ruirtyl
.witbont ratigtion. '
1 - Arrirwkrrr. aa tho wame of Ki pjpf r wmiW
arer U wuport, shall meet Uh Jna brat attca
Tton. vrnnmerre ami pontwa n m - -r.
beirrotteai ami Keliirion anau oc emiura ioi
toix Tsnjt rmneennrmna or ino rarwr, wuwm,
. . ... .. .. .. t !
at the parent V Merer, aha mariftnth elaitwP Inl tballbc tba aaaiduooa aunof be Editor,
the rrara and the ti.-cful, vi a U make the far-
tarr. Ck .. K hi. nnwer. a uarful ftreakle
compnion ta minhol, and a useful Instructcr I
to .v. mith nt HiMry, . tbvr all I
flthetictmit snWrw tW FtrJowAwlf
wiarlom it wealth," ia mt clearly verified J
To aav any thmr of the utility of a public. I
tion of thi nature, were ttaelaati on all hand I
it is admitted. Hut in an inland town where the 1
meana of information are. at beat, hut limited.!
the advanUge io be derived from a periodical
nubl'icatinn ire incaloulahle. Tba Editor thcra-.
fore requests that all who feel any iutereat in the
rrowth and nmaneritv of the count n-. both in
wraith and in morula, would lend a hefpinr hand
to an f-rtabruthmei.t whick, Wbelievts, need
feMt Wr trial tP bjpctjnanent aod swtfut
The paper will be printed on a dcmiyaJ
sheet, on ncV typ one a weekHind dehreretr
to st.hacr.beri. at R3 per annum, if pa n ad-
SLTrf ifJVi P7ff TM
end of the year. tT3 ITfLLMJIJlfSTIA. -
. Coiton Ginftins:.
FfXUZ subscribefTrcsnt'ctAillv infurmsthe mer-
X- chants ot' the town of Adifclnirv.-uiwt tlie
cHIzen farmeM of his nfIrhEorliooi. tint lie liu
just Itnittied a large building, 32 by 53, for Ciw
. .... - . . . v. - . . -
uitig tf Loiim, to run by water i and that he i
neatest roanner. and in the shortest time noisi
bla, ami on tho lowest term at which it is done
by others, lie also aaattres thoae who send crtt.
ywn to ma ira, inn tr wm oe rent separate trom
f others, so that they will be sure to get the aame
I COttola tlla fawnt Hal llBTSirsw) Sllkrt Kflll 1)U
LeitaWrjasrt .ItUII'laatatictwaailea
. - w -wm an-ao-ai
' " r rtsiiEB.'
oijana pabiaajnaaaitrta auto b irre unn-i.iTjKttirct ib minora by Cuarduta, at iW
lht itKlcc-I,. a iLro.rf i. kkLt t ik.Mn
T rfu9- Pead to muc. judKm'ent, will be entemi
mlJtJl flJlm SCmS pbrtMmjm.for tkeAino.,ntof thepl-intrs
wno may favor nim will) their custom, that he ,u,.t ..i , ' i. j . :n be
wtRJw their cotton packed and put tin jrj she .i Vlffi
niisttilc tit allex. ILonc, AtcA.
ritllC suosenbee tuiving qualified as exeai-
for oi ue-iast vm ot.AieXBiiUet. XAiig.
laia-ot ttowan county, dee'd. at the court. ,
plea and quarter sessions for the said county,
held on tho third Monday of November last
notico is hereby riven, that all persons having
demands arainet the said estate, are reoinfed to
prrarrnt theffl for-payment-, wiiliin tho km: ptt.
scrtoeu ny laws JAMES I, LONG, rjtrr
JXc 4, 1824.' . 41 -t j
rniff. W--r k,. W..a N i U
S.U-. t"J- U" NflM,
tka Krtt 'l kUf atLww
urn p.s.l l-Uk - 7 aVra
i mm, a4 U a k s U -
tit WO flMcJ.
uii.wia.s,it:i. V;
ft aljr-fM, t.t mm. It. I,
Sr. AMD frwW U i kf aW
It, aasJU "Mdf at ia s-w.
S,S mwMrt fctanraw IS p rK,
ana) fUJU, a ka d.tm4 a fafl tMlaaaai,
aa weaU, f)baaaw
M :i a-Mwlrf Caaoaa tUfla, as U
- 1 U IUa a 14 1 r it l'e sal
la W oVSrad Ma trataVtaf Ua.
talKf. IWf ! k4 H4 at U
awfw-fartra, al at tk as at tka l'aah4
l W tUvats to Ws dt4, at BW
placaa sxaOaMSit. at tU taat al rUk af a
fTka rapnaals akU k toada atparauty 1
rack, pvwl, aad W4 ataU tk f.k H
ar4 aVtMtd to aCaf prepanJ J to
f.rUkd, oa apictoM. witk CM diaaraaW
at tka UOa, aJ d4 rrpkoiuw M yvnmt
tkav 1 -t ll iwwrtfltu.
; Jraaaf Cat aa Or J. re w
a. . tri -
t rrrnta uft at pirtwk tka
1 Ire or laLle at ktr. rraWy-, arUry, K r.
ar MM kwta'eaa tkat pkva awt tka awnk-ada
as fkrard's BrUfw, lh Tadkla at
Is ka's pUaataa Tkwadajf rha tfk '.
wkirk Ciaj'sirwd aa fultowsi UmMsiMi
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t. a. Aba, mm note at kand aa TWawt Hl
h, tot Cfty dollars kaawing- aWa aka ttk day a
May. irXS, payable to MyarK. . , A. K.
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I rrtwer or drmor tai the complainant's biB. it
1 9m w. aakeia-wra) eouftiaty as to titcta. and de
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rift ItTof Meaa and Quarter Sftaion,
J term, il'Mra Nedman t. WeW
ton t iMginal jjtachnwnvgrni-d, leW
he. tt aprarinw W aatiafaoltoa "f the cua.
the bound ol thw rate, h ia therefore onlrted.
that publication oVitiada irr the Waatrrn t Mo
"iiiso, that utile the defendant appear at lha
nev. term of sard Co -Uu ba held at the court-
hou-e in Statrstirie. on the third Momlut in An .
rnt nett, repley !ie property levied o" a
plead, tka plain 'tf will-he heard ex arte snd
have judgment pro eunfeaao.
tfl , I'eat i 41. SIMOXTON'i Clk.
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' fctatO Of iNOTth-tyftl'Ol'JllV" "
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V- Saflt. original attachment. Jeiied an had,
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aa aaria. tai iiij- tna t.i7 s ia; iciSliaiill IUn mitavi---
uf anofner aUitr, Oribmt, that pubneafion M
mula in the Western Caroliniain printed in
SriiiUurv, lor tkr niouUia, that unleai the df .
ar at tba "licit Court iiTTIrW V".
trarjer &eiog to- be-held for thf enunty
Moiitromerr. at the court-house in tawrenre-
rillir.on the first Monday in July nest, replerr
Test JOHX JtvMAn'U&C.&t-.
Trlntfr! feetT - 3rttrt'? -
via-i'-Mw-w-: V'-aa-awaf.1-'- - aja'l'ia-aw1
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rtOZRX bt ricm and Cartef Jrmvl'l
1 J imc t2.e.T.rWwl Wolil and to. .
'-birmTJbYclanwr tmvkjv
Vlrrrm-lsw!; fchdKathanielobf iummoned t
gnrnishee in this case. . It appearinjp t lh '"r
iKfactioTt of the court, that Hobcrt WealrwirelstiU.
! triulan hs. .harnrutrrl. and ii ifot in this
state, it is therefore ordered, that publicstlon be
made for three months in the Western Csron
ni.n nti1..u ha ArtrnA ant annear at tnB -
next Court to be held at the court-house in
KtotAaM.-illaa nil Tha lrl Untut.v !n Auewt nJ l
aud .blead or demur, or the plaintiff will hate
, . i . . .. . I I. Vt. .f imnnA:'
: . Jint2 KOITT, 8I34QNTON, JJ
iiiuciajiivu mnii win w niw rxxxrvrrw

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