North Carolina Newspapers

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NAI.lHm;ilV, N. C.....TLT.5HAV, AI.'UC'KT IC, leu.
(NO. 170.
rt iuhii iiiif
iir rniMi uiin:.
f tW M-W) VM.1 UtfMN M.4
af rfwe I l art. SNfi ', n I tnl)
Al kiuft a.Hrt4 U IW rdine, ta
fmtp m iWt WtO Stfrt k aikrU4
0 VHIIM IIMUtljl, .
The I'oumH Aonitrrssry of ihe
frcJtll ctaoiy HiU Society wit held
oo Slotsday the bfl Liy of August,
ia ih rrctbytcriaa Cburth l baie
Ulf. .Thr assembly vat larger than
on my former occasion, eoibf sting
roany pcrtcos of intelligence tnJ rr
pccubiliiy, from almost ftery ptrl
cl lb country, and belonging i fif
ftrrnt diuomiiu'iona of CUiUi'un.
We do oot jfcUiti of erer b.ivi.g
ccn o numerous and reit'crublr an
audif ncr, collected for toy similar ub
' jtrt in this pari ol the atatr.
FrtMn the annual rrp irt of iHe board
of managers which was rd by J tint
Campbell, Ktq. it p;carcd that the
society received in: in dcjvsitor)
lajt. jeer, COO -c-jpnes rd the surer
V(liiU and KOnllcd fllfC) 10 thl
American llible Sociav. la ihc tt.rcr I
prticding yesf, 9J0 tittle and fa. !
laments wire rtccind into ihc depot.
tory, and ftJjO icunt.ed lo the I'a.
lent Society j mating a total atnerihe
society went iulo operation iu WZ2t
of II JO U.blr am! rrturucoM, sod
ftj 30 rerouted tn the Amcricau liiide
Society. Only about no opic a
of tlir sacred wtitiuet ternaio io the
Society' 'depository.
The He v. James Stafford, of Thy a.
lira, delivered the anniversary dis
course. It was a very ingenious, able,
impressive and appropriate perform
aoce. Mr. Stafford bad prcvioualy
acquired the character of an interest
linj( and popular preacher i but thia
wit one of hia happiest erTorts he
made a deep impression oo his- ou
tuerout audience io favour, of the in
stitution whose cause he to ably de
fended and illustrated.
If thoie who allege that " Bible to
cietiet are a acheroe for speculation r"
or that "the lliblc without note or
comment" will make infidel, or be
"subversive of all religion natural
and revcttled," could have been pre
sent, they would, we apprehend, have
felt the towering edifice which they
had erected with much UlMf and in
o f Itf (iftMtittilti , tM pt Uhf
iU rl''C ' ll ''I ' HM
IM Urt ti to that ltiU, t)p
IN fc M w IM ratliar, aeirt at
igf fviKbkMi, n4 al it
rlllcAl. N WM It Ja I NJitl'llt1
tfoac i I ha Ufl, lit 'f
wo Htfp.rt1il(i f f imr4a U a
Ikl4 Wl Urfl KitnH!f J to ttw K'l!
tatlr rutert, tvooa of wkkk kit, a
fc4,at s4o4. Out it It to unfair
rula of rttrprttaiton itiat wt i4opt, wken
dataca Ibis ariKU of lU cHimiion
foi lk rtmni''rf of ibt lnuimtol
Tat VfmuUn'Um it tttdanity a ifir
at a
m compact eoifft! mo tf, and
tmwftf, tf rJ in it pendent and aotr
Jn iiev,rrf cVit,l.notna cone
0 til iff for rpA of uniiiriji
lb wholt. Ihf ?WmhIi bad a !rrt
ttn:mUtlm, ' vire dctirous of
tvair rtfenicd id jr;onlj, not Io
f heir Jrtt ,,m!uii, Uil Io their fttt
n tljvf po(uunun. This. CerliUI;
tn tbatraet pfofKHiiiun, vat at oojee
li'Miatlt tt ahf rrvU'tr couM be I
contMcred at pfpeMjr, bv rx
mora nt;Hl Io rrtKf icniail lhan irrt
I ha toutb, loo, all the aittcti ticept
Marfland and South Carolina, bad, at
htt time, s.'mott u:SouniJcd umtor r ;
and the time , io dcxiVt, n(. i,-tr(
bf ihe Contention, Ka ibli tern orj,
armuti; with an i in co c dm popubtiou.
trnol J rire 1 1 ttic u.uh urh" umf
nrtrxM4eraDce, that lha amitl and
c -Hi fined ttattt to the nrth ami ttt
tul! hja linle or no thaie io thf ad
'"eri'uity, tottair toitt very foundaUon.
The apeaker, however, did not 'spend
most of his time in demolishing the
strong holds in which the opponents
of Bible Societies have been pleated
to intrench themselves t, this would
have implied a.Unguiahing, iostead of
. a prmprrMis and popular institution
But he illustrated in a perspicuous and
interesting manner, the great utility of
-. e.iT-.Si : I I - '
uiuic oociewca j aim niauc an anima
ted appeal to the patriot, and the
t .i . .. i
r?nrn'riRKj wi me ;oarnrnrru. i o ghe
rfTect io the diflWnt claims ariint; out
of fit Mtepf the paniaa, lb Court o
lion allowed three fifths of the t!av pop
nlation to be adird lonhe fret populittnn,'
and in !nt proportion I be f are actually
represented in the popular branch of our
Congress. Miit wit ficMing an im
men adttniaje, that now r;ic to thr
southern ttttet tn enoiponderenre in
tne mitlonal AttemUlr. Uetwtrn 3)
and 30 member beyond what Ihe imm
ntr of our freemrn emile ut, hate ntw
a teal in that house, and an equal num
ber it added to our Electors for President
and V ir Pre aide nt The equivalent (ar
tbit rejjuli'ioo on which to much de
pends, is to le found in the Senate, cmi
poaed of an equal ,totnbcr - frwtw mh
state, and in trie ultimate manner In
hich a President it to be mada in Case
the oiijrioJ clectnrt fail to make oilt
And oow, a reason and equity 'require
that we should give up tbo adrsntatgr
we have in the contract, at the same
time that we ask the northern slate !
relinquish theirs, I would ask any man
alive io the interests of the south, if he
ia prepared .to make the experiment
For my part, believing tht advantages by
the provision m our favor much greater
and more important to us than thoso.w
yield, I should most sincere!? deprecate
an exchanje: "And! m -sinwil;ing to
to draw thr tiadrr flhtle,
lill he can Mturc w av lha) gir.
die faticocj Lt tU f m arowad
hit waist, TIk Beit fiy 1 Mtom
jEa (a tht las utujtatf ud wliU
similar iiKccet.
Cocunber ftdtHJJ do atrrptd
for two daya ia tmtlk a4 hky Ufort
thev arc set, to tntte the frua. tweeter
tod plcasaater. Ilioy tat, r anakt
i dilievt iAUl cfrocumtiffibon
them first, the peel them frora the
rind, and tcrve tbrm up with oil, via
csrar aoJ hoVy. Coluaulls hat tt
corded 'a varie ty of wcWcrfui storki
rripectier the rardeo cucumber i anj KagluH authors of (real celeb-
t'v, nave sutru mat when a cucumUr
ne It towing, if yc j set a pot of
water, abogt bve or an inches duuncc
(turn it, it will shoot to much in twee-
t.fmjr hours as to tour h it I but that
it will shntk frtn oil and turn fairly
a war from iu
christian, for continued exertions in
the ftood work of circulating the Holy
Several persons came forward and
' enrolled their names on the list of sub-J
BcribefsTvoteV werrriasiied to-' print"
the report of the managers,' to pur
chase 200- Testaments of the-Parent
Society and to remit the money
fabout 81201 in the Treasury, which
0 r
.will nqt be needed for contingent ex
pensesy to the' American" Bible Socic-
disturb the Constitution, fearful thai, i
the q if stlon" comes to be stirred, the
northern states will be more than willing
to grant our request, on the reasonable
ground of reciprocity. If the northern
ittoople should ask us to alter the Comti
Itmon tn this particular, and olTer to u
what "would" ereallr art ttmrndmmt, I.
should have no acrOple on the subject ;
but let Us wait until they do so.
Of the amendments that hive been
proposed, and that, on deliberate reflec
lion, appear to me really advantageous, I
recollect but twoi I should much ap
prove of the electors being elected by
districts. And perhaps it might be ad
visable for the electors all to meet at
Washington, and outjpf the five highest
to choose a" President, dropping the low
est at each balloting, "until there re niainM
but two, and limiting the transaction to
one day. -
ty. After the report was read, the
liev. William Moss, of the Methodist
connexion, ottered a fervent and im
pressive prayer ' to the Throne of
-Grace: Mr. Moss was: appointed to
deliver the next anniversary diacourse
T,he sacrament of the-Lord s Supper
.was administered on- the preceding
Sabbath, and-a small collection taken
jl z zzzZ?' TIZl3Hr opsin veb...
- row thk WKmtN CAaotniiir.
Air." Editor ; Experience JSfiy Seaches
Us, more und more to value the labours
of those men who framedthe Constitu
tion of the United States. And tihhough
some parts of .that instrument appear,
when detached' from .the rrst,jdefcctive
' and 1mjrovaT)1r y ef altogether,' if Is an
admirable production. For instance,' the
method of choentng the Prceidept bv the
CilTCffhYO fiUCk'S.
KiifTon, In his natural history? relates Thefbl
lowing, at the mode by which the Ckitieie catch
The Duck catcher ascertains a place,
to a small lake or still creek; wnere
a , flockia: in, ,ihs Jk!wjUjL IflH!"
apparently for amusement, an hour Of
two aca dayfc la thujace Jie sets
afloat . jieveuLcalabashee, or gourds,
the Icopanvof t '5ir.Kct.att'-he$.fi..j5rst
return the ducks donof ieemtrtrvs'h i !
BUI SCCIPg Jipjirm uonc, yneir anj ncaa
gradually wears oil, and at length they
swim among the calabashes with, per
fect .unconcern VVHen tats degree oT
familiarity is attained, the duck catch
er puts a targe calabash over his head,
with holes for his eyes, and: wades
gently into the water, with bis head
only above the turface, till -be' finds
himself in the7" midst of the ducks,
when he seizes them, and continues
rat ? a,aitt aiaviMa.
AU'iLIIUtX or Ttru.H
The inr!Ur. we undcrttand, bal
dirtclrd lha title bf Avat and ryre
be tlrttken cut of roe!iij; in bi
Court We were al or vnlioed
to thUilu US COtUllKrO W V Of tC
www' r tn bar, that !! a mat
lr lalling within the malim.Vr minim!
no ral lex. Upon ferltier nflaciien,
the tncavirt ttrikrs u in a different
ight. The titles, ttferred t. ire al least
unmeaning and friwloet ii i.oi imi e
puldkaa and lU ciaitipk. ibus sU by
ooe iiiug t augbiU4f Cbanccllor,
will go far towards their abolr.ion in hum
bier sutloas. No one can hre foreotten
the formidable column of ;'. which
wmi time ago appeared In lM American
x-enougb le convince eten .Mis Wrigbl
herM-ir, that with til our repuMkaaiam,
rl ia spite of Ibe eiprett pmliibitioa of
our federal cofu'iluttun, wc ire still t
title loving people.
; IKKVr.Lfe h Tf.!l l.KT0.V,
TJItOMt ULtlML tr,
a till Imry m4 ma aafl.
ray at urr4 o r-.f a...
It I aaW SVf , Wl Xf ir W4aU4
m aUMi tm, east ( tt Sir.
t'laaVmaiai twf W)ifmX9 Sw'Hf: TWirttat
tmrntm, a a I. ia, ia iKii4.Uio
hm Tra , aKa Uwy aitwt yn4
ikM rirf t mm )wa t IimUm akb
TatWf, a I M lU m It mi,i4 lalMl.
a )U. Aae trm vk.f to tar? M
U4 ..fc,.xa- thmtLM.
tm Umit iMfiaa mmU4 St r aca
ary drrtaiM.
Hn-i if 7n.a4rfM Ua tM iWawhti to
mUthi0 WmM al f lfe-r toe tk tmr
v U bjtf ftaiUt uml ItMtaf ).LJt
Mat m iktt pWr, Um Wb rl r, in nu.
mm Vat U m tuff im IWtMU
a ivM(ya fur iW, U aoy filr
Mtiiof iaacha W it lrwtL l !,.,.
to al gt( of artvliMt; uff Ui irflarr .u1 al
Im ciMry iu tStir rla(w. akn il c
W tftitlf aa ramwbUl J al Km,
tiftv liMf frt lUatr a aiMwi. 11 pvU
U a0 .Waw la r4trd. Ut 1 tW ..ri.
tf nwl rvrT l" r Iwm a,iM (
Itrultrit f otifuw-l la in 4 i.t.rti lai.
llit tl.Jy l.m htr , al r S,(Ur wr
"-) t 'l al.tk4t tit Im I Lr tU ik
rxli UkUl ba ta'M.I v,l u vl J I -f iIk
V4a l'r- lriHti r.lwf , ti,itu.!l,, fu
Ira VrtM, Io a raiU 4 f "'Unci, hi I Uu 1. 1
bJiia, nXr H ltwt la tlx lul,
coBa.jTti. air.
Charles A. promiaet io hit oath, to
honor and protect the Holy Catholic rcli
ioM j to k juaiiee and riAt to hia aob-
jtLit, and to poTcm accororrrg to toe raws
of ihe kjugdorn, and the constitutions!
chaner, which he. swears faithfully lo
otmrte. e base no objection io the
oath, it it as it should he, but what faith
is io be placed in the promised obser
vaoce I View the lives and character ol
most of tbo tnoiurcht of Europe, and
hat are ther, but teenrt of perjury
bloodshed and cruelty. What jtcspect
have they paid to religion but to snake it
an engine oi power aoo trrranuuemeni
a mere cloak for-oppretsion I Where has
Ihe solemn sanction of legal rights been
the principle of action i lib them con
strtutions dwiodle into- mtr. for m when
the strong arm of power sanctions with
impunity t violation. This solemn mock
cry before high heaven will ere long
meet us just retribution. Lei it come.
, ..Jiiasrrc Mirror,
Ilunett William, an eay and good rutuid fcl
Would a little too oft ret a Utile too mellow i
Bxly eoaebman was be to an eminent brewer-
No better c er at on a box, lo be Mire.
Ilia coach waa kept clean, and no mothers or
Took that care of their babes, lliat lie took of
his hor?e.
He bad these aye, and fifty good qualities
more or:
But the business of tippling could ne'er be got
By procuriug a- coachman who drank nothing
but water:
Now, "William, ayt he, you see the plain cae,
Had you drank as he doe, you'd kept a good
. -"'." ".'.Tl":r. -." -..I'0i
Drink uatcr I qouth William had all men done
You'd never have wanted a couclutian, 1 trow r
They're aoakers, like me, whom you load with
tor !t tmr r1 l ie ' tirtr I pii- lh.
f.fc Um, Uir In ii. f.f I ti,l i-uffx-V. H j
cj f .lrlc, that nj f t vn tl uatina 4 lW.
lW.Ut.Alkl MVWII( AmmmI wmhI, mh
P'' ' .-J tm ...1 ...
l ffrfrirt rirwrMi I'Vafhrr, (IikIi l-.lllv
arrl at ilu) can ga to ifcetr i iirflr, U
lirTrrra! Iinuna na aa mwh trmmf aixl
lam aa tbcj ln in HiiUd l Iu anj
otbrr lava in ta t ailrd Mt.
V4 hut jitt rrrritrd I tie latrat f4nofH,
bkb are iuitc d.Irtnt in Urr U the Ua
mhtun i Um, wvr 4 tM i. rrrM
rVoas erf a low tu r.unj ij Ixif awtam
Imm, am! i a lo k u.l inim.
1 tia,a aUt l-p, U.U kmU4iJa
wkx-it.uv i .uxu;if,M
S.J Hllt.ttM .II MI . .
Ii L U. a i t.rt I (4mT.H iWi"
ba iwc.HHa uU I frf uiiv4i, tf 0
.t.'tai? i tt::rwn rr, n,rvTj ;t '
ayf'44 l taa. It ! I aifbam
ba) U ay, tkal N f b ,a',''
a anll mw tlt K f1, t '.!,
Hkoarf br, ( I'rtlvw, , 1 I
Iimm UiwIin Mi'kil li i.f1l IV !
eai, la iU !- U , , nu m lU 1
Ar'-'ulM'. a lt am i4 tl.i, iwt nkf
b fcp"iii, ih lUln JaII 1. ih'i L I 1
tkl r ia lb 'iai. ,. Il.t I n, a hurt.
m ur . i.l i4 Hi nf, tlia aaj 1 jrfl Um. N
lifl, H t ll t. ti (.ant ,mtM lta rM' ,
U lul li.'lr n'.I.U oJf1 t4 !h ft,,
t rr tJ it.r b lul, to at 1 1 ru.t tU I tr.
a rr, (.f tt tit, in In fitf, t a fu Arrl
. J..J, . i.i, lu .l.l,l, tt a u rlul llulllirtff
Hir juu'Ui4 I lul ttmn'rj. ohrfr, tfnl t all
Wr, a(J - if tli li..i.i..lrff,
.kk i. i '.'!.," it iwj iU-fl iriA'd
In ' irf ifitU! '4 a IiuLiIk.
, i4 i.tlwir. wer until. t1 tn!t
it I, .'ifiil!r.. IV 1 1 i in ir.ltixl lo n ahr H
4 ii- it, m Im i, tithuH.
t.r t.l,ti1er lo I'l" J mo a fM'mlirtl
Ki:il." lu'i, tr iih u--'.i" I In I i.'luf I.l. i.
19 Tip-. thl til a Im lrl ar:r ir-f rtrl In lt
rwfc t"l trww;f ntr of the Mirtir, b"b irt
J l.iin ( H, ,i , ,,.( ; ,.H.,,U, miiiLI . i-J ' i": i r t it
In an rttiillinrnl ii lc balwrt, arr!
trt a lif InJ In tre.m fwviral an.
I lie fiyHf 'till l .r.iilr. t den i M-
, im aca '(. bMr a arck, I cL l,,m
t tu'.ti ribrr. ti Fl'r an:ra. IT f.'lii 1 1
itrwr. tint Jl il uiau-lit I r il. Uil lo ilia
raj U Ua er. t7J" H II.I.J.LU .IL'.'iTLV.
ttlttle r .VtirUi-l'uttjWnn,
mutt firrrr.
bef Ttitlr' limn in rafk Lrf lha loii
ix ( f aimiif tt il. M rwM on fH-tilr. u.. I f ,,T MrM i-artrr tir. H.r
' lull
ii im, i i. j line
urntiiiiii io uuriUMiMt ih in;(, M tut
ir( tlitt tllrlilton IikK uwr tr;niwn rrijiurr
lo rtcatvc an equal tliarv of iuliln tliintr.
He Ik-i return uur tn . crr tbtutt In tlxi r
a'be bate cnrour(i d u- hi ixir due uf liuuni
tinre aor (ihmmiki irwnl in lint ilfr.
We aim II be rr Hl itVe imr or Ian
Una to the U,Mnra. l.irn run aril
trntlcd. ami not ou. Itlicrii )ii old
Jwnt2, 1(125. 01
That enable" you brewertto ride in your coachet.
The Philadelphia papers inform us, that
the body of a drowned man was discover
ed and raised on Tuesday last, in the
river-Sehuylkillr by placine a loaf of
bread, into which about three ounces Of
quicksilver bad been introduced, in the
water. Two experiments were- made in
thirst: instance the
$0 by 0 feett and. then became atatlona
fm'a1ningrtjl fbr25 minulesrafifio
chips Wert thrown into the water ldtnpve
it. On the second trial, the loaf floated
lo near ,th same tpotL and immediately j1
atterwarrJs, tjejjodyappcareo on jnc jiur
face, about three Teet from thefoBf"" "
Jn iiifulliblt receipt fr killing kd-bugi oniljlta.
Sprinkle or wash the rooms and bed-
rooms with cbrrunon "sSOhdiraterj
and these troublesome Insects will ea-
tircly disappear. '
.1 ntai
Yiu ww ltuiilc Vuclor'ua
ia aiasr.
aubarriber hanr emmeneed th
mtniiUi-lurv if it It. It ill Irt. Uc. oo tn
ettcuMte actlr, it enttiUd to Mipplr any tin
tity of the fullowiiif dcxiptton it Apotheo.
nei' and other titara VV irr r
Apotheearira' Mil. Imm one dra. to 8
ounces i Paten! ktnlicine VuU, ol utry dt acrip-
tioni Tincture Ilottlra, a ith gmornl ktniria.
Imm ball pint to one gnl!uit i Sp,'cic lUitllcs
rnr il llmu un t . rt
U r-t'tx.f. Iil llr-imtl fit linirM, itu'rwil
lerlt-tl, hr. It it ofilrml b tlie rnurt. In biM
Mtti ttt-ttdn it iptnarv that thr df ndtrit lul
rKirl bavond tha bound ui l!ut nlr, ht
die mhI Ji f, tptMtr t ilw i.rxl tenu if
V41J cmrt lo be lirkl tt lUc cxli t-)imr in
Mle ill, on ibr tt.inl MucmU, in A'ltfiitl nrtl,
r 'lf V lliu lire; rrty U tiiil i.n. ami ilrti, iillr
rroiwldr .Lini t) will Ix. htanlcS .rl'ii!,
liar juilmrnl ru milium.
t7l Tit K. lIONTt)N, crk.
KlutH of-ortli-('nroIiu!i,
arar tovutr.
(imiRT of Tic and Quarter flexiooa. Ilty
aration, A. I. IM.'i 1 Nutlun 'chaffln w.
Jowjili hter: judictaJ attacliuieat, levied on
Ltitd. Uc. I tprM tritiK to the Mlif action of the
rourt, tti' thr (IcffMtiint in tbU eax ia not aitb-
in thr limit of thit tir, it i thrrefoee ordered.
that ptihliration be rnaile for three montha, avc-
crirly, in the Wettern Caruhnian, rivinr
tire tu tlir ilrfi'iiilint tu tfiitrnr tl ihj ii.ii4.
tin iacqucre.1 eovrrt, Man nn j.i 10 t;bK, , H.Kkl..r.l. on the rcnid Monday in
raHonti DniseW I'arkmje lWKtles wide ami Ap,.t ppll un ,,rll. 0f .Jcmnrto aaal attach,
harrow moot ha, from half pint to two ealrimd nir,t 0.1,,.; ju.lnent will be
Add Battles, with (frouiul c.-ptK'n Cart)oVi ,,., iim (or .,a:t,ti t Jmv. Wiu
T.u r,a ,'lne. Jonrrh . VV illiatua, clerk of said cuurU at
iinM"itinir no.
llemijrnW, from one riuart to
Coofect rotten' Shu I. til, at t! 11
ricklinr anu Prelrninir Jars, (truirfit anl
bimad tHettopa, lAxn half pit to iuk Itoa
ciart and half jrallun bonles 1 M'anhlntiat; jt
Fiyetle.Trtntlin, thin KiauiKn. ApH'tiltund
and Masonic, Cornucopu.a, . American I tplr.
and contmon ribband roeket Kl.k 1 Saltier
otlice, tlir ttcona Momlay or Slav, A. I). IK.VS.
min JO. WII.I4A1IS, 1. 1. "
' " iPtnutL rovnrr.
I "Sll'HT of I'kaa and Quarter rvasiona, Mv
Water, Moatard an.1 Cave ana P.per Itottba;' ' J term. Id 5. Il-wra Nnlmin t Wc
SaufT. Blatkinr and Ink Ifcrtllr; With every i Kratoti 1 Original attachment, rtturnrd, linl.
other dcrnntton of ViaU and HottW mle lo l-fco. It appearing Hlhe aatitjaction o rf e court.
onler on the moat reaaonablc Unttt. H
T. H. DTUTT. uorth caJt corner f Secoml
and Kaot atreebvPtviladclphia. lIcUl. 14.
TO DntjrfiatK, ' China Merchant, Country
Storekeepers, and dealers in tdaa-w are.
20,000 irross Apothecaries' Vials; 15,-
000 do. Patent Medicine do.; 1000 do.
Cologne water bottles ; 1200 do. Mustard
and Cayenne bottles; 7000 dozen Quart
bottles; 3000 do. bflf callon ilo.j 3000
do. ' Washington and F.airle pint flasks;
iJOQ-ddLLa FayetirandLid5J.g
3OO0do. Urott and t-ranklindoido. 2000
do. Ship Franklin and Agricul. do. ;JG(0
do. assorted LsrIo, kc, do.; 1000 do.
common ribbed do. ; 4000 do. Kuglet
Cornucopia, Jcc. half pints ; 450 do- Jan',
assorted,!, all. sizes ; 5000 doJIruKists;
and confectioners' show bottles; 5000 do.
flrueuists' nuckine bottles, assorti slts ;
m , .
that lha itimlatt m. 4m irtU t h) Oi4
the Lou ml of tlii ttttr, it it I la ridjic vru rni,
thai publication be made in the Wrttera SJtro
linian, that iinlete tlie d-irt,dati( appear at the
neat term of (aid court to be held at the court.
hou-e in tatrstillc, (n lite thiid ilomlay in Au
KUirt nest, rrpleiy the proprrty leviid on, ami.
fitrad, the plaintiff will be heard rx parte and
ivc judgment pro confute
t1 Test : K. MIMONTON, Cl'k.
2000 do. acid bottles, gro. stoppers.;
2000 do. tincture bottles, assot ledvsir.cs ,
3000 do. mineral Water bottles ; 6000 do.
snuff bottles ; 5000 do. demijohns, di Cer
ent sizes.. . .... -
With a f arietV of rr.her ;laa Ware-alt of which
is manufactured st the Philadelphia and Keni
tintott tlaa Faotonai, iwl-uiqualily aiul.WJirk;
mansllin i considered equal, and in many ol the
kftyripywipepfflto Kngbi manutitclure. .
, : lorwlc Uv. . T, V. rilOTT,
.... . Jl.v. '
Cy.3-of first-rate vial blower,, will meet
ithj:on!itaiit employment ana goou wae oy.
applying as above. ,
Editor -tbrwMis'i0"1 the. IJnilcd SUites.Kii!)
advertise for T. W. Dyott; by the' year, iill
pleaelitsert the above till Jorbid. "
.March 1, loa. .
Wanted to Hire,
A NEf.ttU woman, aa House ,eryatiT, tor
-whom a hbeisJ price will be ifivatv. lr
further information, apply at tins o(Tice.
.Vuv i- IS-'. " - ' 3'
Shite oi North-Carolina,
ikkdkll covsrr.
COt'RT of flcai and Q'Krter arssions, May
term, JHJ5, WeaUey Ucynoldaand Co. v.
Tf ti bXt' IV e.'T mortland onetrnr -tttacbineiit, Je -vii-d
on land, and Nathaniel Hobbt lummoncd as
prnithee in this cc. It appearing to the iti-
faction of the court, that Itobert Weatmoreland,
the defendant, haa abkcomled, and ia not in thit
state, it ia therefore ordered that publication bo:
made fur three moiithi in the Wentrrn Carol-,
niam I !uit unlet tli (kfeiubnif. appear at the.
next fotrrt to be -behl-at-4bo court-hauae in '
Htilcjiv die, on the 3d Monday in Augu't next, '
aiKf-Trird or demur, or the plaintiff will liavo
judgment entered according to his demand.
JtllliW lit7H. MVtJ. iu, tilt'
i?tiUe o Xortli-VaruWntt,
("iOURT of . Picas "arid QuHcI'vr SesimnIuty'
J H-rm, 1 3'J5 i Henry Sliore, administrator of
y.tTilibcrlT'llTriTt7 ifr'f be rteirt f rarma lir
dee'd. i I'ltlUion for re-prcbate of, a ill. It up.
vame'a l.oveand Kb Howell and Nancy 'bis ife .'
heira at titvof the tald Jainea I.ov, tlefi d, .WS!.
Jrof' liihsbithifnts f tblr tate, Orrfcrerf, tbertfrire,
that publication be made three rrtoiitjis in the '
Vc4crn Carotinctii, g'vinjr no ice to -tnc taxi
to appear at our next t'ourt ol J'ftaa and Quar.
ttr 5ei'ion fo be held for theeounty of Cubur
rua, at the court -house ui Coi;coid,"on the 3td
Monday ;f October next, then and there to an
swer, or plead to the tlnuyes act forth In'the pe- ( ,'
tiiion, or the prayer of the petitioner will lie- ,
heard es parte as V' . lheju, aud jmlgniejit wilL
be lvndenil accordingly., 3iiiiK2
tVitnest, lUA 'J.. CVLE.U.1X, t. c.c.
i '
' v.
. .
' a
' 1
i. : V-' j

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