North Carolina Newspapers

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On or tbcul lh IJihof Srpirmbrr
ntll, have good authoiitjr for ny.
lo(, the Kric Cnl will bt completed,
nd tester ImmeJUlely Id in on the
bole line. A boil may ihrp be ri
rctfd ! tun from Lake Kn'e to
We w. York. Ifie ahort apace cl V
yean and 2 moalhi, oolf, will have
fuiisd away, aince the rt apade of
earth wa removed, and a aprctacle
ia preieated for ortd to file p
pof auch ai it oever witneurd before
an vsiatcrrvftfeiJ artificial .iuvig
lioo (iocludiag Um ChampLio Caual)
of 414 milea j and thii, too, through
rery variety of face of country, from
a a a I i I
aiiuiBg quicitanui, inruuga awaoipa
and aoJid rock a. And how baa this
tig in tic cnterpriie beeo t ffccit d i By
the unrestricted cnergica tf a aingle
free atate, at the coat of SlO,12J,7i9,
which sum it has been ena'ded in raise
on ven advanticeom terms, without
drawing one cent from the pockets of
the people. - nd it ia esiiroatcd, thai
ia ten years the whole debt wilt be
extinguished, by tol'.a collected 1 after
whuh. a revenue of 1 ,000,000 will
anauajly be poured into the state trea
vry, to be employed for other uscfu
and eonoblintr objects. Notwithstand
ing the magnitude of these works, it
must be borne lommd, that not to them
alone haa all our care been directed:
far from it. Within the same period,
... we have-ourtartd the agricultural In.
tercat, by distributing to the aevera
counties in the aUte, .bountiea to the
amount of 10,000 dollara annually,' for
the building up and encouraging 0
agricukuraUocietiet, the good effects
of which the intelligent traveller bc:
holds, while surveying the teeming
productiveness of our toil. We have
loaned by tens of thouuoda to our en
terprisingand patriotic fellow cUiztna,
foT thtf'frurpoec? of 1roTkrng""Ofea and
nines, and rearing manufactories.
We bare made liberal appropriations
for the diffusion of learning. We
have constructed a state prison, on the
best model extant, at a great expense.
We have made roads, improved the
oavieation of rivers and stream, and
enriched," various ..wp and by
various means, every section of the
State. In fact, what have we not done
,.in the march of improvement f Yet,
who feels oppressed by reason - of the
expenditurea thus incurred f IVot i
aingle citizen. Every dollar expend
.ed returns again in. a two-fold prepor
i. r r .
ty, ana tne facilities 01 communication.
And by whom have all these things
been accomplished ? -By- men young
in the science of self-government, who
af CntuI7. free
from a foreign yotc. The old wbrld
with all its talent, atid all-its wealth,
and' all its physical atrength has 'per-
''.'formed nothing -that can. bear compar
ln wilhuur improvements m uhe
" jamelencth tian."-HVV-h
not prouuoi oemg a ixcw-iorntr:
Lanzuap-es.liy a reckoning made
from the best Dictionaries, for each of
the following latfguage, sphere are
about 20,000 words in the Spanish;
22,000 in the English; 25,000 In the
Latin ; 30,000 in the French ; 4J,000
in the Italian ; 50,000 in the-Greek ;
v 80,000 in the German : 15,000 words
Anafbe generally known to any Eng.
lishman wlio understands the Latin,
French, and. Italian.
(Willi lit Wtllil,
h wi, Sfc ' HH'fl
rUJ, al fs
tod a.,n, tuil U'M ar ! J
ana) ny U tnp-HiMr hJf h. anaih.
rr. It iJf d d.;Su!i ti3 .
thlar (a t U duM
Utter, fcKlia hfUg Itod HiwoU.
liof, merely far tha Ve of fUaiiag
rMr,ttK tf iswfjioi )Nf traia
aot ' drvp, tttepl beTt rt
qalta hi 4 Wr UL MTl
you anna mooey, tiul pfiveat mauy
Ua l aid t. wniW.v , - ,
-r UthS ett V aa)li, IhJ at
leaat half yotif ae1jMort d.
3, Retirt la due fetaoa, that ia
due aeaaoa you may riac,
4. Throw your fcathrWda aut tf
iha window, or put them when ro
will wot mi thrna arilo till Ucccmbcr
For Faathen, itke iha followiog ub
titutrai firtr. betauttUat, tha ieaar
nun oi me caro, cuumf ia toe neia
end Vrii the co!). dividief the. biii
lcnnhwUeietoaateral alip by a bae;h
el,' by the hand, or by atroa j froa
romb aecood, hair third, atra
Tha butka rr atraw. may U put oo
ly into a aack, or naadc iatt a matraaa
lh ladef ibMl ia beat, h y-ui)
prrato thould ever aleep om fcathera,
and then old oari will not wiab 10.
J. ,Adipt your cloehinj to the aea
aon t too much or too little are both
equally bad. i- ava ih body wbvUy
free from restore or rcattainU
f. Su'tjnt tl)e paaiaoa to rcaaow,
and aHhthnraa to jutticr.
7. Preserve the approbation of your
own miou.
8. Wash your alia locally, mora or
less every dar, and tfi.eially, at
leaat thrice a week. ...
9. Never waste the reaourcea of a
sound conttituiion and aound health,
if you should (alt aick, afirr oberv.
in? these rule i, vou will at -least have
the Cooaolitioo of believing that you
have not made yourself ill. . When
you can no longer do without medical
advice, aend fur a physician who oot
only understand his duty,.hut ia fait)u
ful in the discharpe cf it. Tell him at
ontc all you (eel. and all vou kno
about your caac. . Never treat him like
a conjurer, nor oblige him to act like
oae. Follow hi advice iaipJiciilyf
tell Kim every time he calls on you,
what has happened in the interval j and
then, if he should not succeed in his
firaf effort to relieve you, he will be
likely to do it in the second.
.VE.1T JME.tir.lsJs.
It is too much the practice in I.on
don, and'lmongit the artrzane'of the
country, to ait down after three hours
work to the morn ing to a cup of tea and
a icw slices 01 DTau anu outter 1 ana
4"I I If .... " 1
this parriv accounts for the sickly aqua
lid countenancea that are ao frequently
to be met with. Tea should never be
taken as an article of food, but merely
as a refreshing beverage ; and 'meat
ahould be alwaya eaten for breakfast
when people can afford it, except in
few eases "of" delicate babitr,vnose
stomachs cannot digest it, until the
latter part of the day. If a man have
been indulging the night before, and
feel dry in the mouth, and if he also
hare a wish for a cup of tea; it wi
be highly proper ta take it; but then
he should endeavor to engage his ap
petite to a small bit of ham, or rump
stake, or an egg, if possible, an furnish
tha stomach with something employ
iia juices upon, jci 11 oe ever
small, a bit of meat ia tne morning
should be eaten by those who wish o
be strong. And - wo- firmly believe.
that if men could return to the ancient
mode of break f asting; namely, beef
steak and dried flesh, they would be a
stouter race than the present souchong
breed. - Tea la much better for an eve
ning beverage than for morning, unless
when the atomach is under tha effects
6f too miich " exertian. " ColTeiT'iit
affects the bowels, is the best' fluid for
breakfast, but if-rtiletHarTeet the
bowels', it is'the worst. Thjs, observa
tion applies also to roasted grain
Manv writers have contended that
"tleep is'' always natural after eating,"
and quote as "common to all the brute
animals we are acquainted with; but
what seems to prove above .all things,
that rest and sleep are necessary after
eating, is that digestion has been pro
ved to be carried on chiefly by fermen
tation, to which rest, every body
knows, is so essentially necessary, that
it cannot take pIace-Vithout it. ' Nev
ertheless, such as nuke supper their
-tr4 aJ.
WhithifnMW aal'.-iiyVai wc ;t
fiofil ill illjffld U f)Oi,
coMfft araid w'mbi t? alitt( h tf
Ztmpv Ut 1 we tf amort
to Ue brvw animals, ihy wU anil
famish t d ajjjmet.ia la favour
of thiipra&t odatyaaalofjUr.
rowid froaa th4A lMrvea to U U
uodtd ihey kavt tvertr yet tub
Irttrd the) iatuftiti a the tyraaay vf
taihioo. I i-.:-
j itinyeti riD-ioocvr.
Tb foftowtBtij a furnished ue, as
the crpy of a Utter, writtco vy A per
on - ft w -eatroua 01 mcumbj aup -
a . a . or.
po4 to oo4 um ptopoaea to bib.
Gttrfii JJf,
. SiaKoeicnplata iaa opettaiat;
a School i your oeakcthood, I aboud
be tftftily obliged by your eitcavaive
tad f thai without besita
. - - . - a
rittat tea in puoe ruue or auew.i
mattockft la ftcUoliiCe order aod ool
tioo aaahurt you cf ray dcturmioatloe V(ty,.4flC, V,TtVth'a!f
to direct Bfr whole at.r.loo to the ad. JJ w P '
... r . ... , cUckstooeiCtthlf acrinMtMJiaw!ora't
miemeoi of my ftloUai. of whjtem M uVtriioebost SkaWa
aiiheUaftftheatfoefulUar. fepQtl( Coopera ; Koper oo
ia and literature. 1 teacheta rcediat Uracleai tbaao oUadinp.
sr-"" w r a
pvipda who ahali bo eatntatrd to aayleirvrtf, on feveri Hunter on te tlJj
manaetmeat shall U lackio ia the ia.
atrucatoa auiuUo'lo their latellectuU at urnea to wiweai the dj -
vrrsitvof p.iweraby which tha iatcU
tnU. wn Afr,r,K,, "P1I I-ron oo lever
..i :. r .k!M.- f -Tryi lorike on feveri
m . . i. ,i , pfxtieer Loto tWcKr
lectu.l advancemeoti may be advanced I Hum cn rvttitt j lWU'a .nt-nry j
ialearnlo a-J acientifte Mquiitkoi.DlKka!lMdilestFsritirmcottti
All due atlcotioea will be paid to mor -
... .... 7..
Jjtyvaad crcr cflfort made , to tender
iaiprovemeLU pady evident. .
N. D. Ceetrafy wiU be taught to
those riarrng iab forthia or ocav
er cUasacal scieoao or art.
v i.j :it n
.uuct.uj.wiM wm im.w
V . ; l r A r v
quaUifyed f-w that branah of polite
rf r l .a W .a.ii I . Mi nr. h. I.I.AII
carnio, ac. c.
ClTl i)r JrAMJJ. .
There are in thie city 320 W'atch-
ikers, who employ about 2056 work-
rn, aud produce aoouallv 30,000
pld watches, 40,000 Vdver watches,
and 1S.000 eloekai the whole worth
'luite?:;: itt- ...
IBWIMWE IliT IUIII Wi Ulllir lllll..l t Jt I.I.. .til 1..
i' l L 1. ' I roer a aermonai Drooo solvinltv f Dulr
every year, at a medium, 45,000 ox
hides, 4,000 cow hides, 9,000 horse
hides, 00,000 calf skins, and employ
in this operation 11 million of . tan,
yr,UUU pouous Of auum, 3UU pounus l
of tallow, and the same quantity of
salt.- The
francs. 1h Paris, is about four thou-l v . -.
, , , .- - Uian'a nc
sanaiwa nuoarca.
Of prmtiqi etablihments there are
eighty occupying 3000 workmen, mov. recollections or the" Peninsula ;M CiuV.
ing 600 presses, and employing year- Greece; Say's political economy; Rollin'a
ly 80,800 reams of paper which yield ancient history; Lacon; Ovid's mcia
a receipt of 8,750,000 francs. morphosea; Smith's wealth of nation;
The royal printina: oflic, wUiCltem-l
ploys 80 presses, 295 workmen, and
from 70 "80,t30teamsf;papeTi-"Ii"
not included in this estimate.
. r "',. 1 n-f
An Englishman named Thomas
rampniej, w mruwo uy .ti-iuc.., .u
marcn, io-t, among a pn ui uic 11 -
tivea of New South Wales, who had
no intercourse with the whites. 4 ne
ft ft I
fnlUMlnM i. mi ftf W ftn-rrlntM Tla
ted of his residence with them : . J
..Jf-WJiea Pamphlet ; arrived among
them, they had no more idea that wa-f
ter could be made hot than It could be
made solid , and on his heating some
, . j. . w a j
in a tin pot which Ire Jiad saved When
wrecked, the whole tribe glthered
.1 k 1 k j .... I
their heels, shouting and screaming;
nor could the? be persuaded tO yeturn I
till tVy saw him pour the water out
.nj i ,v ha-' iK.n ka v .l-T,, I
and ckan the pot, - when :they alowly I
ventured backand careFuinrcovered
the place where r the water, was jspiU
nr.-,' - - 1 1 - - I t ' I . I
witnaanu. uuring tne wnoie 01 nis
stay among-thenL tbey.- were . never
reconciled Joithis'weraiionf toil-
. 1
Formerly, U was a rnaxim, that a
oung woman, should, never be marri-
d till she had spun herself a set of
body, table, and bed linen. "Trom
this custom all unmarried women
were called spinsters, an appellation
they still retain Ui all deeds ond law
proceedings. ? . .
Sears' made of tobacco rilfcd on a farm in
Lancaster, pa. ate said to be equal iu flavor to
the bei HAvana ae jars. j
11 JiJ fit rl4!!i.&4.aax oli
Us of Ua U. ,V'is. J vl I stu-ff
tia tw 1 JVa Ut tiMio'feMf i, IkwW
f'aa4 1 Jact'a Uw Ihnirvs rtiMlt
fawei oo iai(irs ViMi'a rspfit I
lO. KUUms Lilt t llit a t Ti4
lir cms eiacuti"! rkftWa I LITif
repofls j Btrpltift o pfeaJlof t iU'a
Uki AJs 'm tiuuiu 6a
UwofftMst aKolearilenl t!ftuim co
Ufasxf Maoitcwa m aWai 1 pns
! J ..i.
uoetMaif a aiey M istocy j l O'iiowjsarfMiHr
ceotnciti iiKaiooraoo moacyi itr
i,., tftt , j.,, M nenLlp
Kola4 oo raouxisi Kt mi
ITauaioo'a refill UdUfe" vd tenat
oil UutUawn a U I lt oo mUi law
of l a -4 carriers S4MkU'a ripnsj
tai la ejHy i AH.UWa pmtka I do
I . I
adinft A- ia crianlAaJ pleadiflf
Thomas domeuic mrJlclnet Arm-
Mnrrsv a materia m.Hs) DnUe' mor
-14 aaatomy DU oo vlrcrat Uemaa'.
pr a
jJu UbliVM 4
ik:iiin'.WiW. i S.,IU ...,h,!i,. ;
I - .
l lull oo disorder i American dnpcnsaio
I rr i Sunler on eje i on llerj
j n oo wound Kaaay oo yellow (aver
1 "meiaoniceia, ieu ctH;
I P"""1 v" "I""- V"
I . . i .;.,! - 1.
I ... ' 1
rmooi Br!l.y,aoo.t Harmony of the
,,,gei,w , uroV, UUla dictionary ;
Ijl.ard'a on affectioo Fordvee'a aer
mone t Hdfrev'a adJrcstca t Proudftt'i
I -nrk i Kiinl' rt kiwi Mwr.i
pilgrim's progress ; conversations on the
bible ; christian morals ; White's remains;
Erklns sermons 1 marrow of the church j
tbriti world 1 DoUoo'a fourfold state j
?" hira PaleyVtheology ,
uoddriffa ochrcgeneration Jenk'i devo
Ul alarer'acaUl Bock', works, Clul
Uinenu, Watra hymns; prayer books,
,nd various other works.
Butler's Hudibras Ely's synopsis ;
uarpemers t;uiue ; iwenncra aniwjuiii
"is ol war classical diciionary tiibson'
11 ctunuinr . t in oicnonarj
poems; 'Scott's Infantry 1 lUids,
savnrtiai 'a m m. -vt- tr A Miimastai
ii.ii.meB arc Ilum ,
inompons seasons iiira communion;
Federalist ; Junius letters ; Negotiation
bet ween--Spain and the-Unitcd. States;
Clarke 00 slavery ; life of Cqwper ; Cow
per works; Pindar's works; views of
I I.ouIsiana; Italy by lady Morgan ; Frunce
L do.; UnJles..te. and Great Britain ;
n,,,.,. fl,c,i0Mry ; Europe after tlie
Congress of Aix la-Chapelle.
With a general awortment of school boolcs.
n . a 1 I . 1
f-ngunu a urye vneiy w
l0tner inl trie Ute 1MjrVfce. "Till Ct Will Ch
dUcount will be made to Kbmry companie. &c.
. Hw1iIsooirhaiKr.Ti nerrtajartm
kmcu ot &&, selected with care, ana laid in
1 nvii viaviiiip ami unx ai g v iiv 1 at ai
invited to call, examine and judg-e for them.
' Sanb,iry;jr, c. Jan. 18, 1825.- - "-4
T UHBAGO, iweilirtes alid weaknet of the
I . , ,, , ' . in A(i
face ititTnev of the neck, chilblains, rotit cramp,
rheunwtiam, tc. are all ipeedily and efl'ectually
cured by the use of Dr, llobcrtson's celebrated
' f , )?Jj iilrnr--
Br anbh inir these drona acreeablv to. the li
irctKMi which U limrdy to 4h w tlie partai
affected two or three timet a oay-aito in cases
where it is necewarr to take Jntemally from
ten to Titteea aront 4m e lurap 01 tPr. thev
teidom or eyer M M j&xfsiim. faijmMfc$i$'
red rir: that of a peroianciitjcwe-,m--i:ery.
For tale wholesale and retail, at the propric
tor Drug .and Family Medicine war.ehoubc,
North East comer of Second -and Race streets,
Philadelphia and retailed by hit agents, and
everr Drlncibal druenfist and vender of kledi-.
cinct throughout the I'niled Stntci. ' "'.
(Tr 1 ake notice that each bottle or tfeniune
medicines ha the signature of the sole propri
etor, TV W. M UTT, Jit. IK' '
. : ---a ti - ... . A
IN the 2d class of the Oxford Academy Litte
ry, for ttla at-the :?rintiit(r Office i hiirln-ft
- -ay - m
prize S20.PP0;' besidci'fc 10,000, 5,000, wgh- nire of the sole proprietor, .
teen of ?yl ,opo, ic. &C. .Iric;orScketa g5. , i, T.H. BYOll, .V. v-
m nml l asniir .Inlif ir.n
T. W.'DYOIT, Jf, Il '
AM w W, iUtU 1 M-1. 4 Mfh
I vi f 4 a-t M sw vv '
t 'y j I fn4 ! iJ
nki(.c4 t hU.i.4 MUJIpk'iMj,,
IkKutrSM ft I ktj SlklM, Ufa Mm, I
SMA, rfMV, aswaMtft). 4.X.t ivo
"n Midi KiwtM, v iiniViMiiii,,,
a .t
A Bm4 IUaMM.!, 4
iM 4 e pUi ftr;4
vi vhImh tf rM W.i
t U, Inmmf. tdmlmttk. kf dtik Si. mm m.
Hi, tntawytrwe, aMfttil 4'W,
Umf, h;(Kl4 i4lts . iM
. Um ftt,ru4 'Wrff'. wj,
m-im rmanMni 44 - , j
A s awt eff ! ef f r i cv
m kMwUf! -- a-4tiL .
I i skHj t4 00 Jw-'S rUs Wn,
ifA att Mvt
mr wl
la Uf ktwi smI fw, fM4 (rat, k ..
rx i unu pt M(i.
Or. tJUmlM' IUmttd4 lLntn.rn.CiU. .
J (' nUtug a k ni.tli.
ar apneiite, and a trtl h'ni. ..
rW Utt d ag( la. ticw Wi
W Mr Utile.
. MUtm' lftUUt It mm Ik..
lt9tmK ml&im kluf.n 1
j ' - w
H-tie trry irir of tm IU U
lKIhS rmt ink (MnmMTn tU..
winr fnr, rrprdt'tne an4 rMtjiriy a , .-t
tlx mwU' tkm tuetet4r. irmA
eMKUhA. r ! o mi (1 1 '.( mcII, il
k bw4 K ttmrf il tkft itll tti U ,
frw ht'y tnti Mr baf .
1. W hUCU, T-A J, i. JWU I
ttTy ((iiimiiII til trn'r tf
n4 k ium Ui rmo ca t3 rrum tLr
BMcb. iB prrr il tirii rMBrUu,
aat Ikim, av a4 fcr, c fcatV, ,ir
rwy, orm, dtralrfy, braJ atl. Icrt
! f preii, eW aiwl taught, rfrpa
wklftfttHMi, lubiiaal roHjivwu, ic. fr.
tvriity Are cnxipcr fxs t UfiboniiO
itr. rifler,' (Mutmrml w 4 w r.W T.
fcr, kfHrm,U. Pre 37 rm jrf U,
7r. Iifirr Lairftfag.a .r i Kluaiin,
C..JVaS;4wUtv Buttle. -
. Ut VrrHukU Halm Lr. frW
oa dilljw per botl.
Aa r.stranrii from ta IVru
frarraat pkai, fbr reading ikfrct 1 the U .
ad i.f in j- Uj eom k um. I'm t o R
lar per buttle.
TV tiaW Wnf Fof eletinr,
teailf ami ymrninf the teeth and pam.-
rrr iiiiy cmii prr ftox.
enrinr eat diaofdrrs of the Krc - Prke rr
nOsnuHaliia-enty4Stentl. '
- Jl.iif'i.lf.fnM rUuin CiWA.-A sorereb
rrnitdr fur all klcrn and torn, tor hrr-x .
bile, Kr lrr rwellinr. sprtint. ait bruins
paint ia the back and brtaal. cornt i n the fcr
he. Price twentv-Sve erne, fif-v ernt. ar.J
oiie dollar Sue tcb alaa riarirr.
-Approved and rrcoinmu.dt d bv Or. Suth tJ
Dr. flit tie, of M.'IkIcJdIi:. ik1 bv the nn
eminetit of the faeul'y in the fnit-d Utn
Lf lakeootier, tbi m ordrr U breni w
uoNiMm, ail and earh nf tha a Suva fan
mcJichiu are nea!!yM"l t up hh full -t vo
tiniii uirr llitow'trvl aTiPwrn tlie'tuTJH"
ctr i(a the aignaltire o he ftole jtrvrt.,
t , ' T, H. VTOrr,M. D.
Since tfiflntrnductkm of lhee tt!ubl a-.-
eh't t Ihto jhe fuiud states of .Uirt, rbrj
itate acquin J the bieb4 uVerca of Mlcbrrr
for their uuparalU'tlrd uccet in aflemtinf and
eurina; ditcaso. a liich, in a variety of iiHm,
had baffled aonir of oiif mM esptric fh
iicin. The rntnuive and hiercatiiijr demtiil
for. them throughout the conrittent, for t!ir
twen v mm ,1, tntinet their intending crti
cacy and. iporUucXn. lle 1)lic. J'or femi
I7e tiiKlit iduU hoap rrtideiTtfe orcirema
ttance place thrm beyond the adtantajre d
prorurinir a physician, thev are peculitriy abi-
ted 1 and for bote eonenicnee they r aece
panied with every instruction tpperttinin t
the tmptona of diteatcni and proper directwni
for uiinj them. " " "'
r (O" A coiwiderablc ditrount mill be tHofcJ
to Drupfirtt, Country Merchant an(l those who
piurluaa by ibe pntityr -Ordrt pwpd t
emW ra, and the medicinea xarefuUy prW
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sale by John Murphy Saliabury, and Murphy k
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ARE speedily and efl'ectually "
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who have experienced Ut bepeficial tHcc
within these last twenty years, and coa test'')
to itt beine the mot mi r remedy vcr ollerfU
to the publiefor the relief" and
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most advanced ttnte, UI find itimiidiate rc"''
: Comlitqnt L'ough nd Colds wlich..,,! m j
eral occasioned by obstructed perspiration.
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terror hx; thf mimnier complaint in fbWffi
severe gripings, and most other disorders ot tu
bowel". ,f,,
. i'ir. nlv b tw. T. W. Dvott,1 and lor
tale Wholesale and Retail, at hit Drug and
ily Medicine Warehouse, N. K corner ol
coml and Kace sJreeU, anoTby-nl apj"-"""
aireiit Ihrougboirl the United States, .
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