North Carolina Newspapers

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HAMSHUltV, K. Cm.mTUJvS1I.1Y, NUVKMfJKff .3, fl25.
.VO. 211.
Hi MtttI tVIUTft. V,
Etc r enlmij mi muth He rial
W Method
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Procure ti4 a l l.i i I. . i i f .
TV tew the
, w iHHu.itrveeor piaauogine I'!, u t rr
tvralf k M f JWt I
mtUU ia tHa.
7 V MV y,
.w irui w wen. antf Sleeps to daaIf.riiM In ib art .1 ..l-.i-t.
w,o.T lU,!. hi. Uiv-a
4 AjM4 B..IJ rl.
'All Aftd tOt COflUM with eat', or ftll rtwlr. f...!. I. V.. ..Ljw.
t U b Oh 4f MllJ t mm.
Ka f ff drn4, (r Va at 0 fJa
aaf M ) tJWUl H tmaraf rf are
at Ian. fWIra It .t... II ii- . i , .
' i ; , " aw BaTT graiiing, MciuM'ii h for
U e Aknt. 4 kkt kMt
WMi.rf at i mm. n.
TVe n,W,f fji-r t U'
M y a-
v.-r -ar (,- A Whale I MtfKi.
rw, wi rfQvtrrv lUJi or
tftufwuowwwitmwtii imwwi iib ratutoa n i.ticff an tan r
" -1 ... i . .. ... i ... . m
The atarfarw af ti f m ,1 U tti!ri L
IM Hf a"r W,f t;wA
'J ' i.iJUilP""r . fcuftoff J tifnfi ill I lufficlrot tt l
, ... JtMitht Ubr U Im dn I i'mui Um MtkJ. -fi .k ... .v
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m . tmm. . . . I
ft a ... ' I w w VI l'H IML K4f
Out V "w:V7 w7-"ipiou siifiioM " Tit thi itbi
in t wir fnf e,r ,f, Jtf 0(J l My ,mt ,f f
if mmi tiflui unwftm. l.ll4. ik. tfcey Brule nd tyi!!
lipf of TirroM, hcn b mlbt with fgMt I foJ J trit of ftlrvy, i.J (,u iK.Iudi
kti improprlitr, but Uto Urmcd bu" cmWclC ltlarotggothai Ujrlu to grow coolderUy, tad dip
lb Urror tf fcingi. The pot kit kaft it .t lub. rnd of tbt iKoot in netted pitch
uoi nti 6tiiotioe piour tin ciofi,V ..v uvp (pvaiapr wft rotm ana uiiow. md burr ii
tM orator bit trope to pourtrtrdrtui "-j .su,m, ue grovna, Uk bwdt uppermost,
jSraod deitroyer, iht tnemr, the ooWed with th ioib.ih, dripep. the b4y !, In Kiziai
pt'ioct of sHaetoma and of iUJci, ,'1 er btuerki, t)y.o(;K he tt tn tuition, anJ at the depth of tvo or
Uat, uabe b railed tb dtttroytr, Pa 01 a urwii tijaiiM oi thret inchc. W art informed that
irb? hr a peribable aiate be ?e 0,1 ' met, 'r oltitd lo thla wa; will bear is
that whuh eternal I Cas be be aty. ,,c "J Mt wr,t BuC ,hrr w yr froto the line of
Jed th totoiy! who i Ihe beat Iriecwlj,"i,,,,w,wFrwi,"u,,CB,'Mwnicnoi piiiB. tie nate no doubt er the
oJr of the beai.abo nerrr deaerta ,he ,0tT wlJ I ! f' fratic-i!ii7 f th'umetbodof raialeff
Um at their wm-ai Med, and note "' "rv"w u! vit wwn irun. Lr. ra(r(oi inu?maje,jan
friendship protra the mot a!uMe llc',,0 Irttnd, mho ate forty pouoJi of ted about twenty acknt of difrrro
thoa hi !e th fcojretf Ufl be UTTT1
urtned lb prnct of rS.ot,mi and of r,dr ,tl0J
ihidei. bo dettrora that which til
that which a!.rr la real and filed t
a-A-V ALLtMlSGIr lU(Mk4lfi t C
iw!tn utTwtrtjn.
Ttrr rt rriiMp tve h'iyvf,
auifAvjNfcr.biUl.vLMitML Ai.
MtUt te it ftMj (Mwn, m1 Mt
At the Wereeitar t'ente Ct.
r .fr. .t f. .l. l ir
, , , f , . Mwuin vuii(H i vi nimipvn intfi nan
nawDatiretnemoorniuieacu cneoo., rBlw Cow, ooe of taem p.rtkUl.rlr
the tropblea, aad the raeUochoiy M(d M ift 9Mln0r4n,rf imh.iI of ker
t e l' l . t I..
tnitnia. wtm wnicai we aurrounu mm kiod. She haa fica giten from J 4 to 37
tbe epulcural guxm( tne tnooLI quaria of rrnlk per 4?, efettelicnt qj.l
deriar cacai. afld the a!imr worm f ittnyicldmt lnt pevpoetion of cream
'I"heie. indeed, are the Idle feart aodjThe lc: qntniitf of milk eien b her
empir tmore not of tbe drwl, Ut of " w-T rlurln the aommar dreaght.
tK. I.-.--. TV .r tnfKM.f"t..iV i rraaa eeI onir, a la quant: me
' wedreindeedioctter.butweougbt Cotnmmee;;eorired . bar te .r.
falhef IjdfeadlbCTsednfsl jf the MaaielineMW AT cow offered by C.p,.
roada lh.a lead to lU But if they -pbou D. C.fon, ... .lu.We animal,
ere rugged, they ere abort d it la From the of April to the I h of
ooJy thHe that are amooth, that are October, ihe hat aupplied a fimily of
wcarieorae and toogr Dutperhapa he eo, fire of wh-rh are children. 'nh
autsnona ua too eoon from the feutof milk and there have been ol from her.l
life. Be it o i if the cichanre be not betidea, eleven hun-lreJ ami thirierr
for the better, it ia not hia fault, but hu,"' amounting to fort; four dollar
month, two of which a re bow in tl-
trice Utru.iL.
Ik Wat aWm tUk l K MJ
a f mL fr M ftfi aA LtUa iU
Tar4 tf MfnhanJZtt
ti K&rmimm lri. IJcfc b m.
ike mam faaw)4 urs a K mm AmH vT' M ! (t art I alwa lU af-
eeftw4 Af ABfM A UIl m ,k- Mnk P ere M tr! a !, U. 8U.ll
WliO tttwtm h.m k.n ba lk..l A.n. i..i "t M fMitaiW U NaAiiai ft aU.
-1 1 - 7 . . - .-"- , , , -
t- i m ,, , 1 tntf V mintiiiv
tU fA HMr.eS, I ftn, WJL. I. ' J .a if
A ValuabU Tract ot Land
aom at the atrfc of-lh ruurM),-and
appear flourithing! Tlecorapoiition
ne uteU waa milted itweruker'a wax.
0rg Y J fieit r.
During ritij w.r b.cen Charlci
the rrll.iHanu Rlrh.rd Lta
and Sir Wfer Perkelei,Wflj roftliitt,
kept Virginia to alleriancai ao a,. Br
tar the death of the- Mt Cromweli ,
obJ)tw4 lo cd aome ahipt of war and
troopt to reduce it t .nriir and UaDot
being able to reuat thia loce.bvt jet re
fuiinr alleeiance tCromaU, brouickt
and fiftf lo cent. ...
. na m ataii ur aariaTitta.
' .iLB.tT JLE.
Tho -Al or ftroog Bece-breed in
thh cifri we believe hia obrained more
our ,own J r be aommoni ua Ui
the call ia rather a reprieve than a aen.
fco're I fcif who would wiah to Aet at
. . the buard when. he caa no longer par
lake of the banquet, or id live on to
paia, wbca he baa king, bero deed to celebrite'tlian thai prodmed in nv other
pleaaureJ Tyrant can aentence their place in the United State. Ve"inferth
Victims to death, but now mucti more from the immeoM quantitr anrtujIU
dreadful would be their power could brewed, and the extent of Siincnta
they . aebtente" them to lif- f Life ia made to aouthern port. It it to be rc
thegaoIeroflheaoulinthUfilthrpris. Ked, that amonir the atatUtkal fct
on, and its only deliverer is Death : dirrctedfobe gathered by the rth-lt
what we -call life i journey to Death, '",nK 1 1 h
. . . . . . 7 . . II em pf domestic etonomr ahoulJ hv
ana unit we cnn aeein is a psport to , . t ,
. ., . , . , 1 x. t been overlooked.
Life.. .True witdom thanks Death for ,n ,hU ti ,her- ,re five cttensj,e
-srhafM takea, Aod.JtiJ more for. what hrewerIee,W of which la'probablr the
he bring. Let us, thsrtforr, like sen. iir)!eit in the unloo. Ii it owned bv
tinelsi be readyv becaiise we are uhcer. Mrt FidJer and Taylor. Ttje boih
tain, and calm because we are prepar- ing it 321 (eet 8 inchca, by 66feci 8
ed. -There ia nothing formidable a. inches, and 250 barrel of beer per daj
twine tle.ih but the eonaeouenrr'a of it Can be turned out. The aupplv of water
and tnesetve ourselves can regulate through a leade n pipe from the
. - O I .1!. . . . r I al e f Ka maal.l
and control; The shonestlife ialoog "'""ltc j -
. . tf .. i , i .i - lot pump worked by a tteam engine or
enough leads, toa beUe.Md ih.el ,x wwKkh-enyine lw turn
iwiigvsi ia. tow nui i uv uwi. 1 1 jQf
the machinefr for mcthing. I'lie eatab
TUEr.iu. vr wc-Lcir. t lithmem, including , malt- bouiev ane
It is-well for man hat-be ia often cooper's .-shop. attached to it, keep in
reminded of the uncertainty of mortal conatant employ irom eighty to a nun
Idred workmen. The proprietoit ealcu
lilt, aiiiu .. iiii tmi.K iuii v uLva i . ...
r w a
ibjxreamof Time, soon passeth
awayj and is seen no more on earth f6"rrj
everJL.jndsope scenery, at oneanq
the same view, not unfrequently ex-
late on brewing 35,000 barrels this sea
Uk:.. .k. it,. rnv,jn r a ..., y w,1 na occn ,u"8 W.M,W
uT.r" nT-?i c -l-T 1 under the cere of a Londcm pbyaician,
garniture of Spring : like the fsmily . r, j fnrn5h'd htr with
itt favored 7. 1 " t".
a a
group,- possesstng- wanin
circle the-various i stages of youth,
manhood, an J. age, it presents to a
nof uoinstructtye picture. Even the
Cbrysalia and the Butterfly, ephemer
al as they are, impart a moral lesson j
ior, thia season of the
year,"ie the Fallen ledfc w the mute elo
vjueocijfjd;- itr brief ; history swiftly j ffffig.
winds, a less impressive'monitor.; -It
tells us that on earth, there is no "ne " P'K".
,a-i:;jk:A:u::riri-ii u-; plucking, v Pray, male I
...... . ...... . ' Ik.r V.urt eW
letter of introduction to- a no leas
able practitioner at "that placer The
ladr. with true feminine curiosity,
stimulated not a little bv Ju.natural
wish to know his real opinion of her
case, so far violated the taws of honour
as to break the seal when she lounu,
to "bei- fatter dismay, the letter. ; of
whicTsbe was the bearer; tote aiol
tf .. J . . Mm,A I anil vmi ft
, I . .-- i,y. utai ii umm , j -lt.
. i f k...
tine tat pigeon, rwnom-
Dear mure
the most of
tx L'mnv tkta Wtrr. , it Was.
? Dresry inur, thalihutj the teet
fmm all the rirescr'tntions bf bet physi-
A slaty gun ship was Isunched at Phila-I ian . for instead of coinc to be pluck-
delphla on Thurtdiy, Sho wa built tr e BjjC ,tajd quietly at home, ban
gentleman In New-York who, it is un- doned doctors and medicine, and with
derstood, Intenda her for the South the letter, aent a ready'-pluxkedpigcbn
American or Greek marle:?--- to the physician at Bath.. . .
the commander of Ike tyuad'on loa trea
ty, in wkKb irgtnla was styled an M i
dependent dominion." Tbi tresty wi
ratlQidln lineland.aamadewith en inde
pendent ataie. White Chirlet the Se
.tnii wat at Breda, io rlandera, Richard
Uer hired a Dutch ahip, and went over to
we-Aiuiakoow wbetbar he could pro
tret the colony, if it returned lo hs site
gwtKe to himi-rbui Coding e aupport
routa ne obtained, he relumed o Virgin
14-And remained. qiiel unpl Itietdeatr)
oi cromwcll. Upon thi event, be, wnb
he atittaace of Sir Wm. Berkelet. eon-
trired to get Charles proclaimed "Klncf
ol t.nKland. France, Scotland, Ireland
ad N'irKinia," two year before he wa
rettorcd to the Intone of hit ancestor
In iTatituda lor Ihe thi lovalty, after th
reioruon, Charlea ordered the arm of
iiiiiriia to bu odded to thote of EnnUnd,
t ranee, Scotland, and irelaadt with ihe
motto 44 Eu dm Virginia qaantam." Af
ter the union of Lngland and Scotland,
(Tie arm of Virginia were quartered wmH
tbote of FrgUndrand,' with the motto
En" l4r"Trxtnl4'qoanin." 'Ihe au
thor h in hi poAMSIon an old volume
of Colonial Law of Virginia, printed in
hneinndt m the tHle pa of which it the
repreientation 'of the arm of England,
France. IrcUnd, and Virginia quartrred,
with (he motto "Endat ireinu iiur.
tamr"- Ifrirre the-tMie afAic4eot.Do
minion" but been given to Virginia.
A schoolmaster in Pint wished to
prove that "iSiTwas the finest person in
the world. He argued thus : Eu
rope ia the $nest quarter of the world j
France, the fineit country in Europe ;
Paris is the "finest townlnfttfCfy-
the University is the finest place.' jn !
Paris rny room is the finest in the
University i I'm the finest in mv room.
Erf I'm the fioest peraon a the
world. v
1 i l. . ' ' . ?. I C e H pmt4 U n, al ttl aW,
Hummaftr H cwaj beiaeea 7 tJJ juf a rrJ afiiMal . U4. .7xt
irmi HJf la ckanl. and o fukrlkud ( U mmi Wit If puKkaarTi .!"
chiiwiiU'VWetatlarlliiiulim.I,'ia utmr ult, hnm ttj to dy. hm.i an
c port 4 k of aa eIWai ouakty . Al ike Awn Cm. U I" f""?
Tkre b mi Ike pfwhiar. dvatT-hf H . ormrU a, a rU. . ky Nl llf
aa4UaBarM.aiMlfhaitakcaJaiUiatWi, jn. (iib Q lha urMwf. pMMfBv aw(
U auil to U tH trd Inta two Tart. "H ml m imI !,) kik U k' a a ike brat
ativtftlafvt artattu J l iSi firm, are, Mrhap. tixl vxm! cjiaHl UJ fa Said V ft
m irardrd by any k ikW cawatry i M kamf vtbre d (hiMk kwe I veral aM
a gtI atWl an ctreEeM aomirter rmrga for Hack M Iikv, gtui, aft ttptrirw!! k4-
atMk. at trrllri. nult-acft. on a atrvaaj dial ,r. a Kltly and atvtrml tmt!
ram tkrwuh tk lml. tkat aJfi'll ll tranj of l4 a' lU vUlt. UM J ftknh
of tkayrara awRWi4 aupply U ftater for kU U on it apmo rA ftidoft land.
a grin ami ftwll. Trrma i for t k !! awl t-an-U. S rwtit of -
Uwilkeaok) rry lotr, and for tU gVrr oKttao)frill ha ri fjr il. r.J
art of Hi t:e,aeWttWVc.nirarlkr JaK'e of lU ftropartr. ttlft w"tki
jra b il nnMM' mmui- appro, J arentr, vrn, pi rrrry !
fttrr. tv. rurlhrr riuimUn. aiin, U ika auO-1 1- rKimm! Ika rm.U atll k aold U for, to
tribef, lig to AabrvOir. lauit purcWra. MUlt. h Hr.lMtARUr,
AAVX. CHI NS. .1 . . .iwmmof imm.
.fjik-7V. .V. C. Prf. TtVA, Itrji. Aia7 j BOBCUT C." fM'tTTY,'- '
I a, atwft, mm af JM-firti
SPLENDID LO'iTKRY, k.,;ng rUim. gw ih, inn, or
TO be draw- in tha CHv of Nftw.Vork. on ff" Ho. rn ar. merro "P "
k- Aik i im .i akwl k rny atird i all tbote indebted are rt-quoa.
dry ntiMitoa. 4) Number 6 BalluU u ka
draw, aacft ticket kaviag 3 .ViawAart ia (Wa
mam., .a.Ti r.a ai a. mixtiRX,
araiat ftf TUB
- St'tw- Ttrk Siotr LiHrmtHr IsMtrf,
CLASi s, rort uat.
- I
led to maka rurnvnt
arntr. m.i'iini'wii
" kobeij ft.Twinr.
ON tkft Tuetday of Ike Court of Iredell cflunry
in rtkniary PBI aU 0 ?; anaold
lula in lha town of Ntalretillc. ttiD kr axkf at
f prise of 8100,000 i SlOOWO.Jik. eoarldiaHft in Stia.ill- fthu claim.
rn.utKLix LYSTirtnr.. ;
The second annual exhibition of vrf.:
rcun imtnufiKturtt undtr.tbc susnllClsmt
direction of.' the FranWiii Xnatltute of
Philadelphia, commenced on the 6th ult.
at the Naaonic Hall in that city It is
5,051 Prises,
9.139 Blank. .. ' , "
Ltn than 3 Hl'antf la Aria "
IThilr TictHi g50 1 Quarter,, git 50
urrt, i!J I jf A., 6 35
1 hi ft the mrH marnincrM Scberna that baa
tftr been offered fbrihe patronage of Ika friend
l-otterr adTrntiire in AmerK't. Tin tntall
numtvr of TtckU the unrimrlnl Jcnmiid
for them, i a sufficient warrant, tliat tln-rc ill
rk"( bf k'ehaMerMifor wewkft kavtlay
fixed for the drawing, awl that the price of lk
ket will fl.ortly rite to 60 dollar.
(T?" Gentlrmrn are there fort reqiieteI, to be
early their appli.-at.on, l all order actually
maiied befjre the rie. will be entitled to be
atipnlied at the pre aent rate.
Kote af Ihe Dank of the U. State and ita
Rranclit-a, and, generally, the Note of all Bank
that tar perw. riceivnl at par,
AM, Mrrcatrtilf UraA ut aighVxv ao of tbo
large (Htiea, and Pruw 1 tcketa received freely
in payment, -
All Letter lo he po paid.
The Mail may be relied on at being perfect Jy
ate for all remittance.
KMS1 irathinflvn f.Yfy,
iar kit for wbirh the deed bate m4 kern re
rnrded. ami refrwirel, are iKilified, that uhleea
they pnnlueft ibeir lille on or before rhtt day,
tha lota claimed bv them ill lo ba aold. bit
immlha ernlit will be given on all pnrchaaoS
under one bundnrtl dollr i ami twelve month
for all pirchaat a above tliat amount Vurcli.
cift tnuat le bond arul approved armri'y.
noar.Ar vohkr.
3mi91 JOflMI. VIA Olll.rV,
trf-trm 5(1, 8. CeiaMrf;
said that a more brilliant display, ol linish-
ed and elegant ..fabrics has never tjeen
witnessed in this country. 'The "cloths,
even aoroe tilka. the cabnet ware, and in
pne, aJl the article exlibited,.,Appeared ITS olTered fbr le j it nearly
to equal, in texture, ingenuity and work- believed to te a 'ma tv
liiauaij, .. jr-WFV;..,,'r . .
United StrtCa?'''"t,,,y3v
liLivernool Doner mentions thst
can bills-drawn on that piece i fcif "a million
of dollars,' bad been returned under pro
teat in one vessel.
Tjy a cenau taken thi season, of the Cir of
J't-.York, it i found that it contain i7u,ww-in.
habitant. IncreaK mce "''
TjSitttft o AUx.liunj Atct.
rilllE aiib-rih r having qualified at cecu
oflhe fast will of- Aletanilcr Lone.
rate of Howa) -coonty, loc'dTat Ike courOf
pica anil quarter aeanona for the aain county,
hrlH nn the third Alondav of November hut,
nqtice it hereby given, that all peraon having
demand againut the aM estate, are required to
present them for payment, within the time pre
awibdlv la. MP I. UKC.,J'r.
new, and
ly nni-mw, a
any UlQ iu this part Of tle countrjit .lt wiHb
nit W.-and narmenit trad" eeoomwodatiuifj
For .further particuUra, inquire of the Printer' of
4hia papr. ' 17BJ c&.rVjiSr', ofjr."
; v Slicrins' Deeds,
TTlOR'fand sold by order of writ of venditioni
erporrAt, for ate;at'fhe pnntinsofllre. ,
' Tor K" '! offisJ.-
-.'-J BUsl.'$t . - .
f rSHR Miharribraem,limrr lU FJCTOlUtCK.
1 and t OMMISSHXt HUSIXF.SS, a ua
iial, on Rdmoid'on' wharf, and aolicit a con
tinuanor of the hbrnd wiiort I bay hare here
tofore had from their eonntry friatuU, Ihey
may rely upon the ttricte'l attention am! punc-
eel will be made on all romignmeni, mi recelr.
trig Receiptror fltlb tiing rrwlucftir. .
ped to their aildrew.
All th,e who are Imkbted to the iiitiacribrr.
or to our Ja Raataaua, are experttd to nukft
payment Um enauingaaao.
ChitrlntM, frf. 3M'i. 3mt9.1
HAS commenced the FACTOHJCwK J.VD
CfkWWMiaV-Ml'XLVMH, aa he
wtll devote hi time rxri r.V to the inlerriit of
thote who may favor him with their buaine. ho
'clieriaTierii liope, : that be will be able to rwnder
yrry MtWiirtion.
Order addroaed to him at tlie Counting
Hue of Alcwra. Joai llaatavow & C. (Fd
nioiiditon' Wharf) will be promptly aitewb-d V
to and. to whom oorreponitnta are tolioited
to refer, " ' - -
Sfprmhrr 94. - v t
TltK 5ubacriher-rmvim" taken ike -Brklt
Store lately otcupied by Mr.A. Kie, next
door to Mr. Charkt tTNeale, in ftine street, in-
UemU continuing the tame line cf limine .as
ncri-joiore, anil nope ror a contimiauce oj in
former CtMtomens a they inay rely on the tric-
teftt-ftittmiMMkMid, ,piijt.oaHt
r or the purpoae or winding up the concern oi
Mr. KoSisiMi!, ainTfifhlwIf, and Irepine ffi bu-- - r
iliMsa i ditrtilrt't, he will carry ii on under the firm-
5 S3: In whhdraVinar nty connexion in buainirsa. . ,
iateht with my fVeUBKt iwt cxpre my enitro
atiafaction with his conduct. Mr. ft. ha lived
With me at "Clerk hd C4artneri forirpfrarda
of tlirvtn gran .in the whole time I have ever
found liim. attentive and of the trictet integri.,
ty, and recommend a continuance of- the public
auppOrt be baa hitherto received.
1 . . junrs kuhinso:.
Cfr-ktr7i, Oat 8. t.84

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