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.Lad tor lb-aW d
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V. a-i al Mil k
4 J to ItaataJy ?
JkjryeeefaJUx mtm;
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' W tti I't M IW ea a.
AaJ ral af d t
7by f6ag a ! eactad
0t rjr rta bU
Al gai,
Oa tke fUia,
tWJ tU m af WitW fMf.
11 tok ifaaJl caJ tba ary UM, -And
kid il rap M aaore.
: (toCmkalAkMVitr
' TU cracea karae aaarTd
AJAadWaMiewrt Jo
t'pea: aaMaal rU,
TV Waaj of ka orwiap bmk
Qa rtfUi dark beLre t
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Vkh lb tM,
tetlarrbrwe above,
t ror.'rWa m'Jmos,' iw ray
Tbe tbeuaand peVra enatsr
, JbaS MaULtidL lb fri
Bastk kai bar grae for lynate yv. t
, And ilM Aft ) lb ae.
ortb frcal their Waken toeabe, tb dead
la dark am aU9 pour,
WU kigh,
Tbravgb lb eky,
Bad th Sag rmdoaaoari
frof tit tank mi
TW wafVat'B pa af raat I -
,lac Urar'a W JclfuM to Um lUe,
.. TkM aWl ludct4 b ilctt I
Tkv Mib aM ahiUl er'rt vt?t
Tsy eonquuif cafWa aoari
And avtcp '
O'er th deep,
TU1 lh broken chaii of alar'ry LU,
AadOfpreMMMi rcigna m mora. .
Un ta a kM afwmmer akiffi., . jV ,
Trom ceU and fVoa winter kt om departai
Be kak I" At keam of poiWHirWxrw! tyea,
"And" drlfkta in lC wifiMh of a-pen kearti ?
Bui witera be baa once found chill and rahn.
Be aekloto return to that bower agmia.f
' - a Tia aaaai riTaior.
TVaa inro'Kvinit iK ?a,"and U
the eldest on of the Ult king and
Charlotttof Mecklenburg Strelitz.
In right of binb, be wai duke of
Cornwall, aod ilao duke of Rothsay
and high ateard of ScotUod. In
five daya after bit birth, he waa crca
ted prince of Walea and earl of Chea
ter. In 1771, be ra installed knight
- of the garter. - Hi tutor were aa (oU
lowi Lady Charlotte l'incbrnntH
' ' the agr or nine y eatri iheti came the
carl of Holderneiae, lord Bruce, and
the duke of -Montague. His
tructors, however, , were. the. venera.
ble Dr. Markham, afterworda arch.
bisbop-of-York t-OrHurdtet
wards bishop of Worcester i Mr.
Smett, and several others. If the
multitude of instructors could have
insured him' tncuial auperiority, the
" subject of this ak'tch Would certainly
have been a great sun but it appears,
jfy aH uaccoutHWcottfineinenu,to
etud) aa the last thing in tne wono
tn ntr&e the Drince. : He was tlelittb-
ted with that period of youth which
brcught with pt the opportunity of tn-
When he came t nis zm year, nc
4 trying income of 50,(0 sterling and
60,000 outfit. Th whigs wishing
. tn '.mpfatiate themselves with their fu-
" lure overetgrr proposed larger al-
" lovvance, but the oitf amg wouia noi
consent to it and for' ar while the
prince wa hnd and glpye with the
nnnular hartvtheif" anoarent idol.
their eternal toast, and their wretched
i . .. .,. .. :ir. ri' M-t
ir, ar.J M' i. it t
UMlilt.ll U..4 lU IM-
mu ,t f Mm.
uaUt A-.M. ,K1'
ha 14 .MM. rn"'. C&-
lie uv .r
t. ma art Uftui
Umf. if o 0 Uiht ef 44
(W w mi . t . . . I
ti.. l.,..ftMaiiva balMll Hafl"
ivy - ,
r..r. i . y 8i8
toitd 160,000. kr Pw,ir."VB.1 -
lowed 10,000. addiuoeuU by tna klug.
-! 1711, is fairjcr'a saatauy
grew wof if . tha bottU coanioM ol
th pfiaxt Up to wge bis clala W
tb regency of ht kiogdoo, i bpe
of tBisiogihetrowo lurtuaes, while
Mr. Pitt aad A kiogJa anuitsten
anaiataincd the fight of psrliartent tw
inter farr, since there they bad a de.
tided majority, and could control the
event, ,
Amidst th-mfiiatKs ol uwt
two ptrtiea. the eld king recovered,
and Ma) and Tather becacne TttOtocUed,
to the great anooyaoe of the priexe'a
friends. Tbe French revolution break
iog out at the sme time, cast such a
glooaa oaer tb royal Jamiljj and moat
other crowoed heads, that th prtoce
withdrew from his Id ttonecuona in
politics, with litile ceremony.
The prince's private debts, however,
increased about as fait as those'of the
nation ( when, at length, bymeaa of
bis situation, be . farced o
marriage with the princess Caroline ol
Brunswick, which look place in 1795.
His wI:waa eicotted oiEngUod
by some of tbo priuce's choicest ff
male fcvoriuti io wbUH aclio be lJl
playeU a want 6f delicacy that would
Lve disgraced a lavage. Every one
knows, that from the moment of theif
fir.t mretior. difficulties arose io their
domestic relations, which will never
probably be explained until the deatn
of the raici?AL acToa.
In 1810, he waa appointed regent
of the kingdom, by act of parliament
and as itV.s a Pitt tae4iure7 ny wh.
. rnn.l.wt in the Drince have been
I ahWUMWa. w w
conaidcred JPiU-i'fuf. ' '
in nis new apnerc, im;
many gtod treaties for hi subjecu,
and received the visits of kings and
emperors iu his own tapiulV
Jn 1816, he gave bis daughter to
Leopold of Saxe Coburg, a German
prince, iwbo badbtgh pre tensions to
bVftli" and" filtle'prcrensiuns to mDcey .
He lias always mainuiuca tnat mis
was a hve match. t wmcn we nave
our doubts. At all everts, the Sxe
rnhnrs adventurer is now hvinir siecc
WWW" " w 0 W V
to the Dutchess de DerVi, ami we sup-
pose tnai mis is to oc iw uitvu
In 1820, our her Decame aingoi
Enihnd by the demise ol hia lathen
Great Britain has been unusually Hour-
a si . a
ishiDP. i nis t nis cooa ionunrj-Du
does not result from hts quaiincaiions.
Imrneraed in i pleasute," immoral in his
me, aecayeu in uia ucaiui, inc. m ant 5-
ble of business, the remembrance of pleased, but she i the good woman -the
past must embitter his present TbanlO "
moments, and give a icanur coloring
to the future. Hia conduct aa son
andasaWband.can oWr be justi-
fit-d, and his traits of character as a
fine ntlem;w
1 . I..:.. - -it "i,:.
L almrle Dcnetrvrist amoncr alirhi
troop of frtendt.
Thi is a fair picture of George the
4th and thanks to heaven, the valor
of our forefathers has preserved us
lombeef ai
him as our aovereign lord the king.
An Irishman being asked what be
chiefly lived upon ? He replied,- we
have a plenty of potatoes, which- we
eat four times a day Don't you
think, said another, there is very liytle
variety in this diet? Not at all man,
said be j we have great variety, for
we eat, the tittle potatoes with the big
ooes. "v' ' . . " ' .
i . . - M I ' a IV aal fffitfi
wtif auts U piraiw, il m al.
anual U ft4 t -
tf ih .buUaii thjpvt
tr, tt A d'.geniv raktM6 ol
ibt fcaam sysu Uitl pnnia-
..i A. -V, 1. itittm evtntua!lr inks
WW - - . '
voder r wUurrupted ltt
Mal. If H ,f l
W U mwt dclierou Kta -
dtoa ! diatiUed m1om MWMtAiiriM laj'ar ptfttp I
act IwalAf ffti waikiflf UJt umll
that art o crodad iA Ibt Uo
.l ktiai CI WQ.upiwvi w nut
- i: 'i .
&iiIiiola)l wbwm
23l It w.Aoti" tutUf u.ttd
l?. . hoii rWi-r. . t.
1 1 .i. . a.llinri ftl milk IrtiBl
hfkJf Atl carried
bat hc buftdrta ycjn
rofl rooaJ wiAcwt dr w ckcn.
f. rVdaJaiMM fed bf I thousafld
streams thai perishes if one U dried.
It is a silver cord twisted with a thou
sand suiags that part asunder If is
c.A, Frmll aod tbootbltess tOOf-
ula are aurrouoded by UnumeraUe
daagerirwblch tnaka ir much- tawrv
atraora that they est I po aoLeg than
lait We art encompassed wiA noLlon ParmeU w ttetb, Ball a duacuW;
that they aitaoat aiipeniB uaj;-
....... -
trin trtxairata that Wt tnbabit.
.r . i. n m r m ri uv nuuH I
Tho da oi diacaae are plnied,i?,our
constitution by the band of nature.
The earth and the atmosphere, whence
we drsw our life, are imprcgnateu
with death f health is mide to opentr
ii nwn- deatruction i the Lxnl that
nouriihes.lhe body contain the el,
meoisof iu decay the soul that ani
mates it by a vivifving rlre tend to
wear it out by Its action ) tieai tuna
io ambvab about all Our path.-
A) nunr animila naturally deli ah t
. t,m in iK nnen air. and in De roe tin I
V w w - W IS)
motion t but we signify our disippro
kiHiM nf th!a intention of Nature by
VCIIWIf W w w 9
confinina our infants mostly in houses,
and swathing them irom th lime tney
are b..rn aa tightly as ponible. This
natural mtiioct appear very auong
when we e child released from iu
ctmnneroe, to Aclshbrt ' Intervar bf
twixt rMilling orT it day clothe, - and
awaWg. ft agiore It I par to
leep. The evident tokens orcjelight
which the little creature shew in re
covering th free use of his limbs, and
the strong reluctance it "discover"' to
be again remitted to its boudagr, one
should think would strike conviction
e . l I... .nr1 nf iKia
oi inc 'wwuiiaim V
Dractico into Ae n&it' stupid ortnaaatuiarko rr t
kind. - . ' ur. vrcfonj.
M tM an old fellow,' asying COwper
in one of bis letters 10 Hurdis, but I
once had my dancing days, as you
. . ..I J C,l .1...
htVe now yet. never cou.v,
r coa d learn
i . ...k .aa . m a
her, as conversing with her at home
f wnen i couiu ouwis
the taueat tne nre aiue, i
the" trying circomstancea of
We arrallgtcdr when w.rej'.;c
.rfj ."
When man of sense comes to
marry, it is a companion whom he
mrelv a creature who lan piint, nd
ejva a j .w w
pTiyfarid fing and danetii if emg
WnO Can voniiuri auu muin " i
one who can i reason and ' reflect," and
feel and judge, and discourse arid dis
criminate i nneTwho can assist him in
hi affairs, ; tighten bt sorrow li purify
hU joyi, Ittfngthen his prinupleand
educate his children. Such is tbe wo;
man who is fit for wife, amother,
and the mistress of a family., A wo
man of ihe- former description may
occasionally figtwe in a drawmg room,
and attract ihe admiiratido, of the
company but is entirely unfit for
helpmate to man, and to train , up a
child in the way he thouli go.' v
- : J- PortFolH.
i:u ai.u.mum;,
Hi .m . 4 -
1 ir,
f ...fik fJ.R !aa. I rJ.l Ui a4
(U Umt ja' U fuilaff Ub
Tk hTa trt IK I li'ii mm
diitrttaatt iaUi'li.UaM, HaUfia be;,
. . a i . f) . . .a .
frt4 JkiA'S law I iaroea rpoia
?! M ajMcag S ViMf MU. i
rU. X.U& v Uu Uf sr's cU i Tol
Ur a oetviUi, JHUoU at UBt' f
rtpons 64pk4M 4aa4bg$ halTs
Cyliirvj Af" traM C9
Urn otani iortftirTittvi IUfW
bf.ntyi Woenao Uaaf l a,'nM
U twJns 1 p4ta4U tm criotti i Tom
ru 1lAi i PaU cq sraaeff Poil en
((m nkXnw bat; lie-
kU4 Mctrcii Kfd iMJi
Tav&iM'a rapi Uto4 ai4 lr4oi
l.r r. .... Hi.riU'. hmiii
uuiiuiurn hw mw -
Hen and carUri IMarkU's repH
ilea bs axwiiy , AfttUj 1 ptactica I CO
I4MI . 1 1 99, H I -"' I
. .. 7 w .a .. . .
TtAtmik' docnaaile tttdklnit Arm
atroog on totf Howur on lb Uood j
Murrey's snaicito 4kat lUilUt mor
lii kDaiocnf Pa U on nicer BjteotiVa
lybopiiit BaneroA on fever J AcriUs
vurgeryi forJWo on &Mrj Tboms
..,ijm i I a ft.r ria K ckeall CdOOtr
Mrtry i It it bard's pbytUocy I Hooper
cttnf V pnarrmcopia n ih w- w ,
Pbilllo'a iwjuUy" t Siiim ypbUli;
lUoiUiowonpuafadvesi Beirs anatomy i
tUkall on df op4s I Paris pbarvoacfrpla j
Hall oo diaeadcrai American diif0wto-
ry aundm ou tfersj t oe i
Dell on wotjod ; Eaaay oo yellow fever j
. . . w - - i -
M L1C lOOi
Rui-k. ikWiekl dkllonarv t Cooper's
vnMm llM(lr'U.t Harmon r af IhC
tani;elii'.t j Brown'" WW dictionary ;
Edwsrd'a oa irTeeitont romycei. r
Hrlfrey's sddraates t Proudfit's
wkai SUnt'srest t riv and bropreasi
rvllr..,'. unwrntl rOBVSrMtKDS Oft IN
bible I ehrlaiUn morU t Vblil rtmabaj
. a a. a. .
trtkiw aeiriM.i. , marrow ol in cnurm t
rr.rWtLn mvr) ; Boalon' ioorloM slat
BrtuVs raiechUm Paley' theology j
1V-4 lrl- on rrircncratfon i Jenk' davo-
ibrrrKxtrrVraHrBoek worksl Cbal
nia urnicn t Brown's divinllvl Lr.irs
aermooai eDhw' work Bibteat !
- . . . t. .
umanuj Waifa bymn prajr oooa,
and various other works
rdturr. RmUrV IIu.tiLri.a : EIr4 STnoDsis i
Caipeairfa'. Kennel's aniiquuiesj
aru ol ar ; cUaicl dciionary j GibMH.'a
ureiij Milton-s works ; marriai; ce
remorlea. Plutirch's lives; (-.ooka or.
cle;Uarin'aouotn'w;('hlmeraorka poliikalcconomv LVis'dicuonary rys
una poem i Scotl Wnirv KeU
woi ka ; &c i a oi k f; H uine erj
HaHam'a middle agi lltMwe Enirjandi
recolleeiiona of tKo PcniaMla Gillurs
Greece Saya poliiical ecimomy ; Rollin's
pneient Utor ; Icon Ovid', mctt:
raorphoaev ; Smith's T weaTili of nations
Thompson' aeatons t Hall rommoniou ;
Federalist T Junius' letters Negotiations
between. Spain nd the tinned b.ici i
T7.. r. ..
r T V "V 7 ; , ' ,
bf do. United State, and lMafa'
c0 "iV,, 0f Aix I. Ch.pello. -
tm0mtn 0f KhK)l bonka.
Gwek. utin and Eneliah i a large wiety of
I .i 1 L. . .k. nnvrll. StC. 11 Ol ti)CII
"' tM prie K
i - .. .
vM.r .fk. aekcti d tntb eair, awl laid la
and in alll.t orieeathat a ill enable him to wUvervlow.
Hi euvomer and the WUJJX
I; BOM the aubeenber, lat
' rel'ruarv, a neirro man by
.the r-aroe o'rUIC, yellow
complected, a lonjc strait noac,
and hollow footed, broad, tquare
-ahouldera, about five feet nine
or ten liicbei high, ho partieulaf
...v ...nt mm ahinninr on
iti i.rk. ami IT vaara olitv".'l have reawn
to believe that he- hM got a free pai, or aome
one hai taketrbitn off, andeoneledJunj. i Any
person. catching aaii neprp, and e fining mm
n any jail, or'aity other, way, eothat 1 pet lum,
their rrwardahalj beA dollar,, and llfemoii.;
to the aubtcfibcr, in Randolph county, N. C.
WWy. 1, 1 825.' -. (t83) ILLI AM J1GRV
YisVate of Jtte. liortg. AccA.
THE aubacriber baring tptalined a execu
... ai.. w wilt of Alexander Lonir,
I - RH VI " ,
Tato of Rowao county, dee'd. at the court, of
Eleaa and quarter aeaaiona ror m
cld on the third Monday of' Noveniber laat
notice is hereby f Wen, tbat all perauni having
deniands againat the said estate, arc required to
present ihent for payment, within the time pre
Icribedb law. VJAME I. LONG, .fr.
; zje-c-SMStl.- , :v:? . 41
.- 4 v.l a-l la "'.
U k tJL iw W-1 - 'tHf to la. ,
n .l mji a aj" ita ia
bni. a i4- W a !-', to
t4 'Uik
ik W i llniw-a uwi. a4 lU t m
to taJ W i l i--l tt-a raf
4. ifvMtri4ikMfrUfvla. Al to
U jr gra, 1 m .-
, aa rvr-'ad rW lU otoJa; f
H.... . ill a ikf uiMfO .4 k-a aU.
uuulwtT. at ft irrret I W i fi
-ri;, id.
kourjtr woait. . ,
An VaUgaui Ytnnt OKI-
v a.L. a la L ar a. aad la
1 to baaed to We aa atoraR trU,
a4 to..Uarl aad fatkJy aak4, a
aC7Mklaaitaflrirf7, "
tow. ad p.,'. e-a4 MxmUumf.
IU apa. ..) jJVftl3.aU.
fttatt ot NotWv CaroWna,
irtt ii rotrarr.
ScmcMtrn iijii Catotkw
t! llaaik, Wdl taltaf HaiJ
4. otUe,. Itoeid akaa4U
U, iaa and rne cJukVm awd bavei at kw aa
HJy Tlarp. eWd. to vl r l-dU, UA
Uk lutWa akahoai riibik, MrrwMe4
a Uk Jotoxoa i W. UtaraaameJ Uh
Ktk4 (Wao-i Jacwa IVrw. d UUa
i.k.- n ,1 . .1 L. rkiLlaak l i
JMf itrA4 Bvrr Vb. Jot aodlatfy
bWks t ar "drr Ibf ar of
yeaa, aad aka appaae by ibai fd-o
jj.a llraadoVt. - .
U U-a ea ' aaHf to rbo nU4itf
tba vmi iku 11 itof nafltod dcfcraaM fcw
t of Ike ateta, il a tbawaoro eaMaaw ia
psbbctM V adj k Uto Wum OoCa-aa.
L7t iheovtorais rcka.rbal oakaa llwy a
or at awr MSI Crt of plea and rrur
ira.tua, to b baVI for lb oaaaaMy afoeaaaiid, at
tU court ko-a .a Urwaatar, tk aeoaad
Monday tvaUr MaVaad pVad'or aw.
Mcr to Ike amid ea.e JU J-idjtt a Uearf
- -- - :"".
. .. MAI I. av. nvvxai w-
ttlQlo of VorUi- CutbWna,
jr&rer ncwrr
S r pi tv,ar.n -io, . iai5i Uw ti.
. i li. M,.Lr ni4 WiIjO I HiijCIM
pronrtar of Mo-d Heaaiey. ,
made in tha wen Crte far as wteis,
that onlcai lb defcudant, r-imttiw Derj, ae.
. .. .. ..t mirt of olraa and Quarter aa
tiofteto ke beU foetaid Ikeoooru
kouaa io Carnantaw. w cn, VT7.
rxvfuber aeat, and repWre a4 pWa4
tent a ill ka antered by drfaah aoaat bias.
..... MATT. B. atOOiae. e. ...
-fricr'adVl. rrrr-r?ifltBTr
rlOntT cf Plea d Quarter Keema, Oo.
, ...v. iirlf. Nrbecmah Hear
t. Jrpk Cnoper attaekaaenti BenJ. Co)1e.
Demarcoa r aimer, ajnmow n
Ordered by iU eourf, tW Pjibneatwa b wacto
u ik. u-i.M r.nJmiia fur ail week, that
anlcaa tba dif ndanl apper at
tgarc to ba hew tor ita cowmj m imm,,
.. .l.. k.... t laa-Mnreville. ON tn Brat
11 mr iv.ii.iwiiH - . .
. a l. rnlf-vY af Bload.,
lU.t of the pUiatilf "ri.w 'nT
Slftlt of rSotU.CfttoVua,
T . lasotii tovnrr. . . . .
COVRT of Plea and Quarter f eawow, Ar.
term. IbU ' "William Hine. admr. w. Hrf Tuirea i Ori final attachment, retuml Ieie4 .
oa 100 acre of lnd. In tUU eaae. nfr
by the cmirt, that pu'jUcawa oa maac ir
montlia in ma i tem wv""i . , 7.
U,a-efcndint appear to Mmteoort of pkraa-
Iredrll, ai ine ruiin-uw" " a -thinl
Mowlar in November next, replevy tt)
property levd on, and plead, the ptaititf.n
be hard ex paija and havo judgment rtnUerea
in Lit favor pro confetto.
Price wlr. g. ' "omtS9'
. .. ... . i C.l..vi11. nit IIM
&tU of Notih-CftTdVVaft.
aumoMSi counfr . 4 . . .
rlOUNTY Court J" terov JB2J.Cbarla
u iHiJH 1 orumal al
tachmnUleviA on land.- It kppearmg to tba
.. . ... . .1.. k.t th 'ilriptuum.
taiiaTKcnon at vwr - ,
David Greenlee, ia aiuinbabitant of hf
fnv rnment r Therefor, ordered, that puu',e-..
tion be made In tba "Weatern t!hrobn
eeaaSvely, for thrao montbs fiotiiymg ina ucn-
Hanflo -appeae a w 'rnn 111 .am v"- -held
f.w Buncombe county, at the eourtJiouw.
a.w.iii m ti third stdndav in January,
III .ii.i.iv, .... 1mtm
coc .v... ,i..r. tn r.Uail. aivacr nrdenwr
wowaw COUWTV - j
1 Citixen 8. WiVKla and otliera w. Cc. rge i.
! elS Eing ahown that the defendant h ootaa
dant baa otbetreal propertyvworth a rjJ.fT.
dert.1. that tbe aa.d George hLy,
tified byfWieation to rf"K2
a eeks intlie W estern Carokni;H that he appear
at Mat tern, of. this court in W"bur' ?
trAr after th.
Uarcb next. 'nd tbi aratwer or P ll t
eonrplainantbill , that on.fadure Mjjf .
be taken pro confer agonal him, anu oec
. dupe. '
'.. :

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