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" 1 i . t I A. K 0 ' A JL . A 1. ' . , .
Salisbury, n. o'rutHi)Ay, novhsihuii jj, isss.
NO. 2S8.
i I M I
I! 1 li Hi li In 1l ill
niuitii vititf
of JutiUf, Ice, be. sod ia ceotldtrieil kUiMttorT. a
the history of the provision made for Wtgik u a&Atlt tf ibt
re, f, the twpa of lie Uot'ietBtil wotl. I r ,
. - glvtl It detail M BCCOUBt tt the Lt 1' I ai a '.
pUet. culoiff at
TV. ttnM f W Wat,re I'mUm
Ktxii'i sef.3 Xl UJtm
JVtt"JrV?Hkw fMl af Nofth-CUrotlM. dfr
" 3 u ttwnf ii Witw urwniniuOTi oi ieniasaies, ac.i w eitr m ticooftl of
ret tntrtMJf urn
Mf VtartMUIMt'Mfttaii,tniltvttrt (HJM -Wl pUB faf rtOeaeptttO, lh ffl YYttttffa l-Uat, IrWtB M .
.r!?!l"!i!r . .TT fckiiBry.cif iht pi?f tame- rWUi.4 la me New Tart $aurnini
J?tfJSuJ T W X cr'North-C.rUioi, di'tt.f rTWOuH h too aBt fcwgr 4
mrmar av xumtMi'jmmaxi laW- Tb, tLt.t 1. ,v. I ucj. R.J I tlil
6f our rtKlm, tb.t for yc.r. ,h ir cbwd, pK.ia(ut of Ak iJ 7Mpi i 41 8 MHkTl!
1 ......... fl M L'.a r.i . '.rr t IK JV HII Mipt IW M NriKI II
f Orengt CouBif , hu Uto tog fcJ ml Diic irBec f Um two '( AtUnr.
la rueiiflcmttcri&I fur fttcitrotir ftsilrmto vpott U tuie of biomh, J Huri It ISO tiU JoDf, 100 mllti
work oo N. Cro!ioi. Wt hire cl inipinog rcipccl for hc Count of Jai. bftadi.too fttt dttp, aM hi
led lh ttcoto of tht public to ibii tier, See. orjtoixiog of th Cuurtt oo. b ft ik iH
forcniti.r, of. frlcod.f Mr. Mur. cooditioo of the Suit from the cIom h 10
hryt irt eoiW. to rrt teot ioi,,. of iht ar U th meciinf of th Fed-
Th cin .o J o,I,UrT hutory of lh Fcder.l Coireromtot-Proccdin .f ,0 n!tcc U. JcpS gnk09.i .U
Suit villbo til? KJcd into two prti N'tH-CroliD oo ihe Fcdenl CBii. ik .. IT.,., ituki.m.
. , ...... 1 . .... .i - " - ----
ui Brit cnnrtciBf our woioQitl bntoJiutioot in doptiw)f fitc. IlUtorv oil e L.k Sairrkf It 410 nlUt losr
rjr, od the rcoedf our hhtnry utxc hht cenioo of I coocmt to th 10? mil. itrii wldih. oo feel dp,
we bectmo ortri 5'e. .UIuoittd SuteEiiilliihmou of theli4 in turUct. it 1041 (( twttk
tj of loUodactiAB to tho int put, UBiveriicT of Nrth.CtroHo fundi '
tho diicorerjr of Cttumbui, totitr ltt apirt ftr It Ilinorr of thU IbhU u "k,,,i,e ,h, ,K
the niioei shirk induced mm ti- U.?r Tti l;Al .k- f NW r.lUi bt IU boilBOJ Bf
' - - - ' " I wm yrwBfBf Nifiwi w
teoce to tdopt the belief of the eiUu State, from the Bdoptioo of the Ftd-
eoce oi b coouDcBi wcii oi turop,fri Conituutioo U toe year 1I1S, n
Ice. Bod the diacovcriee of tbe two Ca-oeit cooiidcrcd. Orlrio of pditicai
eack of tto other Ulta. H b Hwf
ed, it lower tkn the turfe of (he
oceaa. . I
Lake Superior ii rte bead feunuin( the
a lao
ooti, will do pretcoteo tiur wnicnipmiea aue whr Ntrth-CerBlioalrTuvd reertir af Ihe wirhty tolume
lollowi the hiitorr ol the CRarten haa not occupied herpreper plac, ia I thai fin the rier,'eipandi into MeV,
which have been eraotcd by Royal Au. the Coufcdc racy lliitory ef the Ler.f and raroer thecdaracM ( the Nij
thorlty forcoloieiB ortb-Carolina, lialatioa of the Siate. from 1776 Ju. " Sf. Lawrence. Ii. After mtkinj a
.eotlodtflj lh.firt thartrr and thaijdical lliitory, Hratory of Maonera, 'B, tIrf u fif MKreeato the 6uh.
Sir Wftltrr Rilrivh. hn. c, v. , I ircommoditlar mJ 4nrkhipf e of tbe
eipeditioo., efforta to phot b colony -Hi.tory of. Plana. &cSlati,tical ro,,!r,,,! m4 !f' !
-d Wl.rr.wiih cb-cter. .rW( fWf of'.be State. The ?.A will ZST
"tulT Zi c t , c' , ,1 ,STpny oi fmtocoi ffm,heitremepntf Ui eiuary on
nm iu wwuir ui uic tuuiau i men oi 4ionnvaroiinj, wun ronriiM I the Atlantic coaat.
irioce ! Carclioi, their territory, of them, and will be enriched with a
tk puUUOB, military force, moral and Map of the State, and Midi of the
tocial character, 6c. form the aext eereral Countlea. There are other
head lathetuWdivKionof the aubiectibjcctt connected with our hiatBry.
alter which, the pr-rree of the Colo, the dctailt of which, though cooe'utiog
ny it coaaiderrd. Under thla general of eeenti occurring at different peri
bead, tbe author treau of the division odi, will probably be diatincdy preaca
of the Urtltory preacnttd.-in.-J.-Vir. idr in -a connected manner auch aa
Tl"" XT - V .- ,v r'.vft-. .i. - -r .1 . .... I . r
Lord Breadalbane'l eiiate, vhich np-
porta a populaUoo of 13 437 pertuoi, com
mcDcea two mile, eaat of Tir Bridget in
lb cwunty of Perth, nod attend t
ward ninety-oiae ralki od a half to Ee
dskiin Argylihirearyinr in breadth
fmm t lv JIibaI mJ Iff ii mlft.
gluia 2rKrCTEc3r5oath-Cirp!ini JiherrliUlory of the; icttlement of ourl.nJ intarninied onlr br the orancrtf af
rtr .w- i J! T.:i... I..ln .r.i. I. . r '
run wim mc hhiiu iiuc uic uounuiry, oi me aeTcrai rcngioui ae three or lour proprietor. wnopoftei one
Charter granted to the Irdi Propric nominations, of the Declaration of In aide of a valley or glco while Lord Bread
tore, with the hisiery of the Propriety dependence by the people of Mecklen- albane hat the other so that, varying hit
ry Government aurrender to the burg, in 1775, of the Cape Fear Aa- direction a little to tho rij-ht or left, he
Crown hittorv of Ld. Granville and tociatioo, and of the North-Carolina "n ,rml De,r,7 ! hundred milea,
it. Jgentt in Nnrth-Carclina com- Bac ,nm 9M 10 wc,,oo r?" CWD ProPn7
tnencement of the Trud between the Tii;.u. r c- n.,t.Uf r.i. n
xTi Z i i a '"rmf?' the State, V Of the main ridge of nor of the Dutch lal.ndj M.uritiua, ha.
with the hutory of thena.duriaff the . , c j i
" Colonial ;.Governroenu: This
tag bod( oo who bad beet afun U
retted lod pereaitud to NB luoae,
ot nobiIib of BMeadmraf. While
hie commitment to lie FtBtieotUrv,
for four mwarha. wm mikUg. ut, be
berted to aay hw words i eod beta
bo iattClpBt ibbs, bn detirertd bSat
telf ib thi following auaaer t
f -Mry" ite yww boBr ltM
aa EBgllahtrua by birth, and have
bee frtefKBtJy drBk to oU EarlaM
but tcver pflstthed lor ii. I was
not b that country aa I am ia thie, aod
it aroao from ua ciirtvagaot price
of liquor. Here, ia this free and bap
py cBUBtry, at you call it, I cao get
druak for lb rte ccnit i you have no
eicite, you htvt bo tai upoa liquors,
yo aett for three ctntt Out whjch is
Esglad would coat a ahilliojr alerting I
you throw umptanoo io the war ol a
poor devil be yields to the iahrraity
of bit enure, and ytu nen lock tin
up ia pritoo for four months. I am
an lvacst man, though I do get drunk,
and the Scripture say a 4 an bonett mas
it the Bableit work of God, but uhru
ihctt vrtrdt wrrt vrrittm. Jmrricm wot
tut ditctvrrrtff for you tempt ua to aia-
' You caa lr to arms to preoerve
your libertica, you cao ahed your blood
in defence of y jr country j yet you
cannot prevent the awful increaie of
drunkard!, lou want moral coo rage
to adept the ooly and the sure remedy,
which ia to Jay- tax upon splrituout
iquora bo at to place them out of the
reach rf the poor and laboring clataet,
who will then be at sober of campul.
tion, at thry ire now drunken upon
So a.ying, with a profound bow, he
.talked off, In custudy of the officer.
'5 nnuiii . 'ma A Cr,nI.nt rAtr !.ii4 ainariilav nrcw lmktlon from I ha
I T.kt. I .ili A 1 .Ln. Uotirnmcnl HoUU.Ior LOU I. reauir-
I I . . I F - U.U.I T, IIMWTI-llllWU w ' T ' ' " ' 1
the writer to th-ataUiekmeat a the j; y of primiry Kivf in propria of aauui. leueet, and
Hoyal GoyerDtnent jo ie Colony, the &c.EW.VioD of e!.ch above tide other occupant., to depo..t at the civU
dispute between tne;Govcnra and tv ..u- r v.k comrousariea of their respective quar-
WBII n IUVHVIVIUHT wra wr-.if , a - C - iV J
r . rv; fft -. tf rf , io tht courtc of. the y cart i Uru.
Carolina , . each of the .foregoingdiwuL ,- ,- , ,he5r 0
siona. mean icmperaiure, fiommirvi r.. .i... .k.-
: i Hum 1ST wwrr miv uinnMiwi
colonial Asacmuiirs, wun tne hrm
Conduct of the. Litter the cxtonion of j
Lord Granville Agentt, ui Clerk of T' " . 1 ,hi ,5on' for ,fer7 ,,"e the"
Court, Sheriff, corruption or the Judg. fe( tTtft&Z ? fTe bird.' egg., young b rda, or
' fc .11 U.AUr, . th ,;. r ld of meD of ,c,ence ,h Botooy of found and deatroyed in their ne.t.,
os, fitc. all leading to the h.ttpty of lhe s wiU fae aUoWed b bo'COUDte( lo common with other
tn H.milifinn War a. it l. trmrA ... . . .
Tb tninj m Lt of ib hirhett JiCca
bo known in Ue erU, vita tactrelera
tioii !
Amu nd miti. Er. Frrt.
Pyramid of (iitch in Ecypt. J3
Steeple of the Catholic at Cologne, 501
Steeple of the M inner at Lira, 481
Steeple of the Cashedrtl at At.twerp, 475
Staeple of the Minater ft Straaborg, 411
yrarold Bf Cfeon in Egypt, 457
Sieepl. of St- Sfepken'a atMcbna, IU
Cupola of St. Peter, at Rome, 451
Pyramid of Ccphrene. m trpt, 413
Steeple of St. Martin', at Landthut, 421
Steeple of tbe Cathedral at Cremona, 396
Steeple of the Minater at Friburr, 39 S
Cupola at th Cathedral at Florence, 384
Steeple of bt. Periino, in.baiony, 383
Cupola of the Cathedral at Milan, 357
Steeple of the Cathedral a: Utrecht, 356
Pyramid ot Sackk.rth in Eftrpt, 356
Steeple, of Notre Dime af Munich, 348
Cupola of St. P.ul't at London. . 347
Steeples of St. Anacbariua at Bremen, 345
Steeple of the Cathedral at Migde-
burg, 335
Steeple of St. Mark 'a at Venice, 339
Cupola ef the Jesuit' Church at Pari., 3 1 4
A.sinelh Tower at nologna,
rilO k U lVb tltv K- t-k. ae)
L. at U i T. IS.'O. 4 Mb-d a
itm Pvmfi-i. 41 H.Wf4 IUII.A4 U
4na kH twvg 3 .W r
im. J. 1, 1 A iM a A. M L. 1 1 aj, i
1 (.." ' t"ra a awa - -
CLMl3,rDB Ji.4.
' - I petto U 1 100AX) la SlOOAw
I eW. I0)oo ioajo
Ifiii Ptlxri,
,3t Blank.. -
rincr. or ncEeir
U I KrU, 6 IS
TIU U tl VMr-UMl kkrtw tkat bat
m oaTcrtd be im pairM(t af Iht frWaO
f Laeterv 4tuf U AntatMa. 1W umA
Mtikbcr ce TWla. ami Um una uablrl VMi
fur tim, k a uffW-(fif ramnt, tal Inert will
not be a chance left, fur kefur t dy
6ed fur tbe rtnrf , n that ike prkacf lie.
tt will 'htrnij mm to 0J 0IUr.
rjTGwnlrwr are tUwwfcrwrt'red. tobr
ardr in titrir aticUotioa. aa aB onlr? trliulla
maTUd befurw Um riae, iU be woUUcd to t
fuppUi at the prewcat raiea.
. Kotra of the fWk ef the U. Bute and i.
Itranckea, and, irenerally, the Notca 1 all fUinka
that p aptcie. reeeired at par. ,
Aim, MarcaoUlv Drv) at mrfit, on anr of the
tarjt Ctie, and ttSi 1'ket rceelvwd freetf
ui patiaent.
AU Uttcn to be port-nawL
The UaiU may be rTd on U beinr perfrcUr
mS tar U wnmwcti
yatks ii Mismr,
bli Steeple of St. Mary 'a at Berlin, . 303
Cunola of the, Invalids at Pant, 89i
in the work. ' 1 penalty of tit soli is fixed on every bird'i ..
tr . ' .v . j 1 head andrat'a tail not furaaabed-. Keery I ,. . SPLEMMJ SIMILE....
We have thus given to Bur readert, r . , . . JTV mftrvw .k.ii k. r Tn.-'-ki- :. v,,
at tome length, the aubitince of the I j .ni,i., ,A .1. i.ilt. or L 1;:--. .,H,a
acts, the Governor's proclamation, 8cc. mtormation which we have received, twelve blrda headi. All those racet are mir nmn them nre -nur beat tutor..
&c. The tubject ia thut brought down c cannot but believe it will be in. considered deitructive to the harvest end c, t t),.n Voiume of Natube '
to the formation of a new plan of Gov. tercating. A hutory of North-Caro-1 culture on tbe island. I V.r Nature and Keiaon. never anlit
iimi, K .am i.t 1 1 he viam nn
Among the of the Will and ft . , . h jdc
j v a
the Regulation War, aa it is termed
-the progreu of rjublUidlscantcota, Sic.
withdrawal of Governor Martin call
of a Convention at Ilillaboroush. ha
A Yaual)o Tract of
mir me.
rilHC tubKriber offrn for aalr, 1 rbuU&iin
I artuated in Runcnmbe county, ut 12
mile. anutb-wtt of AabttiUe, n a Creek calUd
llumnany. It contain, between 7 and MOO
acrr (' 1 30 of wbkii ia clrard. and now un.r
cwkivaiion 1 Uv kakoce iaall wclluotbcred. tnd a.
eonMdcnbte portion of it of an eicelient qualiy.
There ia on the primiae two dwaUinf Huuaca,
and two Darn, be. 1 and from it. local tttuation,
would auit to be divided into two Farmt. Tho
ad.antafea attached lo Oil farm, are periapt,
not eiceeded by any in tliia country ( harin;
a rnnd airtlrt H an eirellent aummer rtnrt for
rtork, an cieeltrnt mill-teat, on a rtrram that
run. tbroufh tbe land, that afTorda at all teaaon
of the year a anfflcicnt aupply of water for bvth
a rnat ami aaw mill.
It will be aold - very lor, and for the (realer
part of the prke, a credit af one. two, and inrra .
yean will bo Kiven, and puaertiion had immedi.
telr. for further Mruenlar, .ppy to tbe aub 1
ceibcj. trine ia Aakovillew. - . - - - - .
Mhevillt, .V. C. Oct. 28M, 1825. 5t8r
first rale tract ot Laud
Declaration of Independ-M'na has long been a desideratum
encev &c. It is intended also, that I among our most Intelligent men. and
I ... . ' I . . - .1 1 . - r.l . O - 11
the firtt part shall embrace a connec we nearmy congraiume inem on tne 01 tne ,ae rauuno -oa behold, make but a small edge 0
ted h,etoryvOi the lepsutton ot JP'T Its content, are bound
Wlony,itt Judicial histn
an cii iav uu tiiic Bauw vuivuii luiviui I J - .......
ment, :and:a itatietical jriew of the Jtniserably defective, acarcely the skeU
Miia Patterson, 30,000 francs.
and given to each aubscriber, gratia
(IT. I l . k fH..kk l.k. r,.l.i.lar nnimli flhriatiinif v in
State durincr the tame period, popula-leton of a history. Judge Martin, nn, K,in(r ; -,,, ihereof. a. k.r ;t ..r., in all herlovnlv ore.
w 1 a V a a a I 'viBvyi "w " , --,,,Va a a w 1, --j r "
lon, revenue, bte. - , . I ?owrJ?,,o?'9,na' ut rmery tm J h, it better provided with the goods of paration of fijrure, and correct aymme-
tne second part, viz. our oistory , , , " . ' --i luiwune uw uh nm win, v-i try 01. ieature.:;uonsisiency is ine
since 1766. commences with- a general man ior a ni.iorv oi mc quest, htm, however, upon tne presem b.autifl
-view of the itate of the American Co- Slllic wnluIT"c wnn-nran 11 loccaonriaccept-M.o-.H.rea. U4
wiili the mother country, and the mea
sures adopted by the colonies, come
next inr order. TheB follow, prepara
tions for warf fit:maurar of" N C
Aa.emblv on the subject call of Con-
tinentalCongress at Philadelphia,, i 7T5
measures recommended to the co
lonieacommenceoient-of -hostilities
ful result of all the qualities and
acerof Tirulyrtligious mmd,tinited
and brought into action, each individ
ually right, all relatively associated.
A cockney, walking one morning in
e .v. : t is now tome 15 yearn or more aince. ances af affectionate recard.'
Indeoendence. Causes of di.content M weh.ave heard .nothinS of He , Tob,r 'e princess, 50,000
. .... - . 1 .l ii;. .r ....... ..iiranca.
are informed, was very good, far bet-L "rt he7 MJPhew Napoleon, son of her
.'.... . ... lhFnh Ida Fmn.Mr. ,lu villa and -tn-
ter than ihat,whirh:hasJeea within J-. f.-...,5i.-.:M... j.i.j r ,k. ennntrtu. observed a female atand.
U. ...A f ltt M..mIimi. fr I 1 .uaiwtw, in . r . "T' . . "e l .....
t'r.'. tlba itwrwaoof porceUin. ued.t.the. ingAtltxe.alQOr.oi a qcceoi urm-nouse.
Martin having tret undertaken the coronation, as it Will remind him of one Thinking ; tb show his wir;ht inqtrirt,"
talk, collected the origioalt of many 0f the most glotioua epocba in the life jf the pig. were fed ? to which ahe an.
manuscripts of which " no ' capy was of bia late father j aUo he box for per- wrea . You know best whether you
tt vtr T.j a. s. j jif .ia - i,j j : 1 --. -:.. . ....
leu, -11 uuaire iiicirun aoca noiimcna 1 iume.,. ana tne, inuo wioux vi gviu ucw 1 Lat,. 9t Vflr breakiait.
- , I h. aL..I I "
history Bf thenar, .0 f7rconnec wishertha Ji,s inaterult- could e- Jfm,r
Vedwith the Work of the author, the procujed and placed 10 the handt ,f nm. f .
ro it SJLR,
TUB aubacribrr offer for aale tbat nluabl
tract of M.YD community called tba
Leftr iract, ryint; in York dial riot, Southaruli.
pa, on the Catawba tticr,nd cooUininr about
one-thwiaaiwl ttnar ainy arr.- Tho fjtja-lrty -
ana tocai aiioanon m una una warrant the tub.
acribef in recommeiidiiif h) to tbe attention of
the ettm planiri and ha requetti all thoao
who wih to rat fund in that kind of proporiy,
to examine it. A further description i deenieI
unnecessary, l erms .may be known on appli
cation to the aubtcriher, livine near Centra
Meeting -houte, Ircdel! county, N. C.
v A. J. WOHKE.
Jvjrwt 3.W, 1825. 3mt:6
ON the Tueaday of tbe Cowrtof Iredell conmy
in February next, all the renialninB untold
Iota in the town of fluteaville, will be aold at
the court-hmiae in 8tateille. Pe'rtona claim
inr lots for which the deeds have not been re
corded and teji.UeriTl, are notified, thaiinleia
they produce their title on or before that djy
the lota claimed hv them will also be aold. Six
mwnth credit will be riei on all iturchaaca
mule; one hundred dollur ; and twelve month
for all purchases above that amount. Purch.
sera must give bond and approved security.
terl ;th th. Wn.V f iV antrtAr ht PrOCUf
organization of the Government in Mrv Murphey
North-Caf Olina. and the" Acts of As PDJt
deiirable . wJ.avo
Imbly relatrv? to the Continual NorthwCiro ina, that the at. 7 8;,
line of the Stated are next given, and .tc00n of .ur Legislature. wouW not TAx OX tyTOXlCATiyGeltqUOnX tni the Ministry and his Majesty have
we irehus brought to the Trea- be nJprPeriy directed to tnia tuDject. - ,c-lel r.7 Drr.u..'i. y agreed fo reduce ihem to the atandard of
iy-oiLPaceolTtenrathor then briefly In addition to the above, we1earo, v Oii ThuTsdayrtayt NoahV-Advo- coromonjeoae and equal juatice-4'5
reviewsthe ttate of Society durine that Mr. Murphey will probably pub- cate, the officers brought up an Old of- thry have done it we presume the Amen-
we struggle, thejiutpension of JCoortt lish, during tne next session ot tne j tender, as a conarmeu uru,uu nucan? wm .r-
- " . -.'-'....... , SI,.... , -
the code of. etral proccetunCT, accorome
The principal part or her estate sne 1 ,0 pjan proposed-for the otatuo Law
. t - r i:.,. I .' '.. .r! l.j
fttroicA or stolen, v
FttdW the subscriber, on Sue-
dar nlirlit,' 1h Btbuwl, ' 4
'1righ,t'rf el Ttoriet five''eirl' old," "
hi'ejrV'hHe TOairly:iipt,;-'
knee, with a large blase in IwsTorcVad. T will
wiitably reward any person who will take htm
up, anil give me notice, so that I jrfthimj or
nutite may be given to tbe post-maiter in Char
lotU:, or in SUnbury.
Steel Creek. Mertienbvre etunH
MC. Aaw. 15, 18.'5.
Declarations in Kjeftment.
For flde sft tlii. OScc. . .
' '

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