North Carolina Newspapers

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Ur, Whin i Aa I wet, few weeks
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lew's bidding) oa eotsri, U aeighhor.
io2 county, I espied, tm itrotliog
thrbueh the till a re. a airn-b-iad ovt
tbc door of the JjI, with huge pair
Llea itruck nt thai iht SAesri crt
i&traded st emblematical of the hat.
ard i maa rui if totter hit fan,- if
he luffrrcd himwlf to bei one a leneet
of that building I but on further in-
'iirjt I found out my mutate me
. Mfr&,.4t, that of TtUofm ami ih
i heart a very tigmletat t ruble m of
hii crafU ...The ft nowiPf mproi-piu,
ft .
wai ioamcdiauiy auggtiua to me i
The ! Jc asJ UUuf k kj mm.
1 U Jioe d Uilof Urt drit 0, mm trvle.
xrtrtr imi ly schools.
Newip4Dct( bare been introduced
as I part of the regular exercne ol tne
cKoliri. in the axidemr it PlittiHurr.
This cannot but hare a most benecial
tffftt on the nindi of the ichaUri,
and ve haTe beg wondered that the
practice haa not generally obtained in
our aetmnariea of edacai'too. It ctr.
taioly nutt be ai profitable to our
youth, to be lofortntu af the eeata of
the tir both io our trn ceuntry and
iafomgQ tandi, il ito apend their
time in readhij tre ico-mii of quar
rels of the gods, nc iovrs of the god
delic, f hca'htn inthr.luy,
Mr, Preacrtt, 'fa-her of the
Piatuborg acadm y, dnenea and ill
undoubudly receive the warm than t
of the parent! of children committed
to hii care. . "
r pry lMj Tt.
- MarriefV;41 Hicriiltat:f Votlt)
Capt; Sam'trl Currier to Mist Mary
Archer This ia the seventh wife of
Captain Currier-j hta tixth waa buried
but three weeki before he espoused
the seventh. .
Vhos findeth a gtod wife findeth
a rood tKicg."
"''"If. Br-Siocfthe-'abovf -Waa i tvpi
we learn thai Mr's. C. has, with or
without proocatirn, left he bed and
Iv ard of Capt. Ciirrier, leaving him
again a ditconsolate widower.
xop de r;o..
The celebrated Spanish poet, and
dramatist of the 17ih century, it said
to have published. 54,300,000 lines, of
poetry and to have prepared for the
atage-1800 playt. He was, for a
large part of hta life, the pride of the
pe-ple and the favourite of the nobili
ty. Strangers thronged-to. see him,
and'even" the'hiughty " Philip l&ffered
him public marks of admiration and
respect. - lie was a volunteer inTThe
great armada, and left a monument of
hU nreiiidicet atrainst England in
his Dragonted, a poem on the death of
Sir Francis. Drake. . in tne periorm
ance he icforma the - reader tkat-het
word dragon, in his lines, when used
.without other explanation, is intended
to denote that admiral. His eulogist
Montalvin,' has given the fill)wtng
. atetcb.oJ.,his-dispoiihtoti--Hrs tem
per was ruffled with but those who
" tookTinnff 1ttOTe tompaby ; with the'
grey who dyed tfieir lock; with men
who, born of women, spoke ill of the
sex ; wijh priests, wh believed in
gypsies j snd with persons, who, with
out intention of marriagef.asked others
their age. Host. Spectator.
Agar sajd, " give me neither po?
erty cor riches ; and this will ever be
tlie prayer of the wise." Our incomea
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Uf mi l itl av. t ih ,
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fi tHer '
,!e, taj IM m, H tkhtr tafl h
in v - - .
f favl " "r . t e .
have tu f wp "
Wmuii M WWW IH wa
frAUtMder ,
(f wa n are imhi)
tv. ..T1A.U khava the lacrtaM
f Cwaaauokaaia J iheftiiit
1713. at Ui freai the JViiautti
. ti.XJ
44.1 J t
4 3
The iixrfsf lal year, was 19,671
messbera, aod 41 Trarelli-g Preach-
m There are 4000 of mora Local
Pre achera, besides thoat who are coo
I'sntly travelling.
Wt see, ia the above atitemeata,
abundant cause to be thankful t? the
(;reat Head of the Church, for the
ftcst things that H bath dooc for
His people i Aod yel, -h'le wt re
joice, it bctonuia ua urrjoce with
uemUing, 11 the light hat is ia us
become dsrkness and pray for the
continuance af that ' Holy Spirit, kr
host agency thia great work hath
been effected that it msy be boured
out tiill more gloriously thin" hereto
f,rt, .. If. B.
A fJUvrn, 3iAV. 1115.
Matches wherein one party is all
passi, and the other all indifference,
will assimilate about at well aa ice and
fire. It it possible that the fire will
dissolve the ire, bat it Is most proba
ble that the fire will be cxtinguUcd in
the attempt
jw cmaivDQii jl d LAtnrns.
In Edward the Third't reign,, the
lord chief justice of the iiog't beoch
had a laliry of 66. 13. CJ,, aod the
rdtoary juiget 40, per annum. - oil
Thomas Moore received, as lord
chaccellwr of England, 400. It is said
however, that sir Kd-ard Coke made
about 600. pr annum. It does not
seem inu much to ss-rt,Msays (lilbert,
u that in the reiin if Elizabeth, 10,
would arproch t rarer to tne purcnase
of a com pie tf EnclKKTavT library thn
1500. t presr t.' The judges, ssys
Forte ku, in hit de J"u ation tu Pitncc
Edward, were not accmJomrd tn sit
more than 3 1 burs a dav. ffrom 8 until
it. I hey passenrtne remsinaeroi
the dT m studvioa the laws, ana rea
ding the hnlv scriptures.
An act of Henry the 4th, excluded
lawyers from osrl'ament. because they
I were generally,, it.jhet time, stipeo-
uiarica oi incu ui uij inn. ,mi iuu-
tide red as retaioers. In the 30th of
Jamea the 1st. a Drnclanution was is
aued. Hireetinff the voters for members
of parliament not to choose curious
and wrangling lawyers, who may seek
reputation by stirring needless ques
iatsTtet .aa eais' v '''''
The Baltimore American contains a
communication,, signed m Mary lander,"
from which it appears that books are
about to be opened in that eitv, for the
investment of capital in a . acherae of
commercial intercourse with Africa. " We
rtrctntaA th Ae af this traffic hSi heen
Mgesfed by: InTfaffe
ro 7 -. v o
Comoanv for a simifar nuroose i and we
think it probable thati under judicions
direction, such ah intercourM might be
made a source ot considerable proht.
The communication to which wa refer,
and the means by which it is proposed
to carry it into successful operstion r
Our object is to afford facilities to the
tree coloured people of ii"ry land, and o
h IT"- Ktairt. nrnr lira I hrtr omm- fima'
tntrr tut "ihe IsitmI of ifieir fatiirra. nnfn.
Ing a trade with 40,000,000 of "Inhabitants
in Africa by uppljJng them with the
necessities or me, ana receiving ine pro
t iL :i i r i . . .
untc Di inrir fun iiisicaa oi Slaves, iw ro
turn. This benevolent object may. be
effected. ' i .
The exports .from this country will be
manufactured articles of small bulk ;
those received from them, will be much
more bulky, and consequently three
fourths of the vessels in this trado would
be under the necessity of going out in
ml if i4 fctrtrilU i porlufl
tMf t! r.!i r f"u' la Aima
M at 1 " "M ai atrr
r ' .' , . i . it.w
UJ ! caf vrfJTgaU
UJ ti a pal W
ffi ik not U aajtloM ta N i4f
M limiattt ai liOcii W-ki fiftH
i. a tatum. a4 at taa tame
ti Am m amtaitt ta caWrad
TTl(rfaa4tfaa f tt to ttwa
cowatryi ay aae
Itvhttry a4 ccaamayt wua uaroemng
a&jT ao.
xvMirn or cbmistilm
flv takulatW lot eatouslv tntdf
It la found that, Vert th InhaU tints
ftf thtkoowa worU divided Into 30
pant, 19 of then an ititt poatesteal by
pjgtoi, sit Jt wa aoa i saomcuasts.
two by CbrtatiaAt of tht Creek aad
Essttra Cburcbet, aod three by ho4
of the Church of Hosnt a4 Prottttaot
rnnnuilas. If this calculation be
me r urate. Christiaoitr. takra to itt lr
tii the other rthgioot than five to twra-
m ft a
tt-fivr, of ooe to Ive. II regard
iL ftUhcr tJ ialubitaatt oa the face
of the gk-be, the proportioo of Chris
iUaa as other rtlirWitts is sot tnoch
greater for arcordiag to a calculation
aade.uraiBhabUanttor tne woruisso.
obi to about BOO.000.000. pod it
Chrittisa populatioo t rely J00T00O,-
OOTJ VIZ I' Aia, 4JVtsMt f fcwvp
I rr, 000,000 1 America, iimimw
te Greek tad Eastern Churches, 30,
rm nm t ihe PaDists. 100.000.000
tht Proteitaats. 70.000.00a The Pa-
rnt art estimated at oi,uaj,uxj
Mahommedi.t at 130,000,000 th
Jewt it 9,000,000. If a generatioo
ht 30 veart. then ia that spare 800.
nm ftftfi will be bAra tod die t con-
oiient v T3.0i9 tuffer dtatDevcry day,
J044 every hour, 31 every minute, and
nearly ode every aecoaa.
ti l m trotk. illustrated be dallr obaer
('um. ikal ifroruea would tltrtlse the
same lngenuT,sa5atttr,soainaury, 11
any honest calling! that they do In ihelr
thtfVmK and s'uwlHng "traplormtftts,
iber wftuKl mikt Indspendc&i fortunes In
lets time tksn It now Jakes t hers to pass
thrpDRh the vsrious gradas ef retribotioo,
from the thirty davs' confinement for
a . ft a
petty larceny, to the gaiwws. I aesa re
marM sogeated themaelvcs to our minds
hue we were resting a notice in a .tw
York naoer, wherein rt la stated tbat a
r.malu lmnotter ia roma about the
irta ftf that 'cite for the nefarioua our
, .it 1 -Liu .... .t .k
POte 01 IDTClgiUK toJiurco w di mcir
clothes. The otstesmsn iniorms tnst
(W OSyS UVSw-tu,tc.u .V.wfau ui
u..!.., anil naranakLwia. rainlait r
of her mntle and bead.i and that anoth-
child was met by the umt person, and
by promises of dolls and candies, stripped
m a t .lit! a
ut most oi ner doming-
rmaa tii caatmi (riaw.) veivtrssa.
ItlK worthalaf noUceVtfiat on Tasfrrl-
diy, tke f il) lost, no less than four nlanets
trg i Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury,
were all in the same sign, snd the three
first not msny degrees apart. They all
rose sbout 3 o'clock In the morning, fbl
lowing each other in a train, presenting
to the view a beautiful and sublime sight.
Who would suppose on viewing these oroa
... . . . a - a a- a .
... . . i.l . - . e i .
which sparue iae ring aropa pi ngn ,
that they are worlda like our own, travel
ling through the vast abyss with a velocity
aearrel credible!, and vet with a regular!
ty and exactness far surpassing any woras
of srt apparently close together, snd yet
millions of miles : asunder -seemingly
tnnlno haekwsrdt and farwsrdb. and vet
travellmg7eonstantly-e,w1rd round ' the
great fountain, of light and beat, nourished
by his warmth and chained by bis influ
ence . .
" But what surpasses sll, is the discovery
that the. attraction of these numerous
iijodies, which swmedjid Jnatiheir harmo
ny ind tend W their destruction Js on the
contrary, prrt of the amazing machinery
which gives stability and permanency to
the solar system.. Well may wa exclaim
witb. 1 horn ton ' . . .
-WaewfthCTiftt;4"ffuea of man, --' ---AlttSijrtity
Faiher, Silent in Shy praiacv
Thy yorks thenraervea would raise a general
. vlic'e, '
rn k thi- itnfhi of Military womls.
By hiiijiftn foot untrod, proclaim thy power,
A nd the choif eafeitrtat Tail resoimd,
The eternal cauae,aupport, and end of all "
JPovhaian Ellih $l- has been selected
by the GovernorjLMii8issippl to fill the
varalHMi -in tho. Senate of the United
titates, occasioned by the resignation of
uavia nwraesi cs.
tiwnea. i n ,he ,K,t tl,o abwe r,amt defen.Unts tivt
the little d.Uthter or Mr, Cnklln, was i L, ,h ste, It la therefore rrrdemt that
r rj"jrrr;i."i..:..js.j v.. .Wit!, if .. , - , t.t aa-i-.
ti,. !-, I wt I r r'
Mw.f.f ,4 M'lOfS .4-Vl Hi'tt.,t4,
q UU. lu.f 4'iirl"!t
U rk.U,Ulj.a a-4 1 af
a T i ka UU rr'Hli -'-a
r-i t !s af S"- U lVaM4 ftW-
(ttaiJ a,Mf, aa.) "f IM fcS f
tmm tfc aUft-a4, a frwas a 4m, aWfl
k tMft4 aft tft mmm mmmm, mm
Uaral tanasv TVs s-04 a U4 ta fe
mU0ytjnm i.i--a-jt.
B, i WiaaaaftllaajUa U ftW-4
. . . - m M .Aft
mm$ fwaWfta
Tl tV-a4 fat talfti mtf aaw. M
- h i - ..j 1.1
L kaaa4 la Wa aa
uwt u IuUmW as.
aayCaaaiUaftflal'litaMMtry. It wUIIhi
aU ktw, Sft4 ffmm wmU vmmmi,
fat tmU9 ptHMtmVpimmtlmwrA
a 9 Oasft .ft.ft Ja aTSat I SftC
r 1 1 M B awWv ? Lt aalft kat
I ia. U Matav-JW. ilWff Vllk OWk-Wt
k4 awl atkrf Itavatkokl Traurt, aad
vttk r wiikatal a kSa lt" aam-a. a-v
4 time a aaaT. tka wl4 aaawar w.
tvtet SUQa4fW0artaJjlMla
taaa aaf tutaatUla i
i av aar twit tawraaf.
a4 pfckaam
Tka UaJ la r-ftlrft. kwawt v tkw mmm wt
tka Wk-ta tlowaff Irart, a4 tWa aiafi taj
iaaVkOaaaaH 1U0 arrta. Ak. aty lMrrrt
ia rvtal fber tmi, al Wsj lka fur-atr.
AaaairtUf tifeilMwtmiaai tutjMm
&trnt pant ol lka cava f IfadaO. AO tka
MuiM.ia far ai armn. . ta ot. v.a
wJ ka retMr4 fcr tha kot pnt af st-t
.taffMSi JJ tka edf wffty taka&ap
rnfmt al ewa, t, and ikre ernfil. h
M oVaw-xI aW-a eWrika lka roefi
mm, MrtleukH) , a the jwrckaarta wul bm ta
fxf H 6!lK lbT Bft. w
- ajv 13. m.- aottmtT wonf if.
- Ti f T flouaa ,aJ Lot ia tka tova of
ftfi If I HaaWrr. arpoaha Mr. Waa. It.
ty lM.t1i cr'a koua t4 aaletiaiameat, ia
VtrL-mlU nr rlihorttocxL tad rood aocirtv i tka
kmtft n to tones blfh, whk for fl rt ptoees
hi tka ket atatTi aaw tww m taa wtl-vi tM
kmu m taetv ami eoftftaieat. vHi a krtrhrft. mm hoaar. and Btal.le. with a
.ante, and kack kt. H Ml rood r
I . ill ifimnaa of tka BIM OM ft IMMt
wcmmUiiBf leruK ta tka wiThar, at I aw
.faWTA. 92S. S3
S. H I .U raourat all oeratM ko kava Mt
drinaivlt rrwt me, ta call and reif a uW
m . an.1 (Law arhA m. kf bock fcCCOOnt
or ytheni lae.wUldo ma t law by eaJIig and
tettnnf tnrtr account.
fttatt of ?CotU CatoWna,
, .afofts tmOMrr
nr.PTBMBRM Kawon. ItlSt Camttoth
l5 wilt of ik tttath, awMr Baatav Mlk
and wife, and other. DarU Banks andhia
tift, Jan ami the ekildrtu and keira at wv ef
MiDy I harp, decU to wit i Lf dis, intermameo
with ftlrpliD Bftenoti Eftaacain, mierwiarneo
with - Jnhnaon 8alt, intern rrWsI with Coulaon Jame Itarn. ami
1 harp i John Brooks, and ha ehiklren, Io wit t
Jan RmnkL Baiter Brooks. John and Sallr
Ttrrx.V. aim are minun under the ae of twen
ty nre years, aivl ho appear by their fwardiana
jona uroots,ara outer. - -
In uY war it anprarinff to the aslwraetlon of
pUDlCUOft O- IMIC in uic -racm lwuuiu.ii,
ai ta llum. fit VI aerks. that unlea tke ap.
P-f ? !lVK'r!nlSe.
J'SSratha eod
iMootUof December nest, ami plead or
I . 'M i i I.
twer to the taid careat, jti.!ginnt Ul be taken,
pro ermfeasD, u to them.
6t87 MATT. R. MOORE, e. e. a orlVk-CftToWnft,
-s .... .. .. . ,
mtviiL eounrr.
COURT of riea and Quarter Senions Aug.
term, lWJ M'illiam llinra, admr. t. U
liam Fairet : Orijpnid aftachmcnt.tttiired leeied
on 100 terea of land. In thi- rase, it it ordered
by Uta cotirt, tbat puhlioation be anade for three
montlia in tha eitern Carolinian, that nnleta
the defendant arpr ' next co,,rt
and quarter se--iot.ii to be held for the county of
ImmL-il at ihf court.hoiiM in 8U1erIlle. on the
third Monvlar tnNovember flest, replavr the
. i ' .i u:.:ir .:n
W pWH tka pontiff wiQ
eI ,)llrt, ad h,, jjdgmet.t rendered
hil fcwt profnRu.
Prioe ailr. ?4.
State of XoTllvCaToWna,
mai or J Pl.. .-,1 (Jn.virj $iinn. On
V tobcr srssiorn, IS??-1 Kehf niiah lltarne 1 ,
v. Joseph ('wiper: attachment Benj. uoyte,
Demaretta Palmer, immoted ai gr.rnishee.
Orderca be the court, that publication he made
in tha We'atern Carolinian for lit weeks, that
unlea the def wlant appcara at the next county
court to be held for the county of Montgomery,
at theeotirtJMwsw la Uiiiceiillon4hftirit
Mondav in - January next." Yepleyy or pleadi
fjtHlgment will be entered ajfamat him for the
amount of tlie piamtiii 'a aemanai.
butt t V0Yi""JlVC0iaft;
"t-. srujrer fotrrr.
JJy Schwenit?, Ut Beazley and Webb i judicial
attachment, levied on ;478 acres of land, the
property of Edmund Beaaley. .". v ... . il ordered that publication be
made lYa tlie Western Carolinian for tix weekai,
that unlew the defendant, Edmund Betsley, ap
pear at the next court of pleas and quarter les
tiona to be held (for said county, at the court
house in Gcrmairton, on the aecond klonday of
December nest, and ftplery and plead, judg
ment wUtjbe entered by default apunst him, . ,m. '.'
I' arP'M at rrur n .-r.f r,;
.V.- 4. I
IVi ft.WWt kt"f 1-iiW'l iVa WU
Mtai la CU lata 4m af Wt.y su7aUa
li t. rr- kt mmn U.4 1 Um
, ft atft, -t,ftl.
aa ftvaV rm 'f "
I. Um rUi leva a vikw "Pt1; af
MIMOLLYDIIC aa h, al k av,
fttftt IS av4 taawaf aa tk CMtftiM, at
a. r.??,ti.t. 374
JL ftW - p l . v w aw mw
lut, aw raan a4 auatft a aaft-v.
UMMftaa al IM Ptft Wy fct Mtv.
kaiVft UI ftw fMsf tawwoT mtmm, i-y
Mt rly pm tk atrtctaaS atimka) a4 1'
tu.Li- la ikaW BAfta. MlrnU 14 aha-
eta A N awda aft a aris ft rtetl.
at ft ft- a fta . S
kg aa turn af Lftag tov nww
m4 ta tkaar ailn , , ,
AS tkaaw U art ksdtbtcd It lU aHb-ets
ft a lusitaaa, art eiata4 aU
m;m4 Ua aaautaf ,
4 Ull. PUJiMitau as VV
rWi-jaaa, aVa.r,lIII. 3a01 ,
J. ft-& Jfkhll IatstUt.
HAT atmi, rajattavSa, offer far salt, nA
tt bUa. assMTftrada aurtr
111 far d"aa
Ti IIUU. 14 quaMy Ptiaasra
100 IUskl Urtjm-l salt
30 kkfcv Umt aad lumf lx
20 Bp peppar .
30 tpica
VI WaeUter
10miafteTelttaltinw .
30 ta. f. E. Buna
10 KoeikaratOsi
10 Tanar0J
ti Tana troa aeuV
7X0 R. B&Hertd ft1
4000 Orma Steel .
00 Cast tual ,
IT t ff.aa -Mt and Cut KaH aid Ifadf
3D Boica ewrtHl aad waol Carda
SO by 10 sad rw ky l iass
tM tasfcaa ' "or " '
yj ten rrr a4 rr svdtr
100 Reawa mppag paper
SO st ni in J paper
3 tana Iltwaod
l(Vtt tppea
500 Ik. IWrl ladlft
300 Spanish lndiW
1100- Ma.Me
5JW) Ak
ISOO" Sahpatra
Jj fU Bope
SO - Cow tVH . .. . ,
kk an axtmnt of pattut SBeieiara, ai'l
s coopktt atwtraem of Wowl asajAtna Gardft
.I..H Ui k.Ml - -
CVxf or A sMtAt wlcdatTni.
TltE ExamiMt? af tka f4tNlwta U thia hit
wtrlwtsawt, will ewrftct .Monday tha
14th of r neat, and tut Report uerw
ba fli ot WadnewU j the 1 6th.
. a aU of lr'A. wiH commenee en
tha 5.1 Monday la January, as keratafore Badet
theeharpof Ur.Jairli.Jon.
Oci". in. mv
-TsV.n tin Commuted
mo tha jaU of PaWdaoo
rOX. wko aava he bronC to .JJV
Tenneea. aiJ f apfe" .J. b C
treaty years of se, yrl'f eompkiion, atout
made. sd ka. a remarkable tear on k rVee,
Tha oner U rqueateJ to come forward, prato
... ifcstMS. StW T
I ATI .Tl",.'' " - - '
WILL be exposes! to public ale, at tha Court
Ho.e m tha lof. S3tWrvo kam
day, the 3Jrt day of December next, a cerum
IM of gwind in aakl town of tauabury, on tkara W a dwelling, atore-houae, and jt
houKt, situated on Manwitreet, aoulh-caK at
the court lKMiae.-adjoining the prennaet or Al
bert Torrence, and Georfe MilWr, and now in
the occupancy of Rneacr WckaMi-Sold t
the property of Tboma Todl by order of tlHi
Commiwotiera of the town of Salisbury, for ar
rears of Taxet. r:.r "
llJ3r."'',w!i Tawft-tMttfOi-.
The R.litors of tha Raleigh Regiater, w.H
plente insert the aboft adert'ieroent once a
week for six weeka, and aend their account to
thit office, and t hall be paid.
Baptists, k
THE Sandy Crar BaptiH iautu in
.ioH -si -MeadjMa kleetin, ;
learned that Mark Andrews, Randolph Mabrv.
Leonard Prather, and Eliaha Revet,
tnr to preach the Cospel in the Rerilar BaptM
ehurehet in thia State, darn it theirduty 'to pu
Irah to thoee churche. and to their Ibrereain
penewl, that aofaf Andrews, Mabry, .Prather and
Ueveirife- exeommnnirftntsfrom churbe fanu.
aeeted with their body.. , v81?-rj -t
- Be order. NAT. 0. SMITH, CUrh
State of XoTtVUttToWna.
rrnidMFt eobtirr. '. .a
rsOUA'TYjCottrt, Mm ivertJn .
VU M'Doitell w. David Greenke-A -tachmrnt,
levied' on land. ft-aprtonB to bc
titisfiiction cf the court, m ,.
David Greenlee, b an inhabitant of another
government Therefore, ordered, that public
fion be made In the - Western h'j -cetsirely,
for tix'wcekt, notifyine the i de
datit to appear at tlie term of uid cpurt to be
tSS& SELmbe count,, ai the .eoswtjt
i Atheville, on the firat kjoiKl.yta January.
ft 11
1 01

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