North Carolina Newspapers

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f iht people, U mt'dttoi mt.mtnl
'rrKl merit 'JJ ht i"
U oat tkcttan tho '
dUyt but Immediately Utf'' ,
b!,tf,.cr. rt aot CtoeuJIf fell, h is
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ort onrjdee,BtleeteBllthcm
19 tjodertteaJ and Judft for-them-
kra thcY iff Ultra tfd ll
by lb..., Hhf .h-chere rtrtaV.
,tcrii IflUltnrt
from the Vi af
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n.nirttnrAt. r'l tri3f
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tame li tt !e I iht uJ
eJ that commiMUfwt aney P
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..rni r thi moral frclmi. Ul
hi! ibt fxopU cootloot naittlwrmcd,
our inooJ ArWUi mjr fnKl
your Court of Law mij uttign wd
jmnWh out your ctmfBH ill be
filJ yur puoBuhmtat eihibitlofli,
erring for moan pt to ff Sgkie ft or
anim, ci dr tiul f U ooUiome,
lit diirVU iofliKixt .l
la mbiiuii of cao
not U ripecJtd, thai Borl worth,
iJut Uirtlcctul t uinmrat, d pure
principle! ihouUtavftlut weight and
Inftjtoce that Uty ahWd ommAd.
If of ire aol tht peotJe untqairot ally
Uh thi mere lam of ptnm and prr .
jidice I Jlavfl thX t'ic,,M
" free agrocy, which ia the pride of the
ntioaal, m U h j,ly the bwa of iht
truly fncmaa? True, iodeed, it ii,
. ,K rr -rrncT of the mere
jwtal. it yrriered. but thai el the
... :. atKnllw Imt. Surtlr. then, it
it time, that auch a conditioo of tblnga
Iioa. Ile pr0VIoJ ior ruoin r un
cation H a noljle feature which tda
in n rtlef, in mot of our State
Conttitatrofli. t fa ruot of the Statti
too, LegiUtie eaactmenta bavr, in
eontequroce, beea rnad, acattering
throughout their limit! the invaluable
treMurre of Education.
Yet North-Carolina hat, io a great
degree, been deprived i the advan
tage! which might have followed from
her own eonititutional f roviainn.
- True, it i. we bare a Univerajty, juu
r:..u- Ki. In whkh he "drtllaea
aUgrthertUVah ftiegad to
alidjlkUhe law! cooccrniag the d
iU. of ait tutor! and adnaUiaWaiAra,
for reaaAOtwhrtb-witt b iound la bit
ur herewith fubaaitud.
Karlr la Jane lat, Geoeg- E. UJ
K rt. rffiroUtl to" iht Ktreitlt
U migaaiioo aa ooe of the Judgf I of
the Sapericf Ciru oi w ana fcju"
iy. U conirqgcnce thereof, the Coue.
cil of State wa convened, who tsaaii
moualy aoViard that a lewoof try vn
miiaioa ahoulJ U i;ra-tcd to Tbooaa
Huffia, KJ. I with jro.i it rratt lo
make the permanent appoietmrnt.
From If. KoltMt, Eq. hi rtaigia.
lion aa Civil Engineer f the S,
for reaactii contaiord ia ht Inter here,
with lubmitted. The reaignatioii of
Jaiticraof trc Heart ami MilmaOiE.
ccm, w ill be found in the ik mailed V.
zll have bo dubt,. emitted mnv
thi-g- that will raeriraod ocropy your
attention during your present eeioo.
Knowwir vour -ability lo aupplv any
defideaev on vny part, f wWl no loo.
ger tretpait on roar time and patienee.
I am. tentlmeo, with the hit,hcit
reaped and cooaidrrat'r-n, vrnr h.
oieervani, - - ji. w. vh
. Sfr. Pkmi med that the letter of re
lf nation from'm Folion. aClrll
EiTner,"leeomhanTrnf ihe ittmrf
,tre, be pnnttd. 4 enpi- u erl
member. Whlcll rooilon wai dctMed
la the MiratUe.
Mr. alamo mored fore reerniijf ration
.kJl U att!1 mora !e-4. aae
U UrWra'ia,ica-fletw- rfa
iiiMit peramoaat UUnataal
oraiata.4, , , y
- lltmtim raftwa, Kr. kaarealgMdal
. T 0 U
auaalfaMi of tnivioetr ta IM ata't. e
ba! gtta lie kuer of rtJja In out
The eprvblwotvai, br lh vv. ana
Council, of Taornia Kettn. Hvj a pt
rUe Cort J!ie, t ('to. L. DJtr.
r.j reiced. hat Ua confirmed by
the Uf failure.
raa m winat f iifUf.
The pattlut and natmn e! wha
deckt tat rapid manh of blrroal lm
pruttment lo aur Nmraae ItepuWk.
AWmi ery anail briir a Intrlin t
of ike etning of a K4 ar a fttvrr, an I
K fan Id it of a fW, In aome one of tbe
ivcBtf four conkirird a''et of
Amerkan L'nlon. Ia f onte n.pladftf iM
intf rtMiug autirett tb projreted N'a
ikmtl Rm1.- from WiiMneion CUy.
tarwiW Ibia pUt to Ne Orteana. and
IK Cal ocroai Ibc Itibmu Tlpriit,
afford u prullar pkaaure. 1 be la Jja, when aerompJitJ.
'ill be of imrn'ra Uantr lo the
Uhru4 StateaV boiarlo-a mirja'7 anfl
rommrrr lal pn!"1 r 1 ,filUft
fmm (brkton, or Savannah, round
f T4e, ttia motKTW tremkf xd
rkrid, o Xw O'k-na, ia between a
nd f 00 mile. The contrmrlaled C'n
i!l not eaeerd 31 mi!e In IrnRih. t
mi tha ohole. the diatance aed by the
of the vote and that the reaction 'f ,n? ira'ek, from either , of thew placet lo
ptIntrd.ooa topr for each Member. ThU) v w Orleina. ill be brlwren J and 600
mo'ton waa alto necaiiTC
Mr. Swain presented lha fcnr.wJn( if to
Imion, wticb oaa read and adopted br ih
.'rtorrd by the Ctneral Am nf
the State of North Carolina, That the
appointing aome ot our moat dlatin
guiahed citizen! to digrit and report
to the prevent tesaion a pun of "Pn
Wiry Schoola.". It aeema therefore
unnecetejiT, further to draw yur at
tention tr thit subject, at the Report
. will nc Uoum bear the itamp oi the wel
. knownandditingtiithecabilittc which
have been enliattd- to prepare it.
- A reolulio waa adrpted ba' tlii rjin
eral Assemble of the State of Georgia, on
- the 33d dr of Dorember l82Jprono-
"Vlftif an -amendment to theCottaliliniot of,
tha Untied Stale. Thit wat presented
to our last General Aaaemblr by m? pre
i1eretnr. Since that .period, resolutions
FronT Ne w Jersev and " ir'Kinla;' ditap
. proTlDK :arul.ffronv.MlasauH, apprQvj
this amendment, have been received, and
, are herewith submitted In addition, you
will herewith receive Resolution from
the stale of Ohio, pmposinu the (rrad.
ua emancipation of tlavra und the Colo
nlzutlonf ftee people of CoJoor. Tlieso
. have. bftenHaapproved be the JcRiOalures
of. Misntapipf and Mi-.aouri, and highly
. approvtVhfhose of Indiana, Delaware,
. Connect n utind IIHnoiaar win appear
from their acermpanvWijr, reaoliitioos.
of which are respectfully submitted with
one passiog'femark t That although1
vre cannot but acknowledge, with feel.
inei of lively gratitude, the overween
i n 5 interest which the non.sla ve-hold
" loir sta'tei have takeB in our intern-a
police, yet we indulge the hope, that
they will shortly learn and practise,
what has familiarly beerr termed the
tlcvtnth commandment' Let every
one attend to hi! own concerns.1 And
ioer. thattl our netgnoor nave a natu
ral deformity, it is, at least, a breach
of good manners, coatinually to re
mtnd turn ot ms misiortane-ioar
wisdom jl however 4ictelhcrconrae'
Doder.a Jaw.passect'at the ( jast'ieK
aion, Geo. Philip Urittain and David
missioners to carry into eflect
a Con.
trart nrevi'iuslvmade hV Benumin Ito-
hinson, -Esq. 4nd Col. William Rob.
ards. . The satisfactory manner . in
which they have discharged their-duty,
will evideutly appear by reference ti
William RubarrK Commlttlonm on be
half of the stair, with certain fhcroW
Indiana, in the a'nl contract namr-d,1! be
transferred from the Executive Office to
the office of ihe Secrelarv of Sta't.
witn-jtsBTi .ov. 83 Several. hl
lotlnjja. took place for two Enrmninr
tlerU; but at neither n( them hadanv
f erion in nomination ji majority of Ibe
voles. - ...
Sir.. Sillier,' from thecommittee in-
pointed lo prepare and report rulea of or
der' for the government of ihe 'IIcuse,
male a report,' which was concurred-in
and ordered to be printed. .
Tha follow in(- Standing Committees
were "appointed" - -
0--Ciaw Meases.' ItfiflamVToor.i
Martin, Hoover, Wehb, Smith of Anton,
Whitakcr Morchlson, rpruill. Pull. Cox
Miller, Aluon, ann, Llliaon and Toy.
0i inancr Messrs. Carson, Shrpard
Williamson, Gray, Blount, Iredell, (Jam
and Klliott and on the part of the Sen
8te,otMessrs. Pickett, liarfr,raw,hpri;ht
Love, IltHsey, sneed, lul ' of r; rank fin
and Bullock.
On ' vfeWntrirrfw-Metsienra Green
Smith tr uavidson; Scotf.Latharrl, Harffy
H. Simmons, Ed. Williams, M'Nair,
nearer, Wurrett, ,N. Jonea, Brnom
m. Walton, Gorham, Joiner and El
On Internal Imfmvemcnt-" Mtnn
Wflsoii Barnttr. Donnoho,- Oaryr Picoit
Tiiilrt. An ! beide Ihlt advantage, our
htppinj: will be tbe belter protected
apftirtt thoe enemies 01 munaino, m
tiiraitt of the Vet India Seaa. .
AVKeV we thus behold the enentlesof
the ciiiiens of tho Umtea sutes jrener-
tKe rs!l iM.wMf ttwt.:! lay ei.'a' if s:h.i r.
JViy fV (Tl-f rf; -t ti i
ir,t I rfiM"f mWi evrtl
deec's of ewnvevanca. -sad-rrleate '.mjjnv, HtrtH In veiiou ways, to belter
VPPHt-tTiw-- T ... ... rfn...VnV. T I ...(T.,.
It Ibe nil. eoinillllUB-evaJ UUUlu.U 1H .ft tn tn.n l. . " , ,r r-i;---- -
, . , . . . 7 -iirn auociT iht inn -uurai w-jinre ui
enierc4 intobv l-rnumin Kobioaon ttut ! v k ' j i.t! .
r. ww w pnirv ipwjt, v Vint;-
hing better fronj ihei Legiilature, in re
(ard lo internal improvements, than what
we bare heretofore experienced. Wc
Ire slrk of Ibst niftcardly policy which
hat nernt Mirlinn nt nnr I .oi.tilnr.
hiiherto. In every State, vnoeh depend ) be t'ltmltiCdalmpiy aftd onJy,berue
upon the Uovernor thereof i whatever '." uu,7
,11 ke pvU al MrrUlVi Wtovld
ba at mhb Mjtta aat Mttfa, pir"
ikblaHy as the iaiMr;y b'f
Um aprWg attttfir.iy ard f 'y 04
af abu and Ibat all would i,
(MUte U peace, fikiJJa sad btrmoof.
Cat, t'tuj la all espeetaiU, sad I
ti4, a-Jirty lo fid Ukh( akaa lh
tknds J jxkK loond tkal alt laelr
dtMj-lM Im wvjfJVj-4.f j
fv ) n pi n at eKf ti i rf
ItMeds af tat ar tw pvoeiwe4
ilt. Tbey ilia roenptain. And why
lba le tha aattiery ibat I wlk
ed. I cat acewwl tot at, tty bf sal hf
that lb Mart M faaa 11 fltceblul ibov t
all IbUea, aavt dsPeralf akked.
-Tbty wU-e aaH time pW, Uldly
detrled CHKCand caoeatdktaiatMV, have
already begaa to Md a4 patrwrdae
ciucaactituf tbe Mil resident. Ibe
Laeitlfttaft af rseneaaea kive already
patved a Uw,(W sock ll U, as Ut as ikatr
authority a make U a law.) that Jackson
matt ho oar oeit presldtai. Now I
doot likt Ik at law, la talis will the
JcksotiUas attempt l eicutpeta l hem
selves by tatta ikal Nr. Clay Kad ait-
bvoerabty. I am by no mesas, dlpwd
la jutUfr bis cooduct. Put of IkU fcc ra-
Koe caa tber eicaa themselves, by
yloj ihtl oor corriioo rvprvrita-
! vwiedrpntrery la Ike with af.rerhipa
anovt of tbvV cotmltae ata. Now I eaav
tMa fl. Pot admit h, ind what tbcaf
Were they, Uxmd io vit at a majoellf
t.f ih ttate-hd -voted f Tbt eoottho-
linn rtpet not aey that tbey were. V
the were, wfcv sate at all. The) ccm)
ttrtiort directed that Ihey shoe Id vote (
the man whom tr ibonijhs bevt ejoai-
ed, fuirbfaUy and a Ir, lo tHacbrt;a IM
rfaiks of a rrtidenti Tbls tkey did.
Ibe IndepeMleatly obeyed tba voice ol
0 coastiluiion, of h,le fowvcUvtcas end
their rl. " f bis nd tblt oavly, were
the v required lo do.
With reraH io tba eonrJoet et ,r.
CVy, 1 win only say,' tbaf bow tout and
dltbofKHiruMe soever k may bave been,
it wt not more so thin the rourse ptrtoed
by mny of tboe who so violently oppov
ed ibe re ekciion of soma of ibe repro
senisiives. This remsrk is psrlkolarly
nnlkkble to the counties composing the
cortgresronat disirkia of wbkb Metsra.
Loot;, Williams, and .Saondert, era lha
representatives. TM latter, mdeedt bad
no pjKslilon-only oeCautt bU ena-
mie. alter hsiing suaicientiy appueo
their finjrt to the pulsei nf the people,
found lhat oppoiliton could not oo tue
r anni time, nd in all. places a
Ceitcale and kaaiutMia alalwaw .Aa Aa-
gel from hravrn could not escape tbt
malignant censures of tha Interested.
But, to the honour of these rikiricts, be it
Said, Ihey had firmness, virtue and paiii
oiUm, auffnient to conirKe ihfinierea-
led, that i heir publirk servanta were not
ytwi f4 $ art Vr-f
rhHk4, U cU4 y (.' f,
I ltMaC. '. a M ! aw
iWvwt k ja la r-'e tt f"s tU
tf Ut tmt ioef eta a sa4 as
tfwiva, ( m a 'pa ivm) Cm
Ua kl be Imw1.. Ka, I.
wmm prnA, W a4 a t;i'4 U ad4me
ike ai i kt be stae a ! eab wb a
ei1i4 4 eka af pwar
ka..lU4 ike 'i ffwJ fai!e af.tM
fc-Jft tt Yt!l.t iIim . : id lllalJ u
iCj I V Ix fU 'ftkf, UawHi
at atiewAiad tit be t ft U4 aa-bi Wm
rrf tr, giae ade b appvM t v
akl4 w'nk wmM aVaaVaf eWe af ka4
VH" " " be ke He4 aer e
ley," bC ibU wtfvve af lM".k wae ge
tWgV, wa a aaera $ iMiaa W aAw '
ga4 waa, bewew, tmmmii t srwae m
Ike Weded.y sUkvwWff. A4 wa swrvakv,
kt Ike Kew.Vavb pepert af tbe sky aftet Ilk af.
te, a Card rrwa H. faaa laWaai ackawwt
rffUg kk vWwMif rmr aad ak btvjHWM
ellkaaa. .
t Wa4ne!af rvIf. wfuf to a.
siateat, Mr, fx, epfesvd at
kae pbred swer4 skert Sra, witovt avur
fw. tUaat naweten, a rprwrUi;e hi Cm.
pfH f'WeTal TwwFweJaTtf , 4 VM4 MC paysajstajtjkgJ
Umi b Cwerwae ee that Ul, wkaw t-v.t,
rttPa aiwttvtj d Iwraa abafl bave esakvd.
kirk will ke aawaa tieae Ibe eaawkf yeeav
...Tba LaglsWiva Cotmcil and Hoosa of
CepeeveBtatiret of Arkiaassasaamtded st
the Suta Houaa In Litila Rock, pw Mo
day Ika 3d af October. Na elect km af
PrtsHent nf IN CewncH w.aeffetted until
tba following ejay, when Jacob Barkman
was cho4n, be bsvbg recclred 8 vote,
and Mr. Walker votes.
.la tba House of Reprtseatailvta alvo,
tba election nf a apesker was iM deter
mined until Iba second day, when Robert
Bean was chosen by I vote! out of tbe t
members present.
At half pet 3 0 f lork Coverooe Iaanl
entered the Hall, and hiving taken lbs
spcaker'a tbilr, delivered a message.
Burns, Wm. W.Jones, Mitt he w, Swain
Me Ichor, M'Cauley, Bryan, Batemin
Blount, A- Moore and Alford.
On 'Privilege and 6rftanawMestrs
Edmonson, Brower, Boon, Baker, Barn
erdv-Boedenr Underwood,- -Howe
Conrad, Durgan, Glasgow, Cooper, Til
lett, Richardson, lu JL. Sim'moniiand
Crawford. . .... ;
Messrar Carson, Polkr WHljamson Dan
!kS,!dm" PjiMShv Wright Ahe,! Bah
kunner,!:Wbltebd)rit,iephehs;aUd Mar
tbail.-'-V s-'-:-- r-"
On JiducalionMewi.' Herbert, Uo-
thank, Lewi, Houze, Bozmin, Alren,
John Walton, Edwards, M'Milfan and
On tho 30th Oct. the Ex President
fohhtdamk cgropleted his Bidetieth year.
meesnre bo may ba . favorably .dUpoted
toward, moat . generally gains a prepon
derating influence in its behalf.-. We are,
therefore, very much gratified to perv
eeive that Govs Burton, In bis ibmmx i.
iho Legivlatwra, urgently presKS Opon
iktm tha - attnilnn "iif tsrVi. ' ' T,-4mm I
measures In "relation lo.tha Interestinp c".ion,10 hf,iere-'hrl- are' ror.cloirs
nd Important-subject oi Internal Im- 04 na,nC 0un-'i. anu are, ttiiciore,
prove ment. " "
Tbt rretWent of tber U. 5. b an af3
ciil eaequainr, has reeotled Chrltiive
Mavcr. Ear), at Consul General to tba U.
&. from tbo kingdom of Wuxtcmbitrgiia
reside at Baltimore. L
. .Aad iba Pretklcnt has, in Cka manner.
recognlied Joph A. , Wlntbrop, Eaj. a
Vke-Contul from Sweden, lo tba ante
of North end South Carolina, to reside it
Tbe Lr ktnrw tf Ceortla h elected W-.
I VJrrW, (t Ckrkhe) Jodp of tbe swrtbrra
diutrkt ef tha etete, by a ajMijorityof ST vwtM
weT wige liajt, (a TroaprttJ tbt prevavrt
incimbent Tbe Clarkite keve a decided ms
jority on a Joint batlot of both branckea efkn
LrgivUture i mot of ibe prtftaHe efHeea in tic-
rate, are elective by the LefiUtvr-and the
rl..LU.. . . ... . ..
iW!"! Baw " power m xtwrr
, . '. haivla, appear determined to eierciee it to ther
e the poluical 0n Mtn, , wB A for jearet.
bJow-oer. j. . . .. .. ,, . ' . .
I have no wish lo relive
torm whkh I vope has
I would Drcfer.that ihe mailer test inl
silence, and sinkln'o oMitioh." But If r:f : rCttZTZZZZZZTZrizZ. IZ...
. i ' " '" s anaiiv iiiv ia va vtntrrnur
Troufi'a majority la 63a votes.:
others are so fond of controreroyi if rAry
will not let us remsin in peace, we will
riot by one alienee, ajive the wnild oc-.
, loa-ya vutui casauiit'.
Grri W f GuilfirH J .Vr. 1 825.
Ala. mitk i Among the political rii
unw illiog to bo seen or beards. a. T-
vt1hl boperJ thst the ilf hloo.1, tfi diip.
pointroent and heart-ktirning of vhich the
kte M Preaideirtkl QHetiionf waa tbe prolific
wtirce, wetild be anflVred to enbtde, and alum.
Governor Troup, on meetlnt the Lee
Islattrre, after- hi re-ekttkm, vn accom
panied by Mr. CrasrVrd, whose health i
said lo bo much improved.
Tho followrar iwotlemen1 have Verrr
elected Director! of the Branch Bank o(
the United States at Faretteville, for tbe
ensuint; vear r Johit"Hoke. f President.)
Hlitha t.ilm.n. Jntin Vt.til..-.. r..M of N.C thsra bis lately occurred a proper .jo abould Crt,ef QwK9 M,NeU f
a drcumsunce, which appear, to me "afW.omeere II. Hooper, Aaron Laa-
verr.un-reountabla.- During tha-late uul" ce," we f. 10 oeia,"M,0,wa m so.rui ,n1 pcUr Browne, Esrttdrei.
presidential contest-tha friend, of Gen. ""e a hope, u the above em.ion. from
Jackwn propoaed to those of Ir. Adams, me unknown pen, rmmt unequivocally evinces. The Richmond Whig, h Jpeaking ef
a united ticket In onnoMtlon tn ih earn Tbk.. writer baa -taken-the fieM at kavt ttro ' Iba election nf Jurlir, Whit m ih tT.
cos ticket; Tha 'propoaal waa urged on J?"" :.oojen, wkbesarre to eer the-) States ; Senate frorri Tennesseenn place :
ie mayreat contented that ol Uen. Jackson, resigned, sayt "be wm
the ground, that the great object of bolh lits with him i for he i
parties was, or ought to be, to overthrow I we, for One, ahull not disturb hire in hi course
the caucus Domination that, as tha Jack- nvinr, eUava, that he M krepa tbe track," and
son party waa probably tha stronger ofjnjna-eceoKfjng to the rulea of tffe torf that
tha two, tbey should all Unite In hie aup I -m common parUnce, to mm decoroua and re.
)Ort;:crrrr vpeeOUt knfeS towaroa alt rwrwifie m or "out
TJ' .1!. L' .1 .f A. -i-r-trrH P a.'
o iui uioai vi mo aami rf.fruui ,.,:. M (MpaHi. k, r.litn
party consented soma from principle, ,U f Jf be , hir t0
oibera by imposition. Consequentlv.l.L l.L. .t...
t"l VtIV, IU IU ll UUI IWU f mUHlll . . .., . , ... .
tickets. -.. I ... ....... - .
Tt m.,. b rer1Wt. t. ih.t U. "a
aoidii warn s kidu di meamior neieccai m
the rriehcla'arrraarnnt. and Ibn.a. . . .. Zrf. Cur,
t.flih rUlrr,;nd. r Uri.nn u (rujrt)i.cir,roA'.
. - -wv -w-tbw bmw wvwv vwvax- , avariaaa ..,.,. flam
overture to tb: Adama party -
pledged thcroeelves not "to be ereailv
discontented, abould tha latter ba aleo
By meant of this united ticket, fa plan
conceived in sin, and brought forth in in
iquity, tber hoped so to dupe the friends
of -Adams as rtnallf-te-a ffectibaeconJ
of Jackson. They succeeded in part ;
but their ultimate object they did not an
CQtnplish. ; ' t
from the overture atjd pledge given
the advocates of the Jackson cause.
the friends, of 5r. -Adams had a right to
On tbt iMRbi of the 4t h vltjr. Mr, Jyean, $be
cJttrmted-l ncdianVmadavkM appearance on
the board ef the New. York Park Theatre
and hia proud. auMrciliou dcnortnient durina
J hi former visit to the U. 8. JtwaarfeanKTbe
would oejuuavoratny received by a portion ofi
the American public. Thee feara, It'aeC'ms,
NerA'ork boards. The bpuae wa crammed
be a strong accession to Ihe Intellect of
the Senate, probably already the most
powerful deliberative body in the world.
Could pur voice reach his ear," we. would
whisper, into it an in treaty, Jodevoto bit'
greiataleTrrsrtcrfiia country, instead of-
the faction already laboring to distract its
councils." t -
The New York Gazette states, that
from the English papers we learn that
MfrBfooghirn hat aerioulTlntendornf 1
vidting America. If he should comalo
this country, ha will no doubt be received
and entertained with that cordlalifjr. and
entHei..': -"
-AliftebruBof Irforw.hinTsnfeJ,.
iT machine, by which one man can weava
live nieces "of allk at the sime time-
makjng a saving in labor of four hundred
perJcent. 7'. " ' ' ;"'";v
nave Dean, more than realized: never, in an
American theatre, was there. euch aacene as on
the night pf Mr. Kejms first appearncejrubel jjjehead of Charles X. is valued. at
The crown of France, lately, placed on
740,000. stet ling L or about tbree'mllliort
as full as it would hold f but it three hnnrlred aad. thirty" tbeutand
f tbe. papers, that the atldSeace.gow'de:4lMrs til . . ' "
1.....,, -avw.Wi,ft .,,..

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