North Carolina Newspapers

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we write
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fyf iPf
Aa4 Sil! aarrra Ifla Im ej
Al th end of the rtp of George
If. mU comrUiot was mds by
hot-brained Mtbr of Parliament of
ibfioth ef Privilrr, the
tto la the lifia f some i.f ihi
Kn enaJ la the House f Com.
snoot, iHovjtH given wder feifwed
earnes, Mr. Petham, CoterntorBl
Waded of that day, qshed lha wwlao
with the following obaervati. Let
them eloor iild he !! they V1.;
tef tpethta for trt ihA aruki
for ourselves." - - ----
' ' " ' - -t
Kctrlf tl iH vonca of iki Crr
diahtiruii no !. A rUtctmtU
lr uy$, Iht tool of Ciptln Cntr.
It, 'roog varoia of titty ftf of
igf , itv cd hrmlf i ih Uklf g nf Ip
i. tvr or 57-tsa
Tbl IJnl tf IrtlinJ, la IJuL.a,
love ri mert ihn an arrt an ! a fc!f J
r f ounj. It li f-alU of I'dnlan J itmf ,
Ihtik of Lr;1ifJ ! toixio. It hi
tT8d rortno, o CjUt Crte ef
HJfttt. wt(h cJurorii of iHf loolc Of
drr . TWt dooa, dfU 4 Ccta, art
of mkhfutf thrrvurhout tHbok, anJ
cnr OtatJ tcutd. , Tkt UiUdiaf
Vat lUlaM fcu tmd, rmrm-tt
rmm torn m"9 N
aa ra uMtm aortiu.
imi immi atrta.
minion or jr mica.
XVt havt rcceWcd accauntt of re
cBtd!acmry io Croual Africa, which
ill aooo b laid befort the puWic ia
rrcatrr detail, bat of which the MJ
ins cutHn It tuSclrntlTriirlout : Ma
Of uupprnn ana uamaifi urnnam
a thecovrteof their bit eirxdi loi in
that auanrr flfihe world, arrived in the
It la a njett worthy OF rrmart, tcrruory. and aubif ooemly rttided ht
that k'de our couatry ht txra rt.lme wctki U the capital of a nation,
Broached by forcigneri, etptclally by I whoat aaaanert aod hittory aeera litely
at!it& wnun, lor iu want I . t0 occodt. to no trivial exteot. tb at
la, tt c auUtocrity, lo the ac ani, uotloa ol the public of thit country j
at wtU ai Li un ture, the bett palotm w mltht aafr br tar of the whole civil-
lor ute uithtu ceotury. aa wen at (mi world. Tht Deople wat fouod t
thoae of the tmeut dar, are Atseri be la a aute of high civilization j and,
Weit tod Alttoo 4bore all the Brttith traveller! witoWt-
aad Trumbull art faraUiar to oor ean, I f 4 review of teveo thoutand cavalrr.
eye, fcc. to Cortith can alao, at men Jdividecf into regular regimeatt. and a!)
who would cooler ltutreea any iiry Ljothed ia cowpUu araiour. SlrtW
that gave them birth. The oame of und were the perfect htuberk mail of
4-eaiie we aauai ay aomeiaiog aooui I, he early Wormao knighui mOit
JUeiiiei a young man, wno, lacietpitc ,traoee brfar of aU. one tbnutaod
of the mitmblc trade of the hireling Nppored to perfect Hon
Uio-TO ana niauaanenv. it annul io
vccioir boui oi rrro umoro oimi 1.QXGKTITT.
aew. t aooottoieoa i, aay The bat annual rbituiry of the Hot-
mat wouw nave oeen ancnipurf to one Kli, ;.,nti m ,u. nr .
dimood butweapeaiahugeoer. L. . nr . nf ,f. tu l .
'wp""0" ?' "rr7. Am?"- teen teven aovereignaon the throne of
' a n t wa I ""l"t aja aaiv a w uv vo
native oi reoiyivaaia at weu aa tvett.
(omaa armour.
and had at humble a beginning. He
- frit noticed ia contequr nee of hit
tnaraewmuc drawtnn oi Uokr, tn
UjI vanouj pirn, aanog ms urn tnr
atrical'careeria Philadelphia. Let lie,
Goitivut Adolphua. He had been a
tolditr Id the thirty yean war jit the
battle of Pultown, In 1700, he waa 31
married hit third wife, with whom he
lived 50 yean ; the two youngest aooa
a m boy without Jrtnne4-atlhiLrtvu,.rr;aM m, fi ami rl m.
time, without acuve. friends, attended rw a th j ear 1 r56 f the old-
the Theatre, and io a abort time pro- ejt ef nj,otner ; lhe me rear,
;duced from recoUectien alone, hie- were gjand 93 reapectivelv. The en-
Of net of the acton, to feature, exprea- ln fami,y of th5i?atr'igrth compritea
aioti and cottume, ao eiact, that they ,Jff deiccndants wno ai lived togeth.
ascontahed aU who beheld them ! Sn er -m ,he village of Pollarzka, which
powerful waa the tmpreatioo made by the empr, fcith,rine the tecond,
hit wonderful pencil that aome gentle- Moscd t0 b built for there, granting
inen: wnoaenametwe aooot ieei our- . r ,v ,im fnBt;j(.,-hl. trrt
. aclvea at liberty to mcrtion, arnt him
. to lysglandj, which we acknowledge to
be the Wtt acKooI, "tor two of its bright
eat ornaments io painting are Ameri
can;, and there the once obscure Lea
lie it rapidly approaching to eminence
Inthia aublime art.
It will be supposed that these remarks
' were Intended id tntroducr theBorTce
of om ffllow-cltizrn GiiDaci, and
so they were. IJu: we do not mean to
flatter hlftr, or tell the public what we
do not ounelves believe. He posits
ses, like Leslie, the power of producing
a striking likeness in his portraits, and
' his handling and blending are worthy
of great. encomium. Ihere is a pe-
of rand for their lupp.ort. . : In the 163d
Ijcar of hi age, thjsmoderrl Nettor
was in the enjoyment cl tne. most ro
butt health.
ras m wkiriiDi eiaouiUf.
Mr. While: 1 hae read the resigrTf
lion of Gtnenl Anerew Jrkori at one
of ihe Unire'd Sfiftet msrw-from'Ten-neuee
; ami I am well assured that the
reasons which he has assigned for ao tfo-
Mij must be deemed valid, and will meet
the approbation and sa-non of evarv
inmrruptlble . patriot in the American
I he more ' I reflect on the illustrious
services of this truly great man, the more
j anxious I ira, that be should receive that
Is supplied with reservoirs of water,
r enrlaet. ic. Iitoaulnsaa armo
rs, wiih a Urt ttiadof arms, and the
cExLttt aeJ clerks form corps of
yeoosinrr, ready to rrptl aay ievatlva
upon this grsai depository of -Iilth
irealtH, , ' - "
Tbe mous . of this bttltniioa . are
priated withia the beak. A steam
capaeof tljhl UtUfttrmi
tloTfd la the pfeis. These notes
art all aumberedby mKhlnery, and
itb l precision ind rspidiry that could
out bt well attained by mert msQUil
dexurlry i Wis effected by boys, Tha
border, round the notes is alto executed
by aischiaeir, sad tbrif whole appear
aace is highly acat aad naished.
.V. E. CtUxy.
Kcvr ftnd jraniflfcntflicme.
l. n:l
fT, 14 U f.Ur i V VL
I I Mmnl t f)f as- it,! -H
for EaVi
. f tvi t is r r
(.". i ill r: v-ifT. r-! '. h.
ml I'mSiU aIf Tr H tM t ! Ml IM Ur sr. U U pt1
fAim $4 Ik tn,ia Bfiwl a PwJ
ill Wa a4, U 4t wWf ti (U
ratio a iVa pam4 o-l, artnf 4 ij
Un rait at aor MaJ af the
a4 SHaaVe im aujM'iMvwU tf l! C
awMrra appuU4 af Im totaraoir a4 I
U Tkfcaia taa IkAUn,
a i air rim,
Tke Sit OaM Mat t"Tt UwrjUr,
tM riae U 4 opUt4 la t)a M
TTaJftUr, the l rrfcruar MK, tw t!.
100,000 '100,000 :"
10,000 ,
11280 PriZM.
tf ry frtre subject t a oVdavrkMi nf VArtm f
p tt- al patabl nsfy dart aTer thJ
iraviaf. ews lor aatcn. w an I at imii i
Or t.r. tU CAHII mbikajlit MOM LIT
mih m 'xa af4 iwii!', in t4Sria(
aai aiM. tr Waw, aat a '!, a
a t!U4 fiM awl Iti4 k r4 .
f.f, f 4fM at M M IM VwH
(MMiUf-f tnM ia Ui friWr. m I aa
df (ii.m4 la ft awe la im tt'T Mt t, "
K. SX I aka wjwit a3 pmam U iare iw
oVaaantk afwMl ma, fa rail at frlt tKt
paf a4 Uaaae M a m. kf aa4 atawaat
at aiMn'ai, JJ iim I Urf ay en."f i4
artflur t!f rfua."," " ti. M."
MAARKiry fU'KirK. -
"8 P LE S I) II ) XOTTKIl'iV
TObatfrar lvriie Gr ef rtrv-Yeri, e
tM 4 ef iaMarr. lA:L .M laiaW U
Ire aiawira. 41 KiuaMf 4 kUBa'Se m
drte a, aack ikkat Mif 3 Wt m najlUa
J. B. TATM A. MlXttm;-
AVw- fKt AaaW lMn tUy,
I prize of B i oc ,000 It Sloo,ocr
f do. 10WO 10KVs
1 do. fOXW 50000
t do. 10,100 l(M0O
2 do. 100 10 AW
do. 1,100 10 AW
10 do--... 0 . .SOiXkl.
3 d. jfjno
71 do. 500 39AX)
461 do. 100 45400
4,46 do. 30 3J2JOO
Sorrow, when, it it excessive, takes
away fervour from piety, sym from
ecthnf hralib from tie b Jv, lighf
from the reatoo, aol iepos' lmthe
coaicirnce. Hesifutmn ta the di
vine Willis a noble ami needful lea- LTIIET ARC DKAWK
Stsfea avjauw akMl aaMsa. asajl lai iWai jstfivaMi awkl
Csrrkk, In the early part of his lifr, 4 .'.ilka pu rHafaWn4caaMaiiM af
rfc4 : SSir ttSSS rOTWC
men Spirit, aad dmted and Iccled raaniHiatM rketMM Kht ef
the cart so well that a young lady of end with the tcrewnaiwr 5rrv ef either of iha
...v ..4 f...... fill rtL in ! Tt.rre rat fme KaaWrs traai Ike wWftl ef
ore wiui r im. irr ir.. u., -... wi,A, Mppe that IWl 04 1 rat kra afTrml for (m rrar of iXa friaiwS
It 10 vain to reason with her, twl Lrr J the Aril iit iwa'btr, Ihraw? tkkaf b tM (af LMtaav. edtanrwe aa Aaaarka. IW aaaiQ
to see him perform Scrvhi the vtry
contemptible appearancr he made in
that part, wrought a perfect cure.
Oil Prises,
9,139 lilanks.
Lt kUa 3 h 0 fir. .
. rtlCILPr TttltET5.
1 aia b im iMt BMra vWe rSai M
raa vra iw-taa racaita.
a rnvt viRccMrraxct.
lif -v4 a-4 wi
a Jnr a 1
Mkl afh,MiMiMNMihaa.
r -4 m Mi I f fM M I
liWWIn(iiriiai) -1
a mt M. ai ii ! mm au mt . kf
Lftrr trvlirr WTib tM f 1 iQ M aimMf of TWla. Aw!rika aabnntt Ar.i
third bo a pro rf Tea Doflart-thee mppoaa iWps la a vamat, Ibat tWre a ill
that Ka. J m rhe.wrst drm frwai tS not m a chalet kft, for vrati Ufcra rW iky
wwrl, thrwanthetkkesaeatfiaffwlikii will btwl ( Im in? ir, a4 tW tM rHoa f Tic
UanMmrtMaaariaaaf Tr UttBantath krtaUl MWtljr rias 163 aWUrt.
aid in Ur Mmar aupMas that fte. 9961 M rJWlraM a tharafara rui. ia W
thr third draas from the skril, than all tM earhr la tWir ipnfcralM. B mrdm aetMalto
tickrta in Im adtm rndJef with fkr Ifora R, malit brfnr tUe rW, -01 be entitled t
viO alao be catiilad la a prua of Tee DoQan tanpliH at tM rranat nra. - - . .
cu. -I- KatcaciM Bank ti me LVSta'et atd in
Tftia mode of Dr'mr will pmrnt tSa VJ ftrawlira. amL rratI!r. the Notat of ail lUnit
Lottrrjr to be eoopld at a4 MrWr ami I iht par apecir, racehad at par.
a Ticket drawbif a anprrw rua will ar A j Alia,' Mrrtantlla Dnf 1 at aljt, et) airr ef ftr
krfe Ctiira, end fma Ticket rn4 bwrH
n Mraset.
rtttHftril frnm drawiar aa Iniariov owe alan.
MU IUlrtt,Ui I Qmtmt, &?. JO
Um, i I i-fK- 1.35
laMrra n4 lttUfr Oft, lit, .Varinfrrrt,
Where li te State end other Lot-
tr1s. were sold the inat Capital cf
All Lrtten te U tx4 paid. ,
Tm Mail wr be reticd o at beier perfect'r
mt foe aU remittance.
10wt89 iraiMaffMi Citf.
oiiars, 9 o
0f.i0.W0 Dollar. 5 of
I ionarHia t
,. r t c i.- L 1 anium aiu, ilia, no muuia rcrciic mm
his feminipe picturca, it very proper j
but which ahould not be carried to the
other sex in so great an extent. We
would recommend too, a little atten
tion tohis - drapery, 'a negligence of
which is indeed, the fault of all young
-r-parntersrfor theyido not generallyre-
. " fleet "that a good portrait with a bad
drapery is not much likcan "apple of
gold set in a picture ol silver."
Mr. Gardener is, we understand, a
itlf iaught painter 1 . and. in. this sub
lime art, self is, indeed, the only teach-
er M tne tunqaroeniai requisites ro pro
duce a master, Like Leslie he nns
sesies wonderful qualifications j like
" -' 'X;esltev he enrerffedfroirveompara
; . .v., v.i,.w.,..ii4.i...Yr"'re''tw''''''i'-v t-
-tjve bscuntv,hkeXealie, .Jbtprpducea,
Xact l'ienesses--iX
- liei persevere in study, ancT like" Les
lie he has the power of commanding the
eulogies, of the rnasters of the pencil.
As we proceed in oulr . remarks, , so
many recollections of Leslie arise to
our mind, completely consonant to the
taleoti and situation of the artist we
are noticing, that we shall, lot his en.
ctr!ragemeiit, take arothcr opportunity
earned in the services of his country.
The garb of hypocrisy was never worn
by this eminent man. Whether in the
senate or the field of battle, he has always
been found true to his cause, fearless of
consequences. Ife wss not, in the late
presidential . election, found bargaining
for that divined office77The whole ten
or of his public life has proved his integ
ritv and patriotism. When thee traits
of ehararter thine so luminous in the
Hero of New Orleans, how mortifying it
must be Jojhe majority or the American
people, when they reflect on the minner
in which he was caucusted out of the
highest office within their gift. But the
people have not despaired i the principles
of pattiotjirt end gratitude have,notfthey;
Wnnotrbe- wdiested from their bosomi
Il ff impossible for them to-forsake the
Saviour of. their JLountry... Alwiut -three
years hence,- they will, in all possibility
have another opportunity of giving their
support to the man of their choice.-.
An extensive sale of wool took place at
Boston on the 9th intt. at which Saxony
wool brought IS Cents to 190 ; and Merino.
from 50 to 1 1 4 rents.
at Mi,iiMie ! afln
'Mfrf-irwM arr, lr.
uaa , 1 1 innMHMMfl. .. .. w .
- . . s
raea tvb uici iiTXtuaucsa.
From a review of the different aub-
a a
stances worn next tne akin, it would
appear tbat wool has greatly the advan
tage over tha others. Flannel-by its
gentle" stimulus cm the skin, has the V
beneficial effect of lerninsr the pores in
ajtatelhe most favourable tft pero
ration. In flannel, 'the discharge' by
perspiration proceeds uniformly ; but
not so in linen, when soiled with the
moisture of j the skin. 'I ne different
eflVrts of flannel and linen are particu-
arly perceptfcle during brisk exercise.
Whcn the body is covered Vithihr
former, itiougH perspiration beneces
sarilyjocrcased, the peranired matter
passes off thronch flannel into tne at
mosphere or air, and the skin remains
dry and warm. If the same exercise
be taken in linen shirts, penpintion,'a 1
in the former case, is indeed also in
creased ; but the perspired matter, in
stead of being dispersed into the atmos-
phere, remains upon the linen, and not
only clogs the pores, but gives a disa
greeable sensation.
r"N0TICKr--'"-'--' .
A It.lli UuU.. Tn -f f Urn im
IV tW tV mmd eirhba4aaIl mt BIW.
an MM rV (1 I r ia wru ntt.u p.L'Hl.l 1 ' .. . .
vniarr 1 oi iwve iwara- i win nwi paper conianMur im propwaia. MB
of 5.000 Pol?ar,- ItC kc fcC.AND hawoom of JlajTrartrwih1 llotel, in lU
Wlimr. MOlir. rAPITAl.Q flArrit. They that eubacribe, will coMider iheta.
tirpv tn l ilwrn-TllAk'T-ivvH"11' pfcJ(redloibaebB!era anajor."
wrrivi. 1.' AMiivrt. I eotilDmenlm. tba ehuire c n'Ttrrn. nr in.
Orders Irom any part of the United lee. A aoonat a auffictent iramber hal be
States, either hy mall (post paid) or by wilrrnbed, public notiee wn be giren of a mee -prirate
rom evince encloinir the Cash or ,in of th of atij ar-
ruze Tickets in any of the Lotteries,
will meet the s.ime prompt and punctual
attention "M if on ersnhat ajipfiriilpn.-
J. f. COHKX, Jr.knitOTHKH.'al''
rr. ,htfti aiOl be published ImmrtUetC'
Ir aftrr tl-e- Jniwintri will -rewi'ala Hhe
I r.hf of Prieet, and will be for-
war:' ?-;' , to all who purchase their
firk i CoAfiTa OTtr, and who ai;ni-
fv tbrir v iit to refeie tde ttnic.
Jtuifw.', Xirrmher II. Iff?!. 1t83
Vnter CiftUlktvV Kstate.
Ummi. fft Hi '
a. a. m,mw, wii. -
From a statement in the Raleigh Re
gtsfef, It appeanthst Professor OtatsTBB
has communicated some interesting facts
discovered during a geological tour
through the eastern par! of this State.
Numerous banks of 'Oysters were found
on the vicinity of Beaufort,
veral miles in length,' cfpable-of tn easy
tonvertion into lime. - Numerous fossil
remains particularly of the Mammoth,
were- foimd in digging the Clubfoot and
cjimvirs rourrr.
'.'PKntOW JCmrX of Uv, Ml trrm, 1S2J:
rathrioe 0oii)ao . Caleb OwMmani
rtetition fordHwee. -It appeafing to tho ata-
faetton nf the court, that the defendant ia not an
inliabitant of ihi atate, OroVrerf, that publication
be made for three pvntha in the Western Caro-
linitn ami Catawba Jounat, notifying aaid d
feDuant. that n 'e he appear at the next
RAN away ft cm the mb-rriher, on the ltk
inat. an indented appremice to the black
mith'a trade, by the namo of AltVed Rex, rtf
about 13 years. All pemm are fbrwarned Irwa
truatira- laid aapreiHiee on anv icrount. aa I will
not par uw WU otkU contracting. Fire cent
reward will be riven for hit appreCeiuron", but'
no eharreriaIU PKTF.K J. SWIN'K.
fcf.xjt lira. - - attw -
Slate VotVh-CiiToUna.
Ot'BT of Pleu and Quarter PeasionS, -
tobtr tetfOffTS 1823. Ne he mi ah Hrtnve
I L. . -S . rr
auperirr Court f Law to be held for the coon. ra 7TT 1 c"",'"'
j r.v.,. ,1, r-airf Umi t rw.i.1 r"nrc" Pslmee. summoid trarniahatfc
on the 6th.M.mdas after the 4th in March neat, r.. i " . p w ' v ZZ. 1 Sit ' .t.... I wjhe Hentera Carolinwn foraix veeka, tni
i...,J . -i, . . ..... A '. . I anleaa the def. wlant appear at t
luapmefirnro Wern. will be taken aeW him on,r" 'T ?
..,r;i.;iH,.i,..'...rt. IenrroirteMfortheeniKorjlomirnier'
and ,t bfiW evparte. L xh r-bl-Wf
Price adr
Monday in Jamiarv next. renlevY or'plrt''.
judgment will be entered ajraiiwt him fiir U
amount of tlte puuntifl a nemamu. . - "
CoikTiCTftmlVa Tools. .
FOB aafeys tfi--Metr.i&.pmmh.LTlL
Applr to AL11F.RT 1 OKKBN'CE, jr.
felole ot XoTUi-CfAtoUnai
flOritT of l'lea ami Quarter 8enon Air
l ..m. !? . , U.IK.m Iltiwa.almr.f4. Vi
in Aheville, on the firet Monday in January, J liam'Faires : tlrifrinitlattafhmeiit.returedlevi
Hsrlow-rCattfeVarbusa-vluab I
l . . .a i . i . tci !n i. "j ..t:!.! - f Jt'..t.": Mv.m MHnVn. that .unK,, -I
llliai will vc VIHCTCU iki uif I. j nmni ill i "J.,.-." 'T. i . " I
' - TesvrJHN-.'-MUJa.ii,J.4f&e.ul-Jte.nJil0t Appear at ine ne'i conn r---
I nun IIIIWUBI .vrllt" i wi nini "'V
at 'CTecttt 4 thinf Monday "in NovemHer nest, rfP.TTr"
SUUe of XotlYx-CftToUaa.
MLourll rt, t)aid"dreeftle i orijfwal air
tachmrnt, levied on land. , It appearing to the
Miif iclicn rf the court, that the defemlant.
David f irrenlre, n an inhabitant of another
rovernment : I hen-lore, ordered, that tMiblica.
tion be nade in the "western CanriiiiianMie-
eewrerr, for s weeka, notifyinir the Hefcn.
dant to appear at the term of mid court to he
hel.1 for rin.'icrirtibe eoint, at the court-honae
hanks ofaheUtnarlirere dis.cpveredscat-
eredthrouirhout. the alluvial countrr.
Silicious limestone seems to be u. abun
dance in the vicinity of Newbem and s
scries of limestone rocks occupies the
bed of Neuse river, in parallel nngea,
running N. E..and S. W. and in corres
pondence with the geological formations
of other parts of the sate. 'l hese disco'v
eries will, douhtleast give new.implse
kulturai enterprise of toe !tate.
I io tie tgr
rP HB 'mibwiber having qualified it CTecp'
. JL tor of the Jarf will of Arcnnder lnr,
late of Kowas county, UeQM. at the court of
nieaa ana quarter -esMMjrnr inFraui imnni
heKl on the third Monday fPNovember last.
notice I hereby riven, that all person havinir
demands against, the said estate, tre required to
present them for payment, within the time pre
scriliedby law JAMK5 1. 1.0(V fir'r..
. . I I .I....1 Ik. nl ntl I li
propenv icvicu .on,-""" ", "'i r
Ka heard ti parte and have -Judgment renders
in hi Civor pro eonfeso..'.: ' Vu
Price adr. ,54. 3mt89 , i
T-irm ti.e yrar 1825, r ic at ine ' -
. - fruit mym artan
a. -
ftS'Wi.SMHKi, -ttamZ
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