North Carolina Newspapers

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! iKt 8ett , irf report of th Com-
mltuo cm NiU AfJr, lAlrf to U tflv
Nrifton U loitNr conWer4tlon f
IN ionuBiikc f Com. D.tU Po
tr, Mkbf for th ipfeiloo of ejHn
km bdoo tb chireti of Thomi Rtfiditl
bJ ohn Mountiln, ci!l4ii(i, and
fter oovWcrMf db?tf It n rcotn-
unita tA ktrika act ivu bart fcf iN!
MMrt LWk bronootM-tt tN ctu of Com.
forUf-lo.U of the Miurtf ji wlprfect!oo 00 tN tti of Octobtt. ; TM
from tbo Court of Eialr.. " " JUoMOTOiiMwortdtmibo Atfw.
Mr. r.Lh. ct QcorsU. la tho Hoii
of . RtDrtMoudvck TtitrtJr rtporttd
$tlll from IN Commhuo m fortifii R;
'liiUat. l'ftfAttda tar thm irmrchentlofi
cumI dellwr of dtMrtm. tbt rtportt
-"-rtoioJf mJ ht 'Xhe Commftiet
E!(tloait oa ih lubicctof iNMlcb!nalr. . H u Mid tbt 100)00. penoti
"Eleciion; wVi recommJtud. on motion of
ih Cbilrn.D, Mr. SImm, of Ohio.
8mt diicuMloa took plac on tbe ubject
of Ur.Domt'i rowlotloa. rclatlf tolho
Cidwt it AVtit Point, whkh t M-
tnti!f irted tof triih modiBeitloo. A
Tnemri wi recclrtd from tbo PrttUent
' of ibe United Stitei. cooteiobc tht in-
ttrmulan oiled Car b ft resolution ftfftr -
od b Mr. Stom. of New York. In ftl -
tioo to the tnooeyi receifrlbr tho litilD. oleM bo k Blodlcd bur yetra Id
PreUdeotof tho Uoiied Stuei. A reo-
luOoo ii Ild 00 the table bj Mr.
lIapt, of GeorjtU. uUlajj for Inforroa-
tbo from tbe Wax Department, ai to the
; aorrer of tbe water or Nonb Carolina
ajul Vlrtlhiai and the other b Mr.
" Moore, of Alabama, retainer from the
' TreatnfV Information aa to 'the'Drki
ori(lni!lT obu'mwl for public Undt whkkifccted dlrtrktuVTha Cithonca of Dublin
'bitc been relinqulaned ta IN .United
'Stateif and the -medium priee of anj poae 01. taking into cooaida ration the ad
hlch hate been re-aotd.' Mr. Bergeaa,dreta from the. Catbolica oLNwYrk
of Rhode Ialaod, made an eloquent epeech
agatnat the Jodicwl Bill aa reported, and
in Uroat of the reaolutloa to recommit
the tiU with inatructioni. . . .. . .:
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" Tbe ''petcVe'ranlp' BrlebtonrCaptal n
Secor, arrired thia morninr from Lon -
don. Bj this arrival London paper and
hipping lists to the 8 lb of December,
one dsf later tban before, hare been re-
(two., the Pre, there are four divieion the
On the morninp of December Sd, atsur nr th P..fh !.ls-r, nf is.
- Mancbeate elgbieeA Jouea :o4i ,4b
aiiora creaceni, gare way, ana icu into
t&e Hiter irweii, wUft e mot iremenuoua
tninr.uwiaj (a u.. jKnir u4i.go.ou.
" atate they trad been in during tbe last two
dare, the Inhabitant of thfcm, andjhree
-vimuMiK v.., .vu t
tncir.mott f aiuawe etircta, ana tnu pre-
" . -"',wi"
wouw nate oeen attendant.-
; rancr. ran ppcr w iKmgcrt
ftad beeneceired. I lie irencn lundslof 810,945, appeara to favor of the inati
were improving. notion.
Intelligence from Rome mentiona the
execution of eercTal Carbonari, and tbe
: punishments inflicted upon others .. .. . J
. Tbe proceeding, against the JCourlcr I
FrancHis hud been brought to. a close,
auBirierit ground to auspend that Jour-
na ; ordered the process to be dismissed
without costs; and enjoined the editor
end conductors of the papeir, to be more
circumipect in future.
M. Daumec, Senator of Hayti,end one!
of the three Commissiohera sent to Pari
to negotiate tne lean for that Republic,
died on Sunday morning, Dec. 4. . . '
Sfiain.-Accounts from Madrid are to
r November 24. Whtfx the Courier left,
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5w nmww ; w, .mwnwKV ot -urn total I
estruction, toeether with the valuable!
--colleikrf pamtmgrHl tb
01 an, conuineo wunin us wans. 1 here
ia but little carpentry in the buttdlng ; but
loero are uui lew innaou&ms in tne vii-
laiye, and a great want of water. The
palace and monastery of the Escurlal wa
buirby -Phiiltt tt. la the iitange fbrnSf
grid-Iron, the instrument of the martyr-
dom of Saint Lawrence, upon the enniver
sary the Spaniarda gained tbe victory of
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aril IN tuU touLirj t of Uf,
It t ri(v4 end IfTinrtitiv.
Anon IN eifeta e!tr if IN
Cvorkr, U dtf rtta of IN klnf of 5ptfti
far rtiuUtinr the lasncei 01 bit king
tforn. The decrtt i te UN eftt fft
the Crtl J Mil JA. Ill fKhUrjr ll
cms hit tUfnWis, and tNel'a think
LUikU)f , WtU.
WUI OMtOMM But UIU lru n
; lf lU unf Port,,,!,
Leu from Rle Janeiro tute, that
Motion h4tA opened., concert
ru ttr,MbUtt to i commercial
tmty -Utwee. Pertug.1 end Bnill,
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fcicn ai eowpittt lftttciec irwMpc
Tfc,, j,, yif,M Brittlfl
tN UftltcUwJnt4ofli jr ifllt
i Mf Wrlio j, bwf IfiMflOO i
r, ! uin duiUi UU4 eo
BrfUU Wl Io4U Mpr.thi coniom?
of Mck li forced, kit tnim
lh Cott Ioni tad if BpiaW im
Trtort We IrwfUi, ikoaU to IN
BriiUH UUmJitobo iUBdoMfli IN?
N, If 1 frto udt to r
At Omtt ttcir OrUim U FnBt
I Ncwd crop of eMrrlet wi tttktrt d to
I Tbt Irtt bUMtooii In April. M ontU.
! "A woteta, It Suffordihlm,
w UMrtd of Mr Twtnt;
I third tklW '
Oownl toy fo&ert! obwrrolet wtn
Botleorttd m Prk m tN30ih orea
inenWtd to How or otnad U fuatr-
CA. lubtcrlptloa Ui been opol to
run tnooument ortr bit tombwttb
tht urploi Unded eue litobo boutbt
for bi ldon4. tbIMren. -.H7)00
frnci wr tubicrlbed in two dj t .
tVWwrWf Edtnturt 4 1 b pro
fettort of tbli Inttltulion bit com 10
1 diurmlnilion. tblt betKtfonb. DO Ctndi
1 dit hIl be tdmitted to tbt drrrco of M
eollete, lniied of tbrt, formerlf
apd that during that time, ke matt attaod
to thrto new branchea of medical acieoca
id iddition to the nine hitherto taught, on
laU 01. vbicb be taqit : be turn una pno
to rradoatioii
I '" "faweV Bomlnrit' and eccMbna'
I marde ra, ttill conriooe anionr the diif
in are neiq a great meeting, lor tnd pur
I Many Bne apeeehea were made, and
I rtaolution of gratitode pasted, kc
I r : DOMESTIC vastrvrniujt.----
We ritract tbe Mkwinr items of inUllirenee
1 iron we rfuiMipiua eawwuy itwin ko
wtke.tiu occasion to mt, that the abote-
esentioBed- pjw k publUbed waklr Jsi the
eitr of PhildelphUbofalarrf,hnemJaiis
and is dm of. the beat conducted, and anest ui.
terwtinr mUcelUneous papers in the U. States,
ft ha been remarked that, In regard to
p, e (be UcenUoutneu of tbe Pre
in(j tbe T.raDn of the Prea.
Aerf large, jury waa latelf aaaembled
if, owe of tbe ceentkor New-York. Tbe
-Wregae weight of-tbe 34 gentlemen
.a.e lb.-The-heaFieit treighid
303, and the newest ITS lb.
a0 officja Report on tbe aubject of the
virgtnupeniienUary,8tatea,thaf, bythe
l eiroinej on in 9oiB..ecpemoer a balance
I Governor Lincoln, - of Massachusetts,
mentiona in his Message, dated 4th Inst.
that the receipts from the labor of the
con vkta in the JUaisachuieU Sute Pri
on, have yielded S 10, lo.bevond all ex
faenuta fnr tN year ending 3Qtb) gyptt
last. " . ' 1
A petition I before the Maasachusetta
Legislature,' to incorporate company,
for the purpose of building a granite
Railway from Quincy to Boston 1 5
A band of music, comnobed of etrhtin
" o - '
dividuals, was organized ' at Hartford,
Conn. In the year 1777, and attached to
the regiment commanded by "Col. Webb,
which waa attached to the regular army.
Within a few months past, intelligence
tllU sWIPSJtwwy
The house of representatives of 1 Ten
their metnbera, at Tour dollar per day
six dollars perdsy for tbe clerks, and four
for tne door keepers '
Don Manuel Simon de Escudero, a De
puty. of tbe Provincial Congress of Chi-
huahua,' is at present M the Seat of Gov
ernment, brought hither by patriotic de-
aire to Instruct himaelf In the I natitutions
and Improvement of tb Voited Statei.
tUf tUTra
t ef MiryUrj J
t.9 V f f F
in! . ' J. I t,( V( - r;,Uf Ut, RffSOl
TN L(?tU4f of PtUvsr cofltiasd
o IN 3J ln(, CN. Pi,l kss Wtse 1
f led Pptiler tf iN riiarvl A mo! J
NU'lln, f-M. Spttkt' cf tht
The sitcitUff drttset tooUm of
5tml ryir, woerorlUery M.
IlWjtlv, Seretsff of Suto-aoi VU
C.rn IT. flrtD, Trttturtr. -
Th imtlp nrtiat New Orkaoi
tdh rtAvUsrsU ikXcnce. At
all vei4a cecabg (rem there are qr
aannod.' - 1
: The PmL'ist li vtl84 Ike treaty
Sulal atvl th4 ladUnl. fi; tbli
UHif (is k'tam kave edd u tk Usi
ui StaUsi eJ ike iWa a MUaoeri 14
wkkk thty thi f Ukey besides the
land ft log WtK of the! state wkkk tktf
oceepled., " "
Twsntr three jnllHoea wortk of DTO
rty wa e sported from New OrUae, la
1 he ytar eexllof 'on tkeSOtk September
totf, more tBsa irieeai nuuoQe of thkft
was Ui cettow. -
Salt besf Is retalSng la Kew Orkint,
tt the eoertnou prkt of If cents per
pound. Qtner jnkles of Nccnliy to
Use properuont, end yet moeer waa be
ver before eo scarce oot trie when the
city rs besieged by OcMral Packen-
Jsremlab A. Finoer, En. of Sdtutte,
H. T. puile4 oe his farm a few ecks
since, a torn moo found turnip, wttfhlog
f Ibe. fern, and measuring ill toe he 1
BroaSiackIbetg,MinJstarof Sweden
to this, ka arrived at this
pt, U the Up Manka troa SiockboJra.
, It kss been HepsJned that the whole
umber of lerunenu tUsiroytdyJht
bte Ire at Aftriburr, V. Is oioatf
The Kew Qrka'na'ttors" abtklpate
that the evenucf the ensuing jsr,wUJ
cau4 the Jilanfcr of Cuba to emigrate
id ike Unit i Spates 1 end the are begin
ning to adrtcstt' the granting tkcm per
mission to f ring their alavca.
' Captaia CrocNr, of Kew York, has
crossed lb Atlantic to England 130 lime
without Meeting with aoy terlou acci
dent. I
A man f y the name of William Pat-1
terun, stepped into a Oroeory store In '
Rochester, U. Y ost tbe 37th olt. to get a j
dram, and aion after drinking It fetl dead
upon the for J The pbytklan of the
place were ttasmedhitely called in, and the
cause pronoenced Apoplexy.
Messrs. Json Parker bt Co have lost,
within e fortnight east, 3S arare horKi,
00 the roete betvecB) Utki aod Manilas,
N. Y. The berths were all valuable, and
evtdcbtlyTvert puaooed by tome aban
doned perns.'-.:'?. y" ;
It Is whispered that conskjartblt bus!
nest in the line hT smuggling, bs( been
done at NerOrIfos during tbe late Au
tumb. ' . . , ' r t
A well lo obtain salt water, Is boring
near Wheeling, Vv the present depth of
which h more than Nine tlnndred feet.
The chisel ia bow actlnr bdoq r rock al
meet hard a JlKlft and tbo pcogrea
is very Idw.
Tbe bone of t Whale havt been die-
covered on the - top of the Appenine
mountains, iq Italy. Tbey were Imbed
dedinclar. t r .
A' tavern keeper Jo Petersburg,- (Ya-l
elves notice that to addition to divera
thing, the best of their kind always, his
bed are good and clean enough for the
President or ibe '.'United "States weleep
in 1 and hit table is as good as-any bo
dy's tab e.
It haa been calculated that from 600 te
fOOnew aoitf'a'r vtarlv instituted in the
Federal Court of Kentucky and about
40010 Ohio. " 1
- A Ocologjcai Sarvey of tbe State of
Pennijljai)iaJciledjoLbyLthe frienda
It a r f'Of 1 1? i t
luff r t,l i! Wi!it .
.Me,PW:1 B e1M?.rZ
according to k litieral estiraati, would not
exceed three thousand dollars.--"
Tbo last letter from London stste that
sales of U. SI Bank shares had been made
at 31, 10, with dir. from 1st July being
m.m a a a v aa
r, i oeiow psr ain eo. -
The new novel of VFeederer'f, Tor
HTale of. the loftr Parliament? by the
GreaTlJ&kTidwrjriridvvTtised itr London
to appear on the 35tb of last month.
- -1 JUr.'HOJB aJ th JZTTS. :; ' ,
A letter baa been transmitted to the
Editor of tho Journal de Debates In Pari
by the Jewish Grand Hsbl Do Cologna,
ori the subjccl or Mr. Noah's proclamation
idt mo gnncnogiDtne triocsot
wnicn ow ireaia toe picasoro iu hiv
iect of a vlsknarT and on behalf of Mes
srs. Hierscfierr an! M eldona, chief, Rab-
on in Lonaon,as wu aa uiuiscu, vwins
the appointments tendered to them by the
proclamation. 1 staihigt that .tbejr regard
tbe attempt itaeir.Mfeaisembre" f itk ahf
poUuco-national design! A' an act of
ft ' eww a . . a UT?
ugo 4 reason agaipst tne aivme bjc
The Bank of Newbern has declared a
dividend of bur per cent, on the Capital
Stock of that institution, for tbe half year
nding tho 5 1st Vec JWagh star.
Ties i.f .''vrth C'i,:.nitsis! ; ?J
l? ct.'y tJ.;M (a diurfhttr) ef llt
l l.ktlf, S thlun tf lti sU'i. loe
Vfsicry aJJrd te iN bwut tWalasd by
our cofaminira le IN U't sf
ivl in UIUature kss dirccltd tkl ex
pnMt of her ealnttnsce and tducatbe
to be dtfrir d from the treasury. The
f eUJK tdy retlkf lo Missackusetm tin-
dtrtke tare of the rUtlt of her o
iber, and til keodrtd dollsfs per senem
sr pU U kar support.
& f all. .1.1. k . I. A ttn,KrtilMjl la.l.l.. i. it. r . I . m.
kundrtd and Brty owtlsr par annum for
tke edeeaUoo, and sepport of the too of
C4oei Fersyth, okaAU jm the Coda
fresHkr U Ike lato war. . Colonel i . Vl
c 4 seated at the ixptwie of tht ratnl
gomomeati kt the uu, kew ver, tm-
willing to recti lis boeety, ka ordered
Ike turn ef K710, to be iavesttd U stock,
and the prlnclpU aod bterrvt to be paid
Mr. Fentth it bis arriving at age. .
; .
Crvrrr Altkeu r rtceel account s ars
aomtwba: eocirtdlctory on the sSTalrt of
artecttyctilUobvbiuttthal the Oreeli
bom iMir own, aim 00 not appear te onna
from tew cool a it or be alarmed it oee
ttBjpalgBt, The rgvptlani are almost
worried out, and he, loot their bstKlps
wthewdtest. Iflt be true, that iN Em-
peror Akxandcr bat resolved epee peace.
the pont mutt ackoowledge t Nlr Inde-
pendenceorpreptre fee new wsrt, wbki
st this time they are too treble to
letr f rev ArcerOr.
We an sorry to announce the death of
tke Hon. Aric err ,Uu, one of tke rep-
rcMDUUvei la Cower, hmm PooMtt -
vanl... Jle w.i a geotlem of airong U-
tellect, and ekaak attalomeM mock es-
teemed by tbo who bet knew kirn, and
rtspected by 0 with whom kewtssMo-
elated to tht Important trusts of rcpreseo-
taiive kgik4ljO."Aa IrUhraaatUrtk,
hla feellnr partook of all that warmth
and oukkoea wLkbl peculiar to his M-Iha
rilve Uod. , . Hat. Journal.
Mr. Xein made hk appearance on the
I Ith ott. at the New TNatre to Phiidn-
pbU, in the character of Kkhard III. .The
house was crowded, and a multitude as
sembled and remained daring the evening
before the doors, expecting some tumult.
m av a . a f . a
aome wigoi attempt were maoe wiiwn, w e wloai rfaaU tw ti kw
to Interrupt the performance, but tbeylj humt ir.tNrta. k.v N.
were apeedily .upprtaaed, and lean ntrAepurfutyrftWBWmp.ww
inrvwKH vain wvawwuau 7
swv4seAevBM iv ieti ei swviit,
Ue h not. likely jo be further molested
On Sunday tie tth olt. a gentkmsn
from JUauachuaetts attempted to crosi
the Hudsoo river at Albany, with a drove
f 0 in .Kn. tahn k tern ml wa antl
am f them drowned. Tbe carcaaea of
J AA eAw7 a wA lka awf AnBfrl tin I
ww WVII OVVVwl Vf siw awwwvw
der the ke.
; Wl ari SrmTy'scrsuaded 1haf neither
General Lafatette nor Us family, have tediU.X k raor U Coofw from tbu aute.
any Ideaforrembvlng loTAmerlca j "ahd hrptace of Bnfu King, appointed wwriaterto- -the
event l rendered atUrmorelinTnteTjr, Knriand. fwr reader wuTtecolkct what a
should M.' G. W. Lafayette assume the j
title relinquished by bit father,' he wiUj
teceive the amount ofajundaoroe estate,
PhiL Aurtra.
Kxrraeu of a ktter from a member of pongress
to me o. . -
I have.ob.erved, that many person at a
distance.from.Yahingtonf bellere that a
trong parly ha been organixed here, to
aaaail the administration, whenever the op-
L.M... -I-.. Nf Bin. U f,.r.
pOIC 11 BHCr llltj IU.HIHI wi turn uniixi v-
ntt oii!,l recoil unon anr nartv o
would make it ; and by the JnUyence of an
enliehtened and generoua sympathy, so
powerful in tne puouc opinion 01 ims
- . . . .li.i
country, jwhen either men or meaaures
are supposed to be. unjustly sssajieq, wpqiq
fit tbe administration upon secure found-
atjonsi snd place Mr. Adams entirely be
yond the reach of his adversaries. 1 ne
friends of Gen. Jackson and Mr. Craw
ford, protest against such, or any opposi
tion; and will doubtless givi the adminia-
tration i fair and honest support.
f .t.. D.U.n,. T Kai,u ...
that J have the confidence in -the purity
Snd integrity of hi public and private
character, and :M'ots'1tibn-:fb:idmIhl-
irr the government faithfully and impar-1
tially.. ' V .
To close my remarks on this snbiect, 1 1
can" again leisure yooahafto-ippohiot)
to the admbistration is in contemplation;
or:'will be-madei further than what is- in
trict ' accordance with an honourable
course, and the spirit of our governmental
Tho Vermont Journal states that eight
hundred tons of copperas have been man-
ufactured at the mines in Stafford, In Xhat 1
stste, the past year yielding net pWitl
of 2 ,000 dollars.
11 nuL'AHV r, 1. 4,
Lnk 1 ai imM a r M'ii U
Cgt rfti tN tit U MiIm, N
M.Mt4 ; a tiN N-UUirtvf iM
Mt, MtU Mil Cwtraof. Vft 1Jml44 U
WU f IN n4 Uwm af Mai.
attiai kNf ke If xp a a a kaU.
tN 4 tN ims af aL wt kat a4
TkektUtalttrtlkani klif NhaiaMrirvrWUrrWIaU.
tN proiTmd U,'frmm m
(. Irjw, Umxm trim Ttrwoi. U4 tN
gaagssWeAf teW a tWHar mMm
n a tN Ur UU I ,
ni'? rf.f
t ki ln omu r eav so
TN Itaie of ftordaraJUa, rtk ej c.
tlr af a pepUiioe about UtiflOO
I aa NC atrre eiawi&al fUasi wule tN bo
I state f kUde hUd. wkk betaawailnaed
mU iW 7&00Q kNbitaaea, WAaVwht.
r)nrai4 kaatt a4 pttkkM are Nfor tN
Ugkjre tfim were. Here a fws)
Mi.nn. ir. M. M u.v
.tal Ui prUuLU rpWrwa4 vkila U.t
M jj-w fli4 m, rf IJ4JK, M
!;"T JTv . . ww
r' T"." " lU
IP P"?
I -- ""H"8 "
auru snare or CM ctrceiaeiif Sfteeives tt.
kv fcmL
l rT? r TfTZZl'Jzl
"P ttrt
k vake, k aw-y. It U a hard awl.
u w tcrt -cwiVkec h. a Uok.tNt kt
Sctd go br4 Uakerrwer f ka
I of tN btW at NO, it cum( k7M Ut
paper NU deMackte aheessf.., Of4kaeo
(acta, iN citiMm f VoroVCswoN arpear aa
NduIyafMaik. -
TN fulbviag kysMaeal Botiee b pabllaked
k a PesMMrtraak paper. " W kave read of
I bbJlasopber of 4d. who. br bitesM ancCcatiaa
1 1 V atwlira, Nfr-H so ahaorbed bs tkca.
I w
I . k..l UL.U .1... i.t.
ptmoicpbw? a oweaUes) Bad aw ,sreajaw a
me as some of the persons iBewtlowed baloV,
war doubts would be very Brack abalca r-- ?
Marrkd, at UtttnraUrt (FaWMrkaaM by
tN IUe. Dktrick Ixbkkhwekkr, Mr, Peter
ckilderkaccht, te Mia Chrktkae Schkcht.
wohL Croomamaa, Mr. Charles Hoeflldijrrav j
M BridesnwJd, kla Dorothy
!lo5 fa -
A Via &Mri Otanoellor of tbt state of
Mw-Yerk, lm Ne aW Biiaiuioood..e!ee.
kH year,' b a fruitless attempt to elect a sena.
tort from thia eircunMtsace, many pervone bmv
marvel at tN Meaning Bsaolmity k that eme
k. ihU ar i (mMm fittb.eafiaiU. wd
will explain tbe whole matter Cam k tbe
mairie arent by whkh this enanlmity ht been
Uourt about i,Ur. gaoford received ryten .
eautWt hkh was a majority ofiW liol
lfnAj nuloritr nf tbe Leriibture t '
9ammLatti tt accorduwe with tN rule of
non knocked under to the
. Uk SuSatd w tUttei, m
h.Jk ."w-n of very revpectk taket, of
"nfc" ,mC8T17' OTUWUU rePUUUtM P"
. .. . . j .t . it? ! -
m our natknal councila f and altbourh he has
means, yet, in AU k, w are willing IW
end aiwroid justly tneineane.-
PranV 'ihT following artlcls:;.to''.u& Katloll !
I Journal, some evtimate may be made of the
; qiitn'ies pf wi ade ne of in the United
: State. By a calculation we had tbe curiosity
! to make from this statement, it appear that bt
one year, (180J) npwarda of tveht miMim of
dollari. worth of wine, went down the ' netk of
Itheneook of the U. 8.1 more than a dollar a
head to every soul, young and old, Mac ana
white. Not more thsn one4enth of the people .
irink wlneVsa that the average amount te es
individual who is in the bnit oruvng it, wm w
at least ten HoHan per annum! 80 mucn kw
r-utoftin the use rfkiwka. . .. .
otrt sv WpomnSitJy
Congress, it appesrs that tho quantity of
-ir. iabiecttodurTf imputed into the
fTnlterf Stales, from 1801. to IB34 hotn
yeara iDCluive, a period of 34 years?
amounted to 63,832,483 gallons, vi
these, 5,545,690 gallons were W
Madeira, and London i-arucuiar
688,067 gallon Jf otner "
nncruja miu w

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