North Carolina Newspapers

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ocrant of ttood to Bow, The drMO
rable Kroea, however, cootiibuta) to
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their Ulnr itudlfd la a vat tamhr
of familiti, hitherto tJungcd ?o froaa
imuranrr. and havinr DOtaior of
ch'itjrstirr but mere exterior aTf!.
l wn tua iroorarce which, ta tfve
courae of the aeteniarmh aw! elth-
teentb cectoriei, gie ao great in ad
vantage to the attack of i falaa philo
sophy utoa chiiaiiuitj aod ocil or
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rtiJior lathet'-M whtt Uitjr wire
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who friril H frU an itcblrg U Ml
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the apj
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udrro are
thr feci ai
It ia if cetiarr, theo. V bring back
the txrotjle to the pure and aacrrd text
of the got pIf and to carry It let J err
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, ;'irjtQQ3 or CMMUTLirrrr.
L-rfih. rf;Mu,BW AW!-' kI r d. I ry familr. that ita divine maxima roar
CmmiI m rlonur-jt duroufw. !m AtmL luila become the Kid and iromoveallt ba.
k-iowaaMiafMrTUUiUuBe.J.o-ca. i of educitKo. Such at the oMrct
fbrwrrlv ef the aecrrtariea T the M6t (of etUbiiaWot of .bible tocictitlj
art Furtir Dibla kocirtr. TUiatfwn uim lie Pf ginning or me niacirrnin rro
afiaraU priottd. rroa IV oc pfd tury. 1 he auccua ct their rtiurta tie
toit,aaeIact the foHoaing rapkl autre; oftfulcUrri In the world tha' thf Creator of
fnfTtmctclri'taijt the umvene extend hit support to
The alowneii of the croerrai of them.
chriitianity ia wonderful, and ahowa The following it a tiMe .oirg the
haw tmcompetent human rcaaoa ia ta number of chriitiani in the world, in
joiae of the wudotn af the eternal everr age, iroro the hrttoihe eigh
decreet. iiecnia ccaiurica inclusive
,it moiitu kgi 14 af)a
I IriuiWa, It It ca tha
!i fat wit a palitfil'i limU
;ffttJfto( ihtf cfua fancy
oofii ia tact toei aad
rtri, ilihout lhi ban ai re
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liinU ia t-f aanH they bare occala
Gf glvtl ibeaa by ihe re rnotaJ uf tb
age iWaihelr f). ,
fioanj, wkttcvcr ""Jf,! oof
thoMt, our ward, our writingt of
turciiooa, let then) aQ be lubMrvteet
lathe bromotlea of aclcncc and the
sotperitr cf our couoiry. flettura
shadow j wealth la vanity, and
power a pr?ant but knowledge is
e italic io fcj.itmenf, txrtniial, unlim
ited la space, and laboite ia duratioo.
Io the performance of it sacred offices
it f'are ao danger, spirts oo expeese,
omitteoexenioo. It a airs the cnouo-
uio, look a into thrvolcano, dives into
the mean, aeffuratrs the earth, wiof
its flijht Into the ak'ira, encircles the
globe, explores era and land, raotem
plates Qe dituct, exam lacs the anieute,
comprtrrodi the grti and.sceoda to
the auUitir. fto place too rematc
lr li gray, no beavejji too txalird
for ita react It seat is the bosom of
Cod, its tiiea the harmony of the
world. Ashmpia heaven atd earth
do it boma, th very lettt n feeling
it care, an the grcatett as not exempt
froa iu potr Doth snfels and men,
matures aft what cooJiuoA SOCTcr,
tlugH eadia diflicrcnt acrt and min
rer, yet alleiih uniform conentf ad
raittioj; it a 'the partot of peace and
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ia lk HMai tri'. tmHm amI AWU atW P ajfcaa a a M aawkl
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! t'. r,,r'W V.r-. It auWb Bfcw tU Cm c.a
ji r. aw it. tit fTurivi w nt fK at u I Tit liUi m Uia 4y aHi4 U - i
aw i w vaj hi t j ww awif eaftrrpe r aa.a iaa wj a a amm
. 1 1 V v t v. ' I rTre. 30,130.
paw ww w WW w v aawaiaa y' ruwav aw w (rvil
1 I aVSnrf rba
. I ' " paid witkJa
tyrfr S!imin$--Tht Doaton Pi
-a'ii'n cijtaina a communication, yT
a a a .a
Uunng tne ant two ages ai-tne
rhnrrb. id the midit of the rxtren.
tioos the endured, the apoalUa andLk
ditciplis or thntt timed tnegntpei 5th
only into Judex, the nearest parts of &h
Aim, some countries u( Greece, ta gjj
Alalu, Rome, Arabia, tgypt, and lyth
tome parts of the coast of Africa. Ill Taking tha whole popuUwon of ihc tnU, t
nrf.rhcd mnonir the GauN. and 1.000.0CO.O0, the rvbtire ftuaWcra, witb re
hi, tea uu fiwa w. wa i - - - ,
acting that r - writer has in his pos
aenioniomei fc'meosof brown wrap
ping and tx ichfd pod unbleached
writing pape. hich he saw taanufac
tbrrd in Knind a few months ago,
f mm nlnp Kl inirt on!v. The tVtnr
w z:a w-fc-A. .k' .K.. :::::
7US)j0iju manufjctiirei from the ordinarr ma
rvwoow leriais. rti dlicovtry' wax patented
iSSSS i0 ES' Jwe Uit.
ij'Jooo,'ojo i .
iyuxjo,uu) la the utraio, when a youor wo-
fviArvwnl r ti i.T '.L- i
i mao' rails in iotc win i man, ana is
not the least uhamed to go to his fa
ther a house, and, reveal her passion in
the most tender, lad pathetic Dsaoncr,
iecondcento1jr.'-- 4fte Itonurempirt Chn-ilaaicripurT M.wo.M and to prorraie ihe moat submissive
then link tndcT ttf own weighr,-aad 'tuhonvtartij :rfUorurj, or ratter obcdicDcr. f hf wilr accept her for i
Parana or Khr model of worship
Total, by approximation
Roman Catholic
the disardrra of its government.
In the third century, the year's! 7
of tha Se ptuacint, whkhfhxd been loat,
m Wa W .
Waa recovered, ine jews a ere al
most the onlypersot.s w ha preferred
the books of the Old Testament. It
'Was 10 the midst of those persecutions Greek or Oriental church
Which the church suffered, that the Cbu.-r.he. di-entin? from the Ho.
. ' .,. I nuui and Creek church
lira I cnriauari icuiuica wrc I'uiu,
Diocleilari aod'Atxiitntlian Tormbrev
them. In their reign, the era of the
martyrs commented. These enope-
d a. a - a a
Kile, onotid tne insensible swain
- 6i?Jfju,Qra I pretend any excise, xVe teDs him that
the is resolved not to Quit the house til
l.WO.WW.OW L IJ. n.ini. nrt -rrrllno.!
taring cp hf lodging, remaina there,
oo,ooox)0 till in the ea he either consents, how
W,ooo,ooo ever unwilllgly, to be wooed, or be.
75,000-0 tales himtejf to flight.
The last Aixnual Obituary of 'the
Since 1800, the nomber of christians I Itussiaa Enpfe, published at St.
i'-i J. r ll 1 Jt . r n . i ) t .1 i .1 r
rors ordered tnr aeeirucuon or trie nas increasen rapiaiy in an pans oi I retertDurg records tne aeatn oi a
aacred bookai which they aouglit ai- the glohe. Nearly one thousand bible I man at therar advanced ape of 168,
ter. ssvs Bossuer, with extraordinary societies are circulating the scriptures I near to the frontier of Li-
care, for Ihe purpose of destroying all within the circle of their influence, J vonia. ft had seen seven Sovereigna
memory of them. and those societies are increasing eve-1 on the Throne of Russia, and remetn-
Durinff the first three centuries, and ry day. In 1800, the evangelical bered the death of Gustavua Adol-
vp to the commencement of the fourth, missionaries had not more thatv onelphus. At the age of 93, he married
the church sustained ten successive hundred and fifty-seven stations i the I his third wife, with whom he lived
persecutions, each of which was com- various parts of the globe. Tiey 150 years t the two youngest sons of
tnenced with increasing. vigour. jnave now increased to two nuodrtd this marriage were 86 and 62 respect-
At tha commencement of the fourth and fmy-two, and must still further ively ici the year 1796 jj the oldest of
ceniurv.- uua.uu?iuus juwicrauic mns. jnis oiner tons in me same vcar were
- '-' - ... . m 1 . ' .
redoubled the zeal of the- brst chris - .lo tnese increasing.means oi pro.
tiRn9TheblMdf,thcartirsex-l pa gating the christian faith, it isneces
tended more widehthe sacred ger,mssary to add, the xeafonhe raissidna-
of Christianity. The conversion of fries oi the Korean Catholic church,
Conauntine nroclaimed the eospel in land . the numerous editions of the
the Roman empire, and in many of sacred writings which have been prin
its vast provinces. Julian, the Apos- teal for them- during the present cen
tate, about the close of this -century, tunr. '
rebuilt the temple of Jupiter, and the
christian faith was subjected to new I TAjXITT.
trials. I A mm who is proud of his proper
Ml - tl If 1
.XCIlfirvj many orine-ironheni'iiatiensftbat
tradictmg hiitr."- A great beauty, like-
Wfsey- will pretend to believe that ahe
makes an ordinary appearance r andy -
In hope of contradiction, oft .will lay.
. - Jlethinx I look most horribly to-day ,"
The most effectual way to mortify such
persons, is to pretend to believe them,
and to acknowledge that there is sake
. -i- i .
vrum in mcir assertions.
, English Magazine.
rectived the goipcl. ;A Cvis jwaTbap-
tixed in 486. :''"ZT
During the sixth century, it spread
with rapidity into many parts of Eu
rope' "7""' -
In the seventh and eighth centuries,
the religion of Mahomet arrested trie
. progress of Christianity, More than
ten millions of christian were massa
cred. 1 ' . .
J, and 92 respectively. The entire
mily of this patriarch comprises 138
scendaht7 w hrralr" lived- together
village ai Pellatzka, which the
EnWress Catharine the Second caused
to ba. built for them, granting at the
same imeu a considerable tract of
land fo their support.
Cato, t&e Roman Censor said, there
Were but wee actions in his life that
he reg-etted"! one was, the- having ra
thatJSeMdlcWe) ! set when he might
have, gone by jlandi the otKeT, the hav
ing: spent one'dayWithout doing;, any
thine."""- -
' .my jixp uriGirr. .
A fellow found guilty of burglary
before justice DaT, in Ireland, ob
served, M that his fate Was singular, as
he lost bj Dag what be got by nAf."
Ojvairy prLj .n U ukta prmM J flOVKT at tfuitji fr-rpk frtntrA Jtmr
fcr vert, JtMir. '. 21, I J Kerr, A art4 D. Kerr aJ WIKmi Km
uviiau ipannr W to) aaiMfeeiN M iu nvrl, tha
l K IWIV , tiny WilTaiaa Ketr, aa af Ik dHUid in U
1 1 '""ttTfara roeraetwy ta cwtrt, tkat fobbm.
mom rfMwluk ol,, mk0 tut waU nxwdfty im tU
aaa Ainanea, via ami w wxm k, .nn u ... w4 rMH i. v.
"'"C at aijr ajaoiA ui Itoiraa Wuwj, rhe MMf of rUn, U tha own 4km
ft a. ! l Sk - S M . mm Iu l" , L . . l - - - I. ...
. -"77; "v " TrJm SittemU o tka ank SUckUf alrr the
trMv prrmf 7 " fbnh MkUf -a aOfch aaxt. lUa aad thara
a. - . r r aBki -
Mo! mmmr-mmui n I Bu,L iwnf. a Amir. wlwrvU 1,1,1-.
and fjUrr tn lo mjr a aw i I :ti i. i.v.. M m. .. i
hiurvL-4mt ao 6hiliy fct acciderR 603 JOtW ft. fliBT. . . e. .
raa r aomiuad. i .
A'smmnt will h Rf a rear oU aeit fprinr I M I Simit fAVtaXV), Wffffi
rnailr impeoml ic the kat mrmvux, in -U , I rOt'BT of Pleu and Quart rr Btaio. Xmw.
rruvtetir," tr max try and Wrc, UUf aowl J term, 1521 1 Moar imuc Bien
Mttaeaband hirh, tcmwkabh avarr aMtU,! tWken ort(iMlalLichmeat,Ntanied levied oai
and rtt ao coru(ructd aa to exhibit the finett buid. It apoeanrr tn. itva aatlifactMM pf the
actio. Hi contUtutMM ta aut onlr oind, but I couH.that wa derrikuat, narvtll Oarket.ia not
of tha nrt heakhy, t .rweoua aid durable caat,! aa InbahiUH of uu Mat, it w therrfora ordered
cakuUted to rndura tha frtatejt cserewa ith. j that ruibfication ba aaada fit three monthl ta
out tailuiw. He la a Ina mahnrvn bar. thai tha Weatetn Cvounian, ttt enlea the defnd-
conr mom. nirnif CKeemea dt ii'w irrnn m imir t im atuiierra of mncnun.UM
judge on the auhjC and free frota all bleMuab I held at tho eonH-hoaae ia Xuvavillr, cm the
of imperfection. . I Uura Nona V of fonurT rat and repier? w
iErooout ru gotten bj the celebrated Im. property levied oo, and plead, the plaintiff 111
ported bom Ejg'e i n dam by tha Imported 1 1 beard ei parte and ha judgment pre eoo
hore IHoni rranthm by r.xnecUUon, one o4IIcm. ret I K. BJMU.vrnN. CZ.
the beat ann of the iaapcrted hoeae Diotnede. I Prist ad. jU SmtOI
out of a Mrdlev Ripection wa the . , 1 ';t. oTki. ,U U KarfkTaroCio. h. rtMar, MM
i haie. BuLiron. Mors Ionr le. Le. Ita af ORT of Pleae and Quarter Reaaionc Pee,
Irbraffithnw VW.ndll rhflteJ-.clrjir. term, BU Joha WabO, W. LUmOfvI
Iad, were both bia rat-rrandMre i and lha Dalvi r rnal attJiraent, returned levied on
Cuaoua llarae Hyr.r VhiHera, nmWred th trand tow Jmfa4 and eawrty -eixtt
fleete horn ever known In rnHand, or per. J iffaranliiatta. r a laeae.
bap. la tha world. alhe grandaire of Eclip rr1 Je court, that PbfcatMn ba
Arrtmaut m ba hon it tha Urmi of the h. Carohna,
a..M r-.w u ii.i; ct.M:ru ultlial onleaa thadefeadaRt appear at the next
lxinton , where rentlemen dioed to view foort of Pleaa and Quarter Beaaionr, to b held
him, can decide for themteWe whether he
a not tba fiaett tounir hor ever produced In
thi atate. He will be found regularly at hi
ttation, except when taken to be aliown at pub
He place. Hia pediirree and reputation, will
be further illustrated in handbill, at the com
mencement of the aeason. 99
iYe.231826. . ROBERT MOORE.
Suit t AartA Canlina. Iredell ctuntv .-
atOURT of plea and quarter aeationa. No
J vember Una, liU) i Junn Stewart rt. im
heir at Law of William Stewart, dec'di Kire
facia, to thew cause why the land of the dee'd.
ahould not be aold, to aatiafy tha plaint ifT judg
ment. It appearing; to the aatikfaction of Uie
court, that iibaro Vyke and hia wife Matilda,
defendant in thi writ, are not inhabitants of
thi Stat, it ia therefore ordered, that publica
tion be made for three month in the Weatern
Carolinian, that unlet the defendant appear tt
the next terra of thi court, to be held at the
court-house in Statesville, on the third Monday
of February next, the court will proceed to judg
ment, aa to mem, eapanc. ,
' ' l v a rt ,fwa-v,W afwta l
- -j - Teat. i 1C oinuatuiM. v
Price adv, g4 3rotoa
lor the county of Stoke, at the court -hoc e h
Gcrwatatan, on tba 2nd Monday of March next,
replevy Um property levied on, and plead, tha
plaintiiT will ba beard ex parte, and live judp.
ment rendered in hi fkvor, pra eonfeato.
Ct03 Teat . MATT. R. MOORE, a. e.
Stau ef Nurtk-CanUna. Cabamu rran'jr .
ANUARYjLeHont. 1826 Jojiartt. Hauler,
Charlea Hatter, John TlairlerTJohntorir
and Barbary hia wite, Wilnam Annenon ana
llarv his wife, Jacob Dey andChftthanneliMWile,
F.lixabeth and Peter Hag-ler, v. Henry File and
llollv hia wife Petition for Partition. It ap-
neannar to the satisfaction of the court, that the
. i . jut. .... . .. . :ni,.L.:.n.
ueiauQanif in inn wc rc nu imwra.ui. v.
this state, ordered, tberelore, mat pubncation
ba made (ix weeks in the Western Carolinian,
giving notice to said defendants to appear at our
next court ot piea son quarter sessions io oe
held lor tne county ot uaDarrus, at uie court
house in Concord, on the 3d.Honday .pf April
next, theii'and tTre"re"t8'pKad, ttrer,tr demtrrif
or mepeimon win uc ueara ex pane, ana judg
ment awaraca accordingly,
Ctncord, Jcmy,
23f, f825; A ' 6101''
StaU A.-A-CarWiiwt, Doridnn rny
GOURT of Eqtlitr, October term, iS2Si Ra
chel Batcl and Joha Cant, w. Xtalrtam Whit-
aker. Betsey WilCame, Jea Crab tree and
UeaJf hat wife i rethioa WJ of Oa land of
John Kent, wa. deceased. It appearing; to tba
satisfaction of the court, that Manaat Tfhitaker,
Betsey Wniama, ease Crabtree and Cealy hia
wife. Dart of tba heir at law of John Kent. Sen.
dee'd. do not lire within the limit of thi atate i
it ia therafora ordered. Unit publication be made
in the Western Carolinian, printed at SaEeburr.
for six week aueeeasiveJy, that they appear at
the next Superior Court of Law and Equity, tu
be holden tor the county of Davidson, at the
court-house in Lexington, on the second Mon
day after the fourth Monday in March next, and
shew cause, if any they bare, why the land men
tioned in the petition' should not be aold, td
their and the petitioner's benefit otherwise the
petition will he taken pro eonfeasn. and the.
cause heard ex parte. . Witnese Edwin Pa
challe. Clerk and Master In Equity, for David
son contrry; at office, the 9nd Monday after tLa:
ttn Monday in September, lew.
Stat AtrthJCprwUna, Mtntpmery rtvnty i
COURT of Pleaa and Quarter 8eiona, Jsn.
term, 1826 1 John B.& F. Uartla tt. Mo
ses Gibson and Dison Gibson attachment levied
on land. Ordered by the court, that publica
tion be made in tha Western Carolinian for six
wVa. ih.t nnleaa the defendant annear at the .
next county court, to be held fof the county of
ilonttroroerv. at the court house in lwTence
rnim the first Itondsr in April next, replevy
or plead, jiidgment'wtl 'te-fcr-tlW''
anVount Bte,pIntifTdenw
of condemnation made, . , v , ,
4t0aT J.llAirTll!- . ..
ALL person indebted to the firm of Wett U
irmm, are invited to come forward and
make settlement with them, as they wish to
close their books. ' , '
aWttarj, Jm'j 12, 1825. 94
llotise to Uetit. i
lately occupied by Mr.-Georgw Lockft -and
formerly by Alexander Frohock, decU i . j
nnw to rent. Annlv. in Salisbury, to r. oj
" rr ... . .
.Atr.l4ll2. ; :

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