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tit. The f"t nnfr Gfft
iMteJe ll Imment. Ltln4 dt
rlM slagle f'i !
Affording to Mr. l.seiesjw.e memUf
a p.rU.,, tha fafKlrt4 la t
tr tr m r ifc.t im m y
- JnlilioM vt.e I
f ttiiH ovr l " "''"' lli0lit f
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-.Eflui la tbo Ua1u4 Sietss. ... .
ft tbo tefwbfl e4 Caiomtl. U I or
L1m4 tf Ui that IM tBanumlttlwo of
sieve ttuti uk puf web dy
er coattecrated l olotal foaUvUy. Ia
fulfilment of ihl les ! have
tee menimltttd for tho V
mot provbcss, oa i) of poUic NjU
A Utter from retpedsU merthM
tt &. HftrMi dle4 Uik 'rtk, to
-. In NW York. Mill-" W
jat received InuUlgvi fr" M4'
tt at Ehrlltb ship WtUH, mat i
Beta remjuui. r,' " , .
04 art prn.
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trrxTTnzTYmmOt KZJTl j.All
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hit ooum, ikd to o trtt, dr idruUy whip. I csf w irn ahw prwr i
1X4 14 LMJ Wiiorwt tan llIbLfilJacci, l4 "u
MroocrtiaipUcticd. borm tciped.
Mvertl otto betn oc qolited. twt hunf
olraMtrin J.n,tnifroittMcH!mr-
Odlttdotb. Applkatloo ottbtim !! I
Iho Million of moro (bin a hutxJred txr
Oflt Mil IHO CMCI .ll(IWrill inougnil" n5ny,rjor iw uuhjiihu 10 piiunr
U CAM 10 vlvlcb lk pof r of paMooinf
Oflthc doc to bo orertlaed.
lir. P. Canfitld, marvarcr of iho Uol-
Ttrtltf Lotttrji tlRbth cUm. bit r,Ucn
ftoticf that bo 111 appropriate one hair
cf iho profit! 00 the ulet of 7 kkeU in
aid lotor7itotMbcirooi th late Robert
Fulton.o The whole arooant of the pro.
fia. It li anticipated! will amount to from
210 to g 10.000.
The lnuoior of iteBm-boata.
AeD. toe. trafrcdua, baa been converted,
aoa inienot.iof .
outer the Aodoer tbeolorictl minary
TUls would be very food new a, if .true t
but it - want - confirmation. The Rev.
Speocer Cooe, one of tba most eloquent
preacher, (in the Bptir corjnectloo)
abtndooad the play-bouao tor tho church.
zrz, . -i-r- I Giut r'y- Wa -art -Informed
Then ar In tho cJtr.ofTeriirM!Wftth rn-
.420- tch maken , ta bo m ploy 03 5 J
workmen, and: produce, annually : 10,000 1
gold waUhe, 40,000 silver viatcbe, and
ISfiQO ttocha, tbo wbolo worm about
iy,709og irancB.
loftfmrnt, man br the name ofltion -the Atnetican Commistioner not
ohn Scantlinr, iq Alriandria, Ohio, a I
butband, and a father of " children, has I
icn ma own wiic, ana cwpcu who ma wue i
of bis neighbour, who wss the mother of
two children. . I
Both left their respective families in
the nigM, while their unsuspecting part- J
Bert aqd tender offspring wero asleep. I
YcrtAv. Mr. ler rand, who con.
duct Jhe Joston iPublic-Salo Report; 1
propnecies mai ancr menraioi 4 uiy next,
T it a j a t ww I
hope lt will not bo long alter the first of
Subitituufor iWA. When tho horse
chesnu ii xipe nd drops from the tree,
take off the brown husk, and pound the
- fruit in1 1 laTgrTffomfrAn"'
-thy obtained to the apot on the linen, j
and wash it. All the soots will diaaDDeari I
and moro readily than by means of oap.
. .... .. .
A clutter 7or,.iA resident bf-Palt:
r.v,0hio, a few day. since' heard a noise
': v m j
under hit floor and ooon raisin a Duuch
mmm mw mmfmwwmw vnm . .1 . a . k . . . n . . n ma
great surprise be beheld a number of fulljeeTft---"
-.t Wuh ih.l. ,ji. t,t,.M Oeorela Bnk BiHa-t p
,wi,ca Bf f-M,T".w"e.u.incm w ae-i.
corcif to preveni meir retreat. I ney
.-":.'.,"rL. ;t-- 1
vcie u iii uv-vv.i , i.yjuntu suiuc
ingenuity to disentangle tbek tail from
each other ! 1 J tv r?
mffu. i.i .. . yrr-r' I
. .-..-.-:T-.-r'.'ruT 'e .. -
. . v... L n r i
County, Ueorgia, JUixabetn Uotspn, con-
. 4 mw wufw v. www., v. .wiiaiiivin
victed of but log or receiving rice from a I
negro, i' hout a ticket from the owner Or
overseer, wa sentenced tu pay a fine of I"
. . J. J Jlf . jj.i.l .! I
fnenUn0rCU O"'"n iOLOe
2 tL. am mni. anil v. Ct---1 K . bm MfiiinSai I
. . " r ' jJ . A-v 5r . jT?-7 .
tnirty oaya, ana ui oo uiacuargsu wsre-
A U lil.h tt tiw4 if AUl'
(JIX eftnf U U
CO309 ilmn hi ptWW tU
id in LhrtJrottt4 oow w' Fw
imoog lU Choct.- r.tU of ;lndUfi.
wv4 cMoff ! w
ho U4Ulte4 NtvOrkiMr'MM "ko
loM Mir Ifif of tMi or Uter
" DUd oi Aof. OeortUOW Qai
.tililtf rvJ cbftrfulotu Ofti'Jlki l0
f tvU mh. Mr. U"0rM, M
" - . .
i i Ari- nni arriTKa i
I ' . n l..
WrlU died oi ikt rt of loot o
'c BnQ WP ocewimi. n
o irt of too otttlml otock Dow Brlnf,
from! I to f of iXt.
of Mr. JiHf roo knurr art Informed,
I poironafo M oui contain ro miatlor
Iprlwi aod bt ihrte Uko prloto,
io wmcn uonucciio 111 ocine oigneu
Bedford tataio tkt neti klthtu, kc
Lottery broken art to otU tb ticketa
without probt.
I Ii it understood that the tnaoatcn have
I made valuation in tnoncf of the priice,
land In the ticketa UI annei
condition to their tale, that tho bolder of
tbe prirr tickets thai! receive either tho
prize eatatea or Jhe moner valuation:!
the option of the manager. This op
tion U to be cictxlted for tba etpecUl
Tba Lottery veodera In the city of New
York have bad a meeinfr and rcaoNed to
4io in me oiipgaai 01 ine veneraon iicaeia
wliboui rcoor reward for their service.
tj - j; i - r.i t ir
5,ud lo eredit. that Mr. Kin, our Mini.
, lirlndon.-l.aC UUd lo Vifi rortTto
ndUce tba Britiah Government lo instruct
Itheir Commlisioner at Washington lo al
low interest upon tho claims under (bit
I Treaty, or to submit the point to arbitra-
beinjr disposed to abandon the ground he
has taken, all proceedings art ofcourso
auapenoeu. c mnoer unaerstana ioai
the subject isunderdiscusslonbrtweenthe
Secretary of btate, and the. Imush Minis
iter at Waahington, but with what pros
peels we are not in formed.
,. . . N.ltcrald.
, OfiK mM ttAna nftKumtm durln
the Mt year, seventeen thousand dollar
from iha nroduct of tha C.tAA filing.
The Quebec paper mention, that au
thority had been received to carry on the
military works on Cape Diamond, at the
Isle tux Noix, on Lake Cbamplain. : .
Cotton, 3. Island, 35 a aii. ataincd do. 18
Maine and 8antee,2l a 25 eta. t chart ataple.9 a
rlJentsr WhJakeyr3J 35 cents i.' Bacon,
6 a 7 1 Haras, S 9 1 Lard, 8 a 9 1 Bafnrinr. Dun-
dee and Jnternraa, (43 inch, 32 a 24 1 toffee.
" -- . " A ' - w. -
rni.if. .-a rrr ii. . . . 1 1 ... vthu. a a 1 ...
er cent. Discount."-
per IXIil. UIKUUUh
""Xanana. i ne ouainci
depietied-.t- the preasent low rates .t
i wa expecieu ini ipccuiaiion woum Have oeen
j era had retired from the market, it waa hoped
iniriac mmcitr vuuiu gmui ua u urn mm it
that the article-w'ould be taken up aa fat as it
larriveai dui inai dm not seen
ring ine weea in nporicniucrwiy;ceu
the aales and at no period during the season
ring the week the imports considerably ; exceed
has there been lesa animation in the market A
ry email reduction on present rates, however,
. CASfBIV, WAT 13.
Camden Prices Current remain the aame aa
our w except Cotton, vMh is 8 9 cent.
t4 I
,w T rT!-1
iu4 iu is wkio cootj. o4 .
Otlf 0fMJ I&OM.
Mr, eiwflt wArjw M War; sppft-
MtiiirwiwHrWWij" '
awwM llut Q mm w aa, at V late m waa mw
Uaathat SMa4MM4 aj the lieJavtwt,
O tie acoiktal af tha mm f naa, aa rpff a
fcKa wa eannad la frwa the
UnUaw of hia caw,' thai tWjary caJVd hiaa to
thaaa, aa4 eacb cm gave ah a piece si RMwcy t
whi tuapU was iUUved by saaJty etbrra la
to k
IT. - 1 . m m f ff
TL 7 " T7'"; Zl.
'J ,tM't
w ma vm rataitpcaavni.
ItvMto ba bfbaitM.arw trvaty, late
ly awclndid at Wtayiow whh the Cm l
diaitt, would havtvovad aatW&durv to Caor.
Ia i hat H baa aoU-aa aaay be lafcrrtd, ta the I
I pUc. from thfKCihai both lb Um
tnator vtAfd axV iha cofifhMtioo of thecd tt ad KcpndjlmtJQjnoTrowj
trratr, and th rrtrarnuuvrt froat that aute,
aa wtHu tho foe Alalta voted anlaellM
... .
appopnattoa ctry tha treaty into effect.
And another evk of ib dUwUMfactkm f
tl. t .w. - ... k-
feuM In it. dewLialo. b a of tba Mwa.
paper ia hat stia. Ta following b froaa the
Georgia JoartuJ
M The eoopM of Georgia will learn with
aatonitbment, and we hope whh . tba
deepest iadtgnition, that the old Treaty
whirls gave them all their land, bae been
annulled, and list by tba new one, a tract
I anncr s map,) bat been taken from
them; nd not only given to the Indians,
buifTMreaffdto them." """".
I'bere appears, however to be a dinar tl
opinkm la reprd ta the trtmi of tb ceioa
mde by the new tmty. Tb Georgia Bute.
ma aara tbit, by th CW treaty wUb tha
Creek Iuluat, Georgia gt ml the knd hither
to ia th poaseaaioa of that' nation." The
5outbtn tecWr- y t-f Front the beat rati
mate we can intrintic value of the
Unda wiikkcUjnm as, by the new treaty) may
be equal to a fourth part of all that is ceded.1
The Georgia Courier, new aemi-weekN paper
eatablulicd in Auruata, well printed, and ably
edited, aavsi "Our eonehiaioa ia not positive,
but we arc inclined t believe, that fby the new
treaty) e Tuvi otjuned the WJUATbi "Aelanii
within the limits of Georgia, belonging to tba
Creek Nation." While tb Aufuata Cbronkle,
a well conducted " Clark paper," ays, in apeak
ing of the new treaty,' Aa we undentand it, it
J at one that can be approbated by the people
of Georgia , for though a superficial observer
would be induced to believe that they have
ftvined by it all they will be evident,
on A closer examination, that off the land within
th charterfd T.miu of our stated not ceded.".
The treaty ia certainly very' ambiguously
worded. If it was intended the Indians should
cede' away mtt their land within the Emits of
Georgia, why vu not the treaty made to say ao,
in plain, intelligible language 7 But if it wax thft
object OfHhreirykingpo wers al WaabZ
ington, to Rbrgia into A belief that she
was, bjr the new treaty, to acquire i'mM the
Creek lands,, while a part were not enly not
ceded, but utually .mated to the Indian, it
t a tritk totally unworthy the rulers of A reat
Nation '., .,
The Grand Jury of Henry county, Georgia, at
wsgona, Awno'nf ami Gjar, oa the Sabbath"
day, in certain pvuiil that county and re
quir all civil officer! to take copliance pf the
aame, and auppreas it.J? Some of the above, are
by any Grand Ju7,-lohjecta which we hope,
forxnojafity 'a ule, nay never come before a
Grand Jury of NonhCarolina. .
ft ta S-a-.:.1 . L-i' u..t... .V.. !
iijvv.iv.i.iiuie to wna wreivueu auui.r.
fiigef rogues and scouadreb will resort, to effect
heir purpose of cheating, swindling and rcMrf
he honest part of coxununit. A very singu.
Ixr, but base, and somewhat bundling attempt,
ft tWIrM MMlf 1W (MM U. o4 ull U
Uo'd-c -l
rrrr zrrr:r7.':.7:rf 't:
TW VMM M M h loMJ CWtlt, Oiaa
cononrss. .
' MAf I J.
Mr. Cr of N. Ceflerrd the fdllow
Ing rcaolutloo, which Ik on day oo the
JfraoW. Thai the 5crttirjofTab
audt of the most direct practicable route
for the location of the rontinptatrd Na
j tion.l Road leading from the city of Wash-
lortoo to New Orleans and that the re
salt ef oca rtcoroimne be reported
to this House t Iho neit Mtslonoi Coo
grrs. """
The follow Jng resolution, offered by
Mr. Caraow, on Saturday, wa taken op.
! and bainr modiCad follows, was order-
! VraarW y Mt imar tnd Jhkte
Ftftrt$tnlatr9ft if Uu Vnitrd Suttt
d : i r. ii.j ti.. .l.
wt '"i"" mrrmru, ma
- President ft ha United States do note a
rtcoonolaaanco lo bo made of the most
dlretl pfClW tooltj for the locatloo 6f
the contemplated National Road leading
from tha city of U aahingtoo lo Nsw-Or
leans t snd that tha result of such recbn
noissance bo reported lo Congress, st its
next .session. :
Mr. Everett from the Committee on the
Library, reported I bo following resolo-
JYfcOT,Ttnsrtbe7peAer of this
llouve be suthorixed to with Gil
bert Stewartr to paint a portrait of Gene
ral Washington, of tbo same six st the
portrait of Gen. La Fsyctte j provided that
the cost of tba same shall not exceed one
thousand five hundred dollars. - - -
. 1- MAf 16V
The joint resolution -offered by Mr.
lirioa. yesterday, was ; read a. Kcond
On motion to -commit the resolution;
tbere sppesred Aye 62, Noes 45.
Mr. . Brtdlni of Vermont, . from tha
. -
Committee on Weights snd Measures,
reported tho following resolution, which
was resdi ' " ' " ..
Rrtahrd by (he Senate end oitae .ei
ReftreientaHvrt, he. That professor Jas.
Rcnwick, of New York, be employed, un
der the direction of the President of the
United States, to repeat the experiments
heretofore made ; and also to make fur
ther experiments .for th purpose of as
certaining the true length of the pendu
lum vibrating sixty. times in a minute, at
thncuy f flewirorkrand Also at the cl
ty of Washington, and to compare the
length thereof with such measures now
in possession of this Government, ss will
.best ;show the. proportions between the
length of such pendulums and the stan
dard yard recently adopt.d by the Bri'hh
Government, and .to make report of the
sions and that there be Appropriated .fol!!?l!!!!!!!!
that purpose, sum not exceeding seren
hundred dollar, to be paid out of any
money : in: tho .Treasury" tot otherwise
This resolution; after some .cohversa
tion waf ordered to bc-iead.a third time
weeks we were vuited, in tbjs section of the
eountijjjirith severe storni otrain ami luui
The rain fell in such torrents, that some damsge
was done to such fields of corn and cotton as
lie rogff N$ hafffbHlmmlunifel
iabury i but in Lexington, at well aa at klocks.
ville, auch waa the fury of the storm, that the
hail broke some window glass and injured the
standing crops. Since then, we have had coni.
... I 1. ...' . . .
xjpui uinvcn 01 ram wnicn nas in a good muut.
ure, resusiuted vegetation,-and, aa a matter
consequent, enlivened the countenances of the
farmers, and all other who are dependant on
them, -which includes shout every body. B-
wtQ. wl H-r, sm m wtli t4
M mf vt yet b r .W4, s4 , t
teJerU.) god iref.
A NJm4 sa adopted la tv mtt f
tUfrtUMltt tM U. April, tfttSng H
li ffury 4 Wa W aav f j-
K1mJ SWi tVw-s WnLMaw cwy t tfV
OrWaa. Tb f.fiwUg r port la la satwer t
tNtraotatiwOf " "w r ' " "
Wtrataeres, felv H, jr
, XT kv lib bee U UtmtmM
a n'mM of tba ftUiM m a-U.
aakig W raad m ab wf lb rwntea smy
uued, froas Waattlagiao Cl'y la Kevjr.
ire tMat abearv. that tli ute b U
froas Wlg ta a auUfactory m i a ar m
peotd4 with IM awt SMrveyt, sad lb lauj
djr ta r.Mit t tb priea mi snateHati aad kw
bar Apwt wUcb th eet-Mt aboUd a prvns,'
td. 1 Unfoti, w BMbwJt h pmewt taui
a (V Wy aM wbkb awr gmraj Sftd tmkti
local aKfarwtlie eaa sne.
aappoH the breadth of the road t 1
twtwfydbHf fct th jflWr road m eack m
fuarteea fret i each ktrral tch 1mu feel wkka
wWd re eiitv feet for the rtadih af tb
grwad eearr4d by tb road
w gtve ana tact intcXMa ta IS tto-e
art we rpe th lrideat hav sbatatewa
sad pUrv af sum, and M bar tfcetr a-pratn
tarw atad af tiatbtri t ywds aad a bag d
Suppo-sd to be th as aw belgbt acawaeem.
cAtmrje atotrrt
Ta apea th read vU bapa Um rnwa4 wOrra
cmc4 MpfocwreO pBiie, KljDeo
AdtUiiooal expeaa I abtaia a paoV.
atloa wader 1 detme per milt, ICO
Materia), each a eavJI fravct, timber.
.ttr, ltd t'sy. tod a lU-aUalca for
atoae, per Jule,
BaQ bndgta, exUverta, valleys, per
Total pet snH f!f. Ll 14
To open th road and ahap th
nnd where aton eaa he procured 1,209
wal eipena to olrfaia a rradu.
.iioa aadetdefrae pe-wtUo. 13
Pton work of the road, (McAaaas
.plan.) per aaila STt
Imall bridge airrerts, valley, per
Total pet buW fXo. 3 )
Cndring pet ruaaing yud, g!40 per
mile) 344,400
i - Total pe axil (N. 3,). 3464
Caoaewx- where atone is act ta be
procured, for embarkmcnt, per anil UjUD
BtteriaK aueh a small graved timber,
tar, red clay, aad a substitute for
toiie per Biil l.ltt
Canaeway where ston it to b pro.
cured, fbr ambaakment, per mil - UX)
Stonework of the cattsevays, (StcAdaxa
plan.) per mil -. et-g
Toul per mil (No. 5) 13J
Teepenth road and ahap th ground
wher"aton"i not to b procured, .,.l..
' iser mil.,--
Additional expense to obtain a graxlux . ...
. tlon under j derreea oer tniU ivi
ilsteriak, auch aa rmall grivtU timber"-" -
jar, vto euy, and u eubstitutes for "
for aton per mil Ofi
Small bridges culvert, valleys, per mil 100
. Total ner miU (X. & . 9 it
To open the road and sbap tb ground
wnerw sums 1 to oe procured, per .
mil -
Adtlitional expense to obtain a'ejadoa.,
" 130
non unoer d-greea per mile
8tonework of tha road, (McAdam,
plan,) per mil
Small bridge cuhrerta, valleys per mile
Total per mH (No. 7) 4,858
Brulres per running yard $120 per
mil. . - Jii x
; Total per mile (Np, 8.) 2110.
wiwhji un. atone ia not to b . -
procured, for embankment, per mil 9,905
MaleriaJsU-h aa am all gravel, thnbei, --
tar, red clay, and aa substitutea for
stone, per mile , v 950
Total per mile (No. 9) .10,865
CauKwayt where atone ia to be pro
cured, for embankment, per mile, . - 9,905
s tone worx.Pt th cauaeways (McAdam
Total per mil (No. 10) 13,229
To open the road and shape the ground
wircrv iunc i not 10 ae procurea,
-per mile ' :
Additions! expense to obtain a gradua-- -
tion under 3 degrees per mile 100.
Wateriabi wch aa amallgivef,;tim6ev
tar,.clav,andaaautaUtuteaforstone, .
;-npr mite " " ' 8001
,..: ..T-ptaJ per mile f Na 11. 1.900
where stone is to be procured, per ..
Additional expense to obuua a gMdua
. tion under 3 degrees per mile 130
Stonework of the , road, (McAdam
plan,) per mile . . 2J70
Small bridges OuJverts valleya . 300
Total nermil.fVo. 13V 4.200
Bridging per running yard, $100 per
mile .. , ,
. Total ner mile. (No. 13) 176,000
Causeways w here atone is hot to be
procurtai foC eJLbaukaoB pw.oui .

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