North Carolina Newspapers

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U, A(roaJy,bMBUe4tWctwl tJ Mr. RirkJolpk irriftd kcro ytttirdtf
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dluhtjvlihed to ihit dUUnguUhtd boJf 1 Mr. Holmei of M.lor Ttnerxbr In
II r. JlKon 1BJ Uot.U ranch, from W.Uhrodaced lWriri of rtvifctlontlnto the
GPkUn od Coi. Km fcoa AJ.sata In rtUOoo-u W-ipdJMf of
Mratj voajt tvnneana r.r.ion irom amending the (titling mljt or tho 5o
Teootaaeei CoTBenton from UUawitl, ate. . Tbcw rtaofuiioni are obtbualy
and Mr. William, from MUiUalppI, are aimed at the anomiloui cwraa hkh
Ibe eifhU fayttttvUtt Jour, baa been puraued In that Mr by Mr.
Randolph. One of the propoiilooi ia an
rata ti wiumx acatu. I Inqulrt bow lar It U (onisteni vita
xrrecr of a Utter dated lt'ahinefn. tbe djtrnltt of the Senate 10 alb a teem
-jffiritli. : ber o addieia diireipectful lujjuaKe to
"The following romore are afloat in f Ifentleman who aj be.iatroduced
this city.. I know not pon w.hat aothor- on. the floor by a Senator,- Aootier rt-
itt the? re it. but there are mane dcodIa fr to tbe practice which II RaDdolph
kere who credit them." So eccentric and -.Introduced of -chirf Imr ExecatiTe
wild it tbe orbit La which Mr. Randolph officer with impeachibJe afftocas. Mr.
morea that he la leaa certainly to be cal Rndolpb lairoduced counter reaolutiooa,
culated opon than a fiery tailed comet a object of which waa toj show that
We date and aoroeiimee wonder, but we ,hero w 00 neceiiiit for cnVngbj;. the
ire not without apprchenilon. r : eiiating rulef and prwtice ofthe Senate.
' He Ii expected toon to eat! for Lit- Among the crarnta Intteduced by
erptiol j whether ha. wiIKor.tllnoi re- Wr. Randolph that gentlemal re'marked
turn, ia said to be doubtful. His hatred that the proposition rrDMre to Indecorum
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to Wrv Adams' If so ceadirfand hla honeil to a at ranee r Introducra or a senator was
rhia ejection from onice ao"aIeoder, probaWf intended" lo ber tpoti aofne ob-
. . 1 1 - I I I . . I .- I- l .L- (s ma aenousiy to con'empiatcl aerfauone ne naa niioe in renuun 10 me
abandoning the .".'acred toil of "Yinciti-.Editor of tba BoVlon Centbef, who waa
ia" and the country of Pocahonua. tol on the floor at the time whet the refercn?
make bli home In the land of Milton, and ces to him were m(!e. If r. Randolph
Shakapeare and Locke" and Newton. avowed that he had intendedjto attack that
After strict inquiry be is said to have ae- gentle roan in order " thremgh bim to fix
cured docuraenta to-prove tbit be was the atima of reprobation uaoa' the Sena
boro three years before that . fanfaron- tor who had introduced bimjon the floor."
ade of nonsense the Declaration of In- To this attack so uncpuneous in iu na
dependence was proclaimed, and that, lure so inconsistent with tba dignity, the
.UaffwnfVTftiVW Mr.
- '. , . , .. . Rince, be is yeta subject of the Crown uoyd (who bad Introduced Mr. Ruatell)
The KatHmal Journal menu tha a p.Hy of Cntt frfa tnd ioth,ed , a ,he made a apirited. prompt, an efficient re
f about 30 members of Cmgren dmrtered a ri ht, n1 pHtlreea which appertain to mrk, which led to aome further diacua-
eajt on the itb vwttue tomb of hhe subjects of George IV. Among these Ion which we shall hereafter notice.
Cenrirwatfi, at Mount Vernon. On their f, ,be right to tit in Parnameot. Some 1 Journi
rrirU off tbe place, a committee vn arnt people here Indulge the idea of Mr. Ran-
aahore t aak or Jurtge Washington, proprietor dolph taking his seat near Mr. Canning, . rao ts 1 vaw-voaar awaaicm.J
of the aeat. permission to visit the tomb of tbe rieht over atnlnst Mr. Cobbett. who it LATEST FROM EUROPE.
v.thM fJt our liwlnni?nr T kuV thlriiAire i to ait h th tidd of M nrniiiyham TK I By Hie tdward Qliesnel '"We" have our' Paris
refiued permission and It bamjdxlid apeculatipna onjhis head are 1 man and Ap .?t ftfe'
the committee with 1 common pontVivesafla it farfdua.'lf.;lapibbabla?w ahall 'Know Duke Mathien de Mmtgoaeiy died in
U t? tMrt, m . U-i 14fI.f twt !.!.,
1 7TS 4 iA,tt m, m.t IU
im w.iUa a awi 4 a r
iw t4 a,r ti w aitirfi'tfct
for U ( lWs4 4. lU U ff
f c k kM ff t CfttiUf, M W tka
tkfxlajt Ji true i-o.
ft ike Wt pWe at ariwa itr Clotk,
ayt tm iJ JirU, d(MftltiMM,
7 Jo lU U4 inm4 1 akl I Jm, sm4 tfta
f o t. vt uf tf ii rio, m v
Ik ty tartt jaVawti .-
re ia MM roHK, ewi) ae Mii rn
wti praws vl be tte erJ t kt
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ia sU;jm WeUW, nW4 at . f
re lie bA Uwl aUt U. U.
Fse tbe btat Colt aad W, tkrve twe
Ud ikie af ring , each
r tbe MW, three year U tLe
Tot the beat sWB CK df twe vtan eU,
Fee bml the ItsUse CaK wader tee ytais
Toe the beat kClth Cw (tbe erttrrk te
be tbe otae'lty ee gtwd bttf aaade to a
tws tliM, N fcf aailk, wbkb awat be
aertiltd) a ai'ver Cresie Ladle,
to Ue best yoke of Otte,
for tbe best tonmt, et r ewe yesr aid,
for tbe best breediftf Sew (offipf ing te
be above eitk bee)
Te tbe rerwta wbe ah&n rae tbe gmtest
quality of wbest, aot lra Ibm tety-ara
bnsbe h. per, ft, on anj aumbet of am,, ,
ot Wa tbsa If, a prrwiuJi of .
Fee tbe gres-st qnuMy of fadUa Cora,
Ml 1m ltkl ift BmuLaWm ui BjOflkbcr Of
acrelaotlcathaatee. '
For tbe fTte. cjMantitj K Bjl notkaa..
I f.44 tf
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l"J .rt f
,1 mie tbe honor to be, Sir, eery refpectfully.
your obedient Servant, . BERNARD,
- - m At - an- - 1
tbk ft m MtfWsi frr acr,e V umber.
ef acre not lew tbM te,
For tbe maUel qsnUty Of totlo
lees IbM 1JUUO. pt acrm, oa.sii; bujsw
Wee of sereanot Irse thaa " 'S
CemeetHora fjf snv of tbe four h prer
asast furnkb tbe Society with a vritlee accowat
of tbe anode of culttvatio. c pameil v litem.
For tbe beat maurrd Fsrm, of aot Iras thaa
eo kondred acrea of cultirstrd Uml, refrmnc
te-tbe oowsisaeo of tbe ttttcmittuj Uirm bmku
inrv the atialitr of Ibe fefxes, Ibe eeoersl totv-
dHion of eery thing conrnei wwi ine ope.
rations of husbandry, ami the quant 11 v 01 manure
collected from the resources of the Ism in pro-
ooriion io It eitent. and the number of labour
era employed thereon, a aiher tumbler will be
To decMle the aoove, a aung v,umrat
ill be appointed.
Foe ibe rreate( eitent of Land recUimed by
covered ditches, ike drains lo present a surface
above, which win not Impede tbe usual procew
of olourbine. Competitors most communicate
the wietbod by wbkH k was enceted, tho -
pense, and the oerrte 01 amcitoraiton tnus pro.
Joc-a. - ......
For tbe best Draetical eany on the cunore ot
Cotton, with reference lo the choice ami pre.
Daratioe of tba soiL and tbe mode of cultivstinr.
Competitors to forward tbeir essays lo lb See.
retarr of the Society, wkb a piece of parJ
sealed over tbeir sigrwtures, not to be removed
liU ibe essminlng committee shall have dec.
tod between them A medal of North CaroCaa
fold. Dy erde r of the Society.
j. - - - jOHjf BE A ED, Jr. Vtrturf.--Mag
16rt,lK5. . . 3trtl
THERE will be aold, on a credit of one, two
and three years, the well known stand
called the TRAVELLERS' XV, in the town
of Leaington, on the 20th of Ana, it belne
Tutav of the County Court of Davidson. All
persona wishing to purchase a ailuatwn for a
Tavern, or for a private Family, would do well
to caH and examine the situation of tbe House
and Lot, as I am determined to sell..
Mat 20A, 126. - lw
ln iUm e 4 a I. It'i t
, Alt Fri.e petsle rVmy.iji atrr lie !
tr4 ef lb Ifrtt.KftU u a U4-it;
of lti;n pt 1, f .4 i, aW.
teih eviS, lake d.MiM M
Ibe rU .it. urm II..X
. ibe lAewfeer cjrrrjL rxrzrfwri
n s wn, end m-A bo eWwuite4 we rfcf ft j '
of tbeaesidrseUei - '
. 1 pue .U . ... V$(A, ..
7 p"tft f ixaL.
3 bnsee ef '
I aeises af
4pris of
lteeWe of
3t ariaoa af
A ad a eery laqre on
to Tee nriar rKseo-i
aaMk,n:ag te pvd af 0,V UVXtiUlIi
Tbe toMoenee aeamnt af CmJ Cp.l JW
remaloiitg emtrsoe to ibe Wet I, a t bi,
ef every Wr belag deteenvned i one tUr,
Naders lba, to Ha prteeM atsee, tbe wM i,if.
eating Iiery ever d'ave Ibe Southern
ataieai an I It bear a ceejnerto) ottk any
ef tbe Kortbera Lotlerles ate oBerUg.
Out a email proportion of Tickets reeJ .
sold, aad from the mat demaod me tbeaa, It
kifbry probablt t bey ill be a3 dltpd of
sometime before tbe aeit tVaeirg, and that tb
rte will adranre Aepbcaiion
fur Tit leu shffukl be epeedily anade, pan.
Urrr by distant aJvrnurcr, and bo lien tA
small priie.
, HXjU Ti.i-s . t
BJ, - I w
Q-rUra, l f .
Ticket and shares foe aato at BEr.aV 1m.
imiersior TVte, e Wwnf Caah, p&x
pant, oitl be prompt ry aitrtMlci to.
uancn Nonet rciea at par.
WlV I. JUrs p4 lU Cmmitmm
Fifttntfj of John 1. lndctt1i4
FjnitR subscriber having rpiahned a edm'ni.
1 traior en the estate of tbe late John P.
Hodge", dec. desires aU peraons bvlcbled to
j e, ia come suroaN M make rtl.
nt i and all tboea bavinr claims aeainat said
etaie, vill present ikem for artllemcat, prbner.
ly authenticated, other iae ,tki notice ill be
plead in bar uf tbeir recovaey.
Mr.MIACK Fl.NXSTOJf, nJm'r. 1
run aatL
TIIF. subscriber ofTrr for sate the plants,
lion whereon Tttoa. Knoje, Fjm. fofrocftr
liwd, In the county of Iredrll, N. C Beine on
ran oiHnMurcea.cotviininr something er
acrr. of as good a quality as any, without tlcep-T
lion, in the oper part of aid county. . There ia
on it, a food dsrellingouoa and Kitchen, largo
new barn, oith other necessary buildings, 1 be
Etrcbaaer may bar a reaoneble credit, by rtr.
g approved oblirat ions for the pyment. , k ia
no deemed aeceasary lo rive aay' further de.
Cription of the taod, as the purchasrr would, ao
doubt, wih to view it before boring. For fur.
ther particulars apply lo the. subscriber, at tbo
porfffice at Wilhmr's milra,- Lincoln -fountr
N. Carolina. JOHN WILF0NO, Son,
VA. IJ,I8;. t'SlJ
Inothino. further than we do until Mr
Randolph is pleased himself to ahed fur
Paris of an ancrurism of the heart, on the 24th
of March, aged 5k, He aa the Governor of
THE JTTDlCMRr SILL I ther lleht on the aubtect than he haa done the Dauphin. Ha was among the gallant French
T t: . . - - ' i j Ik.:. u i. r.. ... .i.
.1 ! .1.. IT t k. kla sWl.Polinn. Ik. if IW k.l'll wuu unw ireii .wunu mr in UW ItW
v, ,nucun..c,7 " ' " " such, dcservea to be
xepreeentanvee on in lotn tnw. oy a- vote ot ro.-cici.icuj hb T, eo".u','tBii.iouifjwwntare o--
59 io 89. 1 hia bill vu originated In,' and pa. forTCiVand-grrnritiderirnonjf 1 the twteoTTrielidpiaomeeS was
".Th";!" fini.Vn.t;ihi;i0w-lTes and ctrfs of another continent." Ithe act of pminHn church whea Hedied;
i .v . m Jt o 1 The Greeks, it may be hoped, have actually
matontv. earlvinlhe acsston. and sent to thai - . I j.j A..i.r. wt"L7 . . . , -
aenatej there it remained on the table , about
two montha, when the Senate added some very
material amend
nouse e tiouse oceu . . amcnamcma, w .corn, u, , .ason, , . o , u i uras . h ,be M Ueteaila. of
. . . . a a. u.. I lelftrwl. 73 Hasan mnleaaiauaei lit auaeweiF I . 1 . T. . .
- ana proposeo w me acnaie a commuice.oi jcp.n- -?'S- V :rr -7 --a-' the rrpulaea riven on tbe 71 March before Its.
.ftnceTthe-Benate odW
-r.-i--r-ip- . ... -"--ji iV--i-i:r'"' ''"rM tn'OWed to wmnerrehiaea every tHrrt of canfc
r$'&ZZX5ZA ptmtlonr- The 28th Feb;thelr prieTi adminV. !
T.;. omiM. r th. .pt nr th An9t. I beeswax. 2a a .uii nA Tx.wYffvvim''tnrrlKe,,tt4 '-. -. ..v,....J!.....i.... . - .-n
vwu.n. ........ r ----- . . - r-.--- -'iteretl to them the communion, and tbe entliuai.
FATETTETILLE PRICES, Maj'17 weeeeded jn Ibrahim Pacha before
1 j - K W laiBt ttjMnaaBm BaJ AL .
a n an a - . I jiikfviuiikiii. i uf hub hwiii we Hliu, n iuc
cotton, y ay 00 1 nour, nne, J a o, auper - from ,V. jnum.l rmmi r
from Corfu arrived at Trieste
' c" u,c . " " T7 G" wht. 90 cents a gl , whiskey, Z7r of Anril
't&- jnch-trand -if.t (r
ouae disagreed to the amendments, 6ay corn, 85 to 90 f bacon, T a 8 1 salt, Turks wjth jet,erf to tb
"tJ-i. , T.-. a a L . AAA .- a B "r 1 at ' a a " "
pronounced by memberaof the Hiai1nvalt?t'!w? LT.'V'? 44asm
. p... Taftacted them bv sea and land, wasrenulsed on
ing toihe dignity of their bodyJand t nnprir1
etdented in the annals of legislation. Jl. was
Under these : circumstanocs, that the Ileuae
postponed the till Indefinite
ffKMhiffwa tia.aftrw
ewaw'-av--ewA.wjHBw aiw-Hiii ua aa
w-. r. , ..-vaa inem 0y aet tnd lama, waanouli
- i---Tjr---1 all aides, end lost between four aitl five thnu-
Cotton if eomirir in. in limited ouantitiea. nd r XXAJt
rfStbw rftcpatchi.
pretty firm at these pnees 1 beef 7 a ft cents, f h -.--.ft. . . 1
none 1 bacon 9 a 10, scarce , butter 15 a 20. do. tuV'l :1C. . tji.
corn 1 12-2 a J 23, do. flour 6 a 7, do. I.rd9 a lS ThV r It k .hltZ
. We learn, that during the storm on Tuesday
last; Mr. Anthony Peeler, living 6 or 7 milea
from this town, bad threa knM' fall ha nwn.Ht i
.... ., . . 1 . ,i . ,1,1 j' -,. iv . I urr uio cuKHNi iih wuw iniin Arxanuna 10
liUcd by Bghtniftg. Tbl hones were in the f7? " w, oj the Moreit -nd fouiMi j them Dropsy belong.
I the electric ' ' - ' ing to the Turt, capturea pe whole. Jhe
etable, and in separate apartments
fluid paeaed into the" atable, and killed the
. borsea, without doing the least injury to tbe
Captaina complained to the Lord nigh Com
misaioner of the Ionian ialea, who rcfiised to
In Ttaleieh. en the 10th instant bv the Itt. I listen to their complaint v savinr thtv broueht
Kev. ttithop naTenscroir, uenerax n uuatn nuii ine ttiiucuiiy on luemscircs. 1
Uonae & Lot n LeTtlngtoh.
TIIF, subscriber oners for sale a House and
Lot In the town of Lexington.- Tbe House
is entirely new, just finished and painted, and
has never been occupied, ft ia conveniently
situated to the Court-house, and wen calculated
for the genteel reaideuce eft private family,.
Ltxingtm, May 20, 1828. 3tl3
lG ollbum,
mills ia a new nublication issued on Wed
I nesdavs. It has been commenced tinder
the most favorable auspices, and, as its' title de
cause "of virtue; to
airnatea, ia appropriated, particularly ta the Ls
dTeinf "iade voted to the"
knowledge and amusement ' It will furnish in
formation on the culture of Plants, Flowers,
4tc. useful receipts t a general weekly summa.
.... r .'. ...... ilk. .Iti
ry 01 roreignanu iwiwcwis wwa,wim
fund of choice and select miscellaneous Litera.
ture..Itia neatly printed on fine paper, lex-
i r ! f. i '..I..
preesiy lor .ntnuuuj quano turm -j,hjih
without advertiementa (which are to be inser.
ted en a eover.) The price is only two Dollar,
navablebv those in tbe city half yearly, .arid by
all other year jyjn advance.--gubscriptlona wi.P
ft. Po6lea Fancy Book Store; Chesnut street,
8. C-ShepprdV- lO-S Ninth atreeW John
Ri-Watker, 209 H Front street, and at William
8tavely70, S.TTiirdrtreet.
AmohBT a numerous list of contribtttore re
the names of Seleck Onborne, Roa, EU n, the
Boston Hard, &e. and in order to render" the
work truly valuable, the Editor will distribute
premium far original articles amounting to snr
hundrtd dolluri. ' . '
AH commuriicationa must be addressed to
Tktmaa C.Vlark Editor and Proprietor,: ISO.
40, Race at. Philadelphia. Editors copy ing this
Will DO fUmiSllCU WIUI mo mwu. mum i4iv.
Weeklv Gazette, as an equivalent . PoHtmdaters
and other will be entitled to eycryflth copy
they m:rj)rtfer, t 4.-
Afrit W,- ; . u
WHO are indebted lo ibe late firm of Reveti -k
Templeton, Tailors, ih Salisbury, aro
earnestly flesired to make settlement, by cash or
note, as soon a possible, as it bis become ab
solutely necrstarjrto close the concerns 0 tho
firm. It is as painful lo the Creditor, as it is
mortifying and perpleting to the debtor, to re.
sort to the force of law fur Ihe collection of
debts 1 from this consideration, then, if from no
other, it is hoped those who are in arrears to
the above named firm, win fcttiTto be their
interest, as well as our benefit, to close their
accounts ith as.
RAN away from the subtcriber, living 16
miles south-east from Salisbury, on the 29th
of March last, an indented white girl, named
Rebecca Herral,-(aliaa Rcbeecn Jack-ton ; alio
is in the 17th year of her age, has an infant boy
child with her. and is Verjj piueh, "giveniojly.
ing.' All persons are cautioned afcru'mst tnistin
her on my account, as I hold fnvaelf irrcsponaw
ble for any contract she may enter into. Tho
above reward, but no other expenses, will bo
Said for apprehending her, and no thanks to
ring her back into the neighborhood. 3t12
ffe-aan, May 5, 1826. GKOHOE MILLER.
r ......... (treat Uargaln.
THE mbscriber bavrng purchased a ferm Irt
Iredell county, offers for sale the Hty
valuable and well known tract cf Lan,t where
he how lives, ahnost immediately beta ecu
Mocksville arid lluntsville, in the count of Row
an, eanea lhe-t.oi)d"pNng (trote, coirt-aiilmj
300 acres, of which about 250 is now cleared.
and in cultivation. .The land ia not inferior ti
any in the county j it produces corn, cotton, to
babeo, and mall iH'Vn in tStindance f 30 or 60
acre. .1?. tnoxr cxcujfcnriosr. irrouwaincrBMSi
on it, a "food.1nll-stiti-an excellent dwelling ,
house .just nihed. nd - ntht 'r -nex-esvary -ott t
hjiiisel, Jhcr wjlbe, aoIt. should .it suit th
mirchaserr acres nore,'aUoTmaig the aoove..'
about 50 acres cleared, motxcellcntrtToi
it, aad equal to any land in the Fores. UotU
tracts are well waterciL" T will take," Tri part
pr.y, several likely Negro GirU,, Fose-ion giv
en next fall. :
Jf the above property is not disposed of at
private sale, will be sold to the highest bidder,
on the 1st day of September, 1B2A. Terms
made to suit purchasers. It is deemed unneces
sary 3o giVe any further description of the pmp.
erty,asthoedeircniiif purchasing, willtbwbt- .
less wi'h to examine the premise bt-lbre closing
any contract. ' JIHJS A, CHFFIN.'.
j.m.A, mm. : 5 '.; :

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