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vided for.
47. An act for authorizing the building
of Light Houses and Lu;ht Vessels,
erecting Beacon Lights, plucing Buoys,
relieving obstructions in the Kiver bavan
nah, and for other purposes. 18th May
48. An act to authorize the sale and
conveyance of the House belonging to the
United States at the Hague. 18th May,
49. An act regulating tqe accountabil
ity for clothing and equipage issued to
thr nrnv nf th United States and for
v m m j
the better organization of the Quarter
master's Department May 18, 1826.
50. An act relative to the issuing of
Executions in the District and Circuit
Courts of the United States, in certain
cases May 18, 1826.
51. An act altering the time of hold
ing the Courts of the United states in
the Western District of Virginia May
18, 1826.
52. An act concerning the seat of jus
tice in Gallatin county, in the State of Il
linois M.y 18, 1826.
53. An act to enable the President to
hold treaties with certain Indian tribes
May 18, 1826.
51. An act allowing fees to the District
Attorney of Missouri May 18, 1826.
55. An act to extend the time of loca
ting Virginia Military land warrants, and
returning surveys thereon to the General
Land Office May 18, 1826.
56. An act supplementary to "an act
providing for the disposition of three se
veral tracts of land in Tuscorawas county,
in the State of Ohio, and for other purpo
ses,' passed the 20th of May, one thou
saed eight hundred and twenty four
May 18, 1826.
57. An act to alter the time of holding
the District Courts in the District of
Norlh-Carolina May 18, 18 26.
58. An act supplementary to the act
entitled "an act to incorporate the inhab
itants of tne City of Washington, and to
repeal all acts heretofore passed for that
purpose," passed the fifteenth May, eigh
teen hundred and twenty. May 18. 1826.
59. An act altering the times of holding
the Courts in the District of Columbia.
May 18, 1826.
60. An act to fix the time of holding the
Circuit and District Courts of the United
States in the District of Ohio. May 18,
61. An act to aid certain Indians, in the
Creek Nation, in their removal to the west
of the Mississippi. Mv18, !P26.. -
62. An act to allor 'A r report; : .
of goods, w?res, and merchandise, to and
from Philadelphia and B,dt;;;irr?7 by the
way of L.yH-sfrfy- -3 j '-V? Uj. tI,c nipJi
rout ! H JL j o ' .:?
the 'XU- ' St'tcs J r rf.t ;''' ?ur",'
;w r . t- . Joi jits;
.1 Tc'i: aurora . i.r- jvi.r-; r" . " r,
thousand cfaht hundred and thirteen.
May 18, 1826.
79. An act to authorize the payment
of interest due to the city of Baltimore.
Mav 18, 1826.
f.o. An act concerning the United
Sti Arirnal in Geortriji. Mav 18.
JUNK 13,1826.
81. An act appropriating lands for the . ? .
uprort of schoois in certain township. Pshmff b13 by subscnp .on Th,S
nS lr.e3on.I townships not before pro S on the by exa;
Among1 tharious expedients resorted to for
making mot, none is more frequent than
is method
accounts andse statements, ia generally taken
AT-.. 1Q
82. An act authorizing certain soldiers to efiect the t of works which do not possess
in tho !:te war to surrender the bounty intrinsic valuufficient to induce people to
innrl drawn hv them, and to locate others, purchase then If it be said that this is the
in lieu thereof. May 22, 1826. only way of as lining whether the publisher
83. An act making appropriations to j will be inderoinjd for his expenses ; we confi
carry into effect the treaty concluded oe- dently answewat any piece ot composition
tween the United States and the Creek s0 questional merit, is not worth the ink to
. ?T I .
nation, ratilied the April, inzo. ay
22, 1826.
.. ii
84. An act to ttx tne times ana piaces
of holding the District Courts of the
United States in the District of Alabama.
. .
print it. Sucworks are commonly usnerea
forth, bolsterety by recommendations of per.
sons eminent f their literary and scientific ac
quirements. Irnerly recommendations from
such persons tried with them some weight ;
now they are lly so o- cheap, a9 to be ex
pected as a mat of course in every compilation,
however worths.
The most gn and flagrant impositions have
Mav 22, 1826.
85. An act allowing appeals and writs
of error from the decisions in the District
Court in the Northern District of New
wt . AT.... oo l OOfi
lorK, in cerium ca. been practised, the community by the solicit
ftfi An act nnthorizinor the navment ot . .J . . .
: a fU. Stn i, nf Nfiw-York. orsot subscripts. Frequently by ttieirsplen
AT. oo loor did accounts ansaggerations persons are indu-
87. An act to compensate the Regis- ced to subscriber a work. Now, we ask, are
ters and Receivers of the Land Offices, these the men se attainments in literature
for extra services rendered under the ana science enaathem to judge correctly con
nrovisions of the second of March, eigh- cerning the meritf a literary work? Surelynot
teen hundred and twecnty-one. luay -i, n inese consiueLons nave no weigin, some re
1826. gard is due to tf fact, that books have almost
83. An act to compensate receivers of invariably beeifcld much cheaper to non-sub
nublic monevs for transporting and ue- scribers than isubscribers. This is not an
positing the same. May 22, 1826. J empty assertioihnsuppurted by facts. Were
89. An act making appropriations ior t th . k todnmble and invidiou?. I would
the public buildings in Washington, and enumerate fre(nt and repeated instances of
lor other purposes. iuay itszo.
tTMi?,l im't hrtn rr.nrp- extensive Vtnat, ot tne
defects of this grammar, as a mani&! for begin
ners, "the halt" has not been told.'
We cannot conclude without giving Mr. B
the following advice, which may be of use to
minv rti,p.r if hp pver becomes uuthor
j "
again ; or if a second edition of his grammar be
called for, that he previously give 44 his days and
nights to the volumes" of Murray and other ele
gant and correct writers ; that he may acquire,
himself, a knowledge of the English Language,
before he attempts to teach it to others. Q.
We stated in our paper of the 23d ult. that a
party of about 30 members of Congress, who
chartered a steam-boat to go from Washington
City down the Potomac on a visit to the Tomb
of Gen. Washington, at Mount Vernon, had been
refused permission to land, and otherwise trea
ted uncivillj-, by Judge Washington, proprietor
of Mount Vernon, and nephew to the late Gen.
Washington. Since then we have seen Judge
Washington's excuse, or rather apology, for his
conduct on that occasion. We have thought it
fair to give the judge a hearing in his own de
fence, and have added his publication, below.
We leave it to the reader to decide for himself,
whether the Judge has, or has not, made it ap
pear that his conduct towards the members of
Congress was marked by that hospitality and
gentlemanly demeanor which might be expected
at his hands.
tilts 1 I. i
These remarknave been elicited by the ex-
AMERICAX IilBLIl SOCIETT. animation of anglish Grammar, published
Extract from the report of the opera- by Mr. John Bolman, of Richmond, Va. We
tions of the American Bible Society, read are of opinion tt Mr. Boardman has greatly
at the Anniversary meeting in New-York overrated his abies, in thinking himself qual
on the 1 1th ult: . ified to write a'rammar of the English Lan-
During the year which has now ended, guage. A morontemptible catch-pe7iny than
there have been printed at the Reposito- lnis. never camunder our observation. At
ry, or are now in the Press, 28,250 bibles firet we consider! it almost beneath criticism?
in ingnsn, 4uuu in opanisn, ami but at , h uvedeemed it best to expose
t rencn. maKincr a loiai oi vji
testamentes, there have been printed 44,-
750 in English, and 2000 in i rench ; 46,
750; making a total ol both ot 81,000;
which added to the amount stated in the
Ninth Report, of 451,902, makes a grand
tqtl.of 53.202 bibles and testaments, or
. r ' -c latter, printed from the ,
i cca) pc pistes of the Society in N
Yotk, and in Le:;;n:;ton (Ken ) 'u vili v
its slender claims'o public favour.
Our first chargi against the compiler tor ne
can make no pretnsions to authoriship) is that
he is unable to vite the English language cor
rectly ; much le to compose a treatise to as
sist others in doig so. This we will demon-
.- y f mt eT tracts :i Ms ,':e, which we
i-riyMT.e to be hi -t.-rn
wisu obtained for ci
scttty s existence
culatiou durm
l"iitci for a
Messrs. Snowden Thornton : I should
not notice a statement made in ihe Na
tional Journal, of the 1 6th inst. (said to be
a rumour) respecting the steamboat party
which landed at Mount Vernon, on Sun
day last, if it were not to correct two mis
representations contained in it, which I
am persuaded, could not have received
the countenance of either of the respecta
ble and honourable gentlemen who com
posed, what is styled, " the Committee."
The first is, that " the Committee was not
treated with common politeness."
I should feel much mortified if I could
suppose that my conduct was so under
stood by the members of that body ; but
if it was, I beg them to believe, that as 1
had no cause, so undoubtedly, I had no
intention, to treat them otherwise than
with respect, after being assured bv them
that they were ignorant of the prohibition
to visit Mount Vernon on th;t dav, and
in that mode ; and this declaration, I trust,
they will accept, not as an apology, but
us an avowal of the feelings which influ' v v - . t ' '.ihim during
wiier i our ,rr-r.; vie m i i.... : i-uuic
. . ..I. i J ,r Inir. I till tA"t
i - - r...., f til 1' iliO. t 'x: .3V liic v- iiiiaiu -Ji win- iwui.
w ho, v:ih ? r-' h"tbitorv letter, pe-haps, to announc
Mr. Liri.YGSTOX, of Louisiana.
A week or two since, we gave place to an ex
tract from the speech of Mr. Livingston, in the
House of Representatives, in which he pays a
flattering, but very just, compliment to Gen.
Jackson. That extract was communicated, and
of course we cannot be chargeable with gar
bling the speech, to suit our own purposes.
On examination of the speech, we find the fol
lowing remarks in relation to Mr. Adams : the
justness of which we are not disposed to gai.i
say :
" In rendering an account to my con
stituents," says Mr. L. u of the public
conduct I had pursued in their service, I
told them what I truly Jelt, that in our
disappointment in the Presidential Elec
tion! we had much to console our disap
pointments, in the TALENTS AND PA
TRIOTISM of the successful candidate,
Mr. Adams and that if the measures he
should adopt were, as i believed they
would be calculated to promote the hafi-
fiiness of the country, I shsuld consider is
a duty not to embarrass, by any fiarty
means, the measures of his administration ;
and from this course nothing ahall force or
lemit me to swerve."
It is supposed that Mr. Randolph's excessive
rudeness towards Mr. Lloyd, in the Senate, on
the day he (Randolph) left Washington to em
bark for Europe, drew a challenge from that
gentleman. The facts are these : Mr. Ran
dolph had declared his intention of leaving
Washington for Baltimore ; the carriage was at
the door, and relays of horses on the road. As
he was leaving the senate chamber, Mr. Lloyd.
handed him a note, which he opc ned, and tore
to pieces, saying something about " gentleman"
and impertinence" then jumped into the car
riage, and drove off.
The New-York " Times" newspaper, says that,
in China, there are thirteen females to cue male
TrTliabitant, throughout the Empire ! A fine
opening for those antique beaux who have
sinned away the day of grace in Matrimony,
without finding an help -mate in their own coun
try, is now offered for obtaining an East Indian
On our first page, will be found the circular
letter of Sam'3. V. Carson, Esq. representative
in Congress from the Morganton district, which
was communicated to us for publication.
It is with chagrin and mortificar . that Y
Editor of the eL" "77 mTf"d!d
pc tb!t im-
the public,
. - if.
ibic hvc at !cr;:h bcr -
fier. some ..L ; and-, ui
, iOOO lias i. v, K:rcs. -
irr.nt t )if f-'il h c ' i?,iL
T 1
. : i-
t o .
35,9-7 :tarocnisi - -
-nnd 1 Delaware Cpi&Cie.
l o-
t .r.
t. iy i? re(',,i
me :he uv,
r '-tfiist?.': then,
"l?ce or, y j :
oi 1
of ! ; 2 -tt
A An- r.rf mrnnnaMr..' a SUIfl Oil
ww- - - - ' 1" .
rest r(oaa
; the vr iio.c
. izi (..x..c. years,
jny ci e ,
'-t' he.,eviderce
r.ocr is:"'! -oni uie
mencement o.'thc instituuoii to bo
047 ; exclusive of those issued by Vm
Kentucky Bible ,S3ciety and printed
from plates belonging to this society, and
those which have been procured by Aux
ilury Societies from other quarters
-w. f . i i. : r :
ne issues or me scriptures m luicigu
languages have been considerably aug
mented during the past year, i he ac
count is as follows : Spanish bibles,
2,705 French, 203 ; German, 157
Dutch, 1 ; total 2,943. Total of both,
money tor the repair ov
- - j iiing houses,
Jots,''' anVr.'' - Von-paymeit of
direct taxts due tdc o nited States, ay
fi 18, 1826.
08. An ac' to allow conperation to
uuch witnees cn the pa-t of .'he United
States, a niar be imrrisoned, to corn
Del thpiratterdance ii Court, cn account
of th-; inaMlitv tofrive securitv in a r- 6,009.
coirnance May .'8, 1826.
60. An act autlorizing the payment of A writer in the N. York Commercial
interest due to .'he State of Delaware- Advertiser states that the grave of Corn
May 18, 1826. modore Perry, at Trinidad, remains with
70. An act uthorizing the importation out a stone or even a stake to guide
of stanes ft' George Washington and those of his couuiiymcn who may visit
Alex?ider Hamilton, free of duty May that place, to a spot where their patriotic
18, 1826. feelings would so naturally direct them ;
I. An act improving certain Har- and that one only of the inhabitants can
bJurs, and the navigation of certain Hi- guide a stranger thither !
ers and Creeks, and for authorizing Congress has passed a resolve to re
surveys to be made of certain Bavs, move the mortal remains of the trallant
Sounds, and Rivers therein mentioned Commodore from a foreign land, to his
native soil: this is a national duty, that
should long since have been performed.
4 9 1
fo!i j cl Ly i.-.
y t
are takf n from
Iay 18, 1826.
72. An act to provide for erecting a
Penitentiary in the District of Columbia,
and for other purposes May 18, 1826.
73. An act to extend the width of the
"Washington Canal May 18, 1826.
?i,!e nail page cf) respect lul uehngs, v.-jth
tn.- ,-iapp. fit t IP whR p r.ri'far.-. iliur i LCIICU ulV V'VHinnr jot.?i
aDtair - it
it-i other tl;an tlie niostj 4iCa,
m of a L i!
0X .
t I
rr. -
i tay, a.;n sleue-I b the ass a:
;ne Utter
Of t ie whole preface, we say that hopsd
a niece of comnosition so loose, so inee7- V ' " ' -
buiiglifcjvould io no credit to a school-boy in I
which I had j an c-emed friend of the Kditor'
I hi!
j of cur f iend bein?: attached
t to
Georgia 'Canal. Messrs. Jenckes and
Van Slvke have contracted to cut and
74. An act making appropriations to de--r;cu n,i r c
fray the expense of negotiating and car- vannah to the Occchee rivers, at S8000 are
t ying into eliect certain Indian treaties per mxc . thc XVork to be comnleted hu Ms
ilav 18. 1826. .V... r t r, .. '
' ' imp. is ni Jdnnarv. m.-t. i nR pntn n
75. An act to amend the charter of ,1,: ntxn ; vipph r;i tkT . Ito th
Georgetown, in the District of Columbia
May 18, 1826.
76. An act to authorize the Secretary
of the War Department to purchase a
site for an arsenal at St. Louis, in the
State of Missourie and to provide for the
erection of an arsenal on the same May
18. 1826.
77. An act to authorize the Judge of
r " mm.
in the veV'bulc of literature.
Our remarks hwe hitherto been confined to
Mr. li's preface, for rhc following reason ; that it
is the only origintl piece of any length in the
book. The Granmaris a mere naked transcript
of Mr. Murray's, "ih a very few alterations (and
we are sceptical whether these are improve
ments,) but entirtV shorn of those excellent and
judicious remarks w hich adorn, in an eminent
degree, thepage$)f Mr. Murray. We indeed
recognize in everjpage, Murray's Grammrr, the
companion of ourfouthful studies but it ap
pears like the nakd oak withered by a blast of
lightning, stripped of its foliage, deprived of its
beauty. So servi'dy has Mr. B. copied from his
original, that he hs inserted a part of Murray's
Exercises; to whUi he judiciously P added
thc key in the sant volume. Was this for the
purpose of enhancrg the price of the book?
The only thing iriginal in this Grammar, is
the method of parng, and the insertion of five
of Murray's notesrmong the rules. The com
mon method of pa ;ing consists of brief elegant
formula: of definiqthe attributes and relations
of the different pals of speech. We have care
fully examined the method proposed by Mr. B.
and after candid ati attentive consideration, we
constrained to ,y, that in our estimation, it
laboured, unwiedy, tedious, useless, requir-
more time thancanbe conveniently devoted
is exercise in ommon schools. The limits
l; -
was estimated by Colonel Clinton at J 0,r 'ia essay will ni permit us to examine Mr.
Si 62.676: but the sum named in the I method in deta.: Admitting for a moment
contract is but g 1 40.800 ; so that the ca-1 the superiority of M. B's method, we think that
nal will be completed for S2 1,876 less I a two-penny pamphet would have been a more
than the estimate of thc Engineer. j proper vehicle of rrtking it known to the pub
lic, than Mr. Mu ray's Grammar with Mr.
Items of late Foreign News. Boardman's name auched to it.
It was said that Col. Serves, who was "e nave unisnedOie humiliating, the mvuh-
thc District Court for the Western Dis- in the Imperial Guards under Napoleon, ous task of Pointin? out the defects in Mr.
trict of Virginia, to hold the Dktrirtland is row in the service nf the Par.ha nf Boardman's Grammar. If we have not called
Court for the Western District of Ptrnn-j Egypt, has surrendered at discretion at I tlie attention to its rxerits as well as its faults; if j
syivania, ior tne trial ot certain cases, lripoli'za. I e have not stopped to remark on excellencies ; Samuel A. Foote, Esq. Speaker of the House
IWay 18, 1826. The health of the cmneror of Austria. lit is. fwe sneak cmscientinn;l hcr.aiisf w nfRpnTptpnist;l0c:n.Kn
73. An act to amend an act entitled was improving. It is said that the Arch- could discover none f the latter, which are his ' has been elects tt s Mn,t. a. fll a
an act to incorporate a company for duke Charles, eldest son of the Emperor, own. If it be objected to us, that we have in room of Mr. EdwanU whose term nf
making a turnpike road in the county of has beforehand renounced the throne, made garbled extnets" from his preface, we has expired. Mr. Foote received IWvotT?
Alexandria," passed thirteenth July, one from attachment to private life. answer, that the limts of a newspaper essay, a Mr. Bristol 84 ' tC ' and
to i.e cor
rected is, uidt " the refusal was accompa
nied by threats of instituting suits," Sec.
What threats are to be understood as
comprised under the &c. I know not
After stating to the gentlemen, that the
commanders sf all the steamboats on the
river had beei long since warned not to
bring parties !o Mount Vernon, I stated
that I should certainly sue the captain of
tnis ooat tor lis present conduct. I ex
pressed no other threat I intended no
thing beyond i . When those gentlemen
expressed their regret that the Captain
should be in tiis predicament, and after
giving their names, requested that I would
consider them as the responsible persons,
1 repudiated the proposition ; and this
was confirmed by my friend, Mr. Herbert,
to the persons who afterwards assembled
at the tomb, and who insisted upon send
ing me their names.
The threat against the captain of the
Surprise, I am determined to execute,
whenever I may have the opportunity, al
though I can scarcely hope that a resort
to legal proceedings against the comman
ders of these boats, will contribute to nro-
tect my rights, if the passengers should
think proper to indemnify them aiming
the consequences of their violating them.
If the best efforts I can make to pro
tect this spot from those intrusions which
many painful and mortifying circumstan
ces have constrained me publicly to for
bid, nothing will remain for me but to
abandon it altogether. I claim no partic
ular privilege as attached to the place, or
to the name of him from whose bornrv I
received it. I asked to be protected in
those privileges only, which are the birth
right of the humblest citizen of Vir
Mount Vernon. 18th May. 1826.
ir impo;
all j:s
SpiClOTi .
r-- t-A tne au
thor of this malignant iurc.. was actuated, is
not known, unless his purpose was to gratify
feelings of malice, interest, envy, or revenge.
It is humbling to our pride as men, o think
there is a civilized being who is so far lost to the
better feelings of humanity, as to sport with the
finest sensibilities of our nature, and prostitute
the awful character of death to his detestable
purpose of Slander. Efforts will be made to
detect the wretch who ha?, either thoughtlessly
or wickedly, committed an act so strongly
marked by innate depravity ; and it i hoped
he may be exposed to the scorn and contempt
of the community.
In pursuance of previous notice, the citizens
of Salisbury assembled in the Court-House, on
Saturday, the 3d inst. with the view of entering
into some suitable arrangements for celebrating
ihe 50th anniversary of American Independ
ence. Dr. S. L. Ferrand was called to thc
chair, and Philo White requested to act as sec
retary. After the meeting had been thus or
ganized, it was moved, and unanimously Resol
ved, that, as the approaching 4th of July will
be the half-centennial anniversary of the Ameri
can Declaration of Independence, the day ou-ht
to oe celebrated in a style more imposing than ,
is usual on similar occasions ;
Resolved. That a Dinner be given on that
day,-and that it be served up in some grove,
(should it be convenient,) in such a stvle as
to accommodate all classes of society, and at
the same time to do honor to the day; and that
Messrs. Hich'd II. Alexander, Isaac Burns, Sam
uel Lemly, John L. Henderson, and George W.
Brown, be a committee to make the necessary
arrangements for the occasion ; to request some
gentleman to deliver an Oration, kc &c
Resolved, That a Ball be given in the eve
ning; and that Messrs. M. A. Locke, C. Fisher,
Sam'l Lemly, Hugh Meenan, Ezra Allemong,
and Henry Giles, be the managers thereof.
Resolved. That Capt. Lemly be requested to
call out his company of Light Infantry Blues on
that day 5 and that Messrs. M. A. Locke, S. L.
Ferrand, aud Philo White, be a committee to

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