North Carolina Newspapers

    devise means fur defraying the expense of amu
nition, beverage, fee. for the military.
Jt soivetU That a!l the surviving OfHcers ard
Soldiers of the Revolutionary War, be invited
to partake of the Dinner; an 1 that Messrs. C.
Fisher, D. F. Caldwell, and John L. Henderson,
he a committee to invite them.
Resolved. That Messrs. D. F. Caldwell, C.
Fisher, and J. Sneed, be a committee to pre
pare toasts to be drank on the occasion.
S. L. FERRAND, Citron.
Arrangements fjr the Celebration.
We are authorized to state, that the Commit
tee of Arrangements have contracted for a Din
ner on the 4th, to be furnished at the Mansion
Hotel ; as also for a Ball in the evening- of that
day, at the same place. Considerable pains
will be taken to furnish a Dinner not only wor
thy of the occasion,but also at a rate so low that
the circumstances of none can preclude them,
on the score of exrense, from participating in
the celebration of the day. The nail will also
be afforded at a low rate. Separate subscrip
tion papers, for the Dinner and for the Ball, are
left at the bar of the Mansion Hotel, where all
those gentlemen who are desirous of partaking
of one, or joining in the other, are invited to
C3ll and subscribe.
Mr. Thomas Dews has been requested, and
has consented, to deliver an Oration on thaf day ;
David F. Caldwell, Esq. will read the Declara
tion of Independence ; and Col. Yarbro' act as
A procession will be formed at the Mansion
Hotel; the military in front, the Ladies net,
and all others to follow ; and march by files
through the Cros streets to Main street at the
Bank; from thence up Main street to the
Court-House, where the civic exercises of the
day will commence, 1st, by prayer; 2d, by
reading the Declaration; 3d,' by the delivery of
an Oration, Sec. fee.
The ladies are particularly requested to join
in the procession at the Mansion, and move
from thence round into the Court-House, to
witness the exercises there. All the citizens of
the town, as well as those from the adjacent
country, and such strangers as may be among us
at the time, are requested to join in the proces
sion, with the details of which the Marshal of
the day is charged.
As this is the Fiftieth anniversary the half
centennial celebration, of an event more glori
ous than any the world has known fur a long
lapse of ages, it is confidently believed no artifi
cial incentive will be required to call together a
r.uTiercus assemblage of our vizen".
Dextkhocs" POLiTirux.
mode of conveying to Mr. Anderson the
decision of the government.
What ground there may be for sup
posing, with the letter above referred to,
that Sp dn will very soon follow the ex
ample of France" in sending commission
ers to Panama, we hae no particular
means of judging, though we confess we
have seen no indication of any such pur
pose in our direct European accounts,
which are considerably later, than any
that could have been received at Cartha
gena at the date of the 13th April.
There cannot be much doubt that both
Mexico and Colombia would consent to
Cuba's remaining under its present de
pendence on the crown of Spain, if Spain
would in turn acknowledge the independ
ence of those countries, and it is most
manifestly for the interest of the United
States that such a course should be taken.
The Committee of Appointments for
the University of N. Carolina, assembled
at Chapel-Hill, on Tuesday last, to make
choice of Professors of Modern Languages
and Mathematics. For the first named
Professorship, a French gentleman named
Hantz, now residing near Boston, was
selected ; to the latter, Mr. James Philips,
an Englishman, residing near New-York,
was appointed. There were so many ap
plicants, and the testimonials they pro
The siege of the Caste of Callao.
We have heretofore giver the particulars of
the surrender of the Ca?tle of Callao, and made
duccd of their qualifications so flattering i some allusion to the deploratle state to which
sec into the hands of Mr. Archibald Lfc
Laine Hooper.
The " Americam Recorder," which
had been suspended for a few weeks, has
changed its title to that of 44 Washing
ton Herald, and N. Carolina Commercial
Journal," and is now published by Mess.
Hammond & Yeomans. Star.
We are inclined to believe that propri
etors of Newspapers would do a service to
the community by publishing the names
of such mean spirited men as subscribe
for papers and after receiving them,
one, two, or three years, as the case may
be, change their residence by running
away or otherwise leaving the printer un
paid, the paper still going, and the post
master to inform that the subscriber had
made off, bag and baggage. All flagrant
cases at least should be piblished.
Anson Gibbs received the Statesman
at Ovid, Seneca county, to the amount
of gll 94, and went off without paying
for it. This is the oriy recommenda
tion we can give him to tie confidence of
The iventi c vy V. t.:-,in s-peajring of. a eecb Andrew JacVrrr.,
and abundant, that great difficulty, we un
derstand, was experienced in effecting a
choice. It may be well to state, that the
Professorship of Modern Languages, is
one recently created ; the Mathematical
Chair was vacated by the transfer of Pro
fessor Mitchell to the Chemical Chair,
which had become vacant by the resigna
tion of Mr. Olmsted. Hal. Register.
At a large and respectable meeting of
the democratic citizens of the city and
county of Philadelphia, friendly to the
election of General Andrew Jackson, to
the office of President of the United
States, held pursuant to public notice at
the County Court House, in the city of
Philadelphia, on Thursday afternoon, May
2 5th, at 4 o'clock. On motion, Jacob
Holgate, Esq. was called to the chair, and
Frederick Stccvcr and -Ienry Horn were
chosen secretaries.
After the meeting had been addressed
by gentlemen, the following resolutions
were passed, with great unanimity:
Resolved That our confidence in the
untarnished integrity, experience, abili
ties, and well tried patriotism of General
the garrison was reduced during the siege ; but
the following picture exhibits the most appal
ling sufferings that it were posible for humani
ty to endure :
The garrison and inhabitants of Callao
were reduced to a deplorable state, almost
entirely without food, and in a state of
starvation ; dead bodies were found in the
houses and streets, that hac' died of hun
ger. The Marquis Torretagle a patriot
General whom the Royalists held as a
prisoner his wife and fan ly, have either
been killed, or starved t death. From
the extreme want of foci in his family,
he gave Gen. Rodil a meial presented to
him by the Peruvian Gotrnment, whilst
President of Peru, valuel at thirty thou
sand dollars, for a half barrel of beef
and a small quantity of ri:e. It is ascer
tained as a fact that lie Horses and
Mules, they were compelled to kill, to
prevent their dying of ttarvation, were
sold to the inhabitants at the enormous
sum ofS17 per pound. A single fowl
S30, and ship biscuit at 55 a piece ; there
was not a dog or cat to ke found in the
place at the time ofYHfi iirrender bflrie
castles they had oil been eaten by the
Cotton, S. Island, 35 a 40; stained do. 16
Maine and Santee, 13 a 23 cts.; short staple, 8
a 10 cents; Whiskey, 33 a 35 cents; Bacon,
oar; Hams 8 a 9; Lard, 8 a 9 ; Bagging, Dun
dee and Inverness, (42 inch,) 22 a 24 ; Coffee,
Prime Green, 15 Inf. to good, 13 to 15.
Georgia Bank Bills 1 j per cent, discount.
North-Carolina Do. 3 a 33 per cent, discount.
Cottons. In the early part of the week some
sales of Maine and Saniee Cottons wpre mit;
at our quotations; and Uplands were moving off
with some steadiness ; but the unfavorable ac
counts which have since flowed in upon us from
both France and England, have brought our
market to a stand. We have reduced our quo
tations of Uplands to 8 a 10 cents, at which rates
it is expected the market will open with the
coming week. Courier.
Cotton, 8 a 8 ; flour, fine, 5 a 6, super
fine scarce, 6; wheat, 90 cents agl; whiskey,
40 to 42$; peach brandy, 60 a 70; apple do.
60 ; com, 85 to 90 ; bacon, 7 a 8 ; salt, Turks
Island, 75 a 75 per bush. ; molasses, 40 42 ; sugar,
muscovado, 10$ a 11; coffee, prime green, 19
19; 2d and 3d qualitv, 15 a 11 ; tea, hyson,
SI 20 al 20; flaxseed, 75; tallow, 10 a 11;
beeswax, 23 a 30; rice 3 50 to 4 per 100 lbs.;
iron, 5$ a 6, pr, 100 lb. ; tobacco, leaf, a 5;
manufactured, 5 a 20 pr. cwt. Observer.
Cotton, 8 a 9 1 4; corn, Si 12 a 1 15 ;
bacon, 9 to 10; whiskey, 42 to 45 ; bran
dy, peach 65 to 75, apple 60 to 65 ; tal
low II a 12; flour, 6 25 to 7 ; tobac
co, (.rnanutactured) 12 to 15.
ted on the authouy of a Icttcf from
France, that M. Villele had declared that
England, France, and Austria had agreed
on dictating to Turkey an arrangement
with Greece, and in consequence, for the
observance of neutrality, France would
not allow of open contributions for tho
The Greeks are said to have obtained
some naval successes.
It is said, that a conspiracy to revolu
tionize Spain, had been discovered ; and
that one of the conspirators declared
there is, in London, a Directing Revolu
tionary Committee, cf which Mina is
From St. Petersburg the advices are to
the 1st of April. The Russian army is
said to be looked on with alarm by the
Czar. An article in the Journal de St.
Petersburg, of the 2 1st March, states,
that the Russian soldier is too idle, and
in a state of peace, gives his ear too read
ily to the insinuations of ill-disposed and
innovating reformers. It adds, that the
government itself seems now inclined to
attend to the subject ; and a plan is said
to be in contemplation to employ those
mercenaries, in time of peace, on works
of public utility. Not a syllable is said
of the Greeks or Turks, in these papers
the press of Petersburg is under too
strict a " surveillance."
Bacon, 9 10 ; Brandy, apple 45, peach
60 75 ; bagging 20 to 24 ; butter 20 a 25 ;
coffee, prime green, 20 a 22; cotton
8 to 9 ; corn scarce SI 10 ; flax
seed 80 a 85 ; flour 6 a 7 ; lard 9a 10:
molasses 50 to 62 ; oats 50 a 80 ; sugra,
prime 12 to 14, common 11a 11; salt,
Liverpool 90, Turks Island, Sec. 75
a 85 ; tallow 9 ; tea, gunpowder and
imperial 1 50 to S I 75 ; wheat S 1 a 1 25 ;
whiskey 40 a 45. Gazette.
In the Forks of the Yadkin, (in this county
on the 21st ult. bv Caswell Harbin, Esq. Mr.
Joshua Riley to Miss. Elizabeth Miller. Also, in
the Forks, on the V5th ult. by Nathan Cornell,
t:sq. Mr. Joseph Miner to Miss Eunice Dever.
Near Mocksville, in this county, on the 30th
ult. by John Clement. Esq. Dr. Alfred Cook to
Miss Sally Torrentine.
At the house of his brother, Mr. James
in this town-tor Srinday n -Ni-W.-
-.'. t M. ' , ,
Ct his .if, C:
returned fT
r::ui, but a, - , .
inhabitants. At th commencement cfUhe We- iai:.
St rites, d ... ing 1
chief rpaTMSfrac
that s.?e, says that " thev-wr7.v .'e' ?pt c'-
hai'iri the dexterity, in the ' '. T ' space 'c.j of
tve' lines cf the printed jspe. tl, to, in-r t ttiS
thirteZ LIES." ThU is certaini" irg at h vo pciiatch
rt"ir. iV.e
his .-:.p vcl:) in
h"; in-self --or els
remains linirr.paired, j fie siege, there, were 1 503 troops in the
and that we regard hi c lev -ui-jn to the Citle, 4500 in the town. At the surren-
us ubsentL i tf. the levival der there were but 300 troops and 500
rep' L'Ciiri principles. ;cpt
J.!icr.n vir-
' M
i t'pubiir :r.
in t' e s'j-
imi:.;..iaii!5 , niu, y--u cr- iiiai i
J5C00 souls, there were but 800 left.
h United
; tt
By the arrival of the ship Charleston
Capt. Hitchcock, from Curracoa, the ed
itors of the N. Y. Commercial, have files
of papers to a late date. Capt. H. con
firms the report of an insurrection at
Valencia, under General Paez. Several
of the principal inhabitants had been kil
led, by the forces under Paez, whose ar
my consisted of from 2 to 3000 men
He was said to be on his way to Caracas,
to separate that part of the republic from
the other two and make it a distinct gov
ernment. Such was the consternation at
Laguira and Puerto Cabello, that all ves
sels having provisions on board were pro
hibited from leaving port, and that theso
ports were to be free from duties foi six
months. The Dutch Consul requested
the Governor of Curacoa to dispatch to
the above mentioned place, a sloop of
war to protect foreign merchants and
their property, and to receive him on
board. Two days after the reception cf
the Ie'e"?f i "oop of war was sent ec-
' ""..-l.'.'.v - 'bop ol war, to protect for
i! eii merchants and all goods committe-.!
IU ' VUUlUICilUvl w . w-. -
! Patriot.
Hornet and cont ,d;hat .T st:1 .0 4 ,r J: -.- . WHia.
ship, till, owing jcucf nufJh vVr WtW4 T9rtr, T w,
edleavc . . ose r, Apn., to yis;-:. y tart mtt, -y:t Bt aL-c
and ttic.-'li it; - T-,aceJ . But it - ,..,,,1 QtVer v boson
I1V tO be CU. ? . -..terim ,. the ll . f t -J arrr.?.
It h s
klljl tlx
II thirteen
he so "dexter-
- iz.t.-rfr-Unc-s!
vliat deemed gord authority,
.T.cei'uJg of the Ojngresn at F'ii'tma, is
i ti'l th? ouv.iing fall. And, in con'"
r.r1, as .c
; cir,ia i ij
r . "f ion, are
vv- Mild the
exc ::ons
aliki due 1
'iei t 3 excitement has
- ... j
r tr XtXutn nf 7S i nrlr.Uv the
five bijLJfm'ume'! wr. .-,vJ
crat?c ciurens or tne en nno
Philadelphia, In coi'ut;!5 a
committee ct vunlance ami ?
W.exv .;): b .- at ' iMidicf
fv;,; J 'o e: r: ' o the'Canal
.JM BoatsO J (xU t ju .nLc , ;hee were loud
..r.:- -of ! temp,-.,; anr?.irui govern t.'snt. On an
rr;-. .cnLi application to :nc LT. S. Cofiptroller, he
ri''n- I denies that the afcreiiaid CoJectur had any
i? said that Mr. Atiry.r.WJ circulate sin adoies
i .1 i.' e, whose duty i: 'i.l ' J. lrTlutliority to exact a tonnage ccc.
eternity, er
f atui.
.i? anc.
cers ca 3e . r ' hi"
ed witl- L( Ll i
in the N.v. -3 " i i "V- ;
gtr'tlf (0:e:aoat;i)rj sa .; :
.an rV n ...rh'the annrnhatl. r ' 3
f; '.A
low-officers. He L re tije-tfiv ;C?. .ble te?.
tH.cni-.!s"frorn Coni. Woolsey, then senior ofR-j
cer on the "Yc:t Jn'.1.::, Siatton; iVora Cvjt.j
Woodhotis-, oi the. iTcrr.
J o iur eforttr sc f rui a fTusi i '
Opt his siurse j U tuy k jw'Ue tisr ?
,f . f ; . .' M n n fc V'-.h cr piot s a-i,.
' T-'i.u fius-1 speert.Qur out 1U teen..g n;ii.4 i
! r,'35K WniritS t aad as; l Lopn oatf,
brink doT.tae lrei:J?ut, utlcirvp c ';uef nf iu.ta
No! tfcese cigJidef !s, lo .ii-.;
itfr ! tLj ,-K.wer perforn..', a: ;l ih:a i' jue.
mrc Poritr !t
fe:k v rc- wc presume, the atiiir will 'csl-
.the discretion of Messrs. Ser xy:r,t:ca x-c c4
ter either to embark lor thei destination now,
or remain at home till fall. It is presumed they
will make choice of the last alternative, on ac
count of the unhealthiness of the climat- at Pa
nama during the summer season. We add the
following-articles on the subject :
Private accounts from Washington,
(says the New York Mercantile Adverti
ser, state that our Government has been
notified that the Congress of Panama will
not assemble before the month of Octo
ber. The departure of our Ministers
will, therefore, be deferred till that time.
The Mercantile Advertiser, of this mor
ning, has the following paragraph :
u We have been favoured with the
perusal of a letter from Carthagena, of
April 13th, (received by way of Mobile,)
.vhich states that a French frigate had
arrived from Brest, with Commissioners
from the Government of France to the
Congress of Panama, and with, as was
supposed, authority to form a treaty with
Colombia. The letter adds, " there is -very
great expectation that Sfiain will very
seen follow the example of France."
There is, however, we imagine, very
little doubt, that the session of the Con
gress will be postponed till autumn. Ac
counts as late as the middle of April from
the Isthmus have been received, and at
that time the deputies from two only of
the American nations had arrived. The
departure, therefore, at this season, of
our minister, would be unnecessary and
useless, and it has been accordingly post
poned. The information of the Albany
Argus, that Mr. Sergeant and Mr. Roches
ter were to embark in the Lexington sloop
of war, next month, was doubtless deem
ed correct when given, but it is neverthe
less inaccurate. It is doubtful, we appre
hend, whether the Lexington will not
proceed at once to the lirazil station,
without touching at Carthagena or Porto
Bello, recourse being had to some other
publicans throughout itio fn;osi, to com
municate with similar committees in other
states, or in the vaiious counties of this
commonwealth, and to pursue generally,
all such measures as may be deemed ex
pedient, in order to insure, at the close
of the present term of the Presidential
ofiice, the triumphant election of the peo
ple's candidate.
One or two members, during the sit
ting yesterday morning, expressed a be
lief that it is unconstitutional, and at va
riance with the rules of the House, to le
gislate on Sunday. The Speaker deci
ded, that although not usual for the House
to legislate on that day, it is fully compe
tent for the House to do so. Journal.
Mr. Mercer gave notice before the
House adjourned, that he should this
morning move lor a call of the House ;
and Mr. Wcems, of Maryland, also gave
notice that he should move to record on
the Journal, the names of all the mem
bers who have drawn their full pay, and
absented themselves without leave of the
House. io.
Captain Symmes is engaged in giving
lectures at Boston on his new theory.
We find it stated that he lectured on
Thursday last to a very respectable audi
ence, who listened to him with attention.
A letter from one of the audience, signed
a convert," says, " he listened for the
ravings of a madman, and heard the spec
ulations of a philosopher and sage."
The " North Carolina Journal," pub
lished by Mr. James A. Patterson and
edited by Major John A. Cameron, at
Fayetteville, made its first appearance
on the 17th instant. It is handsomely
printed on a large sheet, and, judging
from the talents displayed in the editorial
matter of the first number, will no doubt
rank among the most respectable jour
nals of the State.
The " Cape Fear Recorder" has pas-
Pc;i;.i'.'lza?.-'a Cena.---V? observe ths.i
the Pennsylvania Canal Commissioners!
have advertised to receive proposals for
the excavation of a Canal, and the con
struction of locks and other works neces
sary thereto, from the Rivtr Swatara, to
a point on the Susquehannii opposite the
mouth of the Juniata. Ths work will be
commenced about the fou:th of July.
i here, j and fom '.'hers ot Ins scjaor olnct:!-,. lie hj ; : zs . r
Mt .TiVLiu mother, a?d many her conr;-s- i vWliAlOIi &IYUCU
i j in rnd near this phce, tu n.cirn over hi-: i vnnxn M AM. whn K ; vJ,i
- r - - J .
i 1 " i a ' l .
A Grand Explosion.-
o answer
double purpose of celebratng the next
anniversary of our Indepenfcnce and ma
king improvements, some of the citizens
of Ulster County, New Yo-k, intend to
charge a large rock witl. tivo thousand
pounds of gun-powder, an! it is expect
ed that the report of the explosion will
be heard over a great part of the New
England States.
Bible Societies Ther are 3000 Bible
Societies in the world, fouided all within
twenty years. Their annud receipts are
about 1,000,000 (g4, 500,030,) and more
than three millions of Dibits have been
distributed over the globe it 140 differ
ent languages.
Beverly R. Grayson, W. Haile, and
John H. Norton, are announced as candi
dates to represent the state of Mississippi,
in Congress, in the place of the lamented
Mr. Rankin.
Counterfeit Fifty Cent Bills, of the
Bank of the State of South Carolina, are
said to be in circulation in Charleston.
They are pretty well executed, and ca
culated to deceive persons not generally
conversant in Bank Bills.
J. G. A. Williamson, Esq of Person
county, (in this state) has been appointed
by the President, with the advice and
consent of the Senate, Consul at Laguira,
in S. America. We understand he will
probably depart for the place of his desti
nation in the course of this summer.
N. C. Jzur.
jiVMciireaiH. . J : : Xunvledze of Mercantile Business, and
n ,-.icv v me v.ui. ti.i.ii. Boole lvteping by double entry, wishes to pro-
WVErwin, in Burke county, Mrs. Catharine cure a sit iation as an assistant in alV. I. or dry.
Sharpe, relict of the late William Sharpe, Esq. p-ood store, as a salesman and T,f0
at an advanced age. Her amiable disposition, th-is or some ijaCent county ; a sn.aH compen
and exemplary piety, secured the esteem and sation only wiW be requested. Satiactorv re-
affection ot all her acquaintances. commendation as to character and capability.
In New Castle, Delaware, on Sunday last, the I wm be given. A line addressed to L. U. V.
Hon. Nicholas Van Dyke, a Senator from that! and ieft atthe office of the Western Carolinian,
State in Congress,
Suddenly at Fayetteville on the 26th instant,
aged about 45 years, Doctor Edward McKay;
much respected as a man, and very popular as a
Physician, in that town and the neighborhood.
Doctor McKay, was apparently in high health,
on the day of his death, eat a hearty dinner and
died in ten minutes afterwards.
will be promptly attended to.
Jdncoln county, June 5, 1826.
Han &Yftt3,
FROM the subscribers, on Monday night,
the 5th inst. a Negro Man by the name" of
'JOE, aged about 30 years, common Vized, very
black, a flat nose, two or three ot his front up-
cry- We are affain obliged to crowd out the per teeth gone, and small eye?, sunk in his head.
port of operations foi
it shall go in next week.
- f - j x j
.1 .mmo nf A VKfl LV
rpnnrfnf nnprations for cataract in the eve :!A .,so a.ncK ou a'7 ".r0."'
,vr "i
Jin Saturtrag'g Hafi.
1 wife of Joe ; she is quite small, about 23 years
! old, rather yellowish commplexion, hollow small
feet, very active, and smokes and chews tobac-
co. Anv person who will take up said Negroes,
and confine them in any jail, and inform us, by
The drought continues, in this section of wr;t:ne. Cr sending word, to Concord, Cabarrus
country. The wheat harvest has commenced : county, N. C. shall be paid for their trouble,
the grain proves to be very good, but, generally expense, &c. and receive the thanks of the sub-
speaking, the yield is small. Corn is SI per
bushel, and flour 7 to 8 dollars per barrel ; flour
will, however, be much lower after harvestTas
the crop is tolerably good ; but corn must con
tinue high for ?ome time, unless we soon have
rain, to save the growing crop.
London papers to the 22d of April have
been received in Boston. They contain
very little news. It was expected that the
dissolution of Parliament would take
place some time from the middle of May
to the second week in June, but the pre
cise time was not fixed. At the latest
dates from Greece, Missolonghi had not
surrendered, and the accounts of this event
hpfme received, as we conjectured, were
untrue. The Earl of Liverpool, in the
House of Lords, in answer to an inquiry
respecting the letter which has been pub
lished in many of the papers, purporting
to be from on English colonel, said, " the
facts mentioned in the letter could not
therefore be true, for it represented Mis
solonghi to have fallen at a time when it
had certainly not fallen" It was asscr-
listed ol! 3oim Weant.
IF there are yet any claims against the estate
of the, late John Weant, dee'd. unsatisfied,
it is requested that they be presented to the
Executor as soon as may be, properly authenti
cated for liquidation ; and those who yet remain
indebted to the estate, are desired to make pay
ment without delay, as the Executor wishes to
close the business of the estate as soon as possi
ble. JACOB WEANT,Br'r.
Rotvan county, June 3, 1826. 3tl6
AND committed to the jail of Davidson coun
ty, on the 5th instant, a negro man, who
says his name is Reuben, and that he belongs to
Christian Litener of Richland District, S. Caro-
lina. He ia young, not large, quite DiacK, can
read, is remarkable intelligent, and has been
whipped not long since. From some circum
stances, I am induced to beiieve that he is not
from S. Carolina, but from Lincoln county in
this state, and that he is an accomplice of the
notorious Wear, now in jail in that county. His
owner is requested to come forward, prove his
property, pay charges, and take him away.
Jx:ngten9 June 9th, 1826. 3U6

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