North Carolina Newspapers

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Altb ii!!f wliVh affi'i"i a b.ti.w
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Aii J m .H tLe r-:tih t,f r.
,Z raan .i Th.- b. r', li !? Happi.-! hour,
A halo i f i pt urr irt !i !
AnJ -llvinc: it ?li 'c--th the me'ca) powrr,
Ji a pni ii-ah the liiV.i from 6-jtp !
it o eel in? tT ht HrM t her ter ?
I1, Are i in thr Lekrt ! t!i U Cgtv ?
is doubly Kucr., mi. J dpr,
Huth, bi tti anr most exquisite : Mrgt is ifce
Wl i. -h bract I.i tht -u on of rldn4 j
M. t i the t. r Mrh can crrtw bcecii',
Of bftt.t ue Domect of adurss.
3 -
tsi .Mrs. Care;; authoress Lasting Impres
sions," a celebrated Vfc torey published in
mLon don.
WTn-u Baldwin first woo'd, I tid -V, I cotfcM,
Heciuse 1 hmi hrril "cpl r jr
Tfcut tin- m-n wcrf o rilcr, if too ofn wt mH ftj
TLry with crw would owr f ntaluif M rn-J.
o 1 blunt. 'd an4 look'd down--
y i.leavuur'd to frown,
x.d ct i' C-"4' to 1 joa but mean to deceive me.'
bat tic s.iiH'd, wbru 1 said
That I ue'er meruit te wed,
nd protrsird he did not h'li.'Te ne.
&ben next he rrncacd Ms nrf-joii tf 'rati,
ttl-d, but in nun, vt ' -o ,
orl tlioubt it pit tofrowD 00 th- youtt
fV'tru m iiiie coaid uch jilfriuure beitor.
i . I Lrld cut iuj haud--
T.ui said, " lrT aiidrrtnd
ll Lerrt r you sliLt or dt-ccif C
Tbcucti ui ry tu iurt,
1 (bull not break r tert
te Kiuil'd, aad arrwed to bfUcte 1EP.
J A I X ItAxNDOLPH ligwi.
AVhen the Scnau, on Wednesday,
the 3d ult. resumed the consideration
of the Bankrupt Bill, Mr. Kandolph
moved that ihe bill be iadt finitely
postponed and then went on to an
swer the argument of Mr. Hayne, de-j
iivereU on monoay, iir. i. com
mented with a eulogy on the spirit of
proud independence with whih every
frre-h. lder in Virginia now acted,
and described the blessings which the
nresent Constitution ot that ancient
and renowned Commonwealth distri
buted amnc her inhabitants. He
than adverted to the deleterious ef- '
fects of the paper system glanced at
the subject of slavery and gave as a
reason .vhy he pit.ierred black slaves,
to white slaves, th.t the black slaves j
never injure the white breed, and nc-
ver became, or came to I
Congress. He was opposed t the
press, for the same reasons he was op
possed to standing armies he was for
his friend from Missouri, because bis
friend was for him. The policy of
the Government was to buy up all the
presses they could get, tnd if the
Uankrupt Bill passed, il mattered not
or,c.Jtr,iu bjtjr Aiulrew Jatpksor, r
or John vt uncy Adam, U elected j
the next President. Ilr du not be
lieve the President of thr U.S. would
be re.d the bill, io sisti. g as
it did, of 78 p.'ges ar.d 92 sertins,
and he did n t believe the members of
the Senate had been able to give it
the attention it required. He cdled
!. Prirlent's Mtrssatrc t the 11 use
cf P.epresent stives, on the Pan .ma
IVIission, a stump speech ; and pro-
, ncui ced the spt rch of another Pro-
fessor puerij'f silly and self-su.iicicnt.
lie declared he never aske a gen
tleman fcr money in the course ol his
life p.ul he never c.uld do it He
gave a recipe to make a Bink and
denounced Unitarians in politics, who
lvere trying to make a uoit of this
government. No family ever fl urish
cd wi houta family bibl-, and in buy
ing a bible, he always would buy one
from the old booksellers, not from one
who would sell a bible that had the
7tb commandment printed, without
the word ?iot, though the omission .f
the word would suit very well the
principles of some of the high digni
taries of this government. He never
Jcnew a man who was a Theologian,
and Sir Robert Walpole never allow
ed the subject of religion to be discus
sed by Divines at his table, because,
if he did, he should hear nothing but
prof.mity. The American people
Were ik t the 100th part as enlightened
as ihev oueht to be jnd a certain
gieat orator and philologer, vh
ptoved that Congress had the right to
dig Canals, because they could estab
lish post roads, could ntither speak
grammatically, nor write grammatic
al He protested against the eulog
paid to the mercantile community by
IVlr. Hayne, and throughout the whole
of his remarks, dealt out the most un
sparing abuse against the Secretary of
State, without, however, expressly
naming him.
He concluded his remarks, by giv-
jug iiiioi iiiaiiuu uiai nc uau a line
double-barrel gun at home, which, he
said, as at the service of any sherifl
who might dare to come in his neigh
borhood, to execute any of the provis
ions of that l..w or aoy agent of th.
Government who might venture to sei 1
font upon lands, for tnc purpR3e rtf
laying out roads and canals He did
nor care whether constitutional or not
It mattered not to him what the Su
preme Court said thank God he
rnuld null a triirirer he wiuld use
his double-barrel gun. What Could
thev do with him-hang him ? But
th-r question must ne irieu uy a ciar-
iottc Jury : not by a Jury of thii poor,
miserable, corrupt ten miles square.
A jury of the District ot Columbia I F;r the fine pair of thrt-ad do. the like pre
was no more competent to trv a free- mium.
man, than a j,.ry f free negroes. I f j the br tfeee of Crprt .nT. not less than
, . , 1 i 1 l tventv vards, 6 silver tea ?,joims.
those with whom he had been acting I F()r tfie best piece of negro's winter Cloth,
persevered in support of such a law nt I.mj than twenty yards, 2 dessert spoons
as the one under consideration, he1 For the best piece of I Table Lmen, not less
wnuld quit them forever. So help
him Gt.d he never would vote with
them again upon any question whate
ver, fie would not vote with the ad-
ministration, but never, never would
he vote with any men that gave their
t tn i :r . irit
wn'ir I i i I I T i r i I I f 11 mil
passed, he would not vote for An-
drew Jackson. He cave them that
warning, he said, ad so help him
God he would adhere to his determi-
n i ;n.
The hditor of the Neu York Eve
ning Post some time since, in ansuei
to a card from some ladies, gave it as
his opinion, that a visiting card from
two or more ladies of the same name,
should begin thus, (the ladies name
, . i i n Ti r i i-
being Keid:) 1 he Miss Keids compli-
ments, &t . and that "the Misses
Reid's compliments," is wrong. Will
the editor of the Post inform us hw
the plural f the n.ime Cassedt, and
others cf similar termination, should
be written, having reference at the
same time to the rule of gramm .r
which says, " Nouns which have y in
the singular, with no other voel in
the same syllable, change it into ies
in the plural," should be written Cas
sedies ? How sould the of the
name Wolf, and others of the same
termination, be writtrn with reference
to the rule, that iNouns ending in ,
tr Je, are rendered plur.l by
. i
change of those terminations
ves Should Mr. Wolf's daughters
be c died tne xUt,ss Wolvex c
M. Hadner, of Saxony, -ttributes
the exhaustion of the soil bv Indian
cor. to the rocts af ter thr crop is gath
erd. He therefore plucks up the
rioti w
The same gentleman or cc soued some
flax seed that wa 12 years old,'ancI to
his astonishment it produced the most
beautiful fl -x he ever saw.
' A tail r is the ninth of a mar.,' said
a would-be- it in the nrrst-nce ot a
knight of the shears. But,' replied
the tailor, a f ol is no part at all.'
A wit pacified a qo rrelsome per
son the otner day by observing, 4 I
should n t like to go up in a balloon
with you for fear . Jailing cut
The same wit dinii.g at a tavern
asked for a wine glass : the waiter in
bringing it accidentally let it fall.
' Zounds I did not ask you for a tum
bler.' The fertility of insects is one of the
most striking subjects in their economy.
The Musea mcridiana lays two eggs; p
Flea 12; the Silk-worm nOO ; the Goat
moth 1000; various Cocci from 2000 to
5000; the Wasp 30.000; the Bee 40 000
or 50.000; the Alevrodes protrlla 200.
000 ; while the Tei rnes fatale is compu
ted to lay 2lU442,6no in a year.
An act to authorize the State of Pennsylvania to
lav out and make a canal through the United
States' public ground, near the city of Pitts
burgh. lie it en acted by the Senate and House of lle
prrsentatires of the United States of .Imerica in
( 'ongrrts ussmibled, That the consent of Con
gress l herebv giwntothe State ot Pennsyl
vania, to lay out and make a cana! through the
United States' public ground, at the village of
Lawrenceville, near the city of Pittsburg: Pro
tided. That, in laying out and making said
canal, the said State, the Engineeis, artisans,
or laborers, by her employed, shall not interfere
with, or injure, any of the buildings, improve
ments, or other works, erected, or that may
hercreafter be erected, by, or for the use of,
the United States.
Sec. 2. .Ind be it further enacted, 1 hat, as a
condition on which the assent of Congress is
given, wherever, said canal shall cross any pub-
or private road or highway, m said public
ground, the State ot Pennsylvania shall cause
bridires to be erected fit for the passage of carts
and wagons; and forever thereafter keep and
maintain the said bntlces passable and in good
repair, without receiving any toller tolls, or any
other compensation whatever.
Speaker of th House of Representatives
Vice-President of the. United States and
President of the Senate.
Approved April 25, D 26.
Hh the nlant. aed remarks th r Pt Il5( N ao( tne uegree oi amelioration tnus pro- i.ourt-l louse, opposite Mr. Maugiiter's Mouse ot
- " ..... . -i'loeedj - - - - - - . S5 i Entertainment, in a fashionable, respectable,
corn-neio is ravouraoiv uistin- i t ' n-iui r,r.v-r , - v r- - ,
from those v ho surround it. I Cotton, wit rtferenceto the choice and pre- j la rife and convenient, with all the necessary
Ffllin oiptm 1$ricuUnral Society, will hold
1 their next meeting fo? the exhibition of
.lrtinpk; an? mis. hotischoKl manufactures See.
in Salisbury, on the !a-t rhtirsc!;iy and Friday, ,
i the JtSth and 27lx of October next, when the
j P-fX SSSfffinest pair
cf knit WOolU n Stockings, a premium 01 a ring
of N'orth Carolina (iold.
( the finst pair of
cotton Stockings the
tnan iwcuc lai vw.-v.
For he best piece of Curtain Cloth, not less
than twenty yards, 3 dessert spoons.
For the best DonAet, made of native grass or
straw, a prcraUm will be given eual to its
i ' j HOUSES.
For the best bullion, over three years old,
! on ti,ront hritll. valut-d at - S"
. w - - - . , mr
For the best
irood Mare do. do.
Jolt and Filly, three years
F r the best
old this si.rin!r,each
For the bes: Mule, three years old this
spring - ;
For the best Bill Calf, under two vear old,
j For bcSt tl,c "-alf, under two years
For the best dilch Co a (the criterion to
be the quantity cf good butter made in a
given time, from hr milk, which must be
certified) a silver Cream Ladle.
For the best roke of Oxen, - 5
For the best Soar, over one year old, 2
I. 'the best br
be shown with ler
ro tfu. per50lw
For the best breeding trow (ofi'spring to
) - - 2
m 1 11 .1
ptFoi wno snail rai.e tne greatest
quantity of Wheat, not Ies- than twenty-five
bushel" per cre, on any number of acres,
j not le-s than ive, a premiu n of - 5
I For the greatest quantity of Indian Corn,
not less than fifty bushels, on any number of
acres not Ic-stUn ten, 5
For the greapt quantity of Kye not less
than twenty buieN per acre, on any number
of acres not les-fhan ten, 5
For th greaest quantity of Cotton, not
less than l'JUOis. per acre, on any num
ber of acres not' ss than five, 5
Competitors tr any of the four las premiums
mut furni-h the Society widi a written account
of the mode of cultivation. Sec. pursued bv them.
For the best nanaged Farm, of not less than
one hundred acres ot cultivated land, referring
to the convenience of the necessary farm build
ings, the quality of the fences, the general con
dition of everything connected a ith the ope-
rations of husbaidry, and the quantity of manure
collected f rom tie resource? of the farm in pro
portion to its exvnt, and the number of labour
ers employed tlereon, a silver tumbler will be
To decide the above, a Visiting Committee
will be appointed.
For the greatest extent of Lan : reclaimed by
covered ditch s, the drains to present a surface
above, vhich will not impede the usual process
of ploughing. Competitors must communicate
the method bv which it wa? effected, the ex
paration onV ;-oil. an:1 'he mode of cultivating.
Competitoi to forward heir essays to the Sec
retary of tl- Society, with a piece of paper
sealed overhtir signatures, not to be removed
till the exaiining committee shall have deci
di d between ht m : A medal of North Carolina
gold. Uy juUr of the Society.
JOHN HE X HI), Jr. Secret anj.
.May 16,, 8:6. owt .
TT ESCENDED from the
-B-r most renowned tick ot
ensuing seasons mv stable, m Rowan County, !
ten miles Nortt East from Salisbury, at t-.een'tu !
dollar- thesea-.n, payable by sixteea hilars
paid within the season; ten 'dollars (cash) the !
- ...
single leap ; thirty dollars to insure a mare to
be with foal, jruded the property of the mare
is not changed but no
can be adnutttc.
A'.ronaut wi'ibe five y
greatly improved since
grandeur, synnetrv and elegance, oemg
sixteen hands figb, remarkably heavy made,
and yet so cfntructed as to exhibit the finest
. ... . .
action. His constitution is not only sound, but
of the most healhv, vigorous and durable cast,
calculated to enlure the greatest exercise with
out failure. He is a fine mahogany bay, the
color most highly esteemed by the greatest
ludges on the stbject, and tree trom all blemish
or imperfection
iEronaut was gotten by the celebrated im
ported horse Egle ; his dam by the imported
horse Dion ; gimdam by Expectation, one of
the best son ot the imported horse Diomede,
out of a Medlcv mare, &c. Expection w as the
favorite horse of his day in North-Carolina, hav
incr beaten Ruoiron, Mollv Long-legs, &c. The
celebrated horse Eclipse and Highflyer, of Eng
land, were bo
th his grea'-grandsires; and the j
Flving'childers, considered the !
famous Horse
fleetest horse eer know n in England, or per
haps in the world, was the grandsire of Eclipse.
Aeronaut will te shown at the terms of the
Superor Courts in Salisbury, Statcsville, and
Lexincrton: where gentlemen disposed to view
him, can decide for then. selves whether he
i not the finest young horse ever produced in
this state. He will be found regularly at his
station, except when taken to be shown at pub-
lie places. His pedigree and reputation, will ,
be further illustrated in handbills, at the com
mencement of the season. 99
Feb. 23, 1826. ROBERT MOORE.
Instate oi 3o W oigens.
rElHE subscriber having qualified as adminis-j
X trator on the estate of the late John P. j
Ilodgens, dec. desires all persons indebted to j
said estate, to come forward and make settle- j
ment ; and all those having claims against said ;
estate, will present them for settlement, proper-
ly authenticated, otherwise this notice will be
plead in bar of their recovery.
i 'i in- i si iiracu.u cssjv tin iiii cuiiiire? tu nnii iifn'-'infiriv n;irt ot ihp rim-u i a hnncu ...
... .. vw,... ov... jiKeiy anu aiuaDie ; 1S!i to have business done in his line that find
ears old next spring is ; :uf ;e; of men, women, hoys and ing the village of ronC9rd a morfc CeJlt;al V-tua
.t,., : ; irirls ; horses, tattle, hogs sheen, one yoke tion. he Iiiq r,.mnv,.,i th.t!. ...i i. ,'
TI1K Mibxc-iber rtspectrully oilers disservi
ces, a Physician and Surgeon to the in
habitants of Lexingtou, and the adjoining coun
try. His office is kt-pt in one of the front
rooms of Mr. Henley's new house, nearly oppo
site Mr, llibelin's I avlor Shop. He can always
be found at his office, or at Mr. J l Mabrys
Tavern, unless attending- to the duties of his
profession. All cases intrusted to his care, will
be attended with promptness and assiduitj .
1 ringtail, June 3, 1826. 3tl5
Twenty UoWiws YVfcWttYtA.
pF.CFtO man AAliON ran awav from he
i.t subscriber about the first of last month,
and has not Ik en heard of since. It is suspected
that aron has chosen one of four places of con
cealment: 1. With the notorious Jonathan "Rector, who
has been lurking in the woods for a year pat in
different parts of Iredell county, generally hav
ing runaway negroes with him, and who was
caught lately, it is reported, near Center Church,
and had Lynch's law inflicted upon him ;
2. In the neighborhood of Sherril' Ford, in
Lincoln county, where he formerly had a wife
and other connexions ;
3. About a plantation of the late Archibald
Henderson, Esq. on the Yadkin river, in the
neighborhood of Salisbury, where he is said to
have a brother;
Or he may be in the ncighoourhood of Mr.
Alexander Gillespie, in Mecklenburg county, as
he has a brother and other relations in that part ;
ot the country.
As Hector has received a hint (the th'rd one,
it is ?aid, of Lynch's sort) to leave our county, it
is probable he may travel off with his dark
skin'd companions, and make sale of them at a
Aaron is about forty years of age, but would
pas for much younger, were it not t!at his head
is a little grey. He is about five feet and from
eight to ten inches high, well made, very black
and smooth skinned, pleasant countenance,
speaks sensible and w ell. i fond of playing the
fiddle ; and is a plausible, likely fellow.
His clothing is not known ; but he is supposed
to have with him a good 'tipply.
I he above reward will be paid to any person
who delivers Aaron to ine at my house, free of
charges; or ten dollars to any one who appro
he1 ds him, and secures him in some gaol, so that
I ge him. JOHN F. UUKVAHD.
Iredell C"unty near Ilcattit's i'ori!t
t x.
.'Y ?;r STORK
f"3 III K subscribers having entered into copart
3.. nership, in the Mercantile business, un
der the firm of liro-u-n Hunt, in the Town of
Lexington, Davidson county, respectfully in
form the public, that they are now opening a
choice selection of
Drif Goods Hnrdivare Groceries, c5V.
Which they intend selling at a small profit.
Persons wishing to purchase ; will plea-e call,
examine prices, and judge for themselves.
.March 6. 1826. ANDREW HUN
X the town of Salisbury, for sale. The sub
scriber will dispose of his Hou-e and Lot in
the town of Salisbury, at a bargain, and on ac
commodating terms of payment. The house is
on Main street, a short distance south of the
out-hou'es, large lot, garden. Sec. and is well
calculated tor the accommodation of either a
large or small family, and a store beside ; or it
would make a pleasant and deirahle residence
for a family out of business, or which miht be
engaged in any genteel occupation. For other
information, apply to the subscriber, in the
Forks of th Yadkin; or to Wm. II. Slaughter
who has the kevs of the houae. '9
.ipril 29, 1S26. GEORGE MILLER.
N. I. If the houee is not sold soon, it will be
, , ... , ,
tn nm- rM,. ,iKv ,v.ll I - . . L
"ii.ahuj.uLa.L oi
it, and keep it m good condition, and not abuse
it in any niimner.
I H r, ni I K rri' J . . 4 K v . . . .1.
t ft' ' . 'ul., ,tsc"l fJ" usu Prt"
,? , 'msf s t,f subscriber, on the I th and
f next, rw, tracts of W, one called j
xh "r-ya" tn.ct, a.lmnnng John l).-niukes and!
called the Mill tract, containing 10o acres.
" " ' ' v i v i V- UUIV.1
-I.Cn I A Sell tlJC
1 Ml ll.i
tract ot land where 1 now reside, or rent for a
term of years. Any of the above property will
be sold privately, by applying before the day of
..k. r.,- ,o , 0
,u'"3 icuic iui lami, u, t 4o aim
months; negroes, tec O, y and lj months;
ifiiv v niirpiv
0y -00- JUU A' Cli,V :
.nay . , Ioo. mia
Jttttsomc eelvvxtiou.
rMlF, 24th June (being the anniversary of the j
J birth of St. John the Baptist) ill be cele-j
h rated by Mount Moriah Lodge, No 82, at
Statesville, on which occasion the Rev. Jno.
. . . ., i i .1 '
Mushat will deliver a discourse. I he brethren
Dunus Mill moil sccurnv vi he rt-ninrn .
wf neighboring- Lodges, are respectfully invited
to attend. Ry onler,
Jpril2i 1826. 7tl6
State of JSTorth Carolina, Hoivan county;
"ffN Equity, April term, 1826. Joseph Latb
M. coe and Anna his wife, vs. Daniel Her
man and Polly his wife, William Yarbrough and
Winfred his wife, William Elliott, William Man
uel and Jane his wife ; Petition for the s:de of
real estate. The complainants having shown :o
lhe satisfaction of the court, that the above
named defendants are not residents of this state,
it is therefore ordered, that publication be made
in the Western Carolinian for three months suc
cessively, that unless the said defendants, Dan
iel llernian and Polly his wife, William Yar-
brough and Winfred his wife, William Elliott,
William Manuel and Jane his wife, appear at
Salisbury on the second Monday after the fourth
Monday in September next, and answer, or
show cause why the prayer of the petiijon
should not be granted, an order of sale will be
made absolute, and they estopped from making
any future objection.
5 AMU. SLLJU1MAN, c. m. e.
Price adv. S4. SsuS
liability tor accidents i. ',. - a t ..a. w, .my : part ot tne community, and a such
MM. ., -I. 4 . . l . -
i i n.cL w tins. Mm n . 1 1 1 1 1 ii riniiiir ini tiv; - mvi i l
now i 'P. o o 7 fruuu suop. anu nas incrasea the number of
i e, h iicai, oa's. cic. cci:
Lie heavy, earth, on him, for he
Laid many heavy loads on thee.
A man died at one of the
pumps in
in conse-
Philadelphia on the 15th ult
quence of drinki"; the water the ther
mometer was at 90.
TI HK Public are respectfully informed, that
the Turstces of the Female Academy at
Salem, Stokes county, Xorlh -Carolina, intend
opening a Boarding School for Jtoys, also, in
the same place; in which all the branches of a.
good English Education will be taught and
besides that, the Latin, Greek, French and
Spanish languages.
The undersigned, on whom the superintend
ence of this School will devolve. he- fn-?-ir-
i leave to state, that five competent Teachers will
I 1 1 ,1 fU lU.. ,.t 1 1 r-
oe euipiov en iui i;c .n mus uiauciies ot instruc
tion; and that every exertion w ill be rade to
render this institution worthy of the patronages
and confidence of parents and guardians, bv ad
opting and pursuing such a course of education
and -chool-dicipline, as will be calculated to
improve the minds, regulate the conduct, and
preserve the health of the pur-ils. And whilct
endeavoring to prepare them for a life of ueful-nc-3
and respectability in this world, the higher
concerns of enternitv will not be lost sight of
but a conscientious care be taken to imbue
their minds with religious knowledge and im
pressions. The pupils will board and lodge under thd
same roof wi'h their teacher?, and be continual
ly subject to their inspection.
The School will commence, and be opened
for the reception of scholars, by the first of July
Arrangements will be made to accommodate
from thirty to forty pupils.
The terns of admittance will be : Entrance
money, S- Board, including bedd":g, wash
ing, and tuition, embracing Heading, (n'am-' art
Composition, Penmanship, Arithmetic, Mathe
matics, Hook-keeping. Surveying, History a d
Geography, S35 per quarter, payable in ad
vance; instruction in Latin, Greek, Fr nch,
Spanidi, Music and Drawing, each Per quar
ter. Hooks, stationery, and other contingent
expenses, placed to account. Clothes found by
the parents, or placed to account at th.-ir op
tion. No pupils are admitted under eiht, or
above twelve year? of age. Applications, men
tioning name, ae, &.c. received bv
of the Congregation at Salem N. C.
Satem, JTau 18. 1826 ' 6tl
rew Stove 4aiu T-aycyii
rSHE subscriber ha? opem-d a House of Enferv.
2 taijvncnt in the town of Wilkesijoro,' nt tlie
stand lately occupied bv Joel Vannov. lie
Tledges hims-.lf that his Table, his Rooms, his
Kitchen, his Har, and his tables, shall be as well
supplied, in every artiele of convenience and
luxury, as the locality of his situation will admit
and that his own personal attention will, at all
times, be cordially at the service of his custom
ers. He has alo opened a new and extensive as-,
sortment of GOODS, adjoining the establish
ment, which he will sell low for cash, produce,
or on a short credit to puntual customers.
Jiprif 13, 1826. BEN.I. J. PARKS.
N. B. The stage from Knoxville to Salem-
stops at his house twice a week ; as alco the
newlv established line from Che raw to Wilkes-
tUdHIIIJ LiiiUtliill
H. J. P.
T'II indebted to the late firm of Revel!
T V & lempleton, Tailors, in Salisbury, are
earnestly desired to make settlement, bv cash or
note, as soon as possible, as it has become ab
solutely necessary to close the concerns o ths
firm. It is as painful .to the creditor, as it is
mortifying and perplexing to the debtor, to re
sort to tne force ot law i r the collection of
" - . v.iij tuujiui.iaui;ii. iliCH, Jl I Ml no
.... is hoped tfiosewhoaie in ar-ea-s to
the above named firm, will It ...
m erest, as v.ej as our benefit, to close theii
accounts with us.
7rv7 27, 1826. S
, - - a. v. yv liii. O
informs the fashionable
- '
Ijic Wori'mpn. rnrl ic ?r-jrrAot-T . i
which, in rmint of eletr.inr,. ,i a'u::.'
compete with any thing of the kind to be seen
i this country. "Travellers or others, wisl.inr
cjothes made at short vvarning, can be acco .mJl
dated with a lull suit in 36 h
T. V. C. is agent for A. Ward of Philadelphia,
: n i
!,c,,,,, auti giving instructions m cut-
t,nff according to Ward's patent protractor svs
tern. Any per-on w Miing to become subscriber
Jt faf,,ion9' xvln pl c
Concord, Cabarrus co. Jan. 22d, 1826.
To all to xvJiom these present shall come.
n it i-nown thit ? v,. ir- ? c ,
ue u known, that I, .iden tf ard, of Philadel c i . . ,lua?ei
ted and appointed Mr. 77iV.V.'
Icord, Cabarrus c-untv, N. C.
(""' vmny iama, nave nomina-
"a?io?i, of Con
and do herebv
constiMi e. authorize and empower the said
Thos. V. Cannon, v ith full authority to teach
and sell patent rights to others, to use the afore
said All. n Ward' Patent Protracter System o
Tailoring. In testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand ai d seal, this 8th dav of Feb
ruary, 1 26. 99 ALLEN WARD, seal.
Aw inteYvsYg Viook.
TgHE subscriber has just received from Bos
JL ton, a tew dozen copies of the Memoir
of Catherine Brown, a Chri-tiun Indian, of the.
Cherokee nation : Bv Rufus Anderson. A M.
Assistant Secretary of the American Hoard of
Commissioners for Foreign Missions. This lit
tle volume w as last year republished in London,.
Price 40 cents. 6tl4
He has aI;o a great variety cf religious
Tracts, at the rate of 10 pages fur 1 cent.
Statesville, .ipiil "7, 1826. D. GOULD.
SliciHs' Deeds.
JTtOR land sold by onler of writs of venditim.
ei.pou4s for isaic- at tltis ocke.r

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