North Carolina Newspapers

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4lh soUiifpS that lie 4lh
M it wHCts, sJ l(k7 Nnlea Hs l
hit eso 1 that oaft at U aae.".
tsd emUtonomUr4 crowd roved Ml
atanderd 1 that iWuitib ibe wsr erf , and
tbo PiUce of ths ecttr :Kir faeee
1 terror that talk sjsfutled Ms banner,
d it tmr aj'iarura of lbs globe unite
UciatM 4 atuhlrJy tekit thai
kl.dkth till Ump Awrof. Betti,
4 M moots Mel ri lkt '
covered Umself like ike Tartar, end
WaatSsbst U hit bead tfce lnce of tbe
Comtek of the P t th( ildee upon lbs
- wkiriolod directs lbs stoeaa. la odUjc
Ike tn of ntnj Bailout, and kindreds,
snd leagues f ll It AlatUk.ihe (ioibl It
li AuilU. IK Koorrt i-f, Mk-
lug l Komtf ! h HffBng.
irr for lit Mte'tiif I it lUitnitxt,
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cf II il Npo)oof Wfflkif htih Mi
" ! tM rftwJeniW itx ;wn lX
ll it noot of lU i 1l U NkhoU.Slrho
Ui of MoKotU ihr Aoiocrtt of atl ibt
Hoit i t 4tKcrwJtu f rnBf or
' tarout moorttitlo M((ttof of mtny
unchrittUo Kintt, wbo lo ttept for
rJ ik chimploo of jutuce. of tkritd
of mfffrinc luminUy ! It ll h
rftanndifljt. h wlct of tbgrxU r, libtrtf
ll il b. ko vill trccl to tlur lo Krt
tiom in br lempU. or immolate lh Ut
tlrnla deKfndtnl of loor lin of
th fnil UiUir of tut on birem, lb
loff of iht Ouomtn mue idt r
btfort i Mi coumleii multitude of modern
Ilimt.Oo(h,uvd ViDdli. I.iU ioihe
AUrkki bf comei to lurprire like in
oiher Atlilla, lo dcilror like enolhe
Breenui, I be wealth of the Eat roun
. IKAbfehlbinnTTrtTnTncreaei with op.
poaliion, nJ like mother Npoleon, he
trin vttn htm emancipation to me
.f i4arAf Sam eiflifl klvntrv. ArmmAm
tntr picture to ourtelrei, tbe great
tllr of Mahomet,' tumbling In rufM at
the feet ol the conqueror, anu tne imoke
of ber inoaouct and palace aicendin up
to Heaven- Already the piercing criei of
faiiMeu Moalemt rend . tbo air i. ibe
Jniirie aleep on their pvtti, but 'tit
the tlumbcr. of.uealb. - Luc. Uboratin
and Ninetah, like Babylon and Tadmor,
tbe pUce of ber unhallowed altart tball
be jm longer known or remembered
amoo men.. All Europe shall hence
. iorth bum iucecae to ooe. God, and ting
)toannat lo but on true and living
frontier. The Impostor of Mecca tball
be ntimberM with the fahe Priettt of
Dial; the Kaaba shall be neglected and
forgotten ; the crescent shell become a
bye-word of derision ; tbe Koran rot
upon the dunghill ; and Christianity reign
triumphant, where Islamism scourged tbe
unions with whipa and scorpions. Haw
glorious the name of him who tball effect
11 this! Antiquity grows dim in the
splendor of his achievements; nor shall
lime, ere eternity clip hit wings, pro
duce his superior. Such is Nicholas the
descendant of the-Ctars; and such bis
high destiny, if the God of Saboalh be
-with mm.
raow tsi aicaaonD coMrLtts.
. Tbe mail of last evening brings us an
address from Mr. P. II. Darby to the cm
uns of Kentucky, which casts additions
lllll UUini Asiv urui uvi s wa viisiui
Among the circumstances which ho
brings forward, is the copy of s very
teeoaaliaa swawwm Stw sSos Al at
iiruiyi liayaM aptavilf niitivu VJ I ei
Ueauchamp, and offered to the editor o
the Argus for publication, previoua to ber
ocain : .
TV tte tngraven upn the Timiilene Mr. and
Jtfrt, Beauchampwritttnby Mr: Beauchamp,
Entombed below in other
. Thef huaband and tbe wife repose,
8a& from CfcVnever ending stomit,
And safe from all their cruel foes.
a a t S al .
. A vilUin'i wile Iier peace lid crou'd
The husband of her heart lfHvd ' 2' '""
, 1 he bappineaa the long had lort, ' -
He heard ber tale of matchleit woe,
And burning for revenge he roie,
And laid the coward villian low.
And struck dismay to virtuc'i foes.
Bender! if honor's generous blood,
' E'er warm'd thy breast, here drop a tear t
And let the sympathetic flood,
e ia tbjr pi4 ii( u-ww be
f i ' '5 ;.'""
V- -! t I
H M v -'M '
i,44'4 4 11
AvlM kt 1.1 il ff
MfU t4mm I r-l Itf .
f" ij rff lb '
l mi U U a4 f...,
w s- U w4. U4 1--'4 I
rriirvf srrrtv
At U i " l Wmr w W C. Urt-I
lU llik Martklast, k fl.
ir artccKlI I eeuwiwst r
rnilt , Hn!; roU4 of tbaaxter
- Mr.Daibf trnh'M ti9 jM WJywU
tlklamtbl I .
To Mr. Wlogate, PesoibirBo mM,
U ika MtMrxe of rli wltet M to ako
tk tUUed hit toeft'b ! -
Ibat ! shsrp rIo -t
shewing (Hal It cblMof Mrs. Dona.wp
wts i triwUllo, erwl SMwta inens r.
SMarp, lo rtcootlU ber, anl Ul Ik
repoMof Msowof.mlly. A4tMr.
Sharp, and Mrv 5oti, ber rovUxr,
blame teliet, h ert ge do
grte, fcr the murder ol Cvl- Sbirf."
Mr. D. addn
m Xh oearetJ thai I bite txco s4 to
UtTB 10 lOTtCt kftowlfc'gtol Mrs U4J
champ's origloal cav of cempUhi
aloi Col hre, was a coflM iM'ioo sli
haJ with Mr. Iinnoo. lo Ibal thai
aald. ss be tiawd lo me, ' I came of as
good family as any la Virginia. I
moed la Ibo Rrtl clrtUs of society.
k.Jk 4 whal C.
5harp bat brought me to. Is mora tkaa I
taaUar. He Erst nduced ml inl rot
cool t ol with tbalt he than tlirxkrtd me
to gratify Ibe feelings of otbcrv And
now I am, by th instrumentality of tbe
Skapa i a dupjeron with ny busbaod
condemned lo die, lor what yott. or any
o4ktr mn of your spirit, would bate
dvoe." Thes obsertatlotis, together
with wbst ihe has writteo and done,
sbcar tery clearly wht the cortidered
ber wrongs lo cooii in. Cel. hirp it
said to have addrcMed ber. He obiainrd
t . a a.
br coriDUcnce ana ncr aneciiona. lie
rifJed ber chastity, and ibta jdundiMxiidifn, tUaitt
her for mother, nut whether she after
wtrds fell a sacrifice lo ber affections, or
her revenge, is what tbe spirit of her
feelings and the course of her actions,
Itsva very doubtful. Ambiilon, ke
and revenge, appear to be tbe predomi
.. . a m i.
nam trans oi ncrc niracirr anu leeiinrt.
in the two first by Col. Sharp, she then
intended to Indulge the latter, be pourine
poison into the curt of bis domestic bfus.
by tskinp from Mrs Sharp, what ibe
could- not herself enjoy tbe blessbg of
domestic peace end nappineu o connu
bial faith. But in ibis design, she
found herself again disappointed, by the
product ioo of certificates ; and then she
had determined upon bis life, as tbe last
means efgrallfving her revenge, arid dis-
tppoinling lbs.. hopes of iboao who the
conkklercd io the enjoyment of wbat she
believed ought to have been hers."
From tbe Cberaw Spectator.
The pitiltil tiosti of Honorable,
appended to such names as Jefferson
and Adarai ia in our opinion anv thing
out uigmned. " l he Honorable jno
Adams, the Honorable Thomas Jcffcr
son ! !" Why, this to our ears, sounds
as incongruously aa would " George
V bitjutre King of Great Britain and
rrland t or Ai ttrctJUncy Fernando
ocptimo, the adored King of Spain
and the Indies.' lne truth is, sue
names as Thomas Jefferson and John
Adams have nothing to gain from
title they might give splendour to
title t but title Mjffri them! Th
highest title which Regal or Imperia
pomposity has ever assumed, would
fade to insignificance, attached to
cither of their names. The mere
name carries with it more of Aonor
more of excellency, and more of Ala
Jtsty, than could be attached to it by
an tne titles ever tacked to an oriental
despot, or German Landgrave.
ny water. ur. uobtnion states
that he has forjale at his house. No.
296 Hudson street.-New-York, a cele-
brated liquid for the destruction of
flies. Small quantities are nlaced
within their reach, and soon after
unnaing u tney become stupid, and
laii iiieiessj pji nundreds and , thou
Bell's London r WeeklrMsaercer.
give oerowowtnjf-TemaritaDie "latt.
Last yeekramongst the vessel) winch
left Ramsgate .Harbour; was a laree
jwcaisn ongjoamea iMortn roie the
captain of whtch a fine healthy .man,
at the age of eighty years, says he left
his father livinp; and well in Sweden.
the great .age of tne hundred W
twcntjj-twg yew, .
til ' I H tMI 1 I HUM IJ
I ! JJ'jTJ at,f.l,(t Jfniit.w.
rrs Rl VJ In I'.f'n.
Te I.4 fsprr n!tr, iKti
me ftosU ihf Wc t ( ',.
LoJ t.t Um filing tuCumUff tatdt
fof i-Usijf f IeU.
1f t!al, oetiipiper rtcffitljf tl.
la'Jub4 U j4ont ii un'jestioasUt
the Ur si iKett evr pUitd. i
snratur fgny.faur latbri oJ tnrcc
euiiUfi i tr ftaJiUitfaaUibrl
tnjefir juirxr iK6iKir A4 vt
mircvl4 i U niy epf"'. itKh
atWvl sil MllMitH toiorrrty
trsi tjo7 la lh tditor, lh sfi f
I ....j. i : . 1 1 a
it lU luirrt art it U i of oewi,
Sitk.Amnh. The iitlsri yrov .
rmmret hn lt'J.mjt so a tpiuoa
fot the purpose of iur i) lofth conn
t( P.tigooia, Teri del Fucio, round
Cspe More, he. Mutb ugtfnUtlor,
ll inticipaud io the Kiencei go
gnpbv, U tios, sod natural hie, rj,
The Iloyne Witer. i Tste, tar iK
O'llars Facon has appeerrd io
Lnodno, but bat distppo otrd then.
pectstleoi fhich the fo'tner preJ.
tini of that gifted farrily, or rstke r
Mr. 0ni. the- reel SJibor, had Ud
the critics m form.
Mrs. Hsdc'ife'i posihumoui ro-
naoct of Gstoadr Utondeyille, has
speared Is Umdo, indli spoken of
io the Vtnry Gsiettc, it UinC
vronby ertjhtr fame.
- Vi.-4a gtntlfotin bctns; rsiher
hct-prrad e? coenpsoy in steg toeg,
ptttishly eWrved, that " they svlthed
to nakr cuff of him." By so
men. i, mi jd fellow, rcjointd o&4
of hit tortiOitors, "we only wiot to
tt s ifotj 'jit of ou.H
A frrs liintiog hit been ditcor
errd at Pfn)ii, rrptcicoling an erup
tion of Mirt Vrsuriui, sod several
priHfsio it the foot rf the rooun
taint. If'tVis Picture b corrrctlf
of Naples -eras-Jlh preteot.or antiithtr admlai
re elected than atl"1 oM bo ealle upon io
merly Mich more ele
present, aid the Sorsma did not eiitt,
or rather formed a part f Vesuvius.
The fanily of Mrs Hsndoph, Jtffer
son's diurMtr, consists of eleven chil
.. . n been arrosiad at ruo
towu. I) C.on aspirin r oelnK u.
mortWrcrsf Mt Cunningham.
A terdirt or46owt oVtafned at the
late circuit lo Uly t;e counts , N. V. agninti
Calhoun .and O'.beaol Bowman's" creek,
for riding ibo plamvlff tn a crate .
Ii it celcuUtetflhat tbirtv thousand per
sons were assembled in Howard's Park,
tt Paltimnre, on Thursdav week, at ihe
delivery of he oration on Thomas Jeffer
son and John Adams.
A writer hNew York Daily Advertis
er, states, that a small dote of turpentine,
about the site of a common haxle nut, and
weigMny 16 is If grains, will check the
chnlera -mortus, which Is Id prevalent at
this season, and olfl 'generally remove it
In a lew t.oun.
A il. Gros Burroughs, of Newporh
R. 1- ha hei'd tbe Declaration of Inde-
endence reid lo that town every year
since 1776.
The New Brunswick (British) papers
continue to complain of desertion from
the British Trdopi in the Province.
The Sheriff f Richmond county, N. Y.
has been imnrhoned in New Jersey, for
confining i Certain of a vessel for land
ing Irish piimeers, contrary to the laws
of New York.
The Ohio pipers protest sgainst the
sending to that Stats, of Slaves immedi
ately on their being emancipated, and!
recommend thai they ahould be exclusive
ly sent to Alrici.
The American Missionary Press, at
Malta, has printed about 2,048,000 pares
of tracts in modern Greek, and 47i-X0
in Italian.
It. Is calculated that the annual harvest
nf grain of all descriptions in' Ohio, is
more than fifty million oi bushels
A Canadian squash vine, somewhere in
Maine, grew thirtem inches in twenty-
two hours. ,
A specimen of Amber has been found
in the deep cut of the Chesapeake and
Delaware ( sok near where several large
fossil bones weo found.
"From Baltin York)
is more than TX) miles, and the expense
of travelling that distance is only 820.
&ilvor,.,U iub8tiuted for- steam. Tbe, sa
ving of itowagt snd x pence is consider
able. A ton of Quicksilver is sufficient for
vessel to tnca andbacx again, wun iu
. a. a -V w a A
horse-power. ..;
Our readers will be astonished," on be
ing informed, that from the first of April
to the first Qf July InsU 94,495 ship letters
were received - at tho New York post
Vran..i , l!f mm i f Tke fr, I !- M titi
u u '. , jlvii.i.;i it i. i; uiah,
W, Jim! in, k!i UMy f lWjit i:t allM ru:fc f Ik, ljt.
W, ! 'I by j'4 ''u'ft la t'cfs ft;-iilf, lv
it tlih, t!'--l rlr', ! ft -f ltl-t. IVi M M I' ., wit m,,4 M
A lil t la f a f'erjM ki ;t'tl.L The Uitl!.f t t.1 tit hu.(i
t an4 niiriMi wi Ninf hi
rn'tvt f Wtlf ,wklb tMl ttJ
MJ l b fvM U I k ItUfcd if Cf ttufi,
Iirn4 Ike
A N Ilpklit frtMf laofit
soS)bgi S Vuil M J (juarta of utisa
Lia tit i 'r,l 31 TO la ammWri wki
k4tedt iWf luftf4 as r4 a tXvisfV
Tbet irsbffers) inMUi (m ik
oi aWUf Iheen ifew hegt") 1
A eortrH hall eei tmum uitlf
mado aa aiieair 6 'r.
g s4 shot bint dta4. TM affair wtt
isvetii(str0, sn4 t. i . wis scutttea.
Tkers art 41 dJacet t tkUt worship
In Dosfofli Inducing Bf tshaofiirr clip
clao stb4 bowM, oo laU sod o
(kortkfi BolsMd.
On ibe II h oMmo, tier vert three
hundred ard sisters pt laooe'i U l he Ma
tyWetd psJifftilry of whom ee kun
drtd and titty eigM were iraployed In
carding, tpisnlflg. i)diisg, wiring and
A coo toy his tatelr arrived al Vera
Out, frn ik cMy of Mesko. with one
MmUoO Its hKlrd lhowat4 UIUrs.
ll it staled In ibe 8annab Rrpubllcan,
that ll is the Inteniloo of Alabama to ll
lend ike operation of her over the
whole country ceded by tke treaty of In
dlan Kprim and within ber limits, sod to
tat all Indians within at hw4
H'tiium it. AMnrst, ccnttamis al
lbs laqueu of iOS Kc.eholderi pf.N't
way rocntv. his cortKftted to beeme a
ceodidde for Conptrets, In ibe District
compovdof tbe counties of Amelia, Po
betas, NoHowty, CheUerCcld and Ihe
Town of Peierabuff. In bis reply io the
Uur of ibo Ctvikmen rrjweitng him
lo become s candidate, b sits. . .
$. C. ycra.
I stsodeem it my duty to inform too
that I am not prepared lo pledge mvtclf
to an tinrjvaiihcd opposition or support ol
crvs I"
congress, I must be left perfectly free in
Iho choke of measures lo bo judged of
according to tn? unbiassed views of their
beneficial or injurious bearing opon the
interests of the country, lsrs subject to
ihe con'rol arising frm the relation of
Representatives fid Cubttiioenis, alio
rMM4u(of their bearings upon
iho rfmmtstritfoi In anv respect whatev
er. But this rrmk will sppl lo mea
sures hcrctf'cr to be rtttlo rb tbe pub
lic . ?o far; si aorne onbe mosfniom"
(Inent mesturtlof the administration have
been laid before the public. I pledge my
U.S. A
sen not omy to oppose inem, nut to make
open snd eitermintiny wr upon the
principles which have been suggested, at
ihe pretexts for those unwarrantae
measures, II" I 'conceive them fo be t
Principles founded, aa I conceive, upon
direct usurpations, and not only unwar-
ranted by the eonaiiiuuon, bui opposed to ,h M'a Nary, MysiWe have iwwtfco
every orthodox republican prindpie,whUe ! ffiS
de.potrc claims and capacities are set UJ .June-thai this infoonatioaia.toa.y IhelcW.
tor the government of the United States .furmatun. TSo moet apleod,,! offers had ber
beyond those of anr oiber government 'madr 'to the tfomrrmrtorr, not oalyU.tlic Med-
undcr the sun ; st least ss far it has come
within my knowledge."
We understand, that upon the applies
tion of his Excellency Coernor Burton
to tbo PrMtrti of iho United Slates, Co
lonel Tuttle of the Corps of Engineers,
now upon duty near Wilmington, has, by
order ef the President, been placed at the
disposal of our Board of Internal Improve
ments, for the survey of Cape Fear Ri
ver. I Ms augurs well to our Navigation.
and is honorable to the Governor's anxie
ty lo promote the interests of the state,
and to the President s disposition to aid
our views. A".. Car. Journal.
The Baltimore Patriot states, upon the
authority of a respectable gentleman from
Kentucky, that Captain Low, the wit
ness with whom Beauchamp tampered,
through his wife, to swear against Mr.
Darby, and by implicating him in the
ov i w 1 a aa tf i.r Qkarrt. trs k i nrs I f
h,v ,lnr, ,1,- P.rmwtr-Tif-RwmrlraTnn I
lllUiuti Vi vwit uiioiii tv opsj iiiiunnt
been. shot,
By Beauchamp's friends,
Total Ecl'ie of the Sun. On the 1 4th
of February, 1 83 1 , at 10 o'clock, 5 1 min
utes, A. M. there will appear a black spot
on the eouih limb o
gradually increase to the middle of the
eclipse. The whole duration will be 2h.
42 m. Troy Sentinel.
AftiBt'1SeWgriii&ed wkh sigiit
of a curioshyin mechanics It is a hewly
invented auger. for boring tguare hole,
which we imagine will be of great utility
in many kinds' of mechanical business.
Theoe augers may be seenat Mr. Shrein-.
er's, South West corner of Race 'and Se-
cond streets. We understand that Mr.
has the disposal of the patent rights for j
thngtate, Piif. Iv, Jnt,
r(iUMl tke UnJ'id Hi
.WfcJ HiiftlkKM Is lLa Au.Ktj..i I.
ma, wt rtcaUid wtih tswh M'itfw
l l.U Step U IWmsM lo Uirf U
pri nUt las oe Hfv-s wUl ha 1
it e iertlo tM t4 daAgnoot
eixfovef lMrslwkkh Ulho M
III L'tJitd Suiei leapint stoUL a&J .t
C iU'w Mt I temprtliog In jtlii -and
f.'kiU ta otrorj to th wUMa f r....
etn epfabao. ll it lt;gM,i( Jv
I'slied f-tttet die lined tending kir ai.
Mr rt, tf prrjett ef ,tl Congn t w.
htve betii eotlrsly tbanmrd by tM '
Amerkatt ittates. At It It, (here U
tM ibo Saie who ksve held oot n.WK
Ibt Congfttl vi3MCf4tolu In,
ndcr4aod that prmiM ttt.Ul,..
ikmlicositmptatedby the pnwr
the Pname Congreas, a tjr.ion fef ikt
dlfirm American lit! I, uon eertiit
htei to b ailpulated sn. compaic4 ty
ike reptiivt planlpuuniUrlaa. .
Ihe r the United I'rovlrues of the Rio u u
Plata, so C i!l, hive ft let actd d &ri.
y on ibia twtjacl, iWj;H soma vu.
cetsfut anemias wc mde tme m,is,
since by ibe f-iemff to bring the m.ucr
lo s daterniiraiUtt. 1 hero can bo t
oViobt. however. ' both wiU now rtx!,.
ly vieM tbelr iem to the poc t, ttjk
appoint p!efiipyi m lariat, who oill,
probability ho asirucled to iWff la (to
eral by lb epMluttt, and to set U rrrfxeft
kl) iho rlra JtA,94
o eiarpoltt to those of LdumU ,
ZkIivU, BU.-
Il (i nroorotfsly stated tl teersJ of
ihe pjpert, that Cm. ytre, obo
hat ber sppovsted to coneaaod the
Rriodysvinr, arrived hi Ncsr Yoikrw
Saturday last, for the purpose of eo
lerlog uponlh'e'duiJrV or Mi com. "
tnaod. - Com.- Jones has not yet left
the c'uv, and will obe probably atsurr.o
, ,he command of the frigate until she-
la actually ready lo tin, which it is tru
likely wijl be the cate (or several
wetki. f Xat.'lfurnaT
Private Information from Carscss, of a
late dale gives an unfavourable pit jro t.f
public afT.lrs. An effusion of blood a(
general disorder were eipeded to occar
ere long, unless Bolivar should soon tr
rive in tbe Republic
wtLMiao-row, avovtT S.
Some of tbe N:rr mfu, in our vJ.-inl-r,
present s fhtterintj appearance. Others
orihem. indicaio ltsease The ?ar hs
appeared on one plantation. Btttrdtr.
Mr. Afm!orJ,o( Blac'en, was miirdered
a few dart ago, by s rMMJ afovr, white
he was ia the act of chastising her .
tj'fXtt FtiRTCR.'
The Nation Jminul, oeaking of the repor
led appointment ofCom. I'urter to the cotpiiutd
b,rt 4V thr hmibian gwernmeat; wMrt.
if accented, would him 1 mint elevated aad
inijM.rtint naval rank j but he had ihui far kits
no deciiive reply to repotted ml u'frent antici.
tationa, and e think it not at all improbj)o
that, Mnderall cirettmstances, the Comoioloro
ill return to 'Ilia native Oountry lo apend ht( lit!
days in a e price to whose glory be baj to rkhly
.! Match fir Iht Sea-Serptnt. '
A Montreal (Iwer Canada) paper, savttlMt
a morHroiis lawUnake, 60 feet lony, and a thick
ai a sater bucket, aa discovered a few day
since in Canada twinging from the bought of a
tree. Being Gred at aith a mirket, he darted
across tome ploughed land and made hit escape
into tbe vooda, with a dreadful noise.
mOJLVL! C0.1L.
"In the last No. or Siirimins JournsI,'
there is an ankle on the mineral coal of
Virginia ; from which it appears the bi
tuminous coal region of - Virginia is very
extensive, and the coal beds are from 30
to 50 feet in thickness, and appear Inex-
L .n i trt . mm
rtiver, a minion oi busneis were convey-
ed to Richmond the last year, s distance
of 14 miles. The whole expense was V
cents the bushel. It is procured by sink-:
ing shafts from 50 to 400 foet. ' Qrw
of the proprietors realizsd the last yesr
i a Drofil oL4a,000 from bis coal pita.
Sbrng bflfieldRlave been-on nrs
many years; hot air and smoke iiaue 10
ceisantly from the shafts.
A cotton ?in was ltely introduced ia?; ,.
to Mexico from the United 'States,-but
such was the force of prejudice that tho ,
manufacturers set their faces against it, and .
refused to- spin cotton that was cleansed
by machinery! The Mexicans trans
port their cotton, seed and all together,
200 miles on the back of mules, to the
manufacturing districts, where the ice
is. ail picked out bjhand.

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