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I' pa K ktowr IS W4 M ir'J Ha apifil to GOD raji ' k rottpaar, toJ SJI rt m A RaiDM virtue, Grtlu (rt Tfc IbmI a .f.!M tfiJ liHTiira ilWlMff Tji'iaiofih'."' " WacC brck M IUQ tt Cvgrtm rurg Bracing iW tk la pwrpoa 4m, BMina'i rvjti mW to (pom 1 Vila tHy Lnl uuj rjt of tit iSa 4ThacBt IraeM hia . UiwaVd. In Wtr ctrmal Ho JUmm tJ Jffrrtu rt pmt '. ' ! Of til IW Prmrril bind, ut Om ruiu to cbcf r tbi UfkL In Tain ara mooomenlil bnct To ane Hnranahabla aaiaa I Ir Pyrnid lo m oWue ttiKrmftJ rnn procurt i ' , Obavion'i f loom Can Ptrt kkJf, . tn rapkl 'ima'i rr moM tHr, . . Tbo daatla iSoat, ba cn't (frorvo, Wiodkil oa rrtoHow1 Joint. O. Iiaa nl Maraa ailiet TaATiuii Tba fcQovMif liiKt firoaKho pan of Ua fe- blr and emaciated bard, indka'itf of til fce Inft tt tbc prratnt moat at, vrre m nty cmpoaed, and polite! ikroured tor jmlin- LOTE OF L1FR. .. V an 0,111 ti no anch t worM m tbit, " - Nor daewa Kit Joonacy brief t . lor KiD Utero oloomt lovet f b1A . With erery thorn of jrief. Iloa jtoriojn front the azure deep Acend yn orb on higfe ! Wkf abouU are ita Jefmnwr weep ? M'edoaotvUh to diet TTie atom b still : an trtb tppeari '.Nrath bearen'itineuUiedveil alerc baa entiled away oor frira Yet, DEATH I who bid Mr hail ? fert-n I, O world! who sadly sigh. By pain and penury "prest 1 Shall leave thee with a nto'iMrncd eye, And with a betring breart. BOSTON BARD. bt t U'alJraws, irt.l ffrf l',ntt-4 t t lh 'nitiU fkJ, m'uh Uaf btrrf IM J ! .( ' A'fl I f CJ ! S Hrt, lM 1 sn. Ai fMoi Ufi lU liiH o f, bvl prorr!c J cm firi itroi iht CUitt, Of Cti'xfO r"'ilj I an J e 1 it wii N In ity f-tct, tcr ti(i 1 storf flfriry tp"i writ aipo wr lUtf, Tfct ilfcel hUsi ila!y fttufeitd at prTo aj tjitiy, ihi VOUMI, sf rtKr Catloi, 1 09 all Ml UcotrmUt!, r4 fQttttf lUrrsl U4 U t4 f4 it fVf 7 tup, I nla tfiJ wt ttot U MU(h f rrat snort cheerful coracr.U bklt vt fcijU if t m htwuiloa It ljrtfc?tnWnrcT fif lh tUDffffiC plltOf 4 iLl Vu4Mtl I tut wbra wt inrrc J tt tU hJjttk of M r Prtm, tt torprti V tt tW tsrj-fcfawr to ihtwoa Ifciiftltsl Utt rasnK U ftclmd. Neither rsrJtB eof bfter eaJirtwd tn tt aa lael fxiriMt, iAa Krtt Ijr Jk1 It dilcr la conitructtoa or dimtBtiot from the toU(tt by which it n lurrtuaJfJ. 41 V wert conducted Qfl t Aui ud Birrow lUlrriM, tod through pt '-'tU ti.' !,lf irrf J, Yet, ij 1 t l La t!cj iVuhf.n, (f rny 1 1! It tn.) ( I mtatit ef t a IJ.Iti til lUHsp ti iKat iif or WtUfruIiB IromflH t-f tht til 'Vt I irt'.ljr r.J-iarofsl, i!J U i'tar4 tt ftta't the l, mhtn at ht ot tH bu;tof tiov tSf tlirflhr,1 He if- . . 1 htt retsofi why S it! ef II?; J, ttxl luUlilouJ ly l-lrt.r, 1M Vtuduii, Uj .lPKJmof, wrrt fafancrfjr nswh r4i euacrvut ihn thf rt , JrfHtutiott htrt rtJaccJ their nation U ta ilu Ib degrct, ltd wheiinhrr cmct tttendrd Into t&4 prorUut e Sottatd Qaivtz Asd.tKCpid 9 U mwMl'a t ei that 0 Piotrolo. they mr s9v oetted ta ihtlhrtf vtI2u f 5ia .Tiirwifc rcrroti(tnd Luarfti, d rV Wt lhittw tshet rjtfi9 their UuU.'So tmtM flock cm hjrd cornier tht titit tt Uhn. Mr; Pejrta felt trident tttiifctkxi fq ptpttoiof, how clotelr tb dutxratt cf Jt Vu4oIt tWto ttiiniUu to thfM of th church ef EegUad ID pcUtrd to the worn of Twoteoo, Itrrow, tod Jeremy Ttilor. whkh 111 nriched hit Uootxttf. Aod de. (Ured thitbt ftcvcrrctd then with athoae lira wn 'turftj tSl till funher cootrtcted ht toeril out oeU tad wort mucf by (ociKaaei. IVit led iato tecond Ud'foofa, tnort t at ply provided lull with thclret tad bwokit low, tod without iaj decofttiow of psiat or it, per hjBjtae;, tod tbout fourteen fret tqutc. At a imtil Ire. where tht fuel wtt tupplied too tctoiiJy to im Ptrt wtrasiili w lit tptntneat. CJrrt at a tlcodcr, fcctlt looking eld fflto, dretaed io a tuit of time-worn blsck, tht light which then EagUeh di iact had throws ipo uoiht, for hich hit own tinplt race had to ofira been cllijtd to ccucetl thcmaelre a la their bouotaU rrtfetta. Uut rtcaetnberi1 tttd tht old Mtaf with oosclout aod bccocalsf priifr remember that tou a U4bpd to u for Yx i"f- tica front rjpa thraldom. We led the way. it itoed la the front rani, md. hit iof hit khoullert cottrd iith 4 Hff J b!jod.hou'ndi "bt whet hid ace beta cloai, but now : r"VMMWiw" a WJ hrtd cmly, tod more like the rt mtiot 61 a born cloth, that a mantle. The sickly tod ionrwi tuffcrer, ia this humble costume, thit ftrb of indU while vow Wert ret la daikaeH, . T' aSa akttW4tsN tftm Wa vat BT a m f f r-ka1 tHait. mi. 1 mwmivu www tat wt aubvtwitf niia tued iheaa'frora rlcB to glen, tod obliged rnaxi tf them to take refuge geoce, w.a the Moderator Peyrw, ! io S eraiatrlet. Some of theae the tuccrtsur ol a !ie of prelattt wfTtrt mi row rroreoce mq i.ta. which eiuodi to the tpoitlet them. KiK, and from them were denrrd ictvcai the high-prieat of the church, . the Alblge in, or lleretict of Albi, hieh it beyoatV tTtTT-wrrttJow of 1 "y w0 eaneo. ' nw prvrirae 01 doubt the p.reat churth or every Pro- i uisboa tfRrded theltrr to the perie. uauot commuoity ia Europe, tod'cu,cJ .albijcBiett'Cuiraaa wai then which teo ceoturict bt pcraecutioa haa 10 )aur potiiaioo. From to English not beeo able to destroy. Ilia Indeed pwinct t doetnnet mutxl their BT t B t . Be I sT! 1 wine which haa atretched out her WT totiana lueu, ana as a nom. branthea to the sea, and her bougha'" Wtlden tod Ctidiotl Delhaioe, to the rirer ' but while her Ironchei . hr historiana of hereav, will trll you, are nourishing, 'the wildbotr out of J yw Wldliffe bimaelf preached no the w.Kd d,th rtot up the item, tod J ,hl"g ore lhad ,hst had been ad. the wild beam of the field devour it. 1 tytte miolatera of our wtlleya Mr. Pryraa waa opwarda of 71 j ,our hundred yetrt belore hit time. t ear, fif .oei the whole of h a Income MTneocr.' coetiDuea my ttea lOlor. did not exceed nine hundred frtnea, fonnaot, with increased tnimttion, MISCELLANEOUS. rcausasa iv asvtr. From tht Christian Jttmemiivncet fa Dec. 1823 Sir : In the beginning of the pre. sent year, I visited the Vaudoia, or Protestant inhabitant! of the valleys of Piedmonte, for the purpoaeef as aawrr siniHai B Baaaa BaBAiBABsV mUtkJltXmh -v-Haaaaaas. VBW nawwaa wwuwiwm The severity ef the teason, and the depth of the mow upon the tnoun tains, did not permit me to find my way into every one of theae villages, but I penetrated into aeveral of' those which are situated in the heart of their. Alpine fastnesses, iipd I have re tnrnrrt rvnth matertala forj rft!.ttm a a a a a . - -u.ktiaa -aa " BiaMiie. 1 . l. W wuicu ib icauy mr mo press, i am tempted to end yo.the, :fgWpwj.n;f? tracts, lo the hope that they Will not a a . a . enj read wtinout exciting aeep commis eration for the lurTeriiigs of men who have .such claimi upon our notice, I remain, yourt, Stc. nT.v"witLIAM STEFHIN CI LIT. " It was'my first object to visit Po. jmarettof the parish of KoderigtLB ijn, the vccerable moderator, or pri- or about thirty six pounds a year j and with this fiituoce he was obliged to meet the demands of a family, the calls of charity, the incidental ezpen set of hia situation as moderator, and the increasing- wants of age. aicknett, and infirmity. .A dreadful accident, occasioned by the kick, of a mule, had addrd much to the ilia of ma condi tion, toe welcome which we re cerved'from our" tcnerthle "host wai expressed with all the warmth and aincerity of one whose kindly" feelings had not been chilled by yeara or auf ertont and the manner tn which it waa delivered displayed a knowledge cf the world, and a (one of good brce. iugt which is not looked for in Al pine solitudes, or in the dusty study of a recluse. He entered readily in to conversation, and the animation of liis discourse had such an effect upon his frame, that the wrinkles seemed to all from hit brow, the palidoett of hia cheeka waa aucceeded by a hectic colour and the feeble tnd ttooping figure which hrst rose before us, seemed to elevate itself by degrees, and to accjuire new atrength and en. ergy, There waa nothing querulous in hia manner, and I might have for gotten that he had exceeded the usual limits of man's abort apan, or had drnk to the very drega the bitterest cup of human torrow, Mr. PeyranV bfioashelvea were loaded witn stria r tvht cf th AlsaV'l'i "' bulM. "It waa with ttstrmt re j'tt t' t fas4 th IWjf was tome whit wt ht I t t f art with iU ihrsl!i Pay ras. H i J tumor, chaeifkilotaa and reaijnstioB, hil peifitl riUHec lion cf t vtnta to l conrritioa thai had Ulea fle r bfr hit pro. found eruditloq tn4 irneral tofof na tiM, IcBt auth tharmi to alt ducourse, that wt caaght with cigrraeit every word thai doH from hia,. To my young toaspaalotii ht a peart d tilt a being of adiffttni Ordtr la what they had Uea acuoied f all that thry Ua-ia-Ul a U. U i rotaawcB ihaas Nalitf, Bd it - Utoy gtled out cf iU liuU wUdow vpow tha wltJ motiBttta tctcerr that sur. mmdtd J'otntcatcv aol catrghi tht BOOAd Of iB4 loirtnu raaAiag tK(4W tad the liiteacd artla to tht ptr headed old mat, wboH ikhly atortd aaiad and tktttaota of tpirit rtUed hi as to high above the todigtat coedi. I tow to whWh he had bees coosirned, they were lott la wonder tod admlrt tioo. VcJtairt made hit last journey to raru at a very advtoced age, and having expreiaed a great gcairw to be icqujioied with lioetor Franklin, who waa thro tt Paria, thit celebrated American waa introduced to bim- Voluire conrersed with him tomt time la Eoglisb, till Madame Dealt, a t fl ma niece, iBiemiptea man try aay. in ! rrxoaiia utMimtooo hreoch, and the rett of the company wished now the tubjeet of their aucouxaci " excuse cue, toy .cr, replied v olltire, "4 hast the vanity to show that I am oot unacquainted with the language of a I rccklin. To TVtUfTi. m ta M U ita W.4 US.U. al iLt T. JLf t4 VI Mlt, M Umf aH f t "t Wl, V 4 a-i. j U a t m,M ' M iU $f f Wk. , It (to Util ri a ( iU to U af wt tA V.. IWHlAWararL if IU s.aif . wmi a ta af k aa. ,jT? e OmM4 al u ium af hng aC av4 tn f J b w-iW. f rt, ifaa,-" m, a linn, ux rmu.r, waLTfa u. ixxoea. j'Mi aataw, jvu amtiw, wafMtt it 27 an MCK-I)O.N MZAUUO,---w ctow at lata) toa, a4 aW A few weeka ainre, we noticed the opinion of an English agTtcu'ruriit whb respect to the quantity of rout requi red fur a pound of butter aod checie. A wowibb in a iKighhmirit'g town, who haa for many yrart superhtcr Jed tn extensive dairy, tayt the English man'a rule ia exactly right. She has ascertained by locg experience that tine quartaof milk are requisite to pro duce one pound of butter, and a little more than four quarta for a pound of cheese. A dairy farmer informs ua, that the akimmed milk and whey of hia dairy, employed ia feeding hogs, are worth about three 'dollar'a a year for each cow. lit tavt akimmed milk civn to ill oot yield . half a cent per quart, when pork ia only five or aix centa per pound. The encyclopedia atyt " the herbage that would be sufficient to add 112 twine but from a Waldensiao pastor of that curte, who flourished about the mid. die of the thirteenth centuty? And the Walloons' of the Low Countriea were nothing more than a arcr. whoae came ia caul found io a corruption pounds t the Wight of an ox, would, of our.own,K A ourelveat wc;if employed in feeding cowa, ulTord have been CJflcd ditciplci of Peter . 430 g-llont of milk."--According to Waldo, whet we have records to this statement one pound of grass fed thew. that-Waldo did not betrio hit beef coststhe firmerat much: at Your . t iHt. nitii aAr.cti t.M I.Jwfwl It, t2d, U ' " SM) lltTrtvrda STDU fraca tVa atUhW, a iL, v af Um list a My, M. by JMLY Tj', rOMD a ar boy by rKa swaaa 4tmM, , Jto. jUaa w4il i tW. mxman aUwt titwtoea yn r I Wtt arw, tociaa bntb, rd sfiai)trd, a4 anrb gLy toi U back i bUck ba. abbaU Wad aafy awata bis eythrwwsi bit r tUfd to a wrM4l toambly ttavt saada. L , cowplaetod. lie ! wita bi Cawai eot of eWk bfwwai a bWa WaaiVWv rwdbwa, with torre wajfarsa bwtt4a. t,. pair af paanaloeaa, uii tw pt tmn aV bawiaatiaav wna rsie bbao taawaett om t.. Mpd to. wa B4r IgU jtaM, lUtk bat, Mrt. abbi (d iW, b m ilotkwrt. tba bVi wj wu mt mmm i" irmrt m fr j Orfa dark eMnplacJed, bot lk1 U-L, biff. II bat a sear b rtbt baa, atjMrd k a ton. Iba IU I, y Tn w, .w.-i a am mxt wa.a m p Li. ry ap t Uto bnres ami a war h bit fli. Ill warak abt 4 fcet I lathes L.V. t hie ratrsi f"!w beTmk,eea7rit4 to the ruLbi haItafUl tit ba, . a aiu't rei"d hndk wl'ts km bta. a aaddta eoMdcrsb!y womquiited la front a tha ahirts. Aat parwo wKa wilt utt a p Ike said tttft' anl btar, sad U6er tUsa ta aat, at InL- ilmm 4a aafirly !! 1 1 tbaaa, aiA rr ccire tba abote rewsid. ciimtToniER ntm .KrtJ,tX - ... tjcf AiMia , 'ink-t mrkmm, Cain at fty t tOMMITTFI lo ComottI Jao the m t Aitf. t -AVira , bm. r wLa . calk .iaaUT . flllU. about 'ii ien o'd.drk onwoksaw. ona uMr inotb out, ia about J (ret 10 ia. ckea b'Eni ) be m a b'ackaai'tb by trade, and belong lo a Mr. Hxhaid CokaM. cf i'Jrtfickl t) atriet, S. C. 1 ba owptr k drw4 lo pwi property, pay ebarres, and taka bial rsy. UfcU. SX.UTTI, ImUt. aws VocVrt Tookl Lost. MUMNCi from the aubarribar. be in, af - aon-.ewb wrar, lha totoaa af 1 llolatet. en trriday eveniaf, Ih J5th irW. s amall red mnrooto packrtawk, a rord Hnt rufcbet, ua a . z ah4iib,ifuiia a aj, with one liable writicaoo thefjeeof k. a4a. Ti cent bill and a nuober of nctio't and other papers. A raatonsLla reward a ill bo paJJ tol the xket4ook, moner ami pTers by me. - LKEHUi UIUIirovtCK, - career till miny yeart after we. were known' to exiafat " ar tndepehdent church. Ve have been atyled, in dc rision, Hemici, Ariant, Manirheant, and Cathari but we are like your, aelves, a cSurch, with all that disci, pline and terular administration of divine aervice which constitutes a church. The Roman Catholics have I gallons of milk. llamfih'trt Gaz, MJtn vi. nwow. An trticle of traffic very prevalent among the Turcomaoa will strike the b avwa reader as curious ana unique, ine Turcoman ituji hia wife, and it ia said will give in the proportion of 10 to I, more for a widow than a maid. Ala- departed from ut, not we from them.Jdy that has becu married, and arqtii- We ate the atcient church of Christ, red any degree of celebrity lor skill in Our's is the apostolical and episcopal housewifery, will fetch from two to succession, wnicrt the Koman merar. tour thousand rupees, ine average. cny hat corrupted. I ventured to 'price of a maiden, unskilled in the ask Mr. Peyran, if the Vaudois der., economy of a household, it froro two BY urged the doctrine of absolute to four hundred only predestination and election. He re Heirs of ifenrr Urickliousc. NOTICE is hereby srivr to the bein ef Ik pry llrickhcNiie, tlec'd. that appTeatk will be mad lo tba Couri of Kqttity for Nnwm county, at the rail term, 1S78, hr an order to (Vitpoae of the real eatste of said nrickhote, in lioaan countyi whea and where rhey ean sp pear,. and object, if they.hiiik proper. . . wILUAU JABTIS. fwrwW 24, 182. -.- Jt2Tp .. NOTICK. ! rtTwT ar JiTfi M 15, obriste the r5k ami deUy inenitnt ta the return of the Hank Notes from thr Drpartment, not receivable at the Tituury of the t'ntted Ststra, in payment for l'ttt ItiKliISi all perauna-tleairT.Ma'of I :iinfr em ' enta are rrqurtted lo trsnxmil, with tlirlr ppl cation, audi Notea or Drafts aa they nuy know, or he sdviaid, will be available at th Treuurr. My IJ. lOtSQ more than they could Well support i and when I noticed the number of vo lumes which lay scattered about the B - a a . . ... room, he told me, that if he were still in possession of all that wai once his. the whole. of hiahouae would be iaauf- ficientrtci cohUiffhinSrt HoThad (jooghtrmaiiyof d,I"t .uJ.H'fy .principally. ected by hia father, Grandfather. and more distant anceitors, and among them were tome valuable folios and a at cunoua old manuscripts. 1 asked what had become of them Thev bad been sold, he said from time to time, to buy clothes, and even food f or himself and family Upon, jny T .1 - r wontirreter-itao-not "formerly been btshopt m the Yaudois church, , plied, that the nicer poiota of contrn versy were, not often discussed io ther pulpits ; and that for hia own part, he did not give hit assent to absolute predestination. 'If God in falliby predestinea tome to. happiness and olhers to misery, I do oot tee the mei(i7dhe, of the moral law.' I mentioned Calvin. Calvin,' said ma. . n . mr. rtvran, 'waa a good man, I mutt befeve, but I cannot account for hit judicial murder of Servetut. . , He tried, to be a faithful tervant of God. but ..many,. ,.cf . hia. . Jenet, convey With evetr renect Tanwe1sftfrwa1fy clined Jo feef jji .atdel for the -Moderafnr i avian, aa ocnieas ounwivea. uiiamo tu .cuicr into the distinction! which he hat here kid down.- Surely neither' extent 'of population, nor temporal tplendour, ia ettential to Epitoo. pacy. Witnesi tha biihops of Scotland and America. Vt' tonsider the bishop to form as distinct sn order in the Church universal of Christ, as the friest and the deacon i and where ever there it particujar church duff ctnttitn led, be its numerical strength and temporary wealtlLWbit itmavUMttmuojfjBjeTeraxpei to find the bishop in the full potaession of the tide and spiritual suthorit of a bishop. OLIVER CROJIH-ELL. We have been a long time in the Jiabit of speaking of Oliver Cromwell iq the language of Hume and other British- l.istortans7 Cromwell (re. marks a correspondent) governed Enc. land with great prudence, apd4utticeJ He united bcotland and Ireland vith England. To him the English owe the rich island of Jamaica, and the successes of Admiral Blake in the Mediterranean He gave to their com marc th fmcua oavigntioa act, and while he reigned monarch nf Entt- Tand7under the title of Lord Protee- tor.Jie 'vci,aUineA;.lus:.handawitli. blood, but -governed- merci fully-" and nghtebutlyr Ho was a feligibus man after, the manncravo4hat,day,, which was called by the opposite party tntrh tanlcal, or at they conceived ' right, eout over much.' ' Boston Patriot. rilHE mibscriber having qualified as admihi JL trator on the estate of the late John F. Modgrns, dee, desires aH pcnwna indebted to said estate, to come forward arid make at It la ment ; and all thnsejmving claims againat 'd estate, will present liicm for sekilemcnt, proper. Iv atttlienticatrd, btherw'ite this notice will ba plead in har of their recovery. MESIIACK PINCSTON, adn'r.. A'at.,21,1825.- 93 Otaie hf vVmA-CaSmfj, t'abarrm canary r " COliltTof Pica and Quarter SerionsJaly term, 1825. George L'ry w. A Thomp.- tton: onjrinnl attachment, levied on i an im. fccr'lt-armearin'r to thfl saniCtlor uf ' tne court, that the cbTondant in tu.s cuse u not an inhabitant of this state : Ordertil, therefore,, that publication be msdc Six' weekt In the ctern CarNvian,r notifying asdd defendant that unlen . ha appear at our next court of pleas and quar ter semion, held for said county at the court ilic tiitnl afomliif in Ucro ber next, then and there replevy, plead tt Ac mur, otherwise judewient will be taken byde-- I faulty sawl eCUUon aw ariled actrtlinjly. The Rev. Jasper Adamt. President of the Charleston Colic gc was-, on the 3d ult. elected President of the College at Genevt in the State of New-York StaU if Xarth-CiuvUna, Mantgottery rtunlj. ,. GOUKT or pleas and quarter sessions, July Daniel Mcllillr attachment leried on knd. Ordered by the court, that publication he made in fhcVVestarn -Carolinian tor four; weeks, that unless -the defendant appear at the next county court, to be held for the county of Montgomery, at the court-house in Lawrcnccville, on the fint Mondav m October next.' remew or plead. JulgwnV Vill bo enters Iot the aflnt of the pbuntm'i demand. J. 11. NAKlJ, u v

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