North Carolina Newspapers

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to ieoan of 6AeM per Mat AH pru
. Ml drtUlkl Ub twl mim from IU
' eomplctio of lb Jrin, will be mmdetti
H lurffrted t u of U Lottery. .
J. WEBB, CmmitmnT,
Tbe tttcntlon of the North (UroUna pubfic.
it rwecUully mnted to tke fotrromr kmim
Tm UMtltU purpoM coMtrpLted ill, it it
LofMiIrcur to it lUm mXoi iUcmc vtio trt
friendly 1 the int ret of Etemttirr'aitiT trienee,
tnd the mom aloite of tbe f tnt'erota bo nu
- ermarared to Kt II CCmm 'oiter In the rran.
irrrticnt of tte Lottrn.a tuflkw-nt pledrc
fthe Uimen HJi wKKh It iff fc-r ccfWtcd.
A. 1). WUnPHCY.
(J Titkiti in thit Lotiort fjr nle tt the fifHce
nf the Wettrni CimKn'mi, nd by Mr. Charki
Pt-her. and oibers Salhtim 21
trACaflM. '..Ai.rrM rMnjf
GOLKT of PlfM and Qjurtcr 9-tMon, July
term, 182fl. DaiJ Mork . A 1 horn?,
ton ; Original attachmr nt. It vied on Tin Yard,
lie It appcai-inr to the tatitfaction of the
Court, that the defendant in thi Ate it not an
iuhabitast of thit Mate Ordrmt, there re, that
publication be made ti weeka in th- MVttera
C ortawan, notifyini; said dcfc-nJant that unlet
he appear at our next court of pleat and quarter
enionf, held for aaid county at the court -lioute
in Concord, on the third Monday in October
wxt,1heii and there replevy, plead or demur,
otherwiae judgment will be taken by default,
and execution awarded accordingly.
Price d. g?. V 6t2H
State Xrth CarUtui, Cubamu ctuny .
COURT of Pleaa and Quarter BeMioni, July
term, 1825. . Paid Barrinpr t. Au
Thompaon : Orijjvl attachmeut, levied on Tan
Yard, &c It appearing to the tatiafaction of the
Court, that the defendant in thit cite ia not an
nthahitant of thitatate i GnUred, therefore, that
pubficatlon he made.aix weeka in the H'titern
Carilinian, notifying laid defendant that unleat
he appear at our next court of pleaa and quarter
atationa, held for aaid county at the courtJiouae
in Concorji, on the third Monday in October
next, then'and there replevy, plead or demur,
otherwise Judgment will 'be taken by default,
wd exccutionwarded accordingly.
.JoajQUudalUchment, fevied on.,TnJ(rd,
he. It appearing .to lhe,Jtiitfctiotj tuf the
Court, Uat the defendant in thii caae not an
inhabitant of this itate i Ord therefore, that
publication be made x weeks in the WVtieni
Cofclininn. nhtifVinv alid defendahtthlt OftleM
Re "appear at our next court of pleai and quar
ter aeniona, held for aaid county at the court
house In Concord, on the third Monday in Octo
ber next, then and there ntrf , plead or . de
"tnnriTHberwjied uuit, and execution awarded accoraingiy.
Price adv. j52. . 6tf8
ftOUanF oT.I'Ieii ind, Quart SewM July
1 tn. l5fi flmara Urv t. At Thomp-
, furr, .s-vumcikollvj.
riu niMtiM wtitk
' la the tirff fft t it r irn,
wwi Mm4 i uar ar ih
pn f iki L'cloo. .Th Ff
4 AamIcmi combined kt. Ul N
important tut miKk tcu!(td
yri tw Ft4t T 1 M AOtritiftti
Trt4on t4 eui to Uct ibt iuftt ua4a
VuUtti u lYajMi i a4 IM upper parti
of 9. CtftJLna tod CtortU ' w im
mmmmU f tk tftmr. It U t4 tilt
dark Mriwd thai or uU cofamaaeta.
One tveniar Ia tht noeik of Jm, V
vary thin ae4 19 imlJe, tot le II
Uenpt of thv Anterkant l pla Ibilr
liberty. man wtt Mm mine 04 tk ra4
leading ft in PetUVqry to CfcirkHtf tbot
fivt mile i aooik of ike former pUe. U
hi perv k ii Urre and well (of mid 1
be roeartd to U alotil iwtetr vo oe
thrtt ff in o!4 1 hli in cootlf 4 of
bl coat, Ike brtaat and tall illr.iJ whk
rejlow ctilmiri 00 whlck pitted but
toe 1 i re ikkkly Ml Ma mail loHi
tro bJm t4 yallo eiajtrt, iaJ bl
txxxt fair lopped 1 bit kat fti ooe of iki:
a tod kil irt ceoimooly dtftominaicd
74, and vbkK virt wom by tbe tVe r 1
of (bit period t the ipaulettea that bung
oa kit 1 Wilde ra, the piuoia ikat win a
Ml Wrt-..mi ml nli.i-....J
(bit ilane led by 1Ti tide, all deaoftd kirn
to be an officer of aapcrtor rink. II
followed Ike roid ttttrll be came to lb
rttidcota of Central Matthew Locke,
wralihy cltiwo of Rowan and a dniin
ruiabed oerttxen wf the revolution - Thit
rentleman licd about ail milca from
UUiburit where; Doct. Scott bow rttidea
t wii after lark, and tbe family bad col
ccted round ibe fireUdc, when the bark
inr of the doct ermmnccd tbe eppproack
cf t rr nrrr to TtK hOTw h wn tmt 1
hyt tjme on'il he rnterf d the houae.
and wii lr m'dijiely rtcopnitcd 11 Mtjor
tine Gen. W. R Davtc At mlebt be
ipextcd, Ike 6ru cnqiiry wit concern
nv ibe newt cf the war end hie prcteni
bvunctti in order to make ibia known, 1
m uudcr the nccctaity of retrorading
little in ror tile. Uavte finiihed bit
edocalion at Naauu-Ilall, in the year
1776 1 returned to tbe South, and au tbe
Skrra atattona being filled, he cent'
mewled tbe atwdy of lav at
NortxtnT e&nientetf In thit iltuitlon
while hit country lo need of bit icr-
rkeli be by eoroe meini raited a company
of rolunteen and haatcced to bouia-varo-
Ima. n hit bravery and prudence, be
obtained the notice of Lincoln, and vaa
iDDointed Major by that . officer. JI
filled tbia appointment at the battle of
Stow, when in the brave but utelen at
tempt of hie cavalry to brtik the Uoea of
. - , X t.lL
tbe enemy, ne receivea a wouna wnicn
Confined bint Cur . Ere tnoniba. - Soon -ai
be wae able, rtotwhhttaoding tbe dit
couragingprotpect of retelling the South
cnt part of the Union, be mad appHca
Hon to and received peratstion from the
government of Norlb Carohna, to raite
a regimen t contiiting of two troopa of
cavalry and one of mounted riBrmen.
Knowing tbe dittinguithed patriotism of
the citixem of .Mecklenburg, labarrut
ind Rowan, he determined to mike thete
councict the theatre of hit recruiting ex
pedition. Vhile io Salisbury, altho very
young, be had, by the luavity of hit roan
nera and bit determined patriotiiro, at
tracted ;he attention and obtained the
friendship of many familiea in the sur
rounding country ; among them watGen.
Locke. Davie bad contracted an intimate
friendship with his oo George. Younf
Locke wat a mm of fine peraohat Ippear
ance and rematkable for hit activity and
bodily-atrenglh. He had not received ao
liberal an education at Davie, yet by hit
oatuxal strength of mind, and bis peculiar j
aweetneaa of disposition, he had ao im
proved tbe education he did receive, that
be might be called an accomplished, in
telligent vouhe man. These qualities
Bungkd-siitLJL aimilaritfiiiLjMlin
tweeo him and Uavle, in regard to tneir
love of countrr, had linked these young
men together in the atrongeit tiea of
friendship. A few months beiore tne ar
rival of Davie, Locke had married die
tinguahed young lady of hia county, but
had , not yet left hia father's residence.
It was for the purpose of engaging ine
servicem of his yon friend," imkt:4)tl-,
a t said before, viutcd tbo residence of
Lock's " fatheThemeenTf;'---oT the
OUnjJ Mnenas was rouiuaiiyj-yiyi ,
Lockei io find that Davie had fecovipred
from his wound vnA Davie, that he wai
once tnore'in the country of hi friends.
Pavie, while he eloquently relatid. the
exploit of hia former .ampaign while he
displayed, in glowing coloura, and re
counted the many advantage that would
fgrnrjn America, if the present struggle
succeeded, had gradually communicated
to the bosom of his friend, the feeling
that actuated hii own 1 to that when Davie
fired Urn iWarc'faaVUeMAf. NrU U kit we t,W, okUkj aWa4u U lie tu'rtr mt&Mf k tltklf
iMweUM(ovpayM,tlertrtfd tome kwkdred dffrVM weviada, i(laewMa4. TMUrf tink
kk aaJmaOoaH Till ard kku, iot( Tk m... ilMj tdata U aaat aL.w.fJ. irJI k. njJ,i u .t
duh aKaU antke Ini leaf Ike affwrt'i
ttiuil IU llipeftoW eU iif lowa.ry U
Hiul3td. VU aala4 al Ike
f W f4ly
(KiMr'ta. -.n-,, M i-w . m a4
kb4l I Hw fttet.- TM WW
7 nprrr rriwiiw
il detemUkd I kat Vavie tW4 re
rwcrwi rfv i M l ZH llaaAl
frWwdi a i ke ewid altci, wtt te repair
la ChirUu b let days, where Pavie
e prowteee im cwm7 wrwptwota.
Tkeae cowtltud of lirte iwrd, g plr
oi porte oiwoii im rvae i i tae pwr-
ckaafrf tkeae Davie hsUd to jive apeot
Ik fiat of ike fortene Uft in by kit
Alike irpolntid lime, the ton net
CkarWie and brocaeded to iW tutk.
To follow their maev caiirtn-etlt moull
eicecd tke Dealt I hiv oriacrlUt 1 ,uf.
Ice it to ay, that wklU tk BHtJ ovrrw W - in ike rtvoluiloft rw
cam a 1 moat mrw CXkir Ofpriit, the
rorpiof DiUiloeranInd .niaigred.
To Ik be ava aod cio'iogi Davie. aJed b'v
in t'juaUy brve but anore imaiuout
Lorke, n diTjrully appeared loo treat lo
be overcome, no cinger loo peraoot to
Lm attimnredi and in truth, tkm ArUnrm
of North Caroline appeared. pod
tlea wtt ILia artajl come -
ham m . &m . a . . .MftrA fiom Oero
m to Waxhawt Dttlanow kJned br
I tl aiftafnra nnf flnr ril Jarnlf0.r not k of Mr. Kaodulpka Uttrr in
Graham ol lintoln. w.i:opelled to UW
bwek nearer C.WIotei Crnwe!1s atlll
pwraordf and oo the ntbtof tbe
Stptcmtxti lb cor pi of Dana arrive
CbarkMte about midnight Leartungf
hi. scoute that Comwilia WH SUU ed -
.MJ ail rr,'. .arte next
t. D.kla ul In the wordaoll
day, Uavle determined. In lb h l
Lr w rv. Wm . apecmrn -
T ' .71. " T...1 ,..
k .w .L Ti 11 ,1.. rroeain.
bouiet, the two principal a e-icroaa ng
rK aiK-p it i r.,ri.lkj. Mck
.. r l n.-u ,k h-ira
lo be lied at eome di-iwe in the rear,
nitc.d ki. met behind a .all of slot b
. ....
td Karcely arranged ibern, -be. Ttrlt-
neiy lit deJtoc. Thai ..Id-
tended to be made, balled at ibt lower
end of town and roVd ((vret Into
mMiMinittii. ifirtti.atih
i 1 k.
nf the street t In thit order thet advanced
araintt the email but determined cornel
that wer behind tbt wall. The cavalry
charred with eoroe violence on. the
Americans, bul wart repulsed with coo
aidcrable kn. Tbey aiin formed tnd
advanced to the charge, but were again
driven beck with equal lost Then Corn-
wallis riding up, reminded them of their hit reiuul to do wbicn tad oecnme mat
former fame and told ihcm. ho hoped iter of public conversation on board Ibt
thev would not let k be tarnished now bi
so small t force. The cavalry now
charged with renewed vigor, but were
atrain driven back by the steady and ate
cenful fire of American rifle. 1 But the
main body of the enemy now coming op,
forced Davie'a corpe lo retreat andmouol
their hortea. The eavalrv of the enemv
pursued but from the inferiority of their
horact, were unable to keep up, and did
not advance fast, for fear it was 1 plan
laid lo draw them loto irr'anibuararkr.
Soon as the Americans were at a suflkient
diatance, they halted, and loading their
riflea, would wait until the enemy came
Up tney wouia men nrc, wntw au
,1 . 1 C . L 1 I
run again, until they, were iar eoougn
ahead to halt. They continued this ir
regular kind of battle for about four
milea. the enemv still purtuingj wheji
Locke, who had fougt.t that day-with
more thin his usual bravery, actuated
nerhapa by hia beloved wife, and knowing
the destruction that would attend the ad
vance of tbe enemy, he trusted to the
fleetnets of his none, and remained sorre
distance behind hia companions, to give
them what be called 44 a ture aAof but
to him fatal trust, for his horse acciden
in the rear of his corps, threw him and
Th Mienit was so
made his escape, l he enemy was ao
cloae tn his rear as to render an escape
irapotsible ; tnd to eipect quarter from
an enemy, by whom he' had been dis
tinguished lor his opposition to tht crown
and hli bravery in defending tbe Ameri-
.tVctas-pi "
irtSf obabir;: Or; prto
disdained ta turrender Wmteif a priaon
ert but foe what will the aua;U Ueietr
fhlhed TO Kelt his ttfe ts dear at possible)
and three of tne from dragoon paid the
forfeif ibut tt length, overcome by num
ber, he was killed, and the British as if
determined, to make hjs dead body p7
for-the many soldiers they had -that day
lost, literally cut him to piece j and con
ceiving his death a auflicient booty, did
-v-. t .vi 11 tt ihaH nurauit any farther.
7dgethe feelings oT fits companions in
arms, and of his sincere friend Davie,
when they peturned and found him wcl-
l-US. WVIIllllWW 1
I soldier wai ut ihu da mt auk ura.
Ikir tiUfiify fcU4 en ibf Wood hit It Uree kuli U Ml kal( and I
and alok.f ,r,. f tkelr ktvf, anj tejw.t aJwa k44 tkat k sU h h Met
Uulraft!iiau4Cui4waUiwaeiaJi,Ua4w font irr fef
M hm m wf kla contwbjM
lW LCI a - - -- -t . . ,
m wr, iita, ceuMwUf efeiat tkt rfldotl of Jff. ITaAJvlpk UA iwtee tk.
o f ten of fctr knuA. wat uutAA ahk liku i aaaa L. .tiiiMH
I Ut lUatUJ UJr.-
Pita rallied wltk lie corpe tewartft! would prevewt kirn ln,m comminif g any
Mibvry. and paid ike last IiUmi of re
i apet 10 ail met aod r&wtyr M
I Cae t ef frcedoo.
tan perttM4 yoajag ma who, bad
U lrd,wold kaveUeuan Imbaetant
InatmrMM U wbttlnliig kit couMry
a aw.. .
llrtaooeal an4efowM would kav a en tor
M the itwird of Mi lalenti, bravery aad
poiravtitm, ao well merited.
I Ne montimni of rnirhle polnti ot the
IpUce of kli burial-. em InKripiloo rtlitei
I P' hai lung of kit dredtand Mi w,y
hit humble tepuU bra U patted by
I om of kit companion! h arm, and
aropt to crop a tear ovrr tke grare
I n irtcoa, mai we ciacover IM ijm
i . . aa ...... a a i
vnr rttii a youi.iuj oero 01 toe rvvewe
I li'X- S.
,.." war .- i
tw raa ara at vaa rttt aatrra.
' watt ce. loc fnf anivtl,
relation lo my treatment of kirn durio
y "tt patuge irom iota pon w tr
lT r-r IwerpwtiBg a aux. .or. r-v
beball, unill 1 C-W IPak Iof mytjr.
t J I., .t . nn, n f
I nit, I ik- nn- hi -j i"r
. f- . . , .
-7--"-- h , Uen eminrd
lirelv becaute I thotitbl ibe character of
Mr- Hmdolph to U known
f P
MDro-giwui m-..j, r'
not necctury. At h nat uccu auKice.u
. .
o me tbat tnere are many very a.r
P'0". "ho- kool?k.' one ',de, of
A.L' S. f " IE k
1 in m uivauiani-kii - ""- .-t
r'.ida tlai.y told, I am there for.
ftd, very much "7 "
tnd Inclination, to place mytclf before
the bublic, bv ibowrogr In telf deftner,
tht conduct of Mr. Handtlph on board
my ahip.
No aouner had we. gained the deck-of
I the ship at Mewcaitle, ihan Mr. Kan
dolpb'a irritable ditouaiiion began to ahow
itself, in consequence of hia overhearing
one pittenger ask ano her whether Mr.
Randolph had p-il hit turtra boat fare,
1 .team-beat, for thia he awore he would
not do, by reason, as ne ancugcn, 01
havWJ" been taken" -to ton cuy agamit
Ikit will, and that therefor they were
boand 10 return him free of expense j
and to prevent difficulty or detention one
of the passengers actually paui jut. nan-
dolDh'a DiMge w Newcastle. 11 is
proper for me lo state here, that the
ttoriei about the dog and the duel, circu
lated in this city after our departure, were
not exactly rorrettl although itia true
that in the afT-ir of the dop, between my-
self and a steerage pittenger, Mr. Kan-
Idolph very pan icuuny t. p-u.-.
quested 01 mo j-i -
animal, and I consented ; and at it re
garda the duel, Mr. Randolph did diiplay
hii pi-tots on deck, but for what object
I cannot taj unless for the purpose of
intimidation. On getting to sea, Mr.
Randolph's querulous dissition roani
fetted itself in such a variety or ways as
to defy description. It mainly consisted
in contradiction, severity of remark, pro
fanity, vulgarity, and even obscenity ; in
deed, as regards the Utter, such was his
Unii-age that the two gentlemen pas-
engers who had their lamiuca wnn mem
table for the ladies in their own cabin, and
I was obliged to assure them that 1. he
did not mend his maonera he ahould have
.at a.?
another apartment and taoie lor nis own
private use. Out of such conduct, which
was either alienation of rolnd confluence
of drink, grew the affair oh deck which
he has ao generously requested should be
taken and judged by ihelf without any
irrelevant nutterTbi irrelevafat matt
abtis- of every thing and every .body.
was his custom to go upon deck, late tt
night, and there interfere with the discip
line of the nhipv by diverting the atten
tion of officers, helmsman, and watch ; a
practice .which neither ..master nor pas
sengers, as far as my experience goes,
will approve 1 nor, while I am governed
h. me nre-ent views f duty to my
Wn-lmypS!,cP8e,' ndmyaelfrwiHi
I pergiit. Un tnit occasion, jiomciy
requested him not to do ao, aitd was;trea
aii 1 i.r. itM k. 1.,.. .i,w
raw Uett ihA . ... iU.u
.t... ..m-rtnt -ft "i, 7 . '
It htrS. U a.k artreaeakit aa
UreaierKf 4,vlJt,kwU ke aiirmt
IMlMj Uil I Ultete begot wlodawbal w.i
lm tittumlatu tut k Lihaved nttt h kai
ir afiarwirda. I am htfpy la ttEect
tkn I am very will Una U lla oe
Stale, aod wU trvat my 'euttttr ikere
' . .
liud tltewhera wlik berfrct coeldthta.
I kite lco loclve ttira cirri Uc oat
nrrrt aeroai ike A i Untie, ltd raa Irulr
Ittr iku Mr. Jokn Kindolr-. of Itoank.
a . . . '
ii tkr iru oatMbcer I tier kada n jjrrtl
with on buai'd my akip. I will rat rtly.
add, ihtl all ike tatr t;f n ttm Ikit occa-
ftioo. ticept Mr. IUdJpk, tapeetted
tbeir deairt, oo our arrital at !Jtcrpl,
ofMo alp a ptper dtc.arlng Ibiir laua u-
I . ... .e .
iiti.ii.n wiik my c-OOuci Ibrnoul.
1 1'id ikI deem It orcetury 10 p'oevw
tuck tr!m xii, M fribe fat'.l r-4
.cnUiaipftl iiAie-t--e eatUu
y rrMiTtrrxy or rar. rKir.r.
I . iH. In.! MMa-T f hio-l r Jn.a,
f Krl r'itrt m a w-rr i;fw.
Trrrmaa twl tMH, a ). ai f lk rr,.
. . . mmU era cf
rrtIl.. nUnrwa liAaWtaail of Itafav, te
I li k. . 1 . . I. .L
aiin.i b'i.m w"s " P"
rti, w wiirwe mw teWa-ikw
,of hUmi
- They are a fnoat Indutrriovt, ingt"!'
out, 1 tigvioyt People, but are amorC
if the moat aw.
. .
of any people- Vt nod them every
where worhippint( I Heir ancestor's ima
get, and painted rcpresentatlont of their
godt, rnirning e; lit PPf to tke toult of
iheir departed re'ativcM la serve as
money f',r them in the other world !
At Kuitenrnrg, w actually found
French ennrating of a Uttt of flnrtaparte.
in ;gilt fram-r placed, ai an object of
worship, over an altir-taiile, in t Cbina
man'a bouse, having wax and incenso
tapers burning Uforc it ! To try what
value was put on this picture, we endea
vored to purchase it J but the man said it
could not be parted with, because they
worshipped it ; but he eouM not an J
would not tell ut why they worshipped
the iiictur. On returninir rather eud-
dcnly into tbe room, we found Ibe old
mn liftincr uu hi hands in worship to "
tbe picture of the 1st Et-Kmperor.
It a Chines temple, w olnervid r
apartftent appropilate to the worship of
a long rang of Javanese idols, of nacut
and atone, found by the Chinese, in vari
ous parti of Java. The aculptureof many
of these idoti wit excellent, hut thef
wore verv ugly, ihey were placed or
an elevated altar, having an immentei
table placed before Ihem, with many in
cense taptia. - the Cblnete, when quce
lioned as 10 the reason of their worship
ing these idols, said, " they were some of
the coda of the country, and they thought
... . .1
It was well 10 wormnip mem.
" Humanly speaking, there is not mucti
ground lo hope that the Chinese will
adopt the Christian religion ; but God is
all sufficient. The case of the Malay
ii, if possible, still more bopeleit." They
... .... ... 1 . k..a
will reauiiy oitcuts tciikiuu lupi..,
the? appear to be ahut up in their preju
dices, and possess sovereign contempt
for all other."
La Croirje. We are happy o learn
that Mr. Fisher, of Eto-ton, wbo la or
his return from Europe, will bring wurt
him several views of La Grange, tbo
?,-,,nTr s-iMfTir Ti?rrri.-Tvcuei itum or
himself, and executed in Utbograpiiya
from the original, by one of the first
Parisian Artists. . Jiott, Cent.
WAfclllMOTOit, a--. -3.
We lately announced to Our readers,
iih aad forebodings, the illnes of Jame
ShriterpRsq- tht: Chief ot tt Brigade);,
of -llngineera, tngtta W kurveyuig ma
water of-"tht " Stat..otJndiaraiC .Th
man of Saiurdyi:
hia Death inttfficial leUer to the War
1)epartwthf; w If rWlt prace' on tht eve'
ning of the Bin icsuntr no was - ju
y tespectable cititct, an excelled topo
grapher, ; ana of course a vamaoio pj
lie officerr r:r " - ' 1 .. ' ' t
The Hon. Joseph ("t a member of
Con-r ess from the united District ot
Union,- York, partonburgf and C better j
South Caroline, hat declined being a can
didate at the next election.

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