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llouife ani Lot for B4e,
Jli nwr. r4 (MMil ft f WV!i I t n tJr. ill iM
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pm4 m tto F-Ie. i' to u MMMki w toga m 4 bMii. than ttoi Made b Hnltf I ito p
J a to an4 All tto ity t fcoiUfi irtUH'- l CrIUu, lU tklniiy f W
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If AUTIIOWTT Of THE """r"" w wsw i-cwwvva. ! I.WJWWfir4fcil.
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kM &! tf M MW, rrUM u 3irtClU of rloli blr vUr, trd
TMtr tk Mil Trmi Ivm Bup. ittrt4 vtMfirdlr After lotr tad
C-w (U WUc W lk dtf 11.) ttw I ftllpilnr mack oftr rooi4tiou Md
I pUc fcegnkt 4 by l tlif. bff
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burning H nmmm im MUUnngk, wiltU
1 lOUO 10.UJ0
1 I Art ljoo
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13 S,0
9 IW 4W0
M A) 90U
1D 19 10,000
9,000 rMj, 1UM ncknj 1I9.4X)
H009 UUitki, I ill IMkn, W 119,430
U1U Mfflt I
bf.tU Am at K-rrwAcf Mitt UrXt m- '"" ij wwmtww . ritff, rnj Ifot.i ihrnc I trrt.l ci
fitff, I kit jrtf foefitnj ititniMSiIfl4 Wm npn PMfr. WUHt la
, WirflAMbM MMIUJM, m4.Mm lwl,m r,T.
vii imi c2id im anna, laa tnrir
Hilt ll1(Ht Kf ;tl fftl!fc, 5
Min ibt tttr ITc. I Mn4 Om Fir
ttiiMJ from iKm ill ik UmJ tti cf il.s
iLc Ohio n! ( SffrAfe riir in) I
Im 7 r w.rinft whij iir Iri'lunt u
ibcir en t'tfuc. ihi thrf U't'
bttlr of rich U1 idfrr. I c luJrtl I
owU uLt a tuur ciird, i.J f ij!ori,
lh! COUfl'ff .
" I i out Uul (ha Um of Jun, If fie.
ami rf. h iti firti hUcr. lo HoKiifn
wiiti, hn (! fr0m utir Crli-Je
l i ruuUtto !' taut 14 ffirt nf are.
Cj" 'w w irul
( 300 Tklti to to Jrava in a Uv 4 b
twpMMI ! Uidniof, AH m mh
'tort to to pUud b ao vtoct, aoj ito Ttiic
La itor.
IhaUTf prim m !Umt
rr cUjr.wiU to enutk4 to a rruarf RjuO r0MP nrr toy to ito
tktor.-nj tkelf boM lrirVvfrW . ..... ... , " " .
Bonf j lur wjmm m "' ktttu to w in m r, M,lfion hit )h htm. ei
further tfm wJl to aa an Uy eibtlng ant timt Kjr 'i I Irvm HCh! ff ,j jf,, touniff tou'h of hfniocif.
ofl,oWaiWto har. I, iu, inort ii,cn of .hi-t irrr.
JUH JtfcilAT.I ' . ,H 32J dr ,)ftmb" Whinr. j there il.f n h. there W row ei( of ihe
l , 1 . mi iwmimriM Nemutur nr, i c ipioffl umUiUi. mi Ir,riet
SSDVJ iVtttTll. 10 ftwtf. tre ii.r.'jnwiMj lf a
TOLCM frvii tto auWrStor.iMt the nirht P1' f 'rKfUrtl, mho, ruiMu cut of
of ito 31 of July, tiH. to JVH.Y lrUk Taneferilir. made them so f.t'tt""
o(tf4.andfcri. I he? comin jed in tn- riii"n
rWrri, from SjwieSt riter down to the
"When e rime to the mouiS fif
T nii.eee, mr fello iroel'en ronclu
ThinJ day,
Fourth day,
riAh day,
BiSia daj,
.Srtkiar .
Xigkih day,
Kttnh day.
Tenth day,
F.tareatb day,
Tt Ifth day,
Tbirtetnlh day,
Fourteenth day,
TiAeenth day,
liltenth day,
Sercfttetnth dae,
w;i . now I . ....U., 1 !. . I
Ito reel of tha Priiea floating in the vtocl oM, about Jfeet
from tto eommeaoewetrt, wnoununf to
73 J30 B0LZJL2U.
Cane Fear,
aAee Ito uertpltt
W jl, jt ,1 jw TAMiiiin.-L .w- ". ' 1 ", rrf rcno ir.eMe.. ronclu
100 hk kf.k Zi-kLi- i' ton, la the dead of r,iM llt the . . , ... .....
i rpva w en u rH wiew pn -winm m ( '
wiitoopi hi
j compbrtrd
1W0 rognd-abont
1XW tofMarMiii. dm n,ir h!u rKMinrtt. on I With one Ottor, who had nrnetraled Into
1 Mm I .l. - - -... ki.,1, l.i ..i liki. ....... i . : l r .:.!
r-iww w. VP. Mil lwllllililvrr'M"l WIfCJIUimCU llYIUII III 11 IlLO Ul ,11V
1 nno I .uu i k. I . n- li-.l i. . "... . ... i iHin.iM
' I mvww mwu Mn, wi m. -.i m niv . I II. BHI I Bnunrf . n nt,A u-rinnr .1 I It I
camp. Thii meeting' noitihattnding
10.000 hirt. Ha la a acar on h,. riM k.. IM noartJneM of Ito i.uurB.iancai
nnnn ....jw.ti,. k, k.u attendlnr the oartici. iroduttiro cf
t 2 inchce high, buck, irga bear-1 luuiuai JOy.
?; tt r?,ante,
Huh h.!(u UJ
la a f !tW I Ix-re
A tfHe tfy rt,
S- ffrM fm t to lua,
rn fr ffM hftM, f fr- mf Js
. W kn i in t OKW Uf,
F jr H.V:f dear, rh acd
Af"i-d Mm f -t,,
1 hi !' l r.rMManf e raav(
M htf IK jfrtlK,
irral tuthtof vj f,ftlM.
I rofii'ifiiir J in t'.ia plart until I CouUi
' tlowle tillhw! rrwtthcl. At I BOW
I iy near a f,ri KufT-l" rtaa!, I
afraid that the Indiana migM to pnunf
that wtt, anf I'iarnver m f Cre place,
therefo I meted of aoete diiunce,
tore I re r imt if iiMil I lt.Id in elk.
Ihif I woulJ ' here unul It wai healed,
c br trierllrnptoo toof), H might ain
Le irifJimed.
In a few wrrl after. I frweHr'l oi.
fiai! "hriW"" Wen e?ern rrfnih in lb
wili'erneu. ail Ourinif thii time, I
nri'her brrail, monii, wnrorn, or
(irittiwia tf'jnir"" ; 'td tlirre tnffifhi nf
wkkhi mm u'.iiie iL; hutnaa tfttia,
e fiepl Jamie "
fSec. 3. wi.l fhm in arewmf er
j ..... ar.....i ""'J,, "v '" " . rfi, mint) ha: te nr ! in the fir 1773.
k eeeu hia eyehrw-a, b,. U. their mm, tod ret.irwd Othe camp. , , , .,, ..,. , " ,v "M hM,n"
a amtrntrtnlerahrr moufrmW: Mr hlch the totihA Muhe.,!. and all thai. I . . , ' "V . ' " ' 'mn "r i,tor, . iiacK
, Me took atth him one Caa-nrtt comDaniona rone.' 1 1 't," '" f ..! on them the laalUa. i. fo-rlfa
dMk hfai cma blue. I i.'.w:. -....:.... . c.i. ! ' oi;r-'" '"' ' " alir the.r reiarn to ( linrh ner.
.with Urre umfami totton.. A I .. "" rn" T,lu,,r kiPe t U the Indian. ; thcrfbrt. I rar. i ... ..,.i .k-
In. twr-irr .k;,. brother of Col. I'.mel lone, i ..,,., ., k. .. i,'-'' ' w
, .. ..... - j I.?..
It tip to tha knees and a ar in hi forehead, A ihort time after the irrlTi! of Squire
The mare m about ieet 3 tnchea Blc Boone at the atation camp of Itoie ad
pyteatttoAwncjcttolfcnk Stewart wM kUW a
"'" H'' 1-Ji.n., which
?! . TTKhl. Z7. ZZ, in aaddle cowkfcrabfy wor-rihed tn front of frightened tto trim a ho accwnpanieJ
....... . i.i. 1. 1 iw : .t.
and horeea, and deEter ttorn to me, or Mfv
them in aafety ao that I can get them, aliaH rr
eeire tto atoa reward.
.farr5, 1826. 26tf
not demanded within twelve montni tram tbe
combletion of tto drawinr, win to conaidcrcd
a forfeited to the nte of the Lottery.
XStkrwjKJpnl, 1836.
The attention of tto Korth CaroFma public,
TpecifuUy tnited to the fore peine. Khem.
The laudable parpoae eontrmplated win, ft m
hoped, area re to H the aid of thoae who are j
Inemlly to trie intereat ot bterature and acience,
Aiul tk . wwim iLw. J? ,kj. .nlt.Hui. .Kn 1 . . '
eonarntr to act aa Coniiniaaionee In tha man. I A tto return of the Bank Notea from tha
arement of the Lottery, ia a aurlcleni pledge j nepartment, not feceWable at tbe Treawry of!
Ttbe rairneaa with hich it will be eombtc4aL I ma vniiea "jiaTea, m payment ?or raieni
A. D..UURFHEY. I riijhta. all peraona drtirmn of taking out rut
of the Wertem
Kuber, and other, 8alibury
theaklrta. Squire Boone, that he immediately eel
Af perron who will take op tbe raid nero W on fe,urn ,0 orth Carolina.
DariarntsT ar Statb,
Jul 15, 18-'6.
rilp obviate the riak and dclyr. Indent to
A. D. UURrHEl. Mjnia, ajl peraona aewroiii oi laaing- oui rm-
a thU Lottery for aale at tto n j"! Le,t t0 V?"' xht'rWU-
m Carolinian. and by Mr. Cliarlea "'rV- i" m k' f ? 1 T knW'
hera,Sali.bury. 21 or Jf w,n be ,l "fiSf9""'
. i i iiti cj . i
luivmi una .hum lor oaic. foT 8fte
ejtajBi o aa m on a .1
riitiK auMcriDer oueri lor aaie nia Land at ij OFFER for aale a raluable tract of L.t.'D,
Bnaal,kAMiiaiK Th ImaI s Kw.a I
JT . VT T j TTTi. contaimnjr about aght hunctrtd cnt. Ivmg
ki nvwn vcttv, in:r hi, uumimi in ihiui
u under ctihiraUon i front one mile and a quar
ter on the Rirer Pae Dee t two hundred acre
of kw-rround. The improvement! are a two
atory Dwcllinadlouae, with all the common and
neceeary out-home i a Grirt-Uill, with two
run of itonea, and Saw-Mill with one taw, on
the Yadkin Navigation Canal, which rum
through the premiee, and afford a full aup.
ply of water at all timet. The water-power for
machinery ia equal to any in the Southern
Statea. having the advantage of navigation from
the mills, and no chance of being rivalled.
The aituation ia high and health, and. baa a
number of never-failing Springe.
Term of payment, and further particulars,
ill be made known on application to the aub-
criber on the premiee. WM. JOHNSON,
SnettUbr Jmtn etuntv, 6t32
!cinf the two Boone without anv ot:,
coftipany. At this cimp Col Hoone an ! :
brother erected a hu:. to protect tluo
From tto Incjeniency "lie approaching
winter, sod where ituy continued uoiil
the lucccedinp jnnnjr. durint which
lime no occurrence look place worthy f
On the lit day of Mjyt 1770, Souire
Boone left hit brother, and returned
home to Carolina for a supply of amuni
lion and honei, leavincj him entirely
alone, who, at the summer approached,
extended hit excursions, whereby he ob
tained in extensive knowledge of all the
Undi in the country north of the Ken
tuckv river.
On the 27th day of July, 1773, Squire
Boqne returned with the nccesiary sup
pnes ot ammunition ana nonet, attc
nit hore with my fellow u.w liar to the
a ii wh (iittkult (u Uke a horv
biuutrh the moun'ain. Vf romrlr
gave ttic the K'e'ct poM of tha ainmisni
tion ti er then ha-?, whicli amounted nnly
tn hl a rwinnil cf towder, and lead
equivalent. Mr. Morton aUo lent me nu
mulato hoy, and I 'hen let off through
the wiMern"! for Carolina.
u Abixit r i Kf it day after I left my com
pnv, it ;iic mouih of Teimewf, on mr
jo'KTUv "j! ward, I got acanettabin my
mt-h orcasionrd my leg to awell.
,i .! ! s'iffrred much p. in. I wai now in
i Jju jiIu' Jiujtii.n lr from any 9f the
.i.. n rtirs, eiceling black Jamir,
or ti. e .i'.;t, an.! 1 knew not when I
Alv) rf a iit Sv f ot. Jane Hirrrwl,
wi'h a prtv lum lononcalulf l.ike
wf r.f j iit by Col. Thnmai Bullitt,
and a part from Virginia of Col. Cul
lin'i llk with the In.'ian it Chilirnthe,
hr he Ui'rJ (hem i alter which, e
and lua par.y dewended the Ohio t thet
ft f.VA V.
A tonk intn ffnerttirtl wita A ftn
it-l nf ZIOOtHK) Mrly hM m. Si
this mm in r.uh and the aid of it! own
bllK it dirourM note to the amount
of RU0,!O. It i plan, ihat for in abil
ity to irderm f4-0"n 0f it hilfi, it tnuit
depend iikii ihr ai.Wcncv i.f (hote who iiw. i unn irmm rate ininur i . ....
""h : ' nae uoriumee in rnmiey. nut u.doev
ed dervrafe, md I 'thouirht-aorrrettmff nof f0W ,l' !lc failure of thesc.tolhe
amom.i .f 4n,(K-0 wcnlJ lherefr break!
on Cedar Creek, in the Fork of the Yadkin,
(Rowan county) which formerly belonged to
John A. and Georre ChafTin. It ailioina the
land of llenn. Diamukea and Brock, and which it waa but a short time before they
omen, ana dm on u an eacencni miu oeai. u tet out horaewara ; eximtning the coun
will oe cuvHiea io ami purcnaaer ; anu ia us-
ceptable of an. advatitageoua mvinnn. ir not
old at private aale before the 5th of October, it
will be exposed to punlic aale on that day, at
Mockmlle. rlNCKNEY CALUWell.
Stpt. 5A, 1825. 3t30
Taken anil Commuted
FflO the Jail of Rowan county, N. C. on the
X 16th of August, 1826, a negro man, who
aaya hi name u JAVA, Mi year old, 5 teet 1
Inch high i say he left hia master about 6 weeka
since, in the atate of Georgia j wai bought by
one Johnran, laat tpring, of Martha vruiiam
:it C
owner required to come forward, prove
property, pay Charge, and talre him away
i oVice.
TnE copartnership in the Mercantile btmntn
at Concord, Cabarrus., county, under the
firm of Murphy f frown, will be dissolved
about the Suth .day of October next, by. mutual
oonsent, AH persons indebted to said firm,
are requested to settle and dose their accounta
at aoon aa posaible, with William BrownT at
.concord, by note or otherwue i and those ha"
claima, are requested to present them.
CmcsM Ctrru t$un tyJulf 2A W26.
A llC'ONDED without mv consent, rhv an
J. prentice Henry Dunn, who was bound to
me by tbe County Court ot Rowan, North Caro
lina, he is about 20 vean ot age, slim made, mack
hair and eyes i and by profession a Cabinet t
Maker Five cent reward JwjjLbcS,venJ nZ
person wfio will deliver him to me, afmy Shop,
in tbe town of Salisbury. I herby forewarn all
persons from harboring, or employ aaid appren.
tice to work i aa I intend to make an example
of those who do it according to law. The aaid
boy has In hia poaaeasion a paper which he con.
-i . J a? . t . . . i .
giikici niiinicicm 10 snow io me peopie uui nc
la free, but I can prove by sundry witnesses that
Ih has itilf one vear or thereabout, to serve out
his apprenticeship. - - . r
Her 12A, 1826. - . S8tf
Ve-w Cotton U lir
f r friends, and the public in reneral. that he
has now got hia "Ciitin Ctii in complete order;
with hia Afoatintr Maehina attached thereto, to
clean out the leave! and sand; His Gin will be
fn operation" until IhfiMrof Wreh"trwtucE'
time it will be stopped, a hi Gin ia particularly
adopted and intended, for cleaning Cotton
rucelyfor domeatic nufacture, he infomh
customers that strict attention may to expected
every Saturday, aa well- aa other days, if tbe
custom will jusnfy ft.
Third Creek, Rowan Comity, A. V.
try as they proceeded to Cumberland
river, giving names to the different rivers
and creeka aa they passed, and in the
month of March, 1771, arrived at their
respective places of residence in North
Colonel Shelby, in one of his note
says, "in .viay, issx, i met uaniaJ
Boone below the Holsfein settlement
alone ; he informed me that he had spent
the two years preceding that lime, in a
hont on Louisa river, (now Kentucky,) so
called by at the long hunters ; that he
had been robbed the day before by the
Cherokee Indians, of all the proceeds- W
hia hunt'
The tame year that Daniel Boone first
visited Kentucky, viz : in 17(9, Hancock
Taylor, Richd. Taylor, Abraham Hapden
stall and others, from Orange co. Vir
ginia, descended the Ohio rirer, viVited
ttt ihorei, passejiheiljitinltnlo the
Mississippi. At the mouth' of either
Wrote rive or-Aenaa-rUchecd Taylot
adarbcnitft'i:hei'Otherr!anrf wnt
through the Creek nation of Indians', to
their resident
Taylor, and Abraham Hapdenstall, went
or to Red rive r, explored the country in
that quarter descending tbe Mississippi
to Newrbrleans, and fFom thence went
round-to New-Yoi kt and home
In the same year also, (1769,) James
Knox, (afterwards Col- Knox,) Henry
Skegs, and seven others, came through
the wiklerncis, and made a bunt on
must be done. AJI the urgtcal wvru
menti I ImJ was a knife, a jnotkasori
wf, and a palr'c-f bullet moiTfds ; Viih
these I luck lheawl in li e skin, and
with thr kniTe I cut the fleb si.v from
aio'inrl the canr, and t'irn I coininaiidrrl
!hc luula'lo fellow to c'rh it with ilu
!ml!et mojld. and pull it out, which he
did. When I saw it. it ctmed a khovk
in thinij to be in any person's foot. It
will, lhrr..fore, be supposed that I was
vciv clad to have it out. I lie Wick kl
low attended upon mr, and obeyed my
ilirrctioni faithfully. I ordered him to
irart h lor Indian mrdiriric, and told him
to zci me a Urtniity of bark from the
root of a lynn trtc, which I made him
brat on a stone, with a tomahawk, and
boil ii in a kettle, and with the ooze I
hath,-' mv foot and leg ; what remained,
whrn 1 had finished bathing, i doiicu to a
ji ily, and made poultices thereof. As I
had to tags, I made use of the green moss
that grows upon logs, and wrapped it
round with elm bark. By t his : means
(simple.i it may seem) the swelling and
inflamation in a great measure abated.
" As stormy weather' appeared, I or-
dcred Jamie to mke us a shelter, which
he did by erecting-Tortnri ctpole 5Ts 1 4
them with cane tops, like a
fodder house. It was but about one hun
dred yards from a Urge JjulTiloe road.
As we were almost out oJ provision, i
, . t ' .. i
rommanriea Jamie io take my kum, aim
. ii i. .i
went along as wen as i cuuiu,
mvaelf hear the road, and killed a biifTaloo
. a i . x I .. ...
When this was done, we itrKeoj tne ican
and fryed Jbfl ovi out of the fut meal,
wt.irn wa icdi io w ir '
- a
we. ueeded it-.
i!ie..l4'il... J'or the Jwnk would aliil havo
in notes S '00, oo-T with which to redeem
the 340.0"'. It is plain therefore that
, twnk may he it whole capital, and atHt
be stilvcat.and ble to redeem its billi.
Ny morrih .t it may lose in whole
r;iit ,1 f.11 , me, and still he able to re
deem its bill I he -hence then of a
bank's lilme with prudent management
is rendered iw mni lerably ma!l.
In all ordinary cars then, trr tsfctf or
solvency of b.nk df pendt on tho pru
dent minsRCment of i's dirrr'nr. of
course people who consider 'his, will feel
afett in holding the bills of those banka
in whose directors they have the great
est confidence. Darntt. Gaz.
.Mornr.n ;oose ormo.vr..
The National Journal give the following par
ticulara, smwig others, of the f eh dration of tba
late anniversary at Patterson, New Jersey.
" In the procession, n conspicuous
part was sustained by thirteen venera
ble old men, and eleven boys, each
bearing an appropriate banner, the for
mer representing the original thirteen
states, and the !atTenhel:teve nHncrwr"
ones, i ne
Diek river ws named after an Indian, whose
name waf Dck,aiid who had a hnnHmgamt oh
that river. .
eiiuM..' Itiver is a south bronch of Cumber.
tend,' and enters -taqr it above .ajwJmlW
first gave it this name in our juuiun. ,
mff, alter one ot my ichow . , ...
L riah Stone, and I am .told that it retains the
ame name unto tliFday.
-1 'Jirlt in ft name well known by the hunters,
and frontier inhabitant a, for meat cut in small
nieces and laid on a fcaffuld, over a slow fire,
whtyeby it b roartod till it is thoroughly dry. .
usual servicea were per
formed, an oration was delivered, and
.i banquet provided at a table one hun
dred and fourtetn ttct In length, lot
such as were disposed to unite in the,
festivity. This table was beautiful
ly ornamented by. arches,, banners,
wreatr's, eagle8t&c: On unconverinr;
a bird p4e, a white pieoti leir'cui,. '
with ti copy of appropriate vtrsca be
neam-onc ol its wings.
And wbea the pie wss opened, '
The bmls begn to sing j
, Oh is not this a dainty dial jr
To set betVe the king - - J
.My'warf a flower of fragrance sweet :
When lovely Spring adorns the green,
My vkvU ia v, i'U the cowslip aceni
l ?
I .
-?f '
f -
i V j
. -M-.m
V -.
i" 7
i :
ft '

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