North Carolina Newspapers

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vera aocartd bf U and to at upporl of 1 to aa cod.
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tba Wt of tbartf aod vlrtac, If Kbietrd . ..u 11.1 .
AV4rBcijaMi Forman. kmUi TiUmt lni ihcra to refrain front Levity on the
PtfT, Joha J. Bofir, common. tokmn oc cation. Ha further told bit
frd-l if. taual Kinr.-ti, Rkbird bretbren.lf loey felt to ditpoted, althavub
jJT.- uh,. r o lb tonKrK.uoo aa crowded, Ibey
AdARM.ll. wadr.eamona. " m'Stl I9 ""' ' vnrtAit CoJ a fV
JlwMP -ILiJtaMtDtiMclMiutt) taocb Foy, tfatr.' They placed IbtmteUet in ra-t
CTBryaa Cox. commoMa. of the wbola length of lha bouae, iba men
.:,rr croom' rn .tl ona end and the women at tbe.b-
?T-i. upot. oo--. A cumber ol both aeica dtJ rxx twin ia
T - . . 1" i'J?" ' 1 tba dmce, at alao thota who acted at tbc
jljra. L. Cherry, aaoala i Dad L-Uum,! moaicUoa. Theae tuddeuly atrucb ttp a
m CooDcr. commona. Itune without wordt and the dancinr im
jfrdtkttUrf. Uicbacl McUary, aewte i mediately began during ibit period lb
militja Juhua Akiander, and UmuUw Baia. nKtrt kept a conttant waving motioa
''TrrWmunJ-IWberTr. I.ntte, Ub botb.iiiDJl, ti if bcaUng tirne, and
i-k- rwi-. Th.. r nunn.eoaimoM. wheneter a hi mn wat finitbcd, they all
JUtrr Joaitb Traon, Senate t Gideon Sea- made peculiar bow of the bead to each
n,tntnni Wadt worth, commofM. . (other, denoting the revarencial cloaa of
AbiA-W. W. BoiU.e, Stnatei JoepB Ar- lne .,r,;ce. Three or four Diecea ware
rinrion, Duncan York, commo.
A'0w Ame-1 homu Ilrnne, aenate;
Wiin.i VT. Jxxfc John Kerr, common.
. tniampttn t HolUman, lenatei R. 0.
Carjr, John II. Patterwn, eommont,
performed in thia manner, the whole oc
cupjinj lbout una hour. Tbc dancing
wat umple in Kt lorrn. The whole body
moved backward and forward i in their
OntUw.-TJmyi ad, acaaU John Cilci j rwiii quid and perfectly uniform
ttep, then turning rauod, they ad ance up
and down the room, tbuQung to tba tune.
It it turpnting to tee the mott perfect
uniformity and regularity of ttep, with
which they o through the routine of their
unusual devotion. After M going forth
Wnv, P. Famim. comaoni.
Ooarvw. William Montramery, arnata i John
Boon, Job a Stockard, eommont.
PaftJt I homa Bel), aenate j WilUara
J. Hardv, Thomat Jordan, commona.
Pert Robert Vanhook, tentte i Tbomat
McGcbee , Tboraaa Webb, eomioona.
i i u:n:. u:.u:,v . vi:.i.. I
Burke! John Boroe. commona. Ln ,he d,nce' thtl eni fonh. t0 Pn
J'iu. John Joyacr, acnata Uarahall Die kin-
aun, WtlFiam Andrew, cofnmona.
A(mfc-Aleiander Gray, Senate i Abra
ham B rower, Hobert Walker, commona.
ttickmend Francia T. Leake, aenata i Archi
bald McNair, Henry Dockery, commona.
Mthtttn John Gilchrist, aenate W. Alford,
S. Howell, commona.
I . . . . . . mm W. .
uod " in toe march. i he aingera now
placing themaeivea in the centra of tha
room, commenced hymns descriptive of
their worship, all the ohakert moving
round them in couple with a very quick
step. Every one united in the song,
gently waving their hands at tome par
jrrrm. Thonuw BlackwelL Senate : ticiflar nrt. a if elated with m. ih.
feT-STOli., ''PMheirb'ndj:hi,e ng through
John Clement, commons lhM 0,Bem "l"" u. . L. ,
Xwtherfird. Martin Sbuford, senatej John 1 hut finished the worship of this curious
Canon, William Richardson, common. and apparently devout sect. The utmost
Somw John Seller, aenate i David Ua I neatneaa is conspicuous in their gardent,
fields, and houses, and they ara surpassed
derwood, Thomaa Sutton, common.
Sfolr John Hill, aenate t Augustine II.
Shepperd, Joaeph Carter, commona.
- SurryPleaaant B. Roberta, aenate i Gallahu
Moore, J. Arnold, commons.
TgmU. John B. BeaaJey, senate j Daniel N.
J3ateman, Frederick Davenport, common.
Jf'nArHenry Sea well. Senate i Nathaniel
by no people in these respects. Their
property is all in common, individuals
draw from the general stock for support,
! l i .1 t i . r
wiih.ii is auunuaony run ana pieniuui.
Agriculture, gardening, and the mechan-
. JTarrtH-M. T. Hawkina, Senate i Thomat I lnS 1 w'h commercial speculations.
J. Green, Robert H. Jonea. commona. I Tbe articles of their industry have alwavs
.W tulunftm. SamuelDavenportftenatei Wil-J beefl celebrated for their superiority, their
. wn...h ,,,.uara Armaieao, common, i garden-seeds are known over the world
N- "count, and find
- - vvi'iniviiwt a ...
miltt.-Montfort Stokea, aenate i Nathaniel ' re"cJr m' "ealth, peace, and pro
mora ihaVcoald lava Ve," moraT Ibaa
ever wat time, by tha uaakUd powers of
rata the ttubluhnent of a fret and
hippy Govern meM, dependent alooe upoo
fb wiU of iba roplc. Ut h ihea ba
our sole nan duty la perpetuate thit Gov
crnmcoi, by. rccurtlnf oftea la the firtl
tacriCcct wkb whkh It was obtained, and
to iba lettoas of wisdom with whkh ill
tiff i hive atimped It bittory. ,
Paolata. ?ala It. Wi beliert uod re
gards all bis crttturtt with an impartial
eye. Ltrwat a t,oayMw.
"Orert dittorbances look place 6ork
tba aWctkios In Ireland. In county iter
ry til men were tbot dead, and as many
mora wounded. Of thota shot only ona
was actively engaged la tba not. Colo-
pel Croabie went lo Bennar Inn, end
told lord Fneltmora his coodoct In or-
ooowaroi our looppmucTica dcrif niurw a nJUnly.kti
v..,,cr-, vuu. NDumjr bortewbiptXd bire. A in.
rr'! rHr-n?r'irn h ner..rd, toor place on lha bo
doubt with ta pe of unihilayog the fair I i whkh (ssit tba Dublfu Eva-
,Br,c -n,co me nra, N uui, . p f) cU,r, hon (hit
KawB inn tavavaaa It I a kvaa V f lua I ' .
r a .w e J t rl i 'int wat made to make a ptiwwerj
proved worthy af tbelr father, many of k rfo ,c w wJ ,hl ,hf
whom witoaaaaJ tha .trugile, and in lha fc. lherir M(t lhf ,0 ni !lWttl were
accornpl,hmat of tbelr P"J-m ihj cbkf promoter and that it was with
7 ";;7i:7.:L:Zr" " " j .I dragooned intmba eonllkl." Tba ry
tTl'TT- i 7 found arerdictof death, by shot fired
dierv nr. a part of bom ara now before , ,nd 0i l,;,.,,. ,nd f., ,u
me.wao ajoeoio io.. rugg.e, .ne onJm Wfre unneceiMrf tnd. Uf,j0iB
gramuoa Ol wtmr7siiawn k. Wht K- cffc of hU rtnc
rre.v onereo, aoo wi,a a. w..n one, wU .Q ,t( ,h wof(J
.now : r wpcr re wan, cook, ow m -m,,-,,,- IncTtcttei Wfne" shade of
rrii n J Mil . I ' .
. "J -v.... I criminality, to the amount ofv at lean,
thankt for tba favorable manner
kirk L t J . . .
uim fiiiuill imi .-..w... , TK..r.l.lUn .nil frUrut. ftf ik.
I criminaniy, to me amouni on ai lean,
cr' mantlaiighter. " Tha .acnution (taya
f ; letter quoted in the time paper) created
'. ton the night of the mattacre was dread-
.. . iiui. toe
o wnwr, i nave oeen ea oy ntrvoon- njnnjnK lh v iBriireeliTcai
... j " I i . i r c. .
uy, a no ninicuiany oy inia niaie. in r .v.. t,. .......
.Mii ",,i M"K iw wrma, mil hist iiiikui aicnkrc
these, in an altuaibn. of ilulwu.n,Min- their
re.I.mrauchirebtedtothe libarmliif , kl)e nd mfoki nw,diel0Ilt-0fl ,
an- ou,genca oi my leHowciuren. , 0 hld ; c wed tnfiocent bIood t0
n . oeg ieavS once more io atsu e .nem ned th ,nd ,he crje. wbich werf
o. toe consolation wnicn ineir cneenng heirdt nd (he ctM mhch
approoation na aiwsys snoroeo roe
The innusl commencement of this in
stitution was celebrated in tbia plare on
t cdneiday tba 13th inst. Uor city waa
visited on the occasion by an unusual con
course of strangers from different parts
of the country, among whom were many
persons of distinction. The exercises,
of which a Scheme is given below, were
exhibited in the centra Church to a crow
ded audience, and reflected much credit
themselves, while a few of the sufferers
who yet bresthed were taken up a back
lane, and the Catholic Clergy adminis
tering the last rites of the church in the
streets-were truly appalling." Ai the
county of Galloway election fatality
took place, of imaller extent, but equal
ly unjustifiable. A party of Lord Clan'i
carde attacked the tenantry of Major
Kirwan j on the 28th ult. a number of
gentlemen, coming down street, fell In
contact with some of the populace oppo
site the meat msrket, in William-street,
AH f k Jk aaaxi.anaa. mm ak n t a m ak m war it J. fft at ?! nal JB4
in them and on their Instructor. Tni !nd mci ",,h Patois, byonet,
high literary and moral excellence of the , c-,nre.a mon.B " r' V "7 m",n.
nrnHllclinn. n. aoMaf.flinn In nit ""'J lu 1SIBIC, UIIIU1 luildic II1WII,
-Kn k.. Kr- k.,iM,j..,.nmed Je-miah-Syllivanv-xtceiyfxla
" iiii u iuiiu. Ulib iiuiimiiiU wiyuvni. . ,, . , , j. I. I, r
ult 111 iiio uu'.ium ui wciij, wiiii.ii
Gordon, John 8aintcluir, commona.
koaocaa wiaaiai.
" ' lttentm Janet fredrti,! - fl
- Jr-aewiaew.ftQbert Strange, '
' ftVjfrflrawalt John Scott.'
VTe6m-Jo'in Stanly.
'iSafiiAKfy-Cbarlel FMte.'
. Wfmwjfait Joseph A. Hill. '
perity rergn about them. But with ill
their deserved industrious, moral and
a'fiteof their cbmmunit a cann be other
wise-lh-nwrong and demonatratcs' the
absurdity Vint which pooruthan nature
can run ! Celibacy, the Shakers declare
in their belief to be indispensable, but
where doe reason or Scripture justify
whole communiues to separate them
A Quaker in Philadelphia, wanting elyes entirely from those solemn relation
to buy some oysters, requested the ,n hich the happiness, and even tbe con
oystcrman to leave two or three bush. un-ance oi society depend i r
els at his house. Pray sir, said the
oysterman, what might your name be ?
It might b Beelzebub, replied the . , e V ?owej:er Mmot f
O, .!,.. l.,. -uuu I tral point of criminality, thourii
Quaker, but it W. I -eciafvo, b ta be feared, 1
Hie firtt atep, however remote from the een-
not alwaya
were admitted to tbelr first degrees. This
is believed to be tbe largest class that haa
ever graduated at any literary institution
tn the United States, and is the best evi
dene of lha flourishing condition of YaJe
College. We are happy to be informed
that a considerable number of young
gentlemen have already joined tbe next
Freshmen Class, and that tha prospect ot
its being large is favourable. The insti
tution now holds a high rank in this coun
try, and it most be the source of much
gratification to its friends that its reputa
lion was never greater pr its-condition
more prosperous than at the present time
- . - (.uumbian utjttttn r
'r.rure.-.pjeasure Is to women, what
the sun is to the flower i If moderately
enjoyed, it. beautifies, it refreshens, and it
improves : if immoderately enjoyed, 'it
withers, kiataSt-.,
the duties of domestic life, exercised as
they must be in retirement, and calling
forth' all the-aeDsibilitiesofthe female,
are, perhaps, as necessary to tbe full
developing of her charms, as the shade
is to the rose, confining its beauty and
increasing iti fragrance.
passed out through bis back and in a
few minutes terminated his existence.
The coroner's inquest had been, adjourn
ed: but eight of the " gentlemen" were
coromittecHo gaol
In Galloway several lives have been
lost. Mr. Martin is likely to lose his
election, owing to the influence of the
Marquis of -Clanricarde, ' Mr. Canning's
son in-law, being exerted against him.'
Portugal and Siain. A sort of con-1
troversy is carried, on in the Paris jour
nals oi lha subject fiheJ'-orriiKues
Constitution.- Ith-. Liberal and Ultra
ppers sec m agreed that t he Cohsiiiuitah
is likely to be productive of Senefitv '
J he Jtffsrrtan WinrerivThtcr the di
plomatic body to protest against the con
stitution. 1 he xiiiglislf Ambassador re
fusedt Jn terms, to sanction any such pro
test, and the other .envoys' remained pas
site. .
The friends of the present despotism
in Spain are trembling with apprehen
sion, lest they should ba compelled to
adopt a similar constitution to that of Por
tugal. -
. Jt is.etimaied.t)y4ha.intelliBent editor
of the Charleston Southern Patriot that
8500,000 are annually spent in the north
ern states by the residents of -ot
Carolinar------------ :
" It is probable that the National Inttlr
fencer wi!T1aveDlis1iedlHhere.
ches dellyercd in last sesslonof corigre-
about lhe time thai tho next stfsw-1
f k -,'.it l it t,a
t''t t f . fwriift, wa I'tni'r ki
i tw'.Jff I thl U (.( If!!,
ia j-'iit U i:ftl, it., a iki af v
antMl fcf tit wixira fHiaia, )
wa im(4titr af tf iia ara i'ua4 ia
Mttaourii tkiy art (ovftid mi m
j,la a pfta lkl M J-.nUfcl.r rr.U tia 14
rafarrtd li it r.fft attviple af ike
r(lpt af Ui4 tftfttry la i.j Kf
dftwaftd. Tba tnanaer l ,-tx ri.
14 Is itrtatet; dttalt-yy t a It a t
rert tha falaara f rwker dlfrart,
kite goaa fwrtbar lota) ib eertb tka
fortj ftt I sftd If Mi aroctii tf
aparauot) is si simdm e as taaut p..
Urm4 Si Iba ((Ug at a H 1 al
alarek. .rr-,,. .... - , .
TUla4.sx0ts tC lit riitiettri.ttra
tnUra4 Pof inia 1 tint-try im,
Baaate-alif-w- r-aa7.uJjl iba atdaJL..
M Tt. r' -4 ,lA ll .a
-w v - in WW, vf etl.
Tbesa rainai wart aausnly wra-rrt-
by iba caaapeayi antil Iba coeafry pat4
froflt tbe donlnioa a Iba Fraack. C.
dr Spain, the mini not producing f44,
era lelt rO lodlvWoil iitnloai few
prMkr.ii Uia (Tanted, t&4 ibUa
law parbtM Kttla tt fardel.
Wbaa thai mtlow cim lata ika aoa
MaloQ of the V. Stttts, iba valee of iba
lead mine wis aot tntfraly ovtrlooUd,
thou eh parbapa imperfectly oodersfoad,
tat ibey wcrt natkid si bring af I moor-
tarx la tba coonuy aod La 1IC7 a Uw
wa netted by Coaertst. autboelun-
W f W9 - ' ' '
Uitet of tba miner! dads but aa actat
for this purpose sppolniid, the bu4-
Mil being latfitied eotlrclv 10 Iba care
I lb Ba aV U aUawi TliUa. ai lk
Lou It, mora tbia a vent y mlk froro that
prioclpal rain- KolwttbitarvUng tbcta
tiKti it bf came cvtdaot that laa countrr
wa not deriving tha advantage from
iba twibc wbkb I ben rkke gat
right lo npect. IwdWdof Ir ftrnaH
10 dig and drtpota of lead, "without ren
dering accoani of tbelr labours, tad
every Iblog connected with tbe mine
apfcarrd ta. . U conducted in, a . xoost
loose tad unproductive manner j not
par hap from any wilful atgkct on the
pan of 1 be effker granting kau, but
rom hit Inability to discharge tbe holi
ness of the tflka lo wbkb be wit ap-
poiated. ........ . ....
In" 18? j, the government berome auV
fied thitan agency, in tba direction of
lha mines, was absolutely neccttiry,
and Lt. M. Thomas, formerly toromin-
dant of lha arsensl near Frank fort, wtt
appointed superintendent of th Mistouii
Usd mine.
It 1 undrntood that the demand for
lead io Ihlt country it from twelve o
ntteen milAona of pound annotlly it I
probable that tha centum piion Increases,
r fnv ova lead tnlai about ona ibkd of
tha amount it drawnkavlng lha re
maining two third, about nine millioo
of nounda, to be Imported.
When the imd in Missouri waitold,
reservation were made by the govern
ment of partkular portioas auppoted tu
abound with lead t tha quantity ihua re-
j served it about 110,000 acre i of ibis
'about 9, CCO acre have been kited;
leaving UlfOOOacretunoccupied-enougk
lo employ a very great number of handv
and ' forniih lead tufficlent for alroott
every nation under heaveru . -
: Tha 'manner of obtaining' lha 'ore wa
have already stated Is extremely simple.'
The miners, or rather diggers, as thry
are with great propriety Tailed, dig pi'
in the earth, of depth varying from 10 to
30 or 40 feet the ore is found in de
tsched masses, from an ounce to serertl
hundred pounds weight. It is the com
mon galena, frequently mixed with iaort
pyrites- and sulphate of barytes "when
found free from foreign substance, it
yields about seventy per cent, on smel
ting. This ore wbich yields TO pe-
cent. is purchased by tba smelters at
tha rate of eight cwt. of lead for a ton.
-being on allowance of SO per cent. thu
securing to the smelter 35 per cent.
lha smelting is done in smill lur-
naces, erecting at suitable si'ustions;
and it is said that after deducting every
item of expense, calculating all wort
anhTTiighesirprlcenher-smelter ha a
nett profit of twenty dollars per ton on
bis labors.
Shot are manufactured near Potosi, in
small wooden towers, erected upon ibe
hiirh cliffs -of lha MiiaWiinni.
national profit, it will ba aeen, are 01
a ' m a a a Jot
eny access In Missouri t ana unuci
the able diicction of Mr. Thomas, who
has recenily removed hit family tot0
that atale. In. order to devote his un
divided attention to tho interests of tho
government, which it is evident sro
identified in
vchience and profit Of individuals.

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