North Carolina Newspapers

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Good, of eic llent Lfk and flrJh, and
it. Wool, lad pock);! of Shoea, tod
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ver joco MtUrfi
aJ-,l-dk tU tottl f ff. mil! 4 Viu eaUWted, end
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ejl-Ue Waft H lour ew- teJ &ratet art tueeiligty b4, and irtfl
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'jr-V-J 'iU wiparB-l UeTifr iqM -n H wtf rtmrta fflifioj;
a, k C-UTw a- MrtkkWf, tUy .- Ibi country , every pti
VU, mJ BmU. (W. - Utu, Miklptirf n o Ur f t ul. m4 I
cooiiMtlf Mtllftg ! r auction, In til
Il Im cr, frtttlf l U fcirtd. iiub
ki bn ik lacrttM of U FkIoHm td
Unilntrj in rR!ifJ, within ft for.
m4 o lifft ponloa of htt poUikxj
U tlcctlM, "MJ MJ, lW tU MM fMS4NJ
lukiaii Bt aMjafitf ! lU m of IIUmh
4 (of Itin-CN, VMarit t4
n m4 acl mr. V iTJt W U4 cKwity of
ttM CiLton f Um BrgUtcr, pray Uxj n;
Dtrrt turua It tovanlt u.
Vt MmUriuiti tUt Um Horn. Wi
I a eoitic of oaUAixd and ob(iiut Ut.
mtm, kn mifa4 La arat M mm ti Ika Vait4
lutrV taaLor frw tha data of AWUma. S
dtcia lu ta tb aUU of bit krahh, tltat
WW tWtJ KUlu EJaank -lVa faW bcinc df pttdM (Xt lb opcrttba of thlt
WMhlrxrr for t mJKrhi and Kiatt
MbaJattncttthal Drtiiib UWlcni win tor
aaaof jctri to com, find tMr vay Into
MUt market ahoula lhf cootinuo to U
aotu area, at t prtaeot low ptlcaa.
Oaa principal cauva of tho grttl Incrtau
of iitchUttTj in rojUniJ wit oin( to
thakoua4 fa Cooda for ifto-Sovtli
Amancan MaUa. loo kmn aa4 to
tbM 3:atea, bj Fngland. wcrt pJ, to a
great cittott in nrttith Manoiacluti.
South America bat not now tk meant of
paying foftlmltir good7ahJlb'"dc'maol
batlnf Ucn dimlnitbadi by other natioot,
forncrlr aupplicd by LngUnd, rnanutac
turtna; for tnanaelretv tbert bat boct a
Rrett aurplut of good produced, to be
ditpoacd of whererer tKe moat oan bo ob-
the pro-
ore. J be
etablihmcnti of GoJt aod of Hint are
tbo two linrtit In Copland, nroducinr
weekly aboit 7000 vardt of Broadcloth.
About the uroe jun".iiy It now weekly
manufactured by only eight, Out of tbo
mtny Tactoriet that hart been put in
operation in New-Eocland, and three
other ctiabiunrnenit are in a tute 01 tor
wardnett, tho buitdinga having been
arte tad, and torn of tho Machinery put
ir) operation, that will manufacture about
9000 yardt of Droadcloth per week. I
becomea qucttion then of tcriout con
tlderation, whether, In tbit atage of our
Cloth Minufaciurei, any ttep iball U
taken to aecuro to Manuucturert the
ruarketaof thit country.
7 l 7" " j 7 to curtail, to a fery great eitent,
kfcr.aMbdik. ductfon Of lri,Uh M,nuf.c.or
in Cabanva coua!, U pUca of tut nativity.
BimmdtrkX tho aVO term of tba aoprW
court for Ikirk eounty, bald at Morgaatoai
Uat week, a aaaa of Uaaft foe titUrr, (Piker
m. Wlhon,) wa tried. Wibon bad charged
r aimer with hariag atoir J00 worth el hoct
froca lum. After Ingrwoc and ektrueut tr
gwaacwta froea couaaeV ad a lumiaou charga
rroea kit Hon. JaJre SuBiaj thai jury retired.
aad la a aWt I'm rciunted with a verdict of
IW LmJrtJ tL&art damaju agioa the dVfcA.
T. I tmn !, U JV t k a.
4 m I m ia m f, fm
a ! wm4 r. f-H' a t it ('' V
J Wi f..',f( s t .as f
I ItUt f Membra af Iht 5h
rHie t hit l fr i iktn f-'j in tre
of tit wtt'irn Jateo. I
U a, TMh, tl. l.likfkii Wn
tff4 f'ffl Hi .in IiM;Vtf a mi
-isy of it r Hut.fia, tM
p'nt intum'M.
tn )wph DontM hti Wan
iltd, U i.a j-l of taW I. Cook,
IM prvat member and ikU 14
wird f'TrtmstttUi'ti. . -
llr. Teat oai fox Ui tktU for Io4
tfta. IU tral fUn4 t9CJ.ioektotj
rtin0y bwt Utfflf - Mf 'n8nal wrt
Mnta wart) oUrfctad iwwWt Mr A4arn
Ti P" MatOtttr It. Bntitlt to
eoogttta U kia rwona 11 - ""
I Vermont, the fin. Fin Dotltr, ini
the frv. Aarui telaodhate been akcted,
the former Oerernof , and tS tttur I4ut
tiorentof of ike State
rMh Uncotn hit been eimvtt vtt
moMiJy elected Gear of Maine.
The Keening Pott contalna the Nptet
mi the occowJHief lie new York Motnt
Hope Lot CorBpoaf. A more llcm'ah
e count cannot well be Inugked. Tiit
Coofpany, u;i the Poat, hat been in ex
Ittence but a ihort Une, aod haa managed,
or rather niimanagod, U tuch a way,a
to have Mink the whole, tkxk and fluke,
at the tailor tett. It rtroiiW ut of the
atory of the Kilkenny cat, who foot ht
uotU they eat each axfeer on, taikaM ail.
JkU. fatH--l i
It it going tSe round of the rvepa-
per, at e rooit rravr'ij. fact ard ecx
Iby of all note, that the ear rode tr
gtttril I'atlrnham, at the tattle of Ne
OrUantvW now owned by tn inbatiiant
of Hebron, (.'onrtcctkut. k the cetgb
bovhoodof thivplacrt N rttr?llt J we hive
not only the horte roie by the nnaurror
of rckenharo, Ut we bate the coneuefvr
hjrnaclt f 1Ph:r tnd Mtnnrr.
The U. S. ilxn of wr Lcilngton,
CapL Sbubrick, juxired at-S'aw York oo
Monday week, from cruiKoo (he coatt
of Labrador. She left -Je Strait of
ucuie on the ioid uit. it comptny
rrr J kht rrrt!rr4 jfii
fH.fMM Le lltlt, l4tir;v to IM lUh
I he Plt !W f tVa Tih Ai''
t'a'M, t , at teaii a httUin foje 4
to IM tJ,lf of Ike C oftij ia or at .Si
rterVrnh 1 klny til hit Un tan
leoradiedaalh. I ite ooly hate Cf-l
an lgfof.j deah" (key lata Uao
h tf td. . . -.. ...
. A"t, t.The rrmnterto of
tM eowaify (uatilnoe a 14 (iMe there
t(ipeir e rrKiiuo alto in ike loclpt
poni of i,rej.
Cot too, the demand !t( week vat tf ry
at m d"Mf.oJ WtfVf--,
CimhI Uf 14.
II aeentt the falun It peweaodiwe:
wttadily and f arte tfy In till fcnUirtaiiag
tnd w far at lerm can trprite trpoo the
rotodi of tut mlom U mif-hl aauae to
frtfrkf Irlikttf-tw-o trtTj-ttntelt
retnovad. TtA that he imw it ihii
afooa, fwr the nwife foetatidaU of hit op
porvontt are daily and hou'ly coriigned to
the hind of the eacutfoner. Ift4oodbe
a good cement t the Mi edtfite he it
(oottrwcilng. he hat enough of il to rn-
Hire lit dure4u(y
A letter from Leghorn alLrrnt, on the
Ivib.lhel ld Cochrtbe'a uadruo wat
In tight of thtl port.
The Loodo Courier of Aug uti 9, eon
taint a private letter dated Li , July
14, which ttatct thai the l.ouM of Torio
hanto had fn in hia realrnaifon ihe
grouitd of ihe ihftuenre which the I'ritub
had over '.be affair of the nation.
utust t hikU rr.iLt ctwz.
The Khr I'.lucUr. (-apt Fate h, II day!
from Veracree, art le d here laat eveoiof.
U'e learn by the f lot her. that the de
(tuition from the four Uepubtict, Colom
bia, Peru, Gjemfa and Meilco, hve
tfimliMi'd the min butinc f the
Ctu'.J Ct,rrr$t J I'unama, oilhout wil-
ir.g lr ike mural influr we of the Mini-
text from the: Uoiiad but aiwi tho -u
roue an iorr. One member of earh
lation hid returned to their rctpcclivc
rotcrftmmit the remainder had em
fiaiktd for Arapulco to reiume their tea.
Uon at rarfcAawi, naar'lhe city of Meai-
co. The Meitcan Kuon and part (A
that fnjm (iuitamila had arrived at Aca
pvjlco, where the other were dlly eijvec-ted-
Nmbit.g i nil in the (iovernmrnt
hitrairuinary tuxctte (which wai Iran
Vtif It (lit,
o ao 4 a tj M ,
r-pm4 Kt !- Ul I .( tijMptt.M,,,
-m N M U)Wj arl la I ,t N .1 !
atf IM HI.", ,ly M tVa I l.,nr
Htout Mt fur nar.
1 - mm a ff 1 i of t"t J a.T '
t ') WI kkK aij -.
kt L4 at t- oal aftf hi U a. iajai
I tM aVoMciU ai I f.a.
rnilf. rraWw jaaa k tie In a of JM.
X 'B Uil a tkU .W4 rW
CMt ! Ill'ilff fV. on IU rVrd Mua-l
k tatimtj . Th irw m he wk '
... htujjjtri. aiiuiinr.
AlltAliJll at. alWiXTn.Y,
Joiw il. fcnjtt t.iiijx.
141 it U)vur,
Cwdt 4W f
Tt HaliUT3 VttUUucru,
liriM. MNrriH, rWl.r. (K 7 tit,
II ! U tVU Mit. kiwi tUnu itta
ri-w 4r, the im ky C.W. rw. of RMi
too aaik Urn amraare U) awWnWr J?j,
la mam-m$'riiir iO.
.tJ 4 A rre of aatla krt.
frr IW at ) ut It omatiof Ihjt
W Arluir uU rMraaro to uW.'ili
g J, lo ftoawUrriU-r ?L
W . TU frj-'-to.', f-itf-, iU
rMrM itmmv lS llttva ds axle hra'a,
hrt thrvt k are i ! fur any tWg rrj aod
oaard in Mootn c)4f ,
CT7" llwwi labO aovred far the lt a
air. dif't - kfwr aitrl lH atr(
'itu;v. r- T..njttnt't.n, rrpmw.
with the Briiith iloop of WJT Orcttca, ! .-in.,1 n V'rrirriif 'i rinrrti cf I ha
bound 10 St. Johnt, N. F. f.t,tB..il0ii from t!ia Uuited State
Commodore I'urttr had itkrn com-
P. CraWa, C. Fottmaetef at Kaah-
tiOe, Teen, baa challenged Ge. Samuel Uoua
ton, repreaentativo u Coogvea frwn that dis
trict, to a duel, for statement which the Gen
eral acknowledged be made in Washington ci-
f taat;wutteiv ponding the appoihlmenf of
rootwtavtef at Nahill, "impoaching the lo
tegriry oT Mr. Enrin'i conduct. The General
- anaue no wnwen reply .to in cbaJienge. .
. .,.
Tbe Saratoga Sentinel mention a ral
uable improvement tn tbe cootructioo o
a thrcthinir machine. It it aaid to be
timple and economical, the whole ei
pente - not exceeding . S30- - Water ox
borte power can be applied ; and a mm
and a horte mav threoh from SO In 100
'Aaaamarwe a a a I. '
a wr. it. neiroe, oi jonnaton coitnty, propoaeil buthclt per dky. The patentoe ia Col
lo pu'jlian a weekly paper in the city of Kaleigh, I Jarnet Uy de.
to be entitled the " II ALTER." He propoae
to tupport the preaent adm.nwtrat.on of the It U ltiled in the Khode ltland Journal,
general government, but wU not Am itaop- that tho romufactoriea in that Suto alone
rNinentitUiepaTtKwlarviciifnaof huMHaher,'' consume thirty thoutand balet cotton
will be pktutU BiaJcfactura AU tboae who J annually
patronlie the paper, win have it in their power
to rAA their enemiea whenever they pleaie, by
juat placing their name in the 11 Halter." Tbe
paper will be a Urge aa any in the Utend
tbe price the earn.
A late Liverpool paper rives the fol
lowing directions for obtaining flower of
different colora, on the tame atem.
"Split a email twig of the Elder bush
i -www i i.iiiii.ik, miu iiain iiwjirg uui me
rnu.p r. uarootir, taie speaaeroi ine iiouae pub, till each of the compartment w th
of Reprewentallvet, hat been nominated by the aeeda of flower of different ort, hut
people of Lout county, a candidate for tbe which blossom about the tame time, ur-
eat in tbe U, State senate, now occupied by I round tbem wi:h mould, and then tyine
John Randolph, Mr. Randolph's term of tervke together the two bita of wood, plant the
-eiprring-oit the 4th cf March next We hope
Judge Barbour may beat the Roanoke orator.
rhoie in pot filled with earth properly
prepareo. ihe stem of the diflercnt
flowers will thus be so incorporated as to
exhibit to the eye only one stem, 'throw
ing out branches covered with flowers
analogous to the seed which produce
them. ....
Commercial.- A. Liverpool circular of
Monday evening, the 3lst of July, after
noticing a general improvement in the
transaction of the nrevious week, savs
Sbnth Canh'na, Oct. 2V S3S.
Humbert, a writer from this state, wishes
some information relative to tbe destruc
tion of hoes from eatintr cotton aeed.
He must pardon my great aurpriae that
so valuable a manure should ever be thus
auffered to produce auch injury, Instead the demand during the last two days
of being preserved for the increase of the has been lei animated i tbere has bow
,,,iiJijttwC our.4UUSom.twwrt Yince- erti -bm a 1.1rext.nt busiwss done,
1 aa made acquainted with the following and the araall advance above noticed has
.,J,OTt:nocmitTxo;.prefcn.waca.j)aa t--4 oeen armireunrjorr.- On Saturda i h
teets to the hogt, bat to them r ind,' by f sir-iirmcjunred fron.'l. Kb 1.300 hairs.
.i'VJi'K .impm aw .taca oeiorw incy ana to-cay aootlt 1,500 bags have been
ere killed, with corn, good bacon was purchased, nearly the whole by the trade,
obtained at cheap re.t. I have never The result of the! operatioha in the'Man-
le-ted the plan by a periment. The Chester" market" Id-morrow ia anxiously
cotton seed is to be thrown into water, in looked for, whichrill in a great meafure
a canal or poAd, and the hogs are only reeuiate the nroceedintr here dnrim th
allowed to eat the aeed in the water. I remainder of the week."
1 he seed, from, undergoing fermentation
. ; . ., I
m.nd of the Meiicin Navy, which i in a
dirnanlled and inefficient state, -ithmit
officer and men aufTicicnt to man one
mgaio yvyti '
Iituu'B. DflM. TLU" unfortuaate imTttiJu
al, on tbe 31 Ang. waa hoarding in a turrn m
Ctnthiaaa, and aa arnarrntly in l-tlrralilr
hrahb. Ilia wic.Ji bich . aatrred bv tin
attempt to Cut bi throat, at ill remainrd aatin-
der, ami thrie w no connect inn brtaem it
and the mW.h. llr brrathn tbrwifti a litter
tube inarrtrd in liii throat 1 rat and dnnk
iih JifTifultv, but can only art C(ilt (to ahi-
'per,) a few aortl at time. Hi trife hat
agiui joined him, and remain. ith him.
The ceremony of Uying t)- roraer-atOM of a
new and tolendtd Freetruuon'i Mall k Waahrrv;
too City, waa aokmaiaod on tl lUt nh.
enr jklanttti.
. Cotton, 8 la 8 lour. Bne, 56, auncr.
tne acarce, R-4 7i 1 Uj ahuiey.
4i to 35 j peach brandy, 60 a 70 1 apple U.
55i corn. 7J Wi baron, 1 Ut tait, Turk
ltaiid,75a 85 perbuah.. moUaaea,49 45 j augar,
mtiaanrailo, 10 a U (off, pekte ajraen, 15
30 1 .J arnt 3d quaLtv, 15 a 18 , taa, bylon, 1
Rl 20 a I 20; Aaltccd. 75 1 tallow, II a 12 1
beeavaa. 30 a 3.; rioe .i V) to 4 per 100 Iht. . i
lron,5 a 6. pr, IW fb. ; ti.'.acco, kif, glj a 4 J ,
manufactured, 5 a pr cat. Otamrr.
- ZcJUJUESTOy J'XICES, &fi. 18.
Cotton, S. hUnd, 23 a i atained do. 8 a 10
Maine tnd Sanlre, 17 a 2U ctvi- abort aUolr. 8
a 10 cents i Whukxr.34 a 35 cea'ai IkcoavH
9i Ham, I U 13 1 Ur.1, 9 a lOf, , R-ning. Im
dee and Invernesa, (42 inch.) 21 a 23 Coflrc,
Prime Green. 17 a 19 Inf. to rood. 13 to 16.
Georgia Uank Bill. 1 to lprrcet. diicount. in the political world, i scarcely known
North-Carolina Do. j to J per cent, diacount.
Ctlictu New Upland are berjnninr to ar
rive in tmall lot, and the ataplc of aome which
haa been recently received, prove to be very
good. Old Uplanda, of fair quality, are aelllnp
at about 9 cent i the brat new crap -ill rrx'i-
ly command lOcenta and in aome few irananre i hid they been permitted to take up a
it ha gone a h'ttc hier. Nothing dur in'man rf their n choosing and but one.
sca tic.
Kaur. There ht been tome improvement in
the demand for thia article, aince our laat and
talci of fn-ah Richmond Flour, have been made
at R5j.
Cam. One cargo aale only haa been made
lurine the week, at 65 cent. The atork i
band in very lanre, and the demand quite Unit
ed. at a, Pea and Hay, continue about .he
lame a quoted in our last.
Cotton, I. m 8i corn, 87 to gl 03;
bacon, ii; to whiskey, 45 to 50;
brandy, peach 65 a 75 ; bratidy, apple iO
65 ; tallow 1 1 a 13 ; flour, 7 50 to 8 50 ;
tobacco, (manufactured) 12 to 15.
(ioU .Mnf, for ftat.
iw, hr m itw Cwwoty of Uvmfvmrj,
S. V,. -.11 U ofl rrad f t -air. tx, lb oral
ti NmrrnWr, If.fL to lb hiabm lAllrr.
fu'tLrf n.rtM-uUra -ill b rttade aa-n oa the
da! of i.I-, ati'Ii a'dl latrplacc af tl.t mine.
Irry,. JtJlr
,Uff la lU -iri. Stlibk'f lUl i
'I'CU f lK rtvMwIwr ml the HT,tiinry Aot.l-
tarr IliM VKt), a aro m arrtarir fr
anMiaJ ivftf'iit-lMMM, of tut book wU, ara -M'rd
!! on ttie. 1 rra-wrrr. ami par tbo
auic, at m-itir aanlinr; " makr a mn'itxe
to the AiiwiM.n It.blc aocir ), lur bok ob
V . lH?f.. rt.V) .
mki)icai7T;oi.i.k(iI-: ok
. ot ru t jv.uus.i.
Mt 1.111' Ml. .ill he rraumrtl ia ih.a
InititutHMi on the trnd .tfraday A
itmhrr nril. a, Minn i
J . U Juho Kdaard llolbrwol.
twjrry . Jime P.amaay, M. D.
" tuiulutri uui PtiUtic -UrJirtMe. Samuel
II Hi. -Vaoii, II. I).
.lf..rr,,, .tf...Sr -llrnry It. Frot, VI. Ti.
(U.ttflt xri and iftf waraara 11 tmen mud I f
uht 1 bnm ti I'rmleaa, M. I).
' I'Kr-uttrj okJ Phqtuuu) Ldmund IlarencI,
.-. ' -
ffaivtal i-rj -. Rteplita El
tior, L. I I.
P.. tieddiiiga, M. I) 'rwawwrofar ,fnt
J. P.. IIOI.DK0UK, Jhim rr Farnllf.
&,f,trmT I, G(J4
Ettract of a letter from rthawncctown, Mi
noli, ilatrd the i.Vth of Auguat.
' Without ajiolojjy, permit me to slate
that Mr. Cook it beaten, by a man who
not ctcn in llhoon; and who re
ccirJ considerable majority, although
he run wi n ruiofrr Jackson candidate
in oppotition to Mr. Cook. The Jack
aonians- would have done much better,
M F.rUard ia rlctted Governor, and
that only by hi forbearance in relation to
the Presidential election, and hit repented
exprenion, of friendship for (in. Jack-
1 MM).
m part, or rotting, may then produce no V. S. Avt. The ahip of the fine no
wao cnea r.o tne nogs ; arw it the dele- building at rorttmouth will be called tbe
tenons effects are preaented, we know 1 Alabama, and the frigate the Santee.
Corn, and Corn MeaL command Rl by die
Load, and gl,25 by the Duahel Flour ell at
RIO per barrel, the lupply in Market of each i
limited. Bacon 12 eta at a-holetale, IScentt re
tail i Dcef 6 a 7 at retail.
We wish our reader would look at the word
BACdN in the above, and notice that it retail
at mehleen rente, and that there k hardly any in
B),4gtr,. fttfar. '
;: Near FayettertHeen-w-i4tlW MrVMal:
colmr MLean, aged 21 W Mia Ann Snow,
aged'll.!!' " - -'
On the 9th instant, in Mecklenburg connty,
JJ5 SatnrWs Waf!.
; Be the ship Francea Henrietta, Capt
WbttCt arrived at T'ew York from Liv
erpool, the editors of the New Yorlc Com-
FubVic YenAuca
r.00D plantation linj on Tlrird Creek in
Roaan county, N. t;. between Nrely'a and
Turner' Mill, eQiitaining about 146 acrea 50
or 60 id' hich i under cultivation, 4 or 5 in
MraJott', with a" good dwelling and out trou-rav
Also. Iiouaehold and kitchen furniture i Cattle,
linn. Slicen. Corn. Wheat and Oata. All of
-hfch will be aoM at Public Sale, on Tuesday,
the 17th of Oct. inst. if not told before at private
ale. Teron wishing to purchaae will apply to
the itubicriber on the prenii'ea.
Term iorproprrty unsold will ue maue Known
on the (Uy of aale.
S,pt. Nth, 1826.
TN conarqnence of tbe.failure of Msveral per
aina in whoae haiidi Ticket had been
Dfaced for tale, rrtake'WuW
r. . . - I t. .1 ...M
ainner, m tn ncaei wmcn uiey nu
drawing of this Lottery did not commence at
Die- time appointed j though it -eppeawd
I.W.. fmm.the return made, that a anmcient
numbered been fold;; tojurtify wf""?0!
ment of the drawing. All persona i-v.nK
eta for le in tliia Lottery, are raqucsted to
continue the sale of them until n ' -tow
r1IIP..&,-riiffc VfmlnftVf) heretofore ei
J. fctritjf in VVUke.lM.Po,' N. C, imder th ami
ol .V. f. '-or 14 ( a. thi day ditaoirrd h
imitual ton- ut. All prrtuni indebted to tho
aid conrern, are rticulrly rrfueted to telrb,
their arxoont with f. F. Plleron, a peedily
a poaiihle, aa it ia nt-ee-avary the boainea of I lie
firm thnoltl br rlnar-d. Ami all prrton hotding
claim again tlie concern, will plraae prcacnt
tliera lo him fbr payment.
6t.l . r. PAT i r.Ksu,
.hft. Wh. iKr,. JOHN F1M.ET. '
"no litAUTft tifttt
V- ".tOKN-. negro fellow about
rd 1 twenty five yeara old, about
wl,y 4 fcrt 9 inchet high, alendrr
mile, a little yellow and very
aenaible i letl my premise ma
6th of July kit ; has with him a
-WJ- , clothe, aJao new auit of broad
cloth, colour not known. Supposed to havo
bren,ta1(en;olT bye white man, and if ao, or
proecution to conviction, fifty dollars reward
will -be Kives -rventy dollara reward for.
Sam, if lodged in any jail in thi State so that I
Canirethim. CMHISTOPlER HltAJtDON.
Umtimlie, V. Arj'i. I, lo.o. jij.
rctktit t-nA CoiktkUts
county, on the 18tb day of
September, 1826, a Negro mn.
w a, a
- tj T cr yera ot age,
f-fk I nd aays.hia name ia JOHN, ami
jdn ' belongs to a"Mr. Farrier, IMn
I ' 1 1" I-vncaater District, S, C. The
llisiaiii, i, ".--K.nuurK uni nj, - v - , .,. ,l,.- nmn.
lira, Warrant IVech, wife of Johu.Week ner neat, ami men rrn. -. "
hnnt it vMntnt aire ler, ur. Jamei nrou, v m --- v
aoout 4- year ot age. . , . , . . urobl(..
, j ig
The drawing will commence on the 41ft lion-
day in November next ; ana u w nop
J K . i f t':-..... u'.ll I. mi.A hlf
a aurticant numnrr oi 7
that time, to jiMity the Coninii-Aionef meontifi.
uii.g the drawing fjom dv tu day, until il can
be compictea. .
-w-".,s flwuer ia r(tietid to come
Crvard, provo property, pisv charge, and take
Srpi. im, 1826. 3tJ2
iLkvicd kc. rChti
George' lrin, dee'd. t ; AI. xaiMcf lowrance.
It appearing to the ratisfa' tion of the court, that
the defendant U not an inhabitant of this Ktate.
is therelore ordmih that piibiication ketnafle .
for six week, anccrrivcly, in the Wcalern Caro- .
linian, printed in Mlisburv, tlut the di ft mlinit
appear at bur next court of pica and quarter
ar-anona. lo be held lor Rowan county, at the
eourt-houe in Salisbury, on tlx: third Monday of
November m-t, then ami there to replevy nnn
plead, or fmlgment will be .taken accortlnifr tu
the phiintirf-a dcKTind. JNO. OlLfcS, (Tk.
... tL'5

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