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of coju(il cm!,
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vira rootitb. will t lu&droi to kill ihinr but dtuh tM div4?t th loot
ih tnryuli. It will U dUU to A ttnjle ltf li douUlcu prtfcrtU
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roJ cWt itJ jour tVltl U f ltd
htMHOf Of xitm youi Uf at
baked cocoooi, CCord!o to K quso
ttir dctirrd. for itock. The motim
or flir Kd better b placed oo piper,
hrrf tht mothi will drpotit their
trri i tK paper cia thro U folded up
no put in poif or wntr aecurt
pbcr. uotj the oeit aprmr
Tbe vorroi cat to ore Iravci ia three
or our da're afur ibejr have patted
their fourth aukoeaa. lhao they did ia
all their lime before. The Icavea art
accounted better for the vorma, hro
hey have bees ta(hcrcd four or fire
hourt. than freih from the tree t aod
in raiy weather they i!l keep abovl
two or three dajra by toroinf then two
or three timca a day. without bruiaior
them, aou tx Et lor food.
To reel the ailk from the cocooa
firat, takooff the outaide low, then a
am til quantity, pnhapt hundred ;,
coona, may be. put tot kettl or pao
of virm water the kttde muit be
ffectio do oot atcocepaoy the choice i
bat whert they do, there ia oo terrta
Jal happineta cial to the married
Kite. There catoot be too near to
quality, loo exact a harmony, be
I (it a married touple it ia atrp
f auch weight aa ulla for all our fire.
tight and pcoetraboo and, eiptciau
y, the temper and cducauoo muat be
tttrnded to. In unequal macheit the
airo art raore groerI!r In fault than
tKe womea, who can aeldoin be choo
Wltfe a rOJ prHrf, tut H awek Irw
Marriapta. founded on affection.
ax the not ppr. Love (aayi Ad-
diaon) oujll to havt hot ltt roota
deep, and t be well trown before we
eater into rial autc. 1 here it do-
thrng"wh?ck morr nearly coniero the
peate f mankind it ieVia choice In
thia retpec oo which hia kappineaa
mrvrnrtrft nvrr a mrwlrraf r fir, an aa i
. 1 . . i. lr rnitery an life depend. Ihoutb
to keetrthe water at a right heat. c . j . . , . B,
i-v. ..... ..... V:i ,k 'oona deacriptioo of a wiae and
1 ne water ought never to boil, n the , v t. i. .
, if t i , t ... a-'KHi worata may be tboucht too meao
ebullition would enuntic the at k . . . .t . . V .
u i . .... . & im
M-lSVr.KTl HE . II LK.
la aur paper of ib 19th uh. in oxatnlnr
the Zrwimf SUk aunufartured ia Rvrry county,
wa atJ a Btiataka U the name of the jovcf
IwUrt eagd la the maaufarta i It ihould
. Lara atea lhe Mima M? iaiteaj of
We viQ Uk thi oeeatton to place before
ou reedera, mm practicai remark! on tie
maMpiaciit of Silk Worma, wntte by Mr. t.
Akaander, af Pajrla. Tbeae restart
are appbeabie to ny tecttoo of country.
. The eggs of the Silk Worm, ahtuld
be kept especially aa Spring adran.
cca, in a, cold aituation. When the
Mulberry Icavea begin to appear, my
number of the egga may be exposed
to the air, unlcii.the weather be cold,
andin a few daja after, they will pro
dace the young worm. When the
egga are hatched before the leave
come out, the worms may be fed
with young lettuce, free from wet.
The writer has fed them entirely on
lettuce, but he found by doing ao, (hat
the strength and goodness ot the auk
was much diminished.
The worm ought to be put oo white
fcaper and puced on shelree protected
from the wind and weather. Care
muat be taken to keep injects, espe
cially the red ant, and other vermin
from the ahelvea, which ahould be un
connected with the walla or ceiling o
the building. The worms will re
quire to be fed three times, and near
the period ot their last eating, four
times a day. The mulberry leaves
are to be sprinkled lightly over them.
Attentiod must be paid to have the
young worms fed with the youngest
and most tender leaves. When tbe
leaves are wet with dew or rain, thev
IUt waur," near boiltog cannot fail to
dissolve the gum, and the silk will
run off the cocoooa with rate. If the
cocoona bo gently atirred with a email
whitk, the ends will adhere to it, aod
may be drawn up. Enough ahould
a a a
rx taken up to make a tnread one
fourth or one-ixth the aire of aewing
ilk. These coda must be raitcrcd
into one and made faat to a common
reel, and, tbe ailk can then be reeled
off at cotton or other article. The
pressing of the thread of ailk between
the thumb and fiager, ia it goes on
ation, yet Certain h It, that the busi
tiett of a family is the most profitable
and honourable study they can employ
themselves in. The beat dowry to
advance the marriage of a young lady,
it, when ahe haa in her countenance,
ntildnrts in her apirit, witdom in
her behaviour, modesty and in her
Ft-, hllni
Betrt it t portion U'a wife, tbta with a ."
An inviolable fidelity, good hu
mour,' ind complacency of temper, I ft
a wife, outlive all the charma of a fine
rive liertelf ia wtdlnk I ht
H eVwif lover you Yerkihlrr
mas, If the t) ! Cupidity, it Is or
lain, tve rpQwrrtd Cwpid la this affair
for the widow, thou gb ttd wt com
pariuvtl irth.
. Ktrurrhti JInJJ.
On i5r,-Modrau dancing oecav
tWIJy,. la.,1. 1 aLuUe tirtlacWTo
the powcri of muaic aad tlcvatrd lea
tltlty, It unltca the chana of refined
avclaaiTty'and attractloa,' iad1atplrt
aa inJminioa, a KIch. oar c k lit 1 1 utm
ia a twurt pUaaiag aa4 affectual rnaa.
ner, aod with happier affect, thaaoilv
tr cow moo cxrrcite caa boaat.
m a r m m at
mtr lar. la one of our
Amrrlcan colleges, a fiw years aiacf,
theme for discussion (according to
tM uaagt ot me iouiuuoo; waa girtn
to one of the cUstci try In, 00
hlch each individual waa required to
express his opinion either ortuy or In
writing, taking any auch view of the
subject at his own judgment and ingen.
uity mitht tureett. The theme was
dancing. At the appointed lime the
class assembled in presence ol their
inttructer, when the argument wss
commenced, and continued for aocor
time with great gravity, both foe and
against the practice la all it bearing,
until Mr. J. in his turn was called up.
on to cxprtaa hit sentiment, when
the discUttivu waa doted aa follows :
Sirr'saWM rr J,I I have vxtarrmed
this matter with aomc diligeocr, but
I realty scarcely, knov what to aay.
Almott any other theme would dart
fumiahed ma aomcthiog to contribute
to the ditcutttoa but what can one
say of this f Afur alt my labor, the
sum and substance of the matter aeemt
to me to be only this. A party of U
dira and gentlemen (who elsewhere
pata for 'intelligent and rational beings.)
anemble in the bJl room. Soon tbey
array themselves in eppusing lines.
Presently, a young lady j'iropa up
roan the Boor, abates one foot aod
cornea dowr again. Agaia ahespringa
up and the other Toot quivers. 1 hen
Ma Jama (iJ,fl, I it. aSraf
rf hf ptf? lot la hutta j, t tri;,, J
if iht (ienaru fuf Itvtril diti, t
h towa of Coru, lit pneirtte
i ouraga and atrtth beyond her m,
AUHowih In the want of pfotUloai,
she id a few e-f her foUovers aui
Crtdtd la fpullBg the lui.'attti
but t. tstter intreasler la BuaUr 4
pari 0 her little Um4 mH ia thf c,,
test! while the oihert aUrmd it the)
fate of their comrades! advised Mad
ante Caffuft to capltulalf, lltprouhe
lag their co-ird'cr, the seized 1 i,v.u
rd tBatthyafKfcatteaiag la of -tha
vaults Leneatli the eousr . which lem 4
ai 1 Mwdcy.fnftfAf lo!l hef curt,
tr .1 . ..i .t . . 9"
rHo-wwld 'lWy-heHlfd thj far
the inrai'of ber enanaloa. At till
eonJuMturt," gta. (I fori trrfvrd why
a rtiafortmeni, sou aired ha heroU
wife and hie home 1
Slttthtt $f Onk
All the world ha heard of the storr
of the arutt who painted fruit ao wtU
that the fowls of the lir came and
pecked at the picture. A ticutn.'
atance aomewhai akin to this took.
place ia thii tity oa Friday last. Ia
vi. -ri. 1 I. . l -
put t f j a. iwiHiiwi warcnouie Dang
two oil painting 1 the ooe rr pre tent icr
Eih, and the other dead gaar. They
are exceedingly well executed, and fTQ
haa been, refuted for the pair, Oa
the day above enrntiooed, a pointer
c&tcrcd, and filing hit ryes oa thf
paioting of the game, which waa
hanging ibovn a ildcboard, prang at
It with auch'Furyi"hit ta'bourht tbo
picture to the ground, and broke, the
rme all to picfes. rortuoatcly, the
picture wai ailt jurcd.. The dog,
seeaniar ly aahamcd of his misukr.
and frightened at the disturbances he
ad crested, left the bop it foil
A few yeara aro- a wealthy man wha
aold flour and dry meet in Chamber.
burg, Pa. wu applied to by a Nert
or aume of the latter article, lha
purchater telrcted a ham, which wai
accordingly weighed, but when ha.
ed to him, he aolicited to be trutted
1 " I r t 1 aa
ahe turna round o- her place, springe lor ,W, Pr,Ce . . aV' """Z
.iAA.lMkL... LLL rr frennrnllr deceived by tuch Cut
ligrni performing the aame aod the preaent being a
operatiooa at the tame time. Then ,ot' 't,ger f him, the seller pertia
boih ruth lnrward. and aeize eieh nth. rd in refuting his request. Thn
er hands, jump up airaio, ahake their fF 10 dilemma, as a Ltt efTrt
O w " I t -a . a ...
a a a a I Sm . lv.a a fa. . a . . a W 1 - a .1. '
' WM a 1 .a t - at - lati. uirtt roiinfl rf fiirn n ihir a ra iu Kiih ii' u' iii van KfCif uniDiic
the reel, will fatten tbeaeverml threida r 'Ti!m ... ..v.. ' ,k .k.v. .k.':. tv. proooaed to cut the ham in two.
. l. . l . 11 ...L..1D1C. me turrit wit ot covrnina;.j ;' --- " ' v., .L 1 .1 ..
attention must be given 10 keeping the;. " V 7 . 9 , !
thread of a 1 k near v of the time a te. i uu. u . 7..u
gtntlcmao ratu
1 1
c:a t.,i : .v:. ,...f..n ?. at crrtain timea aoraethinjr of their ow ine f"mP'
w..a .u -.7 , a aodwif, S... Bg. haking their feet, ind M
worth from four to five dollara the' frtroSa,.l,re- A jooa ur, 1111 ; " . . .
DounJ It it atated that a Mita i e, i a god portion, and there ia m t0 ,hc rBfd- And
pounu. it 11 statea, tnac a ouaa -- JT I ... other reason lhat I can nerceive
Rhodea, in Eoglnnd, obtained from i'nu "' .ul ut"B WHf,H " V n,,,,u fc.M ,." Mfc r. ffrV.'.t. In
' 5oo ... a. r .:tt well inttructed. Sweetneti of tem.ibecaue N"k Uffce ,,u 10 the
from i.el. cMno.of hon.'tii.'5 bu" of m.trinjii! felicity. .":
on eimer siar. i ......
ing in tbia city, 489 yarda, in an en
must be spread out on a cloth or very
clean Boor, to dry before they are
given to the worms. The shelves or
boards on which tbe worms are
placed require to be occasionally
cleaned, particularly in wet weather.
This ia easily done after the wormi
have been fed,' when therire on the
fresh leaves, by removing the leavea
with "the wormi -on them to a dean
a t . I a
cleaned lor tne reception of the worms
from the next. The rooms where
the wormi are kept, ahould allow a
free circulation of air. In about four
weeks the Wormi begin to wind, and
in this they. change their ikin three or
eat coining ana snould not be dis
turbed. When tbe worms begin to
pin, place branches of the white oak.
asl twigs of tbe birch cheanutjlightful. And whence prgiiaal these
tire thread. 200 cocoons, will mkeihou,.d totally banished. It is not
Mr minrr f eO0a ; that ia ta tav. one lUUinent that tftC 0Uaana tnOUIO
oq- jt j
ktinlr.rl nir nf iK. An will rrrwlnr . "C CT
; The next bdy and 4 lb e-half with tba teller
wally and aoberly fo. pledge for the fulfilment of hia
ejust tet them, jump- promiae t.f pa) mem ! Thii proposition
ming, mri ine approoaiioo 01 ine seuer,
for no ,nd 'l w" immediately canied into
. than operation! The dupe-J gentleman him-
corner ,c" fe',ed thit affair to a neighbor,
tiaome time auer us occurrence, umen-
ting that he had not inquired the name
of the Nrgfo, and actually wak not
I i a a ' I . a ' ft
aentiDie ol Ms four until nartiiy uoeru
edat! ' '
Aaron Burr, who soma years aro oc
a . .
.. copied ao large a tp4r in tne public
occasion 10 rrirrei
f -f t. .1 '.t u-u arena, is now a praetisimr uwver at taei a rntiman n r.ri m ..n a
that quantity j for one female Silk w ot ",ne wucmuti . ucuwe, N y k b,r ' H sustaina (tav the . Vk" . T-
MoAill Uy 200 egga, which are he-yr be coniuou. of J.; . hieb r pu,, flj hU it hrcouldtea
distingui.hed thus , the male, being ton for t.lenu and legal icqulementa, 7d h" "n1 he.CtHid le'P
pointed at both enda of the cocdOha, a 1 and it m independenl circum.t.nee A J,m &r .Dot kow f
and the female, more blunt on tbe mrv. taoart. ca.u.l vUiior to the city, who ehoo. W .A:"." JmTSL
h . . -h . , .....tnw mm, tic wviiiu esuc iiiui iu.
Not very lone ago, a young man
who had been a conatant visiter at the
house of an old and tolerably wealthy
titizen of New. York, waa supposed
ends and looser.
The eggs, when they are first laid,
are of a pale yellow, but in a few daya
change into a liver colour j and what
i tsnnrlrrfnl h rrrr. tr. V.nt l.n
months in the year as a dead thing,!'3 beL0D lhc P,nt of roa"aB:c h
taking life again in their season. laughter. The young people were
R..;.. .11 looxea upon as "one inaivisioie j
sing from propagating the Silk Worm,!Md noth'Z but the priest's sanction
the nation in general reaoa this onel wanlin8 ,w thc,r happiness :
r - 1 1 . 1 i
' 1 , l . j j: . 01 ireniut, ana wnose auiJearaiiic, wespea
.!"UKU "r'u." . -"I ,s. finj,h,d .-n.l-m,,,. W1ll ..
nata an hour or two in tne vicinitv
Tammany Hall, wilt eenerally notice .Imore of his cattle. But what thall I
. ... ..... .1 a a aa
imalli delicate, white-haired man, moving 00, eata tne master, wnen an my cat
about in meditative mood, alone, and tie are gone f The arrvant replied,
noticing no one; a roan whose keen eye you shall then serve me, and 10 yoct
ana expressive countenance, wnere age 1 will eel your cattle again.
very great benefit that it employs
great number of their industrious
poor, for not only men, but women,
children, and impotent person may be
made use ofin this workTdr if is
work both easy and pleasant, and per
formed in as delightful a season as
any ia the whole year.
Delaware Paper
Marriage ia certainly a condition
.l:.u -u-L
uiwu wiHMi mc mppiBcaa or misery
of. life, doei very much depend, more
iuutu. winu uiuh .pcopic uunK ociore
band, lo be confined ta live. with
one . perpetually, for whom we have
no liking or esteem, must certainly be
an uneasy state. There had need be
a great many good qualitieiio recom?
mend a conatant conversation with
one. wiwn there is tome thare of
kindness but without love, the beat
of all good qualitiea will never make
constant conversation easy and de
Bit m, aa t ta. mni rftbM
Wu tUmg't t irMfCll anw,."
Death that undy'mg enemy of man,
suddenly took her father to himself,
and, instead of the gay attire of the
marriage ceremony, the family-had
now to assume the dark, insignia of
mourning. By degrees the widow
overcame her sorrow 1 and as the mem
ory of her depaited lord failed to ex
cite the ugh and flow of tears usual on
such occasion, ahe be ran to oncn her
U a
eyea upon her new condition. Having
do- wntr care on eann noi -nc 10c
welfare of her child engrossed her
thoughta ind,f.wi3 by ilperlehce,
she all at once declared it was not pro
per that the vouth should any longer
. ... t 1 . . . t.
visii ner aautrnter as a lorer. , it waa
very strange, and only to be accounted
for br the fickleness of his sex in love
affairs ; but the gallant was suddenly
convinced otlhe Justice of the old la.
dy's conduct, and went occasionally in
at friendly way only, to see the mother
and daughter.- The poor girl's face
evinced hex disappointment and sor
A young gentleman, who had qaar
all hia attention That man it Aartm relied with a lady to whom be had
flurrwwbo was one dsy the Vice Preti- naid hi, addrenaei. wai aa imnrudent
dent of the United Statea, the next a fu M to threaten that he would publish
titive- from the blood of Hamilton ; atf.t. t...,. ,l. v,,! v:-. That
another time mounted on the whirlwind m.. ,v ... ..,,. .a-
of ravolution, and meditating the.disso "VKUJ w"u;u "-,,jr 7T.
lution of the Union and the building up"u,l ... ncc,u BU V
of a ouihero monarchy; annhenTa "nieu or-tncirevnreTifera-eeri-.
priioner, answering to the cbargea of ought to be aahamed ot Ueir'0V
high treason at the bar of his country. M'cnr
A roan who, perhaps, considered with re
ference to tbe powers of mind alone, had
no auperior, has now no superior. But
be left the path of honorable virtue j and
he is, what you may see him a solitary
beirtgin the midt of society j poinred out
An Irish drummer,' whose round
and rosy cheeks gave notice that he
now and then indulged in a noggin of
right good wren, w as accosted by the,.-
ftaya tw v 1 I 'itvi WWII, WW ' wtPL t
to the'nas
ofcurMti.---.--. .;. , . v lytiur face ao redirie FieaseypuP
j honor jr' replied he ot the drum,
always blushes when I speaks to a
General bflicet;."
4 Report Courteoui and Ptlitical.
A gentleman, invited the other eve-
nine, by his friend who was of onno
ahe- politic, to take a social glass,!- A lady observed, thatthe three na
ff as desired to cive a sentiment 1 and tions might be thus characterised ;
raising it accordingly, observed, I the Englishman is never happy but
would cive vou the nresent adminis- when he is miserable : the Scotc hman
tradon ifAlthoughtitwould 'go is never at hqme but "when be ia
down jM Drink it," replied the. oth- abroad 1 and the Irishmio is never at
n f . 'II J . u- . .l L- " - jel'fiW f
er " a aja sure 11 w wig? upwu, ptsc uus wuco u ijg""z

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